The Lightbody Energies Re-Wire Your Circuits

How are you doing with the Lightbody energies? Are you feeling as if your life is transitioning? Do you feel as if you are adjusting? Remember to allow; allow this transition to take place, allow yourself to open. I was told by a number of people that during this channel from the Goddess of Creation and the Lightbody (LB) energies they felt as if they have stuck their finger in an electrical outlet!! We've had several channels in which the LB energies have worked with us in our evolution. This next step is a physical transformation. As our bodies adjust to this new energy, it will transform with greater ease once our electrical pathways have shifted.

During this journey the LB energies are working with the electrical pathways that move through your body. You may feel it in your heart, you may feel it in your skin, your arms, legs or other parts of your body; such as your muscles or head. The LB spoke very specifically of the fact that this would not cause anyone to have a medical reaction. My one sense was that in many it caused palpitations in the heart and that it's important not to get caught up in fear or anxiety. They stated specifically it was acting in a gentle manner ~ Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I feel as if I reach out to each one of you and embrace you here in this space where you are. Feel my presence as I come into each room in which you are located and as I come into you, you the human while you are still here fully grounded upon the earth.

Just as that one individual spoke of before we began this journey. I am moving along with you throughout your daily life. There are so many of you now, who are working with my energies that it allows for an even greater amount of my essence to be here and present upon the earth, and I appreciate that.

In part this is in response to what each of you have done for yourselves and your own life. It also represents what the world consciousness is doing. No longer does anybody need to feel isolated from others. If you do, and you are reading this or listening to this, then allow your heart to open up and I invite you to take in a deep breath breathing into your heart center and feel my essence. But also feel the essence of everyone else, who is earthbound and who is also here as part of this cohesive group.

As I am inviting you to do this right now, it is as if I see bands of light that surround the earth. You are also linking with other people, who may not follow what I am saying but they are of a similar vibration and therefore they link in with these energies whenever the flow is more pronounced as it is at this time.

While we are still here and earthbound, I invite you to feel your frequency. Feel that essence or that energy as it is swirling up-and-down through you. As you feel it be aware of how you can expand, contract; how you may choose to shift it upwards or downwards. It does not take long for you to have a full understanding of how you can work with this. I salute you!

I wanted to take this extra time before we begin the journey so that each one of you would have the opportunity to feel and recognize how expanded, how tuned in you are, while still here and grounded before we have even begun the journey. If you feel as if there is no difference within you then be not concerned. Simply breathe in the anticipation of or an allowing energy of love and let that flow through you.

Take in one more really deep breath, breathing consciously all the way down, breathing through your lungs into your heart all the way down into your abdomen. Link with the energies of the earth and then allow that to come back up within you. And then from there have a sense of reaching upwards towards the magnetic grid. As you do so, let your consciousness release and allow it to fully connect within this space. As you find yourself aligning, you may become aware of your energies. This is where your higher self resides. Feel who you are, feel how comfortable this is for you.

We will continue to shift, allow your energies to move, there is an interlocking grid that allows you to move into the crystalline grid work. As you arrive feel what this does for your consciousness. Feel how these energies swirl within and around you, as they support you. Especially since you've been working with the light body energy, you may find that there is a greater blending of your consciousness within the crystalline grid. You may also find that you are aligning within the grid work at a different or a higher vibration than you have been in the past. Even if your daily life has not yet fully reflected the transformation you've been going through, it is evident when you come here within this space.

As you feel your vibration and you look around you, perceive all that is here. More and more of the energies that are coming into the earth are here within the crystalline grid. Allow yourself to align with that which feels good to you. Have a sense of shifting. You leave the energy of this crystalline behind and you find yourself moving into the energy of the soul plane.

 This is where you find yourself linking with your divinity. Feel yourself blend. Feel your essence as you reach out and then allow this integration to be complete and to move through you in such a way that you are very conscious of who you are while here and present within your I AM presence. Open to feel the love, open to feel the complete acceptance of who you are in this lifetime.

As you are blending within your divinity see what it feels like, if only for this moment, you don't have to prove anything to yourself or anybody else. You need only be. Just allow yourself to be fully present. Allow yourself to be nurtured, loved and supported. And recognize that there is complete acceptance, let that wash through you.

I the Goddess now move here through the space in which you are. As I move through I reach out to each one of you and I embrace you. You may have a greater sense of my presence since we had linked while still on the earth plane. But now as I'm blending with you, I assist you in shifting your energies into the All That Is.

Look around. Open your senses even further, this space is different, is it not? Some of you may have a sense of noticing more detail than you've ever noticed before. Others of you may notice that you have a greater awareness within your own self of who you are.

The vibration or the essence of the All That Is reflects what you are doing as a group. Within the All That Is, it is as if there are many different rooms. There is a transparent alignment that flows from one to the other. But this is a space that evolves, just as each of you are evolving in your own life.

No matter who links within here, they align with whatever aspect or vibration within the All That Is, most resonates with them. So for you, you may be very aware of how the lightbody energy is here. It's an energy or a vibration that makes up this entire space. Feel it within you and recognize how it is assisting you with your own lightbody energies.

The last few times that we have gotten together as a group, the lightbody energies themselves have spoken with you. (Referring to the Goddess teleconferences from October 4, 2009 and September 20, 2009) They remain a consciousness, and they are a part of this entire consciousness in which you find yourself. I merge my energies with them, but I am going to continue to speak with you, relaying what they are doing with you at this time.

This next step in the human evolution into lightbody energy -- I have to say to you that phrase came straight from them, it makes me chuckle a little bit! But anyway the next phase is going to be working with you on your electrical system within your body.

To do this, I invite you to have a sense of letting your consciousness expand in such a way that you are present here within this space and yet there is a stream of energy that links you directly with your human physical body. Now, as if you are allowing yourself to relax back, as if you perhaps are lounging within this space, perhaps lying down within the space; whatever gives you a sense of feeling very comfortable and relaxed. Let that permeate throughout you.

This consciousness of the lightbody begins to move. It surrounds each one of you and as if you are cushioned and supported by it you begin to feel how it's moving through your consciousness. It's as if there are little fine impulses of energy that move through you in such a way, it clears out anything that would keep you from being fully open to this experience.

As you find yourself relaxing even more, be aware of this energy beginning to flow through your consciousness. In this state of your consciousness, there is a great deal of your own lightbody energy. It begins to flow through and it is as if it's starting at the top of your head. There is a sense of these tiny little filaments of energy moving through you.

Breathe deeply and breathe easily. Allow it to work with you in such a way that the circuitry within you moves through an adjustment. For some of you it is as if it is opening up greater pathways of energy so that you have the ability to send and receive impulses to a greater degree. For others of you we have a sense of it actually working on the electrical impulses that move through your physical body. And I will be very clear here that never at any time, will this create such an adjustment that it would cause you to feel something dramatic or something that might make you feel uncomfortable. What it is doing is it's working on the impulses of energy and light that comes through your heart as it beats and it sends it throughout your heart as your heart is strengthening and your heart center is expanding.

If you feel any discomfort, breathe in the soothing, calming energy of your lightbody and let it go. These impulses of energy move up, it goes through your nervous system, you may feel it going down your arms and your legs, you may feel it as if the very skin of your body is transitioning and adjusting in such a way.

I have to smile. Some of you give off the sense or the essence of having put your finger in an electrical outlet and you're just vibrating and levitating from where you were! I invite you to feel this with ease and feel it with calm. Oh, I hear you... some of you are saying, 'but I like the dramatic'. So by all means allow it to be as dramatic as you would like it to be. Whether this is very subtle or you feel dramatic physical changes in your body, it is having an effect upon you. That stream of consciousness going directly down into your physical body is allowing you to feel the effects of this adjustment in your consciousness. And it feels complete.

I invite each one of you to have a sense of feeling a cool and soothing energy moving through you. It moves through your consciousness, it moves through your energy patterns and it allows you to feel expanded, more aware, more in alignment and yet you also feel a sense of absolute knowing. You as your consciousness within this space are completely aligned with your I AM presence.

Look around at your divinity, open to perceive more and more than perhaps you have in the past. This essence that you are picking up upon is purely you. I hear some of you thinking, 'Oh that must be the Angels, that must be the lightbody or perhaps that's the Goddess' and I say to you, no.

Anything that you are perceiving in this moment is your essence. It is you in a fully connected, fully activated, completely open vibration. It's as if the circuitry that flows through and around your consciousness is allowing you the opportunity to see and sense more than you ever have before. Take it in, absorb these energies until it feels as if this is the normal you. This is you in your everyday life. Let it be who you are.

Again have a sense of letting your consciousness come back within in, in such a way that I invite you to consider what so ever it is you are creating within your life. How I chuckle at the people that come up with their scroll that lasts for an endless length of time. And yet I see others with a list of one item. Your life upon the earth is a life of moving from experience to experience.

There are times in which it feels as if you are perhaps battered about or perhaps it is the world making choices for you. No matter what your perception may be, no matter where these influences are coming from; you are creating your life. You create it with the thoughts that you have, your belief system. You create it with your emotions. You create it through your interaction with other people. Sometimes you create through lack.

In this moment, I invite you to create an intention of where you see yourself within your life. As if you are there in the middle of this picture, we'll call it, and then you see moving out from you all the different things that are a part of your life, your relationships, you work, your environment. Those are the physical things around you. And then see another aspect of this as the beliefs, the beliefs that make up who you are. Your emotions; are your emotions creating a sense within you that keeps you from being able to fully connect with or align with this energy? By this energy I am talking about this energy of your life that you are creating.

Look around, see the many levels or dimensions that come into and make up what this is. Then breathe deeply, breathe easily and through the alignment with your consciousness send forth an impulse or an energy of light that links your consciousness with what you seek to have, where you see yourself, whatever it may be that you just created. And be open to become aware if there is anything that keeps you from being in that space.

By focusing upon your lightbody energies and your frequency and this greater perception that moves through you as a result of this shifting of your actual circuits of energy within you; be open to perceive how you can shift your perception, perhaps your vibration, perhaps your beliefs. Whatever it may be, take this opportunity to shift and let go anything that keeps you from being in that complete alignment.

I encourage you not to over analyze this. I encourage you to put forth the intention that you create your life and then from your consciousness and through your heart, you automatically create whatever vibration or alignment is needed that manifests what you seek within your life.

By keeping out of the analytical, you allow for the greater flow to work for you. You have worked hard within your life and to get to where you are right now. So now is the time for allowing. Now is the time to open and let this vibration or this essence of your own consciousness to create these alignments for you.

If you find yourself struggling breathe in the sense of allowing. If you find yourself stuck, breathe in the sense of allowing. If you find yourself as if on a roller coaster wildly out of control, breathe in the sense of allowing. No matter what, the essence of allowing is what creates the pathway of your vibration into what you seek to have. So let that move throughout your consciousness, let it move through out you.

I now invite all of you to come back together as a group. As you do so feel your essence coming somewhat more together. Maybe perhaps less expanded, whichever way you want to perceive it, but let all of this come together and you may have a sense of the others around you.

I will share with you my perception of where you are now. When we first began to do these journeys and everyone would come together as a group, it was as if they were individual soul energies. I could go around the group and determine or perceive who each individual soul essence was. As you come together now and you create this group energy, it would be a challenge to discern one from another. This group energy now is a blended light that I know is filled with the individual essence of each one of you. But rather than each person as a singular essence, it's now each person, but as a part of the whole and there is only the whole that is able to be perceived.

I think this is beautiful! I think it is glorious the ways that the energies and the vibrations have shifted. So within, this conscious essence of all of you, it's as if there is a separation and coming up within it, is a hologram that represents the earth. As I've spoken in the past, there is the hologram of the earth and the hologram of the new earth. If you so choose to put forth what you have created for yourself infuse it into this hologram. But there is less of a need for people to do that.

The hologram as it moves through such a blended consciousness of the energy - or energy of consciousness - is already picking up, underlining with everything that took place upon this journey. That aspect that represents the hologram for the new earth begins to shift in such a way that it separates as if it comes forth or as it to give you a perception of something different.

The vibration in which you find yourself right now is such that the energies of the new earth are almost identical. But you have a sense of sending that forth. You send it out and it moves through space or consciousness or whatever you want to think of it and it aligns with the new earth as a means of assisting in the creation of those energies with your consciousness as humans. And then the rest of this, that makes up the hologram of the earth, shifts in such a way that it moves as if moving downwards or as if moving outward. It moves through the crystalline grid, it aligns with the magnetic and an aspect of that energy moves throughout the magnetic grid so that it assists to shift this essence or this energy. From there it continues moving downward. It's as if it moves through this energy of the earth. It goes all the way down blending with the physical earth until it encounters those crystals within the center.

From there it expands outward. It comes back up through the earth itself, moving through that vibration, moving through that essence and it comes out through the earth, the trees, the flowers, the rivers, the waters the oceans, through every aspect upon the earth. It creates an alignment with all that lives and exists upon the earth in such a way that this vibration of the lightbody is able to be integrated more fully, and then you release that.

I invite each one of you to have a sense of shifting your consciousness. You may pause upon the soul plane, if you so choose. But the majority find that you shift your consciousness in such a way that you move into the crystalline grid. From there your energy shifts, it moves through the crystalline creating a sense or an essence of alignment and balance throughout this grid. This alignment and balance represents all those energies that you work with on a daily basis. It also represents what took place during this journey so that it is available to you with ease.

Shift your consciousness so that you can move back through the magnetic grid. As you align with your higher self, feel this essence expand and feel it flow through all that is here. Again, this time as if you are grounding your energies back within you have a sense of breathing deeply, gently, easily and let all of that come back in through you. Let it come back through your head center, let it move throughout your physical body. As its moving through your physical body, have a sense of allowing all that transformation that took place with the circuits within you become align with this energy. And then as you are coming back within yourself you may feel as if you are more vibrant, more awake, more aware than you ever have been before.

This is all a means of allowing you an even deeper integration within your lightbody. As you do that, you will find the energies moving through you in such a way that it is who you are; rather than something outside of you that still needs to be balanced. There is a balance that is automatic and ever present and again as you think of what you seek to manifest in your life or create, feel it from this place on the earth plane as it's moving through you and as it is moving towards all that you seek to have.

Create an alignment that let's go anything that keeps you from fully manifesting whatever this may be. See that vibration and alignment as been consistent. Embrace what it feels like to actually have or be whatever your heart desires.

As you continue to integrate those energies and feel that flow moving through you, you may come back within the room and press *7 upon your phone as a means of assisting you to come into the room and ask a question.

Question: Oh thank you very much! I am the first one. Just landing from the journey..... thank you so much for bring us this wonderful experience. I found myself getting very distracted by my mundane financial problems. I hope that I still assimilated what I needed to do. I have a question regarding my situation around a roommate. This started in September and it was pretty clear I would get a roommate for the month of October. Come September 30th, I still didn't have one. I spoke with Shelly and it could have been a potential that didn't manifest or the energies that were there with the other roommate; the situation is that right now I still don't have anyone. Someone came to see it today. The market is very different, there's a lot being offered for a lot less. I am on disability and don't have much leeway here. The person offered me $50 less. With $50 less it puts me at a minus. Is it something I should look into instead of having no one at all? I remember you said this person would do with education and she's a teachers aid. Is this the right person for me to consider? Her name is Valerie.

Answer: As we're looking at this and feeling the essence and information of what you are speaking of, several things are going through out mind. As to the choice to take less amount of money each month that is something only you can make a decision for yourself. We would never tell you yes or no about that. As we look at this person Valerie, her energy is very similar to the one we picked up on before. It could very well be she is the one coming your way. What's most important for you to recognize as you are seeking this roommate is to allow yourself to open to who's going to be a compatible person to the others living in the house, of course yourself being primary. When you begin to look at that in terms of who's going to get along and who's going to be easy to get along with and less on the actual figure of what the income needs to be, then you will find a greater flow of energy and light that moves throughout your house. I understand as you've been saying with this lack of income it make the finances very constricted and hard on you. When you are in a situation like that, it's even more important to find anything else that gives you that sense of joy or being expanded. As your focus is on the lack, you manifest more lack. (right!) If you can find even if it's not the roommate or the income, but something totally different than what you are focusing upon, then bring in abundance and opening and flow in some other form. Then that vibration is going to move through the rest of your life and what is going on around you. You cannot just limit vibration to one section of your life. Does that resonate with you?

Yes, yes it does.

When I spoke just now with finding someone who is in alignment with everybody else around you; that openness will allow you to have a different or a new perception of all that is coming into play with this. We sense it will make you first and foremost more relaxed and comfortable then it will open up more freely. You may choose to say okay I'm going to do a 6 month lease because it is $50 less or you may choose to say I'm going to wait for another individual who will pay me the full amount. That way you will know which one feels best to you.

Okay, but she does feel like Goddess she is the right person.

We like her energy and see a great deal of alignment between she and the others living in the house.

Yes, I like her too but the only thing that concerns me is that she although she's now making $13.00/ hour as a teachers aid she was formerly a lawyer, a litigator. Sometimes people in law and do no want to label, but they have a way of trying to squeeze themselves out of situations and I she won't be a problem because of this background. I'm wondering if she's going to be a problem from that respect, because she has this law background.

It's hard to say. You are being very analytical about this sense of constriction because of the lace of income. I would say listen to your heart. Listen to the flow. Listen to your gut instinct. And if it's something in terms of that previous litigation if that's something that is going to come up for you it's going to respond to you. You are going to get a hit about it. That would be a way to think, okay I'll wait for someone else. If you open up your heart and you ask yourself that question. If you don't feel any hit or resistance that may be your answer that she is a likely candidate.

Okay, I like most everything about her except the less rent.

Okay, so we remind you not to be over analytical.

Thank you, thank you so much!

You are welcome.

Question: I have a childhood ream and for awhile I stopped pursuing it because of anxiety and it does take a little bit of money. I'm wondering what you think of this. My childhood dreams and this whole anxiety thing that is starting to get better but I just wonder about it.

 Answer: It's feeling to us as we're looking at you that the anxiety comes about as a result of you becoming disconnected from your true heart or your true interest. It's as if you went through a phase or time in your life in which you had to be practical as if you had to make decisions that were main stream or were told to you by your parents or outside influences were coming into affect and that's why you made some of these choices in your life. The more you got caught up in that, the more you were doing - whatever it was it feels like it's more than just your career, it feels like it's an accumulation of times in which you let yourself go with things that were not in alignment with your heart. Does that resonate with you?

Hmmm interesting. Are you saying my childhood dream is not in alignment with my heart?

No, I'm saying that, that is where the anxiety is coming from; (oh big time!) it's because you got away from your childhood dream and listening with your heart and you got into being analytical or what you felt you needed to do. This anxiety you've been having and the panic attacks we feel around you the more you get reconnected within yourself and this journey tonight was a really good one for you because that adjustment of the circuitry within you is allowing a greater flow through you so that you can more fully integrate your divine essence of yourself. As you do that, as it's flowing through and around you, you will have that deeper connection to your divinity. As a result of that, when you are in alignment with your divinity the panic attacks will ease, they will shift until you are in a place where they will no longer have an impact upon you. As that diminishes, as you are more aligned with your heart, then when you do what is your hearts desire-- that which you wanted to do as a child-- will be that much more evident to you. We're not even 100% sure what it is because we see a couple of different things around you. It feels to us as if it may have started out one way and how you manifest it will be different; but the core essence is the same.

Wow! Cool! (okay?) Yes, thank you.

So be gentle with yourself, be loving with yourself. Allow yourself to recognize that you need to listen only to yourself. Granted there all the other people around you who are giving you opinions. You can listen to those and take them in if you so choose. But the end result is that it is your choice in how you are living your life.

Nice, thank you.

You're welcome, thank you for asking a question.

Question: Hi Goddess, thank you for a lovely journey. I've been going through a difficult time separating from my husband. While I feel it was the right choice, it's still tough at times. I wonder if you have any ideas for me or my daughter at this time.

Answer: When you speak of the separation from your husband the first and overwhelming sense we get are still all the bonds you have with him. These are like energy cords, is another way to look at this. You may have separated in either a legal or physical sense into another location; but in many, many other regards you two are still bonded together. We recognize how especially having you said a daughter? (yes) two children or just one? (Just one) So especially with having a child, we have a sense that those bonds are always going to be there. You've had years of experience and those bonds are always going to be there in terms of the memories of what they were when you created a life with him. But if you will take an opportunity to consciously go within yourself and consciously release these bonds that are binding you together. If you think of them as sometimes called hooks or sometimes beams of light that link you together; by consciously letting go of the bonds that link you it will give you more of a sense of independence and more of a sense of self it will help you to look around and recognize more opportunities available to you. It feels right now like that is overshadowing everything else. When we speak of releasing bonds like this sometimes people get anxious or nervous well 'no I don't want to release that bond for yada, yada, yada' there's a reason for it. When you go through yourself and have that sense of disconnecting in all these different ways what you are doing is releasing your past experience with this individual. You are releasing what led up to today. Then if you choose to go forward from here and create new connections with an individual, then are coming from a new space with a new energy rather than dragging along the old energy. Does that resonate with you?

YES, that is a very good idea.

We have a sense that once you have done that and then look around you will feel much better. He somewhat drains your energy. You will feel much stronger within yourself and you will greater sense of purpose. It's as if you have been feeling guilty for being happy. You will be able to feel happy without any guilt. You will find joy in everything that is around you; in response to that so too will your daughter. She's doing okay. She's an extremely sensitive person. She really feels a lot of your energy and this regret and guilt and all this angst that is hanging over you. So we feel it is very important for her too for you to release these bonds. She's already done it in her own right. She is creating a new - this is what these kids are so fabulous about! They do easily and in a short period of time what it takes you as adults years to do. Anyway, we feel very good about her. We feel she is okay. So this is more so about you and what you are doing for yourself.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess, thank you for taking my call. I am at a point where I really need to raise my vibration much higher than they have ever been in a very short period of time. Can you help me with that?

Answer: Okay, you can raise your vibration in an instant. The matter is keeping it raised! That is when the experiences of your lifetime can come into play and sometimes interfere with you in keeping your vibration raised. If you let your focus be about your alignment with your divinity, that is how you raise your vibration. If you seek to create a pattern for yourself; say when you wake up in the morning you take a few breathes and maybe a little bit longer but when you consciously feel that flow of divinity as it's trickling through you and moving through your energy bodies. That is a way of instantly raising your vibration. We would also say that as you are doing that, be conscious of bringing in the lightbody energy. We don't see them around you quite as much. Knowing that they are available to you, if you invite this to come in and work with you on a more continuous basis to keep you balanced. We think this will help to keep you balanced. If say two or three hours later you find yourself out balance; then consciously take one or two breaths with the intention that with each breath you are breathing deeply in and with each breath is bringing with it more of your divinity. So doing that several times throughout the day, will boost your vibration right back up. If you let your focus be about all of these things that may or may not be pulling you down then your focus is going to remain on that which is keeping you lower. So we have a sense there is some release work you can do but that the majority has been done. It's like you think it's done, but feel something again, then think it didn't work so you find yourself doing the whole cycle again. If you begin to let yourself recognize that some of this is a pattern that you have been I for a very long period of time. So by releasing the pattern through all these periodic taking in deep breaths of your divinity-then you will find yourself sustaining it or maintaining it for longer periods of time.

Okay, thank you. I've been doing exactly that and then I do get sidetracked. So I guess the thing is to be very vigilant now and totally stay in my divinity as much as I can.

It's normal. It's human to be sidetracked. There's nothing wrong with that. The point is that if you get sidetracked to such a degree that you find yourself walking that circle again and doing the same things you've already done; that is when is getting you entrenched in being sidetracked. By being loving with yourself and allowing yourself to accept and feel this flow of energy you will find that it will be less and less often that you'll need to make that conscious shift.

Okay, I've also found it hard to maintain my lightbody for longer than a week after these journeys.

 We're seeing that it's not as strong around you. We can't take too terribly much time here I'm afraid. If you have a sense of working from your physical body outwards; I think Shelly has that on her website on her home page ( that talks about breathing through your energy body. If you will breathe through your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and then consciously add your lightbody to it; it's a way for you to keep your energy bodies in balance and you can more fully feel your lightbody energy. Now it could very well be that when you say you forget about it or don't feel it as consciously it's not gone. It's still there. It's just that the more it's integrated in your daily life then the more fully present it will be around you on a daily basis.

I'll be less bombarded? I"m being intentionally bombarded to keep me sidetracked.

Okay then just work with whatever you need to do to maintain balance.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Question: Hi Shelly. Can you tell me what's going on with my body? It seems to be shifting in a very positive way.

Answer: It feels when we look at your body as if there is twitching or muscular twitching or spasm. Is that what you are speaking of?

No, no, no. Let me be more blunt. I used to be very flabby. I haven't been doing any exercise and my butt is really tight. My daughter said 'Mother I don't know what's happened to you, but you are looking prettier'. Something is shifting in my energy field that is impacting my physical body.

Then we want to sit here and clap our hands for you because this is very exciting. This is what's going to happen to everybody. Shelly is in the back here thinking, 'hmm maybe that's what's happening to her too'. Anyway, as you are in a more balanced energy in all your energy fields it's going to be reflected in your physical body. We could go into all sorts of little ideas and things, but the bottom line is that the more balanced you are, the stronger your physical body, the better your digestion, breathing- the internal organs as well as your external muscles, etc. We feel this is you being more fully integrated and balanced within yourself.

At one point in time I was given a DNA reversal program that I channeled. It's taken like 6 months and things are actually shifting. Does that have anything to do with it?

That was a big part of it.

Okay because I've done it with other people and they haven't shifted yet so I was just wondering.

Whenever you do energy work with people be aware that each individual will manifest it at their own rate in regards to their own vibration. Part of the reason for that is their belief system, part of the reason may be other things that are a part of their lives. Releasing a specific time frame for the outcome would be beneficial to all.

Okay, I have 2 quick questions. (excuse me) Another girl aside, a daughter who I think has some DNA issues, who is the daughter of Michael Maxwell. I got the buzz that I'm supposed to work with her, are you feeling that? I got that I would shift her about 30% with the work I do.

I would just say to always follow whatever intuitive messages you receive for yourself and by following that it will strengthen your own intuitive ability.

And the next question is...

Excuse me I am going to have to go on as there are 4 or 5 more people who have questions.

It's just a yes, no!

I'm sorry it just all ads up.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you for asking that question.

Question: Hi Goddess, this is Kim from Michigan. I have a twin soul/ twin flame I'm not sure if you are familiar with that type of spiritual question. I was told by my spiritual adviser who I consider a psychic that the deadline for something to happen was the middle of October. I also have a friend who is psychic only around me and she said watch out for October. Then another person said October is a special month for me. I'm wondering if you can elaborate on anything that might be happening this month in regards to me and my twin soul.

Answer: As you were speaking of that it was like we could see almost like an astrological chart. We could all these lines of energy and the universe kind of circling around you with all of these various lines coming to intersect within you and around you right now in this month that you are currently in.

When you speak of the twin flame or twin soul there are many different beliefs about it. In your case when I'm looking at this part of what that essence is feels to us like this energy of the universe that is coming down into you. Is it a physical man who is walking upon the earth? It's really not clear to us that that is where this energy is coming from. We just keep seeing all this stuff of the universe flowing down into you. So it is looking to us as if this integration with your twin soul is more about you shifting your consciousness in such a way that you are.... pause....sorry about that we downloaded too much. We have a sense of seeing you integrate this much larger volume of your own divinity in such a way. It's as if someone is walking up steps and they have expanded to step 5, step 6, step 7; not that people may or may not do it that way. But to give you a means of comparison, it's like you are going from a step 5 to a step 12 or 15. You are making this huge transformation that you have been building up for, that you have been working towards, that you have invited to come into you. Using that phrase of the twin flame coming in is striking us as we look at you as this energy that is being more fully integrated into you. When you shift into that much greater amount of your own vibration and your own divinity it's like it clears the playing field around you and then those people around you and those who you will manifest are now going to be in alignment with this vibration you are bringing in. Does that make sense to you?

Sort of. Has it been happening or will it happen? See I'm not sure if it's happening this month.

It's been setting up to be happening. It's something that is so dramatic, it's not like you can go to bed one night and you wake the next morning and it's done. It feels to us like you are in the midst of it right now. It feels like you have had several steps along the way of large influxes of energy. It feels like everything is going to culminate this month, during the month of October as you have been integrating those energies.

Okay. Just a side question regarding the journey, I've never done this before. My head feels like it's really warm and I was tingly. Is that normal?

That's the vibration and that's the essence that is going through you. Many people feel it with those symptoms.

With the journey you just did, correct?

Exactly. Many people feel that anytime they work with energy.

I've never felt that. My head is warm.

Oh, good! That's the lightbody energy. It focuses on the back of your head as it comes in.

Thank you so much!


You are welcome.

Question: I'm asking a question for my friend Joanne. (she was in the room with him.) How can she alleviate the mental and physical conditions that she is going through right now.

Answer: It's time for Joanne to make some dramatic changes in her life. These have been building up and building up for a long time. Kind of as with the other person with the fears and the panic attacks; people will manifest things in their life that are indicators that it's time for change. This is what we see for Joanne. We see that she's been on a pathway that has not brought her a lot of joy. We're not saying 100%, but the overriding energy is of being tired and disconnected and frustration. That is what has created a lot of these physical symptoms she's been having and these mental body or mental symptoms she's having. The more Joanne is able to focus on what is her divinity and how it comes into her; then allow it to move into you through your heart center and deep breathing, whatever it is that works for her. Okay, we hear that that's the problem. Joanne if you will have a sense of starting at ground zero. Go back to Shelly's website ( and do the breathing exercise that helps you to connect with your energy bodies and balance. Then as you do that and work through with your mental body. You can use it as a means of clearing out these analytical thoughts and belief systems. It feels like you have a lot of belief systems that you need to release. It's not that you have to go through and focus on 'x,y,z' beliefs; you can go in and clear out a lot of them at once. There are a certain 2 or 3 that are specific and you will need to deal with them specifically. But for the most part, you can create the beginning of this process through that alignment with your energy bodies and creating a sense of balance through your breathing. That is also how you help yourself to become more centered and focused. Then as you do that, as with this journey, as you reach up to your divinity and allow it to flow through your body, flowing up and down; that's how you can be more aligned with your divinity. You will feel it in your physical body as well as in your mental body. It will release that talk that is always going on in your mind. Does that make sense to her?

I'm sure it does, she's listening now. Actually it makes sense to me, perhaps that's why I'm asking the question!

Okay, good. We know you will talking to her about this and assisting her.

Yes I will. Thank you Goddess.

You are welcome.

I feel like there is one more question. (pause) Alright then I will bring this evening to a close. I invite each one of you to take this one last time..... Oh, here is the person ready to ask the question. I will pause here and answer this question.

 Question: Yes Goddess, I have a question about a knee that is bone on bone. I've been working on healing it myself, but it's getting to the point where I can hardly walk. I am considering surgery although I'm very anti-surgery; even though I'm an RN. I'm wondering if you could give me some thoughts on that?

Answer: We work with a lot of people in the metaphysical community, such as yourself, those people who work a lot with energy. So many people are anti surgical procedures or anti medications; those things that they think will take them out of their space of their divinity or their space of where they want to live their lives. But there are times when things come along that we sense the surgery is something necessary. In your case that is what we are seeing. We see the energy work you have done on it is what has allowed you to go this long without surgery. We see that is has actually helped to a degree to repair some of that cartilage. But it just feels to us as if now it's gotten to the point that while surgery is not the first choice you want to go through; it feels like it's something that will allow you to have a dramatic change in your life, you can get back to so much more than what you have had before. So of course the decision is all yours and we defer to you in all cases. But that is our perception of it. We sense the surgery is something you would do very well with and you would feel very good afterwords.

So you don't see any complications? With a past surgery I had something called reflex synthetic dystrophy which is nerve involvement and took MONTHS to get past. So you don't see anything like that?

We see this as very clean and straight forward. Especially because you've been doing so much energy work, it's setting up the space for things to go smoothly.

So it would be good to continue doing the energy work even though I'm having that done.

Absolutely! We recommend you do the energy work right before you go into surgery; kind of set up the intention for the surgery room, set up an alignment with the doctors and nurses who are int there; then as you go through your recovery, again maintain that space of your energy work. We think that is of great help to you.

Okay, thank you Goddess.

You are welcome. That was the one we kept feeling needed to be said. So thank you for raising your hand there!

Okay, everyone so with that I will bring this evening to a close. And again, be aware in your daily life, of how your physical body is reacting to all that is going on within and around you, the more that you integrate the lightbody energies within you it's going to affect your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies. The alignment is going to be such that it allows you to have greater ease within your days. So create that alignment, breath in the balance, and then allow for all that you seek to have to come into vibrational alignment so that you may manifest with ease.

And with that, I will release the energies of this gathering. I am ever with you and within.




Connie 51 31st October 2009 12:07 am

Thank you so very much. I like so many have been feeling out of sync. I work with a therapist that also does light work.
I know there are more blocks that needs released but have been unable to focus or see what and where. I now know we need to go back to my childhood.
Blessings and thank you.
Connie 51

Shelly Dressel 31st October 2009 8:07 am

You're welcome Connie! I have found that working with the lightbody is about integrating and energy that is me; but without any of the history or issues. So, to me it's just great. When you can allow that to be a part of you as you work with energy, you can let go of soooooo much!

Good luck with all that you're doing. Allow these energies to work with you. Allow yourself to open to self love and compassion. You are worthy and you are a valuable person!

Much love,


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