Joyful, Joyful Life!

 As with so many of the Goddess's channels, this one is filled with many different layers of energy.  She began by speaking of the intensity of energy right now with a reminder that it is essential to allow the energy to flow through you.  Many people are feeling over whelmed, over stimulated and as if things are too much.  If you can remember to flow the energy through you, you will find greater balancing and centering within you.  The Goddess speaks at length about perception.  Your perception is everything.  It creates the foundation of what you think and feel and has a direct impact on how your day or your life will play out.  This channel will assist you in looking at yourself and if needed, shift your perceptions.  Your perception is an expression of where you are in your life.  If you look around and have a sense things are dark and heavy; you will manifest a life that is in alignment with that.  If you shift your perception of the same situation, you will find there are answers you did not know you had.

The Goddess spoke directly about seeking relationships, abundance jobs, children and more.  She put forth to all of us to ask ourselves; are you feeling lonely because you don't have a relationship?  As you sit with that question you may then ask yourself ‘am I lonely because I haven't met anyone or am I lonely because I'm out of sync from within?'  In addition ‘Am I seeking abundance because my environment doesn't have a job or am I seeking abundance because my life feels less than'.  As you move through step by step you will realize how you can create a shift within yourself that will impact the rest of your life.  It is all inter-twined. 

  Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole  

I greet you beloved family.  I flow my energy into and around each one of you as you gather with me for our experience this evening. I send out my love, I send out my energy as if to embrace each one of you like a dear friend that sits with you, perhaps holding your hand, perhaps with our arms around each other. Open to feel my presence, as I come here within you.

I so very love all that's taking place right now upon the earth. I very much appreciate the transformation that has already taken place and what is to come. You stand as if on the cusp of amazing new potentials. These potentials have always been around you in one form or another. But the more that you work with these energies, the more that you allow yourself to open and feel what this is; the more there is available to you.

The energies are immense and for those of you who have been struggling recently with the energies, I say to you, remember to breathe and remember to have a sense of feeling a flow move through you. Let's practice that once more, take in one more slow deep breath as if you are breathing the energy that is all around you. You're breathing it in through your nose; you are breathing it through your lungs, down through your heart and send it all the way down through your body; down through your legs and feel as it continues on into the earth.

If you feel as if you are having physical symptoms such as headaches, aches and pains, chest pain, breathing discomfort, things such as that I would say to you first and foremost focus on creating a flow of energy moving through you.  Because what I see is happening, is that many of you are inviting these intense energies to come in and to assist you within your life. And then as they come in, they gather within you and gather and gather and gather, and it just builds up and things seem to get cut off or compartmentalized. So this is why I expressed the importance of remembering to let energy flow through you. Already I can feel a shift taking place within everyone who is here.

Now, have a sense of allowing your consciousness to shift in such a way that you release your physical body. As you do so, you allow your focus to move until you align with the magnetic grid.  Here within the magnetic grade you can feel the impulses of light or see or sense them, as they move throughout this space. You come here often when you expand into your higher self. Have a sense of recognizing what is here for you.

Allow your energies to shift further so that you leave behind the magnetic pull of the Earth and allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid until you feel the essence of the crystalline grid. Here, within this space you can feel even more of your essence. As you are here within the crystalline energies, have a sense of opening to perceive how your own energies expand and vibrate within this alignment. This is where you work with energy on a very consistent basis.

I invite you though to continue on this journey by shifting into the soul plane. As you find your energy moving within this space have a sense of aligning with your I AM presence. Many of you immediately blend but I invite you to take a moment and really look at your divinity. As you look at your divinity you may sense, see, feel, various colors or various aspects that make up who you are.

You may also have a sense of seeing energies or vibrations that align with other experiences; everything is a part of the whole. By expanding your perception, you have a sense of a greater awareness as you look at who you are.  Therefore when you reach out and completely blend with your divinity, you can feel it move through you in a deeper and deeper manner. Feel the love, feel the acceptance, feel the awareness of who you are. This is you, and as you look at your current life there is a sense of complete acceptance for who you are.

I the Goddess move within this space so that I may blend with you. As I do so, I bring with me the light of who I AM that it may more so illuminate who you are, so that you may open to perceive what that is. We immediately shift into the All That Is as soon as my energies blend with yours.

Look around the All That Is, see what is here. There is so much happening within your life. Everybody upon the earth, no matter who you are, whether your life is consciously filled with things and peoples and projects or it seems as if your life is empty, there is still some much happening within and around you.

With our last gathering you shifted to a place of greater independence within yourself. [Referring to the teleconference from 07-04-10; Open to Freedom Within You.] You let go of old energies, old ideals that were no longer working for you so that you could have a sense or a feeling of freedom. How has that been for you? Does it feel like that is who you truly are? Or for some, did it seem to open up even more potentials or things for you to look at?

I wish to ask you a question, if there was but one thing to have within your life what would that be? It makes me smile because I hear a deluge of different words. For many, we need to look beneath the word at the energy or the essence that that word represents. Whether you are seeking greater abundance, relationships, a new job, perhaps a house or a car, perhaps children, perhaps good health; these are but a few of what I heard from you when I asked that question. So whether it was this or something else completely different within everything the core essence of creation within your life comes from you. It comes from your relationship with yourself.

Consider something that may be happening within your life. Perhaps something that is a challenge to you right now and as you consider whatever that may be, how much is being influenced by things outside of you? For example, does it feel as if you have not received what you wanted, because you haven't gotten a job and it's that lack of a job that's the impact?

Does it feel as if you are unfulfilled in your life, because a relationship has not manifested for you and it's that lack of relationship that's the cause?  For others, do you feel as if you are in a space of lack and it's because you don't have the money, whether from work or the lottery or whatever it may be, to be there to support you? When you think about it, it seems somewhat obvious that the lack within your life is from something outside of you.  But I wish to shift these energies with you this evening, because as you look inside yourself and consider how it would feel within you, then let that be your focus; things will manifest in a different manner.

Let us start with abundance. And if abundance is not anything that is of concern for you, then simply allow yourself to feel in the flow and let these words just move on past you. When you consider abundance within your life so many of you speak of it in its monetary form; I wish I had, and you can insert whatever dollar amount or pound or whatever denomination of money for your country; that makes sense to you. You think of abundance, perhaps as having all your bills paid, perhaps savings in the bank; perhaps an ability to pay for, whatever it is that comes along in your daily life.

I invite you to have a sense of taking a deep breath in and here within the All That Is, open up your consciousness and let the energy of the universe pour through you. As you feel that energy moving through you, feel how much of it represents money. As if you reach out and you pluck from this energy as much money as you need have a sense of doing that, as you take this money, as you feel it filling you up, I remind you not to just keep it held within you.  Send it through your consciousness and out into the flow of those around you. What I see happening as soon as I say that, is that some of you immediately go back into lack. So, just as you opened up and that flow of abundance came through you and around you, if it happened once it'll happen again and again and again.

It may be that you need to practice with this and you open up and allow for an even greater amount of energy to flow through you until you feel completely comfortable. So that when you consciously let that abundance go away from you and out into the universe you recognize that you are immediately filled up again. This is how you are creating a foundation for what it feels like to have immense monetary abundance within and around you.

Now when you take back the next step in how to manifest it within your life, I hear some of you would like to sit at home or be places that just bring you joy and love and excitement and the money is just simply there, you need not think about it, consider it or do anything for it, it's just there. This is absolutely a possibility. There are others who have a sense of being in that expanded energy and in that flow and they recognize that going out into the community brings them into a closer alignment with what they want; be it through work, connections, family, friends, whatever. This is another way of manifesting the abundance. Still others may consider a sense of a gift or winning the lottery or like a one fell swoop that brings this into your life. 

So far I have named a few things here; this is by no means everything. You can feel how the energy has somewhat constricted or narrowed, because we spoke of some specific ways in which to manifest abundance. But I invite you to step back once more and let go those specific ways and instead be open and in the flow of the immense abundance of the universe. And once more you can feel the difference now, because your energy is so much more expanded.

There is such abundance that has nothing to do with money or financials. Consider the abundance of love.  Consider the abundance of trees, grass, flowers. Consider the abundance of people, animals, whatever it may be that's around you. Consider what that feels like. And you find that your energy remains expanded as you allow that flow to be there within and around you. When people become very anxious due to lack of abundance, it is beneficial to you, to remember to stand in the flow of all of the other abundance within and around you.

I invite you to shift your focus to relationships. How many of you feel completely content with the relationships that are in your life? How many of you have been seeking a particular relationship? For some it may be to have children in your life, for others a partner, for others a person or company to work with. Relationships have an impact upon you in many, many different ways.

Bring that up within you and ask yourself if there is a lack, how does that lack of a relationship look to you? How much of your focus is upon the lack or that which is not occurring? Look underneath those energies and go within yourself as if you are going down, down within your consciousness.  Ask yourself, what is missing within your life in regards to relationships? Ask yourself from this space that expanded consciousness, is there another way that that feeling, that essence, that energy is manifesting within your life?  If there is but one potential that you focus upon, is that limiting to you?

If you are seeking a relationship because you seek that connection with someone else, the sense of creating a life together, the energy of the deep, deep way that love is reflected back and forth between you and another human; ask yourself if you are feeling that love, that connection to anything else within your life right now. Because if it's possible for you to find something else as a substitute perhaps or as a means of focusing that energy, then you can shift your own consciousness into what it feels like to have already what you seek. Whenever I say this to people the next thing I hear back from them is; but no, that's not it; no it's not good enough; no, I want the real thing I don't want the substitute! So, breathe deeply, breathe in the energies and let them shift and let them move through you.

The universe understands that ultimately you want what you want.  The universe also understands that when you feel good it's easier for you to manifest what you want. That is one of the reasons why I recommend that you find something with a similar energy or similar experience, so that you can let your focus be upon that energy and it will open up, more and more potential for you to manifest what you truly seek within your life.

Here in the All That Is, you have everything you want to have. When you're in this space of expansion there is no doubt that you can manifest what you seek to have. Let me shift gears a little bit and ask you about the energy of deserving. So many times I hear people say, ‘but I deserve that'. It may be in the context of; ‘I‘ve studied for eight years, I therefore deserve a job that will pay x amount'. I've heard; ‘I've been really good and conscientious in my life so I deserve to have good things happen to me'. Another thing is when other people may say; ‘you're such a good person, you deserve to have, whatever it is that you are seeking to have'.

And now as I speak of this, there is nothing wrong in these statements because they absolutely reflect a reality that comes behind those words. But when you use words such as deserve, it comes with it, the underlying energy of not deserving and therefore it comes with the energy of judgment, because if you judge that you deserve to have this, then you're saying that on the flip side of that, if it hasn't happened or didn't happen; you must have done something wrong that didn't deserve it. Is deserve a word or an energy that is a part of your life? I would encourage you to have a sense of letting that go, just as I invite you to let go judgment in any shape within your life.

As we are standing here in this space of the All That Is, as all of these energies and potentials are swirling around here; I am going to have a sense of shifting the energies in such a way that they move through you clearing out anything within you that keeps this from happening. I invite you to have a sense of letting your consciousness open and expand and release whatever no longer works for you. Release disappointment, release fear, release anxiety [Deep breath] and as that's all happening, it's as if there is a swell of energy that feels like joy, that feels like excitement and it feels like it's all bubbling up within everyone who is here. So let yourself laugh, let yourself have a sense of jumping up and down for joy! Because as you feel joy, as you laugh you're in a space of alignment that is relaxed and it allows for amazing things to happen within your life.

When you feel good about yourself, you are in the flow of your divine energies. When you feel happy and excited it is as if you step even further within the energies of your divinity. Your life is your own. You are creating. So for any of those things that felt like they were detached from you, that felt like they were outside of you, but yet they were keeping you from being in the place you wanted to be or the person you wanted to be; then have a sense of letting it go. Let yourself be in that space of feeling happy, of feeling excited and of knowing who you are here within the All That Is, as you stand in the flow of energy and light.

And now you allow your focus to be on creating days that make you feel joyful, happy and aware. Do you know the times when you feel that laughter that comes up within you for no apparent reason? Can you think of the times that you and a friend or loved one, remembered something or had an experience where you're just giggling and laughing with one another; and nobody else around you seems to be aware of the joke!

You may have those experiences within yourself as often as you would like. Your divinity wants you to have a life that is filled with laughter, with joy, with excitement and with the complete understanding that no matter what is happening within your life, you are content, you are at peace. Sometimes when you are manifesting what you seek to manifest, that you think is all that you want to have, is actually but the tip of the very foundation of what it is going to grow into.

You as human consciousness can only accept, whatever it is that you accept. As you find laughter and joy within your life and allow your life to expand through that means, you will begin to recognize that your perception expands again and again and again. Until you realize that for so long you actually had such a limited perception of what you wanted within your life. Let go the blinders, let go limitation, let go manifesting the struggle, open to a life that is created through joy, through excitement.

As that is all anchoring within each one of you, have a sense of coming back together as a group. As you rejoin each other, look around and see how brilliant the light is that emanates from each one of you who are here. I still see some of you giggling behind your hands, snickering over one joke or another and into that sense of fun you see the hologram of the Earth. It includes the hologram for Ariellis and as they come one superimposed over the other. As they come up within this group have a sense of flowing that sense of joy that sense of awareness into these holograms as they move within.

The holograms themselves begin to emanate a vibration. It's as if a pulsation of light or energy begins to emanate from them. See as they shift in the Earth, the hologram of the Earth moves downward as if to blend with the physical Earth. The hologram for Ariellis moves out and it aligns with Ariellis, also known as the new Earth. Through this mechanism it creates more and more of a bridge between the Earth itself and the new Earth, so that each of you can shift your consciousness and shift your focus from one space to the other with greater and greater ease.

As the hologram of the Earth moves through the magnetic grid, an aspect will stay here and the remainder goes down and anchors within the Earth. [Deep breath] The Earth itself finds an alignment or an integration and it all then emanates coming up through the surface of the Earth, coming up through the grass, the trees, the water, the Earth, just coming up through the people upon it, the animals and the space. It's as if it creates a shift in the alignment that allows for more joy and more laughter to be a part of everybody's life, and as that happens it‘s as if some of that intensity disperses and it releases creating a shift in the awareness for everyone upon the earth.

 Each of you will then allow your focus to come back within the space of the All That Is and then have a sense of shifting once more into the soul plane. As you do so, you have a sense of leaving the majority of your I AM presence here within this space. You then allow your focus to merge once more with the crystalline grid. As you allow your energies to blend within this space, feel the shift in perception because of the journey that you have just been upon. Your daily life can have as much of a difference in perception through opening to greater joy and laughter within your life.

You then move a little deeper or you come, a little closer into the Earth. You find that you move through the magnetic grid and as you do so you begin to feel that pull of the Earth, that gravitational pull of the Earth.  Through that you feel your energies as you come back within yourself.  Feel your physical body as your energy streams down into and around your physical body. Feel how light the energy of laughter and joy is, as it's here within you.

Once more affirm abundance, as it starts within you and emanates out. Once more affirm relationships, as they start within you and emanate out. Bring up anything within your life that you seek to have [Deep breath] and breathe it down within you, breathe it into the core essence of who you are here, within your physical body. And then through that space of laughter and joy have a sense of just sending it out with the intention of aligning with whatever it is you seek to have [Deep breath] and then invite it to come back within you.

Feel how you shift and adjust to integrate that energy.  Feel what it is to have accomplished whatever it is you seek to have. I affirm for each one of you that manifesting from a place where you feel good, where you feel happy, where you feel balance, will create a greater amount of ease and manifesting within your life.  Allow for joy to be an integral part of your life.

And with that, I encourage you to take a deep breath in, you may ground yourself once more upon the Earth and as you allow your energies to come back within the Earth, I am open to receive questions that you may have. You may press *6 upon your phone and it will allow you to come within this space.

Question:  Hello (Hello I can hardly hear you.)  I'm just - thank you very much for this journey, very much grateful.  I'm wondering if you could tell me what would be the best meditation for me to be doing now, to heal and to move forward spiritually.

Answer:  OK, could you tell us your name please so that we can link a little deeper and then take in a deep breath.  (Darleen) Darleen.  OK Darleen if you will then have a sense of taking in a deep breath and feel yourself blending with us.  All right Darleen first of all let me send to you an embrace of love and energy and I invite you to have a sense of opening up your arms and feel my energies as if it is a breeze that is flowing past you and moving through you.  There we go. 

What I see happening within your life is a number of different things as if you have you've been juggling many different things happening and you've been trying to find the space and the time to get everything accomplished that you seek to accomplish.  So what I think would be most beneficial to you is to have a meditation, or allow your breathing or your focus to be on connecting within your own self as at the very beginning of this journey when I had everybody breathing down inside of themselves.  What that does is that takes all of your energies that are scattered out in many ways and brings them all back within you because you are focusing on your breathing and you are focusing on your energy.  So by doing something like that it will help you to feel more balanced within yourself and centered and from that space of center and balance you can then go about your day, and all these other things that keep you so busy will have more of a focused energy, and you won't feel as if you are wearing yourself so thin.  This will also enable you to have a deeper connection to your own divinity, which will then assist in expanding your spirituality.  Does that resonate with you beloved?

Yes it does thank you very much.   

OK we see you having times when you stop and do that breathing in the middle of the day.  We see some days where you might do it 10 times and then other days where you might just do it once or twice.  You can do it for a longer period of time when you have the time and then you will get to a place where you can take one or two breaths in and it will have that same effect.

Thank you very much.   

You're welcome

 Oh can I just ask one more thing as far as diet what do you see. 

Excuse me since this is a completely different subject we'll need to go on to someone else.



Question:  Hello (Hello) Goddess this is Norma.  I have a question.  There is a lot of talk about and feelings of needing to leave Florida.  That makes me unhappy.  It's not really what I want to do, but at the same time I am feeling called maybe to go maybe towards the Midwest.  What do you see about that?

Answer:  Uhum.  Now we sense you talking about two different things.  When you mentioned there is a lot of talk of leaving Florida we sense like almost a general populace, ahh like as if from the Gulf Oil Spill, that there are problems anticipated that cause people to want to leave.  Is that what you are talking about?  (Yeah) OK  (And if I want to leave where would a good place be to go.) 

OK.  Well first of all I wish to say to you that much of that sense, like that collective consciousness, feels as if it is based on fear and it is based on the media and the words that are spoken from the media.  We have a sense that there is a change in the air; we have a sense of a change in the water; we have a sense of a change in many different things that involve Florida, but a need to have a general leaving of the area just does not resonate with us.  It feels to us that many people will chose to leave because perhaps they no longer like the energy of Florida, because the energy is going to change.  As for a need that it is poor for your health, various reasons like that, at this point in time that does not resonate with us as if that is something that will truly come about.  It feels like much of that is just the media talking.  Does that resonate with you as we say that?

Ah sort of but at the same time recently I have been coughing a lot and when I saw the Doctor he said he thought it was allergies.  I am very sensitive to any kind of chemicals or anything you know.  (Uhum)  I have Fibromyalgia and any kind of strangeness in the air I do pick up.

OK these breathing things that you talk about and strangeness in the air it does feel like allergens we agree with that.  Are they from the Gulf.  Are they from other things that are going on.  We are not 100% convinced it is coming from the Gulf, that that's where the allergy is coming from.  But the point is about you and what feels right to you.  So if you are symptomatic.  If these types of things continue on what we recommend is that you consider moving and when you spoke of the Midwest we did have like a bit of a glow and an energy around that so we do think that that would have a good benefit for you.  It feels like the climate and the energy is completely different so it would be beneficial to you but we feel like something more, we don't feel the Midwest such as Iowa, Nebraska like up north with the snow and ice it feels more like the southern Midwest.  Is that what you are thinking of?

Well I'm from Kansas City and I was thinking you know, I don't know, Ashville any place you know.  (Uhum) I love the beach and stuff, but right now when I go around it, it doesn't feel, something doesn't feel right.  (Uhum) I really don't know what it is.  (OK so.)  I don't like cold weather though.

Right and that's what we had picked up on.  So we do see that for one thing it gives you something to do to look at your possibilities and potentials, but to us it feels like right now there is a lot that is changing so perhaps give yourself more time.  Or perhaps maybe look at your alternatives and when the time comes, if you do need to move, then you will know when the time is right for you to make a move.

OK thank you very much. 

Ok you're welcome.

Question:  Um Hello (Hello)  Hi thank you for taking my call.  (You're welcome.)  I um I was actually talking to you a couple of weeks ago and we got cut off, so I'm going to re-ask my question.  I was asking about if I should be doing acting at this time or should be forgetting about that and about going to New York to do the acting even.

Answer:  Uhum.  Can you tell us again either your name or where you live.  (My name is Teressa and I live in Los Angeles.)  In Los Angeles, OK.  We see that you have some success with your acting and we see that, we also get a feeling of limitation around you.  What we would recommend that you do when you consider going to New York, it feels like in New York one often times thinks like that would be like acting and Plays and stuff like that, but we see you more so doing some sort of television type work.  Is that what you are seeking the television, or the Plays on stage?  (Yes it was more television.)  Yes that's what we see for you too.  So we see that there is an opportunity for you in New York that is around doing acting work, but we also have a sense that there is more available to you out where you are.  It feels like there's either, there feels like there's limitations around you, like you've either gotten into a niche and you haven't gone outside that niche, or that ah, it's as if you've been categorized as a type of actress somehow.  Some way it just feels like you're in some kind of a box. 

So what we would recommend that you do is take in a deep breath with us and as you take in a deep breath have a sense of seeing your self as if within this box and as you breathe out consciously - phew - consciously have a sense of pushing out that box, pushing it away from you and just kind of like shaking your arms, your legs, your body and as you do so then breathe down an energy that is kind of going to clear out your space and clear out your energy.  What we do now is - phew - now it's like we suddenly feel like a dizziness an expansion in your energies after you do this, and what we would say is look around where you are living right now and perhaps look at opportunities that you have not considered in the past, because it feels like there is work for you where you are.  It also feels if you did want to go to New York that there is work available for you up there and it feels like there would be a contract that would be written before you move as opposed to just moving there and seeing what you can find.  But we do feel like there is a lot of work around you and that you just need to kind of give yourself, shake yourself off from time to time and expand your energy and be very conscious of standing outside of a box or outside of limitation.

Wow OK so the limitation's more what I'm putting on myself then.  (Exactly) Then I have to expand and then I can be successful.  (Exactly, because we see a lot of work both in LA and in New York.)  OK that sounds great. 

Good could you feel the difference as just now when we were just kind of expanding that box and just kind of getting rid of it.

Yes, yes I could and so I should just keep doing that daily to even get more.  (Exactly.  Exactly)  Keep doing that daily ok. 

And sometimes you may even decide that  - you wake up - you do some breathing - you maybe do that little exercise, and then after that you go and see what jobs might be available, or you look whatever your sources are.  In that way you're in that space of expansion when you are in the process of looking, or interviewing, or going to jobs, what are those things called Auditions. 

Yeah, OK that sounds great thank you very much. 

You're very welcome. 

OK bye.

 Bye Bye.

Question: Hello Goddess, how are you?  (Good, thank you.)  my name is Sammy and I live in Texas.  I just wanted to ask you one question.  (Ummhmm) [I couldn't understand what he said]  What it is, is I want to know how to connect with another portion of myself...... [I couldn't understand.]  (You want to know how to connect with another person?) Another portion of myself in another reality.

Answer:  Things like that re becoming easier and easier for people to do as the energies become more transparent, as the veil between people or between the universe or the earth becomes thinner.  When you go up into the space of soul plane as we did in this journey, you're there and you align with your I AM presence you can then have a sense of asking, ‘what is another aspect that is me that is my life'.  Or even if it's another completely different life that is say a parallel life to yours.  That's one way of looking at the big expanded picture of things.  If you want to get more in touch say on a daily basis with a part of you that feels hidden away, then by doing those breathing exercises where you breathe inside and open up your heart, ask yourself the questions: ‘what am I not aware of' ‘what do I need to become aware of' or just state I am choosing to open to that which is hidden from me at the moment.  You will come up with whatever the words are.  Especially creating that link and alignment with your divinity and  your I AM presence that allows you to have a greater flow moving through you so that the answers can come more readily.   We have a sense that you have a deeper connection to your divinity; well you've always know that you have a deep connection to your divinity, but we have a sense that you have more of a conscious awareness than what you give yourself credit for.  We sense you receive nuances or get a feeling about things or you get a sense of things and you discount it or don't think that it's real.  So by opening your intention and your awareness to trust in these insights as they come to you, it will make it stronger and easier for you to create these understandings.

I'm thinking that too because of the fact that I'm aware of another portion of myself in another reality from the reality that offers this, also a finger, you know what I'm saying in another reality.  I finally realized there's something more to life that fascinates me, human beings fascinate me, everything around me fascinates me.  That's when it got deep within my consciousness and I try to expand and see how far I can expand my consciousness out of bounds.  I like to exercise and play with this energy, to embrace it.  It's like wow man, this is so awesome! It's like every day I feel like I can take over the world.  I feel like I have so much energy it's kind of overwhelming at times.

When it becomes overwhelming, that's when your ego is getting involved.  When you simply feel the energy and have the conscious awareness that there is so much more than life, there's so much more, that sense that life almost feels surreal to you.  That is the space of your divinity.  Then as you begin to analyze it and your ego gets involved, that's when you place limitations on it. 

Oh wow, I see.  So the energy I'm embracing right now, I don't want to hold you up, I know other people are waiting; but the energy I'm embracing right now, I'm carrying it  pretty well?

It feels to us as if you are.  It feels as if anything you are too much in the expanded awareness and not grounded enough.  By grounding your energies it will #1 help your ego become used to these energies so it will be more comfortable with the expansion.  But then secondly it will allow more of it come in, in a conscious reality  instead of just a thought that is detached from yourself.

Okay, one last thing, I am a song writer and I wrote a song about the new earth. I know I'm going to be changing for my music, I'm a preacher, there's a transformation through my music.  I'm wondering if I have heard from my higher self.

In anything you do whether it's playing music, communication or any part of your life when you are consciously linking with your higher self, it is your higher self that is coming through.  So trust in that!

That's what I'm talking about!  I want to thank you for your time.

You're welcome.

Question:  Hello Goddess, thank you for your journey tonight.  (You're welcome)  I have chosen to be seen and to begin the teaching of breath work, classes and showing people what self looks like.  I'm wondering if you could give me any suggestions about how to attract students to these classes. 

Answer:  it feels as if, first of all the journey tonight was exactly what you are seeking to do was it not?  As you talked about breathing in self-love it felt like there was such a distinct alignment with the journey tonight.  It was as if it took us back to that space in the journey.  Since we don't usually say that, there must be a reason for why it came to our awareness in this manner.  That would be one thing we would say; go back into when the Goddess was speaking of the energies of manifesting, the energies of joy, the energies of excitement.  That was when you were in that space that was most open and most creative. As you are seeking to manifest clients for the classes you want to offer, think of places that make you feel happy and like there is a flow to it.   On the practical side of matters; well do that with your energy to be in the space of being open to receive.  Then in a practical manner we see you taking out small advertisement in a local paper.  We see there's something offered, the advertisement might not be free, but it feels like the paper is free.  It feels like there is something that goes in there. We also see someone like a shop or store.  Someone around you has what would be considered a health fair; something with a lot of table set up for people to talk about classes they offer or the healing work they do.  We see you having a booth at something like that, that feels like September or October.  So it's not immediate, but this fall.  And then we also see you talking to people and spreading the word in that manner.  We see bulletins made up so we see you being very busy with tasks that are used in manifesting your clients.  Each of these things that you do, when you do it from that place of excitement and feeling joyful, then that is what will emanate an energy to people that will make them say  ‘wow that feels fun, that feels joyful, I want to be in that space'. Does that all resonate with you?

Oh yes, absolutely.  I've also been trying to connect with the aspect of my students who want to learn this information.  Is that beneficial also?

Absolutely it is, but for some reason when you said that just now, it felt as if it narrowed things down.  So perhaps it narrowed it because your sense is that your students are going to come in a particular form or something; like a particular category of people that are looking for self improvement.  So we would say if you want to align with the essence of them who are going to seek this type of work or transformation, then do so with the intention that that flow goes out as a part of what you are seeking to align with.  For other people, it may be in a different manner and therefore you are not limiting yourself. 

Okay, I understand now. 

Can you feel how just in talking about it the energies have shifted? Now there is a greater flow moving through and around you about this. 

Sounds wonderful!

It's as if once you've had the first few; it feels like you've had very small or limited and it feels like a dam breaks.  The classes start out small and get bigger and bigger because a lot of it is word of mouth.

Oh good, okay that sounds great!  Thank you very much.

You're welcome! Bye bye. 

We'll take one more.

Question: My name is Rachael.  (Hello)  I have a daughter that I connect with on a soul level and I haven't met yet.  She will come to me through adoption and through foster care I think.  I have 2 other children that I will focus on my relationship with them like you said about manifesting the relationship you want.  But I really do miss her.  I feel like she has been with me for a long time and I want this to happen. We've been waiting for a long time for her. I'm wondering if you have any insights about this.

Answer: We have a sense she is a deep soul connection to you; that the two of you have had many, many multiple lifetimes together.  It feels that you felt the connection to her even before she was born on the earth plane.  That's one of the reasons why it feels like it's so long.  It just feels like you were connecting before she was even born because she was trying to come in to you biologically.  Somehow some way there was something that felt like it was going to come through you. Then instead it felt like she said she was going to plan B.  It feels like she has incarnated upon the earth.  It feels like she's in a place of limbo.  That's kind of got us distracted into where she is, so we are going to take a step back.  (Deep breath)

Whew, it was like as soon as we took a step back, we could see how you are a magnet to this soul essence.  It feels like your husband was a part of it, but it was predominantly you.  Is that something that you've noticed also?

Yes, definitely.

Okay, okay.  So when we're looking at this when we say ‘when is this going to happen' ‘how is this going to come about' it feels to us.... Hmm a number is just not coming clear to us.  Let me see if there's any way we can get something from this. It has not yet been decided.  Okay, it feels like when we look down at say the 5 years point, it feels like she's a part of your life.  When we try to bring that forward and say ‘is she here what more information can we have about it?' It feels as if she's in a situation. It feels like she's an infant or at the very most 1 year to 18 months.  It feels like she's still very, very young.  It feels as if there is something trying to be worked out.  It does not feel like the energies around her right at this moment are of being in foster care or being adopted. That is the reason why it did not come clearly to us.  We get a sense of 2 - 2.5 is how old she would be when she possibly comes into your care. That would tell us what, a year from now.  But again, this is just the perception as we tap into it now, it could be different at another point in time. 

The thing to remember about something like this and trying to know how it's going to happen and when it's going to happen is the fact that she is someone who is a deep soul relationship to you.  You already have a relationship with her.  So when you realize that that relationship is taking place, you feel each other's essence, you feel the magnetism that is bringing you together.  If you let yourself focus on feeling that togetherness through the relationship you already have, then see that reflected in the children you have, your husband, your other relationships in life.  What you are going to find is that you won't have that same neediness within you because you know you already have a relationship with her.  Then it will take away some of that neediness so that you can be more in a place of being open to receive. We have a sense when you mentioned the foster care, it felt as if she moved through that very quickly and into your arms.  So it does not feel as if she will come to you hugely traumatized. 

Oh, thank you.

Does that resonate with you, what we speak of?

Yes, yes.  I've been having trouble connecting on this subject with my guides and I realize that in general it's just not completely decided on our relationship, thank you.

 You're very welcome.  So when you feel that sense of her around you, just have a sense like with the little girl next door to say ‘oh hi darling' and give her a hug and kiss, then separate.  In that way, you are reaffirming with each other ‘yes is see you, I know you're there, we'll come into contact at some point in life'.  It keeps you from going into the overload.

Okay, thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Alright beloved family, so as we bring this evening to a close, it always gives me that sense of; Oh, I want to talk more, I want to communicate more with each one of you here! And I realize that I actually am communicating more and more and more because each one of you are opening up to such a degree that you are feeling the communication from me directly and I'm feeling it back from you all the more.

So beloved, believe in yourself, remember to have joy and laughter within your life and choose to allow your reaction to be something that makes you feel good at any given moment during your day.

I am ever with you,



poetic555 30th July 2010 2:09 pm

Beautiful words of encouragement. Some of the meditations are hard for a "newbie" like me, but I'm going to try and I believe all is possible!

Shelly Dressel 4th August 2010 10:38 pm

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I know sometimes it can be a challenge when working with new energies or new techniques. I always tell people that even if you seem to go off elsewhere or fall asleep (when listening to the audio) you are still receiving the effect. So, if there's something that resonates with you, then allow the energies to flow and they will be there for you. I totally believe it is possible for you!!

Much love,


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