Experience Compassion

This channel came a little as unexpected to me. We have worked again and again on shifting energies, releasing past experiences, moving into what we seek to have. During this journey, the Goddess used compassion as the means of creating the change.

When in the All That Is, we have the opportunity to experience our lives both as we perceive them to be and also as they are from our divinity. I think there are so many times that we place limitations upon ourselves. This limitation may come from our experience; we try for something, it doesn’t work, we try for less in the future. Or we don’t want to get hurt, so we hold back from what we truly want or who we truly are.

During this channel the Goddess took us through all that. She actually began with our physical body; connecting with it, creating a new alignment, releasing things we don’t like. From there we went into the emotional body, clearing out old emotions and creating a balance; the same with the mental, spiritual and light bodies. In each step of the way, the Goddess brought in compassion as a means of creating change.

Compassion is a very powerful energy. It is completely without judgment. It is the essence of acceptance. When you can accept yourself no matter what is going on, you can create a more permanent change as you move into the future. So often we don’t like something about ourselves, which keeps us in a place of resistance. Allowing compassion into your life and actually embracing it will shift these energies for you and assist you in opening to even more.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved. I reach out to each one of you creating an alignment, creating an experience in which all of us are coming together as one.

I invite you to feel your own energies. I invite you to feel what it is to be in your physical body. To connect with who you are in this moment as the emotional person that is you, as the mental person, whatever thoughts and ideas you might have. And as you do this all while still here in your physical reality, you can find yourself becoming very conscious in a purely objective way, just taking this in.

As you do so I invite you to breathe down, breathing all the way down through your body, reaching down into the Earth. As you allow the energies of the Earth to come up within you it becomes a means of grounding you. You can feel Lady Gaia, you can feel the elementals, you can feel the fairies.

As the Earth is moving through this transformation, you yourselves are expanding into the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions. Within those dimensions you may have a greater access to align with the elves, with the fairies, with the gnomes.

By creating this space at this time you invite those energies to work with you in this means of grounding. Then as you let go of your physical body you allow your consciousness to stream upward and as you do so you are reaching out to the energy of the magnetic grid.

As you find yourself within this space you are linking to your higher self. Here within the energies of your higher self you can feel the expansion and the awareness for who you are and especially as it relates to this physical lifetime. You may have a sense of impulses of light, thoughts, energy as they move through this space. Look around; be open to receive.

I then invite you to let go of that magnetic pull of the Earth, allow yourself to shift out into the crystalline grid. There is an interlocking movement that allows you to move from one gridwork to the other. As you find yourself within this crystalline energy it too will give you a new perspective or a new perspective. You are again looking from your higher self. You can see your lifetime upon the Earth, you can see the energies out here in the Universe.

I invite you to create another shift, this time you move into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive here within this space, you can feel the energies. You may have a sense of your divinity, you may see it or feel it as if it’s an individual walking towards you, you may see or sense it as a pure light.

Allow yourself to reach out for who you are and then allow yourself to merge with this energy. As you feel yourself blending with your divinity there is unconditional love here for you. Open to feel that embrace. Open to feel the acceptance. Open to feel that awareness of an essence or an energy that is you that appreciates you and that is thrilled to reconnect.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so I reach out so that I may embrace you as your divinity, you as the human aligning with this experience.

As we connect with one another, you may feel yourself shifting into this space of the All That Is. As you arrive within this space there is a sense of celebration. There is a sense of awareness. We use the All That Is as a place for creation. It is also a place where individuals may come and experience communication. It is also a place of unlimited potential.

Because we are here during these meditations or these experiences of these calls, many, many of you come here when you do your individual meditations or prayers. The more that you work, play or enjoy the experience within here, the greater depth and potential it will have for you.

There are so many angels, so many energies of light, that will come here sometimes in response to you but other times they too will come as they are working perhaps on one of their own projects or perhaps on something that is going on with a group of people upon the Earth.

There are so many things that I feel going through my consciousness at this time. I believe that we shall begin working with the energies of transformation and perhaps your DNA.

As we are here within this space I invite each one of you to create your own place of transformation. One of the unique qualities of being in the All That Is is there may be millions, or billions of people here all at the same time and yet each one of you have your own unique place of existence. It is in direct alignment with where you are and with what you seek to do.

The only time that you may feel someone else is if you consciously reach out to do so and they reach out in return to you. So be not concerned about being too big or too expanded or anything at all. Allow this to be your opportunity to be as large, as expanded, as full of energy as you would like.

We continuously speak of the changes taking place upon the Earth. Many people anticipate that once we move through the end of the Mayan calendar with this December and we shift into the next dimensions of the calendar that then this constant change, this constant turmoil, will come to an end.

Indeed there will be a leveling out of the energies. This year in particular has been filled with the build up and the anticipation and there is a sense of a climax that is coming and will be available to people. Some of you may have already gone through that process.

Others of you may experience it into the first part of next year. The energy is very fluid and with that motion what happens is that it gives a greater flexibility to each person in their own personal evolution.

But as we speak of the cosmic and the Earthbound experience almost as if that’s a ballast or as if that’s a centerpoint that everything everyone is doing on a one-on-one basis is flowing from like a pendulum from one side to another.

If you find yourself feeling very erratic as if the energies are shifting you back and forth on a very consistent basis, then recognize how you can find that space of balance or that space of awareness within. And this is what we are creating tonight.

You already have this ability, you already have this potential; this is but a means of giving it specific definition.

Consider your life. Whenever I say that to you people have a tendency to bring up their list of the things that are bothering them. Others have a tendency to always step into a place of questioning and still others I see them stepping into the happy dance or that place of excitement and joy.

And of course there are many, many other potentials than those but it’s as if I see those kinds of groups separating into those kinds of experiences. No matter how you perceive your life whenever you ask yourself that question, come into this moment, consciously aligning with the energy that makes up who you are.

The most solid of that energy is your physical body. Is your physical body working for you? Do you find that you are constantly noticing a problem of one sort or another? Is your physical body what you want it to be when you think this is me, this is who I am, this is what I’ve manifested?

I so often hear from people that they think or feel that their body is one way but when they go to have the experience of that their body is actually different, as in they feel stronger than they are and yet cannot accomplish what they want to accomplish.

So the question is, do you feel as if you are fighting with your physical body, or as if your physical body is fighting against you? If the answer to that was yes, then let that energy come up.

As you create a conversation with your physical body, ask the question ‘Why is there discord? Is there a reason that we are out of balance with one another? Is there something that you are trying to tell me and I’m not hearing it?’

And I hear other people saying ‘Why did I even choose you?’ And those in the most extreme feel an absolute hate for their body. In any of these situations I the Goddess flow through the energies of compassion. Allow yourself to feel compassion as you consider your physical body.

As compassion is moving through you, again ask those questions. It may be that there’s no real answer for you. It may be that there’s a message for you to hear and you’re not hearing it. So with that potential, I clear out these energies – phew! – and invite you to let go whatever may have been and embrace the intention that you are in alignment with your physical body at all times.

Embrace the intention that you really listen if your body is tired, you rest. If your body needs water, you drink. If your body has had enough nourishment, you stop eating. If your body needs to stretch or exercise, you do so.

There is a difference in asking yourself those questions and truly listening from within your heart because you as a human may have a particular structure that is or is not in alignment with your physical body.

So let go any preconceived notions, let go any of that and truly begin a relationship with your physical body where you are in alignment and it works perfectly for you, and you do all that you can in support of it.

Already I can see changes taking place. Consider your emotions. Do you consider yourself an emotional individual? Where you are on a rollercoaster or you feel buffeted by whatever emotions are going through you at any given time? Are your emptions such that they give you a sense of disconnection from your physical reality?

Here within this space, emotions can be very big and expanded or very constricted, so as I the Goddess flow through again that sense of compassion, allow it to clear out any extremes in your emotions so that you can have a greater sense of balance.

Okay, I just heard from some that they feel as if they’re not even connected to their emotions. They would like to feel more than what they do. They would like to feel the energies around them.

If you feel as if there is a barrier or anything at all that keeps you from being fully tuned in within yourself, allow compassion to move that out of the way. And then intentionally open up and feel the flow of emotion. Okay, as I said that immediately there were a number of you that felt overwhelmed with emotion which is why you would keep it at a distance or keep a structure between you ad your emotions.

So here in the All That Is, feel the support of your divinity or your I Am presence and know that no matter how overwhelming, how big anything to do with emotions is, you are not going to be overwhelmed, you are here you are supported you are connected.

Phew! And then let all of that emotion just run through here, let it move through and anything that is outside of alignment to you just disappears.

If you feel a desire to do so, if there’s any one or two particular emptions that come up for you, align with whatever that may be. Receive any message that may be here for you. And then let it go.

Create an intention that your emotions are balanced. Within this intention you can feel all the joy, love, excitement, happiness, that is within and around you at any given time. You may feel the sadness, fear, frustration, and any other emotion that may be within and around you at any given time.

But you also have the potential to feel any of these things in a balanced state. If it makes you feel good allow it to become more prevalent. If it makes you feel bad or holds you back let it go. Consider your mental body. These are those thoughts that make up your day. These are the beliefs that you have created for yourself over time.

Some of these beliefs give you the strength and the purpose that you desire to have within your life. Others of these beliefs were a part of your past or they worked for you in the past but not so much any more.

What do you believe about your life? Is life an experience that creates joy? Are you living upon the Earth and having this experience as a means of attracting whatever may come your way? Are you the creator of your life, and therefore you may create anything you so desire?

Do you have thoughts that go around and around in your head that you’re not good enough, you’ve screwed up your life and it cannot be fixed, you’ve hurt yourself and others and don’t deserve happiness? Or any other thought that may keep you in that cycle or that circle of feeling bad.

I move into that place within your mind and infuse compassion into wherever it may be. Compassion is an energy of unconditional love, acceptance, and awareness. Let it move through your mental body, let it move through your thoughts, let it move through your beliefs, and if there is anything at all perhaps obsessive or perhaps erratic, let the energy of compassion just move through – phew! – and clear out whatever is there.

Compassion can be very powerful as a means of creating change. Compassion can be a word that you focus upon if you seek to create changes in your thoughts or changes in your beliefs. You take this opportunity and you let go those old beliefs, those old thoughts, and then compassion moves through behind whatever you are releasing so that it clears it out.

If you know how your mind can be it can recreate that same thought process, that same thought pattern, even though you have cleared it out. So be gentle with yourself, accept that change may take time or it may take more than one experience of infusing compassion into your old thoughts and your old beliefs.

As you feel this energy of compassion moving through your mind, moving through your thoughts, moving through your consciousness, return to those feelings and allow the potential that you are good enough; you are good enough to do whatever you want to do in your life.

You are worthy of having anything that you want. You are capable of creating a new beginning every single day, every single month, every single year, whatever that time frame is for you, allow compassion to move through there and with it a new pattern for your thoughts, a new pattern for your beliefs.

What thoughts and beliefs support you the most? Your spiritual bodies as far as what makes up you as the human has been that part that holds your divinity into and around you in your physical reality.

It is anchored within your physical body. Your divinity is a part of your emotions, it’s a part of your thoughts; your divinity is the foundation of who you are in this lifetime.

Your divinity is that foundation of unconditional love, acceptance, awareness, your divinity is that part of you that has complete faith in you, every minute of the day, every day of the year. Your divinity is here, this is you as your I Am presence and it is that direct link into all of this, into this complete and absolute potential.

This is that place where you have also most likely done everything you want to do in this lifetime. You’ve done it in other lifetimes, you’ve done it in this reality of creation. You have the answers you can accomplish whatever you seek to have, whether it’s a career, a state of being, a state of abundance, a manifestation of relationships – no matter what it is.

Here in the All That Is you have it. It’s working for you. So let that go down and be a part of your spiritual body. If your spiritual body has any restrictions due to beliefs as there’s always that blending of the energy bodies, then clear out and let go any restriction within your spiritual body because it is that direct link to limitless potential.

Your lightbody is taking all of who you are as the individual you are into this next state of being or this next place of awareness. Your lightbody is what is the alignment to the crystalline energies of the universe. Your lightbody is the expanded DNA. Your lightbody gives you that potential of awareness to move through these higher, lighter, finer dimensions with greater ease.

As you stand here in the space of the All That Is, you have just moved through all that makes up you as the human in this lifetime and walking upon the Earth. By infusing compassion into each of your energy bodies it creates an openness and allowing for transformation, and so here as you are in the All That Is, here as you are looking, seeing, sensing, feeling yourself, allow compassion to once more just flow through everything, creating a greater balance, creating an openness and awareness.

As we saw that pendulum that was swinging side to side and we put forth that intention that you would know your place of centeredness or your place of being centered, your place of balance; this is it. As you allow compassion to move through you on every level you may consider a word that will trigger the balance for you in the days to come.

So if you find yourself thinking harsh thoughts, feeling bad, feeling as if you are stuck in those energies that are holding you back, open up to compassion. Consider I the Goddess as if I am there with you flowing that compassion into and around you.

The more that that becomes a part of your everyday reality, the more that you are going to see that is always there for you.

Here in the All That Is look with new eyes at the energies and light available to you. As you move through the continuing changes upon the Earth, more and more people are going to begin to have a sense of change or have a sense of transforming. Be aware that you can also send that compassion into others so as to assist them.

You can send it into yourself to assist yourself. As you look around you ask yourself if there’s anything else you need at this time from within this space. If there’s anything in particular that you’ve been looking for answers about.

Each time that you allow yourself to more fully embrace your divinity and embrace all of who you are, when you look around in the All That Is you see, sense, feel the answers that are there for you.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you come back within this space have a sense of becoming aware of how much transformation has taken place just in the period of this evening. As you allow compassion to be more a part of who you are, when you look at others you are also looking through the eyes of compassion.

So within this group the hologram of the Earth comes up. I invite you to infuse within the hologram the changes that you have made for yourself. Also infuse compassion as unconditional acceptance, love and awareness.

Allow compassion to infuse all aspects of this hologram and then with that you release it and it moves through the energy as it aligns with the crystalline grid there is an energy that goes out to the New Earth and there is that other greater energy that aligns with your Earth. It moves through the magnetic grid, it moves down into the core of the Earth.

As it does so it anchors within those crystals that are at the center of the Earth and within that space there is an expansion that is anchoring even further your transformation that you have created for yourself. And as each person is making choices of creation it is affected and amplifies those energies here moving through the Earth.

It goes up through the collective consciousness, it comes out through the Earth, the rivers, the flowers, through everything that is upon the Earth, and you have the ability to integrate as if coming up in that grounded manner all of those changes and transformations that you just created for yourself.

Accept them into your physical reality. Allow it to move through you into every cell in your body, activating and aligning all those deeper places in your DNA so that you can experience this time upon the Earth with greater ease, with greater acceptance and with that compassionate sense of allowing.

Shift your focus once more into the All That Is and allow yourself once more to move back. You move through the soul plane, as you let go the majority of your divinity you bring with you even more of your divinity than you every have before and that moves through you coming through the crystalline grid.

You feel yourself once more within the gravitational pull of the Earth and in the magnetic grid you find yourself even more aware of your higher self than ever before.

You create a shift and stream down your consciousness. It comes down into and around your physical person. You can expand your energy as much as you need to so that everything is comfortable within you.

You anchor that transformation within your physical body. Your emotional, mental, spiritual and lightbody energies are also finding a balance here within you. And you link with everything that was anchored into the Earth so that it may more so assist you as you move forward in your life.

Feel the energies of compassion as you are here anchored in your reality.

And so with that we will bring this evening to a close. I invite you in your days to come to allow yourself to bring compassion with you throughout your days. I invite you to allow the amazing energy of compassion to truly create the changes that you are seeking to have.

I invite you to integrate compassion within and around you, your life, your choices and everything you do.

Know that I am always with you and within you.





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