Jeshua and Your Ascension Process Q&A

This is Shelly Dressel and this is the question and answer session that goes with the Goddess Light teleconference. The questions are specific to the individuals that ask them, yet I find that there’s a common thread, and there’s oftentimes an answer that many other people will find in what is being asked.

Sometimes the volume is not as high as some of the others individuals, but this is just due to the recording and I’ve done the best I can to make everything audible for you.

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Thank you.


You may press *6 upon your phone to come within the queue, if you so choose, and I will answer what questions you may have.

Question 1: Hello. (Hello.) Hello. (Go ahead.) Thank you. This morning I asked a question of my physical body and I asked, “What is it that you are mirroring back to me.” What I saw there, and it was only a few seconds really, was a chrysalis that was so full that it seemed as if it must open in that moment. (uhum. What was the end of what you said?) The chrysalis was just so full that it seemed it just must be ready to just open up in that moment, almost, you know. That is very much how I feel inside myself, but also my physical body has all of a sudden done something in a way resembling a chrysalis, so I am asking to understand better and I am just so grateful.

Answer: Well as you spoke of this we could see different things happening around you. It was as if you see a Rose, and in that animation that you can see the Rose opening up and all the petals getting bigger and wider that’s what we saw happening as you were speaking. It was as if at first it was closed and then it was open. We saw this happening around your heart centre. So it felt to us as if your heart centre was expanding and through that expansion you were accepting more love, more consciousness, more awareness. So that was one thing that we saw with you. The other thing we saw taking place, especially when you spoke of your physical body, it was as if your physical body has not caught up to the other changes that you have been going through. It is as if you have bought in to manifest a higher vibration for yourself with what you seek, with what you want to have in your life, and it feels like your physical body is either holding on to old energies or it is holding on to just a lesser vibration than what you are seeking to have. So it feels like there is a difference between there and it gets manifested as pain in the body or physical problems. Does that resonate with you? (Yes.)

Okay so what I would like to do, and anybody else that might be feeling this, is I want you to close your eyes for just a moment and breathe down into your heart centre. As you do so what I am doing is that I can see within you those various places where things tend to be a little bit stuck. Just consciously let yourself just breathe that up into your heart centre and as you breathe it take another deep breath in and as you blow out. Whew… I’m going to consciously Whew, Whew and what I’m doing is I’m sending that, there it goes, Okay. What I was doing was just kind of shaking you up just a little bit and kind of breathing through and letting go some of that stuck energy. So now as we look at you we have a sense of more flow moving through your body. Can you feel that difference for yourself?

Caller: I’m feeling greater comfort.

Greater comfort, that’s fine, that’s good.

Caller: Yes.

Well what we saw happening as these energies were kind of moving through you it was like debris being pushed out and like these black particles of debris just being cleared out of you. So now when we come back and look at you we can still see that open Rose that represents your heart centre and we can see that the whole vibration of the body is lighter and there is more flow. So what we would say to you in the next week or so is work on consciously seeing an alignment between your expanded consciousness and your physical body. If you have aches and pains, or things that come up during the day, then let that be an opportunity for you to breathe into that area, link with it, then consciously breathe out with the intention of letting that energy flow out or letting that blockage or whatever it is be transitioned. Does that make sense to you?

Caller: Yes and it is exactly what I am experiencing and it is what I want to do is to let this flow and align with my higher self, my higher vibration. Absolutely. (Yes.) There has been a very major change within me spiritually and personally and so yes thank you, thank you so much.

You are very welcome and we see that you have done more than what you realize and so this is about just bringing your physical into your new state of being and it won’t take long.

Caller: Oh thank you that brings tears to my eyes, thank you.

You’re very welcome beloved.

Caller: Thank you thank you so much.

You’re very welcome.

Question 2: Hi Goddess recently my mother passed away and I was fortunate enough to be with her, as were my other family members, and the strange thing that happened was that she actually… she died twice. The first time we all got hysterical and you know kissed her goodbye and everything. About 7 or 8 minutes later she started breathing again and then she passed again. It was about 2 hours later and I have never, never heard of such a thing and I was just wondering why did she do that.

Answer: Because not you per say, but the group around her, pulled her back and it actually happens more than what people realize. You might hear on TV, “Well we thought they were dead, but they weren’t.” Sometimes people come back and stay and live much longer, like years and days, other times it is just a very short period of time. We feel a bit of the essence of your Mom. She’s not fully here, because she feels like she is just in that place of just getting used to the transition and everything. What we saw happening when you were talking about it was we could see her leaving, and then like (especially because as you said becoming hysterical) it just felt like there was just that need,” oh I’m not quite ready just give me another couple of minutes”.

She’s a very loving amazingly expanded person and so to her it was like, okay no big deal, and so she went back down in. She gave everybody those extra few minutes that they wanted to have so they could be more used to it, that this was the final time, and then she transitioned the second time. We see it happening as you explained and we see that that was why she did it through love and compassion and through her giving to you and the family. Where she is right now (the more I’m talking about her the more she is coming into focus) she just smiling, she’s just got this beautiful warm loving energy, she’s completely fine, she’s says yeah darling, “I’m just resting I just need to rest a little bit and then I’ll be back to my busy stuff.” So she feels like she’s completely fine, but she’s still watching over everyone. It feels like some are still kind of reaching out to her and she’s okay with that so it’s a little distracting, but that’s so normal when people first cross over and sometime even a long time later. Anyway that’s what she had to say about it and that’s our perception of what was going on.

Caller: Okay. Thank you so much.

You’re very welcome and she’s just wanting to say to you that yes all those times that you’ve been thinking about her and asking her to come she’s got a means of shifting through the dimensions and stuff that I have a sense that especially you, and it feels like about a group of about 3 or 4, will especially feel her presence and if you think it is her then it probably is because she can shift her energy.

Caller: Okay.

All right very good.

Caller: Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question 3: Hello goddess. (Hello.) Hi I’m wanting to ask a question. I’ve been trying to manifest a relationship and I recently met this person named Jose` and I wanted to know if this was the right person someone who matched my divine blueprint and spiritual relationship.

Answer: Okay so we think we can feel him through linking through you, but let me just see if you can please tell me just the city where you live and he is so we can make sure that we are linking with him.

Caller: Oh okay I live in Los Angeles and he lives in Long beach.

In Long beach okay. So Jose` we’re reaching out. What we do when we do this type of special when people are still on earth. This is the soul communication and so we send out kind of message to link with him and to ask him if we can link with him to get more information and POOF okay. So what we are doing is we feel as if we have his essence and now we can get a better picture, or clear picture. Before when you mentioned him and you were asking what is the pathway it was kind of hazy, but this brings things into more distinct.

We feel like this is a very good potential for you. We like his energy. We like his vibration. He’s got a lot of love and generosity around him. It feels like there is something from the past that makes him either hesitant to a degree so it feel like it calls for just patience and understanding. It feels like it is something that can be gotten beyond. It just feels like it is something that he just needs to move beyond, but when we are reaching out and we’re streaming our energy to him (we’re kind of having a conversation in the background here) and we have asked him what does he think of you and it feels as if he thinks a lot of you. He’s excited about this potential too he’s just a little bit weary about things just because that’s kind of the way he is. In terms of looking at the two of you are you compatible with one another, does this have, this has a very good potential. As with any relationship, especially new relationships, it feels like there is that up and down (that wobbliness as each person is learning to figure out how do I react with this person) who do I, you know you kind of find yourself as you create a new relationship. So that feels as if it is a little bit wobbly, but it feels like when we look at 6 months down the road it feels like he’s still there. When we look at a year down the road it feels like he is still around so to us it’s got a lot of similar vibrations and a lot of potential.

Caller: Oh that sounds great because we’ve been able to link in to each other. Without me knowing I kind of guess like what color shirt he’s wearing, “are you wearing a blue with white collar and white on your sleeves”, and then he’ll send a picture like that’s exactly what I’m wearing right now. I’ll be driving to his house for the first time to meet him and he’s like are you in a white car and he’ll give me the Make and the Model. I’m like whoa yes and I’ve never even told him anything. So we’ve kind of got this exchange of energy we’re able to tap into each other’s energy and kind of I guess things about each other. (uhum, uhum.) It’s so different.

Yes excellent and so we say go with this, enjoy it, and see what comes of it because to us it’s got a lot of potential.

Caller: Oh fantastic okay. Oh and he’s a type that will communicate and.

He seemed very open when we reached out to him.

Caller: Okay, fantastic. Thank you so much goddess.

You’re welcome.

Question 4: Hi Goddess. I’d like to know if you can tell me in words what it is I’m experiencing through the acupuncture treatments I’ve been getting I feel a definite huge change.

Answer: Let’s see. We’re seeing that there’s a lot of different energy flowing around you. It feels as if you’ve gone through an amazing release.  It feels like what this acupuncturist is doing is assisting you to release in a physical manner what you’ve been working towards releasing in an emotional and mental places. So it just feels to us that you’ve taken it to a different level for you.

We’ve said to you for quite some time that we can see that you’ve already created for yourself and now it’s simply a matter of stepping into the manifestation of this next phase in your life; this place of self-actualization, this place of having so much of what you’ve been seeking to manifest.

As you talked about the acupuncturist, as you talked about feeling the changes in yourself it was as if that was giving you the physical assistance you needed to move into this next place. We have a sense of your weight changing, of your diet, your likes and dislikes changing. We have a sense of having more energy. We have a sense of all these things coming about as a result of this.

Caller: Wow! This is what I was hoping for other than the physical problems that I’ve been going for. She put one in one part of my forehead and instantly the tears came and a big fear came up but I couldn’t name it. I felt it. As soon as the sting from that particular needle left, the whole feeling left as well.

Yes, yes. Because you were open, you were accepting and you were allowing of this transition for yourself.

Caller: yeah, it’s wonderful. It’s the best thing I ever did!

Good, good! It feels like the practitioner you are working with is one of those doing the physical detail work but also working energetically in the background of it.

Caller: Yeah, I think so too. She never says she does, but I’m sure she is.

You know a lot of people do that and you’re not conscious of doing it; they think its all part of the same thing.

Caller: yeah, she’s very knowledgeable and really does know what she’s doing. I feel very comfortable with her.

Excellent, excellent! Well keep it up and be open to allow things to transition even more than what they have been.

Caller: Definitely, that is really fabulous!!

Good for you!

Caller: Thank you so much! It’s such a great help to know that.

You’re welcome and you just sound better as we listen to you. We’re so pleased for you.

Caller: Oh yeah. This journey has helped too, it’s really opened up a lot!

Excellent, excellent we’re glad to hear that!

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question 5: Hello. I would like to ask a question about ascension. (Okay) I’ve been reading a lot of channeled messages from Compte St. Germain about ascension and he’s saying there are a lot of people are ready and could ascend if they so choose. He’s suggesting there’s going to be an ascension call for people in a couple of months and that seems like a very soon kind of time. I’m wondering if you could comment on any of this.

Answer: Well you know an ascension call is something that’s gone out many different times before. Looking over the last 10 years with the transition of year 2000, there have already been – what we are tapping into through you when you call it this ‘ascension call’ feels like something that has occurred two or three times over the last 20 years upon the earth. There have been various groups of people that have stepped up to what they call the ascension call.

What happened each time these groups would do this is that they had a focus on shifting their own vibration and shifting the consciousness of this group. What it did was assist in shifting the collective consciousness of the whole earth. So when you speak of this we can hear you wondering is this is going to be like what Jeshua spoke of like for example when the Inca ascended or the various groups ascended. It could potentially be that, but what we see happening right now is that the majority of the group is about shifting their vibration such within their own self and the result of all of this is creating a shift in the collective consciousness. We don’t have a sense of a large group shifting out in the next few months or so. Does that resonate with you about that?

Caller: yes, for sure. He has simply said some things that were kind of surprising; that when you get the call you and you’ve said yes you will disappear right in front of your family. Then you’ll go to the 7th dimension where you can see them but they can’t see you. I understand that. But disappearing in your body in front of them caught me by surprise.

Well you see some people like to go for the dramatic and it’s actually based on fear. When they say things like and they think ‘Oh what is my family going to do and do I really want to go like that’. Ultimately each one of you is very conscious of and is very – what’s the word I want to use, responsible for, that’s not really the right word; very much creating what their ascension process is. And so therefore, you have a choice.

If you want to shift in a different way where you can let your energy flow back and forth between the different dimension then you can do that and you’re not blinking in and out in front of people. There are those that may be caught up in all the drama of that and they will like that and that may be their experience.

But sometimes with some of these energies or some of these people it’s as if they are drawing off the energy of the drama as apposed to drawing off the energy of ‘being’. The true ascension process is that people are truly shifted. Their consciousness is shifting, their body is shifting and their awareness is shifting. That is through a state of being and a state of manifesting your divinity.

You know, there are always going to be those who like the drama of a certain situation or a certain way of doing things. Ultimately, when you are working with your divinity it’s not going to happen in a means that creates fear. This is about transcending beyond those types of emotions and if it creates fear in others or fear in the individual like ‘I didn’t get to say goodbye, I want to say goodbye’ different things like that, ‘I’m not really ready to leave this life, I love this life’; as if someone is going to indiscriminately call on them and pull them out of that life and out of that experience; we just don’t see that happening. That is not what the ascension process is truly about.

Caller: well I agree you and the only thing I can add is that is that he has said that will only be for those who made a conscious choice to do so.


Caller: Okay, well thank you for shedding additional light on this.

Okay, excellent!

Caller: and thank you for that lovely journey tonight, it was wonderful.

You’re very welcome. Okay, we can take one more.

Question 6: Hello Goddess. When Jeshua as talking tonight about bringing this energy into our being that we can manifest this into our existence. Sometimes I wake up and have this complete amnesia and I don’t know where it’s coming from and I don’t know why have that. Can you help me with that?

Answer: The amnesia comes from the fact that you’ve spent your sleeping hours living in very expanded dimensions. We see you going out into the universe. We see you streaming through stars. We see you going into the central spiritual sun. We see you going to all these abstract very different zones of consciousness or places of consciousness.

When you wake up with amnesia, it’s as if you are waking up and coming back down into your physical body that might have a little sense of something but it also is that it can’t fully comprehend it so it creates a blank page. That’s what we see you doing in terms of the times that you wake up like that.

Now the other thing we see happening is that we also see that you are walking in these other dimensions. When you are sleeping here you are existing in another place or another existence and having a life experience there. So some of this amnesia may come from having your mind fully focused and living two different places is very challenging for people, it’s very distracting and it’s hard to fully comprehend. So some of that amnesia comes from fact that your consciousness in your everyday life here that you’re living has not gotten to that place where it could fully comprehend. Do both of those resonate with you?

Caller: Yes. Would that be something in the future that I can incorporate it more harmoniously?

Absolutely, absolutely. Number 1 you can put forth the intention that you want to incorporate it more fully into your consciousness. Also that you want to do it in such a manner that you can you can live fully in your current life. You can still be fully grounded. You can still live everything that you are doing, it’s just that either in the back of your mind or in another place when you allow your energies to flow in and out of that you can also tap into these other energies or these other experiences.

Caller: Can you expand on living in the moment? When we live in the moment and we’re not affected by our senses. I find that when I was getting acupuncture it was completely new for me. So can you elaborate on that? When we are as a human living in our body and we’re not affected by our senses. Where can we be more fully expanded?

Well as people are expanded and as you live in the moment it’s about living. Well that’s actually two different things to me. Living in a place of expansion is allowing your divinity to more fully integrate within you; that comes through your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, lightbody; all those various aspects that make up who you are. Allowing that to be there and allowing that to be a part of you is a part of what you are seeking to have in your everyday existence.

Now, living in the moment can also be about keeping your, it’s also about keeping yourself from letting your focus be on things that have happened in another time or keep you from living because this has not as yet happened ‘therefore I can’t do this, like I can’t go to step B because I haven’t achieved something else in the meantime’. So when you allow your focus to be on whatever is happening in this moment you are accepting yourself more fully, you are experiencing that’s moment life as if that’s all there is. That’s what allows your divinity to come in and be more of a part of you. Does that make sense to you beloved?

[I didn’t hear a response from the caller.]

Alrighty. So anyway, I think especially this evening as we’re talking about ascension and talking about integrating and talking about all those various things it all feels as if it’s blended together as all one. It all feels as if it’s just coming together. And again, focusing on that moment also keeps you from focusing on; well, you know I suppose in the moment you can focus on ‘I’m mad at that individual’ or ‘I’m frustrated about this happening in my life’ ‘I’m frustrated that I haven’t manifested x, y z’ . But then the truth of that is that you are putting your energy outside of you on whatever person you may be angry with or the fact – and then you are not living in the moment because you are focusing on the things that have not yet manifested. So you’re focusing on living outside of the moment.

So living in the moment is about feeling that divinity within you, feeling the flow of consciousness, feeling everything around you. then what you are doing as a result of that is that things expand, you have more perception, you have more opportunities and that is what I’m speaking of.

[I didn’t hear any further response from the caller.]

Alright beloved, well thank you.



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