Merge with the Big Dipper

This channel takes us once more deeply into the new energies! It starts out with the Goddess talking about grounding and where our energies are as we begin the channel. I think this is important because the more we are grounded; the more fully our consciousness expands in the higher energies. Through the grounding, she helps people to be aware of themselves.

As you link with your higher self, she assists people in creating a more workable space. She really takes the time for people to experience what it is and how it looks. She also brings in the energies of the crystalline grid as a frame work.

As we arrive in the All That Is, the Goddess once more creates a place for letting go. This time there was immediately a stream that reflected emotions. She first invited everyone to infuse it with joy, happiness, excitement, etc. It created a different perception. Then, she invited people to really allow to flow, the energies that no longer work for them. There was a deep, deep wrenching of emotions. As all of this was infused into the river, it was as if it physically changed. But the change was balanced and neutralized by the energies put into it first.

Once cleared, the Goddess took everyone into the energies of the big dipper. She spoke of how it’s aligned with the Ray Lords and it a portal between the earth and other parts of the universe. We could feel the very intense energies. Each star in the big dipper represented various parts of us. It started with the mental body at the tip, then the emotional as the next in the line of the dipper and from there, the physical. It was as if all three of these were in alignment with one another. The two stars on the other side of the dipper represented the spiritual and light bodies. An interesting point is that during the channel, there were 5 stars. In truth, there are 7 in the big dipper! The Goddess told me that it has to do with energy and alignment. We’ll be linking with more in the future.

As we stood in the energies of the dipper there was an amazing flow that could be felt. It felt almost electrical!

We finished by anchoring these energies back into our everyday reality.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I send forth my love, I send forth my light. I reach out to embrace all who are here, to embrace each one of you as we come together for this time to share.

As you allow your energies to come within let yourself feel where you are in this moment. Let yourself take a moment to just express whatever it is that’s around you, that’s on your mind; be it emotions, be it thoughts and let it all just come up and be with you in this now moment. As you feel whatever this energy may be, allow yourself to appreciate that you are here present, right now.

I invite you to send a beam of light down into the earth and as you send that light into the earth let yourself feel what it is to link with the earth. Let yourself feel what it is to link with Gaia and then all of that flows back up within you and it anchors within your physical body.

The more that you allow your physical body to be anchored or the more that you consciously create that link the greater the expansion you will have with your consciousness as you go with me upon this journey.

Feel the energies that are around you right now. Become aware of the many, many things that have transitioned since this shift in energy.

Have a sense of allowing your consciousness to stream up. You may feel it as it moves through your energy body, allow that energy up through you, allowing it to be a conscious intention or a conscious awareness as you reach towards your higher self.

You put forth the intention to feel that alignment and immediately you are there. Look at what this is. Look around you. Have a sense of recognizing that this is the place that you come when you are seeking information in your everyday life, when you are seeking knowledge about a question or something that you may wish to have an answer to.

You come here to this space. Become aware of the blending between the magnetic and the crystalline grid work as it gives a foundation or a support within this space that you may utilize it to your benefit. Feel what that is to you.

I invite you to have a sense of allowing yourself to shift once more. This time you move into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within this space feel the energies. Look around and become aware of your I AM presence.

As you allow yourself to connect with your divinity take in the perception. Is it as is if you are walking towards one another? Is it as is if your divinity comes up within you? Open up to receive whatever this may be.

Here within your I Am space, your I Am presence, you have the ability to access parts of yourself or parts of your life that can be of assistance to you right now. Through your divinity you have the ability to create a change or to create an alignment with other individuals if you so choose.

Allow that energy to move through your consciousness. Allow yourself to link or merge or blend even more fully with who you are.

I the Goddess reach out and embrace each one of you. I reach out with my energies and I merge with you. I feel your energy, I feel your presence, I feel you as the person you are in this lifetime and I see you for who you are in all of your entirety.

As we merge with one another there is a shift that takes you into the All That Is.

As you find yourself moving within this space, open up to perceive what is here and all around you. When we were here during the last journey (speaking of the teleconference from January 6, 2013) I invited you to let go the energies of your past wishes, to let go the energies of things that you have wanted to manifest that have become a burden upon you.

Look around. Is there anything left over that still, it’s almost like I see debris, kind of scattered at your feet. I invite you to take a sweep of energy –whew—and let’s just clear it all out.

This place is sacred. It’s the filled with the energies of God/Goddess, it’s filled with the energies of everyone who chooses to come and share this as a place of creation. It is a place that you can truly allow yourself to be who you are. It is a place where you can open up and just pour out whatever it is that is upon you.

There are some of you that as I look around I still have that sense of energies that you are carrying upon your back. And as I look at this, it is as if there is a river of emotion that’s just washing through here.

If you are in a place where everything is just filled with joy, filled with excitement, then let all of that flow through you. Let it move into the flow of this river of emotion and it just expands.

If you have a sense of looking around your feet that there may be some of that energy that’s just washing specifically through you; with this support, with this love I invite anybody that’s carrying around the pain, the sorrow for whatever the reason may be; let it go. Allow it to just flow from you into this river of emotion that is moving through here. There is so much energy around disappointment, add that disappointment into that river.

And what I find really interesting is that as this river first began it was as if it was a calm, tranquil flow. As you infused joy, happiness, excitement, whatever it was that was in your heart at that moment; it began to sparkle and became somewhat effervescent.

As people are letting go their pain, as they are letting go their sorrow, as they are letting go disappointment, disillusionment, whatever it may be some of that is balancing out and it changes the color and the texture and the flow. So be aware of whatever energy is flowing around you right now.

This river of emotion transitions with you. It is here to help you; it is here to assist in clearing out whatever is there. Take in a deep breath, as you do so; breathe in the energies that are around you.

Your emotions have a definite impact upon you in your everyday life. Be open to whatever that may be. Be open to recognize that you can make a change on a day by day, minute by minute, hour by hour basis if you so choose.

This river of emotion that you are standing within, in fact some of you are swimming within, is here for you. There is an endless supply of compassion, of love, of support. This is a safe place where you can just let it go--whew-- let it go, let it go. [Deep breath] Now take another deep breath.

You are truly going to step into a new creation. You have let go of emotions, some of which you knew you were carrying around and some of which you didn’t even know were still there and holding you back.

Allow for this to be a fresh start and so look again at that river of emotion. Once more, it is crystal clear. Once more it is filled with the energies of love, of joy and of excitement. So let yourself be in that flow, let it move through you and as you do so look around. Everything around you is changing because this is changing, because you are able to let go and clear out those emotions.

Align with your mental body. As you do so, are there any particular thoughts that come to mind or come to your awareness at this time? And as I ask you this take into account anything at all that is moving through your consciousness. Are there beliefs? How deeply do they go within you as you consider what they may be?

Is there anything in terms of your thoughts that comes to mind? What is the first thing when you consider your thoughts, your beliefs?

I have a sense of seeing like a computer in people’s minds and I have a sense of how things come up as images or thoughts or beliefs and then you can push the screen and go to the next image and again as if you are moving through a file cabinet or moving through the different thoughts and beliefs that you may have within your mind. Allow yourself to access these thoughts.

I have a sense as I look at some of you with the energy of the thoughts around you that some of them are very narrow and constricted and I see trying to get out of that narrow space greater potentials and greater ideas.

So as if you are opening up the doors or as if you are, are expanding this space have a sense of just shifting outward. Let everything get bigger and bigger and bigger--Whew--and then clear out any old ideas, any old beliefs and anything that no longer works for you.

As I have a sense of you letting go that narrowness or those old thoughts it’s as if you are suddenly shifting into a place where everything around you is different. You already had shifted as a result of your emotions and so now as you’ve let go these old thoughts and beliefs you’ve moved once more into this place so that you are ready to come with me upon a new beginning or shall we say a journey to a new beginning.

As I look around at each one of you, I have a distinct sense that no matter where you are in your life or no matter where you are in your spiritual development you are ready to step into something new, to step into something that gives you another potential or another opportunity. So take a deep breath in.

Have a sense of joining me as we move through the All That Is and we come to a place that it is as if you are standing there and you are looking out at the universe. Be aware of whatever your perception of this may be.

We have spoken many times about how with the transition of the Mayan calendar and the ascension of the earth into these higher dimensions, that there was a greater alignment taking place between each one if you, your divinity, the All That Is and the Universe. Here is an opportunity for you to look again with clear eyes or with new eyes at the universe, not only in front of you but that’s all around you.

As you seek to create change in your everyday life you can gain access to tools that will assist you. Here within the universe there are planets, stars, vibrations, spaceships as some call them; there are aspects of you that live within these spaces and you can have greater access to that.

Perhaps, to assist you in bringing in a greater energy of yourself, perhaps to give you another perception of what it is to have truly transformed your life, to have truly made the differences so that you know it from every cell within your being, through every level, through every part of you and yes the changes are there in your life.

So play here within the universe. Allow your consciousness to shift you. Just ask, what is the best experience for me to have on this journey right now? See where you go. Connect, with whatever the energy is that is here.

Take in a deep breath and breathe out.

As you look around the space in which you find yourself open to sense color that may be around you. Open to sense or know if there are any images. Allow yourself to feel, see, understand, what is here for you.

I invite you to have a sense of letting all of that energy come back within you as if it is swirling back through your consciousness. Let it move down within you and then look again at it as if to go to a deeper level or as if to perhaps move into a different space or experience. See what it is, see, sense, feel what it is for you.

You will begin to notice different stars as you look into the sky. You will begin to notice different patterns within the skies, within the Milky Way, within the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper. There are so many different ways of experiencing the universe and not only will some of those change, it is as if those subtle nuances will become more firm or more solid as people look to the sky.

I invite everyone to gather with me for a moment. It is as if we are here and have a sense of looking around you. We are in the midst of the stars of the Big Dipper or what you refer to as (the big dipper).

As you feel your consciousness within this space, I invite you to take a moment to link with these five major stars. (For some reason, the Goddess only spoke of 5 stars, she told me we’ll link with the others later.) These stars are filled with energies that can take you into various experiences. Some say that these stars represent the Ray Lords, which are some of the foundation of the energies for your planet.

They are a steppingstone between some of the other vibrations of the universe and the vibrations of your planet. So here within this space using that higher perception of your mental body and using the higher perception of your emotional body feel the vibration and feel the energy that’s moving through here.

We merge first with the star that is out at the peak; we will call this number one and as you merge with this star you can feel the energies that swirl through. This is an alignment that assists you with your mental body. This star and the energies of it assist you in the thoughts that you have in what you might consider the more solid energies. And it helps you to create change if you seek to create change. It helps you to amplify those thoughts and those beliefs that are supportive of you.

So feel these energies of the first star and from there we have a sense of flowing down and as we come into this alignment with the next one there is a sense of feeling your emotions.

As we align with this star and you feel the energies flowing through you, recognize how this is a steppingstone to multitudes of emotions not only out in the universe, but in their alignment with you and feel that flow.

We continue on into the next corner. There is a physical energy that is associated with this. And by physical you feel it in your bones, your muscles, your ligaments, your organs inside of that which makes you a physical human. It is the alignment with the physical reality that will allow you to have the physical body you seek to have. You will be feeling distinct changes taking place as your DNA adjusts to the various levels of awareness.

You let your consciousness slide to the next star within this and whereas those three are all somewhat on a plane the two that we have a sense of being separated have to do with your light body.

Your light body is that part of you that is the crystalline alignment with the universe. Some may consider this as the spiritual aspect that’s been around you throughout your whole life. But that is shifting, changing as it integrates and creates the flow from your true light body into the rest of you. This is a part of your universal self. This is a part of you and your balance with the universe, with your divinity, with your awareness.

You have a sense of sliding, shifting to this last star that we are aligning with as a part of the Big Dipper and as you align within this space, allow the pure crystalline energy to move through all aspects of your consciousness.

As it moves through, it creates an alignment or an adjustment with your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental bodies. But you’re still here; you’re still here out in the universe. You’re still here in this place of this higher vibration, but you are creating the alignment and anchoring it within your thoughts, your emotions, your physical bodies so that it will be a part of you and the change taking place in your everyday life.

Take a deep breath in. Feel these energies as they move through you with ease. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As you stand here in alignment with these immense energies of the Ray Lords, of the Big Dipper, of the Universe; be open, accept and feel all that is here for you. It is you; it is a part of you, it is yours. Take a deep breath in.

Allow your focus to shift as if we return into the space of the All That Is. As you come back within this space, take a moment and just consider the energies that you have just integrated within you. Here in the All That Is it is your space that you are used to. It is your space that you’ve set up to be your place of creation.

Look around. It’s not that it has necessarily changed but your perception is changing very rapidly and dramatically. This is a time and a way for you to integrate at a level that you are used to working with those energies.

You have a sense, it’s as if I see you standing there; your arms are out and you welcome those energies that you were just working with to just flow within you and flow through you much more fully.

Consider your daily life. Consider all that you have been seeking to have. Consider a new perception as you take in your life. Are there things you would like to let go? Is there something else you would like to bring in?

Become aware. You are the creator. You are the energy and the light. You are the balance of all that you seek to have and to do. Feel it, sense it, know it. In some of you it’s like I see this twisting energy. It’s as if you are weaving together the various energies that make up who you are.

For others of you it is as if there is a flow and it moves in a direction that is comfortable for you. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I simply invite you to be open and receive. You take in a deep breath and you breathe out.

It’s exciting. It’s a time of joy. It is yours. Reach out and embrace all that is here for you. Reach out, accept, accept; feel who you are.

As you are here within the All That Is, have a sense of recognizing how you have an alignment with those stars of the Big Dipper, with the other planets and stars out within the universe and your planet is here for you too. Everything has its own movement and everything works off of the changes and transitions that are taking place.

Through your awareness or your intention you may receive the greater benefit or you may receive the energy that most benefits you, so that your life opens up, so that your life is expressed in the way in which you would like for it to be.

I know when we spoke last week I had mentioned that we do not need to use the hologram as we had been. (Speaking of teleconferences from previous years.) But I feel a sense that for many people having that hologram was another thread or another stream of energy that help to anchor what was happening out here, so we will work with the hologram.

If you will look towards the center you will see it coming up within all of you and as it does so Lady Gaia comes forth. We have a sense that she reaches out accepting and embracing each one of you.

We invite you to put forth your intention or your experience of this evening. Have a sense of that flowing within the hologram and at the same time we see that direct link between the Big Dipper and everybody’s energies and into the hologram.

As it becomes infused with what each one of you are putting within it, it has a sense of beginning to flow or rotate and then as it does so, you have a sense of releasing it.

There is a flow of energy as it moves into the crystalline grid and as it does so there is still that sense of separation where one energy goes out towards the new earth and the higher vibrations and another energy moves down into your physical earth, and as it moves within your physical earth you have a sense of the hologram itself blending in with the matrix or the energies of your earth.

As that happens, we invite you to be open to how it flows down into the center of the earth and as it moves within the earth itself it creates an alignment with those immense crystals and with those energies that make up the core of the earth. As this hologram links with those energies there is a sense of a shift or there is a sense of an expansion or balance that takes place and then that flows out from the center.

Everything that you have done, everything that you infused, not only within the hologram, but with your intention coming straight down into you from the All That Is; it comes up, and you can feel it within and around you in your physical body. Be open and allow that flow to move through every energy within you, to move through every cell within you creating the shift and the balance that allows you to anchor these energies.

I now invite you to once more let your focus return into the All That Is and as you do so you can feel your consciousness as it begins to flow back. It flows through the soul plane and as it does so there is that sense of further blending or alignment with your divinity. There has been a shift or an adjustment that took place as you created this change for this evening and your consciousness continues to flow back within you.

Have a sense of opening up all of your energy bodies within and around where ever you may be an feel that flow of your consciousness as it streams back within you. You may feel it as it comes down in through your head center and it moves throughout your entire body, but it also surrounds you with energy and with light.

And so work with that energy. Breathe it in, breathe it all the way through you and consciously let go of any residual energy that no longer works for you. You’ve let go of it up in the All That Is. Do so now, in your physical reality and breathe down those beautiful, beautiful energies of the Big Dipper. Breathe down your new reality.

Allow it to flow within and around you and let it merge. Take a deep breath in and breathe out and as you do so consciously send that down into the earth so that you may anchor yourself once more.

Feel the space in which you are. Look around you with new eyes, with new perception, with the complete awareness of who you are. You have made changes. It will affect you in your daily life, and so be open to embrace a greater ease in your everyday life.

Embrace a flow and an alignment that allows you to step forward into a new beginning. Today is a new beginning.

And so with that we will bring this evening to a close. I thank you for choosing to have this time with me. I thank you for being so open to experiencing the energies of the Big Dipper.

Yes, things have changed. Yes, opportunities are around you. Allow the flow to move in your life in many different ways. Experience who you are and recognize that you do have amazing potential within and around you.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.



Brenda Hoffman 31st January 2013 3:38 pm

Dear Shelly,
Absolutely wonderful! Thank you.
Blessings and Sparkles,

Shelly Dressel 3rd February 2013 11:26 am

Thank you Brenda!! I appreciate your comment.


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