The Summer / Winter Solstice A Clean Sweep

Here we are just cruising through the summer or winter as the case may be! I find that time is really moving quickly. If you are feeling stuck, invite in a cleansing light and flow of energy. Which is much of what this channel is about. Lady Gaia spoke at length about the different times of pivotal change upon the earth. She spoke of Lemuria ~ feminine dominance; Atlantis ~ masculine dominance and now ~ balanced energy. You may experience each of these times and during the process release the many levels of energy within you but also energetically. The energies are very strong since this was channeled on the actual day of the solstice! ~ Shelly


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. Today is a day of immense energy flow upon the Earth. It is somewhat of a culmination of what's been happening throughout this past year, throughout the past several years. But as each one of you is aware, any day can feel as if it's a culmination or as if there is an immense transformation taking place.

Each one of you who chooses to come into this space and share some time with me is here because you recognize that you are moving through a transformation within your own personal life. As each one of you make choices, as each one of you is more conscious of what you are moving towards, of what you are seeking to have in your life, you will find that all that you seek to manifest will fall into place; sometimes with greater ease and sometimes in a way in which you might not have anticipated.

We are going to take this time in order to allow you to recognize where you have been throughout your multitude of lifetimes and I also seek to share with you the sense or the feeling of the transitions of energy throughout the many millennium that there have been people upon the Earth.

So many of you came into the Earth plane during the time of Lemuria. You chose to come to this glorious new planet so as to have the experience of creating a shift in consciousness. This planet that has gravity, that has density. This planet that through each individual human has free will to make choices, to think separately or independently. It was a magical time and there were many experiences that laid a foundation for each one of you to have within your soul essence for all the lifetimes and journeys that you have had since that time.

During the time of Lemuria the elves, the fairies, the gnomes, were very prevalent upon the Earth. There was an interaction that moved back and forth between the humans and the elementals that was very much a part of life. Lady Gaia herself had a different energy or a different vibration than who she is now because she too has moved through each evolution that has taken place upon the Earth. So if it resonates with you to remember Lemuria let those energies flow through you right now while we stay here, while we stay grounded upon the Earth.

The time of Atlantis was another large stepping stone that moved the consciousness of the Earth forward or shall we say just in a different direction. Atlantis was very scientific; it was very masculine-oriented whereas Lemuria was very feminine-oriented. The times of Atlantis many of you who came in with Lemuria also experienced. There was another new shift of individuals who came to the Earth for the first time during the time of Atlantis and perhaps you were a part of that energy wave as it came into the Earth.

You stand today on the threshold or perhaps you could even consider it in the process of a shift in consciousness that is equal to or greater than Lemuria and Atlantis. Now and moving forward from here will be a balance of feminine and masculine; it need not be one or the other. Moving forward is the balanced blended energy.

Feel that within you. Take a slow deep breath and breathe in that sense of who you are as a balanced energy. Yes - this is a very exciting time upon the Earth. The summer solstice is right now for the individual that I am speaking through. Of course the winter solstice is equally powerful this year for those of you experiencing that right now. Let these energies flow through you as they are in this moment.

My beloved family, I invite you to release your physical body. Have a sense of letting your energy flow in the direction of the magnetic grid. As you arrive within this space you always move into the space of your higher self. Look around - feel who you are and allow for that energy to move through you.

I invite you to move through the interlocking grid so that you may release the magnetic pull of the Earth and your consciousness may merge with the crystalline grid. As you move into the space of the crystalline grid the vibration is shifting. The vibration is in alignment with the energy that is coming into the Earth in a stronger and stronger amount.

The crystalline grid has a multitude of dimensions or aspects that link the Earth on which you live with the New Earth. There is a much greater definition that has been created over the last several years. With the new consciousness coming into the Earth there are many soul essence who will be coming to the Earth for the first time.

Just as with Lemuria and Atlantis, so too in this new balanced energy there will be many soul essence experiencing the Earth. A difference is they have the New Earth on which to practice feeling density and gravity. So many of you who have been so very diligent on lifetime upon lifetime within and working upon the Earth are now shifting in a more permanent manner to the New Earth. It is yours; it is one of your creations.

From here I invite you to shift your focus so that you may move into the soul plane. As you move within this space, feel what it is to reach out and embrace your divinity; to feel and align with your I Am presence. Allow your energies to merge. As you merge within this space let your consciousness expand in every direction.

Feel the love envelop you, feel the awareness, that connection that goes through every aspect of who you are as a human and as a divine essence. Let it all move through your consciousness at this time. Feel it and know that this is you; that you are as immense as you think you are or for some of you that you are even more immense than you think you are. Release boundaries, release limitation, have a sense of breathing deeply and letting your consciousness push the limits of which it has been known. Yes, that is you.

I the Goddess come into this space in which you are. I shine forth my light, my love, my essence. And I come into this space as if I'm walking hand in hand I am with the divine masculine - the essence of God. We walk amongst you. We reach out to each one of you and our energies blend together and then we reach out and we blend with you. As we embrace each one of you, one by one, you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

There is a sense of celebration, there is a sense of excitement that moves throughout the consciousness awareness of everyone who is here. Feel what this is for you. Look, sense, know. I invite all of you to come together as a group and see coming up within the center the essence of Lady Gaia. She may look a little different to you; you may have a greater sense or perception of who she is. Let go your preconceived notion and simply feel her essence, feel her energy.

I am going to turn over this speaker so to speak or whatever you wish to call it because Gaia would like to speak with you at this time.

Lady Gaia speaks:

Hello beloved, beloved family, hello my dear friends, hello my brothers, my sisters! This is a time of transition upon the Earth. Yes, I understand you are very well aware of that, but the transition is shifting in more ways than you can imagine. I Gaia represent the soul essence of Earth. I chose to become that soul essence long before there were even people inhabiting the Earth. I welcomed every change and transformation as it took place just as I welcome all that is taking place right now.

I do not want to get caught up in times past but I would like to speak briefly about some of the ancient times, in part so that it will trigger the memories within you but also so as to allow each of you to remember what the Earth felt like at those various times. The time in which you have labeled Lemuria, I flow to you what the Earth felt like at that time. There was a vibration, there was an energy, there were people already inhabiting the Earth when those of you chose to come in from the Universe.

The transition that took place was quite phenomenal as the thousands and thousands of people came to various parts of the Earth somewhat at a synchronistic time. Let your consciousness open and float. Perhaps you were one of those soul essence who came into the Earth. As if being sped up, time began to move in a different manner.

The vibration of the Earth was reflected by all of those who came. It was as if there were aspects that were scientific, working with merging animals and humans with the soul essence. There was a scientific part that spoke of splitting souls so that it was not just one soul but two, perhaps one as a male, one as a female. Sometimes just splitting them for the experience.

All of this was done with the full consent and the full choice of everyone moving through these experiences. There were many others who simply enjoyed the experience of being upon the Earth, feeling gravity, feeling a human body that was solid and dense. As people tap into Lemuria they oftentimes think of it as the Garden of Eden, they think of it as a magical time and in many respects it was. There was such a communication and commitment between the animals, the trees, everything upon the Earth, and the humans. It was a co-creation taking place.

We will now jump forward into what became known as the time of Atlantis. Some of what prompted the energies of Atlantis was that people became bored with utopia. There were many people that became much more aware of male versus female in domination. It became a time in which control, manipulation, fear, anger, sexual abuse, --many, many of those things that have affected so many of you in this lifetime--came to a peak during that lifetime; or not necessarily a lifetime but series of lifetimes.

So too the lasers, the scientific technology was beyond comprehension for some of you today. You worked with the Universe, you worked with the energies of the Universe to shift massive boulders. With medical advances some amazing things took place. It was like a pendulum though; for all that was amazing and progressive there were an equal number that were being dominated, suppressed.

No longer was there that balance, no longer was there that co-creative existence that was taking place [in Lemuria]. So eventually the civilization collapsed; people moved to all ends of the Earth with very solidly within the consciousness the memory of what was going on. Some things continued, other things were resolved.

The time of Christ as he came and lived upon the Earth was the opening of the door for what's happening right now. It was not only Christ but many other individuals in many different civilizations. And I as Gaia felt every one of these changes. I felt it through the consciousness of the Earth and I felt it through my alignment with the consciousness of every human, every animal, every tree that lived upon the Earth.

Let's come to right now; let's move into your life that you are living right now. So many of you chose this to be a time of releasing past existences. Some of you may call it karma, some of you may call it cellular memories. It matters not what name you give it. I Gaia invite you to make a choice that from here forth you live in the moment, you live in your life where it is now and you let go the layers upon layers that have to do with past experiences.

Those times were pivotal for creating the time in which you live right now, absolutely. But I Gaia can recognize everything that has occurred in the past and I recognize the potentials and much of what may come in the future, but I live now in the moment; in these years, in this experience. And I invite each one of you to do the same. Take those packs off your back and let them go. Release the layers upon layers of energy, let them go.

Feel who you are in the moment and let that grow, let it grow, expand. Let yourself feel the immense balanced and loving energy that is all around you. It is not separate from you; it is here, it is with you right now and not only does it surround you but it is you. You are not alone; you are linked to one another and while there may be millions of people upon the Earth who are as yet not aware of all that we are doing in this moment, they too will feel the effect of this letting go. And it's not that any one of you has to fix anybody else, it is simply in the letting go of your own stuff, junk, whatever you want to call it.

It creates a snowball effect that grows and grows and grows and there will be many, many people releasing, letting go experiences and they won't have any idea why or how it happened. It is going to open them to new potentials and they will move into those potentials. In the here and now I reach out my hand to each one of you and I invite you to come with me, feel your consciousness come with me as I move into the Earth. Feel the serenity, the security of blending with the Earth. Come down within the center and look at these glorious, glorious crystals that make up the center of the Earth.

These crystals have always been here but until the Earth could expand in such a way, human consciousness was not able to be aware of this crystal or group of crystals, howsoever you want to perceive it. I invite you to come inside with me and feel the energies. You feel the grounded vibration of the Earth, you feel the crystalline vibration of the Universe. Listen to the heartbeat of the Earth. It has always been here, it will always be here. Feel it move through you.

As if you shift your consciousness outward, perceive through these prisms of the crystal the Earth itself. From your human perspective there may be things that come to your attention and you say ‘Oh my gosh, we've got to fix that'. I do not judge. So for this moment in time, look outward without judgment. See the magic that has been upon the Earth but was covered up for those millions of years. As you move through the layers, the elves, the fairies, the gnomes, the elementals are coming back into your awareness but they're different than they ever were before.

In part they are there to remind you to have fun but from here within my soul essence, within me I see the Earth and I look outward and I see what you guys are terming the New Earth. Hmm, it makes me chuckle. Call it what you like. Recognize how just as there is a part of God and Goddess in every one of you and you in each of them, so too there is a part of me aligned or within every one of you, and I know that you are here and a part of me.

I release you from this space. Your consciousness shifts in a moment back into what you call the All That Is. And you realize that you have moved through a cleansing and realignment because of joining with that crystal within the center of the Earth.

We keep speaking of new energy or crystalline energy. They will come up with new names for it in the future but for now it is a vibration that is lighter, finer, it gives a different clarity than anything else that has been upon the Earth.

I love each one of you dearly. I feel excitement about where we are and what is happening. I am transitioning just as each one of you are doing. You will feel me differently in the future. Some people say that I will no longer be here, some people will know that I am even more fully present that I have ever been before; it is all about your perception. I am ever present.

I send kisses and love to each one of you, I embrace you and I release this space so that I may turn over the rest of this time to my beloved sister, the Goddess.


Goddess of Creation returns -

So what fun was that? See how much you have each done; see how far your soul journeys have taken you. Each experience that you have had has been important for the collective consciousness and the growth of all. I invite you to have a sense of looking before you and as if you were out here in the Universe you see the alignment of the planets, you see the Earth, you see the New Earth, you see everything because you are connected to all of it in a deeper way than you ever realized.

Look around and during this time of planetary alignment, look at the doorway, look at the veil as it thins even more. Perceive the pulsation of the crystalline vibration as it moves more and more within the energy field of the Earth plane. Be aware that you can live your life in alignment with these energies and it will assist you in anything you do during your day. Be aware that your senses will be open and you will receive information, communication, intuitive perception, psychic awareness; you can give it whatever name you so choose but the potential for you to step into is greater than it has ever been before.

Focus upon what you seek to have. Remember that all that is past is past and the time that you are living in is right now, right here. I hear the worries that some of you are already jabbering about. Take in a deep breath and as you breathe deeply fill yourself with the peace, with the tranquility of Gaia, of myself, of this Universal energy. Let that move through you, let it fill you up, let it all be whatever it will be.

And with that we will still take a moment and I invite each one of you to fly around, move, go wherever you want to go. Have a sense of allowing your consciousness to create a new alignment within your divinity so that you will have a greater ease in your communication. There are so many adventures awaiting you as you are living your life upon the Earth. Feel what it is to expand even further.

All right, my beloved friends, my beloved family. As we come back together you may notice that our group is now immense, gathering together. Being in the space of these energies draws many, many other soul essence who seek to enjoy these experiences. Their human essence may or may not be aware but again this is all part of how you can have an impact simply by expanding and being more aware within your own self.

Within this group we see the hologram of the Earth as it moves up within you. You see the outer hologram that is the New Earth and then the inner hologram which represents the physical Earth on which you live. As you flow your energies consciously into the hologram there are sparkles and light that twinkle and move as you are reconnecting with what you had linked with when you took the journey with Gaia.

The Earth is radiating a glorious light; the Earth is creating these deeper and deeper connections to you right now as we speak. And then I invite you to have a sense of releasing this hologram. It moves from you; an aspect of it moves out through the Universe and another aspect goes down. There is a vibration or an essence that links through the magnetic grid and the remainder goes into the Earth.

And within the center of the Earth - those crystals, that space - it anchors and then it moves outward in waves upon waves, creating a shift in the vibration of the physical Earth. And as it comes out and moves through the grass, the trees, the water, the flowers, it moves through the very air and vibration of the Earth itself, there is a sense of cleansing, of releasing, of clearing out the past.

It is creating a new foundation, a new format, and all that you've been feeling for the last several weeks was the preparation for this. Let that energy move through your physical self and I invite you each to let go; release anything that feels uncomfortable or anything that may have been holding you back.

Your consciousness returns for a moment into the space of the All That Is. Feel yourself and allow your energies to begin to shift. You may pause for a short time in the soul plane. Even with the transformations that are taking place, your I Am presence is more than what you can physically accommodate so a good bit of that remains out here but the rest of you - your consciousness - shifts. You move through the crystalline grid feeling these vibrations of the crystalline, feeling the clarity, sensing the transformation taking place.

You then have a sense of moving into the magnetic grid. Once more you feel the gravitational pull of the Earth and as you do so take a moment and just feel what that is. There is so much that has transitioned over the last number of years. So feel this essence, feel the new energy and as you do so let your consciousness begin to come back within your physical body.

Breathe deeply, breathing your essence down within you, send it all the way through you and into the Earth. Link with Gaia, perhaps take a moment and be aware of the elementals and then all of that comes back up, it comes back within you, it anchors within you. And as you are consciously coming back within yourself, take this moment and cleanse your energy.

Let your physical body release aches and pains and anything that's no longer working for you. Let your emotional body, your mental body, do the same. Feel a cleansing wave of energy move through you on every level and let your spiritual body expand to accommodate your expanded divinity as it's coming into this space.

As each one of you are taking this time to come back and as you acclimate within yourself, I invite you if you so choose to come back within this room if you would like to ask a question by pressing *7 upon your phone.

As you are taking this time, take a moment and just feel the various aspects of your physical body, feel who you are and open to a sense of acceptance and awareness.

Question: (paraphrased) That was amazing, it was absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing that with us. You are welcome. It feels like I'm living in a different space than a lot of other people. At the same time of coarse right now with the releasing there has been a challenging relationship with my mother that keeps coming up right now. I would like to make peace with that, release it and move on but I'm not sure how to do that. That is what I would like to know.

Answer: We're linking with you as you are speaking of this and we are also linking with your mother. We also wanted to take a moment and communicate with you about feeling as if you are in a different place than many people. With the choices you've made in seeking to expand your divinity and opening to find answers in what people may consider to be an abstract way; it has created a sense of distance between you and the people around you. We see it as a sense of a physical distance actually. And it also gives us a sense that you are not always grounding yourself because it feels so much better to be the expanded energies or in the space of the soul plane or the crystalline grid. That is where we see you going a good bit.

When you feel that disconnected essence within yourself we would recommend that you practice grounding, you practice connecting with Gaia as she during this journey. By doing that we sense that what's going to happen to you is that you will create a new relationship with yourself as the human that you are and the human life that you are having. We have a sense of you during this journey tonight releasing so much old energy and releasing old experiences. You are going forward from here making new connections and making new relationships. So with your mother in particular with the challenges you have had the sense we are getting is that many of those things that have irritated you will no longer do so. We feel as if you cutting a cord that linked you to her, not only her but some other people from this lifetime. We had a sense of you choosing to clear out your energy field.

You had this question prepared as something you wanted to ask about but I think over the next couple of days for you, you will feel yourself almost disoriented and feeling a sense of finding balance within you. As you are doing that, let your focus be upon grounding yourself and grounding your energies, becoming much more conscious of your physical self and spend some time out doors. Then if you come back and revisit all those issues with your mom you will find that many of them have been released. We have a sense of you creating a new relationship with her. Now we know it's not as if 100% will be transformed immediately, yes it's a potential but because of who she is the sense is that she will try to draw you back into that old dynamic. So for you as you go forward from here be very conscious that you have made a transition already and consciously choose to keep that cord disconnected. If you feel her pulling on your energy field, then consciously release it again and ground within yourself and you will find you have a whole new perspective. Does that make sense to you?

Yes, very much! Thank you.

You have worked with this for quit awhile and your intention coming into tonight was that you were going to go through a big transformation and we want to confirm for you that that has taken place.

Thank you so much!

You're welcome beloved.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess? (Hello!) As more and more people release what they need to release and come full circle in their life how can I can be of assistance to them in the mediation setting or how I can help to facilitate this?

Answer: We've worked with you in the past about taking the time to connect with people on a soul to soul level. You are doing this but you are still remaining somewhat in your head as you do so. You feel the connection, you receive information, but then you remain in the analytical mode of the information that you are gathering from them. What we see happening in the future is that before you even meet the people in person; we see you sitting at your desk and the various people that you are mediating sitting as if their names are on the desk in front of you.

We see you creating a space where you link with each one of them before you even coming into contact with them and you are putting forth the intention that they will be able to communicate and resolve these issues in a way that is agreeable to everybody and without severe problems or issues. This is setting a foundation and you are linking with them soul to soul before you even meet them. Then when you actually meet them in person and you are asking the questions that are a normal part of your routine, your heart center is open and flowing. Now we have a sense that sometimes you feel battered from when you are too open in these situations, from the anger of these people. So what we want you to begin to work with is a way that your heart can be open but you shift into a space that keeps you from feeling the anger, frustration, resentment; all those emotions that may be going on the room. They will then be going on in a space of release rather than in a place where there's a backlash against. Does that make sense to you beloved?

I noticed someone I worked with a week or so ago had discovered she had a low thyroid about a year ago. I was working with her about the family team idea. She came into the room, I had another meeting and after the meeting and for the next day I was soooo extremely tired. I felt like I picked it up from her.

You can be a sponge sometimes because you consciously send forth to open up your energy fields to receive information. What you need to learn to do is to receive the information with the conscious intention that the information comes to you but the energies continue moving through you. The energies don't stop inside of you. The information, the perception remains with you; but anything else goes past you or through you; whatever you may think of it. I will be whatever works for you. Be very conscious of putting forth the intention again and again and again; as many times as you may need to that none of those energies are going to remain within you. Shelly will do it some times and others may do it; when they are in the moment that they have physical symptoms that represents the other individual. That may be there as a way of giving you the information. But be very clear that as soon as it is done, voomp you disconnect from it, you let it go, it flows away from you; it is not your own.

Um hm, okay.

You are on the right path, you are already doing a great deal. You're already doing a lot of transforming within yourself. Your mediation is reflecting this so continue doing what you've been doing with the intention that all these new energies and a greater amount of perception will flow through you and within you with ease.

Okay, thank you very much.

You are welcome beloved.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you Goddess and Gaia for this beautiful journey tonight. Everything that has been going on in my life for the past few weeks makes a lot more sense. A very unpleasant drama has unfolded in my life concerning my daughter's wedding. The things I released were exactly what I chose to release. My The abuse, the demands, the disrespect; it felt like deja vu. My children's behavior was almost creating a drama of lynch mob mentality. My husband and I had to disengage from giving my daughter a wedding. I feel that on a higher level the drama was created to give a choice of releasing the past; releasing the disrespect...... I'm having a hard time with words right now.

Answer: To kind of bring this to a summary; what I'm picking up from you is that you're trying to find out how your relationship with your daughter is going to be going forward from here. Is that what you were asking or is there something else?

Yes, I would like that answer. But I feel that from what you were saying was that this drama was created for all of us to release it. This drama of me having to choose which wasn't pleasant for any of us; will shock us all into releasing the past pain and we come back renewed.

The sense we get as we look at you as we look at this situation with all involved, it feels in some parts like many years of frustration and anger being unexpressed or expressed inappropriately. It feels like there are boundaries that have been crossed and

difficulty with erecting boundaries, so to speak and a way of self preservation. I want to very clear both with you and with everybody else who listens to this; well, they don't usually listen to the answers, but with everybody else who might be reading this at a later date. In this situation in particular we see a lot of the energies of Atlantis between you, your daughter and a third person, perhaps your son. It may be your husband, it feels like perhaps it's your husband. It feels as if these are energies from Atlantis and that is the basis for what has created this. Now I do not want you to focus on that and fixate that this is from Atlantis and it's a long time coming and yada, yada, yada. Instead I want you to recognize that this is something more than just this lifetime, it came up as a time to be released. Now with these impulses coming into the earth, this is allow this exact release to take place. Now, with your daughter; it feels like there is a group standing in front of me and I can't identify all of them. It feels as if there is a great deal taking place on many different levels for everyone involved. With your daughter we have a sense of her not right now, but at some point in the future it's as if she comes out of a fog and saying 'what was I doing?' as if she's not even fully conscious of her behavior and how she comes across to people.

So we want you to be aware that there is more coming into play here than just the experiences of this lifetime. We have a sense of you in the immediate future disconnecting from them and that you both go your separate ways for awhile. We know that brings up heartbreak within you but we want you to be aware of keeping yourself from focusing on the heartbreak and instead focus upon the fact that you are creating a new existence for yourself. This is an existences that's in alignment with the new energy, this crystalline vibration; everything that is a life of living through your heart center. You've been doing this for many years and that is one reason why your heart feels so fragile to you at times. But going forward from here be aware that all relationships are going to transition. Right now this relationship feels as if it's at that place of going two separate ways and that your paths will not cross again-- this is the perception that you have. But we see that it will definitely come back around and you will reconnect with one another in a new place, in a new perception and in a new communication.

Yes, and it's also with my son. I've had to let go of both of them because I had to choose that to take care of myself. I had to disengage from the hurt and the drama. Hopefully one day they will see what you said, that may happen. We will come back to a better relationship and better respect and love; love, love, love! It has been hurtful but I feel I have over the last week or so, disconnected and allowed them to choose whatever they choose while Ray and I have chosen to disconnect and find joy and love in each moment of each day.

That is what I seek for you. I'm going to take this moment and flow to you the energy of love, the energy of compassion, the energy of awareness; these have been very hard choices. We see these choices as being difficult but yet being what is going to take you into the space of what is your highest good. Be strong, be confident within yourself and allowing them their pathway, their journey to do whatever they choose in this lifetime, meaning your son and daughter, is in some ways a gift. You are giving them the gift of being able to make their choices without your interference so to speak, because that was how they viewed it.

Yes it is, thank you.

All right beloved. Be compassionate, be loving, be nurturing with yourself. Remember your deep connection to Gaia and take time over the next few days to really be a part of the earth and reconnect to the earth.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, how you doing? (Good!) This is Mike from Philadelphia and I have been on the call a few times and really enjoy and appreciate the work you are doing. (Thank you and we know you very well.) Thank you. The question I have is about the ascension process, actually my place in this process. I feel right now like the Egyptians when they crossed the Red Sea, they were in the promised land, but they were still confused! That's how I feel, as if the past is behind me, I've made it to the promised land, but haven't found the milk and honey!

Answer: We love your analogy that you have used! It so beautifully represents the individual when they are aligned with their divinity and when they are aligned with their ego, or humanness; basically that which makes them a human. You have made choices, you moved through your personal process, or your personal ascension. You have brought in a much greater amount of your divinity. You have shifted your focus and your awareness and you are living much more within the 4th and the 5th dimensions. That has been your conscious choice for the last couple of years or so that you've been moving that way. Then there's the human aspect of you, the analytical, the one still engaged with everyone around you, who goes to your job, does all your daily activities, who feels that conflict within yourself; but I've done this, but I'm over here, but I've done that. It's like we see you on a teeter totter and you are sometimes here and sometimes there; it's as if you are keeping these two parts of yourself separated and you are not fully blending them together. That is what we would recommend for you. With this journey tonight, with this releasing, just as we mentioned to the others, just as you mentioned at the beginning of the question you did feel the release and you did feel the letting go.

So what is important for you as you wake up every day or at various times during the day if you so choose, we think it's very important for you to consciously breathe in such a way that all the divinity you brought down, all the consciousness that you are bringing into your physical or human reality; breathe that into you as if it moves through your mental, emotional and physical body. We are being a shown a bellows as it expands and contracts. Have a sense of consciously sending that vibration of your divinity all the way through all the various aspects of your physical body and your mental and emotional. Then as you begin to look at what's around you, you will find you have less of the analytical perspective of things. You may have less of your emotions being pulled that might keep you in resistance or holding back. You may find the milk and honey you are seeking to find is there and actually around you. You are now in a place where you can receive it into your life. The actual manifesting of what you seek to have is probably one of the most challenging things for people to do. We hear again and again that I've been this or I've been seeking that but it's not here in my life. So when it's not fully a part of your life, it's due to an inconsistency of the vibration of what you seek to have and the vibration of where you are.

So creating a process that is comfortable for yourself where you ground these expanded energies so that you have all that you have wanted to bring in become a part of your physical reality. Then as you go about your daily life, you will see things differently. You are going to feel things differently. That is how you will then live with the milk and honey you have been seeking to have. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Yes it does make sense actually. What I get is that I just need a little more pushing.

No beloved, we don't want you to push. The pushing and that trying to force things to happen is what keeps you in resistance and keeps you from being fully able to receive. In the new energy, in the vibration of this energy that is coming into the earth; it's about creating an alignment then opening up and allowing it to come in. You will find that when you try to force things to happen or you try to make things happen in a certain way, just as with the individual we just spoke with - when she tried to create a situation with her daughter that it would come out in a way that everyone would see the good or see what was happening, she finally felt she was pushed to the wall and couldn't do it any more.

So with you that is what we see; a sense of resistance or a sense of distance. When we spoke of grounding the energies within you it was a way of allowing you to open up your heart center and open up your perceptions of life so that you could see things through new eyes. That is what we see is important for you going forward from here. And be gentle with yourself!! there is a part of you that is harsh still. There's a part of you that is critical of the choices that you've made. We hear 'yeah I've done all this spiritual stuff but obviously I'm not good enough or I haven't done it well enough because I don't have what I'm seeking.' Let that go. Any time that you are judgmental or critical; whether it's yourself or others it keeps you at a distance and it keeps you from being able to receive.

Actually the way I'm doing things now is totally different. The old way don't work no more.

Exactly. And this is the way that it will be with everybody. That's one of the reasons why we hear people talking about being confused or talking about relationships changing. You may hear oh those were the rules when we got married or oh those were the rules when I met that individual and now it's now working anymore. This is all a part of the transformation that is taking place. Consciously putting forth what you want is important but then also be in the energy of being open and receptive and allowing the flow to move through and around you.

Alright, I appreciate that.

You are welcome. We see you as filled with light. We see you as we speak of this as reaching out and just grabbing things and taking them into yourself.

Thank you.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess this is Twee. I thank you everybody for your questions, I really relate to them. I didn't expect my question to be up so soon! You know being on earth everybody has a goal of being where they want to be. For me I keep on focusing on my higher self, contacting work through my higher self. I don't know how to make a living with that. I'm not focusing on putting out there to work with people or work with children, it's just about working with my divinity. That's great because I love it, but it's not a way to make a living with that. Can you give me any insights on this?

Answer: Alright, we have a couple of things we'd like to say to you. You are by no means alone when we see you as being ungrounded in your energies. It's very typical and common for people to enjoy being in this space of the journey tonight. You want to live your life there. You want to be in that space. You want it to be a part of your reality every day as you are living your life. But until you can ground those energies into your physical reality, meaning into your physical body, meaning into the energy field around you, until you are comfortable living the life you are living and really showing up and being present in your life it gives you that sense of being discontent, that sense of being unable to make a living as you were speaking of; just that ungrounded energy is what we see.

Going forth from here we actually saw you Twee as a soul essence who has had many, many, many life existences upon earth but the most recent as being out a part of the universe. We see that you are not necessarily as aligned with the earth as many others are. That is another one of the reasons why you feel so disconnected from the earth. During the journey tonight as Gaia was speaking and you saw everything, we sense you felt you could resonate but it wasn't the same as what many others felt. Does that resonate with you beloved?


Okay, so one of the reasons we wanted to speak of that to you tonight was to introduce you to Gaia and introducing you to the energies of the earth in a new and different way than you have ever worked with them. When you get the journey, whether you go back and listen to it or read the channel, use it as a tool to really get to know Gaia better. Get to know the earth better, then use it as a way to ground your energies into this life experience you are living. As you do that you will you can find you have your expanded space of who you are in your daily life. You may still say well I do need to support myself, I do need to have an income; we have a sense that what will happen is you look around and you find jobs that have become available. We see you looking through the internet, we see you looking through the paper, we see you talking to people. We see that this is something you've been doing already but it didn't really work. It feels as if you were talking to people and networking but you didn't actually connect or become engaged with people; most likely because you were so disconnected within yourself.

By taking the time and opportunity to really feel what it is to be on earth and a part of earth. Then as you go about looking for work you will find that things will come to you in a new perspective and you will find your relationships with people will transform and it will be as if you are waking up and for the first time looking around and seeing these relationships in a different manner.

You are asking what will I do with my life, what can I do and we see a couple of different potentials. We see you doing something that comes across as research or something that keeps you isolated from people. It feels as if you are working in an office and you are working on the computer a lot. We sense as we see this that it is aligned with a disconnected you, that person you were before we just spoke with you. The next potential we see for you is that you are in a customer service type job. You are working with people on the phone, with people in person; it's something that has you working with a lot of different people on a consistent basis. We also see that because of this ET energy around you that is can be very draining to you to be around a lot of people. So the next thing that comes to our awareness is that you find something that is a blend of these two. It has time alone and time in connection with people. It feels like marketing, it feels like customer service, it feels like something with retail but not someone who sells clothing on the floor, someone in the back office. Does that resonate with you?

Thank you!

You are welcome beloved and thank you for that question.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess? Let me do my best in asking. I've had an instance where I over responded or reacted to my mother, critically. In that moment it was couched with resentment from not having been able to stand up for my boundaries. In that moment I thought I'd explain things and she countered with a letter that was very hurtful, it was intended to be hurtful. That's my initial and template for all relationships. I've had to break off and I've hedged around the idea of writing a letter because my heart was so hurt from this instance.

Meanwhile this was almost supplanted by another event. My girlfriend from childhood who in some ways became my mother's surrogate but I was unaware of the characteristics that were meeting more needs on greater levels than that. We're very far, on opposite sides of the sea boards; her husband just dropped down and was in the critical care unit. A friend recommended that I pray and let it be Gods will. But I have a lot of fear about speaking with her. She is very functional in the world and I am not. I am not working and I don't function on the same level as she. I'm afraid I can't supply the support she needs. I can give spiritual support, but I'm triggered by events of non acceptance when I'm in a group of people. I try too hard to be accepted when I'm in a group. So how can I overcome and be able to talk with my friend and provide the support that she needs.

Answer: Yes beloved. Several things are happening here, there are several different layers of what's happening within you. First of all as you spoke of your mother there is a wounded aspect of you that is crying out. It feels like a raw wound and is wide open. Instead of it being something that is there but you move beyond; it feels as if it's repeatedly opened. With all these other relationships you spoke of, because you have this raw wound within you each time something happened it again brought up that rawness of all that was going on. We don't know why we keep hearing and feeling word raw for you. What we would recommend that you do first of all is disconnect from your mother and more so from all the people around you. We know you said you feel disconnected already, but you really are not. There are energy cords going back and forth and they are all going into you in such a way that you feel drained and open and wounded.

What we want you to do first of all is disconnect as if from everyone around you. You can.... pause... there is so much we are trying to say through Shelly and there's way more that needs to go on than can be addressed at this time due to the time constraints. This is just the surface layer. What we would do is first of all disconnect from everyone and take an opportunity to tap into the energies of the journey we just went on. Let yourself feel as if that wound inside of you is being sealed off and it's being filled up with compassion, love and awareness. Let that love and awareness come down from your divinity, let it come down from your soul essence and let it fill you up! Then you can become complete, whole and feel all of that within yourself. Then as you look out towards other people in your life, for example your friend who you would like to go and be supportive of her. She would love for you to be able to go and spend time with her and to talk with her. Let go your perception of judgment. Yes, she may have said that or felt that or it may have been in your perception. But that's not what she's thinking about right now. Her focus is upon her husband, her focus is upon this desperation that is within her. You could show up there and not say a single word. We have a sense of you being close to her physically. It's not about these issue's you've had in the past, it's as if all of that is wiped clean. She just wants you to be there as that friend from childhood as that friend from all those many years in this lifetime. All you need to do is show up and say 'I'm hear, I love you, I care'. That is all it is.

Those concerns you had about what she might think of you or what you may think of you; let it go for now. The concerns that you had were reflected from the insecurity within you that was all based in that wound that we spoke of at the very beginning. This is how we have come full circle and tried to touch on all the things you mentioned! Does that make sense to you?

It does make sense yes. The divinity part of taking that. Something about everything being wiped clean. You spoke of transitioning with the meditation of tapping into divine love and divine light. What you said of how I can reflect back that I care, that I love, that I'm there for her.

Exactly! Because that is what she needs right now. It's not about past issues, it's about what's happening right now as her husband is so critical.

Thank you very very much Goddess, I'm very fortunate to have you reflect back so many layers to me.

You are welcome beloved. We see this as a wound that has an affect upon you for your entire lifetime. But now is the time you are releasing it, it's going to heal over and you are going to move forward from here with a new determination and a new perception within yourself. 

I am certainly striving for that!

And so it is!

And so it is!

All right beloved, thank you all of you that had the opportunity to speak with me today. I'm sorry that I could not answer everyone's question but my thoughts, my intention, my love goes out to everyone whether you consciously asked a question or not. And as we are bringing this session to a close I say to you that you are standing in the precipice of this new energy; you are standing in a space of balance and new potential that's never been experienced upon the Earth.

Allow that to be something that assists you in your life; allow that awareness to move through you as a means of giving you insights, intuition, whatever it may be so that the decisions that you make and all you encounter is all that you seek to have.

I am ever with you and within.





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