Expanding DNA Through Clearing Your Physical

This channel is actually a little shorter than others are, but man is it packed with a powerful energy!! The Goddess took some time at the beginning to have everyone align with their physical body while they were still grounded. I wasn’t sure why at first, then it became clear.

When we got into the All That Is, she once again had everyone align with their physical body. By linking just prior to expanding consciousness, it allowed everyone to ‘take’ a greater amount of their physical energy with them. In the All That Is, the Goddess worked with everyone to truly clear out their physical body. She spoke of the places where people held onto energy. She spoke of clearing out all that was present within each person.

Once this was completed, she then invited everyone to move down into the core of who they are. It’s possible to allow your energy and focus to merge with the actually cells that created your biology in this lifetime. From there, she began to speak of our DNA. She spoke of how some of the strands align with you mental, physical, emotional & spiritual bodies. In doing so, you can create a link or open your consciousness so that it may more fully support you.

She also spoke of expanding the DNA and activating all strands. She mentioned that many of the strands represent higher dimensions. In addition, the Goddess pointed out that we all have all of these strands and they are activated; they await your alignment and conscious opening. It truly does create a shift that is from your most basic cellular structure, throughout your physical body and into your emotional & mental bodies. If you have pain in your body, you can create a shift through this channel.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you inviting you to become a part of this group, to become a part of this energy, to let yourself truly feel who you are and where you are in this moment.

As you breathe gently in and out allow your breath to be the focus of what moves through you; as if each breath is becoming a breath of light that light then begins to move through you.

People get so busy in their lives that they have a tendency to take their physical body for granted. They may not think about their hands or feet, their hips, their abdomen, unless there’s something that bothers you. In this moment, I invite you to make a conscious choice to become aware as if you start at the top of your head and as if there is a wave that moves through you, feel that wave of energy; allow yourself to become fully conscious of your physical body.

As you breathe in and out your breath can become a focus. You can open to feel more fully who you are in any given moment. I invite you to let go these energies of your physical body now that you have become aware of them and allow your focus or your consciousness to shift so that it moves into the space of the All That Is.

As it moves within this space of the soul plane, excuse me I said All That Is again. So, obviously there is a part of these energies and there is a part of you as a group that keeps going there immediately. So let yourself go into the All That Is and enjoy that space.

But for the rest, I invite you to have a sense of shifting your focus from your physical body into the space of the magnetic grid. As you feel these energies of the magnetic grid you can feel the energies of your higher self. Look around and take in whatever may be here for you.

There may be a message from your higher self, you may decide to send an impulse of energy to someone else or just align within this space. This is a space that allows you to not only work with your energies of your earthbound self, but it’s a space that allows you to shift your focus and your consciousness in such a way that you access more of your divinity. It is here for you.

Again, have a sense of letting go of the magnetic grid. Allow yourself to shift your focus so that you may release these energies and move into the energies of the crystalline grid.

As you look around you, take in whatever is here or whatever you may sense. The crystalline grid is a pathway that allows you to communicate with others, it allows you to expand your own consciousness and you can utilize it as a means of working with your higher self. So your higher self is split between the magnetic and the crystalline grid. You can feel that flow as we speak.

Allow yourself to shift once more, this time invite your consciousness to move into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive here within this space look towards your divinity; you may feel it if it comes up within you, you may have a sense of it walking towards you. But open and connect with your I AM presence.

You as your divinity have untold numbers of experiences. Through your I AM presence you also have the ability to link with energies and alignments that may not be your direct experience but a part of you or in which you were a part of another. So your divinity is a gateway that’s here and available to you. You can feel it as it flows within and around you.

I the Goddess, come here within this space. I reach out to each one of you sending forth my love, my embrace and my awareness. As I merge with you, you may find yourself shifting into the energies of the All That Is.

As your consciousness arises within this space you look around. There may be days in which you look around and you have no specific perception of anything around you. It is as if you’re here in a space of pure energy.

There may be other times in which you look around here and you can find experiences that were your own. You may find other individuals that are upon the earth. You may find Angels, Masters, teachers it is the collection of All That Is within your universe. As if you are peeling back a layer, peel back this layer and allow yourself to open up and see what’s here for you.

This year of 2012 is going to be magnificent. Many people are already feeling the energies of change that are taking place. Every year as we start the year, I probably say something similar but there is a difference this year. As each one of you look around this space, you may have a sense of seeing those things that you seek to have. You may see energies that you consider your friends and family. There is so much that is available to you right here and then as you look down towards the earth, I invite you to take in a perception of how thin the veil is.

Now, you may look at this and just think it is what it is. So let me infuse the energies of the year 2000, and in the year 2000 as if you were here in the All That Is, have a sense of feeling what you’re energies were like at that time. Have a sense as you look around the All That Is of what you could perceive. For so many of you this was an unknown energy, it was not a place that you resided or worked with. And now again, the year 2000, you are turning around and looking back at the Earth. Look towards your essence and open to see, sense or feel where you were at that time.

And now again let yourself shift into this space of the year 2012 and we just clear out all the energies. We step aside from that space and time and allow yourself to come back into where you are right now. You may each have a different perception of the differences but to us it is quite significant.

The energies now are so much more transparent and light and the perception that we had from before as we look towards the earth is if we could barely see the earth as we look through what you might call the veil. It’s almost like when you have a city that is filled with pollution and you are trying to look across the street. I wanted to take this opportunity to show this to you so that you can see what a magnificent job you have done over the last 12 years.

All of you who have chosen to find out who you are, how to become connected with your divinity and how to live your life from that space have created this very, very dramatic shift that’s taking place. As each one of you takes an opportunity to let go your pain, let go your resistance, let go your sorrow and anything else that you may have in your life that holds you back, it allows you to have greater clarity and it sets up the foundation that you may live in the higher dimensions or live in a space that allows you to manifest with much greater ease.

So when you are here creating for your life, and then you look down towards the earth it is not that far. It is not so complicated to send your energy from one place to the other. We invite you to be open to receive.

At the beginning of the journey I wanted you each to be very conscious of your physical body. There is a reason for that. While we are here in the All That Is, I invite you to create a space of opening and have a sense of allowing your human self or hologram of your human self to be placed within the center of that opening.

As you look, sense, feel your physical body, I invite you to ask yourself, ‘how many strands of your DNA are activated right now’? As you ask that question, you may get a sense of an answer, but I would like to share with you that I see the vast majority of you have more strands activated than what you perceive. You may therefore ask yourself, what does that mean? What does it matter to me how many strands I have activated?

As you are here in the All That Is, I invite you to take this moment and consider your physical body. As you continue to flow through your body, all of these higher, lighter finer vibrations, do they move through your body with ease? As you consider your emotions and the relationship between your emotions and your physical body, is there an even flow that moves through you? And now your mental body; as you consider your thoughts, your beliefs where your mind takes you and if you follow that into your physical body, how does that relationship looks to you?

You are so much more than your physical body. You are first and foremost your divinity that is being played out in this lifetime as the human that you are, but it is your physical body in which you are living, it is your physical body that works with your emotions, your mental body, your spiritual, your Light body. Therefore, it is important for your physical body to be able to have the alignment with these other energies.

And when I was speaking about the DNA it was because when you activate these expanded strands of your DNA it allows you to filter through and work with more within your physical body. There is a part of you that has the exact perfect body that you wish to have, it’s there. So let us begin for just a moment at the head and let’s create adjustments as we go through the body.

As if the energy starts outside of your physical head work would with the energies and clear out anything that may be outside your physical body. Sometimes as energies are coming down through your third eye or your head center they become muddled, so clear that out taking a breath and breathe it out.

As your consciousness moves down feel the energies inside your head. I hear from so many people that they have problems with their sinuses; they frequently have colds or their ears, they have ringing in their ears. Allow yourself to align completely within and around your head as we speak and have a conscious intention of clearing out anything that is congested, anything that stops that flow of energy from moving through you and then you consciously send an impulse of light that moves, swirling around through your head, it comes out through all your pores, your scalp, every part of you clearing out anything that may keep you held back.

This energy goes down through your throat and across your upper chest with your shoulders. How many people have pain in their neck and across their shoulders? How many people are carrying around burdens that are not your own? How many people have allowed someone else’s belief system or someone else’s reality to be placed upon you? And you consciously connect with whatever that may be if there’s even anything and you let it go, you breathe out, and you let it go.

Take a moment and go down your arms, through your elbows, your wrists and your fingers. How many people have pain in their joints or in their fingers? How many times have they told you this is arthritis or perhaps you have carpal tunnel? Allow yourself to focus in this moment and send an impulse of light that starts at your shoulder, goes all the way down through each arm and it comes out through your hands. Feel how this is clearing out everything in your neck, your shoulders and your arms.

Allow your focus now to move down around your heart center. As we become aligned with this space, we invite you to feel your heart. With every beat of your heart there is an impulse of energy that moves through you. With every breath you take in there is a breath of light that moves in and your heart and lungs are associated with each other.

Allow yourself to feel this and to feel even more deeply the expansion of your heart center. In every single one of you, I invite you to send your heart center even bigger. Push out any walls, push out anything at all around your heart center; just expand it as big as it may go [Deep breathe] and then breathe easily. Consciously send the flow of energy and light through your heart center and allow everything to expand.

Allow your focus to move down to your abdomen, through your digestive track, your kidneys, your reproductive organs through everything that you have within your abdomen. Allow this energy to move through there clearing out anything at all that does not belong there.

Many, many people are carrying energy in the abdomen and it is not their own. It is energy they hold onto from the past and it creates discomfort for you in your everyday life. So allow yourself to focus right now on this space and we reach in and we invite you to breathe deeply in [Deep breath] and as you breathe out let it go. Let go whatever that energy is so that you can much more fully allow your organs to work for you and feel the greater expansion within you.

We move to your hips and your lower spine or your lower back. Many, many people carry discomfort in this part of their body. It may cause you to walk in an awkward way, it may cause you discomfort as you sit or lie. So focus on this part of your body to consciously reach in, pull up anything that is old or stuck energy, anything that’s aligned with the past

[Deep breathe] and once more you let it go. And then you feel an impulse of light as it moves down, it moves through your legs, it moves through your knees, your ankles, your feet, and if it goes out through the bottom of your feet; it clears out everything within your legs allowing you to have greater flow and greater movement of light.

Have a sense of stepping back for a moment and then once more we wash energy over you to do one last clearing; clearing out everything that is there. And even just in doing this you can feel a difference. You can feel more light, you can feel a greater movement, and for many, many, many of you it may be that the pain and symptoms you’ve been having are diminished or gone. Feel what this is to you.

With this greater clarity, I invite you to now have a sense of going inside of yourself and once more ask to know how many strands of your DNA are activated and how many do you actually use. Isn’t it interesting how you can clear out the clutter and the debris of everyday life and you have a much more clear image or sense of things?

So now, we invite you to just for this moment have a sense of breathing deeply and allow your consciousness to move within you, it is as if it goes down within your physical body and it goes down inside to that core essence of where you were created and from there, from this link to your I AM presence feel as if you are opening up a door and as you move through that door you allow yourself to go down into the cells that make up your core essence and within each cell go to that space that maintains your DNA. As you feel yourself aligning, consciously send an impulse of light to move through this space.

As you send this impulse through here ask to know, which strand or which part of this represents my highest potential for my physical body or my perfect physical body. And let yourself move to that space. As you link with it feel as if you are integrating it, pulling it back up within you. Feel as is if you are creating an alignment so that this may become your most comfortable, supported physical body.

Open and feel the beat or the rhythm that is represented within this strand of your DNA. Ask to know the alignment that supports your thoughts, your emotions and you may find that these are some of the basic DNA that is activated in everyone who is human, without these you would not be alive; but still you have the ability to consciously create an alignment that will support you. This is a steppingstone that will assist you in becoming familiar with or creating an open alignment with other strands of your DNA.

There are some of these strands that are in alignment with everybody else upon your planet, there are many others that are unique unto you. As you allow your consciousness to flow into those DNA that represent higher dimensions or represent a different awareness let yourself go there right now. Some of this DNA is what will assist you in being able to transmute things instantly upon the earth. Some of this DNA may be there as a support for you as you experience wealth and abundance or use it with alchemy. It can be whatever you so choose.

Some of these strands of DNA represent lifetimes that you’ve had out in the universe and its pure conscious memory and awareness. Some of this DNA represents your God source energy, and as I’ve touched on some of these aspects you could feel it becoming more aware or creating a vibration of awareness within you. Your expanded DNA represents much more than what I’ve spoken of. So be open to acknowledge that. Recognize that some of this will happen automatically for you and some of it you can reach towards and find an alignment out of choice from within your consciousness.

You are the creator of your life. You have access to everything that you may need. I invite you to be open to receive. Let’s put forth the intention that every strand of your DNA comes into alignment with you right now and that every strand is there and available to you, and it begins working with you and for you before you ever become conscious of it. It is there, it is activated.

You reach out for it and breathe in deeply allowing it to wash over you. Breathe in and breathe out what that means to you. Allow your focus or your consciousness to come back up within you once more. You let go that space and that focus from within your cellular structure and you allow your consciousness to come back up into you as the person that you are. Look around the All That Is, you are still here. You now have access in a conscious manner to those finer lighter dimensions and perceptions that previously had been unconscious. So look with those eyes, see what is here and take it all in.

As this happens, we invite you to have a sense of gathering together as a group. There is such brilliance as all of you come together. You have actually shifted into a higher lighter form of the All That Is or level or dimension and you are allowing that space of awareness to become the norm, to become a part of where you always will reside within when you come into this space. And as you are gathering as a group see within this group coming up a hologram that represents the earth. As you look at this hologram open your perception to see what is here.

Look at how the earth itself has changed so much over the years and as each one of you has expanded your DNA and expanded your consciousness in such a way you are now activating or creating a new alignment with the hologram. Let that wash over you and wash through you. Infuse whatever intention you so choose into this hologram at this time.

It is as if there is sparkle and light that just radiates from the hologram itself and that is all the energy that is all the light that you have infused. Have a sense of how it flows through there. And as it is ready to do so, it is as if the hologram releases from the group. It moves down aligning with the crystalline grid.

There is that aspect of awareness that moves out towards Ariellis and the remainder moves down. It moves through that grid work creating new alignments within the crystalline grid and then it aligns with the magnetic grid. As it does so there is a shift or a transformation that takes place within the magnetic grid. It is as if it expands outward, as if it blends even further with the crystalline grid.

This is very much a part of what you have created over the last 12 years. From that denseness that you perceived before to this much greater transparency and the hologram continues to move down. It moves down going into the center of the earth and it aligns with the center of the earth and then from there it expands outward.

As it comes outward, it comes up through the earth; it comes up through the water, the trees, the mountains and it comes up within you in your physical reality. Embrace this energy and embrace your expanded DNA, embrace feeling the physical reality that you have just created for yourself. Let go any old energy, clear it out and allow yourself to feel that anchored aspect of you as it merges with you in your physical reality. And then from there, you allow your focus to come back once more into the All That Is.

As I look around at everyone I see some of you that are going to choose to stay here and work in this space. You are welcome to remain as long as you would like. I see others of you who are eager to return back into your physical form to be able to get busy with the new tools that you have aligned with this evening.

So you let yourself shift, you step into your divinity within the soul plane, feeling that link, feeling your divinity and then you allow yourself to shift more. You come back through the crystalline grid; you bring your consciousness with you and as you come into the crystalline grid feel the energies of your higher self. Be open to feel that alignment, and as you do so create that conscious shift that brings it down with you back into the space in which you are.

As you feel your consciousness returning inside your physical body have a sense of expanding the energy around you. That clearing that took place, let it move through your physical body once more. It is as if it washes over you again clearing out everything allowing your expanded self to become integrated within your physical body.

As you breathe deeply you can feel those energies move. It moves through every cell within your body. It moves through activating that DNA and it moves through your bones, your organs, your skin. It moves through everything within and around you so that you may be at your optimum level. Feel good, feel this awareness and see, sense or know what that is to you.

And so as we bring this time together to a close I invite each one of you to remember that you have the ability to change your physical body. You have the ability to change your emotions, your thoughts. You have the ability to change everything within you, and as you do so use a conscious intention that you create a life where things manifest with greater ease where you truly know who you are and that through that energy you express all the various aspects of yourself with love and with energy.

I am ever with you and within you.




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