Blending Buddha and Christ Energies

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I am the One; I am the Whole

I great you my beloved family of the light and as always I thank you for inviting me in to spend this time with you. This family of light is growing and expanding, there are many different groups upon the earth plane which connect with one another and you will begin to see the ways in which these groups keep intertwining with one another, and the common thread of all of this is the connection with source and the connection with the All That Is. There are greater and greater amounts of energy being brought onto the earth plane at this time and it will continue to grow as you move and evolve. All is right and perfect in every context and if you stay in the flow of what is right and perfect within your life, you are able to move forward and experience all there is to experience as human. Yet you are moving into a space of light and true love for yourself, for the universe, and for all who are upon this earth plane.

With that my beloved souls I ask you to allow your consciousness to move and shift into the place which is called that magnetic grid which is around the earth plane. It is upon this grid where your soul plane is. It is upon this grid in which you are able to leave a greater and greater amount of your consciousness. You are able to bring greater amounts of you I AM consciousness and presence down to live in this space. AS you do so, you will continue to integrate more and more of this within your physical body upon the earth plane. As you allow your consciousness to shift and move, you see this or sense this, or imagine this as if were a grid work filled with rows of pathways which intertwine and are connected with one another. You sense or realize that there are many more energies involved in this connection than are here and conscious in this plane at this time. For indeed there are those who are working with you on an unconscious level or those who may not join you necessarily, but they consciously send their energy to become a part of this process

Open up your senses and allow yourself to expand out and feel your connection with one another. Allow yourself to expand your senses and feel the textures and energies that vibrate at this level. This is but a way station for the levels and dimensions with which we will be working and playing at this time. Visualize a white light it’s a beam of light that comes down and surrounds you. You may see it as surrounding a group or as surrounding yourself with energy and light. Allow yourself to blend completely with this energy. As you do so, you have a sense of being lifted. Of shifting and moving between dimensions. Your consciousness begins to leave behind the denseness of the earth plane. You allow it to shift and move. You feel the complete essence of this light. There may a sparkle to it, a sense of color, a vibrancy. Each individual senses or sees it in a different way. This is what makes it <the experience>unique to you. Yet you are connected to all who are around you.

As you move through this tunnel of light, you find yourself emerging into a space where you are pure energy. There is a sense of freedom that comes with this emergence. You allow yourself to revel and play with this expansion of your consciousness. You may have already sensed your full connection with your I AM presence, if not call it to you at this time. You feel your consciousness expand out to engulf all that is you. You in your purest essence! You with the immense capabilities! Your sense of homecoming and connection grows ever stronger and stronger.

As you begin to move more fully into this energy. Find that your senses are all expanding out. Your vision is taking on a sharper clarity as you look about you and within you. There is a sound, an essence and you open up your senses that you may hear the vibration of yourself, or your angelic helper who are around you. You may have a sense of a scent, a texture, a taste. Simply bring to mind each of these. Allow your consciousness to expand out even further. As you allow for this, bring in your sense of AH. Your sense of all encompassing existence of what is. You are completely and fully within this moment.

Allow yourself to move. Allow yourself to create what brings you joy. Your sense of connection within yourself. Sometimes it comes as a reminder that there are little things that will involve you. Other times it’s a matter of recognizing the imenseness and the full capability of what you have within your life. As we are moving into this space, I ask you to allow yourself to move even further out, higher up, however you may perceive this. But move into a dimension of time and energy in which you feel and sense the shift and change w/in your vibration. As you do this, you may sense or see around you your guides and angels. Moving through all of this, you are blending with my energy. Bringing in this essence of the Goddess, you are bringing in greater amounts of the divine feminine that is already within each one of you. This is bringing into balance a divine feminine upon the earth plane.

Move into this space and allow yourself to truly open up and sense the divine that is around you. We are moving into the cycle in which the Buddha and the Christ are blending with one another upon the earth plane. Anything that happens on the earth plane, happens first in this atmosphere, or energy, or dimension. Allow yourself to see before you the energies of the Buddha and the Christ light. You may sense them as simply light, or as the human figure they took on. There are many different ways in which they can be sensed and appreciated. This festival which is coming upon the earth plane in the next couple of weeks, <The Wesak Festival> is actually bringing a greater blending of these two energies. AS we are working with these energies tonight, you are able to infuse your own self within these energies. In turn, reflect back the energy within their <Buddha and Christ> consciousness that they too may expand and grow. You see the Goddess represented as the full moon. Although there is not a full moon on the earth plane at this time, we allow it to show itself to you during this experience. With the light and energy radiating out of the moon, you see these two energies as they take on greater and greater form. As the two connect together, you see the ways in which they are so similar to one another. You recognize that in fact they are a part of the same soul group or the same soul energies.

Allow yourself you place your consciousness that you are at one point in the shape of a diamond. The Buddha is another point, the Christ another point, and then the Goddess Light is at another. You feel the energy as it moves through this shape. You feel the energy that is generated as it grows and expands. As you feel the time is right, move together so that all energies or corners of the diamond meet in the center. As you do this you feel the shift and expansion that occurs within you and allows you to move and expand into new dimensions.

As you feel infused with these energies, you have a sense of your presence as growing and expanding. Is there anything that comes to your mind at this point that you wish to explore further? As you bring this thought to your consciousness, put it forth in front of you or around you as you are seeking insights. If you to simply expand into the energies, feel their flow as they are moving through you. You realize that you get to a point in which you feel as if you have taken on the energy as much as you may. At this point, consciously push back the boundaries that may be placed around you. Reach in to new space and time. You can feel your expansion, as it grows ever further.

You continue to feel those energies of the Buddha, the Christ, the Goddess and yourself. It is one energy within you, but you can still sense the aspects of each which have been infused within you.

Take this moment to create within you a ball of energy. Or, create a symbol for something that you are working to evolve and move through upon the earth plane. You may see as if you are looking at this from all angels. You see this ball as if it’s love and infused with your being. You may see what you are creating and manifesting within your life. As you create in this place, the energies are being set forth so that as you move through your life upon the earth plane, you step into these energies. These energies become infused upon the earth plane.

At this point, the Buddha and Christ energies are going to manifest themselves as a separate being from you. You will notice as you look at their energies, that there is a different radiance about them. There is a greater vibrancy in their light, which emanates. So too, is this vibrancy emanating from you! You take this moment, and you continue to see that ball of light. AS you separate yourself more completely, you recognize and take on the full aspects of this love and light that is within you. That ball of light, that part which is the essence of you, is going to be sent down to allow it to infuse the grid work which is around the planet earth, then further down into Mother Earth. Cast your awareness back toward the earth plane. If there is anything further you would like to infuse into this ball of light, do so at this time. AS you are ready, have a sense of sending forth this ball of your energy and light. You may see it move through the energies around the earth and implant itself within the earth exactly in the place it needs to be. You may see it as it becomes connected with the grid work around the earth plane spread out and surround the entire earth…….then infuse into the earth plane. However this works, what you are doing is sending forth the energies that you may move into this new space. Just as you are seeking to do so, there are others around you who are doing the same. Sometimes it is subtle, other times, quite dramatic.

As you feel your release is complete, you find your consciousness back into this dimension. Take this time to more completely infuse yourself with what ever you may be seeking. You may begin to notice that there are many, many others around you within this dimension that gives you a sense of being a part of family. There is a sense of community. You strengthen these bonds with one another at an energetic level; that you also manifest and bring it forth on your earth plane existence.

I call forth the energy of the God; the divine masculine. You may see it represented as the central spiritual sun, or you may see it manifested in whatever forms you may desire. I ask you to bring that within you and allow it to blend with the divine essence of Goddess, which is already within you, radiating out from you. You have a sense of expanding your consciousness even further, that you are able to bring in both these energies. Just as you worked with the balance of the Buddha and Christ energies, so too you can work with the balance of the God and the Goddess energy. This is the All That Is; you ARE the All That Is.

Ansaluia ishka eea: You are the all that is!

You make note of the ways in which your consciousness has expanded. You feel the sense of balance and peace that comes as a result of this. You recognize the ways in which your consciousness can move between the dimensions; between seeing, sensing, feeling, touching. There are so many different ways in which you can activate this. You play in these energies and create that you may in these energies and create upon the earth plane in the same manner.

Again, I ask you to look around and take in the different essences and energies that have been represented by yourself either all at this time, or in other existences. AS you begin to cleanse and clear your history, what you have a sense of as you begin to connect with other existences is that they are perhaps out in the universe. They are in a space in which you have not necessarily consciously connected. At those times in which you insights or ideas which don’t necessarily make sense to you, you begin to open to and recognize the fact that you are becoming conscious of the way in which your consciousness is expanding and growing, incorporating so much more than just your one existence.

Redefine what is your I AM presence. Is it simply this existence of expansion? Or is it more than this expansion. Allow the two or the one to become all that you are conscious of. As you do this realize how very familiar you are with this experience of yourself or this consciousness of yourself. This is the essence that we are going to bring back and implant or grow upon what may already be existing in that magnetic grid which surrounds the earth. There is a crystalline essence and counterpart to the magnetic, and you find that your energy is infused in both aspects of this grid. As you are bringing this consciousness closer to the earth plane and into that space, you find that your physical body is creating the environment to hold this. In many years past, physical bodies could not maintain this level of vibration. Through this level of what you are doing, you are able to bring more and more of this back. Each time that we take this journey there is more of your consciousness which is brought to the grid and in turn brought down to your physical state. You sense a difference in the vibration of the grid work. You sense a difference in what is around you in this place. You recognize that as the greater amounts of energy that you’ve brought back and infused into this space. Your expansion has a sense of being coned down <as it moves more fully back into your physical body> you realize this is a temporary means, this is a temporary time in which your physical body is expanding to include this full expansion of your consciousness. You recognize the rightness of this. Allow yourself to more fully adjust. As you do so, I ask if any of you have any questions at this time.

I know that you enjoy that feeling of expansion. I know that you are bringing greater amounts of this energy back all the time. It is necessary for you to begin to bring more and more of your consciousness more back into the physical; more fully back into the present. This present moment in time. AS you do this, you begin to find you have more physical expansion. You feel a sense of the change in your vibrational level. You are infusing within yourself and everything that is around you, this light and glorious expansion.

Continue to come more fully down into the physical. Know that I am with you. When you are out walking among the trees, when you’re out working in your garden; connecting with the mountains; driving in your car; those things you do on a daily basis that bring you peace and joy, know that this is a part of your connection to me. Know that it is a part of the connection to yourself and your greater connection to self and that greater essence of yourself. Through this, it brings greater balance and harmony within all aspects of your life.

My beloved family, I have such joy in you!

I thank you for asking me in. I am with you, I am within you…



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