Integrating Your Masculine & Feminine

This channel was truly a beautiful channel! It took place on evening of a total solar eclipse, at almost the exact time of the eclipse. As a result of that, the energies were really powerful. I found the Goddess speaking at length at the beginning, then there were several other times in which she referenced the eclipse and those powerful energies were anchoring all that we did into the earth and people.

These channels from the Goddess of Creation are through the feminine energies, but it’s always a balance of the masculine and feminine. During this channel, the Goddess has her masculine aspect come forth as God, then she herself as the feminine aspect. It was so beautiful to see them as they interacted. We first of all went into the energies of that which is masculine. We could feel through the way God spoke, how one could be masculine; yet still feel & express the feminine. We then shifted into the Goddess and again felt the foundation of feminine, yet the essence of masculine with the feminine.

As this took place, it gave everyone a chance to release old energies and open the balance for themselves. As we watched God & Goddess, we could see how they blended from the root center up through the crown and down into each cell. It was very powerful and beautiful to see!! The balance from that was then integrated from the level of our DNA through all parts of the energy bodies. This is a way to transition any illness you may have or whatever else may be going on.

As we were ready to leave the All That Is, God/Goddess sent a flow of love through everyone that was really beautiful!! It was about love, acceptance, allowing. While it came from them, ultimately it gave everyone the opportunity to open to self-love and acceptance.

I invite you to join in and enjoy the energies of the eclipse & this powerful integration and balancing of all of you.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! And as we come together at this time I invite you to join me as we dance upon the energies. This is a very powerful time, and whether you are listening or reading to this, right in the now moment that it’s taking place or if you’re listening to it at a later time, you are still tapping into the same energies.

The solar eclipse that is taking place exactly at the time that this channel is taking place is amplifying a lot of that energy that has been coming into the earth for the last number of years. It is assisting people in finding a way to create their reality as they live their lives.

I know that many of you have been seeking to create changes in your life. I know that you have been seeking to manifest on many different levels. I know that ultimately what each one of you wants within your life is to feel good, to feel connected, not only within your own self with your divinity, but to everyone else around you. Ultimately, people are seeking to have connections with others.

As these continued influxes of energy are pouring into the earth, it is stabilizing the structure of the earth. Now, at times people may think the structure or the infrastructure is due to what is being built in a physical reality and that is one plane of existence. But since, especially 2008, as the world began its ascent into the fourth dimension; there has been innumerable times in which these influxes of the crystalline energies have had peaks and valleys.

With our last journey, communicating with Buddha and Wesak or Buddha and the Christ energies during Wesak; [The teleconference 05-06-12.] you all may have felt the shift that took place that allowed their energies to be even more readily available to you in your everyday life.

As this eclipse is taking place right now, what’s happening is that the hologram, if you want to call it that, or the structure of the light body which is primarily the crystalline energies, is finding a new alignment and is creating a stronger foundation into and around your world.

Some people may find that everything is exactly the way it’s been prior to this time, and they don’t feel any sort of a change or difference. Others of you may feel the physical symptoms such as the headache that that one person mentioned or other people feel other aches and pains in their physical body.

These are indicators that you on a physical level are integrating new energies and you have not yet found the balance that will ultimately strengthen and empower you. So, reach towards feeling balanced, reach towards integrating your energies.

Others of you may find that life is changing. You may find your desires have changed. You may find the ways in which you do things in your everyday life is changed. I could go on and on about what this is.

For now, you could take this as an opportunity to infuse throughout all of your reality these energies of expansion. Many of you enjoy this type of energy and that’s why you are joining us here upon this call.

I now invite you to consciously take in one more breath. Send that down throughout your being; send it down into the earth and this time as you send this energy into the earth take a moment and reach out towards whatever part of this earth energy has to do with the eclipse.

As you reach out in this manner you can find that there is more energy that immediately flows within and around you while you are still here focused upon the earth.

Alright, so allow your consciousness to now release from your physical body; feel as if you were shifting into the energies of the magnetic grid.

As you find yourself aligning within these energies, let yourself recognize that your higher self is here within this space open to the flow of energy as it moves around the world. Recognize that you are here as a part of this.

And then you take another breath and you let that go; you shift as if you move through the interlocking grid. In doing so, you find yourself within the magnetic grid, I’m sorry, within the crystalline grid. Here within the crystalline energies, allow yourself to feel the flow. You may have a sense of feeling as if this energy is even more electrocuted or electrified at this moment and it is because it is so directly involved with the eclipse.

You breathe in allowing yourself to feel that energy, allowing yourself to feel all the power that is here and available to you. Many of you may find that as you are here within this space, that the flow of energy expands even more.

Allow yourself to shift from here into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane, reach out to your I AM presence; reach out to your divinity. As you do so, you have a sense of embracing all of who you are.

As you merge with your I AM presence, you begin to feel yourself expand even more. Reach out as if to open up and align with the various aspects that are here and available to you. You have access to your entire divinity, but in most cases, the perception flows through at a level in which you are able to comprehend.

Take in a deep breath and breathe out.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you as the individual in this lifetime; you as the individual in your consciousness. As we embrace you may find yourself shifting into the energies of the All That Is.

As we arrive within this space have a sense of looking around. This is the place of creation. This is the space in which you come on a very consistent basis. This is here in support of you. Open to receive everything that is here for you.

There is so much that I would like to talk with you about and to work with you upon this evening. I’m gathering the energies of all present, to see in which direction I’m going to go.

I believe, first off from this space of the All That Is, have a sense of looking out a window; but it is not a window of limitation, it’s a limitless window. There are no edges, or boundaries.

As you have this sense of looking through this window be aware of the constellations of your universe. Some of you may feel drawn to particular planets or stars. Others of you may feel just a sense of all that energy. As you look in another direction have a sense of looking at the earth.

You are here within this space right now, with a perfect view of the eclipse that has just reached its peak and is moving through. As you look, be aware of the energies of the sun and you can tap into the central spiritual sun. You can tap into the power, the essence, the energy of the masculine aspects.

Here within this space, you may also perceive the moon and feel the moon as if you are moving deep within the moon; you feel, see, sense, how it represents the feminine aspects.

And in this moment as you observe, you see the complete and powerful alignment of the sun, the moon and the earth. In this moment is amplifying the balanced energies of the masculine and the feminine. It is giving you the opportunity to experience yourself. Not only in this current lifetime, but in any lifetime that may be of importance to you in this moment.

I invite you to just bask in this energy and as we are taking this moment to experience it, I am going to have a sense of bringing forth the God essence. Some of you may see as if I am separating, others may see an essence that walks into the room with us all.

There are many different perceptions of how this can take place and each perception is another way in which you can look at yourself and think of it as your masculine and feminine coming into space.

As you see us standing here in front of you, you may recognize how my own way of communicating in this channel is coming forth in a little bit different energy, because I am flowing the energy of the masculine in a stronger space. This is in part due to the eclipse, but it is also in part due to what I am bringing forth for everyone this evening.

Now, as we stand here in front of you, I’m going to begin to flow the energy of communication in such a way that there may be times in which it is God speaking, times in which it is I the Goddess. At this beginning we will consciously separate so that you may feel what we would like for you to appreciate.

God Speaks:

Greetings beloved!

I am so much a part of the Goddess energies that to speak separate from her as if my own energy or entity it takes me a moment to shift the energies within this space.

She and I, as if within ourselves, are the two aspects that create the whole. People think of the ying and yang symbol, that’s a representation. People think of things that represent the opposite, light-dark, positive-negative, etc.

As we are having our discussion with you tonight, it is not about things that are opposite, but it is more so about understanding all that is within you that is making up the essence of you in this life.

No matter what sex you chose to take on in this lifetime, you have energies and strength that is masculine, you have energies and strength that is feminine. We are moving through a time in which all of this is shifting.

We are moving into a time of balance. That is what is so powerful about this eclipse taking place. It’s because it represents balance and it is amplifying, anchoring and infusing the earth with balance. You may think that every eclipse has done so and indeed it has.

Traditionally, when people think of masculine energies they consider movement, they consider it as a strength or they consider it as an energy that just represents a particular feeling that you may have within your existence; your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, all of that that makes up who you are.

As you are feeling the flow of my energy right in this moment, I invite you to let that go through you. Allow yourself to feel what it is to be in your masculine energies.

As you find that opens up within you, then ask yourself, are you comfortable with this aspect within you? If there is anything that feels as if it’s out of balance when you think of your masculine energies, allow it to come up within you right now.

When you consider your masculine energies, does it give you a sense of strength, a sense of purpose, perhaps a sense of being? I am feeling that for some of you it makes you feel uncomfortable.

So, whatever it is that you feel allow that to come up to your consciousness. If it’s something that feels good, then amplify that feeling good experience. If it’s something that just feels awkward, then embrace what that is for this moment. I am feeling that there are some that now feel this as an awkwardness; it just feels different or strange.

Allow this flow of the masculine to move through you. As you feel these energies so strongly, then feel as if you are on one hand in that masculine energy of movement or that masculine energy, perhaps some would call it, of aggression or competition or whatever it is that it may be to you.

Let yourself bring that up and then still within this masculine energy bring in what is to be in the masculine and receive all your masculine gentleness or that which is the opposite of what you might consider those energies.

Now for some of you it feels as if I’m just shifting over into my feminine side. And perhaps that’s another way to look at this. Allow yourself to open up to your feminine energies and again the Goddess will begin to speak.

The Goddess Speaks:

I feel laughter in this moment. It’s just like an excitement that is bubbling up inside of me. And as I’m having this experience and sharing it with you, I invite you to allow your focus to shift into your feminine energies. You may ask yourself, what does that mean to me? What are my feminine energies?

So often it is about receiving the nurturing, that loving acceptance or that loving way that you think of the mother energies. And many people consider, “well that is my feminine side”. Indeed it is. Open up and allow that to become stronger and stronger within you.

Again, as with God, I invite you to ask yourself. How do you feel with your feminine energies? Does it feel secure? Is it a place of strength for you? Does it feel as if it is, loving, nurturing, supporting?

If there is anything at all as we consider your feminine energies that is uncomfortable or out of balance for you take a moment to acknowledge what that is and if there is anything at all to release then consciously take a breath in and let it go.

I am hearing from people that sometimes it’s difficult to accept the loving and nurturing energies because you can’t let your guard down. You have to constantly be strong. You have to constantly be in motion. This is your moment to let your guard down, to open up to your feminine energies letting them flow through you and integrating or accentuating all that is feminine and you breathe that down within you.

You can be within your feminine energies and still have that sense of motion. You can have that sense of being feminine and yet being strong. Just as you can have that sense of being masculine and being gentle.

You may have a sense of seeing God and I as two energies. We face one another and we have our hands clasped between us. As we look into each other’s eyes there is also an energetic embrace that is what you would call your chakra centers blending on every level of your chakras.

The energy around us, that’s that pure consciousness, that pure love, that light body and what we are amplifying for you is how I as the balanced divine feminine and God as the balanced divine masculine, we flow our energies back and forth. There is a constant flow that moves between us.

I the Goddess am open to receive, both from a space of feminine strength and feminine gentleness, the energies of my masculine side, and I God as the God energies, as the divine masculine infuse into the feminine all that it is to be masculine, all that it is to be both gentle, strong, whatever that may be to each individual and I infuse this energy into the divine feminine.

As we do this, each one of you are also working through aligning, shifting your own energies as masculine and feminine. And now, I as the divine masculine energies, I’m open to receive all that is feminine and I feel the flow of the Goddess energies.

I am open to receive the love and the nurturing that come through from my feminine energies and I can be here in this space of strength, this space of all that is masculine and I can be the pure essence of gentle, loving and nurturing.

We blended together as one, stand before you. We invite you to allow yourself to very consciously open feeling the flow as it moves through you of all that is feminine and of all that is masculine. And as these energies move through in such a way it creates a perfect balance and a perfect harmony within you.

You may feel this beginning with your root center in the very core essence. When you were created, you were created as a balanced masculine and feminine and then life took place and you may have found yourself in one direction or another. So you allow yourself to feel the balance and in doing so it may make you feel even more of your natural, be it, femininity or masculinity.

Shift into the Sacral Center and feel your sexuality. Allow this to come forth within you. Allow yourself to feel it in a way that strengthens you. Feel it as a means of opening up to creativity and to the expression of who you are in this lifetime.

As you move into the energies of your solar plexus feel what it is to be balanced, masculine and feminine. Open to how much intuition is here within this space, but open to one of the most powerful ways in which you process energies in your everyday life.

In your heart center feel what it is to be balanced. You may in some ways feel as if there is more of an opening to give; there is more of an opening to receive and it flows through you.

As you continue to merge these energies of who you are within your throat let that energy flow through you so that you may speak, so that you may communicate in whatever form is best for you.

From there we see you going to your third eye, but I invite you to go to the light body center at the back of your head. Here as you consciously create this link feel it in the masculine and feminine, because the light body energy is always a blend of both and it is always balanced.

From there as you allow your third eye to come into focus; for some it may be that being open to receive and strengthening that gives you a stronger ability to receive information through your third eye. Perhaps if you strengthen your masculine aspect of that you feel as if you could now see through it. There is no one or the other, there is only balance.

Your head center is always in complete balance.

As you consciously allow yourself to focus upon this in this moment have a sense as it becoming the ultimate blending, as if you start down at the root center and you have your masculine and your feminine and by the time they move through your entire body it is completely blended and there is only one.

Allow those energies to flow up and down through you. Allow yourself to feel how you can amplify or release whatever you need to in any given moment so that you can feel that balance the essence of who you are.

As we were speaking of this we could feel how for some, you were saying, “That’s what I want in my relationship with my partner. That’s what I want and what I have been seeking”. So indeed, by creating this within yourself, this very conscious balanced energy, you send that out to the world.

It creates a balanced existence in your everyday life. We can feel how you say, “but there is still that problem at work”, “there is still that problem in the family”, “there is still the lack of a partner”.

If you consider whatever it is that you may be seeking to manifest within your life, consider it now from this space of absolute balance. You breathe down the energies of balance allowing yourself to be more fully than ever before who you are in this lifetime and then you send it out into whatever you are seeking to manifest. You send it out in a flow and then you receive it back in a flow.

It may be that some of those things that you have been seeking to manifest will now come to you in an even better way than they had before. You are creating a new alignment. You are creating new potentials. You are opening to new opportunity.

Look around the All That Is. As I look at each one of you, I see that much greater balance. I see that for many of you it’s as if you know yourself even better than you ever have before.

If there is anything at all that you feel still needs to be transitioned within you then allow those energies to move through you in this moment and as they move through, allow it to move into whatever it is that you would like to resolve or you would like to transition.

You can feel how this will make a transition from every cell within your body. When you are having physical symptoms sometimes it may be something taking place in the moment, other times it may be that you have chronic illnesses, it matters not.

You can be in this state of completely balanced energy and it can create a new body in your physical reality. You allow your focus to be upon the balanced energies, beginning with you feminine and masculine, allowing that to move through so that every cell is then the essence of balance. And as each cell is focused upon that balance there is a movement forward within you and there is a movement of receiving or an energy of receiving.

It’s an equal flow, is gentle, is powerful, it’s infinite.

As I just said that it was infinite it’s like I saw each one of you exploding or like a star burst of energy exploded out from each of you. I see you as balanced, I see you as energize. I see you and I know you. There is great love in my heart for you always.

Breathe in accepting love. You may feel that you are accepting it from I the Goddess but I invite you to consciously accept it from yourself. This becomes a state of bliss, and I know that many of you would like to be within that state on a conscious or continuous basis.

I invite you to put forth the intention that it is very readily available to you through your breathing. That when you consciously breathe in the intention of being balanced and the intention of flow that it will automatically bring that sense of bliss. Now, when you are busy in your everyday life you may not recognize that the bliss is there. So, allow it to come into you in whatever form it may.

It may come as communication from another, it may come as things falling into place during your day, it may come in the very most subtle fashion or on a big deal communication. It’s all fun; it’s all a reflection of being in the moment.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so, you may sense the hologram of the earth and as this hologram comes up within the center of all of you be open to see the energies of the new earth.

Be open to see the energies of the light body as is represented by this hologram and then as each one of you infuse the balanced energy of your experience this evening into this hologram you may have a sense of an even greater distinction coming forth.

This hologram is completely illuminated on many, many different levels. You have a sense of releasing it. As you do so, it moves down aligning first of all with the crystalline grid, it flows through there and then merges with the magnetic grid and from there it goes down anchoring within the physical earth.

And as this energy anchors within the core essence of the earth it is as if it becomes a magnet, not only drawing in the energies of the eclipse and anchoring all of that but it becomes a magnet to that balance that is represented by all of you and everybody else upon the earth that is in a state of balance right at this moment.

And that anchors within the earth and then radiates out from it so that the earth itself is at first receiving and then it is sending forth the energy, feminine and masculine in its own balanced manner. As that moves out it goes through the collective consciousness and the collective unconscious and it moves through on every level and in to every person so you as the human on earth receive those energies that are your own. Allow it to anchor you in your most balanced fashion. You can breathe it in and you can breathe it out.

You let go those energies and you allow yourself to begin to shift. Many of you have already shifted your consciousness but as you leave the essence of the All That Is you find yourself once more in the soul plain and you feel your connection to your divinity is even stronger than it’s ever been.

You have opened to receive this more powerful balanced energy of your own divinity and it’s here linking with you right now in this moment. You take as much of your divinity as you can within your consciousness and you shift your focus moving once more back through the crystalline grid.

This time you bring your consciousness with you as your focus is within this space. You may have a sense of connecting with the other aspects of your energy that are here and then again you allow yourself to flow down, moving down into the magnetic grid and then down into your physical reality.

As you come back within this space breathe gently and easily feeling as if your consciousness comes back down through your head center and as your consciousness is flowing through you allow it to activate each one of your energy centers within your physical body and allow it to move through so that it connects with each cell within your body.

So it goes down into every molecule, it goes down into your very DNA that makes up who you are in this lifetime. And as you are working with you DNA, you are supporting all that it represents to you and every part of that flows back up through you, through every cellular structure, through every organ, through your bones and out through your skin so that you in this existence can be the best that you possibly can be, so that you are balance, so that you are strong. You not only put that forth with your masculine energies but you receive and accept that with your feminine energies.

Alright, so as we are bringing this time to a close, we invite you to once more feel the embrace of God and Goddess as we are merged together as one.

We send our love to you, our balanced energy to you, that you may have that in your everyday life. We invite you to accept and we invite you to send forth that balance of who you are in all that you do.

We are ever with you and within you.




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