Unconditional Love & Working With Your Frequency

Here it is, the next installment on the Lightbody (LB) energies! The LB energies came through once more and spoke at length. The spoke of love, loneliness, separateness and what it is to be human. A direct quote is as follows:

"It is beyond our concept or it is beyond our comprehension that anyone would not know the full essence of their divinity. That's why we spoke of us being there to link with you in a way that will give you that constant sense of companionship or presence with another."

Through the alignment and integration of your LB energies, you will have an even stronger link to your divinity.

From there, the LB moved into speaking of frequency. Your frequency is the rate at which you vibrate but it's affected by many different things. Your frequency can shift as a result of tones, intention, physical ability. It can also be affected by your emotions and your mental body. Your LB energy does not have all the constrictions of the earthbound energies. Therefore, it can assist you in creating great change in your life. During this channel they will give you an opportunity to understand what your frequency is right now and then perceive the frequency of what you seek to have. In this manner you can create a shift into greater alignment.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I greet you as my friends, as my soul connections. I greet you as those who have chosen to incarnate upon the Earth and live this experience of life. Live this life, allowing yourself to truly feel what it is to be in human form.

There is a shift taking place that is somewhat the completion of what was begun not just six months or a year ago, but probably two years ago. This shift from the time that the Earth itself consciously shifted into the fourth dimension has been about bringing in the light, bringing in the energy, and allowing the next phase of what it is to live upon the Earth to become a part of the Earth.

We worked with the lightbody energies during the last time that we were together; well, the last several times that we have been together. It is only going to become more and more prevalent within you as you move through your days. In large part it is a conscious choice that you make to integrate it within your body. If you or anybody else is unaware, the lightbody energies are still there and available to them. It is that the energy or the amount of energy is lessened because of that.

There will come a day in which everybody will be perhaps unconscious of this but yet they will have the same amount of lightbody energy around them as they do their own mental and emotional bodies. And so by this I'm speaking of those people who are not fully conscious at this time. For those of you who are choosing this path of ascension, who are choosing this path of consciousness; for you it's going to give you the ability of being able to work with your frequency of vibration with a greater detail.

I hear so often from people that what they were seeking to manifest has not come to be. I hear that it happens when I've been working with them and I hear when it happens that they've been working with themselves or sometimes with other individuals that work as a conduit to transfer energy. So it's not that it's any one person or thing, it's more so that the vibration you emanate is a certain frequency and what you are seeking is of a different frequency.

Working with these lightbody energies allows you to create a greater balance within your own energies so that you can shift or adjust the frequency that comes through with greater ease. As a result of that you will find that manifesting within your life will transition. You will find yourself being more balanced in your daily life and you will find that the choices you make are more conscious choices instead of a reaction to what is happening around you.

This is what I hear the majority of you saying you would like to have within your life. It comes as no mistake that a large volume of people are speaking of the same experiences in their life and now this energy is manifested upon the Earth. I invite you to once more take a deep breath that you breathe down within yourself; it goes through your lungs, it goes down through your heart center and you let this move deep within you.

Feel as if you are anchoring your own energies so that you may then release your conscious awareness and it will shift step-by-step out into the Universe. You shift first of all into the magnetic grid. As you arrive within this space you may feel what it is to align with your higher self. As you do so you can feel your consciousness expanding and you look around. Have a sense of the impulses of light that move through here. These impulses are also transitioning as a result of the energy that is being brought into the Earth.

From here have a sense of shifting your awareness in such a way that you move through the interlocking grid. As you do so you find yourself arriving within the crystalline grid. Within this space you have released the energies of the Earth plane; you've released the magnetic pull of the Earth. You allow yourself to feel this vibration as it moves through you. There is more and more within you that aligns with this space so that you can take in and interpret what this space is for you.

Here is a greater amount of your consciousness and a greater amount of your divinity. Have a sense of shifting into the soul plane so that you may link with the essence of your divinity. As you align with your divinity you will find that your consciousness expands even further as if your imagination is just let loose; allow it to expand moving out in every direction.

I invite you to have a sense of putting forth a question or an intention as you are blending with your divinity to know that part of your divinity that is here and present with the crystalline energies. As you do so you will find that your consciousness shifts and as it is shifting feel what this is.

Your consciousness is moving into that part of your divinity that has been working directly with the crystalline vibrations. You have had experiences within this space many, many times in the past. It is a part of your consciousness that is available to you through your I Am presence.

So many have considered the crystalline grid and the crystalline energies as something new that is currently being developed. The ways in which you access it, the way it comes to you is indeed something new that has been developed, but the crystalline vibration and energy has been around for a very long time and you have worked with it many, many times in the past, so access it within your consciousness.

I speak of the past because to the human, linear way of thinking that might make more sense to you. In reality within your I Am presence, it may be future if you want to consider it in a linear time frame. But the reality is that there are experiences that you have had that are present within your divinity that can give you the support, the back up, the information that you may desire as you are learning about this more and more.

Whether you take the time to access this in this now moment or if you choose to do it at another time, be aware that it is here and it is present for you whenever you seek to connect. For now I invite you to gather as much of that vibration or energy and let it be a part of this journey this evening.

I the Goddess now come into this space. I reach out to each one of you and I blend my energies with you. As I blend these energies you may find yourself shifting into the All That Is. Feel your expansion. Feel how my energies will amplify your own. Feel how I will also reflect back to you in such a way that you may have a greater understanding of who you are.

This space is already illuminated with the energies of the lightbody. The last time that we were together with the assistance of the Angels, the Masters, the Ray Lords; everyone who was here at that time, they created a format or a conduit that would allow this lightbody energy to become anchored within the All That Is. And while those energies are present, if you so desire, you now have a much easier ability to link with work with the lightbody energies.

See coming out in the midst of you this essence that you met the last time that we were together. This time you may have a perception of two people. As you look you see first of all the purest, most brilliant light. It is a light that transmits an energy and it is only as you look within the light that you are able to see the essence of two people.

I am going to shift once more so that they may speak directly with you and in this manner you will more deeply connect with these energies and this is to your benefit. I shift and allow the vibration of communication to move over towards them.

The Lightbody energies speak directly:

Greetings, greetings our friends and loved ones. We have been quite busy since the last time that we were together with you, as have all of you! I bring to you this essence who is also able to work with you directly. If you look beside me you may see subtle changes, subtle differences in the vibration of the energy, but it is here and we come to you as the representatives of the lightbody energies. You may call us LB.

You can call me LB1 and the other LB2. Although she's coming across as more of a feminine energy and she says no, she's LB1 and I'll be LB2; it matters not! And indeed you may find that over time we will be given other names or we will come up with other names for you. Names are not something that we use in the vibration that we have been. Everyone will recognize each other or the group essence as simply that - the group essence.

Names indicate an individuality and a special significance or a special difference and this is a part of the Earth experience. It's having that completely separate soul, that completely separate energy or a vibration or a living experience that you've chosen to have for yourself.

In some regards as I've observed many, many people are lonely. You feel separate, you feel isolated, you feel different. Perhaps many of you in this group have felt that; perhaps it's just other people upon the Earth. When you are a part of a group essence and there is that continuity of energy that is so much the same that you need not have specific or individual names.

The word ‘loneliness' does not exist. As you are looking forward and moving into this new essence of yourself, my wish for you is that loneliness will no longer exist for you either. We as the lightbody energy representatives are going to be with you on a continuous basis.

Now we want to be very clear with you that while your divinity, your soul essence, did make up a part of who we are, we are by no means a replacement for your soul essence. As we were beginning to speak of not feeling alone, we could feel and hear the Goddess saying to us ‘don't forget'. And what we don't want to forget is what we don't really know - it's what we are learning from you - that separateness, that individuality.

It is beyond our concept or it is beyond our comprehension that anyone would not know the full essence of their divinity. That's why we spoke of us being there to link with you in a way that will give you that constant sense of companionship or presence with another.

But indeed we are here as like another tier moving out from that which is your core essence as your divinity. We have observed so very much as we've watched you. We have learned through our perceptions of you the lessons that you have learned. And may I just say that we feel deep honor and respect for this process through which you have been or participated, most especially in this current lifetime.

There are certain things as we said that are incomprehensible to us but there are certain other things that we can grasp the magnitude of what has been taking place. And we honor and appreciate all of you who chose to have these experiences. It truly is amazing.

The vibration that we represent is a vibration that is very constant, out here in one of these frequencies of the Universe or perhaps you'd call it the Omniverse. We move through different levels of consciousness and as the Earth continues to expand in the way in which it has, it's what allows us the greater ease in being available to you.

Now then as you more fully integrate your lightbody energies you will begin to realise that we are not separate from you. Right now it may feel as if we are and we speak as if we are but the time will come in the not so distant future when we will be fully integrated within each one of you. And we will therefore no longer speak to you as if separated.

So I invite you to gather around and as you are coming here within this space I invite you to have a sense of going within your consciousness as it is right now. And as you are allowing your focus to be within, gather, gather, gather, gather all that makes up who you are within your divinity within the amount of your consciousness that you may comprehend.

Now as if reaching out or letting your awareness move outward we invite you to take a moment and focus upon that which is your physical body. Now some of you may find that that grounds you back within your physical but in this essence or in this moment let's keep it in this detached space of the All That Is; let's keep it in this space of greater expansion because it allows you to have a greater amount of flexibility as you are working within.

So therefore, feel your physical body. As you are doing so take stock for a moment; how is it working? Are your organs working well for you? Are you feeling symptoms of illness? I hear from so many of you saying, yes, yes, and partly that's due to this shift in vibration.

Our intention is that with what we are doing right now it will help to balance that so that each of you will feel more comfortable. We actually can't quite comprehend that physical body experience but we're learning through you. So you have that physical body and then as you shift out you have emotions. How are your emotions right now? Again another very interesting aspect of the humans - they range so wildly, they're so very intense. They mean so much to you as if your whole life is based upon the emotions and what you are feeling. How interesting that is.

As you expand from there you have a mental body. Your thoughts, your beliefs; your mental body is very much a part of what creates your reality. Now as we look at your reality it looks very flexible and flimsy to us; as each of you considers your reality it seems solid and rigid in some cases. It seems like there's nothing that will change it. But we would like to share our perception of the fact that it is quite flexible.

So within your mental body how about shifting that belief that your reality is flexible? And see if that's not something that you would like to incorporate in the future or as of this moment. Your spiritual body - within every one of you this is what we align with most fully. Each one of you have magnificent spiritual bodies. It is that which makes you the sparkling essence of life; it is that which makes you so glorious and so unique. It is that which can give you the release from loneliness. Feel your spiritual body and know that you are never alone. Know that you are always deeply connected with your divinity and with all this essence.

And then next you come to us. We welcome you or perhaps we invite you to welcome us. Invite us to come in and be this next layer or this next level of expansion around you or within you, howsoever you want to look at it. You may all be noticing a distinct difference between your lightbody energies and your Earth-bound energies. For some of you it's as if you are looking for that lightbody energy and you do not perceive it. Others of you have a very clear sense of that which is your lightbody or LB as we will call it going forth.

Your LB, because you are integrating it within you, is taking on those attributes that are unique to you in this lifetime. We can see how already there is more of a similarity to the other energy bodies that make up you the human than when you first came into contact with it. But there is an aspect that will never be humanized and that's the aspect that you can tap into as you seek to create changes within your life.

Let your senses all open up so that you can perceive this aspect within your lightbody. It's very fine light and translucent. It may take on a color and reflect a color; oftentimes it is without color. As you consciously reach out to align with that vibration and then as if you are taking in a deep breath you draw that vibration through all your other energy bodies and down directly into your physical body. You breathe it into your lungs, you breathe it down through your heart center and through the rest of your body. This is how you will create a deeper alignment to your lightbody.

And now that you all feel it very present within and around you, let's speak of the frequency. Frequency consists of a vibration. That vibration is adjusted due to tones, intention, physical abilities. There are waves of energy that move through frequency and can fine tune the vibration which is emanated. We are somewhat simplifying this for you; there are others aspects that also come into play but we are trying to keep it simple.

So as you allow yourself to be very aware of the frequency that you emanate, you can create amazing changes within your life. Right at this moment the overwhelming frequency that everyone is emanating is that of excitement; you emanate the energies of discovery, there's also joy, there's also many subtle nuances and you know what that is to you.

To give you an example, I now invite you to consider perhaps something within your life that creates disappointment. Whew, did you see what happened to your frequency? As you brought to your awareness whatever that was that has created a disappointment in your life, your frequency shifted. For some of you it's like it took on a deeper tone; for others of you it's like it constricted. Still for others of you it's as if there was something actually cut off so that the transmission is no longer fluid or moving, and that's with considering the word disappointment or the emotion or energy of the word disappointment.

So when you consider what you seek to have in your life, what you seek to accomplish, what you seek to do, your frequency that you emanate is hugely important and a part of you the person and you in your daily life existence.

Consider something that you have been seeking to manifest in your life; consider that it's already accomplished, it's here, it's within your life. You feel the joy, the happiness, the satisfaction. You feel that sense of accomplishment, that sense of completion, whatsoever it may be within you. As you are focusing upon that, once again observe your frequency; quite different is it not than the frequency of disappointment?

Quite simply or perhaps not so simply this is why things have not manifested. Because the vibration and the frequency that you emanate from that state of disappointment or frustration is not in alignment with what you are seeking to have. I hear so many of you saying, ‘well, okay, fine, then what can I do about it?' and this is where we as your lightbody energy are coming into assist you.

Your lightbody energy does not have all the constrictions you could say of the Earth-bound energies. Your lightbody energy remains like those aspects that we said could never be Earth-anized if you call that a word. And because of that you have the unique opportunity to work with that energy as much as you like throughout your days.

So go back to that place of disappointment, anger, frustration, whatever it may be, and you see your vibration, you see the frequency that you emanate. And then we invite you to consciously open up and invite in that lightbody energy and allow it to come in, moving through all of your other energies. Oooh, as it moves through it moves through your spiritual, your mental, your emotional, and it even moves through your physical body; it's creating an adjustment.

The number one rule, we don't even like to call it a rule, but the number one thing to remember about lightbody energies is that it cannot be controlled or manipulated. Now you invite it in, you put forth your intention, you state what it is you seek to have. You allow that energy to come within you with the intention of creating a vibrational frequency that will allow you to manifest what it is that you seek to have.

For some this will be done with great ease, for others it may seem as if it doesn't work and it creates more frustration. Never, ever is it our intent to create frustration so if you feel any emotions like that have the sense of taking a step back, disconnecting, letting it go, just let everything flow away from you because what has happened is you have gone too much into your mental body and too much into trying to control or make it work in a particular way. So the greatest ease is through creating alignment and allowing it to work with you.

See how you feel right now. Feel how this is more in alignment with what you are seeking to have. Feel how good that is. Allow, allow, allow. By doing so you will allow change, you will allow your life to move into what you've always wanted it to be. You will allow even more potential to manifest within and around you. We see for you infinite potentials. We see for you manifesting what you thought you always wanted and then realizing 'oh not that's not it' and going on to something else. We see for you so much that is taking place.

So breathe in, know that this is you, this is your experience. Allow it to evolve. Now the communication has flowed back and forth between the two of us, but we stand here amongst you speaking with you and assisting you. Know that you may always call upon us and as more and more people integrate these energies you may even begin to feel us around you on the Earth plane. We look forward to that experience. That is one of the reasons why the two of us have chosen to come and be at the forefront of this.

We send forth a frequency of joy, of excitement and appreciation. We have noticed how you embrace one another - how lovely. So we embrace you. And with that we step to the side, or actually we will step within and the Goddess will shift and begin to speak.


The Goddess of Light returns -

Hello again. As you feel and sense and hear me now speaking with you, it will seem as if their energies are still very much present in my vibration as I speak with you. I have been aligned with them for a long period of time. What we are transitioning right now is that aspect which speaks through human words and that is why they have come to you as different or separate from me, but indeed they make you a part of me as much as the rest of you do.

So beloved family, look at how much more you are able to work with your own frequency. How lovely for you to have this new tool with which to work. I know how much you guys like to have that. Work, work, work - but indeed I know for so many of you, this is your play. Howsoever it comes across, be aware that this lightbody energy will only become stronger and stronger upon the Earth and it will give you that next step or that next sense of alignment so that you will find greater ease in creating change in your life or simply creating the life that you would like to have.

This too is beginning to transition but for now I invite you to look towards the center of this group and you see the hologram of the Earth. As you see this hologram coming up within you have a sense of noticing that the hologram has different levels or different dimensions you could say that are coming together as one. And it all comes up within you and each of you will use your energy if you choose to assist in anchoring the lightbody energy.

You do this by transmitting into this hologram what it is to be you. What it is to be you in connection with your lightbody energies. And the hologram itself begins to become more and more translucent.

You may see or sense Gaia as she comes forth. Gaia herself is transitioning; look closely and you will see that she is ascending in her manner and transforming into something different just as each one of you is doing the same. She reaches out to embrace you; she opens her arms allowing for the Earth as a representative of the Earth to accept in all of this glorious lightbody energy. As she merges back within the hologram, the hologram begins to move.

There's the perception of an aspect that goes back down towards the physical Earth; but there's also a perception of an aspect of that that moves out; it moves into the New Earth, it moves out into the Universe and into the Omniverse. And what that is doing is creating a greater blend and a greater bond that links everything into a vibrational alignment for greater ease.

Follow that essence as it moves into the earth, it moves down, it grounds within the physical Earth and as it grounds within the Earth it then comes upward. It comes up through the Earth itself, it comes up through the grass, the trees, the rocks, the lakes, everything and it comes up through you in your human form.

Allow your perception to then shift back into this space of the All That Is. With these lightbody energies you may have a sense that you can shift immediately back into your Earthbound presence; some of you may choose to try that and see how easy and flexible those energies are. There are others that still prefer that step-by-step so we will do that.

We stop first in the soul plane where you have a sense of releasing the majority of your divinity. As you release this essence you find that there is an even greater amount than there even was before that's moving here within this space. You move further, aligning with the crystalline grid. Tonight I see it as if it's like this big slide and you link with it and allow your energies to slide or move through it with ease. Again that ease is caused by the lightbody energies.

From there have a sense of moving through the magnetic grid. Here within the magnetic grid you may have a sense of linking once more with your higher self. As you do so feel how you've expanded; feel how you are aware of more than ever before. And from there your energies gently and easily shift until you come back fully within your physical presence.

Feel yourself coming back down into and around your body. Your energy field may need to expand further but as you are coming back within take a moment and consciously breathe into your heart center and as you feel that you feel your physical body. Consciously reach out and link with your emotional body here in your physical space. Have you perhaps shifted some of your emotions?

You move further into your mental body and again you may find that a transition has occurred within this space also. From there your spiritual and then here is your lightbody. Take a moment and then sense what this is to you. You may find that it is more prevalent or stronger than it has ever been before and as you are breathing it deep within you allow yourself to feel the presence and feel how you can shift the frequency.

If there is anything that keeps you from feeling complete peace and relaxation in this moment then take a deep breath in and allow the love, the compassion, the presence of your divinity to flow through that energy and let it go. As you breathe out you release it you let any resistance that you may have within you flow away from you.

And again you feel that presence of all your energy bodies but in particular your lightbody. Become familiar with it. Work with it; utilize this in the ways in which it benefits you the most. It is there for you.

All right beloved family, with that I invite you to come back into the conference room if you so desire. You may press *7 upon your telephone and as you are doing so I am here to answer questions that you may have.

Question: Hi, thank you so much! That was incredibly magical. You're welcome. This is Faith in Madison and I realize my question has already been answered. I am utilizing this energy to shift from my current business to a new business and all that I ask is how do I make myself more receptive to the guidance that comes through so that I take actions that are in alignment with my desires.

Answer: We see in looking at you that the resistance you are feeling is coming from fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of getting yourself out there so that you can generate the business you seek to have. When you allow yourself as you did in this journey, to set that fear aside and let it go by the wayside what you did was allow this huge flow of energy in and around you. We see this new business that you are going into but after this journey we have a sense that you are going to make changes about what you are doing. It feels as if you are going to offer more than what you anticipated or offer it in a different way. Part of the resistance you have felt in the past is perhaps an unconscious awareness that things were not quite set or not quite right. As we look at you from this point and going forward if you are not conscious of these changes; we're not sure what they are either, other than to say that we see changes. We have a sense that over the next few days or weeks you will be more aware of what they are so that you will be able to do what you need to do. It doesn't even feel like it will be a slow start. It feels like things will go very quickly once you get the word out and you begin advertising.

Well thank you very much.

You're welcome. Good luck with that we're excited for you!

Thank you!

Know that you are not alone.

Thank you, I appreciate that.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you Goddess, what was the itching in all the various parts of my body during the session?

Answer: The itching that we are picking up on was from your physical body raising the vibration or coming into a new frequency. It's as if your body has been asleep and it is coming awake. You get that feel that sometimes is like numbness and then you get a tingling sensation; this gives us the same sense as something like that. It feels as if on a cellular level you were releasing something or releasing an old energy that allowed your vibration to be shifted into a higher vibration. Now from a cellular structure outward, it will create a new balance within your body. As we look at you right now, it feels like this is still in the process, it is not complete. So we would say to you that you may find yourself still shifting or feeling the itchiness for a couple of days or so. That's okay, just allow it to continue as long as it may need to, we don't have a specific time. Other than you need to drink a lot of water and create that sense of being balanced. Not only you, but the other people who are having physical symptoms, you will find that you will integrate the energies in a very short period of time and you will feel much better. Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does, thank you very much. Right now I am vibrating very much and tingling.

Exactly! Whenever something is new, it feels like it's outside of you and as if it's different. Then once it's been integrated it will no longer feel different.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome!

Question: Last month I asked you.....I'm in the performing arts and I'm going into the comedic field. I work with an improv group, with other people. You also suggested or said it would be okay to go into stand up which I'm also done. The stand up class I'm in is very, very difficult. It involves writing and performing after the 8 week course. I'm kind of afraid that it's going to turn into a problem after the few weeks; whether or not it will be as productive as I hoped it would be.

Answer: As we are looking at this we remember what we were seeing the last time and we are seeing what things are like today. As we look at your vibration it does have the same resonance as before. As we are looking at individuals and we are looking at you and what you are interested in, in your life; we see that sometimes it's a matter of trying that out. You have the experience and you learn from it; it's all a part of what creates your foundation. As you were speaking of this tonight before you even finished your question, we could see there was a misalignment in your vibration. Tonight as we're looking at you and considering it, it does not look like it is something that would bring you a lot of joy or happiness. Having said that, perhaps there is something else that will go into. Perhaps it's the group. It doesn't feel as if that door is completely closed on that; it's just that that as a focus does not feel as strong to us.

Are you referring to the entire comedic thing or just the stand up or just the improv? Is it the group performance or the singular performance?

We see you still doing the improv with the group of people. We see you doing plays or that kind of work that is hard to describe it because there's an overlap in the energy. We see you still doing that part that first drew you to this. It's just that rather than being wide spread with a lot of things, you might choose to let go of the singular stuff. It does not have as much of the resonance at this time. That's not to say that 3 months or 2 months from now you might be in a different place and you would have a different perspective of that. It feels to us as if it's something you need to let go. You will then let it go permanently or revisit it at a later date.

Okay, any chance of me getting my money back?

Ahh, no we're not really seeing that at this time. That is really hard for us to say, you are the one who would know how to gather that or try for that.

It's actually the way I thought things were developing along that avenue. But thank you for confirming that.

Alright, you are welcome beloved. Good luck with all this and have fun! Remember to let fun be the foundation.

Thank you Goddess.

You are welcome.

Question: Hi Goddess! My main question is about my eyes. I have dark brown eyes but now they seem black to me. At times I've had people tell me they seem gray. My grandmother's eyes were gray and I always wanted gray eyes! So my main question is why my eyes look black to me.

Answer: Your eyes are a representation of this change that is going through you. I'm looking at you and I'm marveling at what's going on. Quite frankly I have this perception as I look at you that this is something that is going to be more prevalent with people. That your eyes are going to reflect this transition that incorporates the lightbody energy. It brings a shift in the whole body and physical features, not only the eyes, but hair, skin; different aspects of the physical body are going to incorporate the energy in a different manner. That's the sense I get as I look at you and you are speaking of your eyes. It feels like you are going through the integration process. We don't feel like you are done. It feels like you are part way through what will happen. We've already lost our train of thought here - did you say they look lighter or darker? Our sense is that in the end they are going to look lighter.

Right now they look darker. It's almost as if there is a black hole, there is no color.

Okay, so our sense is that when this is completely done they will be lighter than they were before. Isn't that interesting?

Yes it is actually!

It is very interesting and of course we leave it to you beloved to come up with something so unique! (chuckling) but also we want to say to you that we know how in the past when you go through a process you like to have a very physical confirmation and that's what this feels like to us. Not everyone will need to do that. It's something that may happen anyway. Okay we can hear EVERYBODY out there saying they want their eyes to turn color and then they'll know for sure it's happened! It's not something that can work like that! But that's what we have a sense that energetically people will sometimes ask for some sort of indisputable confirmation. That in essence is what you asked for and that is what this feels like. You knew in your heart and you've known in every part of your being that you've gone through just a phenomenal transformation over the last number of years. Heck, you can be the first one to say just how much that has affected you in your daily life and what a challenge it has been. It feels like this is something that is a symbol to you to tell you that you are complete, it's done, we can relax! That's just the energy we're getting behind it.

Alright, thank you very much.

You're welcome and have fun with that Gray Eyes!! (laughter)

Thank you!

You're welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess, thank you so much. I have been doing some of the exercises from the past and my solar plexus has been giving me a hard time. Also one night when I was playing with the lightbody I was playing with the different colors. I didn't feel I was very effective, but I felt I was charcoal that night and I was roasted. I just don't have any sense of gauging it. It's also affected my appliances, like my stereo; like stuff like that.

Answer: How interesting! Several things are occurring here that we would like to talk about. First of all, the feeling about being charcoal and the heat was when you were drawing into your physical body a greater amount of the lightbody energies. It's very interesting because we can see in other people how drawing in that lightbody energy makes them feel very cool, but you felt warm. People may feel it in either direction. The point was that you were drawing in more and more and you were integrating. What you felt in your solar plexus, as you felt that extreme heat; it was before you had fully integrated the energies. Then it felt as if you had integrated the energies and it balanced more evenly. At that point you then didn't feel things as distinctly.

As for the electronics in your house, that too is about you bringing in this huge amount of energy that is bouncing off the walls. What we would recommend to you is that you work with this in a very conscious manner. What we saw you doing at that time is that you got bigger, then smaller, then went this way, then that as if to learn the texture and magnitude of it. Is that what you were doing beloved? (yes) Okay, so as you were doing that it was like this 'whew' where you sent these sparkles of energy like sparks that went all over your home. That's one of the reasons why the appliances were affected.

What we would recommend that you do with this energy in the future is that first of all put forth the intention that none of your appliances will be affected. Then secondly as you work with the energies, have a sense of working with them in such a way that you can gauge the frequency and gauge the expansion and the depth. Each person is going to have their own particular point of reference. For some it may be related colors, for others it may a tone of sound in their ears, still others they can sense it's filling up the room, it's filling up the town, it's filling up the world; it's going to be many different things. With you we have a sense of color and tone around it. As you are working with it, work with using your emotion to see how that affects your lightbody. Then as you integrate the lightbody back into your emotions, see how that can neutralize or shift the vibration. Does that answer your question beloved?

Ahh, I'll work on it!

 Okay. We sense that you are already doing a lot of this but in a random blow it out to the universe kind of way. If you integrate it in the way that we are speaking of it will give you--- I hesitate to use the word control, but maybe a better word would be a greater understanding. With the greater understanding you can allow it to assist you in further ways within your life.

Okay, thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: Thank you so much for the beautiful journey today! For the last week or so I was trying to transition to a higher vibration and everything in my tool kit didn't work. It is the old fear of allowing love and power into me because of old trauma and the holocaust. I'm wondering what you see, whether what happened tonight has already done away with part of this.

Answer: Beloved, let us just say that as we are looking at you and looking at what happened on the journey tonight that the you as your soul essence, the you as your divinity is filled with sooo much strength, so much vitality and compassion. It's just such a beautiful sight to see. Then you the human that has had the experiences of this lifetime, the way it has such a residual affect no matter how much you have released it, released it, released it; that is where there is a bit of an imbalance that is taking place. So what we would like to say to you is that when it comes to that residual fear it feels like an imprinting. No matter how many layers you have released it's still there. To us, what we would say would be beneficial to you is using the lightbody vibration or energy and we keep hearing the word 'imprinting' to go through and clear out any imprinted beliefs or fears or emotions; anything at all that is a residual. Beloved, we see that you have worked with this, it is cleared, it is over and done with. It is only in certain circumstances when you as the human feels the most vulnerable that it comes up for you again. Does that resonate with you, what we speak of?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We think what you did tonight in terms of the integration, the opening, the alignment it was complete, it was full, it was a beautiful sight to see. The reason it worked for you in such a way was because you were so fully aligned and blended with your divinity at the time. When you allow that greater amount of your divinity to be a part of your daily life, there is no possible way this imprinting and fear can come up and affect you in any way.

Yes, that is why I was so reluctant to come back into the body! I feel so much joy and love right now, can't I just stay there?? Do I have to come back?

(laughter) We hear you! I hope you know we're are not laughing at you, we just feel your joy and your excitement. So that has been your purpose. (pause) Okay we downloaded too much into Shelly, give us a second. (pause) Those that went through the Holocaust had an immense, immense soul history upon the earth. They all had such amazing strength. It was such a large group of people who chose to do that and have that experience. It created a certain consciousness or bond or vibration. because of the severity and the depth of it, meaning the holocaust, it created within you, in this human self, in this human form something that it may very be there the whole rest of this lifetime upon the earth. What you might want to consider is that instead of trying to release it and let it go away from you, that you embrace it and incorporate it as something that occurred in this lifetime. Then as you go forward and integrate it with this lightbody energy, it's like it comes in from the back door. It lets things go in a different manner. Is that making any sense to you at all? It's like we can see it but we're not describing the words very well.

I'm kind of confused.

We are too in the way it's coming out! It's hard to describe what this is. When you go into something new and different when it feels like you are giving up control or shifting into a space of allowing or you are shifting into this whole new and different energy it brings up within you that memory of that fear when you were in the holocaust and the fear that that brought to you. Because that fear is so deeply imprinted and even though you've released layer upon layer upon layer; there is still that spark or that part that we sense may or may not ever be fully transitioned in this life. That is why in a new situation it comes up to the forefront again. So rather than focusing upon trying to release it, let it go and evolve it; we say embrace it. Recognize that you have let go and transitioned it and yet at the same token there is that one little particle. So let that particle come up and be embraced within you. We're not saying let it come up as fear, but as a particle that is aligned with that experience in your life. Then as you acknowledge that it was so much a part of you and you let the lightbodies come in and as you continue to work with them what it will do is transition it in such a way that that fear that comes up randomly or from time to time will no longer have such an affect upon you. I think that is what we trying to say before! Does that make greater sense to you now?

Yeah, yeah. So when the fear comes up, I just step back and say 'oh, it's you again'.

'It's you again, hello old friend, you've been with me long enough now, huh?'! So reach out and embrace it. Let your compassion flow, let your love flow. Again, your divinity, your I AM presence especially in those moments is so HUGE. It brings up such emotion in Shelly just observing it! It's something to be embraced and honored for what it has been. Hold on a second. (Shelly paused to move past the emotion.) That kind of popped Shelly out of channel but we are back here now. So anyway, that is what we think is something that will create a different way of working with that residual. Can we say to you that going from such a dramatic one extreme to the other in one given lifetime is truly phenomenal and we honor you.

Oh yeah. I asked you to breathe with me through it and it helped for a moment but not too much.

This is as much as we can do in this forum. If you want to work with us more we are happy to do so in a private channel. You can also go back when you get this and as you work with and listen to the lightbody energies that we are working with tonight, it will be another way that you can also work with this.

Okay, thank you so much. Would you recommend a private channel? Would that help a lot?

That's something that you can decide. What we would do with that is work with you about is shifting the energies and shifting what's been going on with you. We can help you on a one on one basis to consciously align you energies and clear things.

And then it will be gone?

We cannot say 100% one way or the other, we can only say that we can assist you with transitioning things.

Okay, thank you.

You are very welcome.

Question: Hi Goddess. I have a question that I can't explain in linear words. I have an unusual situation with my housemate that I'd like to understand better. She is much more drawn to hang out with this guy with a much lower vibration rather than paying attention to me and is not interested in my life and my spiritual growth. I'm wondering if you can tell me anything about this.

Answer: It feels like there are many different levels to this relationship with her. The two of you are moving in different directions from one another. It's hard to say as a housemate if there's like a personal relationship going on. It feels like there was, but there's a great deal of friendship around you. We're not quite sure which level you are speaking of.

Oh, it's just friendship, there's never been any romance, it's just friendship.

Okay, because it feels like there's more than just friendship. Perhaps that was just on a different level. Anyway, as we look at the two of you it is as if you are on two different levels of perception of what you want in life. This individual you speak of that is so disruptive to things; it feels like her connection to that individual has a certain ease or awareness. For her, she doesn't have the same depth or focus on looking inward and creating a light for herself based on spirituality and divinity. It is something she is aware off and she hears about, but it is not her focus like it is with you. We sense there will always be that distance and that lack of understanding. As far as respecting one another's space or her respecting your space more; we are transmitting to her that this is what you are seeking to have. But we also have a sense it may be that she moves out and someone else moves in who is in more alignment with you. You speak of this other individual as not being in alignment with either one of you; but we see that you and she are not in alignment either. It may be parts of her life are in alignment with you, but overall we have a sense of two different vibrations.

Okay, thanks.

We have a sense that she may move out and someone else will move in.

her family owns the place, so if anyone moves out it will be me.

Okay, well that's interesting because we had a sense of her leaving. But anyway, if this is where you choose to be right now, knowing that these vibrations are very different this is where you can practice working with your lightbody. You can consciously create a space around you that feels like a comfortable vibration for you then as you send it out throughout the house or apartment then it creates an alignment where both of you feel comfortable each at your own place where you are in your life. Through that, there is a mutual respect or honoring for the choices you are making. In doing that, perhaps it will be more comfortable for you.

Okay, thanks Goddess.

You are welcome.

All right and so with that I will bring this evening to a close. Again this is just phenomenal - the amount of transition that is taking place upon the earth right now. As you all have experienced I encourage you to go forth and work more and more with your frequency of your body, recognizing that your lightbody is a part of who you are.

It is a part of your life existence as it is upon the Earth so let your energies expand, let your energies feel the alignment and then work with your frequency to create a balance or an alignment with anything it is you seek to manifest.

You are each the master in this type of energy work. It may not feel that way to you but because you are the first to so fully integrate this lightbody energy, yes indeed you are the master at working with energies. So as you work with this let it integrate within you and let it be something that brings your life greater ease, greater balance and greater alignment.

I am ever with you and within.





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