Self - Love!

Self-Love - what does that mean to you?  Is that something that creates a good feeling? Does it perhaps create a sense of shyness or embarrassment? For some it may just make you feel uncomfortable.  You come into this life with the complete and utter knowing that you are complete.  You are divine.  It is a given.  It has been the lessons you've learned and beliefs you've accepted since that time that has pushed you outside of this belief.  On your quest to re-align within yourself you must open to acceptance of who you are. 

This channel is a journey to assist you in doing just that. It will assist you first in creating that deep alignment within yourself.  For many the time of these channels is the time you are most aligned.  The Goddess assists you in finding the means to access this more easily.  She then assists you in taking an objective view of your life.  If you can do this without judging your past experiences, you will find that you open to a greater degree of compassion.  Judgment is one of the strongest forms of resistance.  Whenever you are judging someone else, it comes from a place of first judging yourself.  If you think about your life, you will most likely recognize that when you are most compassionate with yourself; it's reflected outward to all who are around you.

Lastly, this is what has been grounding into the earth more strongly over the last several months.  Every time there is an increased intensity in the energies, it's reflected in within your life.  Some of you may be feeling this in a particularly strong manner right now.  So be gentle with yourself.  Allow compassion to flow through you.  Allowing is actually the key word.  Allow for all that is soft and gentle to be a part of your life.  Allow this to reflect the deep inner connection that you already have.  Be the essence of self-love and acceptance.  See how all manifests in your life when this is in greater balance. Enjoy!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole  

I greet you, my beloved family. I feel each one of you, as I come into this space and reach out towards you. I know who you are. I am with you in your daily life and as you are living your life as you are going about experiencing whatever it is that may come your way, know that you are not alone.

There is so much that is being discussed through the various internet websites, on the news, in people's discussion groups; in many different places around the world. It's actually quite interesting the extremes of what is being said right now: that there is an increased amount of energy coming in, that the energy is here and people are simply integrating, that the change that is coming about is something completely different and has not been anticipated.  And I could go on and on expressing these various thought processes that are being shifted and put out into the consciousness of the Earth.

What I would like to say to you is that indeed change is here.  Of course change is always here. The opportunity to transform can take place with greater ease than it's ever been before. The time to manifest something in your life continues to become shorter and shorter. What I mean by that is that you think of something that you would like to manifest and it almost instantly occurs. For some people you see this in many different aspects of your life, for other people, it's something that seems to still be in the distance, depending on what it is that you are seeking to manifest. So in speaking of this and in talking about the various comments that are out there moving through your earth plane reality, it's another way of expressing to you that the opportunities are endless, that there's no right or wrong way for people to manifest in their life.

Essentially, everyone has the ability to have everything that you seek within your life. It's about finding out how to integrate that, how to allow it and about how to seek what you truly wish to have. With our most recent channel, we had Yeshua as the Christ energies and Buddha as the Buddhist energies come in and speak directly with you. No matter what your religious belief is in your current life existence, these energies are very prevalent upon the earth. They are made even more so by all that you are doing, as you shift your consciousness.

So before we begin our journey this evening, I would like to say to you, what is your intention for this moment in time? Is this something that is consistently within your energy pattern? Is this something erratic that changes on a consistent basis?

While we are here, in this very grounded energy, I ask you just make note of what it feels like to you. Now, shift your consciousness so that you may allow yourself to release your physical body and expand into the magnetic grid. As you expand into the magnetic grid, you find yourself aligning with your higher self. This space is filled with who you are in the human existence, but it is also filled with a greater amount of your divinity.

As you take in the energies, allow your consciousness to open in such a way that you are able to perceive the pathways as they move through here. In some regards, these pathways are becoming more and more faint as the magnetic grid integrates with the crystalline grid. You can very easily allow yourself to shift further so that you move through the interlocking grid and into the crystalline vibration.

As you feel your energies merging, it's as if you expand immediately as your vibration adjusts to this new space. As you allow your consciousness to flow freely, feel what it is, feel how your energies flow through and around everything that is within here. There is also a part of your higher self that resides within this space. You can feel it when you put forth the intention to align. It is as if these crystalline energies are moving through here and they tweak your own, so that you can feel comfortable and you can feel a greater balance of who you are.  

We shift again, this time moving into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within this space immediately your consciousness reaches out to align with your I AM presence. As if you take a moment to look at yourself from afar, take in the brilliance that is you, take in the high vibration, the expansion, all the various subtle nuances that are here within this space. As you create this alignment feel as if you fully blend with your divinity.

Take a moment and consider what your perception was, say six months, a year, two years ago. You've always been able to feel, see, sense or know, your divinity when you would link with it. But what I see occurring as I looked at all of you, is that everyone's perception has expanded so that you take in and you feel a greater alignment with who you are. It is brilliant, is it not?

I the Goddess come within this space.  I reach out to each one of you and I embrace who you are as your divinity, who you are as the human walking this life in which you find yourself. Feel my love, feel my essence as I merge completely with you and as we do so, we immediately shift into the All That Is.  

The All That Is was created by everyone through their conscious alignment with one another. It is a space of creation; it's a space where you come whenever you seek to find answers for yourself. Sometimes you come here during your sleep state; sometimes when you're wide awake and doing your daily activities. The All That Is has shifted to reflect everything that has been done by each of you.

I invite you to have a sense of moving through this space. You move with ease. If you put forth an intention of perhaps someone you would like to see our place you would like to go, you immediately arrive, where ever that is. As you are looking around, as you practice moving from place to place, I invite you to have a sense of turning around and looking back at yourself. For some it's a sense of looking within, for others it's a sense of stepping outside and looking back as it's separate from you. How so ever you choose to do this, it matters not. I simply want for each one of you to truly see who you are.

As you look at yourself blended with your I AM presence, you may have a sense of the brilliant colored lights that reflect who you are. Sometimes as people are looking at this light, what they perceive is still less than who they truly are within this space. So, it's as if you are stretching the energy, pushing the envelope, expanding your perception. Have a sense of doing so and then look again and see who you are.

Now, I invite you to consciously open up your heart, and then feel the flow of love and the flow of your divinity as it comes into you with ease. Your soul essence truly sees you and loves you unconditionally. Yes, 100% of the time your soul essence loves you unconditionally.  Shift your perception or your focus a little bit as you look at your divinity. Have a sense of following the pathway or bringing up your consciousness that represents who you are in this life. As you look at your life, what is the overriding energy?  

I am delighted to see such diverse reactions. If your overriding energy is joy, happiness, excitement, love anything along those lines, I invite you to simply let your consciousness blend further so that you may strengthen and accentuate that even more. For those of you who are anything less than that, I invite you to open up your heart and feel compassion as if you sense or see Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Myself; all these various essences of the divine feminine. They come in and around you feeling up this space, and assisting you or showing you what it is to truly feel compassion.

Compassion, is an energy of balance, it's an energy of love, an energy of acceptance that you need not even define it in that manner. Simply allowing compassion to flow within you, you can let it trickle down through all the components that make up who you are in this lifetime. Think of the ways, that you have been harsh with yourself. Think of the ways, that you've been critical, perhaps of your decisions, perhaps of your beliefs, your life it can be, whatever that that self-criticism does not help you in any way. So bring it up right now, bring up the times you've been critical, and then allow the compassion to flow through those experiences.  

Have you been judgmental? Have you looked at a situation and it caused you to judge, either a person, an experience, a situation?  As you consider judgment within your life, it causes you to be very constricted. If you have had that tendency to judge others or situations then look beneath at yourself, because most often when people feel a need to judge, it is because they themselves are feeling scared or insecure or perhaps less than. Does any of that apply to you? If so then allow the compassion to once more swirl around that situation or those situations allowing yourself the opportunity to truly feel who you are.  

As you continue to allow this energy to flow, look inside and is there anything that makes you feel restless? Is there resistance of any sort?  Look at your life, at what you have been accomplishing and what you seek to accomplish. Allow it all to flow through you. If there is anything at all that keeps you from receiving whatever it is that you seek to have let the compassion move through and clear it out.  So then we are going to come back around as if you have come full circle. When I ask you about self-love, how does it make you feel? Does self-love comes with expectations for you?

I invite you to allow self-love to be a sense of awareness, a sense of allowing. When you can love who you are in this lifetime, when you can accept who you are, you find that everything else falls into place. Let that happen for you right now. As the energies of Wesak have been illuminating this entire month with a greater amount of flow and awareness, in particular, self-love and acceptance are right at the forefront. I invite you to integrate that even deeper within yourself, so take a deep breath as if you are breathing deeply within your consciousness and if you are wide open. Allow the concept of self-love just to simply move through you with ease. As this happens, open up to accept who you are.

Everything that you do in your life creates an experience and you perceive those experiences. Bring something up that's going on within your life right now. You may bring it up with great detail or lack of detail how, so ever you choose and then as you're looking at it, recognize that this is how you are choosing to look at that situation. You choose a perception that is a reflection of your experiences. Now, as you once more allow that self-love, that compassion, that, that awareness to flow through you and come bubbling up even closer to the surface of your consciousness, look at that situation again.

Is there a different perception that might better benefit you? Are there answers that you have been seeking that now seem readily available? Allow your answer to come within you. Recognize that this is all a part of the choices that you have.  As you choose your life, so too you choose where your focus is, so too you choose to accept who you are. You choose to allow so much to come in and create havoc in your life; you choose to respond back to that havoc to by creating your own. You choose to have a life in which you recognize that things happen with ease and with awareness. You choose to allow all of this and more, to come into you on your daily life.

So as you live your life, I encourage each one of you to live it from within yourself awareness.  As you are within that space of energy and light and brilliance that is you as your I AM presence, it creates for you a greater illumination for you in your daily life. When you accept who you are, the choices that you have made, you begin to realize that you as the individual is so much more than the experiences that have shaped your life. The realignment and the open flow from your divinity, allows you the opportunity to completely choose how you are going to look at any given situation, and especially when we are in this space as I ask you, how are you going to choose that over the next few days?

I can feel a unanimous energy that states, through love, through compassion through awareness, so here you are doing it; here you are living that place of self-acceptance and self-awareness. For every one of you as you get up in the morning, there are times when you look in the mirror and you are not happy with what you see. There at times, you are looking for a job, a house, a car, and it just doesn't happen. There are times when you think you could have done differently around education. I could go on and on with this list because you as humans have an amazing ability to come up with criticisms of yourself. But when you bring those things up in this space, as you are looking at your life and as you are looking at yourself, can you see how different that is?

Can you see how some of that which seems so important to you on the earth plane becomes less important when you are here within this space? It's not that it's more or less important; it's more so that when you look at your life through the eyes of love, and self-love you are able to create changes that will occur with greater ease. Feel this, let it flow, open up and know that this is you choosing a life, making decisions from that place of awareness, from that place of self-love and it feels really good!

Now, the next thing I would like for you to do is swirl energy all around as if you stand within a funnel cloud, as if you stand in the middle of a windstorm.  Allow that energy to move all around you, as it does so, it clears out anything that may be sticking to you, it clears out old beliefs, old thoughts. See yourself as the strong contained person that you are standing in the mix of this storm, this storm of energy, this storm of light and as you stand there and your arms are out let yourself accept and feel this energy as it moves within and through you.

You have the ability to call down energy at any time during your day or night. You have the opportunity to let this energy flow through you and flow down through your life, let it flow through any given situation. And there you stand as the balanced individual that is you. If you find yourself in a place where things are not moving, where you feel stuck, where you wonder what's next for you then you draw in this energy and you let it flow through you. If you feel as if so much is changing so quickly and you struggle to keep up, then draw down this energy and feel the balance flow through you and you will know that everything gets done at the right and perfect time. So if you stand there, calling forth this energy, drawing it into and through yourself, once again be open to recognize how much love and acceptance for who you are is flowing through you.  Have a sense of pushing out and accepting even more of this.

Accept even more of who you are accept even more that you love and honor who you are in this lifetime. And as that continues to move through, feel as if you are swirling the energies and they swirl through in every direction and you utilize them to assist you in focusing.  As you look down, as you look at your life, as you look around as you are living your life, I invite you to choose opportunities and perceptions that strengthen you and that help you to have all that you are seeking to have. If you become frustrated in your daily life, I invite you to once again breathe in self-love. You don't have to do anything with it, simply invite it to come within you and it flows through. Then once more at that point, you can look out and choose a perception for your life or for any given experience that allows you to feel good.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so feel your energies as they flow through you. As your energies flow through, allow yourself to open and perceive the hologram of the Earth as it comes up within the center of this group.  As it moves within this center, you may have a sense of seeing Ariellis as if superimposed or as if somewhat detached. These holograms move through the energy that is generated from all of you.  Infuse self-love into these holograms; infuse compassion so that those energies will more fully integrate within the earth. These holograms become illuminated by light, they are filled with energy, they rotate, there is a flow of energy or essence with in and around.

As this continues to flow from you, these holograms have a sense of shifting, they shift in such a way that they move downward. There is that sense of the hologram of the Earth moving down to the Earth and there is a sense of Ariellis as it moves out through the crystalline grid and it aligns with Ariellis, also known as the New Earth. Both of these holograms have an alignment that is created between them. This alignment allows for each one of you to flow between the two separate spaces within your daily life.

Some of you do this on a very consistent basis; others of you only do it at times, but these holograms continue to move, they move down, this hologram moves down within the earth, it blends with the earth, creating an alignment within the core aspect of the Earth itself. As it does so it comes back up, it moves out, coming up through the grass, between the rivers, the oceans, so that everything becomes infused with that glorious energy of self-love. This integration of that vibration has a profound effect upon your physical earth.  As the earth responds, so too, do all of the humans, so allow that opportunity for yourself in your daily life; to expand into this greater self-love, but also flow that potential or that opportunity to everyone else who's around you.

Amazing transformations can take place from just such an exercise as this. You can then have a sense of shifting your focus, so you're back within the All That Is. It feels as if some of you do not want to leave this place, so if you would like to stay by all means you're welcome to do so. But for the rest, I invite you to shift your focus and you pause briefly in the soul plane. As you do, so you have to sense of releasing a larger portion of your divinity and you take with you, that which is integrated upon the Earth. Each time, that you do these journeys and you listen to this and you find that alignment, you are taking more and more of that crystalline vibration back with you to the Earth. It is having a difference.

You may then feel as if you are moving through the crystalline grid, as you come into the space of the crystalline allow your energy to flow down. It flows through and you can see how your perception coming within here is different than what it was before, but all is here and all comes to you that will assist you in whatever it is that you may be seeking. From there you have a sense of shifting again, moving through that interlocking grid, and then as you move into the magnetic grid you can once more feel those impulses of light. You can feel who you are and where you are. Let all of that flow through you.

Continue to bring your energies back with you, allow them to ground within your physical experience. As your energies ground you begin to feel your consciousness as it comes back within your physical body. As that energy streams into you, let it flow through you and out in whatever direction it may go. Once more, breathe in the flow of self-love and self-acceptance. Feel it as it moves through you.

As you look at your life, again remember choices and open to a new perception if need be. As you look at everything that's around you find what feels good, and allow that in to be a part of your everyday life. This is how you manifest greater self-love. This is how you manifest more of your divinity within your life. You are doing it, you simply forget at times. So this is a gentle reminder that allows you to step into your greater expansion, your greater perceptions, your greater awareness. Now, as these energies continue to come back within you and around you, you are welcome to come back within the room, and I am here to answer some questions for you. You may press the *6 on your telephone, and that will assist you in getting into the line so that we may speak with you personally.

Question:  Hello, Goddess. (Hello.) Thank you very much for a much needed reminder about the self-love. I've been really feeling that the last couple weeks. It's just beautiful to have that again . . . reminder. (Well, thank you. You're welcome.) I'm doing some healing work with my former husband, and I guess I'm just kind of . . . I'm in a free fall place, not knowing what's next in my life, which I've been in for, I don't know, a year or so, or a couple of years, being rather than doing. So just any general thing that you see for me. He's wanting me to stay around for, like, another year, to do this intense healing thing with him, and I'm kind of wanting new things in my life. I came back to do some of this, and it feels like there's been some completion. There's still some things there. So just if you see anything.

Answer:  Mm-hmm. Alright, Beloved. We see several different things around this as you are asking your question. We agree that we see that some completion has already taken place. We have the sense that there is more that would take place that would benefit both of you. We would suggest to you that there is the potential that he would want to go back into old patterns, and that there is . . . we just feel this pull that feels like the old energy that you left behind, kind of like reaching out towards you. It's showing us that that's an opportunity that it could go back into that type of a relationship again if you so choose.

So when you feel that restlessness and when you feel that desire to go and do something different, in part we sense it's to keep yourself from falling back into that old pattern. (Yeah.) So the restlessness is actually coming to us as twofold. Number one it is to keep you from returning to the old, but number two, it's also the director that's helping you to find something new. We have a sense of you moving. We sense that you have moved several different times. We see, like, little pins on a map. (Yeah.) As if you've gone to various different places (Yes.), and every place that you've gone has been there for a purpose and it has brought together these pieces to a puzzle that you've been putting back together, as if these pieces of the puzzle are you. And we have a sense that you may still move once, maybe twice, maybe three times. We have a sense that you are not yet ready to settle down permanently in any one location. So when you feel that you are ready to go and explore a new place; then we say follow your heart and follow your intention. We have a sense that with your husband, you've done the most important parts that you can both go, or your ex-husband (Mm-hmm.), you can both go your separate ways. And so if you do choose to stay there for an indeterminate time, then we just say to you, be very fully conscious of how it's serving you, and staying in that space of your own balance.

Yeah, because it makes me feel like it's sort of serving his healing, and that's the old pattern of me serving his agenda, and I really need to serve my own joy.

Exactly. You were absolutely right about this journey tonight. When you're in this space of self-love and self-acceptance, then that's when you are on the path that is your divine journey or your divine mission. I don't really like words like that, so I'm going to take those back. But basically, for anybody trying to make choices, trying to figure out where they want to live, where they want to go, what they want to do, then I say keep your options open to everything, and then whatever feels joyful to you, follow that path and go where it takes you. But it feels like you were very grounded, or in one place for a long, long time, and that there's still more of the rambling soul that needs to take place. We see you ending up in a place that feels like a very small village kind of energy where you could walk all over the place. (Aww! Aww!) It feels like it might be close to the ocean (Aww!), and it feels like it's the type of place where you know people, they know you, and you can see how that already sings to your heart.

That's my dream! It's my dream!

Exactly. So keep following your dream. Keep following whatever comes to you, and the sense we get is that you'll go driving into town one time and you'll say, "This is it."

Oh, yay! Yay! I've been dreaming of it.

Absolutely. And during the journey, as I spoke to everybody about your perception and how you perceive things and the way that you may choose to look at something, this is a perfect example. You may look at these various places that you go between here and there, and say, "Oh, what a waste of time. Just get me to my place." But the truth of the matter is, everyplace that you go, you're gathering more information. You're gathering more "Nope, I realize this is not what I want, so therefore I know more fully what I do want." And so everything is creating that balance for you. And so let it all unfold. And it feels like there's just a lot of brilliant light around you right now, so you are in your balance, and you are receiving your divine guidance from within. And just be assured that it's working.

Thank you so very much.

You're welcome. 

Question:  Hi. Yes. I am in my mid-50s and I've been single my entire life, most of my entire life. I sense a relationship that's in the ethers that I may manifest within the next year or so. And if that's the case, I would also like to know how that might fit in with my doing healing work, and at what level I'll be doing healing work (Okay.) in that relationship or not. (Mm-hmm.) It feels like that, you know kind of soulful relationship that may or may not happen. (Mm-hmm.)

Answer:  We understand exactly why you say that it may or may not happen, because there is a large part of you that has truly reveled in this lifetime of existence in really getting to know who you are, in being able to trust who you are, and believe in yourself. This journey that you have had in this life is, as we look at you and alignment with your soul, you came in with a very strong determination about independence, about self-actualization, self-realization. And that's what your life has been about.  


That's what the journey has been.


So all of that has been completely in alignment with what your intention was before you came into this life. For some reason we have a sense, like, around 50 or so, 50, 51, we have this sense of you feeling like a click, like a light switch gets flipped or something happens that makes you realize, "I did it. I'm done. Okay, I'm complete." And so it's like you then created a whole new scenario for yourself, and that's when you said, "Okay, I've done this now, so maybe I would like to have someone to share my life with. And that's when you began drawing into your life this partner. We feel him in the ethers. It feels like it has a very strong potential to come into your life, but we don't have anything specific enough to give you any details, so it's that abstract still. But we do see that your healing work is your focus right now, and by allowing yourself to focus on the healing work, we see it can be something that supports you completely, which again feels very different than what you've done over the past course of your life. It feels as if it's something that you are still in the process of creating and that as you complete this, we see it as something that involves teaching, doing hands-on healing work, doing lectures and doing like attunement type of process. I guess that goes with the teaching, but it feels different than the teaching. So it feels like you've got a myriad of different things that are coming together now. It doesn't feel like everything's here right now. It feels like you're still in the process, but within the next six months to a year, it all feels to us as if it's going to come together. And at that point you'll be able to make your decisions more fully.

That feels really great, in the self-actualization, self-realization was so exactly right. I couldn't see how that could be in alignment with a relationship for some reason. But yeah, because that's been very strong desire, almost like, yes, not really an ascetic life, but something more of an existence where you are definitely in freedom. Freedom is incredibly important with that process. So I'm glad you see that.

Okay, you're welcome. And we're glad that you've brought this up in such a way, because many people are going to be finding this happening to themselves, is that when they get to a certain place in their life and they feel like they're making decisions that seem so totally different than what the rest of their life has been, it's because you've completed what you needed to do, and now it's time to, like, if you had a completely blank slate and you could choose everything as if from scratch, then what would you choose. And the thing that's very important for people to understand is that it can be something absolutely, completely different; for example, the many people that are retiring and going into a whole new career for themselves. Another example is the person such as yourself who's been single her whole life and then chooses a long-term relationship. We don't even see necessarily that you get married. It may just be that you have a long-term committed relationship. And so it's important for people to understand, and it's not that you have to live ‘til your 50s or 60s. You can be 20 years old and make the same decision. You can be 30. You can be 35. You can be any age at any time and have this same type of experience for yourself.

Thank you so much.

You're very welcome.

Question:  Hello Goddess. (Hello) Hi, my question has to do with it seems like there has been a big ending.  I had a dream last night and it involved a friend of mine who was moving into a new house.  It was her own house and I went to visit her at her own house.  I had known her in this dream when she had lived in a bunch of different, other kind of, not so great places all over the country and now she was moving back to her house.  I called her this morning and told her about the dream and she said that's really interesting I had the same dream.   So we decided it was about her soul.  That she has kind of moved back to maybe reunifying with her own soul and she has gone through kind of a death process but she is still alive.  I have heard this from a number of other people in a number of other ways.  Probably I have experienced this myself too and this is just in the last few weeks, 2 or 3 weeks.  I was wondering if you have any comments about that.

Answer:  OK we have several different things we would like to say about this.  Number 1 when it comes to dreams and talking about houses most often the house represents the individual.  So the fact that your friend had a number of little smaller houses that were less than what you would think she would have for herself, or she thought she would have herself, and then the fact that she is actually moving into this bigger house, this more expansive house that is an indication of her if the house represents who she is in this life.  Going from small pieces of herself into something that is much more encompassing.  So our interpretation of the dream is consistent with yours.  Did she go through the death process?  We see a number of people going through something similar to that.  We can see it feels as if for you this is something that happened a while ago and what has occurred to you most recently feels more like a completion of a cycle.  With her it feels like it was much more dramatic and much more happening in a very short period of time.  So we see in her that she did create a profound change for herself in a very short period of time, and it feels like it has been very intense and it has been quite challenging, but coming out of it we see her in a better space of balance and a better space of peace and self-awareness.  Does that resonate with you about her?

Yes it does.

Okay, so for yourself we see that back probably 3 to 4 years ago was when you really went through a deep and intense process of transition and letting go and what some might call the death process that it was such a dramatic and different change in yourself.  So what we see is happening to you most recently was just bringing to completion that process and stepping forth into something new that you put that foundation for and now you are stepping into it.  And the reason that it feels different and that you are someone different is because of the fact that you have more of your consciousness aligned with it than before and that is why it feels different.  More of your consciousness is aligned as more of your divinity is within you. 

(Aha) Does that resonate? 

Yes it does.  So for me it was more gradual.

Exactly.  Well, or you could say - think back to that time before you started your business; when you were trying to start your business; when you were between two businesses.  (Yes)  Yeah you don't forget that do you.  (No)  That's when you had the more profound, intense, dramatic change and you've had a number of experiences since then that have been boosts and have kind of pushed you along the way.  What we see as happening most recently feels to us as if it was something that definitely made an impact on you, but it was not the same.  To us it feels like it was more bringing to fruition or bringing to closure what you had already started.

(Is this kind of a general theme this ending, cycle of endings, or whatever?  I'm not sure what I'm trying to say. About in the last 3 or 4 weeks.  Is this something a lot of people are going through?) 

Absolutely. (Uhum)  This is why when we spoke at the very beginning about people seem to be stuck and how people seem to be on a runaway train.  How it seems to be one day one thing, one day the opposite thing.  That very kind of unbalanced energy and very erratic energy is what causes people to have these very intense transitions take place within themselves.  So we agree that many people are feeling this in many different ways and that's one of them.  (Okay) 

But beloved you always have been very balanced ever since the last number of years.  So we see you coming through this, even though it may be to you - we can see for you it was pretty intense and it was pretty profound.  We see you as coming through it and keeping a very stabilized type energy and as if you weathered it with minimal amount of problems and discomfort.

 Yeah a lot of people have been talking about very dramatic changes and intense things and I am like, well not for me. 

Exactly, and that's a representation of the fact that you have already done so much work and you're in a balanced place, and that you allowed things to move through and around you.  When people are in a place of resistance that's when they feel that very dramatic change or when they feel like they got that kick in the bottom that pushes them onwards.

Okay, very interesting.  Thank you very much.  (You're welcome.)

Question:  Hello Goddess. (Hello)  How are you?  (Fine thank you.) Good.  Um I was wondering I have been allowing myself to experience a lot of turmoil with my current job and I've been trying to do as much inner work as I know how, or that's been within my perception, or I guess based on the reality from - I'm sorry I'm not sure how to word everything.  Um is there anything you can feel, any direction that I may be able to take, or anything that I could possibly do a little bit better to allow myself to Um.

Answer:  Well we actually are seeing this in a couple of different directions, a couple of different ways.  Number 1 is we see you leaving the work and getting a totally different job.  We see you also choosing to stay in this work, but trying to change your perceptions, or changing the energy of it, or how you react to it so that you stay in the same job, but without the problems and the turmoil.  Is that what you are asking of us is how to basically do the 2nd?

(Um both actually) Uhum, well it feels as if it can be kind of the short-term reaction is creating this space so that you can work more easily and then the long-term reaction can be finding a new job.  Ha Ha.  But we see that there is so much that you have done in your own work that you have done on yourself, and we see that there is an energy around you that is sometimes that is fragile.  And when we look at you as an individual you have like a very strong core essence within you so you don't strike us as being a fragile person.  You strike us as someone who has a great deal of depth and awareness.  So then when you go into work and you are interacting with people and we get that sense of being fragile there.   It feels as if you go into a situation, whether it is conscious or unconscious, you are giving over to other people a sense of letting them either judge you, or criticize, or things that like that that are happening that are putting you down, or making you less than.  You're taking it in and you're believing it as if it is your own. 

Does that resonate with you?

Um yes maybe not with the clients but with the company 

Okay well, true when you speak of clients and company this feels like it is coming from the company it does not feel that way with clients. It feels like when you're walking in through a door and you come into this place there is just something about it and we feel that it is the energy of the company.  It feels like, ahh, we almost feel the words, "Be thankful you have a job and therefore we can treat you however we want to treat you."  That's the type of energy we read coming from this company.  So what we would encourage you to do is - first and foremost as we said just a moment ago we see you as someone very strong and having this very strong core, um knowledge and essence of who you are within yourself.  So when you are getting ready to go to work, maybe even right a couple of seconds before as you are walking from your car into the building, we have a sense of you taking slow deep breaths where you are consciously breathing within like you see that beam of light that is inside of you and you consciously take some breaths down into that beam of light that is always there and present within you and you let yourself really feel it.  You let it expand in such a way that it gives you that feeling of knowledge; that feeling of inner peace; that feeling of inner awareness. 

 Do you know the feeling we're speaking of?  


And when you do something like that then you are linking in with your divinity within yourself.  You're linking into that space of self-love that space of balance within.  So then when you go into the office it's almost like, it's like we are walking in with you as we do this and then it's like BAH.  We feel it when people are so open and so exposed, and then you get like a barrage of energy aimed at you, and it is just like you are being battered from it.  So what we would encourage you to do then is as you are going in and as you are creating, getting things set up for your day and going through your day, consciously create that space where you are connected from within.  But you have created in your energy body a means of allowing that dense energy, or that heavier that critical energy, to just go past you to just flow on past you and when people say things when you feel that energy what so ever you need to do to disconnect yourself from the experiences.  Now you can still be there; you can still be doing your work; you can still be talking to people; you can still be doing everything that you want to do, but there is a difference when you have disconnected from your solar plexus and you have disconnected from the ways in which people have an ability to hurt you. 

Ahh because what we have seen time and again is, when people are able to disconnect from the energies they can be in that same situation that previously had caused them feel uncomfortable and have their feelings hurt, and have all those problems, to suddenly be able to be in that space and still communicate with them, but things just don't affect them like before.  It is not that you no longer care - to a degree it probably is - but it is more so that by having that space of balance with yourself, and that space of awareness, you can let the lower vibrations move past without getting stuck to you.  Because right now as we see you go in there it's like you go in and you want to be open; you want to allowing; you want to have that type of connection with people; so in the doing of that you've been taking on that lower vibration, this critical vibration, this energy that is just like an attack on you.  It doesn't feel that it is necessarily like an attack on you personally it feels like it goes to everybody in the building.  It doesn't feel like it is just one or two singled out.  So that's our take on what the situation is and how best to handle it.  Does it resonate with you?

Yes it does.  Thank you very much. 

We do see you getting a new job.  It is as if you are staying in this job until you can get this accomplished.  Meaning until you can have that space where you are fully connected within yourself and fully aligned, and you can be working in this job and it just simply does not bother you anymore.  That's when you will have accomplished what you wanted to accomplish and the new job will be right there. 

Ok wonderful. 

All right. 

So I have to learn the lessons that I can before I can move on.

Yes that is another way of looking at it.  That is true, and, or it is just one of those things that you could just end up taking it with you.  Umm, but to us it is something that feels like as if it has been a lifelong lesson for you in various modes and now it feels as if it is just coming to completion. 

See how we have noticed how with several of these questions we are talking about completion and that what you are doing right now is about completion so that you can move on with a clean slate.

Okay, any time frame.

Um you know that is really hard to say.  It does not feel very long to us.  We sense a potential that it could be a year to two years, but it doesn't truly feel that long it feels shorter than that to us. 

Okay, thank you so much.

You are very welcome. 

And with that I need to go ahead and bring this evening to a close and in doing so, I say to each one of you that I see you as the person you are. I see you as your divinity and as the human and I reflect that back so that each one of you can also see yourself for your blended balance of divinity and humanity. Life is about change, this time on earth is about change, so allow yourself to be in the space of self-love and balance as you are living your life.

I am ever with you and within.





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