Create An Expanded Reality

I felt so many things during this channel.  Again the Goddess is speaking to us about our perceptions in our lives and how it can have such an affect.  Whether you are in a rut or not, you see your life in a particular way.  You may see all as moving exactly as you’d like. You may see again and again the problems that come up for you.  Your perception is a large part of how your life is experienced; whatever you focus upon is what your reality becomes.

Again and again the Goddess has spoken about assisting people with creating change in their lives.   There are so many who seek to change, will make a change – then after a time go back to where they were.  I think it’s so important to realize you have support from many different places that will help you if you are open to receive.

During this channel while in the All That Is, the Goddess creates a space where you can see yourself as if you are outside looking in.   While doing so, you have an opportunity for a new perspective.  IF you do find things hard to release; the Goddess & I use a laser crystal to release deeply within you. 

Once things are released – you begin with a new reality.  You can create change in your life. You can anchor it within your physical through your DNA.    You also can check in with an aspect of yourself that’s living a parallel life so that you can see what those options look like. 

You can be more loving with you about your life and your choices.  This channel assists with all of this! 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out and embrace each one of you for choosing to come and spend this time with me this evening.

I wish to take a moment at the very beginning here to say just how special these times of communication and these times of connection are not only to I the Goddess but to many, many other people that are out within the universe they too come and participate in these teleconferences. You who listen to them on the earth plane whether you are consciously here during the time of the actual channel or listen at a later time, you are also coming in and aligning with and linking into this space and this vibration.

It is something that is very expansive. It is something that is creating change upon the earth on many, many different levels.

Your earth plane consists of matter, you’ve got the earth itself; you’ve got the gases made up from the volcanoes and the natural gases that are a part of the earth. You’ve got the animal kingdom, from the most tiny to the most immense;  you’ve got humanity, you’ve got consciousness and then within that you’ve got the unconscious and you’ve got the conscious. These are but some large divisions, so to speak, of what creates the earth. It is so much more than even these somewhat simplified identifications.

I invite each one of you as you are living your life to take a moment, be it daily, weekly, monthly, at some point take a moment to just kind of tap into all that is around you. Tap into the animal kingdom, tap into the earth, tap into other parts of humanity, tap into your consciousness. Because when you do so, you are giving yourself the ability to create a deeper alignment, not only within you or between you and all that is there upon the earth.

I know that there are times when people feel isolated and separate. They feel as if they are a part of something that is very different but yet has no alignment. You are a part of something immense. The vast majority of you have chosen to come into this experience even prior to your incarnation upon the earth.

You have direct access to many, many of your lifetimes, so that they can be of support to you. You have the ability to choose. You have the ability to exist. You have the ability to flourish and prosper. Take a deep breath in and let all of that just flow in and around you here within your physical reality.

I invite you to take a moment to gather the energies around you and send a beam of light down into the earth. As it moves into the earth let it move out in every direction so as to anchor you. When you have done so allow your focus and your energy to move up through all of you, let it move out through the top of your head, allowing you to link with your higher self.

As you arrive within this space, look around. Is it time for you to sweep away those projects that just never came to fruition?  Is it time for you to manifest something new? Clear out all that is here ~ Whew ~ so that you may look around your higher self, knowing that it is here for you.

Allow yourself to let your consciousness stream even further. It moves even further up into your divinity. As you look around within your divinity allow your consciousness to merge fully with who you are. It’s as if you are enveloped with unconditional love, it’s as if your energy and your consciousness expands to an even bigger space than that of which you are aware.

Become nurtured by your divinity. Feel your energies become replenished with your divine light and love.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you the person you are in your lifetime, you as your divinity and we merge allowing my energies to amplify and reflect back to you more specifically who you are, because you are the amazing person upon the earth but you are so much more.

Feel what that is. Feel who you are.

As we move into the All That Is take a moment to look around. I always find it interesting to take in the awareness that comes to me each time we are in one of these conferences.

As you look around you will find that which is most important to you is being reflected around you. I see some diversity as a result of that.

What I seek to do in this channel is to give each one of you an opportunity to really know who you are.

You have the perception of you as the person who’s very busy in your life. You have all your activities. You have your relationships. You have that which you do on a day-to-day basis. This is the part that so often people will get caught up within, thereby stepping into a perception of limitation.

Upon your earth for the last several weeks several of the planets have been in what you call retrograde. They are beginning to come forward now, some of them already have.

The reason I bring this up is that not only is it this experience, but there are other things that may come up in your life that gives you the opportunity to look within. You may not want to; it may feel overwhelming to you. You may feel as if it’s just one more burden upon you.

Another thing that is frequently coming to my awareness, is that when people find themselves in a rut where one thing happens and then another thing happens and yet another thing happens, and yet another. It’s a cumulative effect in which you wonder; what am I doing wrong? Why aren’t things different? I think that is the key whether you have a large burden or a long stream of things or it’s just one item that returns again and again and again and again.

That feeling of what I am doing wrong? Why isn’t this working? Why hasn’t it manifest? If it’s deep enough it can create almost a boulder that you find yourself buried under. Take a moment and allow yourself to just move into a place that lets you come to the side of that rot that you have been within or if you feel better to do it this way, have a sense of disconnecting yourself so that you’re standing by the side of you and looking at you and your life.

If you were an observer of your life, what is the first thing that would come to mind?

I love to ask questions like that because there’s such a wide variety of the answers. I heard from you, “my life is a train wreck; my life is one struggle after another; why have I not ever been able to succeed?” and even more.

On the other hand I heard, “I am beautiful; look at how much is available to me; look at what’s happening in my life, I’m not where I want to be but I have a lot of things that have really worked well”. So it’s always that teeter-totter effect, that which represents the frustration and those things that may spin around constantly in that self-talk that keeps you from being able to really be in a place of joy, laughter and love. And then even if you are in that space where you can see that you’ve done so much and you can see that you have opportunities and yet you are not there.

Your attitude is everything and I speak that with loving intention. If your attitude is such that “life is hard, I never get what I want”, those things that hold you down or cause you to feel less than, it makes it extremely hard to see anything bright or cheerful in your life. When you have the astrological changes taking place that stir up all of that energy, it seems to amplify whatever’s going on in your life. So if your focus is the lack, you see even more lack. If you focus is potential you can see more potential.

Have you ever wonder if maybe there’s just something inside of you that always finds the negative or always finds the lack? I hear from many of you that yes, there is. Therefore let’s take a moment; let’s take a moment in which we work with the energies of whatever that may be within you. I invite you to, as you are observing yourself, look and see at that energy or that essence and as you do so allow this crystalline vibration, this crystalline energy to move into wherever that may be.

Swirl it around and then as if you’re pulling it off ~ whew ~ Let it go.

Take that moment again and as you observe yourself have the intention to see, sense, feel yourself very clearly and if there’s anything at all, be it conscious, unconscious built into you or a result of your life, anything that’s holding you back; allow this laser crystal to just send that energy out to you and let it swirl down to wherever it may be. Be in your thoughts, in your energy bodies somewhere, we link with whatever that is, we create a shift and then as we begin we just pull that out ~ whew ~ and we let that go.

For many of you I can see a clearing that has taken place. There are others of you that even while you let that go you are immediately creating something to replace it.

Ask yourself, why?

There is something in that energy that suits you in your life, whatever that may be, or you would not bring it back. It may suit you because you need more time to look at your life, look at your body or look at the world from that perspective. For others, it’s an awareness that gives you a sense of perspective. Yes, I see that as a way of looking at the world or looking at myself, but yet, this is where my focus is going to be.

Be open. Be aware and even if it’s something that you keep calling back to you then love and nurture yourself.

With that being the case, as you look at yourself from that detached position really pay attention to your divinity. You may see yourself as the person that you are but then it may be that you see the silhouette of the human in a bigger perspective, it may be that you see just a colorful light around you. It may be that you see flashes of various lifetimes or something completely different than what I just described.

Open up to the awareness of who you are. Open up to feel the realization that you do have opportunities. Open up to acknowledge that the more there is the more there is.

Look at this potential to be someone different in your life. Look at this potential to accept not only that you have had these struggles but also that you can make a change in your life.

For some of you it’s as if you are being re-born again into this now moment and this awareness for who you are.

I invite your consciousness to merge back within that essence or that hologram of yourself that you are observing so that you may now feel what it is to be born again. To be born perhaps with a completely new perspective of your life. To be born again looking at the world as something filled with light and opportunity. To be revitalized so that you may receive the energy of your divinity.

Even if you still have all that frustration in your life, look at it with detachment. Look at it through the eyes of compassion. Let yourself feel and know that there are potentials.

Alright, I can hear some of you asking for a way to integrate this more fully into your life. I invite you from this perspective, to allow your consciousness to flow down so that you, within this space of your divinity, can recognize “I am this human and I am choosing to open up so that more and more of my divinity flows through me”; in order to support that we are going to go down all the way into your cellular structure.

We can link with all of the cells in your body, but as you are aware, we link also with that signature cell and as you do so you can feel how it is aligning with a vibration that is shifting your DNA into a bigger, expansive state.

Within this expansion of your DNA tap into a greater flow of consciousness that you know you are supported in your life.

Within this expanded DNA tap into that part of your higher self that can show you here is an opportunity, here’s another one. Reach out to talk to this individual and through these different steps you begin to feel and know you are.

Feel how it creates a new vibration and a new alignment within you. If you are seeking a vibration that gives you more vitality send that intention through your bloodstream as it is circulating through your body and that expansive alignment that is filled with that energy let that flow to consciousness. If you have an illness you would like to release then go to that place within your physical body, wherever it may be, find your alignment, release it and replace it with that expanded cellular energy that’s then going to multiply with a new reality.

It’s limitless what you can do with this. If you’ve been in a place of lack and struggled financially then go into that belief system and that reality so that you may change it and release it.

There is a cellular alignment with huge abundance. Look at the universe. Look at how big it is out here. There is nothing but abundance. It is here for you to feel, for you to tap into and for you to experience.

Take a moment to whatever it is that is on your mind. Let your consciousness go to wherever that may be. Release it and then allow the expanded cellular energy that more fully supports you to move within that space.

You have a choice.

Allow for choices that fully support you and anchor you and excite you to be the ones that flow through you with greater ease.

Okay. Many of you have what you might term parallel lives. We’ve spoken before of how here is your divinity, you have these many lifetimes of experiences that have created your divinity. There are those lifetimes in which you are incarnated right now, at the same time as you are in this conscious awareness. Sometimes what you are doing is living the same or similar lifetime in a different vibration.

From here within the All That Is and here within your deep alignment to your divinity ask, are there experiences that you now have within your divinity that will show you or allow you to experience your life from that higher dimension or an alternative dimension.

As you look around, you may see here’s where it is that you succeeded. Let a stream of energy go into that moment and bring it down into you in this lifetime.

You may see, here’s another or you’ll keep going around and around and around and as I said you do something as long as you need to do it. Perhaps you can learn from that perspective and say, “Oh, wait, time out, I’m done, I’m ready to move forward, I’m ready to consider a life that I’m going to create that supports me and I can stream my consciousness into this other alternative and say, what am I doing over there? Where are these opportunities that I don’t seem to notice? And perhaps those answers will come to you.

You also have the ability to say, “I want to remove any blinders that I may have. I want to see, sense, know, what’s right in front of me; what is here for me. This is my life; I want to live it to the highest potential. I want to see those opportunities that are around me and when I see them rather than sitting back thinking about it, wondering, should I, should I not do it? Jump in, jump in, give it a go. You may decide once you started down that pathway, “not really what I want” and that’s okay. You made that jump, you made that movement. You stepped into the flow of potential.

It is part of the human experience that your strong mind and mental body will reason you out of taking chances. It will give you many excuses why not to follow what’s in your heart. So, look around, listen to your heart, do what seems crazy and ridiculous, experience the joy of life. It is your potential. Yes, every single one of you, it is your potential to have a joyful, expansive, prosperous, content life.

I can feel everyone stepping into that potential. I feel so much coming to you in this now moment.

As you allow for that awareness to fill you up; begin to stream it down so that it may go back down into you the human in your physical reality. There may be that sense of you as the expansive whole that is supporting you.

I know we usually use the hologram of the earth but this time I want you to recognize how your divinity is right here and how it is streaming down as it flows straight down that pathway into you in your physical reality. ~ Whew ~

If you need to expand your energy field do so because with the vibration of the All That Is you are way more expanded than the person in your physical reality. Allow for all of that to stream down within you.

As it does so, let yourself feel how you anchor. You send that energy into the earth, just as you did at the very beginning but this time you have that intention to allow it to go as deep as it may; to allow it to go wherever it is needed and all the other energy from the All That Is that was participated with flows also with each one of you and between each one of you, moving down into the earth.

You can feel it. It is sinking into the earth. That intention that people take that leap when opportunity arrives, that people expand their cellular energy as a support mechanism so that they can make changes if they so choose in their life so that they can see what’s around them. We send that into the earth and we send it into all the levels of consciousness.

There is a ball of light and energy that rolls through. It rolls through the collective consciousness clearing it out, clearing out the limitation, the fear that narrowness, clearing out the old stagnant energy and even more of that consciousness flows within. Feel who you are.

Look at your earth, with new eyes. Recognize how you have expanded the energy around you. Recognize that when you look around at your life you are choosing a new pathway and everything in your current pathway that you love, enjoy and appreciate, you take that with you. But this new pathway is about an open flow, it’s about expanding your energy through your cellular network.

It’s a physical support that allows you to create change in your thoughts, your emotions, your physical reality and your alignment to the divine. Be in the flow.

Trust that you have the knowledge and awareness. Trust that if you have to do it day after day after day you can release those old patterns. Trust that when things come into your life you can and will jump into it full force.

I believe it. I see you doing just that. Not only that, I can see how the clarity has been created through all that you’ve done this evening. Receive that for yourself. Receive your opportunities.

Beloved family as you are moving day by day, week by week, month by month, I invite you to recognize that whether you listen to this or you’re just living your life, you can shift your cellular energy. You can shift your vibration. You can step into new and different potentials and opportunities; be it perfect health and wellness, be it financial abundance, be it a wonderful place in which to live, be it the right and perfect job that just stimulates you every day.

No matter what it may be, I flow the energy into and around you that you find and you have all that you seek to have.

Know that I am always with you.




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