Clearing Old Imprints

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This channel is integrating a HUGE change in the imprints that have been present for so long! An imprint is an energy pattern within us that can begin at a cellular level, but also be within the mental & emotional bodies; so too there are imprints within the earth and the collective consciousness.  This channel works on all levels with clearing old imprints and energies; then infusing the area with divine light. 

We began by working within each of us to create the alignment with our divinity.  This alignment then illuminated all of who we are, in some cases even past lives and affect.  The Goddess spoke specifically about releasing some specific energies such as weight; poverty; worthiness leaving an opportunity where people could specifically align with their own need.  In each one, there was a huge release felt throughout all the people and more than those specifically on the call.

Once this release took place, we then looked at the earth.  Every time I see the earth through the Goddess’s eyes, I see the perfection in all that balance that is within the earth.  Once you align with the surface of the earth; this where the imbalances occur.  We then worked with collective consciousness which included the layers of the surface of the earth to clear old abuse, warfare, disrespect, bullying and more.  In place, we infused the energies of universal light. 

Once we completed that portion, we moved on to the universe. What’s interesting is that I could see several Galaxies and the Omniverse.  Within all of this, there was already a pretty consistent balance.  But we stilled cleared out anything known or unknown; conscious or unconscious.  The Goddess then created a greater flow of support between us, the earth, the universe! It’s a very powerful channel.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out with the intention of embracing you, of welcoming you to this time together, of welcoming you into this moment in time. No matter what’s going on in your life, I invite you to take it as an opportunity to love, honor, support, respect and become very aware of who you are as the individual.

So often within your life, you get very caught up in everything that’s happening around you. You do have a very busy life. You probably have some sort of work, you probably have some family, you probably have a home, your car, you have chores, you have maintenance. There are all this list of things that people do when they live upon the earth and the people can get caught up in the busyness of what it is to be in that space. When you do so, it can cause you to be kind of nudged to the side so to speak or it can nudge your focus to the side so that you forget to be open to the awareness of who you are as your divinity.

The things that you do upon the earth are just that, things that you are doing upon the earth. You as the soul essence, you as the individual that is, has created this body that you are inhabiting for this lifetime is way more than just this life time. I remind you of that, so that you can know that no matter what’s happening to you, no matter what’s going on, it’s temporary and you as your divinity are immense and filled with resources, unconditional love and support.

It is important to be aware of who you are. It is also important to have that relationship to your divinity. When you then take it one more step further it’s truly about that balance, the balance of being human and having all of those things or tasks that take up your life, the balance of knowing, “I am divine, I am limitless, I can do anything that I would like to do”, and then the balance that may come back from that saying, “I know I can do anything I like to do, but it’s not manifesting, there’s something going on here”. So you take that opportunity to try to find the balance once more.

You take the opportunity to try to realize; how can I be my divine self as I am living this human life? The answer? Find the joy, find the love, find what resonates with you in your life. If you follow what’s joyful, you are in alignment with your divinity. If you follow the energy of love, loving first and foremost who you are as the human but then reflecting that out to all around you, you are in alignment. If you seek situations that cause you to laugh and giggle and just feel the resonance of joy, you are in alignment with your divinity.

It makes me smile and chuckle a little bit because I know as I say this, I see every single one of you flowing into that balance and that knowledge and that awareness and you say, “well of course, I know that”, and yet when you get into your busy lives sometimes you may forget it. So it’s always nice to have that reminder.

I invite you to take in a breath where you breathe down once more sending that energy all the way down into the earth plane. As you send your energy into the earth let yourself take a moment and just feel Gaia. Feel Gaia as the foundation upon which you live. Reach out to Gaia who spoke with you so recently letting that energy flow up through your intention and anchoring you back within and around your solar plexus and even into your heart center.

From there, I invite you to have the intention of letting your consciousness flow as if you go from your heart center; you let it flow up through all your energy bodies, it goes up through the top of your head and you reach up to align with your higher self. Look around at what this space is for you. Become aware of how often you move within this space as a means of seeking information or as a means of simply revitalizing who you are.

There is that cord of light or energy that is anchored within you the person. You continue to follow that out through your higher self and let that just take you straight into your divinity.

As this moves into your divinity, allow yourself to feel who you are. For some it may be that sense of seeing that immense white light. For others, it’s just that feeling you know inside of yourself. Take a moment to find out if there might be messages from your divinity. Take a moment and just allow yourself to feel up with that energy and awareness.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one if you. I reach out to embrace who you are. I reach out creating an alignment that allows us to merge together into one energy or one essence. And as we do so we shift into the All That Is.

I have to laugh because as we arrive within this space I had a sense of many people around clapping their hands and saying, “Welcome, welcome! Come and join the celebration. Come and join the party”; so I guess it’s still going on. The party that we began with our last teleconference is still going on.

As you know, when you work with energy and you come into the All That Is time is nonexistent. You have the intention, you follow the channel, whatever it may be you are there in that moment as if it was happening for the very first time and each time that you listen to the teleconference you are once more, back within that space, back within that experience.

So everyone is still celebrating the commitment that each one of you have to creating a life that has meaning to you, the commitment that you have knowing that you are more than just the human; knowing that you have these huge potentials and that you are open to manifest whatever that may be.

I am gathering the energies of everyone here and we are going to work on something that I believe we have probably worked on at some point in the past but the intention is that you will work on the imprints that you have from you as the human, the you as the divine, the you as humanity upon the earth, the imprints upon the earth and then the imprints out in the universe. Let me take a moment to speak about what that may be.

When you have experiences in your life it creates an impression almost like a photo that is a stop in that moment in time and that photo, that moment in time, goes into the cellular memory of your physical body. It also moves into your emotions, it moves into your thoughts, it’s in your unconscious and it’s in your conscious awareness.

There are so many things that take place as you are growing up, that are just intrinsic within you; it’s what helps you as a human and it’s what gives you the opportunity to survive and be upon the earth.

When I speak of imprints quite often people consider it something negative that needs to be removed and indeed, there are instances when there may be imprints left over from other lifetimes or from experiences within this current life time and they do hold you back.

But you also have that imprint that says, this is how you speak, the languages that you speak, this is the reaction to certain experiences. There is danger; you get out of the way. The stove is hot; you do not touch it. When you want something from the people around you, you speak the words or you communicate what you need. All of these things you learn as an infant and as a small child. Indeed, we just heard that there are many individuals that might have a brain injury and they have to relearn it.

There are many individuals upon the earth who communicate in a completely different way. You call it Autism, Asperger’s, but indeed these are people communicating and living their life in a different way than you and the imprint of how to live that life is expressed through their uniqueness.

Sometimes what it is also happening is that they vibrate at such a level that certain things that might have imprinted to help them did not take place. We speak this is not in the least bit to neglect or anything like that, it simply their vibration and their intention is to be that of something that is unique and different.

So, not every person has the same imprint. Not every person has the same intention and how to live their lives. There is no right or wrong, there is simply the life that you are living and the way in which you are living it.

They also understand how humanity can be and how you want to let go of things that don’t serve you. Say for example, fear of moving in a new direction, a physical body that may be unhealthy, overweight, your vision is changing. Perhaps you would like to participate in a new activity but there is something that is holding you back from that.

So an imprint is something that can affect you and it may get to the point where it’s keeping you from moving forward.

I invite you to begin by closing your eyes for a moment and allow yourself to really expand that link between your divinity and your humanity.

Allow yourself to have that sense of opening up a door so that you can find an alignment to the cellular structure of your physical body. There are a number of ways in which you may go about this experience. You may find if you listen again in the future you do something totally different. Be open to realize howsoever that works for you is the right and perfect way.

Perhaps as we link with these various energies, you might see as if displayed in front of you on a screen the experience or what it represents. Many people are visual; many people sense or feel.

So let’s all go back to the first imprint that you may have within you. As you breathe deeply connecting within yourself ask to know; is there an imprint or an alignment within you, be it conscious or unconscious, at cellular level, mental or emotional, that is telling you, you do not have any abilities for expanded consciousness? By that I mean you are not clairvoyant, you can’t feel, you can’t know that you are shutdown energetically that keeps you from these expanded awareness.

You may immediately see something stand out to you or maybe unconscious. So we are going to swirl through starting at your cellular level and then moving out from you we are going to swirl through. Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~ whew ~ and let go that imprint that tells you, you cannot do something that you want to do and instead let’s flow the energy into that space of I am open to see with clear vision, I am open clairvoyantly, I am sensitive to energies and I see, sense and know whatever’s happening around me and I breathe that down, going in every cell within my body; filling it up and communicating one cell to the next.

Is there an imprint or a belief within you that says you are not good enough? And you can finish that sentence; good enough in whatever way may come to your mind. Allow that alignment from the cellular level, through the mental, emotional, unconscious and conscious, allow it to come up from whatever it may be within you, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ let that go.

And in that place, breathe in your divinity, breathe in the energies that fill up from a cellular structure outward, I am love, I am fully capable of doing anything that I want to do within my life and let that stream through you.

Is there an imprint or a belief or a thought that says, “I can’t lose weight, I am not smart enough”, whatever it may be, “because no one in my family has done that therefore is a genetics thing that keeps me from doing what I want to do”? Breathe down into that moment if there’s any truth of that within you. Breathe in connecting into the cells, bring it up from your cellular, your mental, your emotional, your conscious and unconscious ~ whew ~ let that go.

Breathe down that energy of your divinity into any of those spaces filling it up, it doesn’t matter what the familiar pattern has been in the past you are making a change right now  and yes, it is 100% possible to do so!

So if there is that belief, if there is any residual for that, breathe into it now and ~ whew ~ clear that out. Yes, i could still feel a lot more being cleared the second time. So now, breathe in that belief, breathe in the consciousness that you can make that change.

If there is an imprint within you that has to do with poverty, that is keeping you from having the financial flow that you seek to have, allow yourself to link with it right now; from your cellular structure into your mental, emotional, conscious or unconscious, from every place within you if there is any imprint, belief or awareness that says ‘you have to be poor to be spiritual, you have to be poor because that’s your lesson in this lifetime’; if there’s anything at all that has to do with poverty, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~and let that go.

And then allow in the breath and the light and the richness of abundance, abundance in every way, shape or form, but in particular in this moment, financial abundance. Be open to opportunities, be open to unexpected blessings and let that breathe through you.

I am laughing a little or smiling a little; this list could go on and on and on, but these are some of the primary things that people express a desire to change within themselves. So we’re going to have another one that’s a little more generic.

Take another breath down, breathing down, moving all the way down into your cellular structure and you fill in the blank. If there is any cellular memory or imprint that is causing you to [pause here for you to state what you want], allow yourself to link with that right now, bring it up from within you linking to your mental, emotional, conscious and unconscious and  ~ whew ~ let that go. And as you do so, open up to feel your divinity; allow your divinity to flow through you, wash it over you, moving into every cell within you and then expanding into your mental, emotional, conscious and unconscious.

I invite you to create a hologram here within the All That Is. This is how you see yourself with all that you seek. So as if it’s manifesting right there in front of you, see yourself as having accomplished everything that you seek to have.

As you picture this hologram have the intention to allow it to merge with you. It can feel as if you embrace the essence or the energy that I worked with you, weaving together the threads and the energy so that from a cellular structure through your mental, emotional, conscious and unconscious, you are integrating the completed hologram for who you are, who you are as the balance of the human, who you are as the balance of your divinity. You allow that to flow through you.

You may find that as you integrate this hologram there are even more energies that are being pushed out or released. You need not always be conscious of every single one. You need only have that intention that as you integrate all of who you are and all that you seek to have you are releasing anything at all that no longer serves you.

Have a sense of looking down at the earth or looking out at the earth we manifested within this group. This is not the hologram, the same as what we use, which is why Ii first of all said to look down if you so choose, but I wish for each one of you to have that conscious intention of linking with the earth itself and just as humanity is imprinted with these various energies, so too are the energies of the earth.

Any imprints that the earth contains that has to do with violence, disrespect, hatred, want to send the energy down into the earth. We want to send it in as much as we can and we invite Gaia to push from the inside out, and we just want to lift that up and pull it out of there and we are going to swirl through and then ~ whew ~ let go that energy. And then the universal light infuses into the earth filling up those pockets.

For those places within the earth, where there is stuck energy that is keeping people from moving forward; that is keeping on a conscious level, the energy from shifting into this higher lighter vibration, we infuse that energy into whatever that may be and we as Gaia to work from the inside as we clear off the surface of the earth no matter where it is upon the earth. We want to just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ clear it out; and then infuse the energies of the universal light into the earth.

This is going through the consciousness, the collective consciousness, is going into the cellular memory of the earth itself that has already been transitioning due to the rise in the vibration upon the earth. So this infuses deeper and deeper and deeper.

Gaia as the core essence is always intrinsically in balance. This is transitioning all that lived upon the surface of the earth and for those that are seeking to maintain an old manner aligned with control and manipulation ~ whew ~ we infuse you with a bolt of energy or with the infusion of the universal light, and we clear it out.

The earth has been seeking change. The collective consciousness has been seeking change and the pendulum effect is swinging quite far, it is at the peak or almost. My sense is close to the peak if not having already met it, and it will be swinging back into balance so that as this energy transitions, that we consciously infuse with the universal light that people love and respect one another, that people honor one another, that people are in the consciousness of the good of all. And we send that intention, moving through the cellular level of the earth and moving through the collective consciousness.

Out here in the All That Is there are many other planets, galaxies, the omniverse that goes on and on, and there is an intrinsic balance that is always taking place; but what I seek to do in this moment is to infuse the energy of light and balance and intention that creates harmony and cooperative alignments and may go from the universe down into the earth, through the people, back up to the universe, so there’s a constant flow that is moving from a universal level to a personal level and through the consciousness of the earth.

Indeed. I can feel the strengthening of that which is supportive and expansive for people. By creating the transition upon the earth and strengthening the alignment of balance it gives each one of you the greater opportunity to be that person that you integrated as your hologram. You can change it at any time. Be open to the flow of that which is you at your highest ability.

It feels good to be in this energy!

As you allow yourself to be in the balance of this moment, feel your heart center open up even further.

Have that sense this time of the hologram of the earth. Coming up it may seem a little bit more solidified because we were aligned with the earth. It may feel different but we put forth the specific intention into this hologram that each of us have created that change, have made a transformation and we would like that alignment to move into this hologram of the earth. So too, the intention and the focus of the earth itself can release old energies and be in the space of all that is love, balance, mutual respect and honoring.

And as that goes in to the hologram have a sense of seen it move through. It aligns with the crystalline energies of the light body and that also integrates within this hologram. This is what is allowing the higher dimensions, fifth, sixth, sometimes the seventh to become much more available to people upon the earth. It infuses the hologram.

It moves down into the center of the earth and from there Gaia weaves it into that which is the earth and it comes up as if it’s expanding out in every direction. It comes up to the surface of the earth. It creates an alignment with everything that was just transitioned, so that from within the earth it’s supporting the rise in the vibration of the consciousness and from the universe it’s coming in and integrating that balanced energy of love, support, mutual respect, and we see that weaving through.

So too, it comes up within you, giving you that anchor and that balance that will support you and you may feel it moving through your physical body.

Allow your consciousness and your focus to return once more into this space. If there is any residual now is the time to take a moment, have that very clear focused intention that you have released ~ whew ~ all imprints, all residual energy that no longer serves you and that you are open to your divinity and as you are open to your divinity, so too, that’s what allows in that greater crystalline vibration of the lightbody.

Allow your focus to shift, as you move from the space of the All That Is back within your I Am Presence. It’s as if you slide down that column of light that links you from your divinity into your human, but all of your consciousness come back down moving through that space. And this time as you come back within your body take a moment, you may need to expand out your energy field, but take a moment that you link moving all the way down.

Go into those core cells within your root center and allowing every cell to begin to speak to every other cell integrating this greater light, releasing the old patterns, releasing the old energy, so that you may be here in this moment fully integrated and moving forward.

Take a deep breath in. Breathe in the new you and then consciously send it through your mental, emotional, spiritual and light body energies, so that there is a flow from the very cellular level within you doing your greatest expansion and allowing all to integrate within you.

Alright beloved family, as you move through your life, I invite you to be very conscious of that alignment with your divinity, allowing your divine energies to be fully supportive of you. Reminding yourself that you can let go imprints, patterns, beliefs; all of those things you can just let them go ~ whew ~ in a moment just like that or you can take more time and go deeper and deeper and deeper.

I remind you not to get fixated but instead about connecting so that you are fully connecting and then releasing.

There are limitless opportunities available for you. You can have the life that you are seeking to have. The earth is shifting and transitioning at all times and we have just infused a lot of that transformation giving not only the earth consciousness the potential, but you to also have more potential around you that you can draw from.

Beloved family, I love you dearly and I am always with you.




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