Balancing Your Ego

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One of the most consistent messages from the Goddess is about balance; balance in life, balance in emotions, balance in thoughts and so on.  During this journey, the Goddess had us working with the energies of ego in several different ways. 

At first, she spoke of the many different things we all having going on in our lives.  She then invited balance to infuse the area.  As considered balance in their lives, it began in a way that analyzed where did we spend their time? How much did we need to change?  What is it to just have balance without the analyses?

At that point, our energies began to really expand.  It was interesting to note our mental, spiritual, emotional energies and how out of balance they may be when considered with divinity. The Goddess brought the ego energies into the All That Is.  She then brought the universal energies into the ego of mankind.

By the end, the human self was truly expanding into the high vibration of the universe. Your ego knows what it knows……. It’s the gentle loving merging with divinity that allows it to shift into something more. 


Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family!  I reach out to each one of you inviting you to join with me, inviting you to come and be a part of this experience.  Not only as you are listening to it with your ears, or perhaps looking at it with your eyes; let yourself feel, know and be fully apart of this journey this evening.

There is so much that takes place in your everyday life.  Sometimes it is easy for you to be distracted.  Sometimes you find yourself diverted from something you have every intention of doing, but then in that diversion you actually find a new potential that works even better for you.  So the question sometimes is: is it a distraction, is it opening up to a new potential?

Distractions are most often created by your Ego or your personality as a means of keeping your mental body and your thoughts busy.  This may come in a form of being critical about yourself.  It may come in a form of almost as if you have a repetitive pattern that goes around and around and around and sometimes you want to just want to jump off that cycle and allow yourself to reboot your thoughts and your mental body and then begin again in whatever direction you would like. 

You can reboot your thoughts.  You can get off of that cycle, get off of that pathway if you so choose.  Sometimes it takes a very focused awareness, other times it is a matter of your intention. 

Where are you right now?  I can sense some are feeling distracted.  So before we even begin ~~ whew.  Let’s just clear out these energies and allow yourself to open up as if that beam of light, from your divinity flows down into you right here, right now, as you are focused upon the earth.

This is giving you the opportunity to experience how this feels before you even begin the journey and then you can have that perspective of what it feels like after the journey as you once more reconnect within the earth plane. 

Release the energies of your physical body.  Allow your consciousness to flow upwards as if to let go your physical reality and allow your consciousness to move in to the energies of your higher self.  As you are here within your higher-self look around, be open to all that you may have within this space, and perhaps clear away, let go of the clutter, let go of the energies that may not be serving you at this time. 

From here shift your focus once more allowing your consciousness to move into the Soul Plane.  As you arrive within the Soul Plane allow yourself to open up, feeling the flow of energy as you reach out to your divinity allowing yourself to merge.  For some it is as if your divinity looks like a human and you allow your consciousness to blend.  Others have that perception of just a pure white light. 

Allow your consciousness to open up so that you may feel the flow of the unconditional love of you as your divinity. 

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you as I do so I reach out to embrace allowing my energies to merge completely with you in your own energies.  As you do so allow yourself to shift so that you may move into the space of the All That Is.  Look around at that is all that is here for you.  As you consider the All That Is you become very aware of not only you in your earthly experience, but you in the Universal Light and Energy. 

I have been receiving messages from people about the various teleconferences.  When we get together to be in this space to experience this energy so that you may have whatever your personal growth is for wherever you are right now in your life.  One thing that I would like to ask of you is how much balance do you have in your life?

Take a moment to consider that which you think of as work, allowing it to populate to the side of you.

And then you consider that which is just fun, or joyful, or relaxing to you consider what that is.

And then how about all of those many things that you do that take up your time and space that may necessarily be work, may not necessarily be fun, but take up a fair bit of your time; perhaps the chores that you do, the errands that you run, taking care of your family what so ever it may be. 

There are times when some of the things I mentioned third are part of your job and some of the things I mentioned third are part of what you do for fun and that are joyful.  So everything has a way of overlapping.  It’s sometimes unclear the specific differences or transitions. 

So perhaps we’ll just take a ball of light ~ Phew ~ and throw it through all those analytical perceptions in your life and instead open up and just know intrinsically is your life in balance.

There are so many things that you can do for yourself.  One of the very first that I would recommend is that you take the opportunity while here in the All That Is to create a wider expanse for your own energy.  Here within the All That Is you can be in that space of balance.  Sometimes it’s just a slight and subtle adjustment.  Other times it can be something bigger, but that flow moves with ease. 

This is an opportunity for you to be able to make choices about your life.  If you have the intention that everything will fall into a place of balance then it will do so, especially if you get out of the way. 

When we are here is The All That Is to look at the potentials for what is happening in your life.  Then as you integrate into your physical reality it is most often your mental body with your thoughts and your beliefs that begin to create road blocks, a disconnect, challenges, or whatever word you would like to use.

We are here in the divinity of who you are.  I would invite each one of you to therefore breathe deeply within yourself.  As you do so it is as if you are opening up the flow of your consciousness even further.  Open up to really know your divine perception of your life. As you consider what-so-ever may come through your consciousness it is still being filtered by you the human.  So as if you were to peel away whatever that perception may be.  As if you go within your thoughts and within your mind peel it away and let it go.  Allow the flow of your pure consciousness to move through you.

You are alive! I realize that comes as no surprise to you.  Being alive on the Earth Plane means that you are living within a physical body.  So many people as you move through this process of Ascension or this process of opening to the greater divinity prefer to be out here where you don’t need to mess with a physical body.  You can be that pure conscious energy and light, but alas you have chosen to be human. And you therefore have the physical body and the life in which you are living right now.

I invite your Ego, or your personality, to come forward as if it is separate from you.  To come forward here in this space of the All That Is so that your consciousness and all of your divinity may perhaps have a new or different perception of who you are as your Ego or personality. 

It is almost as if this energy is shifted, being pulled from you so to speak so as to create a hologram or just pure energy that represents your Ego.  Look through the eyes of your divinity at who you are in this lifetime.  Anything to do with your thoughts and your beliefs look at it with love.  Your emotions look at it with love.  Your physical body look at it with love. 

It’s very easy from your divinity because your divinity loves you unconditionally.  Your divinity sees you in this lifetime and says ‘I am here for you’.  It’s your number one support.  It’s your number one cheer leader.  It is the strongest alignment to love no matter what is happening.  Be in the flow of what that love is to you. 

I have a sense of consciously merging the energies of your divinity with the energies of your Ego and as that happens allow your thoughts to relax.  I hear some of you saying my thoughts never relax no matter what so take your thoughts and as if you are infusing your unconditional love of your humanity send it into your thoughts and then let go. 

Accept that your divinity is very much a part of what is happening in this lifetime; therefore allow your personality or your Ego to accept your divinity. 

This that we are referring to as your Ego or your personality is quite often immersed in limitation.  It knows what it knows and it stays where it knows.  So what I would like to do as if you are reaching down, taking everything to do with your personality or your Ego and let’s go as if on a journey out into the universe utilizing your perceptions that come in through your eyes, your imagination, what you may hear, touch taste, allow your consciousness to expand to wherever you would like to go. 

Perhaps you are visiting a star.  Perhaps you are visiting what they call a ship.  It is your choice as you allow yourself to move deeper and deeper into this universal energy and light, have the focused intention that you expand even further through your thoughts, through your mental body, your emotions, your physical reality. 

What changes have you been seeking to have in your life?  You can look around as if you are soaring through the universe and experience whatever those changes may be for you. 

Take note of the lightbody energies as your consciousness is expanding, flowing in many directions be aware of the vibration of your lightbody as that crystalline energy merges together with everything to do with your Ego.  This makes me smile because I hear a number of you saying it’s okay out here in the universe for me to allow this energy in.  If it’s okay in the universe it’s okay upon the earth. 

Feel the flow as it moves through you.  The universal light is brilliant.  It consists of the stars, the consciousness.  It consists of the planets and be it literally bright light, or an energy without light; it is universal light and flow and there is easily a balance that is present within this space.

The energies of the universe continually transform as the planets themselves realign as the stars transition.  This has been going on for eons and the natural essence is to be in balance.  The earth is realigning in some very significant ways.  Be open to allow yourself to receive the energies so that you have all the support that is available to you.  Do you need to always to be conscious of it, no?  You need only be open and acknowledge that you’re open to receive. 

As we turn and look at the earth from wherever you might be; if you are off on your own journey enjoy whatever that is, but as you look at the earth itself it may be as if the contrasts are even more pronounced than usual.  There is a much greater focus of intention for balanced life, to live through your divinity, to live from your heart center which is about love, caring, balance, helping others and as that continues to flow it is as if you see more and more that is outside of alignment from that.  As you focus for the earth and for the world in which you live is in one direction or another it may be amplifying that from which you look. But if you instead have the focused intention of a balanced life and a balanced energy your perspective may be completely different.

There is limitless love, compassion, support upon the earth.  Indeed it comes from the humans, but so too look at the earth, look to Gaia and know that she radiates out an energy that can balance all in moments.  Gaia allows the earth to be a place of free will where we express, live and experience life in a myriad of different potentials.  So there is no one or other way in which people live upon the earth. 

Feel compassion for your life, for others, for experiences if you so choose.  First and foremost know within your heart, within every place within you that this is source energy.  Out here within the universe this natural flow of the crystalline energies and light is the intrinsic balance and the intrinsic awareness for everybody upon the earth.  So allow that to flow.  Feel it as it moves through the earth itself. The energies that vibrate, sending out a balance of compassion and awareness. 

As you allow yourself to merge with these energies of the universe, let it all flow through your consciousness, let it move through your mind allowing your mental body to become infused with that light and that energy so as to create new thoughts, new beliefs that fully support you in your everyday life.  Let is move down into your emotions and then it moves into your physical reality.  You are still out within the universe, but this deeper and deeper blending with that that makes you human is allowing your Ego to expand even further.  There we go I can feel each one of you becoming greater and greater infused with the energies of the universe.

I invite each one of you to come back together within the All That Is.  If you wish to continue wherever you are that is completely fine, but those that wish to gather around I invite you to come back within this circle allowing your consciousness and this time in particular expanding your personality or your Ego so that it becomes even more fully integrated with these energies. 

Coming up within this group you see that hologram of the earth.  Infuse the energies of who you are as a balanced individual into the hologram.  As you do so you may have a sense of the hologram itself swirling, shifting.  You can release the energies of where you are right now and that energy of the hologram moves, shifting so that it follows the flow of light going down in to the center of the earth. As it does so it is as if there is an anchor or it merges fully with the energies of the earth itself and then they expand outwards.

As they do so they come up, they come up through the earth and it comes up within each one of you anchoring here within your physical body.  As this energy is flowing within you have that conscious intention that your personality, your Ego; all of who you are as the human is expanding opening up. 

You feel the energy coming up through the earth and you feel the energy coming down from the universe.  So as you allow yourself, within you physical reality, you are here within the balance of the universal light, of the earthbound energies and you the human. 

Allow that to flow moving through you.  Allow it to shift your thoughts and your beliefs.  Allow it to adjust your emotions so that those are the most prevalent or those that most support you.  Allow it to move through every cell within your physical body so that your physical body transitions into something that fully supports you.

Allow your focus to once more return to the All That Is.  You have already begun grounding yourself quite a bit, but as you let go that universal light and the lightbody energy, you know that you have already opened up a direct channel of light so that it may fill you up. And then your focus shifts as you are here temporarily, here in the soul plane, open up your perception to take in an even greater amount of who you are as your divinity. 

Allow that to move through you shifting your focus once more so that you move down.  You may find yourself arriving at the space of your higher self.  Perceive the much greater balance that you have created for yourself.  Illuminate all that is here for you as you living your life, because your higher self is that which is closest to you when you go to seek answers to what may be happening in your life. 

You then may feel it flow down coming down through you the human, moving down, circulating throughout physical body, your thoughts your emotions, throughout every part of who you are and then you send it down into the earth anchoring you more and more and more.

As you work with your personality or your Ego allow yourself to focus upon balance.  If you breathe in the energies of the universe with the intention of balance within you it will automatically find the subtle adjustments that may need to take place within your life.

Breathe in balance and then breathe it out. 

Allow yourself to integrate it completely within your thoughts, your emotions and your physical reality.  You have your lightbody energies surrounding you, filled with everything that is of that universal light and it is here present with you in your everyday reality.

Alright beloved family as we bring this evening to a close I invite you to once more to bring in the energy of your divinity allowing it to weave through merging with the energies of your Ego or your personality so it all flows through you in a state of balance. 

Allow your thoughts to merge with your divinity, your emotions, your physical.  Allow all to be within balance whatever that balance may be. 

Feel a sense of love for yourself. Feel a sense of acknowledgment for all of who you are and let that be what you send out to the world, every moment every day. 

Beloved family know that I am always with you and within you.



Mik 20th August 2014 2:30 pm

Thank you and much love,,,,


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