Full Moon Energies

Nama Sika; Venia Benya            I AM the one; I AM the whole

I great you my beloved family of the light and as always I thank you for asking me in at this time. I always look forward to and cherish this time that we share together. This open communication that strengthens your connection with the divine and your connection with your own true spirituality and that which comes from your source energy. These times are precious and are about your expansion and personal growth. However, as each of you moves into this expansion and awareness what is happening is that the people around you whether they are conscious of what is going on or not are also moving into a form of this expansion and awareness. It is creating the space that each individual is going to be able to move within their own space and at their own pace to be able to bring in the divine in a way that is right and true for them.

We allow ourselves to leave the physical behind and let your consciousness move into the magnetic grid. This is the space in which you are storing a greater amount of your soul energy or your I AM presence. As you put forth the intent to move into this grid work, you find yourself feeling an expansion as you connect up with these deeper aspects of yourself. Allow your consciousness to expand out into this space. Become aware of what the magnetic grid means to you. Observe the pathways that connect each energy that is upon this grid work at this time. Open your awareness to hear the vibration. Allow all your senses to expand out, that you may become fully conscious of working at this level.

From here, we progress into the crystalline grid. We have worked with this a number of times and for the conceivable future, we will continue to work with this grid. The more that you bring this attunement of the crystalline grid within yourself, the more you are able to vibrate with this higher awareness. As you move into the crystalline grid, allow yourself to become aware of everything that is around you. The more often you connect with this, the more subtle details you become aware of. You may have a sense of walking among immense crystals. You may have a sense of smaller ones, suspended in mid air, or you may have a sense of an actual community or village that is created out of these crystals. There are many different perceptions of what these crystals look like, each individual observes and connects in the way, which is best for them. There may be one time or another in which you connect in one form with these crystals, then another time when you ask to move into this space in which it will look completely different to you.

You do perhaps find a crystal, which is your soul essence. As you blend and move into this crystal, it becomes you. It expands out that your consciousness is fully within (the crystal)……so too it is fully within your consciousness. The two are equal to one another. It allows for a release of boundaries. Make note of what color may be radiating out from your crystal if any. Become aware of the shifts that are taking place within yourselves. The more that you are aware of this; you realize that you are developing a greater consciousness or connection with those who are around you. This is a way of tapping into the collective consciousness, which exist at this level. As we connect with this consciousness allow you to become aware of the guides and angels who have been anchoring this consciousness within this space. Some you may be fully aware of, others may be nameless and just an energy that is. As we work with and expand our consciousness within this space, you will feel more of it within your physical body. Although you are detached from that, it is filtering down much more rapidly.

We call forth the column of light through which we may travel to the higher dimensions. You may see an individual column of light or one that surrounds all the individuals in this column or space. Allow yourself to move through this beam of light. As you do so, observe the way the crystal within you magnifies and reflects the energies of all that you are passing through. This may appear to you as a kaleidoscope of colors. You notice just exactly how vibrant they are as they are reflected through the crystal, which is within your core.

You eventually get to that space where you have a sense of emerging from within this beam of light. You emerge into the space in which you are pure energy form. Allow yourself to expand your consciousness beyond any boundaries you may have existing within your consciousness. Allow yourself the release, a sense of stretching and expanding. Express your exuberance and joy of being in this space. The more that you are aware of what it feels like to be boundless or boundary-less, the more you become aware of how the crystal within is amplified and accentuating that which is your core essence. If you have not done so, call forth your I AM presence. As you do this you have a sense of even further expansion. As you are connecting with this greater amount of your expression, you become more fully aware of all that is around you.

You will notice as if sparkling lights are around you that these are actually aspects of yourself. As you tune into these various aspects of yourself, you become aware of that which is reflected to you at this moment in time. You become even more aware within all the magnitudes of just how special and unique your core essence is. That part of your soul, which makes you your own individual! Have a sense of gathering all aspects of yourself together. That you may be contained within the energy of your crystal. There are no aspects of yourself, which is apart from your core essence. All of you is together and connected.

Take this time to observe the radiance that your crystal reflects. What colors most resonate with you at this moment? As you align yourself with these colors, you have a sense of a shift within your vibration. Perhaps there is a tone or sound of music that resonates within you. Your vibration can also cause a resonance which may be heard by others and yourself as music. Have a sense of your consciousness swirling and dancing within the sound or the music of your soul; and the colors and the radiance, which are your essence. As you bring all of this together within you, or shall we say as you expand your consciousness out into all these various aspects, you begin to become more aware of that underlying energy and rhythm of this aspect of the universe.

You begin to see before you, the moon as it is reflected upon the earth plane at this time. It may appear small and gradually enlarge as it comes towards you. Or it may be as if it is immense and all around you at this time. What I ask you to do, is have a sense of expanding out even further and as you look at this moon, stand before it and bask in the radiance of it’s glow. As you expand your consciousness, you step forth and blend completely with the moon. Each time you do this, it has a different sense or feel to you. Just as each of you is changing and evolving in every moment in time, so too am I! (says the Goddess of Creation as she comes through the channel) Feel my embrace, as I take you within. You have a sense of the swirling energy that moves and blends and dances with your own energy. The more that you allow this dance of light and joy, the greater your connection with the Goddess and the All That Is.

With the energy of this full moon, you take a moment to reflect upon your life from this perspective. Take this moment to reflect upon and accept the immense growth and expansion that you have gone through over the last weeks, months, and years. This is a time in which you may occasionally have a sense of things coming up for you, which need to be resolved. But, before we move into that, I wish for you to celebrate and acknowledge all that has transformed and transpired around you and within you. From this perspective, allow yourself to rest in the peace of this moment.

Lala nunisa; lala ishka eeya lanisa ansaweya. <There is no direct translation for this phrase, but it opens deeper aspects of your consciousness> As these words float around and within your consciousness, they cause a greater expansion to occur they create the space for you to be able to move forward. As you have blended so fully with this energy, allow yourself to cast your attention around. You will notice that there is a doorway, which is opening. If you so choose, allow yourself to move through that doorway.

It is a sense of emptiness; it is a sense of fullness. THIS IS THE ALL THAT IS! You realize that you are the center of the ALL THAT IS. As you make note of the colors, the light, the sound, the vibration, anything, which is your aspect of yourself, observe the changes, which have occurred. Yes, my beloveds.. this is the immense potential of who you are and what you are able to do!! You have the complete sense of not needing to DO a thing. Of simply being in this space, breathing in this energy of life and light. As you do this, there is perfection in all that is around you and all of who you are!

You may feel this expansion more so in one part of your consciousness than anther. Be open to the insights and awareness that are coming through into this space. From here have a sense of looking around you. You may see the Omniverse, which is universe upon universe as if stacked together in a row. You may see the galaxy, which surrounds the earth plane or the universe around the earth plane. There is much that you have the potential to see.

Become aware of the other energies, which are in space around you at this time. You can appreciate the uniqueness of each energy, the subtle differences which are reflected in each energy. Some of these are humans, some are non-humans, and others are a combination of the two. As you begin to look at these subtleties, you become aware of the special uniqueness and at the same time, you are aware of that which binds all of this together. You begin to feel connections being built between yourself and these other energies. These connections may have been there previously and they are now being strengthened at this moment in time. As you are taking these energies into your consciousness, you become aware of just how infused into this vibration you are. You know that within this space there is complete balance within you. There is no masculine or feminine, there only is the perfection of who you are.

This experience and these energies are infusing the crystal within you. If you so desire, you may ask to receive a symbol that is represented by this experience. Become this symbol if you so desire, or simply become a deeper depth of the energies swirling within and around you.

You allow your consciousness to become aware of the sun and the moon. Then you allow your consciousness to move further and become aware of the earth plane. In this way, you narrow your focus into this plane of consciousness, which includes these three. You may see them as having formed a triangle. Then allow this triangle to expand into a diamond, in which you are one point, with the earth opposite you and the sun and the moon at the other points of the diamond. Feel a flow of energy as if moves from one aspect to the next. There is a flow of energy as it moves around this diamond. From the earth, to the moon, to you, to the sun, then back to the earth. You are each individually forming a deeper connection with these aspects of the Divine.

As this connection with the energy increases, be open to see the soul aspect of the sun. This is that which is considered God. As you open to this, is it a swirling energy, a face, a shape, a structure to it? Or perhaps it is a geometric design. There are infinite ways in which God can be reflected. But the central spiritual sun that which houses and an aspect of the soul of this energy.

We move further on and connect with the soul of the earth plane with is Gaia. You have a sense of Gaia rising out of the earth plane within this space. You recognize that Gaia while always portrayed as the Divine Feminine is actually a blend of the feminine and masculine. You connect with her and feel this love. You may have a sense of a connection of light that goes directly through the center of this diamond or it may continue to flow around the diamond in the pattern that was originally set up.

You shift your attention to the moon or the Goddess energy. She too makes herself known to you. Again, is this a sense of an energy form, patterns of light, geometric shapes, or something with human features? You feel this vibration infuse you with love from this connection. Allow the crystal within you to open up even further and connect directly with all of these energies.

While you realize that each has that which is unique and individual to them, there is a common thread and that thread is a part of you. As they connect with your energy, observe the way that they expand and take this in. So too, as you connect with their energies, you expand and take this in. When the time is right, have a sense of all four points of the diamond coming together and in the center and blending together into one energy. As you do this, there is an infinite explosion of light and energy. As you allow all the particles of consciousness from within you spread out and blend with each of these, you are observing from their perspective. You may have had a shift of feeling, of moving into a new dimension or a place between the other dimensions that you were already conscious of.

You know and have a complete understanding of the perfection of who you are. This is true at this soul level, this is true at your I AM presence, this is true of that aspect of you within the grid work, and so it is true of the physical aspect of you upon the earth plane.

Continue to enjoy this space until you are ready to step back through the moon. The moon was your gateway tonight to move into this dimension of space and time. With the experiences that you have, you are blending and fusing with various energies. This is a form of creating newer energies. The higher vibration that is associated with this then becomes infused throughout the atmosphere; it infuses the sun, the moon, and the stars. It infuses all that is non-physical and all that is physical within the universe. It takes in each person’s perspective of this. As you move through the moon and come back into that place, to that dimension of space, in which you allowed your consciousness to release boundaries and to connect with the infinite. These are all very subtle differences within the dimensions at this level, but each dimension or subtlety has its own unique aspects and vibrations. By moving between these various levels of vibration, you are able to incorporate them within you. By incorporating this within your soul and consciousness, so too it moves into your physical existence and your every day life.

Take a moment to collect yourself back into this space in which you first blended with your I AM presence that full potential and expansion that is you. Feel these shifts and expansions that have occurred. You bring your full awareness of everything that was in your particular journey, back into this space. Allow yourselves to form a group, as if a circle or community of souls and energy. So too joined within this group are the Angels of light, your Guides, the Ray Lords and all who have been working with you. Within this group, we ask to see an essence of the sun or God. We see before us the ways in which it has transformed as a result of working with these energies tonight. There are many subtle and soft differences. There is still the vibrancy and brightness of that which is the masculine continues to resonate, but with these subtle differences infused. As that disappears, we see before us the moon. We see how our experience has allowed for greater shifts of light within the Goddess energy. We can experience this and appreciate it. We see how she is open and receiving, appreciative of all that you have created and shared with her within this experience. As she begins to fade out, we allow the earth to materialize before us. Because we are bringing this down more fully into the physical, we ask to see greater details of the earth plane.

We ask for Gaia to emerge and show herself. We feel her presence and light! We ask to see the details of the earth plane, those areas that may need a greater infusion of light at this time. So too we come to realize how from her perspective, everything is exactly as it should be at this moment in time. If you so desire, look within the various layers of the earth. Allow yourself to become aware of the consciousness that permeates these various aspects. You may ask to see where your energy was seeded upon the earth from tonight’s experience. You may see as diffusing throughout the entire earth plane or in one particular section of the earth. Gaia blends back within the earth plane, and so too does this evolve from in front of us.

We have the sense of community, the sense of blending. We know how we each are the sun, the moon, the earth. We are also the individual humans having our experience upon the earth, but we are so much more!!! As we are creating these shifts around us, we are going to bring down into our physical bodies. We ask that our physical bodies expand and adjust to this vibration with ease. We ask to have a sense of expansion through joy and excitement from this deeper connection within us. So speaks those subtle differences and shifts that are from the Gaia within each one of you. So speaks the collective consciousness of all that is occurring.

This is again the Goddess of Creation. Feel me infuse you and surround you with light. As you create within your own life, so too are creating in all that is around you. With that, you begin to come back down. The beam of light may materialize or you may simply find yourself moving into that space of the crystalline grid. Allow yourself to pull yourself to pull your consciousness fully back together from with all aspects of the universe. You know that you have within you the sun, the moon, and the earth. You know you have within you the complete knowledge of who you are. All of this can be brought back with you down to the earth plane. you separate from that which keeps you out in these higher realms. Allow your consciousness to move down through the beam of light. Come in first to the crystalline grid. You become conscious of the shifts occurring in this space as a result of this journey tonight. As you move from the interface of the crystalline into the magnetic grid, you begin to feel more fully the pull of the earth plane. You are becoming much more grounded. You are beginning to feel more aspects of your physical body. You infuse your physical body with all that you have experienced at this time. As you move into this part of the grid work, this part which is housing your soul and I AM presence, look around you and become aware of who is with you in this space. It may be people on this journey or it may people who wait for you in this space, but they connect with you and they support you.

As you come more fully back within this space, I ask you at this time if there are any questions for me. <pause, no one responds> You have a sense of the immenseness of the universe of this expansion. You feel the pull of the magnetic grid as it is bringing you back to the earth plane. You are able to bring this awareness more fully with you as you re-connect with the magnetics. Feel this magnetic alignment within your body. Allow yourself to feel the energies that go down from your feet into the earth. You know that Gaia is there to anchor you upon the earth. Allow yourself to become grounded. Allow yourself to feel all aspects of your physical body. Allow yourself to come more fully back within the room you are in. In the space in which you are. In the way in which you feel more connected within yourself.

I ask you each to acknowledge when you have come more fully back within this plane. I feel the reluctance of each of you this time, (to return to the earth plane) I know how much you enjoy the expansion and being in that place of creation. But it’s the physical experience that brings about these changes in your soul path. My beloveds are the rest of you back?

All right, does anyone have a question for me at this time? Perhaps there are no questions needed because you know the answers already, you have the answers within you, you are the perfection of the All That Is. Know and trust that I AM always with you. Know and trust that I AM within you. In this way, I thank you for being the reflection of myself upon the earth. You are each a glorious and bright light. You are filled with the love and the joy, and I feel such peace and excitement through our connections.

I am with you, I am within you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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