Cellular Integration with St. Germain

This teleconference came at the perfect time!  During the month of May 2013 there are a number of cosmic happenings that will really amplify the energy; there are eclipses, solar flares, the moon powerful energy, Wesak Festival and more. All of this happening causes us to feel things more profoundly or brings to our awareness that which we can no longer ignore!

I know I’ve really been feeling the changes on a physical level which in part is why the Goddess chose this experience tonight!  Both she and St. Germain speak of the next level of integration taking place.  They spoke of how much we’ve already done and now it’s time to really work on our physical bodies.  The Goddess mentioned how so often at this point we might choose too transition and then start over; that’s no longer necessary.  We can create a change in our physical body that is reflected in our DNA. 

As St. Germain talked to us about various changes, I could feel how my physical body began to pulsate with energy and light.  I think what he was saying was the minor part of it all.  He was flowing high vibrational energy throughout all of us as he spoke with the intention that it would activate the higher strands of our DNA, which in turn would give us the physical support we’re looking for. 

One we move through the intense physical change, the Goddess then spoke of our mental and emotional bodies.  In this regard, she really encouraged each of us to be fully aware of our thoughts.  She spoke of the relationship between our thoughts and emotions as they create a support of one another.  I could actually feel how the energies were weaving together. 

This channel is a powerful, deep integration that will assist you in feeling better in your life and then creating the deeper alignment through all your energy bodies. 



Nama sika Venia Benya   I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I flow my energies into and around each one of you inviting you to gather together, inviting you to come here within this space, inviting you to have this moment of experience, this moment of awareness, this moment of coming together as group energy.

There is a lot that is taking place upon the earth right now. The more that the crystalline energies come into the earth, the more subtle the vibrations will transition.  But also the more aware you will be of everything that is taking place.

Sometimes this will be very conscious, sometimes it will be unconscious. But you create the alignment so that you are in the flow allowing that energy to come down from your Divinity, through your Higher Self and into your physical reality. So many of you are feeling things on a very physical level. The reason for that is because your cellular structure is going through a very intense transformation right now.

If you think about it, all of you were born and have gone through a process and many, many years living upon the earth. When you created this body that you inhabit it was created with the cellular structure that was used by your biology, by your parents, your genetics; even the collective consciousness and the energy of the time in which you came to be born upon the earth.

Now it’s new, it’s different.

The vibration has transformed in such a way that there is even more energy available to you that you can use in your daily life but you need to have the physical body that will allow that to flow through, that will allow it to process, that will allow for you to be able to be in that flow.

In some regards the new children being borne right now are being borne with that crystalline vibration intrinsic within them. So many of you have thought, ‘well, I could leave and come back again and I don’t have to go through this physical biological process’. And then you say, ‘well, it’s like starting over again. Do I really want to start over? Or can I do it, keeping all the knowledge within me, keeping all of this process as a part of me and still move forward’. And the answer, of course is, yes!

Yes, you may do so. Yes, you may step into the crystalline. Yes, you may still maintain all of the knowledge, all of the experiences you have had in this lifetime.

And then I can hear you as I speak of this and you say, well, let’s do it without the pain, let’s do it without the suffering, let’s do it without the emotions, let’s just wake up one day and it’s done and it’s complete. Of course, you have the ability to do that, it could be like that!

Unfortunately, as the human beings that you are you tend to go towards that which is a bit more intense. Not intense because you like the drama of it but intense because you want to do it all right now, be done with it and move on.

When we get out into the All That Is, this is part of what we will be working on today, but I did wish to speak of it while still here in the earth plane because so many people are feeling it.

I invite you to take one more deep breath in. As you do so you breathe down within you. You allow that breath to move through you going all the way down into the earth. Let yourself feel the energies of the earth. Let yourself feel that reality. Let yourself feel all that this is, right now.

And then as all of that comes up it anchors within you, creating a space around your solar plexus so that you may have a sense of streaming your consciousness as if you let it go, as if  it moves up from within you, you find yourself moving into the space of your Higher Self. As you look around this space, become aware of the blend that is you as your human self, you as your Divinity.

From there, I invite you to allow your consciousness to stream even further. As you do so you can feel your energies as you align with the Soul Plane. As you arrive within this space you have a sense of looking around. You may see, sense or feel your own Divinity. As you do so you take a deep breath in with the intention or awareness of allowing that breath to link you with your Divinity.

As you feel this essence of your Divinity allow it merge completely with your consciousness. As this happens, open up to experience who you are. As you allow yourself to feel your divine energies I invite you to first and foremost relax. Relax as if you are completely open to receive the energy of your Divinity.

Relax, as your divine essence flows within and around your consciousness. As this happens become aware of not only you - as the person in this life - but become aware of you in all the multitude of life experiences that you have had. Here within your Divinity you have that opportunity.

Perhaps there is something you are seeking to understand. By moving through this space you may tap into whatever that is. I’m consciously choosing to create this alignment while still in the Soul plane so that you may have that ability and that greater ease in allowing that to stream back down within your physical reality.

I the Goddess reach out to each one of you. As I do so I find my energies as they merge with you. As we merge it immediately shifts everything into the All That Is.

As you arrive in the All That Is, once again, look around. Look around at the energies that are here. Look around at all that is taking place. In some regards this is a very busy place because as a place of creation there is always a constant flow of energy that is moving through. As a place of creation you have the opportunity to move within your own creation so that you may try out different potentials.

I invite everyone to gather around. There are indeed a number of changes that are taking place upon the earth much of which originates right here in the All That Is. But sometimes it originates out within the Universe and Omniverse.

As I am considering how to go about this process this evening I wish to first of all invite Adamas St. Germain to come within this space. His energy has very much impacted a great deal of the change the people are going through right at this time. Some of you may have been aware especially on what you call May 1st in your calendar that there was a large influx of his energies and his intention that was infused within and around the earth.

I will invite him to explain the meaning of all of that and he also wishes to work with you and your energies. Give us a moment as we shift gears.

Adamas St. Germain Speaks:

I greet you family, friends, loved ones. We are all together in this creation of earth. I have walked upon the earth in many, many life experiences. I flow back and forth walking upon it right now as we speak and I walk out here in the Universe.

I am gathering my thoughts as I speak to you because I wish to give everybody who is present here the messages they are seeking to have. And of course, the people present here are always in the now moment. So if you listen or read it at a separate time from when it is actually recorded YOU are the one that I am speaking to.

As the consciousness is shifting into the next level of vibrations, dimensions, tones, perspectives each one of you are activating things within yourselves, activating your cellular structures, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs. You are activating your life’s experience so that you may walk within the dimension that is a higher lighter perspective.

Yes, indeed, for perhaps for some of you several years but much more focused for perhaps the last six months there has been a very intense upgrade that has taken place. I am not alone in working with you. There is a whole team of energies.

Those of you though who are drawn to this channel have also worked with this aspect of St. Germain many many times. Many of you have walked with me when I had entire lifetimes upon the earth. Therefore I invite you to take in a deep breath and as you breathe in allow the energies to wash over you perhaps strengthening that alignment between us.

If I am an essence you have never worked with before, it’s ok. I’m here to assist you to move forward into this next level.

Indeed, transformation is about integrating new things within your life. It’s about reaching out for what you would like to have. It’s then about receiving and allowing to come within and around you that which you seek to have.

The Goddess spoke earlier about the biological changes taking place in each one of you. This is indeed, moving through your DNA. It is activating those higher strands. I believe I was with you another time even if I wasn’t actually speaking when we worked with expanding the DNA. It’s not that each one of you have to create the intention or go through every single strand and say, yes to this, no that, yes to this, no to that.

If you open to the intention or the awareness that your DNA has the potential to expand in immense ways and that through the expansion and at the various levels it creates the support that is in alignment with the light that is coming in. That’s truly all you need focus upon.

There are many that enjoy the intellectual challenge of knowing the specifics. And if you would like that pathway, by all means, enjoy it. If it is distracting to you to get too specific then instead be open to the flow and allow it to transition.

So, I am speaking these words to you describing things and as I do so each one of you are in a process where every cell within your body is balancing and adjusting into this new level of which I speak.

As if you cast your eyes to the side or up or down or within become aware of your light body energy. The pure essence of the light body energy is what makes up the All That Is. And there are even more aspects of it or more volume of it that comes in on a regular basis, it is limitless.

These light body energies are what have that DNA alignment with the higher strands of the DNA. Therefore, if you have that sense of allowing it to merge with you it will create the adjustment. For some it may be as if this energy is just a pure clear energy, for some you may have a sense of a color or a swirl of different colors. Be open to the transition taking place.

As you speak of feeling things within your body you may speak of the tenseness in your muscles, the digestive transformation, the heart, the kidneys, every part of your physical reality is moving through this transition and we invite everyone to let go, release, release, release, release, release ....phew. Anything at all that is in the old energy. Or that keeps you from being able to step into your new reality....phew.

I as St. Germain have often times been recognized as being a purple flame or simply a flame of transformation. So that might be fun to do. You’ve just created that deeper alignment with your lightbody; you are allowing that to come within and as it does so allow my purple flame to then work within you creating changes. Allow it to assist you so that you feel good. Allow it to assist you so that you can release any discomfort you’ve been feeling.

I represent this new energy and the crystalline energy as it is integrating upon your earth. The last millennium was very focused on Archangel Michael because of that protection, because of that awareness of moving forward as the warrior.

This millennium that you are just beginning is going to be my energy and also in alignment with Melchizedek and Metatron. We are creating the greater ease in integration. So you will be hearing from all of us in the many years to come.

We have all walked upon the earth in one form or another. Not all of the energies up here have done so. It’s not a requirement but it brings to our consciousness   a difference. And that’s why we are the ones that are coming forth. We were also a part of the beginning back in Lemuria; St. Germain, yes, to a degree but more so Melchizedek and Metatron. I was a different energy at that time.

I was created - one might say - during the time of Atlantis. But my ancient beginnings are in alignment with the ancient ones, with Melchizedek and with Metatron. We are all here, they’re on either side of me and I speak for all three of us.

We are all here bringing our energies forward and inviting you to call upon us as you move through this physical integration. We hear you asking will it be fast, will it be slow. It can be done in a moment. It can be done in an instant. The question is, will your belief system, will your physical reality allow it to be transitioned in a moment. So open up, invite us in. Allow yourself to experience all that we have here for you. We are with you.


Greetings once more, it is I the Goddess.

For many of you those energies of St. Germain may be very familiar to you. He is indeed very much a part of all that I have done and all that I have created over these many years. It’s always enjoyable though to reach out the energies and be able to communicate and allow them to communicate coming through and speaking with you.

I’m going to take this to a little bit deeper level now. I invite each one of you to have an opportunity to relax back. Close your eyes - if they are not already - and feel the wash of my love, feel the wash of my energies as I amplify all that Melchizedek, St. Germain and Metatron infused within you. It’s already working moving through as a cellular structure.

This time - as I flow this energy into and around you - I have that specific intention of weaving a pattern of light; as if it starts at the top of your head and it’s weaving through. It moves through your skin, it moves through your bones and as it merges within your brain allow that crystalline vibration to create the new beginning or the new electrical pathways so that those impulses that go through your body are vibrating at the level that you seek to have.

It moves further through you as it goes through your throat center and it goes to your thyroid, as it goes through every gland and organ within your body have a sense of consciously breathing out and releasing .... phew! any old energy.

You have stored memories, you have stored experiences, you have stored illness in some regards in all of the cells and various places within you. We have gone through, we’ve cleared it before. As this is raising your vibration to that new level, I invite you to once more as if you feel it moving through all the meridians within you.

You allow that vibration to wash over you to move through you. Let every organ become cleaned out. Let every cell be open to this new balance and be washed through..... phew! Let go any resistance, let go any tension, let go any stress..... phew!

You may feel the vibration literally change within and around your physical reality. Allow yourself to then open your emotions. Let’s open your mental body first.

That infusion of energy from St. Germain is now going through. It is going through your thoughts; it’s going through your mind, beliefs. Allow it to roll through clearing out anything that no longer works for you. What are some of the beliefs or thoughts that support you as you move forward in your life.

You are integrating the light body energies therefore your thoughts and beliefs reflect that. I invite you to be open to the belief that you can manifest what you seek to have. I invite you to be open to the belief that love, abundance, potentials are not some big dream out in the ethers but are now drawing down within you and are moving through your thoughts, your beliefs into your cellular structure. And it fills you up creating a new alignment. Any old thoughts, old beliefs..... phew! Wash them away, let them go, they are done.

Your emotions. Ok. As we said emotions, I could immediately hear that people are not always conscious of how much their thoughts and beliefs are around the things that are not happening. As you look around your day you may notice you as yet do not have the financial abundance, you don’t have the job you want, the relationship whatever it may be.

Your first thought as you recognize that is, ‘it’s not here, I don’t have it’. As we work with creating these new thought patterns, these  new beliefs, if that comes into your mind then take this as an opportunity to say: I heard you and I am choosing to shift into the potential and the awareness that I do have that job, that relationship.

It may be that you are opening your focus that, I do find the job opportunity I can apply for. I do find the experience to go and participate in that will allow me to meet people. I do find those stepping stones that may get you what you’re seeking to have. Take a deep breath in and you breathe it out.

I would encourage you if you’re becoming aware of your focus on what you don’t have to create that change while being very aware of choosing not to let the focus go on and on and on. Is that not a way of me illustrating that too.

Therefore as I speak of allowing your consciousness, your focus to be on the things that you do want, it maybe that you’re the pendulum that recognizes it in one space and you choose to follow the swing to the other side. As you create the balance that comes to within center within you.

As I speak of this I can feel, see, sense the changes that are taking place within you shifting through your mental body creating new beginnings and greater ease.

Your emotions; what is your predominant emotion? Of course it may change minute by minute, day by day. Your emotions though create a support mechanism for your thoughts. If your first thought - as we just were discussing - is on the things that you don’t have and then the emotional support for that is sadness, anger, frustration, depression. It’s creating a multiple level of support in what you don’t want.

Sometimes it’s easier to change your emotions than to change your thoughts. Therefore, if you become aware that you are feeling frustrated, sad, angry, whatever that may be, it could be exactly why you are feeling that way. Take this as an opportunity to allow those emotions to come up from within you, perhaps be around whatever your issue may be... phew! and you let it go.

It may be that as you become very aware of this you make that conscious choice to find happiness within your life. It may be that it’s happiness you get to work on time, happiness that the sun is shining, happiness that you were able to sleep a little better last night. It may be that happiness is reflected in very small tiny portions. As you focus on those small tiny portions they get bigger and bigger and bigger.

Take a deep breath in and breathe in a consciousness of awareness that you are in the flow of understanding what your emotions are. And that you respond to them acknowledging and honoring them so that they work FOR you.

You seek to feel optimistic about change so you consider the thoughts, beliefs “I am able to manifest or bring whatever it is into my life”. And then you reach to your emotions and you feel the excitement or the potential, the hopefulness. And if none of those emotions are able to work with you, then the compassion. Bringing in compassion as some of the neutralizer that turns it around so that next time you do this you may be open to those emotions you truly seek to have.

Your spiritual and light body energies create a very flexible and fluid energy field around you that is allowing you to integrate all that we are speaking of on a continuous basis.

During this time of May there are eclipses, there are astrological energies that are lining up to create greater transformation upon the earth. As all of this is taking place it can create sometimes a sense of resistance inside of you or it can bring up - as if in your face - to show you whatever it is that’s on your mind.

It may also be that these energies are bringing up stuff from the past. And maybe you’ve released and it, it is just another thread, another layer, another level. Try not to get caught up in the analysis. Instead, let it flow in any given moment.

There are even more amounts of the divine feminine energies that are integrating into your earth plane at this time. That may be another option for you to reach for in your daily life. Whatever divine energies means to you allow it to help you be in the energies of accepting, allow it help you be in the flow to allow more within your life.

As all of this is taking place the focus at THIS point is beginning at the cellular structure, releasing, relieving and then creating the thoughts that support your physical reality; and then the emotions that come in and support your thoughts in your physical reality.

Allow. Allow for love to be the foundation of everything you’re doing. Allow this universal light to become more a part of your reality. The energies of the higher vibrations are closer than they have ever been in your everyday life. Therefore, as you take this biological integration to the next level become aware that you will flow between the higher dimensions with greater ease. Many of you are moving within the fifth and sixth in your physical reality and you can shift further through your divine consciousness.

This clearing out and the integration of the light body is what will give you that foundation that will allow you to make that movement. Other things that will come with that: teleporting, splitting your consciousness between two places so that you may have the existence or the experience, communication through telepathy is going to become much easier.

As you move into the sixth and seventh dimensions a physical reality becomes very transparent. This is why this intense physical integration is taking place at this time. Do whatever you need to do to support yourself as you move through it.

Alright, beloved family, I invite you to come back in this moment, come back to create that group consciousness of the shifting and transformation that you have experienced this evening. As you do so there is a hologram of the earth that comes up within. You may feel it as if it comes up within you personally but we have a sense of seeing a circle and coming up within that circle is the hologram.

This hologram is already reflecting all the increased light body energies and all the increased crystalline energy that’s been taking place from the millions of people opening up in this way. As you infuse your energy, your intention, your experience into it, allow that to be. Allow it to create an anchor or support for you so that when you are moving through your daily life it’s there for you.

As you infuse these many levels into this hologram you then release it. As it does so it flows down. You have a sense of it expanding outwards. Those higher dimensional energies move into the space of the new earth. And that new earth energy is continuing to integrate within, within and around you; you yourself, but you as the earth plane that you are.

As that holograms is moving downwards you have a sense of shifting. It goes down into the earth and as it merges with the earth you may have a sense of feeling the crystals, that core essence of the earth. And if it has been dormant for a period of time it has been reactivated over the last several years. And these crystalline energies and that magnetic aspect of the earth are merging into different integrations and different balances.

And all of that energy comes up, it comes up through the earth, it comes up in the waters, the streams, the ocean, the grass, the flowers, the trees, it comes up in each one of you. Not only in all of the transformation you went through in the All That Is but also that grounded energy of it. Because especially at this time as you allow the grounded energies, the high vibrations to be into and around you it will assist you in moving through this time with greater ease.

And then you allow your consciousness to once more return to the All That Is. As you look around you, take a moment and consider if there is anything else that you would like to bring with you in a very conscious manner. You’ve created these new alignments with St. Germain, Melchizedek and Metatron and all the other energies of light that are here for you.

As you allow yourself to shift, you move into the space of the Soul plane. As you do so you can feel those energies of your Divinity. Perhaps you’re able to open up to even greater amounts of your Divinity so that you may tap into - there is a part of you or multiple parts of you that are out in the universe right now living experiences that are there in support of you in your physical reality, so tap into that. Invite that alignment to be created so that it can support you in everyday life.

From there you have a sense of moving even further. I invite you to have a sense of just  letting all of your consciousness stream back within you. You notice as you come through your Higher Self that that space is also adjusting. That space is also creating a new awareness. You feel it. You experience it.

Alright, beloved family. As you continue to move through the days of this transformation be gentle with yourself, be loving with yourself. Allow this cellular change to take place within you knowing that it is going to move out through your mental body, your emotional body, through every aspect of who you are.

And as that happens invite in not only the energies of change, but invite the energies of complete balance, awareness and the experience of who you are. You are already there. You’re just feeling your physical body catch up to you.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.




Mik 17th May 2013 11:57 am


Peace and Love


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