Blending Ego & Divinity - Experience the New Earth as Ariellis

For so many people, the focus of your spiritual life is manifesting your divinity.  I've heard many people say this is most important.  In reality when you have a healthy balance between your ego, personality, human self; you can manifest more of your divinity.  For some this may seem to be a fine line.  If someone focuses on their ego and allowing that to expand without the support of their divinity, they could become even more disconnected within themselves.  So go ahead and expand, but keep the divinity right along with you. 

The Goddess then once more took us to the New Earth.   This time she called it Ariellis.  The name completely resonates with me!  She spoke that the energy of Ariellis is more so in alignment with your light body energies.  As she worked with each person, there was a greater blending of their lightbody energy.  Through this blending, they could have greater ease with moving between Earth and Ariellis. 

She ended by working with everyone while on the earth plane to find that means of expansion and find that balance within them.   The result of all this is a much greater presence and deeper balance ~ Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. Welcome to our time together. Welcome to this opportunity for each of you to reach out to one another, to feel that connection to other humans, to feel the connection within your own self as you come within this space. No matter when you listen to this, be it at the time that the teleconference takes place or later on, you are always a part of the group. I hear from people that they feel isolated and different from those around them. I hear that people are searching for someone else that they can speak of the unique and magical ways in which the universe is shifting and that energy as it comes into the earth is reflecting that.

Here is your opportunity to know that you are not alone. You are a part of a group, you have more people than you realize that are present with you. Have a sense of opening up your heart and as you take a deep breath in, breathe in that connection to or that inner knowing. Feel yourself as part of a family.  And with that I invite you to gather together as we proceed to move into another journey. Each of these journeys are a time of shifting, a time of transformation, but they are a reflection of what's happening to everyone in their daily life.

I ask you to take, a moment and consider what the last couple of weeks have been for you. What I've been hearing from the people that send out their prayers, their intentions, their awareness to me; is that this has been a time of intensity, a time of feeling beings in ways that are somewhat unique. It's been a time of feeling somewhat alienated from who you are. Be aware that what's happening is that you are actually becoming closer and closer with who you are, as your divinity. With every influx of energy it makes it easier for people to be able to manifest more of their divinity in their life upon the earth. That is in essence, what the majority of you are seeking, to have a life that is balanced with their humanness and their divinity; to have a life that reflects divine bliss, divine love and awareness.

As you breathe in and let these words and energies wash over you, feel yourself settling down, feel the energy settling down around you. I invite you to take one more breath that moves deeply through you, all the way down through you. Allow yourself to link with the earth. As you align with the earth, let those energies flow up into your physical body; let the energies of the earth assist in anchoring you. Feel how the earth is changing. Feel how your own personal perception of the earth is changing. As that anchors you in place, have a sense of opening up your energy fields and allow your consciousness to move out. Feel it as it shifts moving into the energies of the magnetic grid.

As you come into this space, feel how you align with your higher self. Feel how there is that sense of space, that sense of place and this is you where you can reside. It is a blending in which more of your divinity is able to be within this space, it is also a blending from your human expression. Know this space as your own. I then invite you to have a sense of shifting your consciousness once more, this time you release the magnetic grid and allow your consciousness to move so that you merge fully with the energies of the crystalline grid.

As you come into the crystalline grid feel how your consciousness expands. Have that sense of seeing the flow as conscious intention, as thoughts, as energy, flow up and down from within this space. From here have a sense of shifting once more so that you move into the soul plane. As you arrive here within the soul plane, have a sense of reaching out to blend with your I AM presence. As you do so, feel it flow through you.  Feel you divinity as it moves through your consciousness. Feel how you are able to expand into an even greater perception of who you are.

I the Goddess come into this space. As I do so, I reach out and embrace each one of you. I can feel your love and your awareness for me before I even create an alignment. I can feel how you have expanded so very deeply into your divinity. As I have merged with you, you find yourself shifting into the All That Is.

I invite you to have a sense of stretching out or pushing out whatever boundaries you may feel for your consciousness. Each of you is within an infinite space so there is never any bumping into other people. You may go as big or as broad as you so choose. In doing this, I invite you to open up all your senses and feel your divinity as it washes through your consciousness.

Every person's perception may be different or unique, but for many I get a sense of seeing lights or colors. I have a sense of others tapping into specific experiences. I have a sense of more picking up on geometric equations or symbols that represent who they are as their divinity. The one thing that is unanimous is that your divinity is immense.

This is true for a number of different reasons. One reason is because you have had so very many different experiences that have come back and created your I AM presence as it is today. People upon the earth tend to pick up on those experiences that are similar to what they are currently living or other existences from the earth. In reality, the vast majority of you have had other existences as nonphysical beings; some of you within the angelic realm, others of you out as pure energy in the universe, others as part of the planets or stars that make up the universe.  Everything is connected as a part of the whole. That is why your divinity reflects such diversity.

There are other aspects of your divinity that are in alignment with the collective consciousness of all essence that has been created. So therefore, you are able to tap into experiences that you may not personally have had, but yet due to that link with the collective whole, you can find a vibrational alignment that allows you to either look for or receive answers.

Let's have a sense of shifting your focus now and looking at you as the human. So often people consider their human life as less than their divinity, people consider their human life as a time of learning, of exploring, of experiencing. Still other times there is either a part of a person or whole groups of people that consider your human existence as a form of punishment.

There is a whole realm of energies that surround this, your human reality. Now I know how much all of you have been working and I can say more than probably 70% of you have worked towards releasing old energy, old thoughts, old ideals. I put forth, the idea that perhaps it may resonate with you that in truth your human existence is more about a means of expressing your divinity. And by that I would put forth to you that you consider how you look at your divinity, what it means to you, and by seeing it as huge, expanded, brilliant, filled with light whatsoever that may be. Then does it not make sense that your human existence, your person, the person that you are is equally as huge and brilliant and filled with light as your divinity? There need not be a separation.  There need not be a sense of expanding from your personality or your ego or whatever you want to call your human self and shifting into something different as your means of shifting into your divinity.

Now when you consider your life as a human, there may be thoughts, there may be ideals, there may be believes, there may be any number of things that can come into play when you are considering who you are within your life. I will even say that I have seen that there are people who may focus upon their human reality and consider it as big, large, expanded, but yet the truth of the matter is that they are not. When they have not fully aligned with their divinity in that place of expansion, then their ego or their personality or whatever you call that part of them become separate and it creates an even deeper separation. So here within this space of the All That Is, as you acknowledge and recognize who you are as your divine essence and who you are as your human essence; feel it all as immense, as expanded, and as completely blended.

As we consider the various dimensions that are currently easily accessible upon the earth, what comes to your awareness may not always be a specific number. It may be that you consider right now things are flowing and easy for you and at other times they may be a struggle or like the energy is heavier. As you continue to allow your energy to flow into as high of a dimension as is possible for you, it creates greater ease within your life. I hear some of you say, why bother?, and that is the reason is to assist in finding a reality in which all that is happening within and around you does so with ease.

As you continue to integrate the higher vibrational energies of your divinity, the light body energies are very much a part of that. We invite that essence that is known as the light body, to make itself known within your perception. For the vast majority of you, it is fully integrated and it is just simply a part of who you are. For others it may be that by looking and asking to it for it to make itself known, it gives you a greater sense of perception, a greater sense of awareness, and I invite the light body energy to have a sense of coming forth so that you may have a greater perception of what this means to you.  

Now in our last experience together, we worked with the new earth. From here as you shift your consciousness, you can easily shift into the space of the new earth. I invite you to do so. As we come within this space, your consciousness is the same perhaps, as what it was in the All That Is, but as you're looking around at the energies of the new earth consciously invite your own light body energies to make themselves known to you. As you have this sense of the light body, you will find that within the energies of the new earth, they take on a greater definition or they take on a greater sparkle or essence. The reason for this is that the light body energies are able to manifest within this space with complete ease and alignment.

As you are looking around you, at wherever you may be, you can see through the light body eyes that you are looking through your own eyes, at this space. As you continue to have a sense of just taking in, taking in and experiencing all that this is, become aware of how the light body energies are less separated from you and there are more so, are simply an expression of who you are.

I am going to call the New Earth, Ariellis. It's been referred to by different names by different people and it will continue to be referred to in a different manner for quite some time to come. But Ariellis is a place that you can more easily identify as being within you and within the earth. You may also have a sense of looking towards Ariellis and asking to have a conscious sense of the soul essence that represents this planet.

You as your light body can consciously reach out and blend with these energies of Ariellis, and I invite you to play. You may see yourself as being located in a particular place. Look around you, take in whatever might be there. The more that your senses are able to absorb the more real it becomes to you. Continue to be aware and then, again I say it is a reminder because you are not yet used to doing this automatically, although some of you are; as you breathe down within you, your light body energies or your light body consciousness, have a sense of either drawing something to you or shifting your consciousness to a different location. Or just ask to know, what is most beneficial for me to learn or see or know? You find that as this lighter finer vibration, your perceptions are expanded.  You find that you move through here with greater ease.  

Ariellis continuously evolves. Just as your own earth is evolving, so too does this planet. While the intention is millions of years old, and some of the physicality, there is so much that would be considered young by your standards. In part this is due to the crystalline energies. They are so much more flexible. You have the opportunity to create change, to shift awareness, to experience anything you so choose with a much greater ease. Ariellis is yours. Especially as you integrate the light body energies within your reality upon your physical earth, you are creating a stronger and stronger bond that allows you to spend time within this space if you so choose.

I invite you to have a sense of releasing these energies of Ariellis and allowing yourself to come back within the All That Is. For the sake of perception, I invite you to consider back to the very first time that we made a connection to the new earth. As you consider all that it was and what gave you a sense of a bit of difficulty to get there, you can more so appreciate the greater ease with which you can shift into that space or back within the All That Is or down into the crystalline grid. So too is your ability to move within this energy as you live your days upon the earth.

Here within the All That Is, I invite you to gather as a group. As you do so have a sense of the earth itself moving up within the center of the group. As the earth comes into place, you may more distinctly see the energies of Ariellis as they too come up and form a hologram. Look around at each other. Many of you will notice that everyone is radiating forth their light body energies. As these energies are becoming more readily available to everyone in their daily life, you begin to see as if from within your heart or within your consciousness as you look at the people around you in your everyday life.

Here within this space, it may be the same as when you look to one another from your I Am presence or it may be a subtle difference. I invite you to infuse into these holograms, your light body energy as it's more fully integrated within you. As all of that is infused into these holograms, they take on a sparkle. They take on a shift in their vibration that represents the deeper integration between each of you and your own light body energies.

As the time is right have a sense of releasing those holograms. They shift, as they align with the crystalline grid you have a sense of them moving out. Ariellis, you may sense going one direction, the hologram of the earth going in another. As they come into contact with their own planet, there's a sense of the energies merging. What's interesting to note is that as Ariellis receives this energy it's so much about what is already there and present that in the blink of an eye it is infused, but what has become infused is that deeper intention that you have put forth for your own blending with your light body energies.

As the energies move down and into the earth, there is an aspect that aligns her stays within the magnetic grid.  As it does so, the grid itself is shifting to accommodate this higher vibration. The rest of that hologram moves into and blends with the earth itself.  As it does so, it comes up from within the earth. It comes out through the grass, the water, the trees. It comes out and fills up the space in which you live; it is here for you.

As you release that fully, shift your awareness once more back within yourself. Breathe deeply the sense of you as your light body energies. As you look back towards and sense your light body as it relates to your I AM presence, have a sense of the blending that takes place. Here, within your I AM presence feel as if you are feeling up every part of you with all that you seek to have. There is an endless supply of your divinity. But by expanding and taking in as much as you can now it's as if you push the boundaries so that you can take in more and more with your human reality.

With that, have a sense of letting go of the All That Is. You may find that a large part of your divinity remains within the soul plane, but the bond that links to you is bigger and more expanded than it has ever been before. So you shift your awareness letting that come back down. As you link with the crystalline grid feel how much in alignment you are within this space. Look around and know that this is you in essence.

From there you may shift your perception once more into you come within the magnetic pull of the Earth. As you move within this space there are many who have a sense of feeling as if that vibrational pull of the earth has shifted either, their light body energy, their crystalline, their higher vibration, whatever it is that you perceive that there just feels like there's a change. In truth, the energy is still there, it's still available to you, it is your perception that is shifting.

I invite you to let your awareness move back down within your physical body. As you let your consciousness flow back within your physical reality feel it as it moves down. You come in through your head, you feel it swirling through your head, your third eye, it goes down through your throat, across your shoulders, down your arms, it goes down your spine linking with all your energy centers. Your consciousness comes back within your heart center. There are many that receive their consciousness back through their heart first and then it disperses up and down. It matters not; the end result is the same.

As you are coming back and grounding these energies within your human form, I invite you to consciously open up your perception of who you are as a human. Consider yourself, consider your life, and then consider who you are as your divine essence. Does it feel as if they are fully blended with one another?

This is an opportunity for you to work with your human reality. As I said earlier, you might consider it your ego, your personality. It is that and more it is also your emotions, your mental body, your physical, and of course your light body energy. Reach out and embrace who you are right now in your life. If only for a few moments in time, accept that there is an absolute blend between your divinity and your human reality. Feel the consciousness flow back and forth between the two. As you allow for this energy to fully integrate within you allow yourself to create the reality that you want to have.

You realize that through your light body consciousness, you can live every existence upon Ariella as you are living it here upon the earth. You recognize that you can have an earthbound existence that is filled with all that you seek to have. If ever you feel there's some discrepancy between what you have and what you want to have, then first of all merge with that sense of lack and let compassion flow through, whatever it is that you might be feeling, as the compassion moves through and consciously expand taking in more of your divinity and your light body energies right here within your human reality. The person you are is the person who chose your life. You chose these experiences, you chose to move through the ascension process in a fully conscious manner and you are doing so.

Feel that acknowledgement within you so that you may more fully accept or appreciate who you are within your life. Consciously flow back and forth so that you as a person living your life right now, is the sum total of everything, your divinity, your light body, your physical, emotional, mental, your personality, your consciousness, everything is one within you and by breathing deeply you can more fully create that as a reality.

As you continue to ground within these energies, I invite you to come back within the conference room if you so choose. You may press *7 upon your phone and that will bring you into the room if you would like to ask me a question. I am available to answer the questions that you have. I will do as always as many as I'm able.

Question:  Shelley (hello).  Hello this is Amy from New Hampshire. (Hello Amy.) Hi.  Recently, February 1st I was going to the Dentist and he is capping two teeth, one on the top and one on the bottom.  He's doing them both at the same time and I'm not sure what is going on, but I've been having to take aspirin every single day because it is just kind of a little sore.  Then, I was talking to - someone was giving me Reiki, and I was telling her about it, and she wasn't sure what it is.  She seemed to think that it was - I'm not sure what she said - I'm not fully out of that yet.  But anyway, I've also had ringing in my ears before it and the Reiki person thought she had cleared that up, but the ringing is still going on and I'm not sure if it is connected to my tooth.  Somebody was doing a fair the other day, yesterday, and the guy that was next to me ended up commenting and I said hey kiddo can you tell what is wrong with my tooth.  He seemed to think I was going to need more work done.  Can you tell me anything about that.

Answer: We're getting a couple of different answers for you.  First of all as we link with you; as we're looking at your mouth; as we're looking at the ear canal; as we're looking at just you in general; there was a sense of seeing you in multiple dimensions.  On a purely physical form it feels as if there is an inflammation around these teeth and it feels like the aspirin or the anti-inflammatory is something that would benefit this.  It feels like it has to do with the work that has already been done and it feels like there is still more work that you are planning to do. Like the second process of it or have you done the second half of it?

Yeah I go back on this Wednesday and he is putting the real cap back on.

It feels like to us that when he takes off this temporary, or looks at it, there might be some sort of something going on he can fix at that time.  So it doesn't feel like it is a simple as going in and just putting on the cap, the second part of the procedure.  It feels like there is some sort of inflammation going on.  That is the best way it comes across to us.  It does not feel as if it is something that is necessarily like a root canal.  It maybe just the irritation that was caused from doing this process, but that is our sense on that.  As for the ringing in the ears.  It does not feel as if it is related to your teeth.  It feels like that is a different process.  The ringing in the ears feels to us as if it is stuck energy and it could be very well.  I suppose that the inflammation is stuck energy too, but these two feel like two separate processes.  But as I look at you, and as I perceive this ringing in the ears, that feels to me like it is on a different dimension.  This is where we get that sense of different dimensions.  Where the teeth are a very physical, earth bound dimension, the ringing in the ear feels like it is more like your expanded dimension.  So when your consciousness shifts into the expanded space, either when you are doing energy work, or when you're reaching out to get better information for yourself.  It feels as if it is coming in and there is a flow there, but that sometimes that flow gets interrupted due to, just like a kind of disconnect is too strong of a word, but it just doesn't feel like it flows easily as it could.  So what we would like to do with you just at this moment is - we're going to have a sense of inviting you to take a deep breathe in and as you do so we are just going to come in here within your head, kind of within your mouth, and within your ears, and these different areas, and have a sense of just breathing in whoosh and breathing out and just kind of clearing out.  Good!  It felt like there was some debris or something there that feels like it kind of got released.  And for yourself this journey tonight was exactly what will help this.  As you continue to more fully blend between your human experience and your lightbody energies you will find that there will be less of those symptoms of dizziness, or the ringing in the ears, or anything like that.

OK how much longer will the ringing last.

Um it feels to us as if it could be gone when you wake up tomorrow, but it also feels like in reality it might be a little bit longer.  As much as a week or so, because it doesn't feel like it is a constant thing or if it has been a constant it doesn't feel like it will be.  Ah but it feels as if, this process of integration for you is something that is taking more than just these few minutes that we've been doing it on the journey.  So the more that you practice to integrate and the more that you consciously flow the energies, through all aspects of your being, consciously linking with different dimensions etc, you will find that that ringing in your ears will completely resolve.



Thank you so much

You're welcome

Question: How can I create abundance and also heal my body

Answer: Ok, we would invite you to take a deep breathe in and as you do so invite us to come in so that we can link with you more fully.  As we're blending with you we get a sense of like being shrunk of like small.  It feels as if - sorry about that we downloaded too much.  We are giving you kind of an intense download as we are speaking of this.  Because as we were linking with you, even though we have just come off this journey, we have this sense of you as being very small, or kind of constricted.  Or like, if you picture someone who is kind of curled up into a ball, that's how we saw your energy.  Not the energy of you as your divinity, but the energy of you as your human expression.  So we think that that is a direct reflection on the physical things going on in your body and the lack of abundance in your life is that you have been too pulled in.  So if you have a sense of physically stretching out your arms and your legs, and if you have a sense of consciously either leaning back or stretching your back, physically stretch out and let yourself expand.  Then as you do that breathe in this divinity that, especially right now, it is all around you. It is very full around you, and with the intention of breathing it down letting it move throughout your whole body.  As it moves into each cell within your body feel each cell just kind of stepping up, or feeling like a vibration that shifts in response to your divine essence integrating more fully within you.  The sense that we get by you doing this is that you now are getting much bigger much more in alignment with your divinity.  When you are in alignment with your divinity you will find that many of the physical symptoms that you are having will resolve.  We sense that some of those have to do with being disconnected.  The sense of abundance is that that is something else that will flow for you.  It feels as if you have had a lot of stress about it.  You have been worried.  So all that worry is keeping you in that closed down position.  It feels as if there is a change of jobs.  That either you have lost your job and you will be getting a new one.  Is that what is happening.

Sort of.

Sort of - because it feels like there is a change in employment and it feels like it is a leaving behind of one thing and a moving into something else.  So it feels like there is a limbo space in between.  So we feel that some of that abundance has to do with that curled upness.  That that curled upness has to do with that feeling of limbo that we are picking up on.  So the sense that we get is that you're trying to move into something different, or trying to utilize different skills.  Like you were bored with what you were doing or tired of it.  So it feels a little bit unclear to us, or perhaps to the universe, of what you would really like to do.  It feel like - we take that back - we feel like the essence of it is that you want to find something that is interesting; that fulfils you; that gives you that sense of excitement when you get up and go to work.  So it just feels as if you haven't kind of put together or looked at things.  It feels like your eyes have had blinders on.  So if you allow us to kind of remove those blinders and let yourself stay big and expanded, then the sense that we get is that you will get a better idea of what you are looking for and that things will come to you more easily.  It's like we have a sense of work or opportunities floating around you but you didn't see them, or notice them, or they were on a different vibration so they didn't come to your awareness.  Does that make sense to you at all.  Can you feel the difference as we've been working with you.

Yes I do.  Thank you very much goddess.

OK you're very welcome.  We do sense that as you consciously keep yourself expanded that there is greater abundance that is just very close to you and will come around you with ease.

Thank you very much I appreciate this.

You're welcome.

Question:  Hi Goddess.  (Hello)  I've been working very hard over the last two years to do a lot of healing after a relationship had ended.  I feel like I have an understanding of why we met and why things didn't work out or why things didn't continue.  However I have these moments of incredible sadness and regret.  I don't know if it's my ego that's wounded or my heart's that's been wounded or if there's some unfinished business.  I feel like this particular person has something very different and interesting about him.  Something feels unfinished. I feel like maybe some past life or something I don't understand makes it very difficult for me to move on.

Answer: Alright, I feel the essence of this person, but could you give us his name to confirm we're linking to the correct person.  (Dave)  Dave, yes.  This was a soul relationship that was an intention for the two of you to meet in this lifetime with the opportunity to share your lives together.  That is one of the reasons why you felt that deep and profound difference with him than with other who have come into your life.  That sense of things not being fully completed; we agree with you.  There is a sense that the two of you will come back together or at least communicating with one another at some point.  It doesn't feel like it's right now, but at some point in the future.  We also have a sense that part of the reason.... There are many things in life that  happen because you put forth such a strong intention before you came into the earth as one of the encounters to have in your life.  People call them the soul mate relationships.  I've always been a believer that there are multiple soul mate relationships that you have in your life, not just one.  But when you have one that feels different or more unique, that is one thing you can call it.  So the sense that we get is that when it comes to the human reality of this lifetime, you both are on two divergent paths.  It was intended for you to come together to see if it would work out but as things are right now, the sense we get is you going your separate ways.  But it feels like unresolved business.  He feels like one of those individuals who is able to shut off his focus or not shut off his focus but he can switch it like out of sight out of mind.  His energy feels very contained.  It feels like he's more so moved on and it's because he has that ability.  This of course is one of the reasons why the relationship didn't go to a deeper level when it was that stage where it could do so.  Does this resonate with you beloved?

Yes it does.

Alright, what we would recommend in this moment and going forth from here is that you take this as an opportunity to appreciate and honor that you have been in alignment with your divinity and with what you have put forth for choosing to do in this lifetime.  Of course through free will there's always the potential and opportunity that things can go in many different directions.  Appreciate that this relationship came to you in the form that it did.  Then as you can appreciate that, if you begin to look around you, if you begin to consider what you really do want in your life; we feel that there are many attributes this individual has that are the attributes you want in someone permanent or long term.  You will find that those things you appreciate will come to you in the form of someone different.  It feels that if you have a sense of threads or energy that are holding you to him, we see there are some cords still there.  We can work with you in this moment if you would like to release them or if it's something you can do at another time when you can more fully let go, it's up to you.  

No, before you even mentioned that, I was going to ask you. I was feeling there were still come cords that kept us connected.  I've been trying to cut the cords and send them to the light and work with the energy on that level, but I feel......

It just hasn't been complete, we agree.  We see two primary cords, one from the heart and one from the solar plexus. We see these two cords that are within you and linked to him.  We encourage you to breathe down into your heart center and from your heart center have a sense of reaching down to your solar plexus and heart; where you feel that constant pull or connection to him.  Align with it, let your energies connect with it; then consciously take in a deep breath and as you breathe out we assist you to release those cords (Shelly took a deep in and out breath) we draw them out from you and we let them go back.  It's like what do you call those things, a rubber band that retracts or a sling shot or whatever you call that thing.  It's like they go zinging back into what's his name again, Dave.  It goes back into him and in him it's more unconscious, that sense of completion.  Then we invite you to breathe down deep within yourself and feel yourself within your heart center and your solar plexus.  Feel yourself filling up that space with compassion and awareness. Then as you breathe deeply within yourself, let yourself know that you are full and complete!  It feels like there is one more, just a minor one.  Again breathe in and then once more breathe out letting it go.  (She took a deep breath) There, that was stuck to your mental body.  Now that feels much more complete.  So take in one more deep breath, breathing in balance and alignment within yourself.  See if you don't now feel more blended and in balance. 

I do, I also feel more grounded.

Good, very good.  Now we say to you, don't be hard on yourself if you still feel nostalgic about this individual.  Just be gentle, loving and easy with yourself.  It feels that because of your sense of expansion and awareness you are aware of so much of what this relationship represented than what he was aware of.  So just accept that, that is that it is.  Now, let yourself shift your focus in a totally different direction and go on about your life.  Begin to notice the things around you that make you feel joyful and happy.  We sense that whenever you would do that it was ‘Yeah, but Dave...' ‘Yeah but Dave...' (She chuckled) Now with having disconnected in such a way, as you look around and let your focus shift you begin to say ‘Ah, this is what I'm choosing to do' ‘this is what I really like to do'.  Let yourself soak up and be more fully blended within your divinity in every way, shape and form.  We do want to say in a very short period of time you will be beyond where are right now. 

Okay, thank you.

We do want to say to you that now that we've disconnected these cords there is less the feeling of unresolved business, it feels more compete.

Okay, I'll continue to work with the energies in my sleep state as well.

Okay, very good we think that's a great idea.

Thank you kindly, thank you very much!

You are very welcome.  Good bye.

Question: Hello, today I was thinking so deeply about all that I've been working with and the question I had is am I allowing my divinity my full access into my beingness?  What you began with tonight and what you spoke about seemed to talking directly to me.  So I'm asking, am I allowing that?

Answer:  It always makes us smile when we hear people say that.  It's a great expression by you speaking up and having this experience that others will say ‘me too, me too!'.   When we spoke at the beginning about how people felt different and isolated, it's another way  that people can realize that they are not so different or isolated.  Anyway, we are glad you asked this question and we had the opportunity to say that you and to everybody else! 

Now looking at you in particular, the sense is that you go in and out of this space where there's a very analytical part within you.  When you are in this space, this analytical part will kick in and say in an analyzing way that you are so grounded because you have this in your life or you have all these tasks that you are doing. That's what makes you feel like you are disconnected from your divinity or less aware of your divinity.  Then there are other times when you are in that introspective time or place of expansion and there is no doubt your human expression is in complete alignment with your divinity.  That's why we say that it's not an all or nothing; there are times it's one way and times it's the other.  This is what it is for the vast majority of people.  The more you begin to acknowledge that even during the times of being analytical, the times of being busy, the times you felt less about your divinity that you are now acknowledging that your expanded awareness is still within and around you.  That is the way you take it this further step to be more fully integrated within yourself.  We're not sure if we explained that right, does that make sense to you??

Yes and I would say that rather than analytical, although I appreciate that; I doubt, I question, I'll think I  choose it because it's what I want and yet have I done it, am I there, am I allowing that because I so want to do that and live in that way. 

Well, when you are doubting it and questioning it, you are analyzing it.  (ahh, okay, alright.)  Analytical does not have to be judging but when you are questioning or doubting, it's a wonderful opportunity for them to reaffirm your strength, your connection, your awareness; instead it takes you into that place of judging and questioning and disbelieving it.  That's where you go sometimes.  Yes absolutely we see you as having a great force and brilliant light within and around you.  We see that it is always there, it's just that you shut down your perceptors, we want to call them; it's like we saw these little ears out on the side of you like little things that are sensitive.  Don't know why we  had that image, but felt we needed to share that with you.  When you find yourself going into that place; instead if you take some deep breaths in and do as we did at the end of this journey and consciously create that link or that blending or that flow of energy between your divinity and your human self, that will assist you in moving past that so there's no question within you.  Does that make sense to you now?

Yes, may I ask another additional part here?

Just if it's something small.

Something came up at work that would additional training.   I have been feeling that it's time for me to go to move fully into what my new circumstance would be and that caused me to question myself again.  Do you see that or is it all just part of the same of what we're talking about?

We actually have a sense you can do both.  We see you taking this class and doing this thing at work and that it opens up some new opportunities for you.  So we think it has a lot of energy and light around it.  We think as you are doing that you are also still working.  It's like you have your daily life and you have your spiritual life.  We have a sense if you were to choose to just say ‘I am tired of this, I'm ready to leave it behind' we have a sense of energy work and teaching and stuff; it is another opportunity but it doesn't feel at this moment like it has the same amount of energy or light around it as your regular work does.  That gives us the sense that it might not be the right timing for that. It feels as if you still have more preparation to do until that can more fully support you. 

Okay, thank you thank you very much!!

You are welcome.

We'll take one more.

Question:  Hello, Goddess. (Hello.) I have been working on myself a lot in the recent past, and I'm still going through the same really difficult situation. And it's probably just one big ascension symptom, but even so, the last time we spoke, you said something about someone having hooks in me. I've been clearing cords. I've been taking the hooks out. I'm doing so many things working on myself, but I haven't been consistent with anything, so what do I need to do now? The hooks are probably still there, so they grew back.

Answer:  You know, it's interesting that you say that, because our sense is that the hooks are not there. (Oh.) It feels to us as if what's happening is that . . . Well, let us give you our perception of what we see as we work with people. Sometimes when we work with people, we see, and what we might consider a hook is something that just goes very deeply within them. It can be a hook, it can be a cord, it can be, you know, anything along that line. And that's what we have the sense of happening with you in the past. But then, once you've cleared it out, you've gone through healing, you've created a transition or shift for yourself, it may be that you still feel like a person is either draining your energy, or you're still connected to a person, or that what you might perceive as a hook coming back in you . . it's not the same as something that goes really deeply within you. It's almost like you might consider it a superficial link or superficial attachment. And the reason for this is because, if your energy field or your vibration is such that you either are still in contact with someone, or they still have the ability to bring you down, or think you feel like they're bringing you down; then that's a means of attaching to you or linking with you. But it's not the same, or it's not going as deep within you as those other previous experiences are. That's not to say that it can't happen, because it certainly could, but when we looked at you, we do not have that sense, as with so many others. We have a sense that there are times when it's like you get connected, and then you release, and then you release, and you release; so that's one reason why we have a sense of you as being essentially clear.

The other thing that we have is that there is a part of your energy, there's a part of you that feels like it just keeps going through the same pattern that it's been in in the past. It's like you clear it out, you seek to create changes for yourself, but then you either are in the same situations, or your thoughts, or  . . . it's like we see you on a merry-go-round, and you go to this place that clears everything out. You're in an expanded state. The merry-go-round takes you back around, and then you find yourself still in that same, either mental, emotional, physical, whatever it is, it's like we see you going back into that same pattern, and then you clear yourself out and then it just comes back again. So that's why we would have a sense of you consciously getting off the merry-go-round, consciously choosing to create a deeper blend within yourself that will keep anything from being able to connect with you, no matter how superficial or how temporary, that you have the ability to let the energies just flow past you or disconnect from you. Not disconnect from you, but be unable to connect with you in the first place. And when it feels like, "Well, here I am, doing this again, what's up with this?" then say to yourself, "Okay, then maybe I'm on that merry-go-round, but I'm going to get off of it." And like you are energetically turning yourself 180 degrees, and like you're going to face in a new direction and invite yourself to breathe in this blending of energies, breathe in your lightbody energies, breathe in the choice to have something new and different. Be your reality as you go through your days.

Okay, because I'm under serious psychic attack, and like you said, I don't feel the hooks anymore, but I don't know what all too feel for, because this is not something I'm used to, so . . . although I'm getting used to it, and that's a problem, too. 

But psychic attacks cannot attack an individual or have any lasting effect unless there's a part within them that is in alignment that allows it to come in. There are many people that might send out energy bolts or bolts of electricity, you could say, that are like these psychic attacks, but if your vibration is such, and if you are disconnected or in a place that they cannot have an effect upon you, then the psychic attack cannot have an effect upon you.

Yeah, well that's what I'm working towards. 

We see you as in much greater balance than you have been in the past when we've worked with you.

Oh, good. Thank you. 

So just keep working on it. Just keep the intention that you . . . this journey tonight was another way of blending your everyday reality with your divinity. And when you're in that type of a blended space, it does allow you to have this greater ability to avert or let something like that just flow past you and not have any effect upon you.

Yeah, well, easier to do it on a meditation than by myself again, definitely. 

Well, you can always download the meditation later, or you could see about a personalized meditation or something like that, that would help you with that. It's up to you, but you're doing a good job. You are coming along, and you know, it just feels like this'll happen as long as it's going to happen, and then one day it's like you flip a switch or something and then they just don't happen anymore.

I've heard that a few times, and, you know, it's getting from here to there. (Mm-hmm.) But thank you.

Okay. You're welcome, beloved.

Oh, I have another little question that'll probably help everyone: and is that, are energies from, like, cell phones keeping the negativity present? Because I use it for the internet and stuff, and I'm wondering if all the microwave energy or whatever is keeping the bad energies around. 

You know, for the most part, I don't believe that the energy such as that can have an effect upon a person, but as you're speaking of that, and with the psychic attack that you were mentioning, for some reason it seems like it does create, like, a gathering focus. So, we're actually going to say that in certain situations, it may be that the cell phones and the computers or the, you know, the various electrical things, do create a bit of a hub or transmitter of energy that may have an effect like that. But we would just say, for the most part, we see it as not having an effect. But we will amend it to say that in certain occasions it can amplify things, or it can serve as, like, a conductor of energies. (Okay.) So for you, if you're in that space, then we would just say, as you are consciously diverting or diffusing these other energies, then put that intention out that you are consciously diffusing any magnetic energies or any of these other energies that are linked to the electronics around you. We also have a sense of seeing you use the crystalline energies as a means of balancing the vibration in the room in which you work. You could have a physical crystal present if you so choose, but you need not do so. You could also just draw in your lightbody energies and send that vibration throughout the room, and it will automatically diffuse any electrical energies or cellular or whatever that may be.

Okay, alright, thank you.

You're very welcome.

Well thank you everyone for being with us upon this journey. As you take this next step of more fully integrating the energies then feel yourself as your human reality and feel your human reality as your divinity, feel your human reality as you divinity, as your light body energy as everything being blended one as the whole.

I am ever with you.




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