Jeshua and Your Ascension Process

This journey if really filled with a powerful energy. The Goddess began be taking us into the All That Is as she usually does. Once there she helped us to really get a sense of who we are as our divinity and as our human self. She worked with each of us to assist in opening up our human self to accept more of our divine essence.

Once this was done, Jeshua walks into the group with a group of Ascended Masters. The energy was so powerful and filled with such love it brought tears to my eyes! I had to pause a moment to regroup. She spoke of divinity, spirituality, living life; all that we are working on. In addition he spoke of what the ascension process actually is. He described it in the many different ways people may perceive it.

Some of the ways included; shifting out of your body into another place of conscious reality. This is a means of shifting dimensions. He also spoke of it as shifting back and forth between dimensions and these dimensions are on this earth, the new earth, stars, planets and more. The shift can be with or without a body.

He also spoke of what one feels. It’s the ‘inner knowing’ that you are your divinity. It’s the complete manifestation of that experience. In addition he spoke of ‘being’ love; which is when you are love, you see love, you express love. Whew the energy was so powerful!!! He spoke of how from this place of being love we see our lives. When we feel anything, it’s from love and our divinity. When we look in the mirror, we see with love and divinity. When we see other people, we see them as their love and divinity.

It was truly amazing and very powerful.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you, sending forth my greetings, sending forth my love and my energy to each one of you!

There is, as always, a great deal taking place upon the Earth at this time. In some regards it is as if the energy that’s available to people is more transparent and therefore allows for a greater ease in accessing whatever it is you may try to do.

The other side of that is that there’s a great deal of energy that is flowing within and around everyone and sometimes people may feel it as if it’s an overload or as if it’s just been dumped upon them. When you feel something like that, I encourage you to breathe down not only your divinity but breathe down the energy and the essence so that it may fill you up.

I’ve spoken oftentimes about breathing. I’ve spoken of how it can assist you with grounding, I’ve shared with you the many ways in which you can expand your energy body or even constrict them through your breathing. Feel what it is to you in any given moment. Allow yourself to be in that state of consciousness that allows for the flow to move within and around you with greater and greater ease.

With that I invite you to have a sense of shifting your focus. You may need to take one more deep breath, breathing down deep within yourself, perhaps even sending it into the Earth, allowing everything to come back within your physical body if only for this moment.

And then when you’re ready to do so have a sense of letting your consciousness shift up; have a sense of shifting out from your physical body and allow it to move into the space of the magnetic grid.

Here within this space you may have a sense of linking with your higher self. You may feel that essence that is you and you allow it to flow through you with ease. As you allow yourself to be in this expanded space just take in the perceptions of what may be around you, feeling even more fully who you are.

I invite you to let your focus shift. As you do so allow your consciousness to move through the interlocking grid until you find yourself within the crystalline grid.

Now we call this the crystalline grid because it is a pathway of energy but indeed it is more so a state of consciousness and a state of creating and transmitting energy.

Indeed through your thought, through your intention, you can actually create a spark or a ball of energy - whatever you want it to be - and then you can send it out through this gridwork with a particular focus or intention if you so choose.

Let the energies wash over you. Feel as if your consciousness is being bathed with the sparkling light of this place.

From here I invite you to have a sense of breathing deeply once more and allow your focus to shift you into the soul plane.

Some of you have come here directly but if you are just now arriving allow yourself to look around. As you look around this space, reach out to your higher self through that your divinity as your ‘I Am’ presence.

As you have the perception of your divinity, allow yourself to become enveloped within. As your divinity flows through you, you can feel it loving you, nurturing you and filling you up.

I the Goddess come through here; I come within this space. As I do so I reach out to each one of you and I merge my energies with yours. As I do so you may feel yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

Feel this space. Feel the energy, feel the freedom that you have as you allow your senses to soar. This place is becoming fuller and fuller and therefore it stretches and expands as it accommodates all who choose to come here and create.

I invite you to open up your senses and feel everything as it washes over you. There is so much that I would like to share with you at this time. And I believe I would like to begin with inviting each of you to take a moment and simply consider how it feels to be in this space of love, of creation, of your divinity and all else that is present.

As you take that in, you simply allow the love, the warmth, all of that to wash over you. You may also use it as a means of expanding your energy body, of expanding your consciousness.

I now invite you to look with your inner eyes. Look around. As you do so, consciously invite something to come to your awareness of which you were not aware.

For everybody I see little sparks of energy and light that indicate your perception expands and your awareness expands. You allow all of that to wash over you and you feel even greater awareness of your own self.

I now invite you to consider yourself in your everyday life. As you do so I can see how some of you remain in this expanded state and you allow the perception of your everyday life to just wash over you.

For others I can see how considering your human state immediately constricts your energy and some of the colors are not as bright; some of what you are perceiving is not as clear.

Some of these are the differences between being in your divinity in the higher, lighter vibration and other aspects have to do with who you are and how you perceive your life while on the Earth plane.

There’s always that sense of difference or perhaps you could just say it comes with the differences in dimensions.

I invite you to have a sense of bringing up your thoughts, your beliefs, your consciousness as you are in your daily life. And as you do so do you think it’s possible for you to accomplish whatever it is you may seek to accomplish.

Do you think it’s possible that this can happen with ease and with support? I now would like to ask you if you feel as if you are completely alone while you’re in your Earth body, and then lastly how do you feel about your life?

As I was asking these questions I could see the flow of energy around you as some of them evoked many different responses going in every direction. For others the response was very consistent with all of you.

But what I would like to bring up in this moment is that as we spoke of your life upon the Earth, each one of you began to ground your energies more so, moving back within yourself in your human existence.

And as that was taking place it was as if your perceptions were not as broad, as if your energy was more constricted and I could also feel a sense of lack within you.

If this resonates with you then I invite you to take a moment and just consider what it feels like to be here in the All That Is and what it feels like to be in your Earth-bound existence.

For so many years you have been seeking to manifest your divinity upon the Earth in your everyday life. For so many years you had the perception that your divinity was wonderful and perfect where as your human existence was less than or not good enough.

This is what I would like to go into for this moment. We have talked about your belief in yourself in the past. We have talked about feeling good enough as a sense of judgment.

In this moment I invite you to simply bring in that energy or that essence of good enough’ and let it come up just to see what happens or what you feel.

I actually see several of you with lists that compile your shortcomings. I see others of you as perceiving it yet not aligning with it. What I would encourage you to do in this moment is to acknowledge that judgment or being ‘good enough’ is an emotion. It’s a belief; it’s a thought process.

So let all that’s aligned with that come up in this moment, acknowledge it and then breathe in and out and just let it go. You are in the place of creation; you can do anything that you would like within this space, and we are bringing along your conscious essence as a human so as to experience this.

Allow your focus and your energy to flow. Allow your creativity to open up and expand even further. Could you feel the rush of energy that was released as everybody did that?

I invite you to play in this creation. Let your energies flow; let your thoughts and ideas expand. Simply be in that space of joy, allowing everything to swirl within and around you.

As you do this I invite you to allow your consciousness to flow with ease between your human self and your divinity. For many of you it is always already just one energy or one essence.

As you allow that energy to flow through, you begin to see how a bridge or a link is created. Is there anything from your Earth-bound existence that keeps you from experiencing your divinity? From your divine essence there is absolutely nothing you could ever do that would keep you from your divinity.

So allow your divinity to flow through you, allow it to fill you up and embrace how that feels. Now I wanted each of you to have this sense of alignment between your human existence and your divinity so that it would all be at the forefront of your consciousness.

We are coming into the time on your Earth that many people in different cultures consider a holy time. You are probably in the midst of it for many of you.

There have been many, many, many individuals who have ascended. There have been complete cultures; for example, the Lemurians as a culture ascended. There have been groups of indigenous people all around the world that have ascended as groups.

And this can mean different things to different people. But here at this time that you call Easter upon the Earth, I am inviting Sananda to come forward as his form of Jesus as if the two aspects of himself walk side by side and I invite you to look at the group of people who come in with him.

These are ascended masters and indeed there are way more than the seven that most people have recognized upon the Earth. They come together as a group so as to give you each the opportunity to reach out towards whichever individual may resonate most with you.

I at this time am going to shift the energy and allow Sananda to speak with you about ascension;

Jeshua/ Yeshua comes in to speak:

‘Greetings beloved family.

 Many of you know me as Yeshua. Many of you know me as Buddha, Mohammed. I am an over soul from which many of those that you consider the foundations of the various religions have come from; of course Abraham.

And during these experiences that you have here with the Goddess it is not about any one religion or another. It is about divinity. It is about love. It is about spirituality.

We have worked with you in a similar manner in the past but because this is the time of Easter and the thoughts and the beliefs are about ascension we are going to utilize the essence of Jesus to focus that energy.

I transform in front of you. Some of you may see me now as Jesus or some of you may still see me as whichever essence with which you resonate. I look around and I indicate all my brothers and sisters that have walked upon the Earth and have ascended to this state and they walk with me. Feel us as we come within and around you.

Let me just say to you first of all that many, many, many of you have already been through this ascension process in one form or another. Many of you, in fact probably the majority of you, have had aspects of your divinity that walked upon the Earth and then shifted back into your divinity without having to go through a death process.

This is one perception of the ascension process; that you will consciously release the physical body in which you are living and through conscious awareness move back and rejoin your ‘I AM’ presence.

Another experience of ascension is the fact that you may easily walk between dimensions. With that I mean you may be fully present in the third, fourth, fifth dimensions that are easily accessible to people on the Earth right now and for whatever reasons you may decide to shift into - just to give an example - the seventh, the eighth or the tenth dimension.

Sometimes you will do this with your consciousness. Other times you will take along your physical body and still other times you will manifest a physical body in the other location to utilize as long as you would like.

You may question if you go to these higher dimensions, where are you going? The New Earth is one place. Most often you are staying within your own galaxy but you may shift onto a star. You may have a sense of shifting even within your own Earth. The seventh dimension for many, many is currently within your own Earth.

You may ask yourself, why would I want to do that? Well, perhaps you are seeking answers to a question and it’s more available to you in one of those other dimensions. Perhaps you are seeking a relationship, a job, a particular experience.

You may align with the higher self of whomever is in your current location in that other location and have a conversation with them, perhaps resolve an issue if there is an issue.

These are but a few examples or experiences you can use this means of expansion for whatever you so choose. You may ask yourself ‘why isn’t that happening? What does it take? What do I have to do?’ And when I tell you this answer the majority will think ‘that’s too simple’.

What you need to do is believe in yourself. Believe that you have the ability to do this and you do it. Believe that you have the ability to allow your consciousness to flow up and down and stream through spaces and you can do so.

Believe from the perspective of accepting and allowing. You see it’s those subtle nuances that become the roadblocks. You may believe analytically that you can do something but yet emotionally you are being held back.

You may believe intellectually that you have experienced all that you seek to experience in this life and you’re ready to shift into the next dimension and move onto something else. Perhaps something without pain, perhaps something without struggle. So I invite you to go.

You do this in your sleep state, you do it during meditation many of you, you do it in essence when you are here in these experiences. So I share with you that you are probably doing it with much greater consistency and ability than you have ever realized.

As I walked upon the Earth as Jesus I had those experiences that people considered miracles about healing, about the bread and fish that was in abundance made from little into abundance and I am not the only one who has done this. You have seen it again and again.

You may ask me how did I do that? The first of what I did was accepted myself as a human and recognized that I am still one hundred percent divine. I accepted that with these human experiences there was pain, sorrow, frustration but as I continued to remember my divinity I did not get pulled into those.

And indeed at times I did so it’s not that I say I never ever did, but I’m saying during those times when the miracles occurred I could see the pain, the sorrow, the suffering but as my divinity, as my complete acceptance of myself in that human state, I accessed all that’s available right here and even more in my Earth-bound existence.

So that is one key. The next thing that I did as I was walking upon the Earth was what some would call unconditional love. Just as I could manifest that within my own self so too that was my way of looking out at the world and those who came into contact with me.

I knew going into that life that there would be experiences that I would have that many would consider a challenge but I also knew that I was going in with my consciousness wide open as indeed it was.

As you look around at these other ascended masters that were here, they may not have had the very public life that I had, although some of them did, but many of them were people just like you are, people who were living their lives, people who were choosing a path of ascension.

And for some of them it was as if they had specific stair steps they needed to take and by moving up each stair step it took them closer to their place of Nirvana or closer to their place of completion.

As I speak of that many of you have that sense inside of you of ‘yes, I’ve done that before’. Indeed you have.

Still others may speak with you about their ascension process as being a part of the consciousness of a culture.

Consider some of what one might call the Native Americans, consider the aborigines, the tribes of Egypt, the tribes of the Peruvian mountains; we could go on and on all around the world and you will find that in some cases there were very small groups and in other cases there were entire cultures that shifted into another dimension and they did it as a mass consciousness.

When they speak of a lost continent, when they speak of a people that used to live in a particular place and now they’re gone, it was not just that they were killed off or integrated into the people that came in.

There were many occasions in which as a group or as a people their consciousness shifted in such a way, they raised the vibration in such a way, that they took all that was with them and they shifted it into a different location that was in a different dimension. That was an ascension process.

So you see beloved family, there is no one right or wrong way of doing this. One of the things that will ease things for you is that the more there is the lighter vibrational energies which come from the more crystalline energies, it creates a greater flow that allows you to move from one space to another.

Some ask about teleporting, some ask about shape shifting. Indeed that will come if you so choose.

It’s quite loud here is it not. There are great discussions going on. This is a perfect example; on the one level I walk amongst you, people are listening, people are feeling, people are experiencing.

You shift your perception as if you are taking a quarter turn or something and we can see how all of you are mixing and mingling and talking with the masters who are here.

As you consider your ascension process I invite you to let go of any preconceived notions. I invite you to allow within you in whatever form it may take and then I invite you to look around and see your life through the eyes of love.

And of course those eyes of love look first and foremost at you. You look at yourself, you feel it within yourself and you accept it. Accept it now in this moment, that human part of you that you brought up and made fully consciousness within this space.

Let this love just wash over you; let it clear out everything and I invite you to simply feel it. And don’t feel it as something that’s temporary or outside of you. I encourage you to embrace this feeling and let it wash through.

You breathe in, you breathe out, you accept.

Since that lifetime upon the Earth I have come back to the Earth many different times. Sometimes people recognize me, sometimes they don’t. I especially make my presence known during this time when there is so much of a focus upon my life, upon my death and upon my ascension.

I am one of you. I Am That I Am.



(Goddess returns)

That was beautiful was it not? So many emotions, so much energy. It is such a powerful presence when he comes and speaks and he makes himself known.

He’s now continuing through this group and all those little clusters or groups of people talking and sharing are expanding; they’re getting bigger.

I see some of you talking one-on-one with these ascended masters. Some of you have been studying them, some of you have been working with them and communicating with them either through channeling or meditation. Some of you have been working with these essence in your dream state.

Everything has meaning. It’s only love and yet love is everything. I see you, I feel your energies and I know that each one of you is walking around living your life upon the Earth as this essence. You are so amazingly capable of having or doing whatever it is you seek.

Allow that to wash over you right now. Allow yourself to take with you this moment in time and remember how Yeshua in his life walked and lived as his divinity.

Remember how there were times when he would get caught up in emotions; anger, frustration, pain, but he also knew that he was walking as his divinity.

As he remembered that and allowed that to flow through him he was able to have those experiences that you call miracles. He saw everyone as the divine essence they are. He reflected that back to them and they believed him.

As you are going through your days I invite you to have that for yourself. Feel your love, feel your divinity, let it be reflected back to you in everything you do in your daily experience.

When you look at the world, see it from the eyes of love. When you look in the mirror see your physical essence as the physical manifestation of your divinity. When you look at your life and what you seek to have look with the eyes of love. Allow your divinity to be who you are in life.

And I swirl that through all of you. There is much that you will continue to do. Some of you choose to stay with these energies but I invite you at least for the moment to come back together as a group.

As you see this hologram coming up within you, see that which represents the Earth and then you also see - as if you can look between the dimensions - you see that which is Ariellis or the New Earth.

As these holograms come up within this circle, look with the eyes of your divinity. Look for yourself in both holograms because you are in both places from time to time.

Recognize and honor your abilities; honor your pathway for what it has been. As all of that becomes infused within these holograms have a sense of letting them be released.

They flow down, linking with the crystalline grid, flowing through the crystalline grid. That which goes towards Ariellis shifts and moves in that direction and then the hologram of the Earth goes down moving through the magnetic grid.

As it links with the magnetic grid there is an essence that fills up that space. The rest then goes through, it links within the center of the Earth, it links with the crystals that are the core essence of the Earth.

It radiates out from there moving through the Earth itself, coming up through the rocks, the water, the trees, the grass, and it comes up through every individual.

We invite you to just breathe deeply and feel it come up within you in your human space. You can feel it in your physical body and you can feel it here in the All That Is in that part of you that is aligned within your physical experience.

And then we release that; we let it go. I invite you to have a sense of shifting your consciousness once more back within the soul plane. As you arrive here within this space, feel your own divinity, feel your conscious awareness.

Know that you have created even greater threads of alignment to your divinity with this experience tonight. Allow that to flow down into your Earth-bound reality and feel it as a part of your day.

Allow your consciousness to shift. Feel yourself as you link with the crystalline grid; you feel your energies stream down through there. You find yourself as you align with the magnetic grid once more feeling that gravitational pull of the Earth.

Allow your consciousness to stream back down within your physical body.

As you do so you can find those places within you that become filled up with your love, with your essence, with your acceptance of who you are.

You felt the love from Yeshua. I invite you to open and feel that for yourself from your own divinity because it is here. It is within and around you right now.

And as you ground these energies I invite you to let them flow through you coming back down within your physical reality. You may anchor that within the Earth howsoever you choose but let yourself come fully back in this moment.

Okay and so with that we will bring these evening to a close and I thank you as always for coming and sharing this time with me.

I thank you for these various questions and answers that we’ve had and I send out my love and awareness to all who are present and to all who may be listening or experiencing this at a different time.

Know that I am always with you and within you.




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