Illuminate Your Unconscious

This teleconference took place on the eve of the Summer/ Winter Solstice.  This is the longest day of the year for the summer while the shortest day for the winter.  There also was an amazing full moon that could be seen shining overhead throughout the channel.

In the first part of the channel, the Goddess spoke of energy; the energy of our thoughts, actions and how they relate to others and situations.  While not speaking specifically of any one situation in the world, she spoke of the importance of disconnecting energetically from situations filled with fear, control, manipulation or other lower vibrations.  You can be more effective in creating change when you do so from the clearer energy of the fifth dimension or higher.

While in the All That Is, the Goddess created a space to perceive our lives and perhaps those things that seem to keep coming around and around.  It was easy to see all of which we are already conscious.  She then invited us to open to the flow for information of which we were unconscious.  This came through to people as information, images, colors, flow of light or whatever was unique to the person.

Once awareness shifted, the Goddess created a flow to blend the conscious and unconscious together around whatever each person had brought up.

From there, she invited us to stand in front of the full moon.  This was really amazing!  It was completely full, in alignment with the Solstice energies and thereby created a really powerful illumination through all of who we are.  It was as if the unconscious became lit up from within.

You can open to change. You can receive more information.  There is so much that is available to you!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace each one of you. I reach out to embrace all of humanity as you live your lives upon the earth.

Your existence that you have within this space is one that is filled with opportunities. Every single day you wake up and you have a choice. You move through your days, you perhaps are at work or you’re at conversation with people and you have a choice. You’re reading the paper or looking on the Internet and things are happening around you, you have a choice.

You also have the opportunity to be very proactive in something with which you are interested. You also have the choice to hold your energies back from a situation. You can always choose love, seeing the world through love and the eyes of love; I could go on and on and on.

As the earth is moving through the transformation of letting go the third dimension and living more fully in the fifth dimension, opportunities arise. Where there might be turmoil, where there might be warfare, where there might be the energies of the lower vibrations; in part this comes up because as the higher lighter vibration merges with all that is upon the earth, anything that is in discord with the higher vibration becomes very evident. So too, you have the opportunity with your Internet that information is shared almost immediately in a global manner.

When you have this combination creating its effect it’s what gives you the opportunity to tap into that drama, the pain, the suffering of these experiences. It gives you the opportunity to be very proactive and go out there and perhaps picket or argue or solicit or whatever it may be for something that you believe in.

As these opportunities come your way, I would share with you; you have an opportunity to look at things and participate from the level with which is generated, meaning the third or fourth dimension in which the fear, anxiety, manipulation, whatever it may be is taking place.

You also have the opportunity to disconnect fully from that level of whatever the experience may be and then instead, as if to embrace with unconditional love, you will work with the situation from the level of the fifth dimension or higher.

You may say, “Well what does that mean?” It means you are not feeding energy into the situation, whether it’s through your own fear and anxiety, whether it’s through prayer, whether it’s through anger and writing about it all over the place.

By disconnecting from it you are saying, “I choose not to be in the energy of what is taking place”. So you disconnect and then you can come back around, you can still see the situation is there and you say to yourself, “Well, I’m human. I feel compassion. I hate these things that are going on”, so, I hate these things that are going on, takes you right back down into that vibration.

As you make a choice, I invite you to begin to look at that opportunity that all of humanity may feel life through their heart center, that all of humanity may look at one another with love and compassion; that all of humanity will participate in a world of this higher light vibration. It is available. You may link with it through the collective consciousness of your own earth as it aligns with dimensions and perspectives in those higher dimensions.

I wish to share this with you at the very beginning here, so as to give you the opportunity to consider where are you sending your energy, be it in daily basis or weekly or monthly basis.

This is not about judging that one is better than another because when you judge you are saying, “The fifth dimension is so much better than the third therefore I’m better because I’m in the fifth.” This is not what I’m speaking about. I am saying that when you release judgement, when you release criticism of others, you are instead embracing the God in all. In doing so, you expand the God within you even further.

I’m feeling the energies as it weaves through all who are present and as it’s working with the collective consciousness. We’ve been speaking for years of how this is changing, transitioning and it’s doing so through the perspective of both the conscious and the unconscious aspects that surround and permeate the earth itself.

Be at peace. There is only love.

Allow yourself the opportunity to be your authentic self thereby expressing anything that comes your way, in whatever manner you so choose.

Take in a deep breath sending that breath all the way through you down into the earth. As your breath and energy moves into the earth it kind of expands linking with Gaia. You may also have a sense of connecting with the elementals.

We are here on the cusp of the summer solstice at the time of this channeling. Reach out to the celebration of the solstice. Well, indeed there are those of you who are connecting through your winter solstice right now. So it’s either the longest day of your year or the shortest.

As you link with Gaia feel those energies flow through on all levels and it comes back up through you; you send that energy out through the top of your head. As it moves up it links with your higher self. As you connect with that part of your energy let yourself feel what that is to you. There may be a sense of clearing out the space. Sometimes your higher self can get cluttered with old thoughts, some of those opportunities for you that you chose to release, clear them up. Let it go. You then send that bean of light even further up. It keeps moving out until it finds you as your divinity.

When this cord of light that links you in your human with you as your divine essence as it connects with your divine essence you find your consciousness just moving straight into your I AM Presence. Allow yourself to just feel what that is for you. It’s a way in which you are enveloped by the love, the light of your own source, your own soul. It’s a way for you to have that moment where you can be as much or as little as you so choose. Just let yourself feel who you are and all that love, all of those energies that make up your divinity, just flood through you.

I the Goddess, walk in amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out to embrace who you are. My energies illuminate all of you. It allows us all to shift into the All That Is so that we may all find this space that is filled with opportunities and is filled with what you have created.

As you take a look around, use this as an opportunity to consider what may be happening within your life.

If there’s something that keeps coming up again and again and again then perhaps allow yourself to just move into that place where you can work with those energies. So too, it may just be a matter of looking in this now moment, you get what you need; you just tuck it away in the back.

At this time of the solstice I wish to utilize the energies of the full moon, the way the planets are arranged and the alignment that is coming up over the next several months. In order to illuminate your unconscious thoughts it is that awareness of the unconscious that most often will keep you from being able to experience all that you are seeking to have.

You may be very clear to the universe, “This is what I want”. You may say, “Okay, I understand I need to take a class or I have some steps to participate in. You follow steps 1, 2, 3 and then you think, “Okay, where is it? Where is my stuff? Where is my manifestation?” and yet it has not come into your awareness. Now, I will acknowledge that focusing upon what is not coming to you will create that one strand or yet another layer of a vibration that is focusing upon what you do not have. But I do wish to acknowledge it, here in the All That Is as a means of creation so that it can help you with your understanding.

Let’s us take a moment and I’m opening up a door or a window so that you see in front of you an immense moon. The full moon can be very powerful with the energies of the earth. It creates the tides. It can illuminate what sometimes might be dark in the night.

When you are here in the solstice, at the longest and the shortest day of the year, the illumination of the moon is an opportunity for you to open up not only to new potentials and new opportunities but perhaps to a new guidance.

Consider something within your life that you would like some clarity about.

I see you opening up your scrawl with the long list. I see others that open up a book and they look through that book.

The last time that we spoke together we worked with the Akashic records (Your Akashic Records, June 5, 2016) as a means of giving you information or assisting you with finding that pathway to your own book of life. So you may pull that to you now.

I smile because I see people saying “We are not in the Akashi records right now, we are in the All That Is”. You can connect with your book of life in the Akashic records through your divinity and since you are here right now in your divinity you can bring it up within you in this now moment in the All That Is.

So you may have that which you are conscious of, you may have your book that gives you the information, you may also just say, “I don’t have anything on my mind right now so perhaps you can show me whatever it is”.

Take in all of those things and kind of nudge them over to the side. I invite you to select that which is your number one priority or at the top of the list, howsoever you wish to consider it. Take that into this now moment.

As you look at it, whatever the situation may be, consider everything that you know about the situation, perhaps is all that you are conscious of.

As I invited you to consider what that would be for you, how much pain just as an instant reflect as if to say, “Well when I think about this these are always the things that come up for me”.

So let that be there in front of you. It can be a situation, a person, yourself, but let that energy just be as if it’s in front of you making itself known and this is everything of which you are conscious.

Now, as if you disconnect from whatever that may be, you disconnect and you send that energy to the side. I invite you to look with your inner eyes. Look with your inner consciousness, allowing that amplitude of the full moon, that amplitude of the All That Is send forth any information of which you are unaware regarding the situation. Allow it to flow into the space in front of you.

Now, you may have a sense of specific ideas and thoughts making themselves aware. You may also have no idea what this is because it’s remaining in your unconscious.

If you have that perception of what is in front of you, what that additional information is then take it in integrating it into your thoughts and your being and you can send it over to that space where you put the other part that was consciously aware.

If indeed your unconscious just remains an indistinct shadow, perhaps a color, perhaps a tone, a vibration, have the intention that as you look with your inner eyes or your inner consciousness that whatever that may be will move through you or move into the situation illuminating ways in which it can assist you within your life.

Some of the things I’m hearing are, “It’s time for you to make that first step by reaching out to other people”. Another thought, “It’s time for you to trust in yourself and the insights and intuition that you have been receiving is accurate therefore follow through”.

I’m also hearing that you are even more than what you realize. Therefore allow your strength, your awareness, your energy to just roll out of you.

There’re also other bits and pieces that are flowing in the people’s consciousness that are specific for them and need not be shared with the group. There we go. Feel this expansion as it moves through.

If there’s anything of which we have not specifically mentioned, this is an opportunity to let it come down from your guides, from the other light beings that are here. Let it come into this space, illuminating all the information you have about the situation.

As everything moves through, have a sense of looking at what is now. For so many of you, as I’m looking at things now it’s as if there’s been transition in your conscious thoughts about the situation and as if there’s greater illumination and in many cases there are specific steps to take; things for you to do that will assist you.

Take whatever that energy was, that process, have a sense of absorbing it back within your consciousness. As if you embrace whatever it is allow it to move through, let it go up through the consciousness of your thoughts, let it flow through your emotions and let it move through all of who you are within this space. I’m noticing that many of you, your unconscious thoughts are more illuminated and you say, “Oh, I get that now”, “Oh, I hear that now”, “Oh, I see that now”.

If you find yourself remaining in that space where, “I don’t see anything different, it all looks exactly the same”, then open to this whirlwind of energy. ~ Whew ~ Clear it out. Allow it to clear out any resistance that you may have. Allow it to clear out anything at all that no longer serves you. Swirling through again ~ Whew ~

As if you are considering your life from an open heart, from an open conscious flow of awareness through your heart, allow your energies to flow. I invite you to come and step towards the edge or an open space within the All That Is and again see that moon.

As if you stand and the moon is just right there illuminating an amplifying the energies of the solstice, feel it, let it wash over you. If you’ve been struggling, let it go. If you’ve been mad and frustrated, let it go.

Breathe in all of who you are.

Be in a space of allowing.

The moon is a reflective surface. Allow it to reflect you in your entirety, you as your authentic self, you with all the new information about your situation. And as it reflects it’s as if it flows through you and back. There is a pulsation and a wave and a movement.

Feel what that is. Allow yourself to be expressed, you as your complete self into this vibration, this flow and this energy.

It’s wonderful for just these minutes, hours, days, however long you stay here to just have that experience of being yourself.

I invite you to come back as a group. There are some of you that are continuing to work on whatever it is you are doing and you may stay for as long as you choose but for the rest you come back together as a group. Open to the perception that that hologram of the earth comes up within the center of you.

It’s as if all of that illumination of the full moon is showing you a greater illumination of the hologram. As you infuse into the hologram that opened flow between your conscious and unconscious, the illumination of your unconscious, let it go into the hologram.

It begins to move and turn as all of that energy is infused within it.  You have a sense of releasing the hologram. It flows down moving through that space between the All That Is and your earth plane. It aligns with the crystalline vibration and the light body so as to infuse that vibration into it also and this hologram as it connects with the energies of the earth it’s as if it surrounds, it goes out surrounding the earth and then also the core essence of it goes down within the center of the earth.

From there it blends with Gaia. It blends with those crystals, the wax, the energy, the gases and then it expands outward. It’s as if it comes outward moving up through the earth itself. It comes out on top of the earth. It comes up through your grass, your trees, healing all of you up. It comes up through you with your own illumination between the unconscious and conscious. It fills you up with that clarity that you seek to have within your life.

As it moves through the rest of what’s around you, we have that intention that it aligns with the collective consciousness of the earth; again, clearing out the vibration of density, clearing out the closed mindedness that can be present, clearing out all of the lower vibrations so that it infuses with this vibration of balance and illumination within all who are present.

And as it’s moving through the collective consciousness it has an effect upon certain people through their unconscious. It has an effect on those that are looking for this to be seeded through their consciousness.

Again, clearing out potentials and opportunities within the collective consciousness of the earth, you stream back into that part of you that you left within the All That Is. This time we gently bring that energy back down into you in this now moment. As it moves through your divinity you may have a greater perception of what is there. Then you bring as much of your divinity as you may, down, creating an expansion and that balance in your higher self.

It streams down within you, coming back down into your human self; it clears and moves through your physical reality moving through all of your energy bodies. It also clears out your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions so that you may be in that place of balance where you breathe in, breathing in your divinity and you breathe out letting that divinity flow through all of who you are.

Take a moment and breathe into your thoughts of which you are conscious letting that flow into the thoughts of which you are unconscious so that there is a movement between those energies so as to illuminate even more of that of which you are unconscious filling that space with greater opportunity.

Beloved family, no matter where you are within your life, call back the illumination of the full moon at this moment, no matter what is happening in your day to day living open up to the flow and the knowledge of the illumination of your unconscious mind.

Create the intention that no matter what’s happening within your life you have the ability or the awareness that you choose to move into that which is in your greatest good and that which is in the flow to most fully assist you. You are not alone. There are many Angels and Light Beings available for you, but more than anything else it’s your own direct link into your divinity that supports you in the biggest way possible.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.




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