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This is Shelly Dressel and this is the question and answer session that goes with the Goddess Light teleconference. The questions are specific to the individuals that ask them, yet I find that there’s a common thread, and there’s oftentimes an answer that many other people will find in what is being asked.

Sometimes the volume is not as high as some of the others individuals, but this is just due to the recording and I’ve done the best I can to make everything audible for you.

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Question 1: (Rhonda did you want to ask a question.) Yes, we have a question in the room here. Tammy wants to know if you see her doing the Stem Cell Therapy for her lungs and will it be successful.

Answer: Okay, her name is Tammy and she is in the Awakenet, correct. (Correct.) We invite her to pause for a moment and taking in a deep breath focusing on breathing into her heart centre. Okay. Tammy as we’re looking at you we can see that there is a great way that you are seeking to find balance within your body. It feels as if you’ve done a number of different treatments and then you have come back within your own personal; it’s pushed you in your spiritual growth; it’s pushed you in your physical reality; it’s pushed you in many different ways this experience you have been going through. So as you come to this, it feels almost like a crossroads, as you come to this crossroads and you consider the Stem Cell it feels like it is something that you will do and it feels like it will be successful with you. Now the degree of success, at this point as we look at it, feels like it has got several different variables and potentials. We sense that overall it is going to be successful, but it either takes a little bit longer to completely take effect, or the amount of effect is less than anticipated, but then over a period of time you do strengthening exercises, or you continue to work with it, and then you eventually get to the place of where you are seeking. As we look at you in the long-term we have a sense of seeing clear lungs, we have a sense of seeing a clear body and we have a sense of you creating a new reality for yourself. Does that make sense to her Rhonda?

Caller: Yes she says yes it makes sense to her very much so.

Okay we feel like there is still something. Was there something else about it that she wanted to ask? There feels like there was something else hanging there.

Caller: Yes, to do energy work along with the Stem Cell Therapy.

Ah yes that’s it, absolutely, and we think what is important for you to do is that you create an alignment with the people that will be doing the Stem Cell Therapy. It’s like you create a foundation, or a relationship, that is energetic between you and these individuals, but in addition to that you create a relationship of integration within your physical body. So in doing this we have a sense of it causes it to amplify, or it enhances all that will be happening with this treatment. Our sense is that by doing the energy work in conjunction is what will give you the best benefit of this treatment.

Caller: Okay she said it’s like a new beginning.

Excellent and so we see that for her. Thank you beloved.

Caller: She says thank you.

All right.

Question 2: Hello (Hello.) Is that for me? (Yes go ahead.) Thank you. Thank you for such a beautiful, beautiful, magnificent journey. The energy has been so wonderful and I feel so beautifully integrated although there were distractions in the area, but that is part of the mastering.

Goddess my question is I am so satisfied with my progress, my journey and my journey to ascension at so many levels I’ve just been challenged in the last week or so and there so repetitive but mostly physical symptoms. I know there are physical symptoms with ascension, but this one is highly intestinal and there is a tendency for the recurrence Candida parasite fungus? etc at that level. I thought that I was over that hurdle and it seems to be coming back with new moon or full moon and I am like consciously not there at all. I think that I overcome it and then it hits me. Right now I have a lot of discomfort in the lower intestinal area, very uncomfortable. I have family visiting tomorrow for a week. I need to be pretty strong. Is it food intolerance basically that I am going through or there was some kind of ….? Before, someone said Celiac disease? I don’t believe so.

Answer: It does not feel like Celiac disease to us. It does feel like the same Candida that you have had before, but it does not feel to be as greater degree as it was before. We feel that whenever your body goes through a dramatic change as it has, it feels like month to 6 weeks or so, your body then is slow to keep up with the changes that you are integrating within it. So the way that your body reacts to stress in your body, takes on that difference as stress, is by creating the symptoms of this Candida, or creating the groundwork for that to manifest within you. So that’s what we see as going on. It’s a result of stress or you could say it’s a result of stress that is caused by the shift in your ascension process. You are continually shifting and raising the vibration of your physical body. It stays in these higher vibrations the vast majority of time, but there are still times when it gets pulled down into more of a 3D reality, which causes an imbalance within you. It’s not necessarily that it’s going down into that space it is more so that you get upset with yourself, or you get upset with the situation, and it’s your reaction to it that causes the Candida to then flare up within you. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Caller: Yes I think that you might be absolutely right with that.

Okay, so what we would say to you is when you have these symptoms, or when something like this takes place within, you allow yourself to look at it more so as, “oh it is time for me to love and nurture myself”. Then as you flow that loving and nurturing within you it takes away that judgment, and it takes away that sense or that feeling that this is all caused by, or that you are doing something wrong, or that you’re sticking too long in those lower dimensions. That in turn is what will create a stronger balance for you so that you go into that space less often.

So as for getting past this right now we sense whatever it is that you would normally take for it to go ahead and follow those instructions. It feels like herbal supplements and it feels like you working with your physical body in terms of energy and shifting and we see that you will come out of this very quickly. It does not feel like it’s as deeply integrated within you as it has been at other times in the past. We feel like it could come back again in the future and that next time it does you will simply say, “oh it’s here again let me do this” and you love yourself, you nurture yourself, flow the energy and you move past it very quickly.

Caller: Thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

Caller: Thank you very much, bless you, thank you.

Question 3: Hello (Hello.) I wanted to ask a question about assisting, helping my daughter with her house. We’re trying to work on our relationship. Her house - she got a new house and there was a big cave in, you know a cliff and everything. She really wants to grow and plan and have healing for her physical body and for the house, property. If she could have clearing for the house.

Answer: Okay, did you say that there was a cave in the house?

Caller: Yes, she bought this house and the property caved in, you know, and she’s trying to get it fixed and there is a lot of conflict, and with people to fix it, and to bring about healing for this situation.

Okay. All right beloved so if you will have a sense of reaching out towards your daughter and we see the two of you standing hand in like a united front to assist in creating this change and transformation that the house needs. As we do that we want first and foremost to flow the energy of love and awareness between the two of you. We see it swirling within and around each one of you so that it creates a sense of companionship, or a sense of being united, or a sense of being in alignment with each other, so you can be mutually supportive of the other and as we do that… Poof we have a sense of…. Poof we are just kind of swirling that within and around you. It’s integrating fully within both of you.

Then we have a sense of looking out towards this house and it feels like we can see the issues that you are talking about and there feels like there are a lot of things; it feels like the foundation needs to be redone; it feels like there are many different things that will take place before this house will be exactly what it needs to be. We see it ultimately as costing more money up front, but then we see her being there for quite some time and ultimately it is going to lead to something that she will truly love to be in, that will nurture her, and that will support her. It is kind of a magical space I mean, the energy around. It’s like we see it with the problems that it has right now, but then we see it in the setting that is just kind of sparkling. So whether that sparkle is there to tell us that this is a good place for her to be, even though she’s had these serious problems, or if it’s telling us that it’s somewhat of a vortex a magical place. You know it could go either way.

What we’ll do now is we’ll have a sense of creating a flow of energy. First of all we’ll see the angels surrounding the property and surrounding the home, and as they do so we have a sense of sending in this light and this energy and it clears out anything that’s there and … poof we just send it up…. Poof and we clear out anything; we clear out the frustration; we clear out the lack of communication; we clear out anything that has kept this being fixed and things from going forward and as we do so …poof there it goes into her. We see a team of people working on it and it’s like the team has not been communicating with one another and that’s been creating some of these problems.

So as we look at this and we see this team we consciously send through a flow of energy that will create an alignment between everyone else. That will create an intention that everyone works together and that this gets fixed quickly and efficiently and in a completely satisfactory way so that it is solid and strong and will last for many, many, many years to come. We see that happening, we see that going all the way down into the foundation to the earth and then we see it going through the people involved, which feels about 4 or 5 to us …..poof and we just send it down. Okay … poof… okay … poof let’s just send you one more…. poof we just felt we wanted to send one more last burst of energy that would support both you and your daughter and support the clearing out of this house and so we see it things getting fixed.

As for that last statement about your daughter, helping her in her space and that she feels comfortable as she continues her personal journey, as she is open to expand and as she is open to receive we flow all that is love and all that is light within and around her to assist her in feeling comfortable. We see that she’s had problems in the past, but that she’s been holding on to it as if she is afraid because of what she knows. We see her now having this courage, or this know how, or this intention, or this awareness, that just simply lets her let go …poof and she lets go those past energies and we see her open and receiving the flow of energy and light. So we see that shifting for her also. Does that resonate with you beloved can you feel that.

Caller: Very good, very good, yes.

Okay good then so we see that it may still be like a month to six weeks, maybe even two months for this, because it feels pretty major, but go ahead and just stay in this space and stay in that flow. She may need to send that flow through there again, you may need to do it again, but that attention and awareness will allow things to become healed and to work more quickly.

Caller: Very good, thank you.

You’re welcome beloved. Our greetings to your daughter.

Caller: Thank you.

Question 4: We have another one in the room (speaking of the Awakenet online room). Jeanne wants to know; she’s going through menopause and she wants to know if Goddess sees a renewed body and mind in the coming months. Goddess: we remember her, didn’t we work with her last time also? May have, I don’t remember.

Answer: as we look at her we see that she will have a renewed body and we see her coming into a much greater balance within herself. But it feels like there are still more steps that she needs to take. Oh what are the words we need to use; it feels like her diet is coming into play. We don’t remember noticing that before. Either she was going to go on some herbal supplements or some medication or some sort of something. It felt like there was something she was going to take that was going to be of assistance. Then it also felt like there was something else that was going to assist her in this whole process.

We so see that ultimately she will get past this and ultimately she will feel better. It feels like she’s more balanced than she was even a couple weeks ago that we looked at her. We say that even if it doesn’t feel that way to her or if she doesn’t feel the balanced energy enough of the time, just continue to work with it with the intention that it will integrate and it will become the entire part of her day, that she’ll completely resolved and completely in a better space.

Caller: Thank you.

Okay, she’s welcome. Thank you very much Rhonda.

Caller: You’re welcome.

Question 5: Hi Goddess. (Hello) The question about that came up inspired me. I never thought to ask this question before. First of all I want to sell the house very much and have had no luck with that. it’s been on the market for many years and nothing happened. It appears that, at least what we know about, there’s a Native American entity on the property that does not want me to leave. At the same time, either that influence or something else causes a lot of chaos. Honestly, sometimes I swear there is someone sitting in the corner laughing at me as I search for the thing I just put down that vanished; or any of the number of very bizarre strange things that have happened. I don’t know what exactly that is. But maybe there’s a way we can shift and clear that.

Answer: Yes, I believe so. We don’t want you to give out your address to something so public, but if you will tell us your name and your town or city or something so that we can make sure we are linking with your home. That will help us.

Caller: my name is Melanie and I’m in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. (okay) And do check. I know someone else wanted to do some clearing on the property and they were made very uncomfortable by the Native American entities and didn’t want to rile them up or cause a problem. So I just don’t know what we have here.

Okay, so we feel like we’re coming into the house and especially because you mentioned the Native Americans in the past we’re looking for that specifically and we’re looking for that in particular to see if there’s something we need to be made aware of as we’re connecting with it.

As we do so, we see a stream of energy and light that goes out in different direction and it feels like there’s a pathway. It feels like you are not necessarily on the top of a mountain but part way up a mountain. It feels like there was a pathway that came up the mountain, went through where you live, not only your house, but we would say a mile, mile and a half wide, two miles wide a space that they would traverse through as they went from one place to another. Does that make sense to you, where you live?

Caller: yes, yes it does, very much so.

Okay, so it feels like it’s not one particular energy that is there, but like this was a place for people to travel through, so it feels like it’s a series of different things. That’s allowing us to link with it, now let us come even more closely within. As we come down, now we are sinking down within your house. As we come into here we look around to see who who’s here.

Okay, there was a tribe or there was a person who was called the ‘toll keeper’. This was a person who would kind of mediate between various tribes. People would congregate here if they were various meetings. There were actually several meeting between the settlers and the Native Americans at that time. Something happened. It feels like someone was hung when it was supposed to be a peace meeting. This person who’s the ‘guardian of the space or the gate’ feels as if he’s not going to ever let that happen again. Nothing’s going to get past on his shift so to speak. Perhaps we’re going to ask him if he’s the one who was hung. (pause)

Ah, it feels like he perhaps was the one who was hung in that space and that’s why his energy got stuck there. He was hung so that people could go do what they wanted to do against the wishes of the others. As we’re saying this and with the house that you’re living in, does it resonate with you? Can you get a feeling or a sense of resonance?

Caller: Yes, as a matter of fact as soon as you said that I got a sense it was the toll keeper who was hung over a decision he made (exactly) yeah, that very much so. And I’m right very close to a historical place where the Anasazi were and there are Ute Indians; there are tons of Indians around here, great Native American _____. And it feels like there’s a man of power, perhaps a Shaman that is present quite often. Basically I was told that until someone of whatever energy I carry that they like; they want somebody of equal energy before they will let me leave the property.

We’re seeing something a little different than that. We feel like the Shaman is there as a nurturer and he comes in and out periodically to help this essence with keeping the space there. So we can feel the shaman’s energies also. We be also feel… we’re going to talk to the gatekeeper and see if we can’t help him move on. Our sense of this is that it’s time for him to move on and it has been time for him to move on.

As we do so, we are reaching out to him and we find him in here. He is the one who is very stubbornly holding on to this space. Okay, so what we’re doing is that we telepathically communicate with him so we are not going to be able to tell you everything we are saying, but we will give you a synapsis. As we link with him and send our vibration and energy, we first of all introduce ourselves and explain why we are here.

As we’ve done so, we’ve explained that you would like to move from this place and it’s time for you to go on with your life and it’s time for you to move in a new direction. He’s saying ‘no we work well together, I really want to keep her here’; just those same messages that you’ve gotten before. As he’s saying that, we’re showing him your life potentials and we’re showing him your path. As we show him this we’re allowing him to understand it’s time for you to move on it’s time for him to let go of you as the individual. We’re actually encouraging him to transcend into the light and completely let go of this space. But he’s very adamant about not doing that so that’s okay, we’re not going to force anyone to do anything.

But what we’re doing is asking him to take some steps back, to shift his place outside of your home or outside of where he is right now. We’re encouraging him to find a space outside where he can be in and amongst the trees once more. It feels like there’s a stream or a river or there’s something that gives us a sense of a river or a flow so that he can be back out and more associated with nature. The thing is, he doesn’t see your house as a house. He sees it as he was when he was alive on the earth. He sees it as the place when his energy got stuck to the earth.

As we’re trying to shift him out, he keeps going back there. So what we’re doing is we’re surrounding him. We’re drawing up on his energies; we’re pulling up his energies and clearing out everything that was there. As we do so, we escort him and we show him another space that to him looks very welcoming and very becoming. We’re letting him know that this is outside the house so that he can let go the space where the house is and you can move on.

He’s saying now that he’s been attached to you, he likes you; he wants to communicate with you. It feels like he’s actually been at some point or another your spirit guide. He’s worked with you in that sense because that’s what he likes to do. He likes to mediate. He likes to talk to people. He likes to, what’s the word we want to use; he likes to be the advisor to people. And so that’s what he’s been to you at times. Does that resonate with you also?

Caller: well I find that curious and do wonder if I can still work with him if I move from here? I don’t want to offend him or not appreciate what he’s done for me. How would we work that that I’m not breaking a tie that’s supposed to be there?

Right, absolutely you can continue to work with him. He is always going to be there and available for you if that is what you seek. The way that you will be able to connect with him, he’s telling us his name and it’s in a language that makes it very hard for us to understand but we will attempt; it come across like Okumugu. He’s laughing at us and scowling like we really messed it up, so we apologize. (laughter) We’re just saying we’re trying to do a lot of things here, so sometimes those details don’t come out quite the same!

So what he’s saying is he’s agreeing to leave the premises. He’s agreeing to take up his new post. He’s adamantly refusing to go into the light and transition, so of course we honor that and respect it. But he’s saying that if you wish to continue to work with him and make it more of an ongoing basis, then simply reach out for him as the gatekeeper or Mugu the gatekeeper. He still doesn’t like that. The ‘gatekeeper’ will be fine since we can’t seem to get his name right!

It may very well be that you come up with a name that goes through your consciousness that you associate with him. You know what this energy feels like. You can feel it through us as we speak of it. You have feel it as it was in your house for all this time. So just bring up to mind that sense or that feeling with the intention of being the gatekeeper and you will find that your relationship with him will transition and he will be available to you as the spirit guide that will be quite helpful to you.

Now if you are thinking this doesn’t make sense because he was hard to get rid of, well it’s because he’s very adamantly doing his job. It’s nothing personal it was just he was not going to give up that space.

Caller: but he’s not offended by what we did.

Not in the least. He did not comprehend the changes that have taken place; he still sees it as it was when he was there. So he does not comprehend. What we were doing was shifting him out of that space and into a new location was just conveying to him that things have changed. He can still be in what’s familiar to him. He can still have what he wants to have but this will leave the house free and clear. You will be able to move on from it, but you will always have a connection to him and him to you through your intention and sending out that awareness.

Caller: Oh that is really cool! Thank you. Does it feel it’s in my best interest because I want to sell this property; my legal case should have been resolved by now I don’t even know what’s going on with it, so I’m leaving it alone. I want to keep paying my mortgage as long as I can but I have people telling me I should stop and start saving money in case I loose so that I can move on. That does not set with me personally well but I have until tomorrow to make this decision. Does it feel good to keep paying it so that I can keep the house and sell it in a better market?

Our sense is that you do what resonates with you and let go of other people’s ideas. If it feels right to you to continue to pay the mortgage and to us it feels more honorable or in your best interest; then we suggest you continue to do that. If it becomes impossible or if there are other problems then it feels like there are people you can talk to or things that can resolve it. But part of the reason this claim has not resolved is because of this resistance or energy stuck within the house.

We want to do one more thing. We invite you to have a sense of feeling yourself as part of your house. Feel yourself. We see you standing outside the front door with your arms out from your sides and your legs spread a little bit and your head back a little bit. What we’re doing is gathering the energies. We’re gathering the energies of the universe, gathering the energies of AA Michael and I the Goddess and the group and we gather all our energies and WHEW we send it through like a ball that just rolls through the house, it rolls through all the property. WHEW we send through another one. That just is clearing out this space.

What it’s doing is clearing out the energy of the home itself. We consciously sent it down into the ground to clear out the ground, the earth itself and the cellular memory that’s been stuck within that earth. As it does so, it allows things to much more easily and much more readily transition. So now as we put forth the intention that whatever the case is will be resolved and will be resolved quickly and efficiently and that you will be able to move from this place with the income that you need and you will be able to move on with your life. WHEW.

Caller: beautiful!

And we will just say on a side note. As we cleared out the energy of the house and we cleared out especially the earth underneath it, we saw the gatekeeper transition fully!

Caller: oh wow!

It feels like there’s great emotion being released with that and that he’s waving good bye to people and sending love and embrace and WHEW…… we see him completely blending with his essence. It feels like he’s now going to continue to work with things, but rather than be a not completely resolved soul that was stuck to the earth, he’s now doing so from a much more ascended space.

Caller: wow, thank you I know that brought me to tears as he left. That’s wild.

Yes, yes very much so. What we would say to you because sometimes you know wood and different places will hold onto memory as you can tell, the earth held on because it was such a dramatic and strong memory. What you may need to do is for a day or so is consciously call on AA Michael and he’s swirl through that energy and continually clear things out. Then begin to see it as things being resolved and you being able to move on within your life.

Caller: Ah, thank you so very much!! It feels completely different. I can’t tell you how beautiful; although there’s a sadness or missingness of him there’s also a lightness of the energy that is amazing. By the way, you are very good because not only is there a lot of wood naturally around me, my house is made of raw wood, there’s not anything processed so it must have been holding the energies really well.

Exactly, exactly, so it is of the earth. Just as AA Michael was cleansing the earth, this is also cleansing the earth. That which is of the earth.

Caller: oh my goodness, thank you so much!! I am so grateful as always! I am grateful to the other who asked about the house because it never occurred to me to bring it up.

Well we are glad you did. We’ve done this with other people in private sessions with Shelly and it’s always been very successful as we feel this has been.

Caller: Oh and the Wesak Moon is shining up this, it was great timing for this. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!



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