Balancing With The Universe

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This channel took place just a couple days before the Fall / Spring Equinox.  Therefore, the Goddess spoke at length about balance. At the time of each Equinox, we have an opportunity to consider balance within our lives.  If it’s the fall; what am I harvesting, what is coming to completion.  If it’s the spring; what am I sowing, where shall I place my intention.   

During this channel, the Goddess had us looking at the earth and universe as they are in alignment with each other.  We could see how during this time there were certain planets in place and other energies working to balance what we have going on.  For this channel we actually stepped into that energy and allowed it to take you to your home planet, or energize you for what’s happening on this planet.

While we were in the All That Is, once we’d aligned with the universal light, the Goddess invited us to consider balance within our lives.  She spoke of discerning that which is our divinity and that which is our ego or personality.  From our divinity, there is only love, support and compassion when looking at our lives.  From our ego, in many cases it was much more critical – I’m not good enough, nothing works for me, I’m sick of this life.  Each person cleared out whatever it was that holding them back and then infused the area with their divinity.  This was creating a more balanced energy in each person.

The Goddess also spoke of how everyone who’s incarnated on the earth is here because of the ability to live this life; to have the ego, the free will, the density.  If you can remember that you chose to be here, then perhaps you can be less frustrated about how you’re living your life! 


Nama sika; venia benya     I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out my energy as I speak with each one of you, as I reach to the group that is here and present at this time. I invite everyone to come and participate in our time together.

This time in which we are meeting in this now moment is very close to the equinox. It is the fall in the place in which Shelly lives but we know that it is the spring in the place where many of the rest of you live.

Your world is becoming more and more cohesive and integrated with these energies of the universe. But each time you come to the quarters of the year, be it the solstice or the equinox it’s a time in which you can balance first and foremost within yourself and then also send that balance out to everyone around you.

During the summer solstice or the fall or the winter the earth and universe created a new alignment that allowed for an opening of a whole new level of vibration and energy to be available to people upon the earth. That energy has been integrated throughout the last three months with the completion being during the solar flares that took place about a week ago.

It is as if everything turns and then it finds its location and then locks into place. This is the way in which what’s happening on the earth supports the universe. It’s the way the universe supports the earth.

Sometimes when you get into that space it may come across as if it is a lull in the energy. Some people feel it as a relief from the tension and other people feel it as a lessening of the intensity but yet everything else remains the same. There is no right or wrong way of assessing what may be going on.

What I do encourage each of you to do or to consider for yourself is finding that pathway that allows you to have the ease within your life. Ease may come in the form of something easy to choose or seek to manifest, the steps to receive it fall into place. Ease may come into your life in that you’ve created a greater opening to your higher self and therefore information flows into you on a continuous basis. Ease may come into your life in that you just de-stress. You let go anything at all that may be pulling you down.

I enjoy speaking with you during this time while you are still here grounded upon the earth because it begins the integration process of what we will do when you are in the All That Is. Perhaps I shall change the format of these gatherings, perhaps I can assist you in recognizing how little distance there is between you in your everyday life and you in the All That Is.

For now, I invite you to breathe deeply once more, this time send your energy all the way down into the earth. Allow yourself to link with Gaia, link with the earth’s energies, so that you may connect with them and then let them come back up within you.

As these energies come up within you, you may anchor around your solar plexus and then as you are ready to do so let go allowing your consciousness and energy to shift so that it moves into the space of the All That Is. Aha…We usually stop in the space of your higher self. With my words I found some of you went straight there and others of you still stopped within your higher self. Perhaps that is one of the transitions that we shall move into!

For tonight take a moment aligning yourself within the space of your higher self so that you can feel that gentle easy flow that moves from your physical reality into this area of your nonphysical reality. From there you may have a sense of expanding even further. Allow your consciousness to shift out until you find yourself within the soul plane.

As you look around from within the soul plane, allow yourself to feel, see, sense or know where your divinity is or what it may look like or feel like to you. When you have that intention to reach out into alignment it manifests in front of you immediately.

As you allow yourself to merge with the energy of your divinity feel your consciousness as it expands further. As this expands take a moment and open your perception to know, perhaps the depth of the love and acceptance that is here for you as the human.

As you integrate within your divinity I the Goddess begin to walk in and amongst each one of you.

As I reach you within your energy I reach out and embrace all of who you are and this amplifies everything shifting you into the space of the All That Is. Those who’re already here awaiting us have already settled in, but as everyone comes within the space it shifts and expands even further.

As I spoke of when we were still upon the earth plane there is a relationship between the universe and the earth. That relationship changes because energy is always shifting and moving and changing.

As you are here on the precipice of this equinox allow yourself to have that perception of the balance from the universe and the balance upon the earth as if you are looking out at the landscape of the universe and your earth. You may perhaps perceive the flow of energy that moves back and forth.

As you open to this awareness I invite you to now ask to see, sense or know that which is the lightbody energy and as you do so you may have a sense of another layer or another element that is amplified within this flow.

This conscious awareness is creating an alignment between you and that flow that’s moving back and forth. That alignment comes through your heart center, your third eye, your lightbody center.

Trust that you have created an alignment within that space. I now invite you to come back or shift your consciousness into that space of who you are in your life.

Here within this space you have a greater sense of your divinity. You feel it all around you. You know that you are and immense energy. Allow yourself to experience whatever that may be.

Your perception of divinity is not always quite as broad or wide open as you are living your everyday life, but it is here. It is available to you any time you seek either the alignment, an answer or simply to bask in the immense unconditional love for who you are. As you have that sense of looking at your life from the eyes or the perception of your divinity, what comes to you in this now moment?

I heard quite a variety of answers. A few people I heard, “You’re doing good”, “Things are falling into place”, “Life is good”. The majority of what I heard was a sense of criticism.

So, what that’s telling me is that from here within the space of the All That Is and linking with your divinity as you look into yourself as your human essence the perception you are sending to you divinity is many times of criticism. And then kind of exploring that, “I’m frustrated in my life”, “I’m not good enough.” “I must be doing something wrong because things aren’t working out for me.”  “I’m sick of being in the same place I was a month ago, a year ago, five years ago, 10 years ago”. I could go on and on and on with what I hear.

People inhabited the earth because the earth is a place to experience life in human expression. Meaning you have the physical body, you’re living on a planet with gravity and density. You have free well. You have an ego and you are working to integrate all of those things together to create a life for yourself.

If you once more look at your life from the perspective of your divinity you will see great love and support. You will perhaps also see that there is a strong essence that’s saying, “Let it go.”  “Take it easy.” “Be at peace.” “Find the joy.” or many other sayings.

I would therefore like to take this moment in which I am bringing up or building up an energy within me as I stand here in the All That Is and I’m going to bring up that energy, create it more and more and more and all of those things that are a criticism ~ Whew ~ wash them out ~ Whew ~ that was good!

I want to do that again. I want to create a ball of energy or light and I’d like it to get bigger and bigger and bigger and once more if there’s anything within you that is criticism, anger, frustration, sadness, whatever it may be, ~ whew ~ let it go.

Allow yourself to take in a slow and easy breath. Allow yourself to feel what it is to be more in that space of letting go all that burden that you’ve been carrying around.

Again I invite you to take this moment, if you so choose, you can shift looking at your life once more from the perspective of your divinity, but this time as if to bring into this space let’s bring in your ego or your personality or that which makes you the human in this lifetime. I’ve always loved doing this because the personality comes through from each of you. Some come in with your hands on your hips, others come gently walking into this space, others come in as if they’re looking around at an immense structure.

This is an opportunity for you to really bring as much of your personality, in fact I would hope all of it, into this space so that you can transition into a more balanced life. Now, you have your divinity. It’s here, it’s limitless, it’s love, support, acceptance. You as your personality, you are needed in this lifetime. Without your ego or your personality you would not be living upon the earth. So from that analytical perspective of your thoughts, your beliefs, take this moment and look at your life. In fact, bring up everything that’s bothering you.

For some that list is very long. Others brought like a bag full of stuff. Howsoever you would like to do this, take an opportunity and bring up that which is most pressing upon you at this time and just bring it out in front of you. I can see how you are very connected into the problem or the issue or the frustration or the anger, it is there, it is palpable. Umhmm

Take a moment to acknowledge, whatever that may be. I understand completely what it is you seek to have, that perhaps this is showing you do not have, so that’s all very, very clear.

It’s that connection into your emotions; it’s that hook inside of you that’s creating the problem around this. So whatever that may be inside of you go inside to wherever that hook may be and as if you are unhooking it then take another breath in breathing up  pulling up, pull up, pull up, pull up, ~ Whew ~and let that go. Good one.

And then immediately allow your divinity to flow within you. Let it flow up and down through you, filling in that space where that hook was inside of you. And you find yourself in your human essence relaxing a little bit so you can go on to the next item.

Some of you I see you circle back around and come to the same thing again. Whatever it is for you, take an opportunity to bring up whatever is the next that’s coming into your consciousness as your personality, as your human life. What is it that’s bothering you? And as you bring it up as if you are opening whatever it may keep it hidden let’s look at it with everything. Let’s shine the light, and then as you do so begin to clear out once more, begin to just clear out all those energies of whatever that may be, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~ Whew ~ and you let it go. And then once more that warm loving compassion of your divinity fills in that space and washes up and down through you.

You may do this as many times as you need to until you feel you have cleared out everything that is of concern to you at this time.

As you then take a look around at your life, I remind you that in choosing to live your life upon the earth you are choosing a life that included being a part of the Ascension process, a life that included free will, where everybody could make their own choices, a life that included immense opportunity for you even knowing that you might be looking at it from that newer perspective of the ego not the immensity of your divinity.

You chose to come and live this life, putting forth an intention for many, many of these things to be experienced and here you are in this now moment. Allow those energies to wash through you and again feel that infusion of your divinity. It’s almost as if we invite you to have that perspective of you as the ego or the human person, perhaps you in your physical reality and then you as your divinity. I invite you to have a sense of feeling the balance.

Begin to recognize that your ego or your personality can be very supportive of you. Begin to recognize that you are never alone because your divinity is right here with you. We invite them to begin to blend together as if they are weaving together. Take a deep breath and breathe out.

You can create a greater balance within your life by creating a greater balance within this space. You may also then, once more, as if I’m opening up so that you may see the universe have a sense of letting yourself flow within the energy of those waves of light and energy that go from the Milky Way galaxy, your stars, your moons and go down into the earth. Allow yourself to flow into that space which resonates with you. Feel what that is. Some of you may find yourself flowing into one of the stars of your galaxy. Some of you may find yourself aligning with the moon or the central spiritual sun.

As you allow yourself to remove the restrictions of being human and simply express the energy of yourself as your divinity, then see where that flow takes you. I see you moving back and forth within the level or the streams of consciousness and you may even be creating something that is brand-new for you stepping into a completely new potential for yourself.

As we are flowing in to the days of the equinox know that you can stand here in the balance between the universe and the earth and you can feel that energy as it flows. It may be as if things tilt a little more here a little less here and then it shifts backwards.

Living a life in balance is about knowing that there will be times you will be pulled in one direction or another but then you recognize that moment and you allow yourself to come back into that space of balance.

I invite everyone to come back here within the All That Is and as you do so I see that many of you are actually charged with the energy of the star or the planet with which you were merging. It’s as if each one of you vibrate out, you resonate out a pulsation of the balance of who you are, knowing that you are the human reflection of your divinity, knowing that you are divine, you are God source energy within this human and therefore that human expresses as the personality of you in this lifetime. Feel, the acceptance, allow yourself to feel perhaps the forgiveness, feel the love.

As we gather within the All That Is, I invite you each to once more become very conscious of your crystalline energy or your lightbody energy. As you do so it may illuminate even more who you are.

Allow yourself to let the weaving pattern of the lightbody to be a means of blending your personality and your divinity. Let it be the threads that gather you together as the whole.

When you are in this space, you know throughout your entire being that all is possible. You may also choose to look at this time and find an easier way to get from point A to point B. Ask to know the greater flow within your life so that you can feel good, so that things will fall into place, so that you can live your life from a space of joy and richness feeling all of the abundance that is available for you. Look around here within the All That Is. You’ve got it. You’ve arrived. You are that you are.

We see coming up within the center of this group the hologram of the earth. As it moves up between all who are gathered here, infuse into it the energy of you as the balanced individual that you are, of you with the knowledge and the essence of what it is to manifest what you are seeking. Allow all of that to move into this hologram.

As it does so, it begins to turn. There is a flow and a balance that it emanates and you let go as if you release it and that hologram drops down. It moves throughout the crystalline energies that is that aspect that goes out to balance in the universe and the remainder goes down moving all the way within the center of the earth.

It anchors within those crystalline energies; it then comes up through the many layers of the earth. That essence comes up through the grass, the trees, the water, and it all comes up within you so that you anchor what you just created into you in your physical reality. And as it’s coming up you let it move through your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies so that all of you can feel that essence.

So too as these energies come up through the earth we have the intention of sending balance into every part of the world. Any place that there is an imbalance may it find the balance within. May it move to the collective consciousness, may it move through every individual so that throughout the world all finds its intrinsic balance.

Shift your focus so that you once more return to the All That Is.

You begin to allow your consciousness to shift beginning its pathway back down into you. As you move through the soul plane, you have that sense of letting go that greater amount of your divinity. You know that it’s here; you take as much of it as you can integrate into your everyday life and you allow that to flow with you coming down through that column of light.

As you move through your higher self you clear out ~ whew ~ creating a space of balance within here so that you don’t get distracted by old energies and old patterns. And then you allow your consciousness to again come down as it flows down within you the human. It moves in through all your energy bodies. It moves in through you in your physical essence linking throughout every part of you, moving through your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs.

Let it clear out and balance all of who you are and then it connects with all that is coming from the earth so that you know you are supported by Gaia and the earth through grounding. Open up receiving even more of your divinity as it flows down, knowing that you are balanced, you are human, you are divine and they merge as one within this physical body that is you.

Open to feel the joy of it. Open to feel the acknowledgment of who you are because you are exactly as you need to be. You have arrived. You have all that you need. Be open to that flow.

As we move through these days of the equinox or even if you are listening to this long past the equinox let yourself reach out to the universe to feel the energy and the essence of balance. Allow that to flow within you.

As you are living your life know that you are divine, know that you are human and allow those energies to weave together creating balance in your life. Let go anything that is pulling you down. Open up to feel what it is to be in your life, living from that space of joy and balance.

Beloved family, I am always with you.




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