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We began this journey tonight talking about this being the 11th anniversary of the Goddess Light Teleconference.  The Goddess spoke of how the energies have changed and what it was like as she came in.  She spoke of some of the transitions that have taken place since that time.  In some ways, it’s truly amazing!!

When we arrived in the All That Is, there were many people present who wanted to celebrate the anniversary.  There was such joy for all that humanity has been doing in response to the energy shift.  We ended the evening with a celebration of dance and specific messages from 5 of the beings who were present.  It was kind of funny, I could sense who they were, but they didn’t introduce themselves; they just said we have a message, so they gave everyone the messages.

During the journey, the Goddess invited us to consider our lives.  She said when you think of your life, what is the 1st thing that comes to mind?  Then what’s next, on and on as people were discerning what their life was about.  She had people separate what we want to transition and what’s already working for us.  From there, she showed everyone who they are as their expanded self.  Within their expanded self, people had a whole new perspective.  So the intention of the journey is find that place, to know where you are huge, to know this is you who’s already in the flow of all that you seek.  Then you can shift that down into your everyday life.  By the end of the journey, people were much more open and creating greater awareness in their lives.

Because this was the anniversary of Goddess Light, just before we left the All That Is, 5 energies came forward with messages for us.  Each one is unique and powerful in it's own way.  The speakers were: Melchizedek, AA Michael, Lady Gaia, Alkazar & St. Germain. There is so much hope, joy and potential for our future! 

This is a very powerful channel to assist you in creating change in your foundation, realizing your perception is everything and creating new within your life.


Nama Sika; Venia Benya              I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I welcome you to our time together. I welcome you and embrace every one of you as you choose to come and join me for this time together.

As shelly said at the very beginning, this is the time of our anniversary of coming out to the world so to speak.  She and I created a partnership that actually began in what you would call 2001.  We worked hand in hand with one another.  We worked to find the balance so I could communicate smoothly through her and then we began working; doing these exact types of channels in the year of what you would call 2003.

It makes me smile because time/ space reality for me is nothing at all a s what it is for you.  Some of you may say it’s such a long time, so much can happen during that time, why haven’t I arrived over here doing what I want to do over here? Why am I still doing what was happening those 11 years ago?

If you could, even for just a moment, take this as an opportunity and realize the time upon your earth is the blink of an eye.  The time upon your earth can be filled with immense transformation. It can be filled with dreams that come true, it can be filled with sorrow, it can be filled with joy; it can be filled with limitless potentials.

The bottom line is that every one of you loves to come to the earth or you wouldn’t be here!  We know there are many, many of you these days who keep saying to me and keep saying to all of the angels ‘this is my last time on the earth, I’m not coming back again, I’ve had it with this type of experience, I want to explore something else’.

But what you don’t realize because you think in a linear manner is that perhaps you’ll show back up on earth when earth is completely different than what it is right now.  Perhaps you’ll show back up on earth during the time when everything that you set the foundation for in the consciousness of this lifetime will come to full maturation and you want to experience that too.

One thing I will say, the people that choose to incarnate upon the earth are some of the hardiest soul essence that there are.  The people who choose to live upon the earth are very dedicated to this experience of supporting the earth, of working with the vibration of the earth, of just becoming a part of a complete free will community.

I myself was not able to manifest in this much of a manner until this time space reality in which you live.  The Goddess energy has been a part of the earth from the time of its inception, but the aspects of the Goddess energy with which you communicated during any of those periods of time was that which was in association, or that which was in alignment with the earth essence. 

God and Goddess are a cumulative energy from the highest, lightest vibration of soul consciousness.  It is from all of you upon the earth, it is from the soul consciousness of your entire galaxy, and then there are different energies out within the universe and Omniverse associated with other galaxies or time space realities.  I am very pleased to be able to work so directly with each one of you. 

I am very pleased that each of you have chosen to invite my essence both as God and Goddess to be to be a part of your life energy, knowing that you have that alignment through your divinity.  You are God and goddess through your divinity.  You are a human living this life, but you are so much more than what that is.

Remember who you are.  Remember and allow yourself to open up so as to receive that with in your energy.

Breathe deeply one more time, follow my breath and energy as I move with each one of you, so that you may breathe down all the way into the earth.  As you breathe into the earth, let yourself align with Gaia.  Feel the energies of Gaia, feel the energies of the earth and let that come back up within you.  As it comes up within you, it anchors in and around your solar plexus.  It anchors within you to hold your physical body within this space.

From there allow your consciousness to shift as if it streams upward.  It moves out through the top of your head until you align with your higher self.  When you are aligned with your higher self, feel how you are the human, earthly being but you are more.  You can feel the light gentle vibration of what that is.

As you take some slow easy breaths in, as you are breathing down within your physical body, let your consciousness move out even further.  It streams upward with the intention of linking to your divinity.  Your divinity is your I AM presence.  It is that energy that is your God source essence.  Feel how wonderful it is to link with that.  Let all of that unconditional love, unconditional acceptance stream back down through that cord of light coming back down within you. 

As your focus continues to look around here, within the soul plane and within your divinity, open up so that you may take in and become consciously aware of how this looks to you.

You may have a sense of your divinity as if you see the silhouette of a person you may have a sense already of fully blending with your divinity.  It may be energies of light, each person’s perception of their divinity is just that your perception.  So open up, push out the boundaries even further so that you expand how you open.  As you push out on any boundaries around you, it allows you to expand even further.  It allows you to receive even more information from your divinity.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so I reach out, I embrace you, merging my energies with yours even further than what I did at the beginning.  As our energies blend together let yourself feel as we shift moving into the space of the all that is.

It is as if the joy just bubbles up inside as we arrive here looking around seeing everyone who is here to celebrate this time with you!

Over the years we have worked with so very many energies.  It would be impossible to list every one of them, but as you look around everyone has come to visit.  There have been a great many who have spoken during these journeys.  There have been many others who are here to work one-on-one with each of you.  So as you look around who do you see? 

Even this space of the All That Is, is transformed.  It is transformed because so many more people are here utilizing it.  It has transformed because the vibration of the consciousness of the earth is having an effect upon this also.  The All That Is is a wide open, limitless space of consciousness.  Within that consciousness are many, many opportunities and potentials with which people may align.

As you first began coming into this space, the majority of you were at a particular level that as you look for it now you may have a sense of it being lesser than, or lower than where you are right now.  That is a part of your linear perception.  There were some of you who moved into this space and immediately flew or shifted into an even higher vibration.  There is no right or wrong, it is simply that I wish to indicate to you how much all of this has transitioned as a result of the work that you have been doing upon the earth. 

We the energies and the light beings, appreciate that, we salute you from our heart to yours!

We are going to come back around, for celebration but first of all I would like to speak with you about you in your life.  You may use whatever you would like as you do this. I know sometimes you like to have a movie screen, sometimes you get out a scroll and everything is written upon the scroll, some of you have a book, and you are flipping through the book; so whatever works for you.  We will use images because it’s easy.

Consider your life.  What is the first thing that comes up to you when you think “this is my life”.  As you consider whatever that may be, ask yourself is it something that causes you to feel joy that causes your energy to expand?  Or is it something that constricts you when you think about it?  Set it to the side.  And I ask you again when you consider your life, what is the next thing that comes up for you?  Again, is it joyful or is it a struggle?  Set it to the side.  You see where I’m going with this.

As you consider those things that are most important within your life right now, allow them to just gather around you and let’s say things that you find are constricting to you will go on one side and things that you find bring you joy, happiness and expansion will go on the other side.  And perhaps those that are neutral will be in the center.

As I’m looking at you some have imbalances, some of you are quite balanced.  It’s not that I particularly want you to have things in your life that are of one genre or another.  What I would like to have for you is your perception of what’s taking place in your life.  Because if your perception is that life is a struggle, I never get what I want, I just keep hitting the grindstone, barely making ends meet; and you’re tired of that than this is the time to get out of that old pattern.

Before we do that, I want you to take a look at what these things are.  As you do so, perhaps ask yourself the question “why do you even want them if they are a burden and if they pull you down?” 

Okay, I hear that some of the answers are “they are my family members, it’s my work and I have to have an income, I’m in a community that asks a lot of me”. So for many of you, you are in these situations that you don’t necessarily care for, but there’s a reason why you are there.

As you look around again at what those things are, ask yourself is the reason that I’m choosing to do this because of someone else’s desire, or is it because of my own desire?  So, if it is your own desire, then have a sense of bringing that inside of you as if you bring it into your heart center, or the center of your consciousness.  Allow yourself to take ownership of it in or take responsibility for this choice that you have made and then the frustration, the resentment, the anger; any of those other emotions that may now be tied to it-- let those things be brought up.  Bring them up bring them up, ~~whew~~ and let them go.  That was a big one!

When you recognize that the things taking place within your life are your choice then you will be able to let go the energy, or let go the old influx of energy or intention from other people so that you can come back around and say “it is my choice to be in the situation”.  It makes us laugh because as soon as I spoke those words to you, I heard so many people say it’s my choice but….. You have all your excuses about why it’s not really your choice, it’s really someone else’s choice, it’s someone else’s desire.  I could go on and on.

Peel away the layers.  Peel away the layers of everything until you come back around and look at it again.  You have chosen your life.  You from the space of your I AM presence, from the space of the all that is have chosen many, many, many of these opportunities that you have experienced.

Look at everything again.  Perhaps with some of the frustration that you have, look with compassion and shift your energies.  With everything that is taking place, I invite you to consider these things that you yourself have brought up about your life that are there that are not going to change, but you still don’t like it. 

So you shift the energy behind it, you shift how you look at a particular experience so that it becomes okay.  So that it becomes something that you can instead – if not find joy in the experience – you can at least find a resonance within you as you live and experience all these various parts of your life. 

Let’s take another moment and I wish to swirl through a breath of energy ~~whew~~ clearing everything out.  Let’s take a moment and look to the other side at all of those things that you like that are a part of your life. Or those things that bring you joy, those things that make you say I want to do this all day long!  Let it all come up.  Let it all be here and present in this now moment. 

Most of you realize that your life is not all bad or all good, it’s a blend of some things that you really love and some things, not so much.  This is an opportunity for you to change your perspective so that you begin to recognize that everything taking place within your life, even if it started as or influenced by something outside of you it can still be shifted by you recognizing the choices.  When you choose that which you love or feel joy about, when you choose those things that are in the flow of what makes you feel good.  Ummhmm, I can see all of you now.  It’s as if you begin to expand further and further.

And again I’m going to wash through ~~whew~~sending through a flow of energy and light that it may transition all that is within you and all that is around you.

I spoke as we first arrived within the all that is about how much this space has transitioned not only due to all of the work that you have done, but also due to the fact that you now have that greater perception; that you now can see, sense, know those energies that were always there but of which you were unaware. 

This is an opportunity to raise the roof as they say, nudge yourself out around you in every direction, so that you as your divinity, you as your consciousness in this lifetime can let yourself get bigger, and bigger, and bigger yes!

As you step outside of your comfort zone, it may at first feel a little awkward and as if you don’t want to move as much.  But I invite you to really stretch out, stretch out there we go.  Let yourself feel all of this beautiful, balanced, expanded energy.  It is you.  You can still feel your physical body, but you can still feel the consciousness that makes up who you are you can still feel that flow of the energy from your divinity.

This is much more in alignment with you, not only as your I AM presence, but you as your Lightbody energies.  The Lightbody or the crystalline energies continue to flow into each individual, and into the earth.  As you are here within this expanded state, look around, it’s almost as if you can see this vibrational consciousness.  One might think it sparkles like a crystal does, perhaps it’s a sparkle perhaps it’s those subtle waves that undulate and flow in and amongst all who are here.

Be open to receive.  Be open to know the greater essence of who you are not only that which you have expanded into, but that which is fully supported and balanced by the crystalline energies.  I hear you, there are a few of you who are saying this is the energy when we are here in the all that is, what about my energy in everyday life? 

So I invite you, let this move into your everyday life.  With your life experiences perhaps it may not seem in alignment, perhaps it may not seem as if it’s fully balanced, but the more that you allow these energies to flow within and around you; the more it has an effect upon your daily life.

You are living in the fifth dimension.  I know you tell me again and again ‘no I’m not, I’m in the third dimension or maybe the fourth’. But the earth’s consciousness is within the fifth dimension.  So be open.  Be open to feel what that is.  Be open to experience as you look around all that is here.

As you are living your life, the intention is always to have a rich, full life in which you have what you seek to have, in which you are able to be in the flow in life continuously changes and it flows around all that you resonate with.  If it’s like that a portion of the time, then have a sense of drawing that to you so that you can be in that flow the majority of the time.

As you continue to integrate these energies of the crystalline in these energies of your expanded self take another look at your life.  Clear aside everything that you’ve looked at before and as I ask you when you consider your life what is the first thing that comes up to you?  For some of you it is different, for others of you it may be the same but a different perception of the same thing. 

May I also ask you how would you like your life to be?  What would it look like if you could design here within your scroll, your book, your big screen whatever it may be; how would you illustrate your life because now is the time.  You as your big expanded self have the ability to create and manifest everything that you are seeking to have.

If you remain either stuck or in a place where it seems like those things you wish not to have are still there, are still the barrier, are still keeping you from moving into something else then take it, shake it up, shift it around dusted off; and then look at it again. 

If there are certain things in your life that are not going to change no matter what vibration with which you look, no matter what energy you surrounded in, if it is just going to be what it’s going to be then be open receive, be open to allow the unconditional love and awareness from your divinity to fill you up.

So that when you go back to where ever that may be you are now coming at it from a place that is super nourished, that is super filled with all the energy that you may need to assist you in life.

So often when life is a struggle it is because you are depleted of energy and you come from a place of lack.  So as you are filled up with energy, as you are filled up with crystalline vibration and then you look again you will have a new perspective. 

Know that you are not alone.  Know that I am always here, just as is your divinity, as are all the Angels and Beings of Light.  We cannot live your life for you, but we can and we do fully support you 100% of the time.

I have said to you again and again that you are more than what you think you are.  Look around take off any blinders that you may have.  Open up to feel the immensity of everything that is here because this is you.  This is you in your expanded light and if I were to share with you that this is you in your entirety, that would be incorrect because it you in your entirety goes on and on and on into infinity.

Therefore, every experience that you are having right now is supporting you as your divinity, it supporting you as your I AM, and that in turn is coming back around moving through you and supporting you.

I want for each one of you to have life that feels you with joy and excitement when you wake up in the morning, whatever that looks like for you.  I want for you when you consider the many different things taking place in your life to have what you consider the joy, light, ease to be much higher than what you consider the struggle, frustration and pain.

I understand that earth is often times about creating change in living through experiences that are based in sorrow and pain.  But let go that old beliefs!  Let go learning in such a way.  Instead, embrace all that you have learned, all that you can shift, and all that you can be as the huge, immense, self that you are.

Let it stream down, let it stream down into your physical reality.  Let it fill up you here within this space, let it fill up your higher self; let it get bigger and bigger and bigger.  Take a deep breath in and let it go.

This is you.  This is so much more the intrinsic you and it can be a part of your everyday life.  Make the intention right now that whether it be during your sleep state or when you reach up to your higher self that this is readily available and it streams into you with ease.

Now, there is a party going on.  A celebration of all of this time that we have spent together, a celebration of meeting new people, having new experiences; a celebration of what Goddess Light is upon the earth and sharing some of Goddess Light up here in the All That Is as each of you come up into the location of where this is.  It is as if we go from my house to your house and back.  Not that my house is limited to this, just as your house is not limited to where you live upon the earth. 

So look around, people are dancing music is playing, Metatron, Alkazar, St. Germain, Michael, all the Angels; so many energies are here and choosing to spend this time in celebration to spend this time in joy with each one of you. 

I know for many of you, you will need to come back at a later time so that you may have your personal conversations with them but I invite you to be open, hear what they have to say, and here what messages you may need to give to them.

The glorious things about the parties up here are that they in essence never and.  There is no time space reality or shall I say the time space reality that you are in right now is something that is without linear constraints.  Therefore there is no beginning there is no and there is only that which is happening in this now moment.  This now moment consists of all these energies that are here dancing, speaking with you, connecting to you. 

For some I see you merge together as if you blend together with their energies and therefore you absorb what they wish to give you and they receive whatever message you would like to give to them be a conscious or unconscious.

Breathe it in the joy.  Breathe it in the consciousness of knowing you are a part of this.  And it is as real as the physical body that you touch and you know of as yourself at this time.

They are conveying messages that they would like to give to you.  Unfortunately I do know the time space of the earth plane, so I shall convey some of them: (I’ve included in parentheses who I sensed was speaking.  You may sense a different energy and it’s all good because there were many beings of light present!)

1)   (Melchizedek) Moving between dimensions is not as hard as you think it is.  You do it all day long and you are not aware that you are doing so. 

2)   (AA Michael) You have the ability to discern truth and lack of truth.  You have the ability to discern what is the highest intention from you for others and from others towards you. 

3)   (Lady Gaia) The energies of the elementals are becoming stronger and stronger within your earth.  Look to nature and recognize how they are also there to support you by grounding you more fully, that this high, light vibration can be much more a part of you.

4)   (Alkazar) The crystalline energy is a part of the earth.  It’s a part of the universe, it’s a part of the earth and they blend together through you as the human but also through the earth itself.

5)  (St. Germain) Magic is available to you upon the earth!  The transformation of elements can happen in many different forms.  Sometimes it begins with you and the transformation of you as the individual.  Sometimes you transform your environment.  But you may also in such a simple way, take something and transform it into something else.  It can happen, alchemy is not dead!

There are many, many others who would also like to speak with you so be open and you will receive a private message.  Be open.  So be open and you will receive a private message.  Be open and come join within this space.  Bring your questions to all who are here they would love to speak with you about them.

I will now begin to bring these energies back with you.  Have a sense of each one of you gathering together perhaps as a group.  I have a sense of this hologram of the earth coming up within this group.  I’m noticing is this takes place that there are holograms of other parts of your galaxy also being manifested. 

As you infuse this light and intention of you as your big yourself, of you as you crystalline energy so too are all these other parts of your galaxy creating subtle shifts and changes.  Some of those are what support you some of it is what you support them there is a flow back and forth.  As you infuse everything into this hologram, you release it and it moves down.

It moves from the space of the all that is, it flows through the crystalline grid, it flows through the soul plane, into your higher self, through everything until it moves into the gravitational pull of the earth.  As that takes place it actually merges with the earth itself, going down into the center of the earth, linking with those crystals, linking with the core essence of your earth.

It flows upward.  It expands out as if it goes out through every level of the earth itself.  It moves up into each one of you as the human, it comes up into the water, the trees, everything.  Allow it to anchor within you.

And then allow yourself to once more return into the space of the All That Is.  You begin to feel that pull to come back that pull to return to your physical body.  You say goodbye to all who are here, you embrace all of these energies inviting to join you if you so choose or create a link that will easily take you back here, or bring you back here with ease.

As you move through the soul plane you find yourself aligning with your divinity, recognizing that even  more and more of your soul essence is here and available for you.  It streams down moving through your higher self. You clear out these energies of your higher self so that you are more available.  There is a greater clarity in the consciousness of your higher self that you will use in your days to come.

Let it come back down into you the physical body, into you the human.  If you have to expand your energy body then do so let everything come back within you.  As it moves in and around you take a moment and allow yourself to adjust.

As I spoke of in the all that is, you are even more, so let that greater divinity, let that crystalline Lightbody energy all flow within and around you.  As you quietly relax, let everything move through you.  It also expands out clearing out everything in your environment, clearing out everything within your days, so that you may be more fully in balance and that you may utilize these energies in a much greater capacity. Whew! 

Feel the joy, feel the abundance, feel the transformation of everything that is taking place!

So no matter what you may be doing within your life, remember to reach up to that big huge expanded essence of who you are.  Remember to allow your energies to flow in and out of you in your reality so that no matter what is happening in your life you are looking at it and you are experiencing it from that space of the knowledge that you are more than this physical reality.  You have the ability to let all of that flow within and around you.

Beloved family on this anniversary of my communication with you I thank you for all that you have done for me and all that you have been open to receive.

I love you so very dearly and I appreciate you!  I am always with you and within you.





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