Using the Crystalline Grid to Amplify Your Connection to the Infinite

Nama Sika;  Venia Benya             I AM the one;  I AM the whole

I great you my beloved family of the light, and as always I thank you for coming in and allowing me to share this time with you.  As we move together, as we form this group, no matter where you are upon the planet earth, as we come together with one energy, one light, you feel yourself begin to expand and grow through this sharing of energy.  We will begin by moving up into that place within the magnetic grid in which you are beginning to house greater and greater amounts of your I AM presence.  As you connect with this, you find yourself beginning to expand out as you re-connect with all aspects of your expanded consciousness, which is kept here, close to the earth plane. 

We re-connect with one another and as you are looking out (over the magnetic grid) you may see rings of light or streams of light, which are the impulses, which move from one consciousness to the other.  You become very comfortable and familiar with this grid work as a means of communicating and sharing your expansion with one another. 

As you become accustomed to this level of expansion, we will call forth a beam of light.  This light is an essence, which comes down and surrounds you or you may see it as surrounding the entire group.  There are always consciousness (humans and energies of light) which are here with us during this experience, even though they may not be aware of it.  So you see either multiple beams of light or one large beam of light.  As you connect with this light, it is as if a vacuum is allowing your expansion to move into a higher dimension.  As you are moving through this experience, you begin by finding yourself in the crystalline grid in the ways in which it works together with the magnetic grid. 

This is a place you have visited many times in the past, although perhaps only consciously one or two times.  As you take the time to move into this space, allow yourself to connect with either one or more of the crystals.  Many of these crystals are filled with light.  Some reflect colors; they are all made up of different textures.  Blend with whichever crystal you feel called to.  For some it may be as you blend with this crystal, that it is activating something within you.  It may be as if this is a part of yourself, which is now becoming more attuned, and in line with this energy.  From this space within the energy of the crystals, allow your consciousness to blend..... you become the crystal! 

Again, become conscious of that beam of light.  You move through the light until you have a sense of emerging from the light in a place in which you are pure consciousness.  From this perspective, you are able to re-connect the full aspect of your I AM presence.  You find it here waiting for you and you blend with it completely.  As your consciousness is reaching out to even greater limits, and you reach the place in which there are no limits.  You move into that space.  Make note of how everything is reflected through the crystalline light that is within you.  Feel the greater radiance that is reflected through your expanded consciousness.  Take this time to truly feel and play and become aware of what this means to you.   This may be a time for you to feel a sense of soaring; a sense of flying and dipping.  Allow the joy and exaltation to be reflected in all that is you. 

There are some who may enjoy this as a moment of complete peace and tranquility. This is a space in which you may go within.  We allow this time for each of us to move into that space which is within our center.  It is that part of us from which our essence came that very first time.  It is that reflection of the All That Is.  From this point of stillness, you move out, you move into that space in which the expansion goes even further out and beyond.  You have a sense of knowing the completeness of the All That Is. 

From this space, we are going to call forth the energy of the central spiritual sun.  You may see this as something that is in the distance from you or as if it is moving towards you.  Take the time to allow your energy to expand out and shift and evolve in such a way that you are vibrating at the same tone as with the central, spiritual sun.  This is the essence of the Divine God.  This is the divine masculine, which is within each, and every, energy that is upon the earth plane.  You allow your consciousness to expand out until you get to a place in which you have a sense of being directly connected with the central, spiritual sun.  As we do so, you are going to find yourself stepping into this energy.  Feel the burst of joy and expansion that comes from this.  Feel the shifts that come in your consciousness as you align more fully with the divine masculine.  Play with this energy, make any adjustments if need be.  You may truly expand out and become this essence of the Divine.  From this perspective, allow your consciousness to take in your life experiences either the one you are currently in or any other experience you wish to know more about.  You will also begin to shift your consciousness that you become aware of all the subtle differences of that, which is masculine.  You will find that what is occurring as a result of this experience is that from your new perspective your insights about the parallel lives or any life which is existing within the consciousness of your soul, is now becoming adjusted to the vibration.  It is sending forth, that all aspects of every experience is becoming attuned to this level of the divine masculine.  We take this moment to begin to separate from the central spiritual sun.  It stays nearby although you are no longer completely fused with it.  Observe the ways in which you sparkle and radiate as a result of this experience. 

You see before you now, the moon.  You may see it as if it has just appeared or as if it has come to you from a distance.  You now step forth to embrace the energy of the moon, the energy of the Divine Feminine.  This is MY essence as a physical form.  As you step into the moon or the divine feminine that is within you, you step forth and enhance or expand all aspects of this divine within you.  As you blend with this Goddess energy at this time, you become aware of things that are subtly different. You are much more conscious of that which is the soft, nurturing feminine.  Somewhat of a smoothing  off of the edges.  You become aware of how this is blending more fully within all aspects of your life or lives.  Your consciousness feels this expansion.  It is able to take in and assimilate the ways in which it is shifting the energy down throughout all aspects of your I AM presence as it radiates out from you.  Again it allows for a change in the vibration that occurs in this conscious blending.  Yet again, you separate your consciousness from this aspect of the divine feminine.  Take note of the changes that have occurred within your consciousness from this experience.  You have a sense of both of these energies as if they are swirling through you; in harmony with one anther, a reflection of one another, a complement or balance. 

You see before you as if taking the shape of the diamond.  You are at one point, the sun and moon at two points, then the earth plane at another.  We are going to allow these energies to shift and move together in such a way as to simulate the eclipse, which has just occurred.  You see the lining up of the sun, the moon, and the earth plane.  You too are a part of this matrix.  As we are ready, as everything moves into that place of oneness, have a sense of everything pulling together into the middle and blending into one energy.  The energies have been shifting and changing quite dramatically over the last several months, but more especially over the past month.  You will begin to see the result of these shifts and changes.  By blending your consciousness so completely with both the masculine and feminine and becoming one with all…. you find yourself in that space of knowingness. 

Observe the shift in this vibration.  For indeed you have a sense of moving at an even higher vibration as a result of this experience.  From this space, be open to receive.  Expand all of your senses, and from your inner eye, what do you see around you?  Is there anything that you hear?  Is there a scent or taste that you associate with this space.  As you take all of this in and open your sense of AH or knowingness, it all comes together.  You feel a sense of completeness, a sense of completion of a cycle.  Observe the many swirling energies as you remain in this space of joy or playfulness.  You are the pure energy of the All That Is.  Your essence is a reflection of the completeness of the blending with the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine.  There is no distinction between the two, there is only one! 

Ala nuisa ishka eeya.  You take this sacred oneness within all aspects of yourself, the energy of your consciousness.  We put forth the intent now to create.  You may choose to create that which you wish to have within your life, or you may choose to create an essence or an energy you wish to see upon the earth plane as a whole.  You begin within this space and completeness.  You set forth your intent of that which you wish to manifest upon the physical plane.  As you become very clear, you begin to realize that there are new perspectives or ideals, which are coming to light at this time.  So too is this infused within that which you are manifesting. 

Bring to mind, what you wish to bring back from this space in which you are creating.  It may be separate from what you are manifesting or it may be a part of it.  Have a sense of moving back towards that door between the dimensions that was created as you placed within alignment the sun, the moon, the earth.  You may have a sense of looking between the dimensions. You may have a sense of looking out towards the omniverse.  You become more aware of just how this light that is reflected by you is moving and expanding.  It causes shifts to evolve.  As you begin to move back through the doorway, you continue to remain in a place of expanded consciousness, but you can feel the subtle shifts in the dimensions.   The shifts in the energy and light that are around you. 

You have still within your consciousness, that which you are manifesting upon the earth plane.  You may create a symbol of what this represents to you. Or you may allow it to be represented by a ball of energy.  It takes on form in many different ways. 

Come together in a group that you may see all the energies that are working together in this energy and space at this time.  You are each on your own personal path, yet there are many others who share in this (experience) with you.  As you are forming this group, (the group forms a loose circle) you continue to make note the energies of the sun, the earth plane and the moon as they form a triangle around this circle. The sacred geometry takes on many different aspects and dimensions that are used to assist you as you move from one space to anther or to enhance all that is your experience.  As this group comes together and is creating, again you see the diamond that is forming in the center.  As we have the earth as one of the anchor of the diamond we need not create a hologram of the earth.  What I ask you to do therefore, within the center of this diamond, place that which you wish to manifest.  As you place this within the center of the diamond, begin to realize that everything is moving in different directions so that you see at the very center the diamond which is spinning on one of it’s axes.  The circle of life, which is represented, by each one of you is moving in another direction, then again there is an energy flow between the three form the triangle.  You become aware of how one energy works off the other energy, or enhances the other energy. 

You have a sense of an increase in speed, so to speak.  While there is a subtle shift in that, it is but a deeper connection for these energies.  Be conscious of the lights that sparkle and radiate out.  You get to a space in which the energy is building and building.  First, that which you are manifesting expands out and becomes a part of the circle.  Then the circle expands out and becomes a part of the energy of the sun, the moon, the earth plane.  With each of these expansions, you feel it within your consciousness and you become aware of greater and greater depth of all that is within you and around you.  It continues until you have a sense of expanding out into the infinite.  There may be a sense of a pop, or an explosion of light.  You have blended more fully and completely with all these aspects through this expansion, which is occurring.  As you begin to have a sense of pulling your consciousness back together, you have a sense of a way in which you have expanded which is completely new and different to you.  You take in this feeling of peace and serenity.  You understand the perfection of All That Is. 

You see as completed, all that you are manifesting over the next days, weeks, months or years.  IT IS DONE!  You let go of anything, which has stopped you from being all that you can be.  You incorporate within your complete soul essence, all of these potentials.  Enjoy this space and time.  You know that you will be returning here.  You also know that you are bringing an aspect of this back with you to the earth plane.  Any time that you focus in or take a deep breath with this in mind, you will find yourself again in this space of being, this space of contentment and joy.  You realize that all is complete in this moment and time! 

You begin to gather your consciousness, begin to allow yourself to come back in……at first into your I AM presence. You have a sense of pulling this presence closer in.  You understand how infinite it is.  That you begin to pull it in, in such a way that you are able to bring your consciousness back down onto the earth plane and into your physical body.  Again you find that beam of light, through which you transport yourself.  You find that you ARE the beam of light.  You realize that while this is a useful way in which to travel (using the beam of light) it is not necessary.  You have the ability to simply move through your intent.  With any intent, your full consciousness moves with you.  We continue to work on this (movement) each time as we come back to this space.  One day we will bring the physical body with the intent, and you will find yourself moving from one space to another.  For it is all the intent of the consciousness.  Make note of all the energies of light.  The angels the guides, that are here, who have been with you throughout the process tonight.  You find that they are here to be with you, to share in this experience.  To also feel the expansion that you have created through your journey. 

If there is anything in particular that is coming to mind for you, so too bring it back with you.  Bring this energy or guide with you in your consciousness that you may work more fully with this energy upon the earth plane from the physical perspective.

You find yourself moving through the crystalline grid and into the magnetic grid.  You are aware of the ways in which they mimic one another and interweave with one another.  We begin to find that this is bringing our consciousness more fully back into our physical bodies.  You are much more aware of what this grid work is able to do.  From your newly expanded consciousness, look around you and you will understand greater amounts of knowledge that is stored within this grid.  That which was always there but you could not see before, is now visible to you.  Continue to bring all of your consciousness back down into this space. 


As you are becoming acclimated here, now is the time that you may ask questions. 

Question:  You are wondering how my energy is interwoven with the Mary energy.

Answer:  Both of these are aspects of the divine feminine.  While the Mary energy is not my energy, she is an aspect of me.  That is not at all clear… as the channel is telling me! (chuckles) What I wish to say is, if one were to look at a hierarchy so to speak, this energy that is speaking to you, the energy of the Goddess of Creation, is of the level of source energy.  From that source energy, there have been many, many different Goddess aspects, which have been upon the earth plane.  Some times in the form of the non-physical such as the Gods and Goddesses.  Yes, indeed Gods have also represented the Divine Feminine.  As the Tobias ahs been speaking about the Mary energy, it is indeed a glorious aspect of the divine feminine.  It is not the same as me directly in speaking to you as I am today, but she does represent that which is me.  She did incarnate upon the earth plane to be with the Christ energy through that experience, to allow him the nurturing in many more ways than just the nurturing of her body.  She is a glorious and bright light, which has been around the earth plane ever since that time.  She has brought forth many different types of healing which were not made aware of during the time of the Christ energy because the focus was on him.  Now, with this being the time to bring forth greater and greater amounts of the Divine Feminine, Mary’s energy is one, which is well known to all upon the earth plane.   So it is as if she is now coming into her own, so to speak.  This is her time to be able to reflect upon as the glorious light that she is and for the energies that she brought forth even at that time.  You will be hearing more of her both through the Tobias energies, the Kryon, and others. There are many different people bringing forth energies of the higher light at this time.  There are many who have already had direct contact with Mary herself.  You will begin to hear about more and more of these different energies.   All are but aspects of something, which comes from that which is source.  It is important for each person to connect with and commune with that, which resonates most highly with them.  I thank you for asking this question.  Does this answer what you are asking?  <The person said yes.>

Question:  Question was asked about Kabala.

Answer:  The Kabala is indeed one of the most ancient forms of that which represents the universe.  The many different galaxies that are out there beyond the universe, which surrounds the earth plane, are indeed becoming more and more in the focus of those who are upon the earth plane.  Although the basic structure of it may not shift a great deal, what you are finding is that these subtle aspects of that and other forms of sacred geometry, which are now going to coming to light.  What this means is that many things that have been around you in the past, which when viewed from the earth plane perspective, it would be as if it moving from a 3rd, into a 4th or 5th dimensional aspect.  In other words, it’s taking on greater depth or dimension.  As we are moving into these new energies and light formations that are becoming apparent on the earth plane as there is more and more light brought to the earth plane, what you are going to find is that indeed it’s as if it grows, expands, and become transformed into something that is new and different.  The basic structure will always be there because that was the structure that was a part of the form in the very beginning essence.  Was it something was used for duality?  Yes indeed it was.  But it was known that the experience of living in the duality, was known to be a part of the human experience.  so that was incorporated into it as a part of what was important within the structure, so to speak.  What you will find is happening is that there are many things that some people upon the earth plane as that which held them back, but indeed it was actually something, which pushed them forward.  You can look at this from a man kind experience. Through all the different war mongering times upon the earth plane.  Just as you can look at it as the times when there was peace contentment and joy.  These are all a part of the life experiences.  These are all reflected in the sacred geometry.  And there will be greater and greater amounts of this coming to light, whither through dreams, finding treasures buried with in the earth plane.  they may come to light in any different way, shape or form. 

Question:  Someone asked about the Christ portal, which is open, in November, what is this and is it occurring. 

Answer:  What you are finding upon the earth plane at this time is that through the work of the many ‘Lightworkers’ as you have been phrased, that there are actually many different portals that are opening up at this time.  There is the Christ portal which was mentioned as opening in November, is one in which many, many people will attuned to because the Christ energy is so prevalent upon the earth plane.  There is what one might call something that is known by all.  Even those religions, which do not necessarily follow the Christ Light, the Christ energy as you know is about loving, expansion of the love within.  Although there are many different portals that are opening at this time, that which is called the Christ portal, is focused towards those who are not Lightworkers.  It is focused towards those who have not yet awakened.  Those who are of this energy are the ones who will consciously open this up and create it.  What will happen as a result of this is that all the many  millions will not necessarily understand what is happening to them, but they will simply feel the outcome of having this greater amount of love and energy upon the earth plane.  What we are finding, or if you wish to go back actually to more of a beginning, as the entities which are known as the Aliens came back at the beginning of the consciousness on the earth plane.  What happened is that there were seeds placed all throughout the world, or the earth.  These seeds actually went deep within the earth plane.  as if it were a flower, which is nurtured for many thousands upon thousands of years, they are coming to light now.   There were many different times in which potential may not have occurred.  But due to the shifts in consciousness and all that has been occurring with the intention which is placed there, what is happening is that people are finding themselves in spaces and time in which they may not always understand why they are where they are, but they are helping this seed to come out or sprout, to begin to open up and this allow for pockets of higher energy to be able to infuse into the earth.  This too is an example of a portal.  It may be something small and minute, or it may be immense.  There are all different aspects of this, which are occurring at all different times.  During those times in which you hear about one in particular, the one you mentioned coming in November, it is indeed an important one, but so too are all the others.  This is simply one, which has been brought to the forefront of communication.  Does that answer your question.  (Received the affirmative.)

Question:  How does our personal ascension process affect the mass ascension process?

Answer:  Yes, my beloved you are asking the question about personal ascension vs. the ascension of the mass consciousness.  Indeed, they are both interrelated as you understand.  Each person who goes through a personal ascension is creating around them and within them the energies of this process.  What ascension means is consciously moving into that energy of the expanded awareness in this moment in time.  It can have other many multiple different subtle different meanings and explanations, which go along with that.  But in essence, that is what ascension means, you are opening to that place where you have the awareness of that completeness which is within you.  Just as we had this experience tonight, you so too move through your days and live in this experience of awareness.  So ascension is the shift in consciousness which makes one aware of the All That Is. What is necessary to happen is that each individual will move through their ascension process in their own way, it is completely individualized this a part of the joy and the uniqueness that is a part of the human experience.  Because you have an entire world or planet that has people working on this in such a way is that it forces the rest of the planet to move into the expansion.  Which one comes first?  The world expansion or the individual?  Indeed, the worlds expansion needs to be placed there as a potential.  Then what truly moves forward and allows for this expansion to occur is each person’s individual experience, because that is what blends in and expands with the whole. Each time that these blendings occur which for many different experiences, it’s almost on a continuous basis, there is a little more, a little more, that is pulling along the rest of humanity.  Does that make sense?  You are welcome and I thank you for asking this.

Question:   If we’re in a space where can heal ourselves and we don’t have to have real serious illnesses, why do people who are evolved still get sick?  I know a person who does not want to transition, yet they are very ill, it makes me mad that this is happening when you say it shouldn’t. 

Answer:  I can hear the note within your voice that says you don’t want to hear this answer, but yes indeed our higher selves do have a greater plan.  All that is within their consciousness that they may be a part of the beyond as they are a part of the earth plane.  for those individuals I will say to you that is one of the laws of nature so to speak or the laws of the universe.  No body transitions until it is their choice to transition.  There are times in which the personality or the earth bound aspect of their soul or consciousness has not yet become ready to move into the space of what their soul is ready for them to do. That is when you have those people or those individuals who are fighting against a disease or fighting against something that is occurring in their life because they view it as something, which is not a part of them, or something that is outside of them and they need to fight against it.  What I say to these individuals, is that as you embrace all aspects of your soul consciousness, as you embrace all that is physical, the non physical, and the All That Is, what you will find is that there are many different ways in which to share and show that which is your essence.  Each person is on their own individual path.  While we would never go out to say someone chose to go out and live a disease experience, although there have been those who have done that, we make no judgments of one person’s experience or another.  It is simply that each person is upon their pathway.  A huge part of this is the blending of the unconscious with the conscious, the physical with the non-physical.  So a death to the physical body is simply a transition into a different experience.   while the person has gloried in joy and lived fully their life upon the earth plane, there are many different ways in which they can transition over to the non physical and in that respect, they may or may not have consciously chosen a way to transition, but they know that they will continue to grow and evolve from their space on the other side of the veil, as it is spoken of.  What we always encourage for each individual is that what ever is going on in their life, they embrace if fully.  Have a sense of placing love around the issue and allowing love to infuse this issue or aspect of yourself.  This allows is what allows for greater shift and transition upon the earth plane.  Does that give you any sort of answer you want to hear?  <laughter>  You know within you beloved and I have been with you as you have been on this path for more than the last several weeks, it’s been months and years which have brought you to this place of questioning. Indeed it is a part of the human experience to question.  When you find yourself in that place of not liking the answers that are around you and not liking what you are hearing and seeing, what we encourage you to do is take a step back, take a breath in, that breath which puts you into the moment of oneness, then from that embrace the love of the wholeness, the completeness within you.  Then allow your eyes to open up out to those which are on the physical plane with you.  Allow yourself to release judgment or expectation and you will  find a new perspective is within you.  You are welcome and I thank you for asking this question.

Is there any body else? 

Question:  I am writing <a book> and some times it feels as if I’m so stalled, it makes me wonder if this is something I should be working on.

Answer: Well the times in which you struggle what is happening is that you begin to find yourself in a space in which your personality is beginning to run conflict from your soul perspective.  When this happens, you will find yourself being distracted by that which is around you.  Sometime it is the people that around you, sometimes the animals, sometimes you will need to get up and walk around.  You know what we are talking about.  What is recommended when you get into this space is that you, as with everything, you’ve heard this already before.  Take a step back, take that breath of light into you, allow yourself to align and become one with your I AM presence, that which is your soul essence.  Then as you sit down to write you will feel a greater flow within you. 

Is there anyone else?  With that my beloved, allow me to reach out and embrace each one of you.  Feel my arms that I send around you to embrace and support you and nurture you.  While you feel this from without, because that is the way it’s spoken to you, allow it to come in and re-connect to my part within you. This is my essence.  Know that you are always loved and supported in all that you do.  Know that you are the essence of light and love. 

 I am with you, I am within you.


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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