Living in the Now Moment

The focus of this channel is about living in the now moment. She gives us the opportunity to see our lives as they are right now; but with the influence of both past and future. If someone is living their life and feel as if there is a lack or as if things have not manifested; it could be due to something tying you to the past. So she took us back with the intention of releasing it. Once released, we could feel how it shifted our presence right now. She also had us say something to who we were back then. What piece of advice would you have wanted?

How many times are people living in a state of expectation or waiting? There are many times when people place their life on hold until they’ve manifest something or met someone or finished a job. If you shift your focus to where you are now, you can choose a direction that takes you where you want to be. She also had us ask if there was a message from our future self to assist us in this moment. From there all was blended into who we are right now!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. Happy anniversary! Happy day of joy and celebration that we are having because this is, as Shelly was mentioning beforehand, the eighth anniversary that we have come together as a group and that we have done these channels and they’ve been shared with the world.

There is so much that I have considered talking to you about, sharing with you tonight, because there is so much not only that has happened since that first time that we were together but there’s so much happening in your world as we speak.

In this year of 2011, it’s actually been almost 10 years to the day that I first created a connection with Shelly and she began channeling me. At that time these higher vibrational energies were still quite new to the earth. It was still a challenge for people to expand and live and work in the energies beyond the fourth dimension. Some people were already doing so, some people were very conscious of energy and working with energy; but we are speaking of the general population and the ease with which things happen now at this time.

Over the years, in some ways it’s been a very gradual process and in other ways you have made leaps and bounds that have brought you to where you are right now.

For everybody listening, it doesn’t matter where you are in your process. What matters is that you are choosing right now, in this moment, to share time not only with myself but with everybody else who comes here to join together in this moment.

Humanity is about the community of souls. It is about the energy that is created not only by the individual but by groups of people. It is about the collective consciousness of the earth. It is also about the ease with which you can choose to be completely within your own self or a part of this entire whole.

As you live your life, it’s about living in the now moment. I know that everyone has heard the phrase: “The past is behind you, the future has yet to happen, there is only right now”. Indeed that phrase is absolutely correct.

But so many people remain affected in there now moment by things from the past or things that as yet have not occurred in the future. As you live your life, I encourage you to always let your focus be on the now moment, living it to the fullest, living it in as expanded a manner as you are able to do; with honoring and respecting the past but letting go anything that may be holding you back, with looking towards your future with anticipation and delight but without putting off things that you can enjoy right now because you are waiting for the future to arrive.

Breathe in gently and easily. Allow yourself to anchor here in this moment. As you do so let you consciousness shift until you are in the space of the magnetic grid. It may just be that this is a space of expansion for you. But for those that are able to sense the energy, I invite you to take a moment and feel what this energy or this space is to you.

As we first began these journeys [April, 2003] the magnetic grid was quite close in to the earth. It was also more dense and all of that was due to, not only to the collective consciousness, but everything that was occurring upon the earth and everything that was happening as far as the vibrations of the earth.

I invite you to consider 2003 and just open to feel the perception that you may feel; that was then and this is now. [Deep breath] And you breathe in and you breathe out. Allow your focus to shift.

There is an interlocking grid that allows you to move out into the universe and into the crystalline grid. The crystalline grid is a different type of grid entirely. This consists of the crystalline energies and as such it is without the magnetic pull of the Earth. In 2003 when we began these journeys there was no perceptible, what’s the word I want to use; people were unable to perceive a crystalline grid. It was there as a framework but as yet it was undeveloped.

Do you remember when you first began to discern the crystalline grid and it was as if you felt individual crystals themselves and you merged with one or more of those crystals? [Deep breath] So now, as you look at this expansive energy, as you have a discernment of the many stair steps that take you up and through dimensions, through shifts in consciousness and into various aspects of the universe, it is quite profound the change that has taken place. Again, I admire and respect all of you because you have been a part of creating this.

Allow you focus to shift. This time allow your energies to move into the soul plane. As you find yourself here within this space, open up to feel the essence of your divinity. As you feel this essence of who you are have a sense of allowing your consciousness to open further or of allowing your heart to open up so that you may link with your I AM presence.

As you allow your consciousness to blend some of you may have just have a vague sense of feeling good in this space, others of you may have a more detailed sense of what your divinity is to you. Again, this is a dramatic change from the amount that people were able to perceive in 2003.

I the Goddess move amongst you. As I do so, I reach out and embrace each one of you. As I embrace you in this moment, I embrace you as the human that you are but also I see you as your divinity. Feel how your energies shift as we merge and as it allows you to shift into the All That Is.

Here within this space, there is a great celebration going on. I know you have been to many different celebrations and there is a part of you that says, “Well, which one is this?” Indeed, a celebration is just that, a celebration of a minute particular thing or of everything in the world and/or in the universe.

Feel what this celebration might be for you. Now I know that there are many of you that would like to just play in this moment and you’re certainly welcome to do so for as long as you would like. For anyone else, I invite you to come with me and experience your life of the last eight years; we may round it up to 10.

As I spoke while we were all still on your earth plane, we spoke of the now moment, your past and your future. I invite you to take this moment and have a sense of bringing up your life. For some it may be as if you have a big screen TV in front of you and you put this DVD into it that is your life.

Others may have a sense of feelings and emotions as they move through themselves. Howsoever it comes across to you; putting forth the intention of linking with your life as it is right now allows you to do just that.

As you consider your life, what is your first perception? I hear from many of you that it feels like right now is a stepping stone from where you’ve been to where you are going. I hear from others of you that your life as it is right now is all that you’ve been seeking to have. And then I also hear from still more people that they are putting forth what they would like their life to be although it doesn’t feel real to them.

Let´s have a sense of shifting your focus for this moment. Bring up within your consciousness just one thing at this moment that is important for you either that you are seeking to manifest or that you would like to change, whatever it may be.

Now you know how it feels right now; look from this space of energy, look at the pattern and just consider the past 5 maybe 10 years and ask yourself for information about what it is right now and is there anything that you see, sense, feel, that will give you some perception. One thing that I would like to point out to you is that the flow of energy is much easier and much smoother at this time. You may, a little bit, take for granted how quickly and easily your perceptions shift through these energies.

So, if we consciously take you back, go back to that moment or perhaps a period of time in your life that you feel is having an influence on you right now. (whoosh!) It was as if I could feel people and they’re stepping like they have tar or sticky stuff on their feet and they can’t lift up their feet. The energy feels dense and sticky and that was only a few short years ago. How quickly things have shifted and then how quickly people forget the specifics of what it was like at that point.

So here you are at this time in your past. Perhaps you have a sense of being with another person or group of people; perhaps you have a sense of your own self as part of something that’s even bigger without distinct people. Still others I see you in a space of isolation, where there is only you and nobody else around.

This is your opportunity to bring up the knowledge that you have of today, of this moment and with that knowledge as you look at whatever was going on, whatever was happening to you then you can create a shift. Perhaps this is the moment of forgiveness. Perhaps this is the moment to completely release the energy of a situation.

Whatsoever it may be, let it go. Breathe deeply within yourself and then consciously let that energy flow through and let it go.

Already you may have a perception of these energies shifting. I’m just hearing from another individual, and this is a wonderful idea, ‘if you knew back then, what you know right now, what would you say to yourself?

I invite you to say it right now, and that part of you that was so immersed in whatever it may be. Invite that part to truly listen and feel. Look around you and consciously let go these energies, consciously clear them out; release. Again, let your focus come back into the now moment.

You are here in the All That Is, you find yourself in that place where you are considering something that is a big focus within your life. Open and allow yourself to perceive the transformation that’s just taken place.

You release and transform whatever was in the past that was holding you back and you now can breathe into and look around and be in this moment and experience everything as it is right now without having that burden holding you back. You breathe in and you breathe out.

How many of you, either consciously or unconsciously have had the mindset that as soon as you accomplished something, whatever it may be, then you could go the next step, as if you’ve been waiting for something to happen in order to either fulfill a dream, create a change or have what you are seeking in your life?

I invite you to have a sense of breathing down within yourself and then consciously breathe out and let go. Letting go of those energies, letting go of anything at all that keeps you from being in this moment.

Is there anybody that has been seeking to manifest something for quite some time that as yet has not occurred? As a result of this, it’s created a link towards the future that is holding you in limbo in the now moment because as yet it has not occurred. [Deep breath] Breathe it in and breathe that out and just let it go.

So many of you hold onto that with two hands, even as I invite you to let it go because you still say, “but I want it”, of course that’s completely fine, but perhaps you should consider letting go the energy that has kept it from coming into you as yet.

So again, breathe down into this now moment, and you can feel that stream of energy going from past, present, future. Breathe it all into the moment and breathe it all linking with whatever it might be you’re seeking to have and let it go; very, very good.

I now invite you to have a sense of turning yourself kind of in the opposite direction of where you turned before as if you are looking at a timeline and you’re looking at yourself in the future. Perhaps it’s a week in the future, perhaps it’s a month, six months, a year, ten years, five years, whatever it may be. As you allow your focus and your consciousness to go into that space, allow yourself to fully immerse in these energies.

As you look around, can you feel anything different in the energies? As you look at your life, have you manifested what you seek to have? This is the perfect opportunity to create a shift for yourself, if it’s not manifested.

So, let go that potential that you are stepping into and instead reach out and draw to you an alternative potential that in fact embraces whatever it is that you seek to have.

So here you are in a place and you are creating a reality that allows you to fully feel this moment. You feel what it is to have accomplished whatever that was you were seeking to do.

In this moment, is there a message that you would like to give yourself who is in that now moment, which has not as yet arrived with where you are stretching your consciousness? Receive this message, allow it to flow through you, allow yourself to integrate whatever it may be and then allow your focus to once more come back into the now moment.

I have to say I can see a distinct shift in every one of you and my perception is that this shift is a reflection. Number 1: of you realizing that you can shift energy and create a new future for yourself with ease. Number 2: there was such love, such acceptance that flowed into you from these potentials both past and future.

So, as you are in this now moment, soak up that love, and that awareness because that is coming from you, for you. Lastly, I heard over and over again, a message of let go the anguish, let go the anxiety. What does that mean to you?

Quite often when people speak of what they seek to manifest, that a yet has not arrived, they are focusing upon things that make them anxious, or worried, disappointed. So this is your opportunity to clear out all of that. (Whew~~) You clear it out, you let it go. As you are doing so, you look around you feeling everything that’s taking place.

You feel yourself in this moment. You feel all the various potentials as they swirl around. I encourage you to allow yourself to open and feel love and acceptance. Feel it as it washes through you, feel it as it grows and magnifies.

Now, I invite you to come back here into the celebration. As you come here within, in particular the energies that have worked with Shelly and I over the last eight years are here with you. To name a few Archangels Michael and Raphael, Adamas St. Germaine, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Krishna, Sananda, whew! The line stretches on and on. The Dolphins, the Ray Lords, and we list some of these names, because each of you may have a tendency to be drawn towards, perhaps one of them or all of them.

One thing that was not there, at your gatherings, at least in a conscious manner, was the Lightbody energy. (speaking of 2003) And while all of these other essence are here to celebrate with you, the Lightbody energy as it brings about this new or different or expanded perception, is a very significant part of what you are moving into. Breathe down your awareness; feel the perception within you.

As you are doing so, you have a sense of just how comfortable you are now with the Lightbody energies. Do you remember when they first came through? And while it felt pretty good, it still felt awkward and now the energy feels so smooth and so much a part of the foundation with which you work.

This Light body energy, as it represents the crystalline energy, is about what happens as you integrate these higher vibrations within and around you.

This is what assists you in manifesting with greater ease. This is what gives you that boost as you seek to move forward in your life. This is what assists you in transforming from the very cellular structure of your biology all the way through your DNA; your blood vessels, your muscles, your organs; everything within you, all the way out towards your emotions, your beliefs and your physical environment.

There have been times within your life you wished to create a change, perhaps it was fear, perhaps it was daily responsibilities, perhaps it was simply not knowing or not getting the message that kept you from being able to make that step forward or that leap forward. I believe most everyone has felt that one or another times in their lives.

This is your opportunity and especially with this Lightbody energy to integrate a new potential or a new belief within you. Let this be a belief that you can make those quantum leaps forward without the stress that you’ve had in the past. You can integrate whatever it was that you sought to shift and by breathing down the Light body energy, letting its swirl within and around you, open to see how that transforms everything.

As we look toward the next 8 to 10 years, it will be as if certain things will happen that you could not have perceived. It will be as if certain things may still seem to be holding still without changing. It may be that there are more and more dimensions available to you and you have the ability to move through the dimensions with ease.

Truly, the potentials available to all of you are limitless but even more so the more that you accept and allow within your own self, the more you open up for transformation.

I invite you to be creative. I invite you to imagine the most abstract. I invite you to truly seek what is within your heart and feel the love, feel the support, feel the energy that is here for you. Allow that through the Lightbody energy to help you in this transformation. You breathe it in and you breathe it out.

Well, we got off on a tangent from the celebration here and thus as we come back with the focus, I see a conga line is moving through as people dance. I love a celebration! I love watching people as they talk, as they laugh, as they dance, as they eat. Yes, even in expanded consciousness people are eating, perhaps because that’s what you expect to do at a party. [Deep breath]

Breathe in, feel who you are as you celebrate life, as you celebrate yourself, as you celebrate Goddess Light and its eighth anniversary. Whew!

You can fly; you can soar to where ever you would like to go. You can move backwards and forwards through time with ease, and you may do that by focusing always on the now moment. Grounding yourself in this moment and then allowing through abstract expanded consciousness you can go where ever you would like to go, create whatever shift you seek to create. And you breathe it in and out with ease.

As always, we allow this celebration to continue for as long as it may. Well, as you know it never stops. I invite all that would like to, to gather with me and form somewhat of a circle. Hmmm… I see that conga line snaking itself around and becoming a circle. All the angels and teachers are here with you as a part of this group. Feel how they support you and you support them.

Coming up within the center of this is the hologram of the earth. As you look at the hologram, you can see the many dimensions, and you can see the hologram that goes out towards the new earth, Ariellis as we have called it. With all that is here, you may each choose whatever you would like to infuse into this hologram.

I as the Goddess choose to infuse the essence of living in the now moment. It’s delightful to see what diversity is pumped into or infused into this hologram. You breathe deeply and allow it to move through. As these holograms soak up the energy of what everyone is infusing you have a sense of releasing them and they move down, they stream through the crystalline grid into the magnetic.

There is an aspect that goes out towards Ariellis and then the aspect that goes down towards your physical earth. As this goes down within your physical earth it anchors within those immense crystals and then radiates out from there. It emanates out through the earth itself, it comes up through the grass, the leaves, the trees, the animals; it comes up into you in your human self. Allow it to come up within you and anchor within.

You have a sense of letting all that go and you allow your focus to come back here within this space. Again, there are some that may choose to stay here for a while at the party. Stay as long as you like, take it as a chance to go and chat with your friends or chat with the angels and teachers who are here. If you do not see anyone that you would like to speak with invite them to come join you and they will.

Breathe in gently and easily and allow your focus to shift once more, that you may go back within the soul plane. As you are here within this space, feel what it is to you. Feel how your perception has expanded. Allow yourself to experience not only all that is here but all the various potentials that are available.

I invite you to let you focus shift so that you may flow through the crystalline grid. You may have a sense of being open to this flow and these energies and you take with you anything at all that assist you in your daily life.

You can also feel your energies as they shift. As you come back into the earth plane, you begin to feel the magnetic pull of the earth. As you feel that magnetic pull, allow yourself to create a shift or a balance that allows you to integrate and move with ease.

I invite you to also shift further. Allow your consciousness to once more return within you in this moment; you in your physical body, you in what every situation you may find yourself.

As you allow your energies to anchor take it as an opportunity to once more clear out the energies from the past, clear out the energies from the future and take into you whatever message you may or may not have given yourself.

Let it all integrate within, feel it as it moves through you moving down into your body, moving into your cells, your DNA, your bones, every part of you. Feel it as it flows with ease.

Alright, so thank you everybody as always for coming in and choosing to be here with us during these journeys. Again, as we close, I invite you to return to The All That Is and celebrate.

Celebrate life, celebrate where you have been, where you are, where you’re going and bring it all into the now moment. Each of you has created truly unique and phenomenal lives for yourself upon the earth. I invite you to honor and respect who you are as an individual and allow that to expand all that is within and around you.

I am ever with you and within.




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