Healing Your Life

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All healing that takes place within your life, begins in the All That Is.  Your alignment and acceptance of the light of your divinity can transform everything within your life. This in effect can heal your life.

This channel gives you the chance to create a deeper alignment with your divinity.  When you are in the space of your source essence; there is nothing but love, light, joy, abundance, acceptance and peace.  So healing your life is about finding your back to that space.

This channel assists you in finding that space for yourself but it also looks to the rest of the earth.  The violence, war, cruelty, judgment comes from people who are disconnected, so this creates a space that allows the greater flow of the God Source essence.


Nama sika; Venia benya, Nama sika; Venia benya

I greet you beloved family!  I reach out to each one of you.  I take this opportunity to share with you that there are some dramatic changes taking place upon the earth, which is what I say just about every time; but in particular there has been a much more anchoring or balancing within the 5th dimensional energies. 

I have been speaking about this since 2012 that the shift in consciousness where people kept thinking that they were going into the 4th dimension.  What happened was the energy of the collective consciousness moved from the 3rd dimension indeed into the 4th and then it slid right into the 5th dimension so what opened up for humanity was the potential to live in an even higher vibration than was previously conceived. 

Was this the intention all along?  Yes indeed.  Did things evolve exactly as we the Angels and the Founders that anchor from the universe had anticipated?  More or less. 

Humanity has made such amazing progress in the ways in which you have integrated the energies of the higher light dimensions.  More and more people are able to have a greater perception of that which is nonphysical.  For so long it was only that which you could see with your physical eyes, which is of course very much the 3rd dimensional energies. 

There is so much that comes into play with you the human.  You have your physical reality.  You have your thoughts.  You have your emotions around you.  You have that which is unconscious and you have that which in conscious.  Therefore as you consider yourself in your everyday life, as you consider these higher light dimensions which you are working and integrating that is happening in all of these many levels, plus even more that I didn’t speak of, because those are the major ways in which you integrate. 

When it comes to manifesting in the reality in which you live the reason that things manifest very quickly is because you are there.  You are open.  You are in alignment.  Sometimes things will manifest in a way that is different than what you had asked for, or you anticipated, and again that is due to the energies that you emanate in the individual that you are. 

So too there are even more things that come into and around you of which you may have no awareness, or anticipation, and that is because you are opening.  You are receiving and the energy of your higher self, your divinity, and your human are creating a new balance so that as you are living your life there is deeper knowledge, a deeper consciousness, a deeper awareness.  Phew ~~ as I said that last bit I could feel many of you shifting into place. 

I so appreciate the opportunity to speak with you during the time of these channels.  I appreciate that you have the intention of seeking, whether it is alignment, information, healing, or simply a new awareness be it again conscious or unconscious that you seek this means to experience that information; as I said that it kind of came out kind of cock-eyed!  

I invite each one of you to breathe deeply once more sending your energy all the way down into the earth.  Allow yourself to feel the energies of Gaia.  Allow it to ground you and then as it comes back within you let go your consciousness allowing it to move up within the space of your higher self. 

As you arrive within this space take a moment to look around.  Take in all that is here and available for you because this is where you come on a very consistent basis. 

Part of the transition that is taking place with the realignment of the energies of the earth is that you as the human have a much more open flow and awareness between the human aspect and your higher self aspect. 

For so many even now there is that degree where you feel as if you shift to your higher self and you’re not so aware of what may be taking place.  The more that you allow your consciousness to flow within this energy the much greater awareness is able to integrate within you within your daily life.  Therefore as you look around have the intention that you are open to receive.  That you are open to integrate all that is here.

I invite you to shift your focus once more allowing it to flow out into the space of the soul plane.  As you arrive within the soul plane your consciousness goes immediately into your divinity.  There may be a perception that it is separate from you, but you have a cord of light that anchors you the human to your divinity and you can follow that straight up there any time you so choose.

Open up your consciousness.  Open up your awareness, your heart how so ever you wish to perceive it and allow yourself to embrace all of who you are.  Allow your consciousness to flow through the levels of your divinity with which you come into contact.  It may be that your perception as if there are layers of color.  It may be in more defined perception.  There is no right or wrong.  It is but the variations that are available to you. 

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you.  I invite you to open up to feel my love, to feel my embrace as I merge with you.  As we do so there is a shift that takes you into the All That Is.  As you arrive within the All That Is take a moment, look around. 

So often when we get together for these gatherings as soon as we get into the All That Is we move on to whatever the journey is for that evening.  This somewhat represents life upon the earth.  People tend to be constantly moving.  People tend to be goal oriented that they need to accomplish so much within a certain time. 

People want to enjoy life to the max and there perception of that is to belong to many different groups, or their children do many different activities. So that people have that tendency, or that sense of being, constantly in motion and constantly trying to be in one place or another. 

So for tonight for this now moment just look around and as if you open up I have a sense of people just kind of lying back upon the beach.  Allow yourself to just take this moment and allow all these energies of the All That Is to infuse within you giving you the opportunity to relax. 

Sometimes when you are wondering where the answers are to your questions or your desires they get missed because you are so busy doing things or with activities.  If you can take an opportunity and say once a day, twice a day, three times; give yourself 5 or 10 minutes in which you breathe gently and easily, breathing in consciously so that you allow all of your energy and all of this energy that is here within the All That Is to infuse within and around your consciousness. 

This allows you to reboot your energy.  It allows you to integrate at a much deeper level what is around you.  Allow this potential to become a part of your everyday life.  I can see each one of you now kind of shedding some of what you call your burdens, shedding the energy so that you may open up. 

At this point I would invite you to take an opportunity and consider what it would mean to be healed in your life.  Healing has many different connotations to people. Sometimes it’s healing their thoughts or patterns, sometimes emotions, sometimes the physical body. 

When people ask for healing they’re asking to feel better in their life no matter what the foundation of the problem may be.  Therefore as we consider healing for your life what would you like to transition so that it feels better for you. 

I am debating if I want to go through each of the energy bodies or just simply just allow people to bring up whatever it may be for you.  I think I’ll go that route this evening.  So whether it is mental, emotional or physical I invite you to take this moment and as if you are bringing it up from within you, as if you are  lifting it up, whatever the pain the suffering you experience, are experiencing come up to the forefront.

Sometimes when you have something going on in your life it becomes the center focus and all you can think about is whatever the problem is, or the illness, or whatever is causing you discomfort.  This in turn can cause it to become amplified because of your focused attention upon it. 

On the flip side I see people in an attempt not to focus upon it ignore things that may be going on within and around them, and those things become bigger and bigger because it is something that needs to be addressed.  So consider this within your life.  Are you focusing too much or perhaps ignoring something that is speaking to you from your body, your emotions and your thoughts. 

Within this space it is the time to bring up whatever that may be.  Now as you allow yourself to take in to consideration what has just come up to your awareness invite the Angels to come around you.  Bring either down into your consciousness or up from within your consciousness your own divinity so that is at the forefront of this awareness and as you are gathering your team together let this be a moment for healing within your life. 

To heal your life everybody has the ability to be completely balanced.  To have a physical body that fully supports them.  To have joy, to see the world from the place of love and light so that your thoughts, emotions, physical, energetic bodies all work in balanced harmony within you. 

There is one simple way that you may do this for yourself.  Be your divinity.  Yes in everything you do in everything you experience be your divinity. 

Now that being said let’s look again at the space that you have created where you are here talking with and working with your Angels. You are here with your divinity and you are here giving yourself the opportunity to acknowledge what you would like to transition within your life.

As you allow yourself to be your divinity, to allow that flow to move through you, and then you once more look at what you have brought up for yourself.  What’s that look like?  Does it change? 

The vast majority of people who have chronic illnesses are representing a disconnect from their divinity.  Now it is impossible to completely disconnect from your divinity because you are your divinity in this lifetime.  So when one feels that they are living this life and yes I believe from God, but God is separate from them and out there and unobtainable.  They feel disconnected. 

When one is living their life and in pain, when everything they are doing is from the perspective of pain;  then they are disconnected from their divinity and it manifests as pain.  Therefore if you allow yourself to open up as if you bathing everything with the white light or your golden light of your divinity and let it just wash over you.  As you allow yourself merge with that energy it moves through your physical body allowing everything to function in the way that are most beneficial to you.  

As you allow yourself to be in this expanded energy, this expanded light, and you let it move through your emotions then any feeling of separation, any feeling of anger, depression, frustration begins to merge.  It is almost as if there is a flow or a movement and then you gently open up, you receive, there we go, and it moves through. 

How many times do your thoughts get caught up most often being critical?  Critical of others, critical of yourself, critical of the world, critical of situations.  When someone is critical of all that is around them they judge themselves as lacking first and foremost.  So allow your divinity to once more merge as if you do that gentle movement back and forth and allow your divinity to move through your thoughts. 

There is still so much happening upon this earth that brings out some may say the worst in people.  There is violence.  There are wars.  There is slander.  There are children that are lashing out at others.  It’s as if the more that we shift into the abstract the less that people allow others to be different.  The 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions are less rigid and more abstract.  When people are feeling uncomfortable or fearful they seek to find rigid structure to give them that security. 

Therefore as you are aware of things that may be happening in other parts of the world, or with other people where you are living, I would invite you to consider if you become part of the energy by feeling the rage, the pain, the sorrow, or do you instead allow your divinity to merge with you first and foremost and then shine forth as compassion into every single person and every single situation.  Sometimes it can be a challenge.  The more that people allow there God Source energy to be what is reflected out to the world the more it creates a stabilizing balance. 

We have spoken before about the matrix of energies that flow within and around the earth and you have found your alignment in that numerous times.  There are new levels of consciousness or levels of the matrix becoming available for people all the time. 

You may feel as if you are walking between dimensions or walking between this level of consciousness and it feels as if it is limbo.  Anything at all that feels outside of love, joy, balance, compassion is nudging you outside of your divinity.

So again open up and feel even more of your divinity flow within you and as you feel this flow you need not direct it, limit it, or do anything with it.  It knows where it needs to go within your thoughts, emotions, and physical reality.  I would say to you be open and accept. 

There is another part of this key.  Can you accept unconditional love from not only your own self, your own self as source, but God, Goddess, the Angels, everyone within this space? 

You begin to see some of the subtle ways in which you may be disconnected and especially those of you who come to create this conscious awareness, your conscious movement for yourself.  You can imagine what is going on in the unconscious mind of so many other people.  I am just going to just wash through the energy of this space, ~Phew~ 

Again take a moment and ask yourself what would I like to heal within my life.  This time rather than analyzing or going through step by step by step simply allow your divinity to wash through you.  If you don’t know what that feels like to you then as if you are opening up a door within your consciousness, as if you look through a window, open a door whatever it is that resonates with you; open up and ask your God source energy to move through you. 

If you ask it will happen 100% of the time.  Allow that flow to move through you deeper and deeper and deeper. 

Once more as you consider your life if there is anything that needs to be healed bring it up right now be it conscious or unconscious.  Then allow the wave of your divinity to wash over you.  Let it wash into whatever that situation is and then let it go. 

Sometimes people’s lives are identified by their illnesses, their traumas or the drama.  Let is all go and instead be your God source essence.  Not only do you ask for that to come, merge with whatever situation, but then receive the transition.  Receive it.  There is no need to hold on to it any more.  Just let it go ~whew~   Now I see that everyone is much more integrated.

I invite you to have a sense of the hologram of the world coming up from within you, or coming up from the center of the group.  This time as you’re looking at that hologram have the intention of looking with your inner eyes at the patterns of light and the matrix that surrounds the hologram and infuses within the earth. 

When I spoke a little bit ago about the things that are happening within the collective consciousness or are happening to others that create so much of the pain, sorrow and drama, have the intention as you look at this matrix and infuse the energy of your divinity within the matrix.  So too we the Angels, God, Goddess all of us that are here as a part of this we also infuse the energy of balance into this hologram of the earth. 

I have this perspective of people putting forth specific things that they want to change.  This is not the space for that instead this is about a global intention of God source energy infusing the matrix.  That’s it.  There we go.  

When you are working on a global energy and you let your focus on something tiny, well it’s not tiny to you but tiny on the universal perspective, it limits the potential and it limits how things may function.  So this is about infusing the matrix with the energy of God, the energy of balance, the energy of source essence so each one of you can have your own so that it can move into that hologram and as that takes place you let it go. 

There is that sense of the hologram moving down.  It is as if it moves through the crystalline energy of the universe and it moves down into those pathways that surround the earth with the crystalline light and the crystalline flow.  As this hologram creates an alignment it fills up that space that is already there.  Then it begins to move through so that it goes all the way down into the core of the earth to the center of the earth. 

There is an intrinsic balance within the earth.  This amplified energy of source merges with that intrinsic balance and it begins to move outward.  It comes up through all the levels of the earth and then as it comes up within everything in the surface of the earth.  We have the intention that it clears out ~Phew~ old energy, old patterns, old beliefs, that it may clear out at an even deeper level the pain, the sorrow, the disconnect that so many people are feeling. 

As it clears it out on that energetic level, ~Phew~ we infuse into everyone the God source energy of unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, the value of each person as the person that they are which in turn creates the potential for a more cohesive interaction between people.

I invite each one of you to then open up to those energies that are your own that comes up from the earth.  Allow it to come up through that cord of light that anchors you to the earth and everything that you healed within this session let it come up and integrate within you in your physical reality.  Accept that healing can take place in this manner. Accept that if you transition and heal the various aspects of who you are and what is happening in your life that you may need a new story or a new reality to share with the world.  Be open to what that may be.

I then invite you to bring your consciousness once more back into the space of the All That Is.  For so many of you this is where you feel most comfortable this feels as if it is home.  It feels as if it is where you like to be.  Indeed it is your home.  It is where you come.  It is that place that just intrinsically is you as your balance and your energy. 

Allow yourself to bring all of that energy with you.  Let it flow into this moment and let it flow down through you and move through the soul plane.  As you do so you may have that sense of letting go that more expanded vibration of your divinity, but allow as much as is possible to come with you so that you bring that open expanded essence of who you are with you into your everyday reality.  You flow through your higher self.  Again this space integrates with your divinity. 

Allow yourself to stream back down as if your consciousness comes down through you.  It comes through your energy body and fills up all the space within and around you.  You aligned with those energies that were infused with the hologram.  You now can consciously align with what you experienced upon this journey. 

Allow yourself to feel the balance within your physical reality.  Allow that to move into you going into every cell within your body so that the healing you created manifests in your physical body.  Let it anchor in each cell.  Let your emotions clear out to find that balance so it supports that physical reality.  Allow your thoughts, your beliefs, everything that makes up you as the human to find its center of balance and then radiate out from there.

You are this special magical person who is living your life.  You have unlimited access to the universe, to your divinity and everything around you in your everyday life.  As you look at the world look from your place of your God Source Energy.  As you look at things or hear things happening in the world flow to it that energy of God Source Love, compassion and balanced energy.  ~Phew~  We could again feel that integration taking place.

All right beloved family as you continue to move through your days upon the earth remember you are your divinity that is walking around in this human form.  Allow the light and the energy of your divinity to be what is reflected out to the world and everybody around you. 

As you consider healing in your life be it individual things or a global experience for yourself know that that flow of your divinity is the flow of balance, of perfect health, of the balance between your thoughts and your emotions, and this is how you can live your life.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.




Kahi 26th November 2014 3:36 am

The details confirm the love of the divine
The knowledge and emotion imparted made it necessary to re-read to capture the essence and truth
The message touches the very deep and old
Of particular significance is infusing the matrix with the source energy, to drive out old energy, old patterns, old beliefs and old pains
This is the way, the truth and the light

My Greatest Blessings to you


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