Step Into Balanced Energy

This teleconference took place right before the Fall / Spring Equinox and therefore tapped into the universal, balanced energy.  Even if you are listening or reading this at a later date, you’re still tapping into the energies of the Equinox. 

There have been many waves of energy coming into the earth and there’s a much greater amount of integration at this time.  This integration is the infusion of the crystalline energies of the higher vibrations into the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  The Goddess spoke at the beginning about people’s perceptions and how things will manifest.  She stated that we are seeing so much of the lower vibrations such as war, anger, control and manipulation because they are incompatible with the higher dimensions and therefore it’s fighting against the shift.

She spoke about people releasing what has not worked for them. She spoke of the importance releasing dreams that have not manifested.  So often if something hasn’t manifested as yet; there’s disappointment, frustration, sorrow or more around it.  It needs to be released so as to allow in what you seek or something even better.

We also had a sense of standing on the edge of the universe and seeing the balance of the stars and the planets.  This is amplified because of the equinox, so it was then as if people literally stepped into the energies and became the universe.  This was a way to feel the completely balanced energies and show you what you may seek to have.   


Nama sika; Venia Benya         I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out as always from my heart to yours. I reach out to everybody who is present upon this call and everybody who was unable to be here but has that intention. No matter when you join in to these journeys, you are here in this now moment. If you listen to this another time or 10 times, you are here in this now moment. Therefore, whatever we talk about is always appropriate and powerful for wherever you may be.

I have felt so much taking place upon the earth, particularly in the last six months. For many people it is as if there is a culmination of energy as if the consciousness has met a particular level of awareness and now the energy is moving over that precipice or over that peak.

This Ascension process has always been a part of the human experience, most particularly in the last 20 to 30 years as a conscious intention. There have been so many stairs steps of awareness that have taken place, it has allowed people to shift into new potentials, into new levels of consciousness, many times without even being aware of what is taking place.

We still hear people talking about the Ascension or the transformation of the earth, resulting in people shifting onto another planet, people shifting into higher dimensions that are no longer associated with that level in which they’ve been living.  We do from time to time hear about the concern that people have that they will wake up one day and everything around them is different or their loved ones are gone.

I wish to speak of this from my perspective; I as the Goddess of Creation and the feminine aspect of source energy but I am also the balance of God/Goddess, the All That Is.

I have come at this time of transformation upon the earth to assist by working with the energies and to assist by communicating with people and to assist with transitioning anything at all that people would like to transition. We as the Angels, the Beings of Light, the Masters, the Ray Lords, huge numbers of energies are working from the level of the universe or the universal light beings, as we like to name them, to create a balance and a flow of energy into the earth which stabilizes what is taking place.

In some ways, it is as if duality is becoming much more pronounced upon your earth. In some ways it is as if hate and intolerance, greed, conspiracies and more of the controlling type energies are being made evident upon your earth. Indeed, you may find that throughout your world. It has always been there, it will continue to be there. The question is, to what degree?

When you speak of that vibration or that type of energy that is what resonates with the third dimensional energies and vibration. Everything that we have done for the past 12-14 years, whatever it is that we’ve been working with you or I the Goddess have been working with you, has being about infusing the earth itself with higher vibrational energies.

I am by no means the only one doing this; there are millions of people around the world, some working individually and some in groups that have been consciously infusing higher lighter vibrations and energies not only into the earth but into the consciousness.

As these energies become incorporated within the earth; anything that is of a lesser vibration or discordant to the harmony and the love of the higher dimensions becomes more evident. In third dimensional energies, its duality; there is a right, there is a wrong, you are good, you are bad, people are wealthy, people are poor. The more that the consciousness and the vibration of the earth is within the fifth dimension, it is living from the space of the heart center and that heart center is a foundation of love.

As you raise the vibration of the earth into this, is stabilizing many of the aspects of earth. When people step into fear you find yourself noticing and aligning with those things that are of the lesser vibration.  When people ask, “Is the earth going to be blown up?” the answer is no. The decision was made that the earth will continue to live on and if the earth was going to live on, that it would do so from a much more balanced state of energy.

People wonder if as your vibration rises are you no longer going to be visible to your friends and loved ones around you. There are many different options for how that will play out. Most people in this day and time are able to shift into the higher lighter vibrations while you are in a state of expanded consciousness, such as a meditation and then your regular everyday living reality may come down to a certain degree. You may step into the third dimension and come back up to the higher fourth or fifth.

The thing is, all of these dimensions have an overflow between each other and the width or the depth of each of them is huge. So to say someone is in the fifth dimension. They may be in a fifth dimension positive closer to the fourth or closer to the sixth and there is quite a variation that is taking place.

We say this not as judgment, we say this only with the intention that people will have a greater understanding of what is taking place. Many that are no longer compatible with the earth, transition off of the earth, most often through the death process. Will that time come when people no longer need to go through the death process? Yes, but not anytime soon because of the amount of third dimensional energies still being integrated.

There is another planet very similar to the earth plane that starts at that higher vibration and moves upward from there. There are many of you will transition off this energy of this planet and move directly into that one. But you will not just disappear with your family wondering where did you go. There will be many instances when people will flow between the vibrations and the dimensions of this other planet and your earth. Yes, your astronomers are aware of this planet. They have been speaking about it for several years.

We could go on and on about this topic, but we felt it necessary to introduce and speak of it to touch on it at this time while everyone is fully conscious and present so that then as we do our journey you will have a better concept of what you are looking at.

I would say to you that the more you are aware of where your thoughts and your emotions are on your daily basis, the greater effect that you can have not only on yourself but in the integration of all that is taking place. I therefore encourage you to be in that space of living from the heart, of living in the energy of love and acceptance so that if you see anything less than that you may acknowledge it in that moment and then release it.

The earth is shifting. The earth has already shifted. You have more opportunities available than ever before. Look around at the richness of potential and enjoy that which is and if you do not find it then create from a place of love, happiness, opportunity and potential.

I invite you to take this moment to breathe down within yourself sending your energy once more into the earth. As you breathe down connecting to the earth let it spread out within the energies of Gaia. Let yourself feel the love, the acceptance, the awareness from Gaia herself. Let that flow up within you anchoring you in this now moment so that you can then allow your energy to move upward. Let it go up to the top of your head. Let it shift up moving all the way up until you find yourself aligning with your higher self.

As you are here within this space, look around. Feel that expansion that takes place within your consciousness as you merge more fully with your divinity.

Have the intention that your consciousness stream out even further. It goes through that column of light that links you with yourself as the human and go straight into you as your divine essence, as your I AM Presence.

As you find yourself merging with your divinity have a sense of just relaxing as if you open up letting your consciousness move through on every level of awareness.

As your consciousness aligns within you feel the essence of what that is. Because you as your source energy have the ability to acknowledge many different lifetimes, many different experiences, all of which is here in support of you.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out; I reach out to each one of you, embracing you, as the person in this lifetime, embracing you, as the source for who you are. As our energies merge you find yourself moving into the All That Is.

As you do so, look around. Look around at what is here for you. Look around at this place of creation to perhaps see what are you working on right now, where is your focus at this time. You will see some of it here with you. It may be that you feel there are things here that you no longer wish to work with and if so clear it out. ~ Whew ~ Clear it out, let it go.

As I spoke of at the beginning, this time upon the earth is reaching a greater peak of balance. If you consider the energies of the last several years, we are talking maybe the last 15, it’s as if there is growth, growth, growth and then balance; growth, growth, growth and then balance. We’re in a place in which enough energy has infused into the earth but it is now integrating and creating that greater space of balance.

Many times as these energies come in it may feel to you as if you are being knocked about as if changes come that you did not wish to have. You may also feel as if you’ve been stuck in the same place. Howsoever you perceive these changes in the energy, be open to accept for yourself that you now wish to live within a place of calm, a place of balance and a place where the flow of manifesting moves easily and freely within and around you.

For some of you, we can hear you saying “I’ve wanted for years and it has not happened”, may it be so that now it will happen for you. To a degree, if one has a sense that they’ve been asking and seeking without the manifestation it could be that you are vibrating at one level and what you seek it’s at a different level and that is why you miss one another

It could be that you’ve been focused on a particular way in which it will manifest what you are seeking to have and therefore it’s coming in a different form that you do not see. This is why as we are standing on this place right now, I would say to you, any and everything that you have sought to have which not manifested you will bring it up and let it go because that which is not yet manifested for you is stuck in that old energy. So be it conscious or unconscious from whatever that energy may be, have a sense of just bring it into the now moment and then let it go. ~ Whew ~

Indeed, let yourself feel lighter. It becomes a burden when you are filled with frustration. So any emotions that seem as if there stuck within you especially if it’s fear, frustration, anger, sorrow, let those emotions come from wherever they may be, be it conscious or unconscious; let those come up within you, let them come up, come up, come up, come up, come up, ~ whew ~ and let them go.

As I’m looking at some of you it’s as if you are suddenly floating in this transition of the energies.

Okay. As I’m looking at you, I’m hearing from some of you that in your intention to be very clear to the universe of what you are seeking it’s created a focus that is somewhat more narrow. So even though you know exactly what you want, tap into exactly what you want in terms of that perception or that that was put to the universe and let lets that, okay, wow, for some of you it’s as if it’s like a big solid block of energy.

So we invite Archangel Michael to come in here with his sword of light and we feel him as he comes in a walks up to each one of you and he reminds you, “You have your own sword of light that you may work with at any time”, and if you have not yet received one then be open to receive as he hands it to you. It is from his heart to yours and as you accept this sword allow it to come into your heart center and allow your consciousness to become very aware of it and he goes to everyone and he activates your sword of light, your sword of truth.

I know that one person’s truth may be different than another person’s truth, but it doesn’t matter what anybody else wants or what anybody else is thinking, this is about you and what is your truth and your reality. So as you acknowledge that sword of light then you may use it to illuminate or to cut away the edges from whatever it is that you have been trying to release but has not left you as yet.

Alright, so in this now moment as you work with those energies, now, once more, I invite you to acknowledge, whatever it is that you are releasing, let it come up, come down from whatever place that has been, be it anything conscious or unconscious so that you may bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ and once more let it go.

Now, as you have this sword of light that becomes a part of you allow this to illuminate perhaps new potentials, perhaps opportunities. You need not look to have that very conscious awareness, but instead simply be open to feel what it is.  That being said, we are here during this time of the equinox. As always, for some it is the spring and for some it is the fall. 

The equinox though is about the balance. It is about that midway point within the creation of the year. For some you are harvesting and for others you are planting.  That being placed aside; I invite you to have that sense of looking out at the universe of looking out at the planets and the stars that are here.  There is a configuration that is created whenever we come upon this equinox.  There is also an eclipse; there was an eclipse with the new moon and there is another one coming up. 

If you take a moment to just allow your consciousness to open up, the energy of the equinox will come to you.  It is as if you stand in this space where you can see some planets and the stars, you may see your earth in one place. You may see, sense, feel yourself as a part of it all or you may see, sense, feel yourself as the observer of all that is here.  Feel, see, sense what it is to you.  Especially as you look or tap into these energies with this new clarity from having released the old energy. 

As you consider balance, what does it feel like to you?

People are used to thinking of it as the balance of duality. People sometimes think of it as the balance of their conscious self with their unconscious self.  Some may call it their physical reality and their shadow self.  There are many different terms that one’s analytical mind may think about but I would invite you to let that go and instead as we speak of balance allow it to be the balance of the richness that you are seeking to have in your life.  Let it be the balance of the universal light energy and the earthly light energy. Let it be the balance of you in your life so that perhaps your work, your play, your family, your commitments; so that there is time for everything within your life and all moves within ease and a flow.

That recognition that balance is more than just a duality is what allows you to vibrate at that higher level of awareness. 

As you look at the stars and the planets that are present in this now moment have a sense of just allowing yourself to just leap as if you just let yourself go, you just leap into the universe! Allowing your consciousness to expand in every direction, let yourself feel the abstract energy. Let go of everything!

If you prefer to stay in a place that feels more secure and comfortable, then let the energy come to you.  Let them come to you filling up all the spaces around you. Let them come to you allowing you to have a sense of security because when you have that sense of security and support, you are then ready to leap and play in the energies of the universe.

It’s all good! It’s all an experience with the intention that you feel the expansion, that you feel the flow, and that you realize there is soooo much available to support you.  Your feeling of connection, of alignment, of this energy supports you here in this non-physical higher vibrational level of consciousness.  If it’s available to you here, it’s available to you in your earthly experience.  The more that you allow yourself to experience what it is right here, the more you will recognize it when it comes to you in your earthly experience. 

Many times it’s hard and many times you question your choices or your decision acknowledging that yes it sure is and acknowledging that you are still affirming to the universe, that you seek to have whatever it is; this is the place  that may help you transition. 

Just for the sake of it, let go all of those desires, let go everything that you’ve wanted for so long and instead just say ‘what have you got? What have you got out here that might be in my best interest? What have you got available for me that I haven’t even considered?’  Let yourself just gently feel the waves of awareness as they flow through you. 

As you spend time in the vibration of the All That Is or within this universal light energy, it creates a change within you.  It helps you to clear out the clutter in your thoughts and beliefs. It helps you to find the peace that can become the anchor within your life. 

Feel all of it.  Allow yourself to live or have the intention of living within the highest, lightest vibration that is available for you in your everyday life. 

As I look around at all the people and at all the various experiences, I hear your thoughts, I see your joy; some are bouncing from star to star, planet to planet.

I invite you to find that lightness and that opportunity in your everyday life.  Let go! Let go and recognize that there will be opportunity.  Let your focus be upon what you can do in your life. Let your focus be upon what brings your joy in your life.  If time and again, the perception is that you are being shown things that no longer resonate with you, then ask yourself ‘what within my vibration does that find in alignment. Because this is not what I wish to have’.

The things that happen in your life do so because there is something in your alignment that manifests it.  When you vibrate at a particular level of energy, there are certain things that are just incompatible with that vibration. 

Consider when things happen in your life where that vibration is within you.  You need not analyze it, know exactly what it is and let it go; you need only recognize ‘hey there’s something within me that’s manifesting this and I’m ready to let it go.’  So as you breathe inside, as you go down within yourself, reach out to whatever that may be and bring it up, bring it up, bring it up Whew~~ and let it go.

Let yourself come again within the universe in this state of balance with the equinox.  Let it fill you up with the energy of balance and the knowledge that you may find what you seek to have. 

Have a sense of looking back towards your earth.  As you look at the earth, you may see the distinct levels of vibration or the dimensions.  The balance that each one of you have just worked with and infused is available to all upon the earth. So have that intention of allowing that flow to move directly from the universe into the earth. It’s already there, it’s already happening.  But you as the human have a very powerful ability to amplify the infusion and the integration of this balance.

As it does so, it clears out the debris and the left over energies that are no longer serving. It clears out the unconscious energies that have been just stuck. It will amplify the higher vibration so that that may spread out throughout the world and consciously infuse through all the levels of awareness and all the levels of the earth. 

I did this differently this time because I wished to work with this directly into the planet rather than the hologram and into the planet.  So now, come back together as a group. Have this sense of some of you as you see one another saying ‘wow look at you’!

You are stepping into that greater awareness of who you are when you work and come and experience a place like this.  So let that go down, let that flow downward.  As it does so, let that energy of all of who you are create that column of light with which the hologram of the earth first it comes up within the group.

 It’s already infused with the energies; it’s already sparkling with all that balanced and that deeper integration. As you let it go, it has a sense of moving down through the column of everyone’s energy.  As it finds it’s alignment within the crystalline grid, there’s a sense of it expanding. Some moves out into the universe, to the other planet, there’s some that moves down into the earth itself. 

That crystalline grid, that crystalline vibration that is illuminated with all of this  is a part of what creates that transportation or that road or that space of infusion with this energy that moves into the earth and it anchors within the core essence of the earth linking with the crystals, linking with the magma, linking with the hollowness but that source energy of Gaia.

We feel her expanding; we feel her soaking all of this infusion of balanced energy. She then sends it up through the many layers of the earth. It comes up through the grass and trees and waters. Your own energies will come up within you.

You’ve already created that alignment with the earth, so let it flow up within you. Let it move through every layer of who you are. Let it clear out everything that you cleared out in the All That Is, let it clear out your earth plane reality. Allow yourself to integrate the feeling of what it is to play amongst the stars.  Let yourself feel the energy, the security of love and warmth and awareness.

Feel it all within you. 

Allow your consciousness to return to the All That Is so that you may once more consciously let go of this space and allow your energies to merge within your I AM presence. Look around at your divinity and you may have that perception that it’s even bigger than it was before and it’s because you are even more open to that greater knowledge.

Allow your consciousness to stream back. It moves through your higher self. Let it integrate or find that level of energy that will more fully support you in your everyday life.  You then allow your consciousness to stream back down within you.  You are anchored within the energies of Gaia; you are bringing down the energies of the universe. It’s all here, it blends within you, it’s as if it’s a spiral that moves through you integrating the universal light energy, integrating you in your everyday reality.

You are in that complete and balanced state.  You are clearing out old energies and old debris that no longer serves you. You are in the flow of new opportunities so that your life can be lived with joy, with greater awareness. 

Alright, as you move through your days, I invite you to tap into this energy of the universe in the balance of the equinox.  I invite you to clear out in your life as often as you feel a sense of needing to do so, so that you may open to new potentials. 

I invite you as you look around through your days, as you are experiencing your life to bring everything to that space of weaving together and anchoring within you all that you seek to have; keeping it in that perspective of that which is in your highest and best interest and less in that analytical or earthly experience. 

There are opportunities. You are in the flow and I invite you to enjoy all that the earth and the universal light has for you. 

You are so very loved!  I am with you and within you.


You can watch the video of the channel here




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