Connecting to the Flame within Your Soul Essence

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family! Nama Sika-I AM the One; Venia Benya-I am the Whole. This is a phrase that was given to Shelly quite a long time ago, yet it still has an impact on being able to bring everyone together as a group whether you are physically here and present or if you are reading or listening to this at another time.

Each time that you align yourself with the energy of this vibration, you are reaffirming that you are one within yourself. You are reaffirming that you are divine. You are an I AM presence that has manifested upon the earth.

Let yourself feel what that really means to you. Each of you is so unique. Each of you has those certain attributes that are special unto you. At the same time each of you has in common with everyone else who participates in this, that choice to bring a greater amount of spiritual awareness into your life. You may see this as wanting to have a deeper understanding. You may see this as seeking to find a community of souls. Or perhaps you choose to do this because it creates a shift in the vibration within you, but also everyone around you.

You are connected. You are linked. There are times you may consciously choose to release your connection to the collective consciousness. This can be done completely or in part or in short increments. It's up to you. It's free will. It is choice. This is a magical gift that is given to each human who chooses to come and live upon the earth.

Take a deep breath in, allowing that breath to move into your lungs; to move into your heart center and then anchor it within you. As you do so, release the energies of your physical body. Have a sense of letting your conscious awareness release your physical body so that you may connect with the energy of the magnetic grid.

Within this grid there are many interlocking pathways. There is also a space for you. A space that you have created, a space that allows you to let aspects of your higher self reside. Look around, see what this is like. Feel the energies that are here. Within the magnetic grid those aspects of the collective consciousness that vibrate within this space may also be perceived. As you look around become aware of what that may be to you. You may sense energy, you may sense light. Look and see what it is to you.

I invite you to take an opportunity for this journey to release any connection that you may have with the collective consciousness. As you release that connection, you may do so in a number of different ways. Some I see utilizing a knife, others I see pulling out cords or threads; still others I have a perception that you are simply choosing to release the energies and you therefore disconnect.

It feels different. It feels in some of you kind of empty. It gives you a sense of being disconnected. Allow yourself to simply perceive what this is to you and then shift your consciousness into the space of the crystalline gird. As you are merging with the crystalline grid, it's an entirely different feel than what the magnetic grid is about. Look around you; see, sense, feel the energies that are within this space. You may find that you are able to perceive even more of what this space is because you are no longer drawn into the energies of the collective consciousness. By releasing the collective consciousness, it allows you to more fully feel the new energy, to more fully feel the crystalline vibration. Become aware of what this is to you.

From here I invite you to move into the column of light that will assist you in shifting into the soul plane. As you are moving into the soul plane, feel what that is to you. The soul plane is a space that you are very familiar with, it feels like home. It is a space where you come in your dream state; you may come here when you are meditating. You come into this space when you seek that deeper connection to your divinity. Feel this link.

Call forth your I AM presence. As you do so, you may have a sense of it welling up within you or walking towards you. Before you fully link with this essence of your divinity allow yourself to take an objective look. You were able to blend many more of the aspects of yourself during our last journey. (Referring to the teleconference from 05-04-08.) As a result of that you are now able to perceive more of the energies that are a part of your I AM presence. Reach out to blend or embrace who you are in all of your divine essence. As you embrace and link with yourself, let it flood all of your senses. Feel how glorious this is to you. Feel the essence of love, acceptance and awareness move through you in every aspect of your being.

Now I the Goddess come forward into this space. I come forth to embrace you. As I do so I feel the love, the connection that binds us together. Open your heart and feel who I am. As you embrace my essence, you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

When you arrive in the All That Is, there is an immense expansion that is taking place around you. There are a multitude of people who are here within this space. You may have a sense of looking around and seeing who is here. Some you may recognize, others it may just be a matter of seeing that there is an essence or a light.

I invite you to once more consider the words Nama Sika-I AM the one. Feel how that creates an alignment within you. Venia Benya-I AM the whole. This is where you feel the connection with each other. Within this space there is so much that is available to you. Within your own divinity you have the answers to everything that you seek to know. The vast majority of your questions and what you seek to understand has already been lived and experienced by you in one form or another. Merge even more deeply within your I AM presence.

There is a spark or an essence which makes up the center or the core aspects of who you are. Allow your energies, or your focus or your consciousness; however you want to consider it to merge with this plane. As you do so, it is as if you are entering a vast space. On the one hand your consciousness is like a small particle of energy or light. This space, this place is huge in perspective. It is glorious. As you merge with the center or the core essence of who you are, feel what it is to you.

For so many it is as if I am seeing gold, white, orange, yellow; primarily those colors are the essence of these flames. In still others, I perceive pinks, blues, greens. Open and feel, see or sense what yours is to you. The very core center of the flame within everyone is white.

Whenever people transition from the earth they speak of going back into the light. That light in which travel is ‘YOU' it is you going back within your divinity. Become familiar with this. In some of you, I perceive that you are not able to take in all of who you are. It's as if you have tunnel vision or a narrow perspective. If you are either unable to perceive or if you do not have the broad expansion, then consciously push out any walls you may have around you. YES this is you! Now I can see that everyone is much more blended within.

For this time, let your consciousness move into the center of this space. You may have a sense of sitting down, lying down, standing; whatever it is to you. I invite you to close your eyes and just feel the complete love. It is here for you and only you in this moment. Allow compassion to flow over and around you. Open to acceptance. Accept that this is from you and for you.

As I invited you to feel acceptance, I was able to perceive that a number of you felt a sense of unworthiness. I have the perception that you are still holding on to things that have happened in your current lifetime. If there is anything like this that comes to your awareness, bring it up. Some of you may have a perception of having released or resolved this and this is a residual energy. How so ever it is within you at this time, simply acknowledge that if anything comes to your awareness then it is here for you to be able to release.

Within this brilliant light, open to have a new perspective of your life. Humans tend to be so very hard upon themselves. Sometimes as a reflection of what you are feeling, you may be hard on others also. But in most cases, the basis of this is within you. Go inside; perceive anything that is the least bit holding you back. Again, consciously release anything.

I am now seeing for one of the first times that everyone within this space is now completely free of anything that has been holding them back. Every single one of you, in this moment, within the core essence of your own divinity.... you are aligned and in balance! Allow that balance to blend completely with your divinity. Allow for the essence of your I AM presence to move even more deeply through you the human in this lifetime. Feel this essence. Feel what this means to you. Know in your heart that you truly are connected and in alignment with your divinity. Breathe that in and throughout you!

This is a space of perfection, a space of balance. If you so choose, you may take a moment and look through other aspects of your divinity. It may be like having a peak into other lifetimes that you have had. Each of those lifetimes that had an impact upon your I AM presence is acknowledged within here. You have been working to clear out so many of the various energies within this current lifetime and you have been working to release them throughout any other past lifetime also. You do not always have to consciously choose them, it will automatically occur. Therefore, look around. This is you!

Reverse this now. Allow your consciousness to expand until it gets larger and larger. As it does so, your divinity begins to shrink or reduce until it reverses places and your divinity is that spark or that essence within your consciousness. There may be aspects of this that you will no longer remember or you may not recognize, but it is still YOU it is still who you are.

Let your focus return to the space of the All That Is. As each of you return to this space and you are now becoming aware of the other energies who are here, open to perceive the brilliance of light. In this moment, accept it once more, that you are completely in balance within yourself. In this moment accept who you are as this person who is walking upon the earth. Yes! It feels right to you. Yes! It feels as if this is truly who you are.

If you so choose, you may look around you and perceive which angels and guides are here. As I invite you to do that, I am noticing that the vast majority of you recognize that you don't need them. You are looking around, you are seeing these angels you are seeing the guides. But you are also seeing them as a peer, seeing them as a wonderful essence in which you can enjoy sharing time together. They need not take care of you, protect, or do anything. You are doing that for yourself. If you were to choose to create an alignment, then do so. But do so from a space of knowing that you are already complete, that you are already divine, that you are already an immense soul essence.

This group comes back together. There is a different feel to the energies. There is a different essence that is moving through. Allow yourself to perceive the hologram of the earth. It comes up within this group. As this hologram is coming up within, I invite you to really take a look at it with your inner eye.

There are several different layers of energy that make up the hologram. As you are looking at these different layers, you can see that there is an aspect that is in alignment with the collective consciousness of the earth. Even the collective consciousness itself spans a number of different dimensions. As you are looking at this, become aware of how uncomfortable it can be to link with the lower vibrational aspects.

Especially once you have disconnected from the energy of the collective consciousness or the vibration of it. When you return or look at it again, you will have a whole new perception if you so choose you may create an alignment with certain aspects. I am also perceiving that many of you are choosing to remain detached. You have the ability to live upon the earth, experience your life without being a part of this grid work. As was just experienced, you are 100% blended with your divinity; you need only draw from that essence of your divinity.

Therefore transmit into this hologram that essence of who you are in this moment, who you are as a complete and fully blended individual. I invite you to perceive the way you transmit the energies in at your highest vibration and they still trickle down throughout all your other aspects. This a means of showing you how in part the collective consciousness is shifting. The more that individuals emanate their essence, their light, their energies into this space it trickles down and has an affect upon everyone.

Perceive Lady Gaia as she comes forth. She is more etheric than ever. She reaches out to each one of you, embracing you, loving you, accepting you. This is an essence or an energy within the earth that will help you to remember what is was like to be within that space, to truly feel who you were; to truly manifest upon the earth your divine essence and blending.

Lady Gaia returns. She blends with the rest of these energies that have perfuse this hologram. As she does so the hologram itself shifts so that it moves downward. It moves through the crystalline grid into the magnetic. There is an aspect of it that will remain within the magnetic grid and then the rest of that hologram will move even further down until it moves into the core essence or the center of the earth itself.

That immense crystal which represents the essence of Gaia vibrates and pulsates so that it sends out a vibration that is I alignment with you. It also sends an alignment that is higher, lower, inward, outward; it moves throughout all the dimensions in various ways. Allow this to be perceived by each and every one of you.

As you return your focus or your awareness into the space of the All That Is you can't help but notice how through this experience there is an alignment that is created between each one of you. If you so choose, you may remain within this alignment, if you choose to disconnect from it; you may do that too.

I invite you to return to the space of the soul plane. As you do so, you become aware of even more of the energies that are within this space. As you are coming into this space, once more blend with the essence of your I AM presence. Perceive how you are still linked. You are still fully accepted and acknowledged by all aspects of your being.

Move even further, you release the energies of the soul plane. Find yourself moving through the crystalline grid. Allow your focus to move even further until you blend with the magnetic grid. Once you return to this space, you feel the magnetic pull of the earth.

Some of you will automatically reach out to feel that aspect of the collective consciousness with which you would normally align. If you so choose to reconnect that is your choice. For those of you who choose to remain disconnected, you consciously release any connection that you may have inadvertently or unconsciously reconnected to. No matter what your choice, you are here within the magnetic grid and you are bringing these aspects of your divinity with you.

Once more become aware of that flame that was within your soul essence. Allow it to merge with you, allow it to flow into you.

Once more shift your focus until you return to your physical body. As you are returning these energies into your physical body, you may need to expand the energy field around you. Let all aspects open and receive your consciousness back within your body. It moves through you, breathe it in, once more letting it move through your lungs, into your heart center, and let it move through your heart and circulate through your body. If you need to expand the energies around your body, then do so.

As you are once more here, anchored within your physical body, allow your focus to return until you connect to your divinity, your I AM presence. As you are doing this, once more remember what it felt like to be within the center of that flame. Let that flame from that spark, from that core essence of who you are move throughout you here in your physical body, once more open and feel the complete love, the complete acceptance of who you are in this lifetime.

If there is any resistance, allow it to melt away. In this moment, in this breath; breathe in and throughout your body all aspects of what this is to you. Complete love, complete acceptance, and complete awareness of who you are in this life. Allow yourself to truly be more than you ever thought possible. Allow your essence to be in that space of balance.

With that, release the energies of this journey. Let yourself come fully back within your physical body. As you are coming back within your body, you may come back within this room. As you are returning to the room you may press *7 upon your telephone. And I am open to receive any questions that you may have.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, thank you for the beautiful journey. Years ago I had this vision that this line of people were coming through my patio door and going out another door. As they passed by me, I touched each of them on the forehead. About 20 years ago my mother got sick with cancer and I worked with her; after that, the cancer was gone. I then had a dream where my mother came to me and said don't pray for me again. She died a short time later. I took that to mean don't work on people unless they truly want to stay. (She then spoke of several instances of healing experiences.) Can you bring some clarity to all that for me please?

Answer: Okay, what I'm picking up on with what you are explaining to me is that divine and immense shifts in energy have occurred from these experiences you spoke of. You are a conduit that is clear, that is open that allows for this immense flow of light and healing to move through you. In your divine state, when you went back into your soul essence upon this journey, you were able to be in the space of the purest love and the purest energy. This is where you go when these healing take place. So what you are speaking of is now coming down into the human body, it's the human not acknowledging what your divine already knows. It's the human wanting a better understanding of this. So when you are seeking a response to something like this, we can certainly affirm for you but we also think when you go back and read this you will be saying "I already know that!" So we do affirm for you what you do already know. There is an amazing healing ability and potential that you are able to facilitate. We also see the future is wide open. You have dabbled in a number of things trying to figure out what brings you joy. You've been a little intimidated by healing. Healing does not have to be something where you are up on a stage and huge crowds are around you. We sense that's a little bit much. Healing can occur beginning with one on one and grow from there. We sense this is something you've been doing much more so than what you give yourself credit for. It's not about necessarily taking credit; it's about the fact that you can heal people simply by being in your presence, breathing compassion, breathing the essence of love when they are in that hard situation. So when you talk about is this my purpose, is this where I need to be going in my life; let me ask you one question. When you are in that space and all of that is happening does it give you a feeing of joy?

(Joy, I can't say joy. It's a sense of service. HA! It's a sense of just being of service it's what is so. I can't explain it any more. It's not joy, but it's not the antithesis of joy. It's a sense of ..... I can't find a word for it.)

As we're looking at you and as we are thinking about this, what we were going for is that when we saw you in that space we saw you in a space a joy, a space of bliss; everything that you felt when you were on this journey in the center of your I AM presence is what we saw you feeling when you were doing that.

(You are right, when I'm in the space of my I AM presence I'm in a state of bliss.)

In saying that, then anything that brings you that space of bliss, that space of joy, that space of awareness is when you are on your divine path, if you want to call it that. It means you are doing exactly what you need to be doing in that moment. Now I never believe anyone can make a mistake. No matter what path you take you will go down that path for a while or a long time. It doesn't matter because it's all about the experience. So I just affirm for you to remember to be in a space of joy or a space of bliss. Then you are in the space of your divinity and anything you do at that time--- the goal is not to be of service to people or the world, or the universe. It is about being in the space of your bliss and however that manifests is what is in your best interest and become your life purpose. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does. Can you tell me the purpose of hearing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" when it was completed?)

You have already answered that. It was bringing lightheartedness to something that was a little heavy. Also Mary and the lamb represent Mary and Jesus; which is what you already said. It was a means of affirming that they were there.

(Thank you thank you thank you! It was bringing that light energy back into my space.)

Question: (paraphrased) I'd like to ask about this man that I am meeting tomorrow. Is he my man? I guess I just feel like I hope that he is. I need help with my life and I hope that you can help me.

Answer: We see you indeed meeting someone tomorrow and we like his energy and the light that is around him. We see there is a great deal of alignment between the two of you. There is a great deal of.... what's the word..... alignment I guess is the best word. We see this is a relationship that has a great deal of energy and potential. Is it going to be a long term relationship? Is there going to be someone else who comes along? That is unknown at this time because your attention is so focused upon this one individual. We take this moment to remind you that if it turns out he is not the one you want to spend time with, perhaps as you meet there are things that bother you; then be aware that you are that much closer than where you have been before.

There is never any relationship or any meeting that can occur that is not of benefit to you. Because whenever you meet someone you are saying to the universe that you are out there. ‘I am allowing myself to come out' ‘I am allowing myself to connect with another individual'. By doing that you are affirming this is what you choose to have in your life. We also want to say that in meeting someone it will affirm within you some things you don't want to have in another individual or it may be that you find out things that you had not thought about, that you actually would like to have in another individual. So it's all up in the air. We would like you to be light with this to not be so intense with energy and focus upon it. We would much rather see you enter this as something light and fun; a wonderful potential that has come your way. This is how we perceive it. We still feel an intensity within you. While we are here with you, take a moment and take a deep breath in. Breathe all the way down into your lungs and your heart center. All that anticipation, that excitement, that nervousness, all that intensity; connect to it within your heart and just release it. Breathe out and release all the intensity, release the expectation, release anything that you have been holding onto. Let it go.... there we go. Now, as we look at you we there is a much greater lightness about it and a greater potential that things will go more smoothly. Can you feel the shift within yourself?

(I'm just wondering why a couple nights ago in my writing and my meditation...... I thought I needed a focus and to say that it will be great. I guess that's not a good idea.)

Well there's nothing wrong with looking at a relationship and having an intention or putting forth an intention that this is a relationship that so far has many of the characteristics that make me feel good-that's all wonderful. When you are clear to universe of the attributes you are seeking; that is wonderful. What we're speaking of is rather than keeping it ‘out there' but internalize it and make it an intense and demanding outcome as apposed to a lighthearted potential, that's when it shifts from being light hearted. It then becomes a judgment; it's good, it's bad, it's right, it's wrong. Every meeting, every relationship has a number of different aspects to it. So what we would encourage you to do is remain in the lightness and detaching from that intense energy. This is keeping you in the space where you can manifest more potential in any relationship. Does that make more sense?

(Yes it does. I think what it is, is that I felt desperate. Time is ticking and I need help so I'm going to just get away from that desperation again.)

It's never beneficial to start a relationship from a sense of desperation. But beloved, once more go back into that core essence of your divinity. Whether you were conscious of it or not, you have created the link so you can go there. Let yourself be bathed in the love of your divinity. Let yourself be filled up with that divine aspect of who you are. Then you will no longer be seeking it from someone else. That would take away a sense of feeling desperate, lonely, or alone.


You are complete as you are.

Question: (paraphrased) I'm wondering if you can help me understand. When you spoke of staying connected or disconnected from the universal consciousness what would that mean or why one want to be disconnected?

Answer: Alright, the universal consciousness of the earth is made up of everything that has a thought process; from the lowest of animals to the highest of evolved individuals, guides, essence. All of that creates a grid work we shall call it because all of you are used to working with one. The vast majority of people and their vibration create the mean or the center aspect of the wide variety. What has gone into the creating of this is all the pain, the suffering, the wars, the torture-all those things that you have been seeking to release within your own life. So when you are aligned or connected to the collective consciousness you are also connected to all those energies that you were trying to release within your life. You can be upon the earth. You can walk your life upon the earth. You can be aware of the collective consciousness, you can be aware of the people around you without being directly linked so that your vibration is not drawn down or you are not drawing on those vibrations you've been letting go of. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes I think it does. What I'm hearing you say is that we have a better way of staying in the positive if we are not linked with the consciousness.)

Yes, that is the way that came across, but that is not the whole picture because there are still the other aspects. Even if you are to disconnect from it..... just a minute, we downloaded too much on Shelly. The main aspect or the main essence that I am seeking to convey with disconnecting from the grid is that you then become one centered or one connected aspect within your own divine essence or your own divine flame. By doing that, what you are doing is allowing more of your divinity to come down and be a part of your day as you are living upon the earth. Most people as they are seeking to ascend seek new balance within their life; whatever it is. Those who are on a spiritual path in this way are in essence seeking to have a greater amount of their divinity in their life. By disconnecting, you are releasing the things that might pull you down a bit. Instead of drawing the energy from that collective consciousness you shift and draw it from your own self. It strengthens you; it keeps you from being battered around so much. When you are really deeply connected to the collective consciousness; the up, the down, the forwards, the backwards it is more challenging to stay within your own balance. All of these are various fluctuations that have to do with people living their daily life. Disconnecting allows you to find the center within yourself and remain closer to your center without the wide mood swings. Does that make ense now?

(Thank you very much! Yes, that makes sense.)


Question (paraphrased): I went someplace during most of that meditation and when I came back, I don't really know what happened. I certainly feel a lot more tired than I did before I got on. I'm wondering if I've received a download or what happened.

Answer: Within this meditation, we worked with releasing the connection to the collective consciousness, as that question ahead of you was talking about. Once that was done, as people got into the All That Is, everyone assisted themselves with linking to the deeper aspect of their divinity. So within the flame of your divinity, you can find that sense of love, of compassion, of acceptance for everything you are within this life, everything that you have done within this life. That was the essence of the journey. With you, the reason you feel so tired right now, is that you actually came back into this space while you were not fully integrated. You were working to integrating certain aspects of yourself in an abstract way connected to where we were; but specific to you. We also have a sense that you have been in a process of integrating more of your divinity upon the earth. So as the group came back and grounded, it brought you with us to ground. You came back in the midst of this. So what I would recommend you do is take some time. You may go to bed early. You may take a nap. It may be whatever.... but recognize there is more integrating to be done and it will be occurring during the next few hours. You may also find this transformation will manifest in many different ways in terms of your perception of what is around you.

(Okay, thank you very much.)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) My question is how am I doing with this difficult period I am going through. I have been surrendering and surrendering. I thought I only needed to do it once but it seems I have to do it again and again.

Answer: When people speak of surrendering, releasing, or transforming an aspect of themselves, you do indeed only need to do it only one time, that is correct. But then what we have added to the mix of all this is your mental body; which is also your analytical aspect, which is also a big part of your ego, which is also what makes you human! While in your divine essence, you release it once, it's gone. But your human self doesn't believe it, doesn't go along with it, that's the one that needs to the repetitive: do it again, do it again, do it again. So rather than feeling frustrated that you have to do it again, begin to look on this with something like laughter. Therefore if something comes up again, rather than being frustrated and saying ‘oh my gosh I have to do this again'??? Then just laugh out loud and say okay, now I realize where this is coming from. This is my mental body. Indeed you can go inside and work directly with your mental body so that it becomes comfortable with this new energy, this new sense of who you are. Is that making sense to you?


In addition, what we want to say to you is.... I'm sorry it went totally out of Shelly's mind. We shorted Shelly out a little bit, she is getting tired. There was something else we were going to say but it flew out of Shelly's head. Let us bring this to a close. There was something else, but you will feel it as a download.

(That's okay!)

Okay, that's what it was; we want you to be gentle with yourself. We want you to be loving and compassionate with yourself. When it comes to that release and surrender, we see you as if you are standing out there with your arms outspread saying "I release, I release, I release". You do this in such a deep committed way. So everything you have been doing has been having an affect. The ego, the mental body, only knows what it knows. Anything that is new or different or creative or expanded is coming in through your spiritual aspect or your imagination or your creative aspect of who you are. Therefore when you are working with your mental body by being gentle, loving, compassionate; you can also shift it through saying ‘blend with my spirituality, blend with imagination, feel and see what this is like, there is nothing to fear, you don't have to hold on so tightly to me and the way I've been, you can relax, you can let this go, you can open this up'. This is a self talk way to work with your mental body so that your surrendering is accepted by your human self. Does that make sense to you?

(Okay, yes it does! Do you have a time frame for when this initiation ill be over?)

It's very hard to say. It feels like the majority is over. It depends on how much or how little you choose to work with your mental body. We don't want this to be a burden to you. We want you do to with compassion and gentleness. In the one sense we see it as being over in a matter of a couple days or so; or it could be a couple weeks.

(Well it's been almost 2 years, so that is wonderful news.)

We don't have a perception of 2 years. We think you have been coming out of this for a very long time and this is just the final step.

Question: (paraphrased) I feel Goddess as if I am ready for a relationship now and I'm wondering if you see one around me?

Answer: As I'm linking with you and opening to perceive relationships whatever might be there for you, we have a sense of you coming out of hibernation. With this breath of spring, this breath of fresh air we have a sense you are attracting men in a different way. It feels like people, both men and women, are noticing you differently. Therefore as you seek to have a relationship, be open and aware that there are a number of individuals who have taken notice of you or will be in the future. We see you not dating just one person in particular but dating a number of different people. Through each of these, it will give you a new opportunity to test the waters. From that you will know what feels good and what doesn't feel good so you know what you don't want to move forward with. There is a whole new essence to your energy, your attitude and your perceptions. We see that that is going to manifest in just delightful ways. Alright? (Thank you!)

With that I will bring this evening to a close. I remind each one of you that you are just so deeply connected within your divinity; it is always there for you! When you are within your divinity, there is only love, there is only compassion, there is only the essence of acceptance. Let that be a part of your daily life: love, compassion, acceptance. Let it wash through you and over you. Feel what it is in this moment and in every step as you move forward.

You are each so brilliant! You are each so filled with light! I am ever with you and within.




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