Raising the Energy of Mars

Nama Sika Venia Benya               I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light. As always I thank you for taking this time and inviting me in. I am here for you. I am here as a support for you in all that you are doing upon the earth plane. I thank you for this path that you have chosen. As you move forward through each day, each day becomes filled with the shifts and changes that are occurring around you. Many of these are directly related to you, many of these are related to those who are around you. You are all interwoven in deep and complex ways. They're also many ways in which this is simple and straightforward that you are interwoven with one another, and that you are interwoven with those of us on this side of the veil.

With that I ask you each to allow your consciousness to shift and move. Release the physical body and allow your consciousness to move up into what is known as the magnetic grid. As you do this, you find yourself in a space in which you become very aware of the numerous pathways and impulses of energy which are going in every direction through this pathway. As you connect with this grid work, which find is that there is a greater amount of your I AM presence which is stored here. Each time that you connect more completely with your I AM presence and bring it back into the physical, a greater amount is stored in this space in which it is allowed to remain in its expanded form. And you have access to this in a much deeper way, due to the fact that it is much closer to you is to move through your everyday. You become aware of the ways in which everyone is interwoven with the other.

From here allow your consciousness to shift and find yourself moving into the crystalline grid work. This is the grid work which shifts and allows for adjustments in your energy field that you can more fully bring your consciousness to higher and higher planes of consciousness and understanding. As you move into the crystalline grid, there may be a specific crystal that you find yourself drawn to, or maybe the entire framework. All of these crystals have a way of working together with each other and yet they each, have unique qualities. So as you find yourself aware, take note if you find yourself connected to one particular crystal or for the energy them all. You allow for the expansion of your consciousness to take in all that is present.

From this space we call forth a column of light. You see this light as it comes down.  You may find it is around you by yourself, or you may have a sense of it surrounding the entire group.  You allow for this to blend with the crystalline grid and then shift your consciousness that you may find yourself moving upward. As you move through this tunnel of light, you have a sense of the different dimensions and different aspects of yourself which are conscious and these other dimensions. You may take note of them, or you may simply get a sense of where you are.

You come to this space in which your consciousness comes through the end of this tunnel. You have a sense of expanding in every direction possible. You feel as if you are stretching and moving, perhaps darting about trying to take in all that is coming to your awareness in this space. There is a sense, of lightness, and joy, and excitement!

This is the space in which you are able to connect completely with your I AM presence in all of its entirety. Bring this forth at this time. You may feel or sense a shift in your consciousness as it is taking on the awareness of the many different aspects of yourself. Have a sense, of the other energies which are here in support of you. These may be your guides or teachers, the Archangels; they come in many different forms.

We are going to remain in this space for the time being, because there is an energy that has requested to work with you at this time. So we ask for you to feel a sense of expansion in your consciousness. Begin to sense, this new energy that is moving between you and around you. This is the energy of Mars. While the planet has been so close to your planet over the last few months, it has brought about great changes in the energetic field of the earth plane. You are connecting with the soul aspect, or the God/Goddess aspect of the planet Mars. This may feel very different and uncomfortable to you at first. If you wish to do so, call forth a greater amount of my presence. Allow for the Goddess energy to infuse you more fully, that you will be comfortable and light in this situation.

The energy of Mars has been the energy of the warrior. This has been true for many, many millenniums. During the time in which the earth was being seeded, with the various energies of your universe, your galaxies, some of those galaxies which are further away. There were a multitude of different energies and light that came. Those of you, who are in the space right now and resonate with my energy and the energy of the Goddess, have chosen to be the ones to come through and help in transforming and seeding some of these energies of Mars.

Mars has been the warrior planet. There are many times during your non physical existence in which you went to Mars because there were many aspects of the warrior that were important for you to learn. Some of these aspects had to do with strategy, strength, and some of them had to do with living to the experience of being the complete holder of the power against others. Sometimes it was the reverse. When you did this to the planets, or the energy of Mars, was very strong and very profound. You have also had these experiences upon the earth plane, but it was a different aspect and somewhat toned it down. Just as the people on earth are moving into a new space in which they are working with these higher energies, what is occurring is the shifting of the vibration of all the other planets within the universe. Therefore it was not decided until most recently that this would be an opportunity for this energy of Mars to be able to connect with. You are going to assist them, him, or her; however you wish to view him, in shifting their vibration also.

The phrase that comes to mind is that “warrior with compassion". As you are assisting this in the level of the planet Mars, so to is it going to have a direct effect upon everyone who currently, and will in the future, reside upon the earth plane. The energies of the warrior are very important. They are a part of each person's evolution. But when the warriors are able to allow themselves to feel the compassion for those who are around them, feel the compassion for themselves, what you will find is that there will be less warfare. Or that the warfare will turn in a different and new direction, something that will allow for a greater amount of discussion in these energies around it but less of the physical violence.

So what I ask of you today, if you so desire, is allow yourself to see this energy that represents Mars. Once you have connected, allow it to gather itself together. <those of you upon this journey> You will form a circle around this energy of Mars. I now ask each of you, if you have not done so, to consciously bring in at the energy of the Goddess. This is the Divine Feminine. These are those aspects of yourself which nurture and love both yourself and others. There are many more characteristics than these.

So too, you call forth the energy of the divine masculine. You allow this to infuse you, with that which represents the masculine. This is oftentimes the aggressor, the assertive, the take charge. There are many different qualities as you know. As your consciousness is bringing in both of these energies and allowing for these energies to blend with the, have a sense of stepping forth until you are in a space in which you are in complete balance within yourself. This may be accomplished in many different ways. You realize that what is happening is that this energy of Mars is able to feel the shift in the energy that goes on within each one of you as you taking and the divine feminine and the divine masculine and then not allow it to blend until all is within balance. There is a sense, a sense of ah, in which the Energy of Mars is now able to realize something that they had not realized before.

Now I ask you to allow your heart center which is the core of your consciousness to simply open and allow the love to flow through you. Allow it to infuse every aspect of this energy. What you find is happening, is that you are infusing each other, in such a way supporting one another, just as you are in fusing this energy of Mars and supporting him also. You see the transformation that takes place as a result of this. There comes a moment in which you realize that there is no need for any further energy. This energy of Mars is feeling what it feels like to be in a place of complete balance. To feel more of the divine feminine. To feel the unconditional love that flows through you. To this degree it is something that they have not encountered before. For as you have been able to move from one plant to another, this energy has remained in that warrior state for countless millennium.

All that is being done upon the earth plane at this time is been noted by many, many different energies of light within the various galaxies. There is a sense now that this energy of Mars has met completion and is very thankful for all that you have done. This energy disperses until it is no longer a part of the center but simply a part of the other energies of angels who are supporting you.

Feel the shift that has occurred within yourself. You come to recognize about how all that you do when you give of yourself, in reality affects you in a way that enhances your growth and development.

From here we will move into the space in which we go to get a finer energy. This is a place that you are becoming very comfortable with. You have a sense of moving towards a doorway. As you look through, it may be as if you are stepping into a new consciousness, a void, or it may be filled with innumerable light. Each one is real for each one is what is your reality. Allow yourself to move through the door and into this space. As you do so you feel the greater expansion. It may be that as you move through this door you encounter your guides or energy, your master. These are the masters of light which began by teaching you, but now you are teaching them. What you will find is they are there in support of you as you create changes that you wish to create in your own personal life.

As we create in this space we allow for the infinite potential. As you look around you, you become aware of greater and greater amounts of details. The details have always that there, but your perception shifts and changes. So too, is this what occurs in your life upon the earth plane. You may move through your days doing the same thing each day, but there are times in which you are more aware of one thing or another. In this space of your complete soul expansion connect with the joy, that joy that is your pure essence! This joy which is you. It need not come from anybody else it is your connection with who you are. Allow yourself to become aware of the love that is all around you. It infuses every aspect of your being. Connect with more specific information about this if you so desire, that you may be more aware of it in your life upon the earth plane. Connect now, with the peacefulness that is all around you. You realize that a part of the peacefulness is contentment and acceptance. As you focus on any of these emotions, be aware of how it is shifting within your consciousness. You blend completely and fully with this essence of you. For all of this is you in your entirety.

There may be something that I have not specifically mentioned. Bring it forth at this time. Play with the energy; see what it feels like as you connect with the energy. This may be something you wish to manifest, it may be an aspect of what you have been creating that you wish to shift and change. As you feel it completely in every part of your I AM presence as you see it within your consciousness in this place realize that it can be exactly like this upon the earth plane. This is what you have been in the process of creating.

I ask you now to see before you an energy or guide that you have been working with. I also ask you to call forth the energy of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Although you have already blended with these energies tonight, I wish for you to visualize the shape of the diamond. As you see the four energies at each of the points, begin to allow yourself to see this in a new way. You may see the ways in which shifts and changes. It may seem to expand out and constrict in. What this is showing you is that by bringing into focus these energies, you are able to shift and change what is right in front of you.

I now ask you to allow for all four energies to move forward and encountered each other in the center of this diamond. Then allow for a separation or an infusion of this energy within. This opens you to greater perception. What do you see around you? Is there something you wish for your conscious mind to become more aware of? You have all the answers that you are seeking. You reconnect with every aspect of yourself. This is what we are going to bring down with us as we begin to move back.

You find yourself first moving through that doorway and you allow for your energies to shift. It may be a sense of squeezing through to come back to something smaller, but then you realize that as you allow your consciousness to expand it is right and comfortable in that moment..

Allow yourself in this space of expanded awareness to bring forth of the essence of who you are on the earth plane at this time. You may see a visual of who you are, you may see yourself in your home, or you may sense the energy of who you are with your personality upon the earth plane. When you have built this connection what I would like you to do is have a sense of pouring through these energies that you have worked with this evening into what represents your physical body upon the earth plane. We are infusing your physical body with the essence of joy, love, acceptance, abundance, creativity, and more. You find in this space that those things that have bothered you, perhaps about your physical body or your physical situation upon the earth plane, may now be released. It is released through the acceptance of who you are. It is released through the shifting of these energies. You are reconnecting at a much deeper level your I AM presence and your physical presence.  You allow for and accept the perfection of who you are ~~Ansaluia~~.

From this space we call forth a column of light. You have a sense almost of stepping into this column of light as your expanded consciousness of your I AM presence, but with you and beside you is that which represents your physical incarnation. So allow for the two of you to move through this column of light and as you come back down towards grid work. Although we don't specifically in fuse this energy into the earth plane it is affecting all who are upon the earth plane, just as it is so specifically affecting each one of you. You will find over the next few days and weeks that there will be a shift in your physical body. You have probably found over the last several weeks that there have been many different shifts that are already occurring. Never before have the people who lived on the earth plane lived with a vibration that is there at this time. This is why, so many people are having the physical discomforts that they are having, shifts in weight, shifts and allergies. It can be manifested in many different ways. Through this work you are continuing to bring in more and more within yourself. This is affecting you directly, all who are around you, and those who are able to connect with you through the magnetic grid and the crystalline grid. Continue to bring more and more of your consciousness down. Begin to ground yourself. As you move through the crystalline grid, you have that sense of lightness, that sense of joy and vibration that is here. There is a tone that is associated with this space. You stay here as you allow yourself to become acclimated. You assist your physical body with becoming more acclimated to this space. Those times in which you are upon the earth plane and you begin to feel yourself becoming a disconnected or out of sync, if you bring your consciousness into this space you will find that you are able to you move more fully into expansion and awareness. You are continuing to adjust and move. Feel the blending as you move into the space of the magnetic grid. There is instantly that pull of the gravitational pull. You can sense the distinct differences between these two areas or this space. You find yourself becoming more fully grounded.

As you are coming more fully back into the present I ask when you are ready to please hit the 4 on your telephone to bring you back into the Teleconference. I ask you at this time if there any questions you wish to ask me if so you may do so.

Question:  <paraphrased>  For the past week or so I’ve been feeling very angry.  Angry at my family, angry at myself, angry for no specific reason.  I’m also having a lot of mood swings which is unusual for me. Do you have an explanation?

Answer:  Yes beloved you will find that as you connect within and as you go deeper to ask yourself any of these questions about any of these shifts that are around you. The answers that you are receiving are indeed right on the money. Each of you are so attuned with these various energies of the angers. The abruptness that you have felt with some of your family and co-workers, much of this is because you are so sensitive to that which is around you. The energy of Mars, as we connected with it, you could feel the difference in that energy and what it felt like to be in it more fully. As you blended and infused it you will see that there will be less of that feeling of anger and frustration for indeed you were turning into those energies as they came to the earth plane. So too, you have been going through a great deal of transition especially over the last one to two months. Some of this frustration is coming out as anger, it is because you see and sense shifts and changes and they're not coming in the way you have anticipated or the speed that you would like them to be.   So, that was perhaps the underlying cause and then due to the energies of the celestials, so to speak, it accentuates these at energies. Does this make sense to you my beloved? <the person acknowledged, yes it did> You are welcome.

Question:  I am experiencing significant hair loss. What can I do about this?

Answer: all right my beloved, you are feeling these shifts and changes, and in particular you see it with hair loss. There are other people who may feel shifts and changes in their digestive track or their respiratory tract. Many of these different physical manifestations can occur in different ways. What is happening with you is that as your body is changing in the chemical manner it is affecting the hair that is upon your head. You need not be concerned about this for is a temporary thing that is happening to you. We always, encourage you to take vitamins and minerals, if that makes you feel better. But be aware of that which is natural, that which is helping you to move through these energies as opposed to something which is holding you back or numbing you so to speak. You beloved are by no means doing this we are simply stating this comparison of taking something that is supportive verses something that is not. So be aware that the hair loss is a temporary issue and that you continue to bring in <these energies> with the exercise that you learned tonight as a way of bringing greater alignment within your physical body. You will find that there is less and less of this problem.  <she said thank you> All right Beloved are there other questions?

Question: How does one open the third eye more fully? Is there an exercise or
meditation that would assist with this?

Answer:  What is going on with you in regards to the pounding in your forehead, and the expansion that is going on around you, is that you have been going through a great many shifts and changes. We know that you are well aware of this, we know that you are conscious of everything that has been moving through you and going on with you over the last several months. So, what we will do is through the physical asking of this question, we will connect with you in your dream state and work with you more fully on this so that it will relieve the physical symptoms that you are having. Again, as with so many others who are experiencing so much in their physical, when you are able to be in a space where you can more fully align your physical body with your I AM presence you can bring that complete balance within your physical body. Your body will then adjust to this. You are now vibrating at a higher level than you ever have before, and you are sensitive to these energies that are around you. You are feeling this in your forehead; you are also feeling this as other problems in your physical body, just as different people feel this in different aspects of their bodies. For you in particular with this that you are talking about, you are also experiencing some of the physical that is happening to others in your area. But it is accentuated within you because of these expansions that are going on. As you focus on this and see the third eye, if you wish to call it that, or see the energy that is all around you in more than just the space of your third eye. Opening up and expanding and filling these greater energies will allow for greater expansion within you. You begin to realize that the symptoms will ease off and go away. Does that answer your question? <she acknowledged a yes>  All right beloved and as we said, we will be working with you.  Are there any other questions?

Continued response:  the third eye center is about being able to see things that are in the non physical.  If you think of the third eye being in the location between your physical eyes in your physical body.  It is what allows you to become, the word that is used on the earth plane is clairvoyant, but it is a great deal more than that. People that have their third eye opened and expanded they have opened  that part of their energy field that allows in greater amounts of inside, and it may for some be that they can sense at a greater awareness, they may never see pictures or any bring along that line, but they have sense of what is around them. Any of these chakras that you're interested in working upon can be consciously expanded. You can bring in greater and greater amounts of insights. Even through the third eye or through all of your centers. What you will be finding is that the more the work with these newer energies, these higher energies, that they're very subtle in their differences of one another, so you may not necessarily feel a need to specifically work on my third eye and now my throat center, for indeed is simply the energy of the All That Is. Does this make sense?

Continued Response: Whichever resonates with you. One does not necessarily have to do it through a specific meditation, it could happen to you by allowing yourself to open to receive, and as you begin to create in these higher planes, see your physical body as being aware of receive the insights, the energies, the communication that is being sent your way. It is done. You need not focus on that a great deal, play with it, practice it, it is done. At the same token in the human form it is often times more comfortable, and is a greater understanding when you are able to work with it over a period of time. So, if through a meditation or through just practicing, for instance one thing you can do, is allow yourself to look across the room with your physical eyes wide open, then as you breathe in the essence of light that is the divine, allow yourself to have a sense of turning a key or shifting or moving into a different space. At this time what you are doing is using your third eye to now look at what you saw before, and what will happen is that you will see things in a different manner. Or perhaps you will notice things that were always there but you did not notice them before. You are welcome.

Question: <paraphrased>I am a very grounded person.  I have never really believed in ET’s or space craft.  BUT during the channel I felt like I was taken to a ship. I was being worked on and healed.  It was as if I looked at myself from outside myself.

Answer:  All right beloved, we thank you for asking this and seeking the clarity. For indeed, each of you when you are on this journey, you may go off on a path that is all your own, in fact it is your own personal journey. Beloved what happened with you is that you went onto a ship which is a part of the Ashtar Command. It is something that you have perhaps heard about but have never understood, or looked into before. Ashtar is someone who has been one of those energies who has chosen to be what you might call the intergalactic policeman, so to speak. He is the one who is in charge of all of this and it is true that there are what you would consider ships that move through the galaxy in a way and it is a place where energies that may not be as evolved as others are able to go to, to receive healing. They're able to practice things that they're not able to do on the earth plane. For those of you who are within this group, who are of the more advanced aspects, you are actually some of the ones who are there and doing the healing of others. This is quite often a place that you may go in your sleep state. Now, when it comes to the ship of the Ashtar command, we call it a ship because it is something that the humans understand. In reality what it is are various levels of dimensions or it may have what may come across to someone as rooms within dimensions, but it is simply a place where energy around it is that of support, healing, and love. It is a place where you may go from many different reasons. When you saw yourself going there and it appeared as if people were working on you, these were angelic beings that were working on you. So too, there are a part of the consciousness of your group that is working together as one. For is this energy work together as one, there was a part that went to be of assistance to that. All of this may sound a bit confusing, but everything is possible when you move into this dimension. You are welcome beloved.

Question: <paraphrased>  I had a best friend for years and years.  Then we had a disagreement and went our separate ways. Since then I feel as if I have a hole in my heart.  I keep thinking about her and missing her and wondering if we’ll reconnect.

Answer:  Beloved, allow myself to come forth and enfold you in my loving embrace. As you speak of this we can still see that there is that residual which has not been allowed to let go, or has not been allowed to heal. There has been that bit of the confusion that bit of the not understanding why did things work in the way in which they did. If you could move into the space, in which you can trust and allow that every relationship that comes to you is for a purpose.  Therefore, every relationship that goes out from you is also for a purpose. It is either for your personal growth or the other person's personal growth. So what feels as if you have a hole in your heart, we do not see it as a hole in your heart. We see it as a shift or a subtle change that is within you that is aching and seeking the loving friendship and connection that you have lost. What it feels as if you have lost. You have never completely lost it; it is always available to you when you move into these planes of the higher dimensions, and these other shifts of existence. What you will find, is that the more that you get into a space of loving and accepting yourself for who you are and where you are right now, then perhaps you move into this area such as where we worked tonight, and see yourself and this person.  Perhaps in this way you will see that this connection it is not totally severed, it is but shifted and moved into a new vibration. Does this answer the question well enough? All right, allow for an unfolding. Speaking of it at this time brings it to the forefront within you, so to it brings it into a space in which will be able to have greater and greater amounts of understanding come to you. This may be in your dream state or waking moments. All right beloved are there any other question?

Question: <paraphrased>  I feel as if I’m on a rollercoaster.  I feel as if I’m constantly up and down and bombarded by experiences and thoughts.  What can I do for this?

Answer:   As you have become conscious of this beloved, one of the ways in which you can move through and let go at a deeper level, is to choose to find a time even if it's only five minutes a day, or whatever works for you. But take this time in which you set the intent for the moment to be in a space in which you wish to release and let go things that will longer work for you. What you will find is that during that short period of time, be it five minutes, or whatever, is that you will begin to allow for things to come up in a way that you are going to acknowledge them, be conscious of them, and let them go. In addition, what will happen is that you will not be as caught unaware as has been happening to you sometimes. What is happening now is that there is something which triggers a memory within you, or a deep-seated consciousness, it sometimes feels to you as if it's coming out of the blue. So, if you can sort of prepare for when<this happening> “OK, this is my time now to deal with it”. You need not go back through and relive every experience. You need not be fully conscious of every aspect of what you are letting go of and moving beyond. If you simply allow for this space, and ask for what you need to be aware of to come to your consciousness, then just let go, going back to what ever was the source of this, you will begin to feel a deeper and deeper amount of letting go for you. That is the first step of what will begin to help you evolve and let go. But for all of you who are having a feeling of separation between your emotions, mental, and your physical body, when you are in the space as right before we came back from the journey tonight, when you have a sense of your I AM presence standing beside your physical presence, this is a way in which you can have a sense of blending your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual so that every everything is one. When you are in a better alignment within yourself, you will have less of this roller coaster affect. You are welcome beloved.

Question:  Regarding November 8th of our time: Can you tell us what is scheduled for that time here on Earth? Will this be the much-talked-about shift of poles? What would you advise us to do then?

  As with anything that is happening upon the earth plane, there is nothing that you need to do. Simply be in your space of existence, and be in your space of love and joy. No matter what is occurring planet wise, nationwide, city-wide, no matter what it is, if you are able to connect and remain in your space, bring in your expanded consciousness, your expanded awareness, you will be able to be more conscious of what is going on around you. Now, there has been a great deal of talk about the month of November and the shifting of polarity. It is difficult to explain exactly what is going on, because with the shifts that have been taking place throughout the summer, it has begun to open up the doorway and bring in more amounts of energy. So, this shift that people have been anticipating as the one moment one energy the next moment another energy is not going to happen in such a way. What is happening is that very slowly over this period of time, that due to in part the energetic calendar, will be the you have X amount of growth on the earth plane which allows for <the tape ended and was turned over, a sentence or two was lost>.  The people that will notice things… actually, those who are sensitive to light will notice this shifting and actually there will be many ways in which it will feel much easier to you because our sense is that with the shifting and the changes that will occur is that it will allow for greater amounts of energy in those who have already moved into this space. The difference that is going to occur or those who will notice it more fully are those who have not been fully aware of the shifting in vibration. Those who have a more dense vibration are the ones who will feel it more strongly. Will it be something they wake up to one a specific day in November? No, probably not. But it is something that is occurring over a period of time. You will hear many different commentaries' being said about this. Just as there are many different versions of what is going to happen, there are many different belief systems about what will happen. There is no right or wrong, there is simply that which is your own reality. Alright beloved is there more about that the wish to discuss? Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased>  I understand there is new language coming to the earth.  That there will one language spoken by all.  Can you comment on this?

Answer:  The language of creation you are speaking of? <she spoke further about her question> what you are speaking of is something that is not going to occur on the earth plane for a number or quite a few earth plane years. What is happening is that as the energies and the human vibrations are shifting and moving into these higher finer vibrations, it is allowing for greater amounts of telepathy to take place. Telepathy as you know is a conscious understanding of what is moving are going on around you. So in that regard, there is no need for a specific language of one sort or another, because as you connect with someone at a very deep level you don't get caught up in the words that are being said. You're communicating with one another through a knowingness and a sense.  This is a part of what is bringing forth more of the language that you are talking about. As for the people of the physical earth, you know it has been coming that the English is the much more accepted language and you are much more aware that if there is a second language in some of the countries, oftentimes English is the one that is spoken. It is but a language.  It is the communication that is behind it that is the important part of the shift and change that you are speaking about.

Question:  <paraphrased>  Why am I not manifesting what I am seeking in my life?  I feel as if I have done all the ground work and I’m still not getting where I want to be.

Answer:  Ok, you have been very good and very diligent about making a plan and seeing yourself as being in the place of where you want to end up. You have left open to the universe to be able to create a situations so that you are able to move forward with ease and with. Is this not correct? <she confirmed it was> So, as you are moving through your days and trying to figure out which path is the better path for you to take, there is going to be a bit of the trial and error. The reason for this is that each thing that you, or rather as you are living in the moment and experiencing that moment whatever it may be, there is an important aspect that you are taking into your physical consciousness. This whole learning process is a part of the whole which is creating your expected outcome. So I ask you to begin by taking what you consider a baby step. What ever comes to mind that you feel will lead to one your path just do it. Then allow for your feelings, be in touch with your feelings, become aware of what brings you joy, peace, what brings you excitement, trust and understand that there are going to be……. there's a higher level that you are actually going to be working at then what you are anticipating at this time. You need to move through some steps in this current space to bring it in more fully. So allow yourself to attempt to release frustration. Be in a space of loving acceptance and you will be able to evolve more easily.

I sit and I feel the expansion and I feel the connection that each one of you has for each other and that each of you have for the energies of the divine. This brings such a sense of joy and excitement to me. I find, that as I am able to connect more fully with each of you, and you are bringing my energies into your day, that I am growing and evolving and just as each of you are growing and evolving. So it is a matter of that which allows for each of us to move forward and grow in a way that brings about this joy and excitement. With that I thank you for being with me this evening. I thank you for the work you did with the energies of Mars. I am always here for you whether in your dream state or your consciousness.

For I am always with you! I am within you!


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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