Shifting Time

I always love it when the Goddess of Creation reminds us of how time is non-linear!  During the channel we worked with energies of past, present and future by bringing them into the ‘now’ moment.  Whatever that is, wherever that is for you.  She then encouraged every to have joy, love & abundance in their lives as reflection of their divinity.

As we worked with the energy within the All That Is, the Goddess creating these huge screens in which we could look at our lives.  Once we aligned with our lives; she then split the view to show our human perspective and then our divine.  I noticed a lot of differences as I perceived people looking at the human vs the divine perspective. In almost all cases, the divine showed the same reality but some just as light other times with a softening and depth that is not always seen.

We looked at the energies of now and then reached into the past to see if there was anything still hanging on from what each person considered the worst thing in their life.  In looking at this reality, everyone had something that was either a very minimal to a huge impact.  Through energy work, this was release or shifted into something that no longer created the same impact. 

Lastly, she then encouraged everyone to look 6 months into the future.  This gave everyone the opportunity to see if their pattern of energy remained the same or if it actually shifted as a result of working with energies from various times.  It’s a very powerful time for discerning dimensions, changes, releasing old patterns and finding out what truly life means to each person.


Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I welcome you from my heart to yours.  I welcome you from this time of love, this time of connection, this time of communication.  I am here in support of you in all that you may be doing within your life.  There are many, many other Angels and Beings of Light that are also here with you not also in these Channels, but any time you seek to reach out to one of them.

As you live your life you are becoming much more centered within yourself and within all that is taking place around you.  As was being spoken of prior to the telephone call, or prior to starting the Channel; the energy is becoming such in that there is a greater ease to manifesting what you seek to have.  I always love making statements like that because I immediately I hear back from people, “that’s not true I still don’t have what I want; I’m still waiting; no it is not working.”

So there are always going to be those that are not yet in that place of experiencing the immediate manifestation, but that does not mean it is not available to you.  It is available to you.  It is an opportunity for you to really just clear out everything that is around you so that you may create a new beginning, a new foundation; one that is based in the fifth dimensional and higher vibration. 

This is the vibration that is becoming much more prevalent upon the earth.  It is there.  It is available to you.  The question you may ask yourself is ‘how am I vibrating in my daily life’?  As you ask yourself that question consider back.  I am just going to pull some times out of a hat.  Some of you may not have been alive at this time, but during the 1980’s, 70’s, 80’s, even some of the 90’s, the energy was very solidly in the 3rd dimension.  Therefore when you were seeking to manifest there was a lot of push and effort that needed to take place. 

You had to create what you want.  You had to create your steps to follow.  You had to stay with it; no pain no gain I believe was one of the phrases. And part of the reason for that was because of the density of the energy. 

Throughout the 90’s closer in to the 1st four to five years of the 2000’s the energy had risen so that the collective consciousness was now in the fourth dimension.  People were beginning to see a greater ease and a shift in the vibrations.  There would still be those that were already vibrating at the 5th dimension and there were those still in the 3rd. 

Whenever there is a shift in consciousness there are going to be a certain number of people that have already ascended to the next level and there will be those that are dragging behind at the lower level, and then the average of the collective consciousness is there at the center. 

Some say it was in 2012, others say it was in 2008 that the doorway to the 5th dimension opened up.  Most people can agree now that the average vibration is within the 5th dimension. 

As you consider the 5th, especially as compared to the 3rd and the 4th it is much more transparent.  There is a greater amount of the universal light that has been integrated.  Your own cellular structure is developing in such a way that it manifests for you at that more transparent level of consciousness. 

Therefore when you seek to manifest, or you seek to receive answers to your questions you may ask, immediately it is there.  Therefore if your perception is that it is not then what filters do you continue to have in place that keep you from coming aware of that perception or that answer. 

Some of you, as was joked prior to the channel, need to receive the answer 2, 3, 4, 5 times in order to be reassured that you are getting the correct answer!  Sometimes you hear bits and pieces of it and you are seeking the full answer. 

I would say to you be open.  That it may come as one chunk energy of consciousness or it may trickle through in bits of pieces.  Sometimes your vibration is adjusting to what it is that you seek to manifest and therefore it may take a period of time, but remember in the higher dimensions things will transition much more quickly than what they did in the lower vibrations.  Indeed this is so. 

I invite you to take a deep breath breathing down into the earth.  Allow yourself to anchor within the earth, feeling that energy, feeling that vibration.  As it anchors you, you can then allow your consciousness to stream up through you.   Allow it to be released from wherever it is within you sending it up through that cord of light into the space of your higher self. 

As you arrive within your higher self look around.  Take in what is here for you.  There is a great deal available.  I invite you to then to allow your consciousness to stream even further.  It is as if you stream through to the end of that cord of light that links you from your human self to your divinity. 

As you find yourself aligning within your divinity, just as I spoke of in the earth plane, so too there are very many dimensions and levels of consciousness within your divinity or your I Am presence.  Open up.  Look around.  Have a sense of whatever this may be for you.  I invite you to just open up your consciousness so that you may feel the love.  So that you may feel the complete and utter acceptance for who you are. 

As your divinity it doesn’t matter what you look like; how accomplished you are; what goals you have accomplished.  You the person in this life is loved unconditionally.  Feel what that is if only for this moment.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out and embrace you as your consciousness in this lifetime, you as your divinity.  As we do so it will shift you into the space of the All That Is.  Look around within the All That Is.  Look around that you may see what is here and available for you. 

This energy is constantly in motion.  This energy is a space that is a blend of the universal light and of the earthly vibration.  Therefore when you are within this space you can work with the essence of yourself from your divinity or the essence of yourself in this lifetime.

As I spoke at the very beginning I talked about the dimensions or the level of consciousness in which you live within.  I understand from your linear timeframe how you may comprehend more fully by seeking to know the number with which you align.  Truthfully as you experience it within this space you will know that most often you’re actually a blend of many different dimensions.  Another one of the reasons for that are your past lives or future lives.  They are influencing you in this lifetime. 

I know how much you like to have the visual of the screen.  I therefore invite you to manifest one of those big screen monitors in front of you so that it may give you a visual to assist.  It is what we seek.  Some of you may simply feel what it is and you don’t even have the visual.  It matters not.  I invite you to do that which resonates with you.  For the average though we will use the screen.

I invite you to see yourself as you are in your life right now. You may see bits and pieces of what is going on.  You may see yourself as you are right now in this now moment and now we are going to split the screen down the middle and then you see your human perception of your life on the left.  We invite you to now open up to a degree and look at your life from your divinity or my eyes as the Goddess.  For some there may be very similar. 

I am noticing that others as they look from the perspective of God and Goddess there is only a brilliant white light.  Still others see that some of that which has become so nitpicky to them, or so annoying to them, is now being looked at as if it is just a small piece of the puzzle.  As you open up to that perception of divinity it is always based in love.  It is always in compassion and acceptance. 

Allow that screen to shift.  Allow it to go to that time in your life that was most challenging to you, or perhaps that keeps hanging on to you, and allow yourself to see it from your perception on the left and then see it from the perception of divinity on the right.  As you look at both of these perhaps that human perception is giving more definition than the divine and yet the divine is giving the higher reason in that why things happen the way they do.  If your perception of the right is just blank you don’t know what it is then take in a deep breath and as you breathe out let go of any preconceived notion.  Let go anything at all that you may be anticipating and just let the flow of your divinity move through you in a wave upon wave. 

Now is there a change in the perception of that which you considered the worst or the most challenging part of your life. Is it what’s happening right now or was it in the past? 

Everything within the universe, but more especially within the All That Is, is nonlinear.  There is a spiral of time space reality.  So take that which you perceive as the most challenging aspect of your life and bring it into the now moment.  Bring it in to where you are right now, perhaps into your heart center or into your consciousness, in such a way that you can infuse that challenge and that difficulty with love and with awareness. 

As you do so if there is any pain that’s still associated with it take in a deep breath, align with that pain or any other emotions that may be, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~Whew~  let that go.

My perception as I look at each one of you is that there were some subtle changes with clearing that energy.  If you have a belief system that has created for you a whole mindset; perhaps it is along the lines of ‘only crappy things happen to me’, ‘If that hadn’t happened when I was 20 I wouldn’t be where I am right now’, ‘If I hadn’t grown up with all the difficulty I had I would I be in a much better place’; the beliefs and the thoughts go on and on and on from what I am picking up from you. 

So whatever your beliefs and thoughts may be just bring it down from your consciousness, or from wherever it may be, so that it may move into your heart center and then pull it from wherever it is and taking a breath and ~whew~ let it go and then infuse your divinity within that experience.  Infuse it in such a way so that those two sides of the screen become one. 

Allow yourself to look at that screen in where you are right now in this now moment as if you were looking at something brand new.  What do you see?  Has your perception changed? 

Let us take a moment and shift the perspective of time forward.  Let us look 6 months down the road or perhaps a year down the road whatever you prefer.  For some it may be one month down the road.  We will just chose 6 months for wherever you are in this now moment.  Have that intention of seeing yourself in 6 months and let it come up for you on the big screen. 

This is an opportunity for you to make conscious choices within your life.  If when you look 6 months down the road everything is exactly the same as where it is today, and it is not where you want it to be, then pull on that energy, make that very conscious choice that you are going to reach and grab that energy, bring it in to the now moment and then anything associated with it, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, physical reality allow that to move into it ~whew~.  Let it go.  For some it is as if you peel away a layer of consciousness, or you peel away that layer that creates any illusion or a filter upon what you are looking at. 

Look again; 6 months down the road and this time infuse into the image where you would like to see yourself in 6 months.  What is happening around you?  What people are in your life?  Allow your divinity to assist you.  Feel what this is.  Feel what the reality can be for you and as you are looking at it just as an artist creates those changes they want in their portrait create those changes you want. 

If you look at it again or open your perception to feel what it will be and it doesn’t feel in sync with you, it still feels out of alignment, then once more consciously send that flow from you to what you desire to see in 6 months until that flow back and forth completely resonates with you. 

Allow yourself to believe that yes you can have what you seek to have.  That yes you have value.  That yes you are the creator of your life so create what you truly want to have.  Yes what you truly desire from your heart of hearts.  Allow that reality to be yours. 

Now I can sense the swirling of energy moving through and as it does so ask yourself is there anything that you need to do for this to manifest?  I see some with this scroll unfolding with their step by step.  Others it is simply about allowing the energy to be there.  For others it is about taking that leap of faith.  There are others it can be whatever it is for you. 

As you look at that screen look at what it is like in the now moment.  You may perceive that things are shifting even in your now moment because of what you have created 6 months down the road and because of what you have let go of from the past.  It is all here within this spiral of time space reality.

What brings you joy in your life?  Is there joy in what you see upon the screen? If joy is a very minimal part of it how can you boost that up within your life?  Where is the love within your life?  As you look at the screen, as you look around you, as you open all of your senses where is the love within your life? 

Open up as wide as can be that column of energy from your divinity down into you in your everyday life.  There is a limitless source of love.  Are you open to receive?  Are you open to allowing love to be within your life?  The more love that you can expect or allow within yourself the more you have share with others. 

Perhaps this love is of family, of a friend, perhaps the trees, the flowers, the environment, perhaps the universe.  If you feel a lack of love within your life open up first and foremost to your divinity and then look outwards to all the many places around you where you can express love in your life.

Abundance as you are looking at that screen how much abundance do you have within your life?  Abundance is more than just a monetary response.  Abundance is a multitude of opportunities.  Abundance could be your family members, again the trees, the grass and the environment, whatever.  The more that you perceive the abundance around you and within you the more it multiplies on every level. 

Flow within your life and as you are looking at the screen, love, joy, abundance and anything else that you wish to have so it may integrate throughout as if wave upon wave is moving through your space. 

As you look at the screen in just about every single case everything looks dramatically different than the very first time that you looked at the screen this evening.  You can make changes in your life in just such a way.  It need not be something that you are dragging through deep intense energy.  It can be in that now moment in that instance in time.  You can shift the energy of the past.  You can create the energy of the future and in doing so you are living in the now moment.  Yes allow this to be your reality. 

Allow all those big screen monitors to disappear.  I invite you to consciously take a moment and as if you embrace all these energies to allow it to just swirl through your consciousness on every level; through every level of your awareness, of every dimension, of every perception. 

I invite you to come together as a group so that you may see coming up within the center of this group the hologram of the earth.  As this hologram moves and turns and swirls look at how the earth is transforming right in front of you. 

As the earth transforms so does the hologram with which you are working.  So infuse the energy of you in this balanced state, of you with your intention of what you seek to have, of you with this alignment between the dimensions.  It is all happening in this now moment. 

Let that infuse into the hologram.  As the hologram takes in this energy it begins to swirl.  You have that sense of allowing it to drop down.  You release it from this space of which you are.  It flows down through the energies of the universe and the earth creating a balance from the universe and creating a balance within the earth. 

As it aligns with the magnetic grid around the earth it spreads out and then continues to go down until it merges within the depth of the earth.  As it goes within the center it aligns with the crystals, with the magnetic energies, with all that is within the center of the earth and then it moves out. 

As everyone has that perception of clearing out the energies of various dimensions and consciousness, that becomes cleared out throughout the levels of the earth.  It clears out as it moves out through the crust of the earth and then it shifts moving through the collective consciousness. 

You may have the intention of allowing your own energies and transformation of coming up within you in your physical reality.  Become aware of how there are subtle changes around you, because as you seek to create your new reality in the now moment, and as you look 6 months down the road, everything is shifting to support you in all you seek to have. 

Take a breath in accepting that reality.  Feel who you are.  Feel what’s happening and allow this change in your perception of self to expand in every direction. 

Allow your focus to return once more to the All That Is and again, almost as you are looking into that space of who you are look at the energies around you.  Look at the people who are setting up that new space of perception.  Become aware of all that is transforming in this now moment.

I invite you to then allow your consciousness to shift and move once more into that space of your divinity allowing yourself to integrate even more of the love, even more of the consciousness and support for who you are. 

You then have a sense of sliding down that column of light that aligns you.  First moving through your higher self and clearing it out and then coming all the way down into your physical reality.  As you allow yourself to ground once more upon the earth as your consciousness is coming back into you; feel what it is. Let it peel away the layers that are needed for your current reality.   Send your consciousness down into the earth as you anchor this spot.  That spreads out and then comes up anchoring once more within you. 

You are aligned with the earth you are aligned with the universe as you live your life.  Tap into all the perceptions and all the transitions that you created this evening and let that reality become your reality.  You open to receive.  You open to allow for changes to take place within and around you.

All right beloved family as you go about your days and the next days and weeks to come have that sense of sending that ball of light through your life as often as you need too.  Let it clear out wherever you are holding on to old energy.  Allow yourself to truly create what you wish to have in your life and then allow yourself to see it around you so that you may manifest on every single level. 

We the Goddess, the Angels, the Beings of Light - we want you to have what you want to have within your life.  Be open to have all and receive.

Beloved family know that I am always with you and within you.


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