Creating from the All That Is

Nama Sika; Venia Benya              I AM the one; I AM the whole.

I greet you my beloved family of the light, as always I thank you for asking me in to spend this time with you.  As we move through this time of creation, this time of breathing in the moment, this time of expansion that occurs with each one of you. As each of you are moving into this space of expansion, so to am I moving into this space of expansion. For there is the divine essence of the All That Is that is within each one of you. This is the divine feminine, the divine masculine, and then you are the essence of the All That Is.

 As you were discussing just prior to the channel, there have been many, many different changes that have occurred upon the earth plane.  If you look back, for some of you it may be a matter of looking back of the last several weeks for others it may be the last several months or even the last several years. But for all of you this has been a time of immense transformation. When you look at it from the perspective of soul as we will when we get up to the higher dimensions, you will come to realize the phenomenal changes that have taken place upon the earth. So too as you connect and understand that perspective, it is quite obvious the reason why you have the physical symptoms you are having.

Never before, have the people who are incarnated upon the earth plane been able to take in this level of energy and light and still continue to live and function upon the earth. As you look back over the linear timeline, during the time of Buddha or Jesus, perhaps during the time in which Atlantis or Lemuria were open and ripe upon the earth there was an increase in vibration during those times. Even so, it was not at all compared to what is happening today. So this is something which is completely new and different. It has taken the form in each one of you to manifest it in one way or another. The multitude of humans upon the earth plane that feel the physical symptoms, they can be anywhere from minor to severe, you may have a sense of having resolved an issue only to have it come back up again and there it is in your face again so to speak. Allow this to happen for realize that at this point for the majority of you especially those who are listening into this conference, there are more and more issues which are of the nature of the world and less that are issues of your personal life. So when it seems as if you have move through something upon the earth plane and let it go yet it seems to come back to you, it is not that is coming back for you to evolve and work through it once again, it is that there is an essence of this energy that represents others of humanity. Because this is something that you have resonated with in the past, it has been drawn to you at this time. So simply acknowledge that you are feeling the symptoms and bring in the light as we did with the breathing. By breathing in light, and breathing in expansion and filling your body with this essence, what you are doing is beginning to shift more and more within the cellular level. You will have less and less of these physical symptoms that we have been talking about. Go forth from here and acknowledge that you may continue to have physical symptoms, but see yourself and feel yourself, as the perfection of who you are. Allow that it may be a period of time before your body follows that which is put forth through your intention. So too when it comes to the mental and emotional changes that the people have been having, on the earth plane.  If you find yourself in a space in which you are unable to communicate at thoughts that are within your head or you are not able to understand what the people around you are saying to you there have been some of you who have looked at people and seen their mouths moving but you do not understand a word. This is not at all uncommon, it's as if there are many different aspects of the physical body which are being rewired and reworked at this time. Therefore, allow yourself to have the experience, of moving into this new energy and again, breathing is the essential way to move through this and move into that new space in which you will be able to understand much more clearly all that is occurring within you.

With that we will move our consciousness into the magnetic grid, as it surrounds the earth plane. By doing this you allow your consciousness to expand out. There may be a certain place within this grid that you connect up to it and you see going out from you the various pathways and impulses that represent thought forms of different people and of yourself. What you can see is you look into this, is that these pathways are interwoven with each other. There become more and more of these pathways each time that you connect with this energy. As you move completely into this space you may find that there is a greater amount of your I AM presence, which is residing here. When you connect up with this part of you, you can feel the expansion within yourself. You also are able to feel the pull of the magnetics. from being in the space.

Have a sense of allowing your consciousness to expand out even further that you may see the ways in which the crystalline grid is interconnected with the magnetic grid. As you feel your consciousness naturally moving into that space of the crystals, again, you oftentimes will find yourself drawn to a certain crystal. What I ask you to do at this time is bring to mind that which has been of concern to you the most upon the earth plane. Whether this is the physical symptoms that you are having, disorientation, difficulty with the understanding, or what ever it may be. Bring that into your consciousness and have a sense of opening up and flowing and moving until you find the crystal with which you best resonate. This will be a crystal that may possibly help to ground you, bring better clarity to your thought process, or bring healing to the physical aspects of your body.

Take note, if you do not know the actual name for this crystal ask for it, and you will know. How large is this crystal? Is there a color associated with it? As you look at the crystal you may see the depth within it.  Then as you blend with the crystal you feel that depth of expansion within yourself. You allow for this expansion. We are going to take time at this moment and when we return to really infuse your consciousness and all aspects of your physical body with the attributes of this crystal. As you are blending with it more fully there may be a tone or a resonance that you hear. You find that your perceptions are much more sharpened in this place. You may have a sense of taste, or an odor, or a specific aroma that may resonate with you.

From here call forth a column of light. You see or sense this column of light as it comes down and surrounds you. There may be an iridescent sparkle to it, it may have a color, or it may appear clear to you although you know it is a column. Taking in the essence of this crystal with you, move into this column. Have a sense of moving into higher dimensions, as you move through this column of light. You need not do anything, your consciousness simply shifts and moves into this new space. As you get it to the end of this column of light you have a sense of freedom, as you emerge into a space in which there are no limits!

As you have a sense of looking around you realize that the greater amounts of your I AM presence or your soul presence is here waiting for you. Blend with it at this time. Allow yourself to feel and resonate with the completeness of who you are in every aspect of your soul. If you feel a need to do so release boundaries even further. Have a sense of pushing out and letting go so that there are no boundaries of any sort around you.  This is you in all your pure essence.

Have a sense of a doorway which is opening up for you. As you allow your consciousness to shift into the space of this doorway, you may immediately step through, or you may have a sense of pausing on the threshold. Allow yourself to move forward, and as you do, you find yourself in the space of All That Is. This has become very familiar to you. Each step that we take a long this pathway, becomes easier and easier to recognize at a deeper level.

 In this space, feel the essence of the divine Goddess, the divine feminine. Allow me to move through and around your energies. As I do so, become aware of everything within your consciousness that is the divine feminine. You may have a sense of the different experiences upon the earth plane which are being affected by this aspect. Allow this core essence of the divine feminine to infuse those parts of your human experience that it may cleanse and allow you to move to an even higher level with ease and gentleness.

We call forth the divine masculine. This energy moves and swirls through and around you just as I did. You allow your consciousness to shift and move into a space in which you are very conscious of the aspects or attributes of your human experience which are a direct connection to the divine masculine. Allow yourself to feel the perfection of who you are! Allow yourself to know that you are in balance. You need not change anything. As you continue to feel the balance and the perfection of both these energies, allow yourself to open up to and accept the All That is, which is you!

Ansaluia     I AM the All That Is

As you hear that word moving to your consciousness and as you repeat that word you are acknowledging that you are the All That Is. Just as I am, just as the divine masculine is. As you look around and recognized that everything around you and within you is in the perfection of who they are in that moment in time. You feel the joy and the love that is the natural radiance of All That Is.  Allow this fullness to continue to infuse every aspect of yourself. You are in that core essence of creation.  Allow yourself to put forth a question from a soul perspective, where was your first creation? In which way did you create yourself? Ask to see and know exactly what this is. Each one of you may have a different sense of where you came from or in which way you created yourself. But know and understand that you are the ones who created yourself! You did create yourself as a reflection of the divine God and Divine Goddess. We now trust and understand that this is no longer a reflection.  You are the divine; you are the All That Is. For each one of you as you consider from where you came you realize that your experience, was my experience. Each one a unique and different experience of joy and creation. From this space you are aware of the ways in which you can create on an infinite level. From here you can create a planet, a galaxy, or a universe. Or you can choose, to look at your life upon the earth plane and create within that experience, the perfection of that life. For some the perfection may be a mind set, for others it may be a shifting of experiences, it can take on many different expressions.

If you have something you wish to create do so at this time. As you are creating, you begin to realize the ways in which your consciousness will shift and expand. There is a sense of joy that ripples through you. The excitement of being able to create, whether from something new and different or something you already know. You can create in whichever way you so desire. You may sense that there are other energies of light around you. Perhaps these energies of light are assisting you in your creation, or perhaps, they are there is a reflection of who you are. From your perception of them you are able to make adjustments or enhance or simply enjoy their presence. Continue to add to this creation. As you do so, become more aware of colors and sound.

As you look forth over the next days and weeks to come, you realize that you can create the essence of what this experience will be. Does this have an impact on your creation? Allow everything to be infused with light. <pause> You come to a sense of completion. You know and understand that even what you are creating today is but the basis of what you will create tomorrow. Even when you create something completely new and different you have the experience that you have gone through. It is a part of what makes you who you are. From this perspective you have the experience a multitude of life times and experiences. Some as a human, some as an angel, and some as a non physical energy of light. It is all but a part of your I AM expression. If you so choose, create a symbol that represents this experience. Allow this symbol to be absorbed into your consciousness. You have a sense of expanding out to include every aspect of your energy form.

With this knowledge you take with you allow your consciousness to move back through that doorway. You realize as you step through the door, that you have a sense of the different dimensions in which you move between. You need not label one dimension as different from another; they are but a shift in energy or a shift in consciousness. Therefore as you create or are in a place of creation, allow yourself to expand your consciousness into that which is the highest level you are able to connect with. You create in this space. We now are bringing that creation back. We will continue to bring it back and infuse it throughout the earth plane that it will be there for you to have access to upon the physical plane during your daily life.

I ask for you to gather and form a loose circle so to speak. Around you or perhaps infused in and amongst you, Archangels and Beings of light that you have been working with. You know the names for many of these energies. You acknowledge that they are there in support of you and the journey that you are on.

We create in the midst of this circle of the energy of light and holograph of the earth. We have done this in other experiences, but today I'm going to allow you to be able to experience more fully the shifts in energies that you may understand them. This holograph of the earth is somewhat large that you may have an easy understanding of what is happening. We ask that this holograph represent the earth in terms of how it was when Lemuria was upon the earth. When the energies of Lemuria infused the earth.  You may see yourself as walking there, or you may see sense of the shifts of energy that occurred at that time. What did the earth plane look like, the surface of the earth?  As this holograph is rotating slightly in front of you, open yourself to absorb a sense of understanding of what the earth plane was at that time. This is the time in which many of you chose to come to the earth plane. Many of you arrived as what they called the extra terrestrials and yet there were many already upon the earth. From here we move forward and you may see yourself or some of these consciousness as they seeded at the earth and shifted or moved some of the various aspects of the earth as the energies of Lemuria began to evolve into something different.

We call forth the time of Atlantis. With this have a sense of the expansion or the shifts or the changes that occurred in the earth at that time. There is a greater denseness to the energy that is upon the earth. And yet at a mental and emotional level, there was still a great deal of lightness that evolved. Many of you resonate deeply with the experience of Atlantis. Allow yourself to receive any information that is important for you to know. As Atlantis began to fall or evolve follow to where your consciousness moved to next.

Allow yourself to become aware of that time upon that earth plane and that area of the earth plane known as Egypt. There was great transformation that was taking place here, but for the first time you feel the very dense heaviness that has infuse the earth. You may see this as separate from yourself or you may see yourself in this experience.

We now move forward into the time of Christ. You understand completely what you as humans chose to bring in the Christ light. Allow yourself to feel the shift in energy that occurred at that time. Observe what the experience of the Christ energy was for you.

Continue forward into the time that was considered the dark ages. Again there was that denseness upon the earth with many aspects of it that was this underlying light of energy which continued to infuse and move throughout the earth plane.

Now I ask you to move into the time and see yourself at 10 or 15 years ago. Feel the energy of the earth and the energy of your on physical body. For as you are moving into these new stages and light you find it is very easy to forget, to forget the time in which you felt more dense.

Now through the holograph of the earth allow yourself to see and sense it as it is today in this moment in time. You see the immense of the light that has infused upon the earth. This is been a process that has been evolving for a very long, long time, but mostly within the last several years have you been in the space of being able to bring in greater and greater amounts of these higher vibrations of that which we call light. You recognize now, that as this is infusing within the earth plane, it is bringing greater balance. Balance of the divine feminine with the divine masculine. You are in the state of knowing your truth, you are in a state of know and understanding, exactly who you are from your soul perspective your physical, mental, and your emotional. All of this is blend together, that is who is represented by the form who walks upon the earth.

So again, allow yourself to be in that state of complete expansion. Let loose any residual denseness that you may be holding through experiencing what was upon the earth, until you are in that place of your highest vibration. I ask you to send forth into this holograph of the earth all that is your pure essence or the essence of who you are. You can see and understand exactly what an impact this has upon the earth plane. Allow Gaia to come forth that you may blend with her more specifically. She will assist you in grounding these energies. She will assist you in being able to access them as you move through your days.

As you have blended these energies with the holograph of the earth, so too have you blended with each other. You realize an interconnection that you have with one another. As you feel ready to do so, allow yourself to take a step back from this holograph of the earth. Feel the excitement and the joy that bubbles up within you as you observe the radiance that is put forth from the experience of blending with all of you. With that this hologram of the earth dissolves or absorbs back within the consciousness of each of you. Take this time, to reconnect with who you are, with all aspects of your I AM presence. Take a moment to understand and realize how these many different lifetimes upon the earth plane have so affected or have so created the person who is you. You realize that while this was presented in a linear fashion is nonlinear. As you open to absorb them all at the same time you realize the ways in which each one affects the other at that same moment in time. Allow yourself to be in this moment of play. Allow yourself to accept the full magnitude and gloriousness of who you are. Allow yourself to bring this back with you as you move back towards the earth plane. You may have a sense of that column of light opening up again. Or you may have a sense of finding yourself back within the crystalline grid. However you arrive there, become aware of the crystal with which you now find yourself associated. Is this the same one with which you connect earlier? Or is it perhaps a different one at this time that reflects the ways in which you have healed and evolved to your experience tonight.

You may have a sense of leaving behind some of your I AM presence. You know the ways in which you can reconnect with it, but to bring with you all that it is possible to bring forth. As you feel ready for it move forward into the magnetic grid from the crystalline grid. As you move into the magnetic grid, you begin to feel the pull of gravity. You begin to feel the various parts of your physical body. You become more aware of your hands, your feet, you become aware of the chair or the bed on which were laying or sitting upon. You become aware of the sounds that are around you. You also become aware of the ways in which the magnetic grid appears to have a different vibration at this time then when you first connected with it. This is because within the magnetic grid there are different levels the level at which you are vibrating is the one with which you connect. So each time it may be different or you may simply sense the difference when you come from an earth perspective or you come from the expansion perspective. All of this energy and light is being in fused upon the earth plane, in fused back within your physical body as you are bringing it with you at this time.

Allow yourself to take some deep breaths feel yourself becoming grounded. When you get to that space where you are able to I ask that you acknowledge that you have returned or if you have questions for me, you may ask them at this time.  <each person who participated in the channel acknowledged they were back> Are there any questions of anyone at this time?

Question:  I am facing bankruptcy, among other changes currently taking place in my
life. I am confused a bit on how to respond? Do I create a specific
response and command a specific solution to my problems or do I command and
allow the perfect circumstances to be drawn to me while I am in the present
and not limit myself to what I might not understand to be the best

Answer: This is a very good question and I understand completely what you are saying and asking. Allow me to begin to speak and then if you wish for more clarity, we will go from there. As you are asking what is the difference between creation and intention, knowing the immense possibilities and potentials that are before you how does that affect what you are creating, and how does that affect being in the moment in time. Allow me to begin this by saying as we were upon the journey and creating from that space in which you are your core essence, that space in which you are in complete balance of the All That Is, you realize that you can create with the thought pattern. You can create as if you are building of a sculpture or painting a picture. There are many, many different ways in which each individual can create in their lifetime. So, as you are moving from this space, and going forward, what you will find that it is very important as you are working with these energies, well actually, there are several things we wish to bring up. First off, there is a shift and a change in timing that has occurred the more that we are bringing these energies to the earth plane. Meaning that there is a sense of acceleration at the way in which you move through time do to these shifts and changes in energy.  When you are creating upon the earth plane, and you put forth an intention you may find yourself arriving at it much more quickly than you had thought to do so. At the same token, you may realize that as you move through the process of living, that this is not which what after all, so as you put forth, or as you are looking at today's upon the earth plane, when you give yourself a lesser amount of structure what you are allowing that the best of the infinite potentials will be what presents itself to you. There is some confusion in that as humans upon the earth you were always taught and you always believed that you had to develop a plan for your life.  To follow step A, then step B, then step C.  What you are finding as you move into this new space is that quite often you move directly from step A to step D.  It doesn't matter what the in between steps were because it is all simply an existence. It is all in the experience of that moment. So as you release these expectations or as you release any structure around it, you will find that what will come to you is an experience as a part of your intention for today, is that which you need to experience today. As you move into tomorrow or the next day this may all shift and change, but it is allowing you to have a perception from wherever you are in that moment in time. Does your intention for the long run change? Maybe it does it may be it does not. It is a matter of your perception and it is a matter of your reaction to your perception. Your reaction as a human to the perception that you received from a soul level. Does that answer your question you have more?

<he was clarifying what was said, but essentially it was answered>  yes this is true. What so many of the humans are struggling with as they move into this new energy and they move into their own personal understanding of what this is, is that it's hard to release the guidelines of expectancy. It is hard to release as you are in that space of the All That Is you realize the immense abundance and perfection. As you come down to the earth plane, you have a sense of trying to write your bills without the money in the account, or trying to create a business without having the backing that you need for it, there are so many things that are a part of the mundane human experience, and I do not say that as a way of belittling anything, but simply as a way of shifting the consciousness from the big picture to the small picture. This is where the humans become more focused on what is the step-by-step by step. I ask you to allow yourself to breathe in. Allow yourself to be open for more potentials than what is available to you in the consciousness of that moment.

Question:  Does Goddess have any insights or assistance for me?

Answer:  Beloved, as you went to your experience today you had several different realizations that came to you. If you are unable to remember them at this time what you are going to be finding is that often times in your sleep state especially tonight or in the next few days, is that the steps that you are going to take upon the earth plane within your life in terms of looking for employment, looking for ways in which to connect with the people who are around you are going to manifest themselves in the forms of people coming and calling you and talking to you, in addition to you taking the steps out and moving forth in the neighborhood of which you are. But I am always with you,  I am within you.

Question:  The pain in my right knee has been increasing for the last 4 or 5 years. Can you tell me what the cause is? Can you heal it?

Answer:   The injury we sense that was within your right knee was an injury that occurred to you a number of years ago, to the tune of perhaps 20 or 25 years ago. It was a long time ago and you have perhaps forgotten the exact incident. There was a physical injury which caused a change or separation in the tendon and the ligaments of the knee. The reason that it has not resolved completely, or it has not allowed you to move forward and let it go, is has become an emotional attachment. When people have physical illnesses, oftentimes are due to a physical injury. But the visit the physical injuries can heal and resolve and let go, but oftentimes they are also emotional or mental issues that you may have that are moving through your life at that same time.  When there is an injury to a part of your body, it may then connect itself to that part of your body. So in your case, there is also a sense of letting go of some hurt that was involved around a relationship we’re sensing and with a male energy. We would like to talk with you more about this of another time if you so desire but there is a sense of not letting go of an old hurt a non resolution from that time in your life. While it feels as if it's getting more pronounced you if this time, it is because as you are moving forward and you are letting go of these old attachment. This is why this is why you feel the symptoms you have let go to a certain degree but not completely. So you may work on this and the form of your own personal meditations and healing or you may talk with me about it at another time. Does that answer your question?

Question:  The USA recently experienced an electrical failure. What was the cause? What is the lesson for us?

Answer:      In a sense the light went out so to speak, in an energetic way many of you felt a shift or a change in the energy field that occurs with that. There are going to be a number of different ways in which large scale changes occur on the earth. It was in the physical sense a lack of upgrading and changing of those things which are conducting and bringing forth and pulling in the energy, so yes to a degree it was simply a matter of the maintenance. But when things occur to that degree, or that level, it does cause a shift in the energy around it. Again, there is most often a sense of the humans as they pull together or move together, with that sense of consciousness of connection. So even if it is only for a short period of time, there is a sense of people noticing who is around them on the street? Who is around them as they move to get home at the end of the day? Or what ever there experience is at that time, it allows humans to reconnect with other humans. It brings forth a consciousness of supporting and helping one another. This is a way of moving into and shifting various pockets of energy that may occur around the world.

And so with that we will allow that each of you is very aware of who you are and ways in which you are creating within your life. You are aware of the shifts and changes that are occurring. If you come to a place in which to continue to question or wonder, we ask you to simply take that breath in and allow yourself to move into that space of centeredness.

Know that we are always with you and we are within you. I am giving you a new phrase that we will now use in closing and as you use this in your own personal life you will find that you are connecting more deeply with your I AM presence this is a way of affirming who you are and reconnecting each time you use it with your soul essence in this respect you will begin to bring in more and more of your I AM presence to the physical plane with that I will bid you....


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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