Working with the Crystalline Grid

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light and as always I thank you for asking me in at this time. Allow yourself to relax and become acclimated with these energies we are working with at this time. For some hearing and feeling the energies of myself may be new and different to you, you allow this to move through you and connect you with each other and connect with those places within yourselves that have been attuned to me and recognize me for who I am. I am the Goddess of Creation, the Goddess of Light, I AM a part of the All That Is. Just as each one of you is a part of the All That Is. Therefore, I resonate with a part within you or a spark within you or that spark of you that is in connection with the divine feminine.

As we allow ourselves to expand, see yourself as you move up into that place within the grid work, which surrounds the earth plane. That place which has become the home of your soul, the soul plane has moved into this dimension as all has been expanding upon the earth. This is the place in which a greater amount of your I AM presence is able to live and be connected with you in a more conscious and physical way. As you move into this dimension, allow your consciousness to expand out that you may become aware of what this grid work feels like. You may have a sense of interwoven highways or pathways. You may see impulses of light that move from one place to another. Others sense it as if there is a greater connection between one and another. However it is that you sense this, you recognize that this is the place, which is becoming very familiar to you. As you move into this space, you recognize that there is a greater amount of your consciousness, which has been here and is awaiting your connection at this time.

Simply breathe and allow for this expansion to connect you at a deeper level. Within this magnetic portion of the grid work, what you find perhaps is that there is a vibration or a sense of a connection with one and other that is somewhat holding you more towards the earth plane. There is a sense of a pull, which is keeping you in this space within the earth; within the earth’s diameters and parameters.

One of the things we are going to be working with tonight is connect with the crystalline grid. Which also surrounds the earth plane. As you open up your senses from this place you may have a sense of immense crystals, which may have color, may be clear, they have many different shapes and forms. What they do is they are strategically placed in such a way that they conduct energy and light. This energy is part of what is transforming everything that is occurring upon the earth plane. There have been things, which have moved through and evolved over the last number of years. This is a part of what might be considered the filtering system, but it is also a place in which the energy coming from else where is being brought into the earth plane and sometimes held here or stored here. You have access to it. (this energy) As you tune into and allow your vibration to match that vibration of the crystalline grid, you become much more aware of what is around you.

Allow yourself to open up your senses. Have a sense of walking amongst these crystals. For many, there are various colors and types of crystals, all of which have a different impact upon you and a different interaction with everything else that is around it. What I will ask you to do at this time is to allow yourself to move into this space. Reach out and touch. You may have sense of doing this with your consciousness or as if you were reaching out and touching with your hand. (the crystal that is around you) Feel the vibration of this crystal~~~~~ Allow it to infuse all aspects of yourself. If you so desire, allow other crystals to become prominent to you. Allow yourself to connect to these other crystals also. You may see them clustered in groups as if in a family, or you may see them as totally individual from one another.

When you are in that space in which you are able to truly connect with this crystal, allow the column of light to come down and surround you. This light is often used as you move through higher dimensions and into places where your consciousness has not experienced these energies in the past. You may sense this column of light as surrounding the group, surrounding you individually, or surrounding you and others who are upon this journey, even though they are not conscious of it. What you will find is happening is that you are going into the source of that crystal. Allow your consciousness to expand and feel yourself move into a place in which you are pure energy. As you are doing this, allow your senses to expand, to take in more of what is around you. As you look with your inner eye, you have a greater clarity of what you are seeing. The colors around you may become more vibrant. The subtle shades may become more distinct, or you may see pulsation’s of energy. Allow this to activate within you, that you may become more sensitive.

From there your sense of hearing becomes much more acute. You realize that there is an inner source of hearing that magnifies everything that you are used to hearing on the earth plane. As you open up and attune to this energy or sense, what you are finding is that there are subtle sounds, which are associated with dimension in which you find yourself. Allow yourself to recognize what these subtle sounds represent. Send out your senses as if you had your hand and you are touching all that is around you. As you do this, you realize that this is just a way of feeding you greater amounts of information. Is there a scent or an essence, which is also associated with this area? Lastly, there is a sense that encompasses everything else. That sense of "ah", that sense of knowing. This knowingness with which you find yourself, is a way of encompassing all the other senses and enhancing it to yet a deeper level. You will find that the more you work with this energy or this sense, that you bypass the others and move directly into the sense of "ah", for indeed it encompasses the others.

So with all of your senses completely activated and open, really allow your consciousness to expand out. You may find yourself in the center of a crystal, for you went to the source of the crystal that you connected with in the crystalline grid. Or you may find yourself in a forest of crystals, or a town. You come to recognize that crystals can be used for many, many different activities than what you have used them for on the earth plane. There are also those which transmit energy and amplify energy. Allow yourself to become a part of this crystal. As you do so, your consciousness is expanding out in whatever way the crystal itself is expanding and generating. You may have a sense as if you are flying through the universe, or as if your consciousness is coning down and focusing on one thing in particular. The potentials for each experience that you have when you blend with these crystals are infinite.

You may ask within your consciousness, to know more particulars about this crystal and what it means to you. Why you chose this one or why you are connected with this crystal. Do not be surprised to realize that at many times in the past you have worked with this crystal in one form or another. If this crystal is from another planet, you may also be connected with that other planet. Feel the energies as they pulsate through you and create the expansion that allows you to be able to understand what you are seeking and asking for.

Continue to move and play with these energies. I ask you now to join in that higher dimension in which I have been residing. So I call you to me! You find yourself being transported through the energy of the crystal until you are in a space in which there is a fine sense, very subtle and soft differences, which make up this dimension. You may still have the crystal within you. You may still be a part of the crystal and it surrounds you. As I am looking at each one of you, I see you with the crystal amplifying all that is your key essence. And what a glorious light you are!

Continue to allow yourself to move and expand. As you become accustomed to my feeling my energy. As you look with your inner eyes, you may see me as represented by the moon, or as a figure, or simply as swirling energies. Each person’s perception is unique to that individual. What we will do at this time is connect completely with your I AM presence. You may have a sense of opening up and there is an expansion within your consciousness. Or you may already have been connected more completely with you I AM presence. But this is the space in which you come back to source and you come to the completeness, which is your soul’s resonance. Again, you are allowing that crystal which radiates through you to amplify all that you are feeling and experiencing within yourself. Each time that you reconnect with a deeper amount of your I AM presence or your complete presence, you may have different perceptions.

Sometimes you will sense another lifetime that you are experiencing with a part of your consciousness. Other times you will have a sense of how things have come full circle and you realize how you are in the exact place you need to be at this moment in time! The focus whenever we come into this space is about being in balance and being able to recognize and create within your life. As you begin the process of creation from this perspective is making the changes and putting into place those changes or shifts which you may desire in your life. They will then filter down into the physical plane at the right and perfect moment. I ask you at this time to consider any aspect of your life in which you are in the process of creating. Or any aspect of your life that you may wish for clarity. As this thought comes more fully into your consciousness, you see it reflected out by the many facets of the crystal within.

We call forth the energy of the Divine. You feel the essence of the God presence coming into you, the essence of the Goddess, coming into you also. Allow for this greater expansion to occur. You feel the greater balance that is within you and in all aspects of your existence. This is filtering into every dimension in which there is a part of your consciousness. As you become acclimated to this, we are going to take everything a step further and move through a door, which will take us into a dimension of even more pure energy.

One of the ways, in which you can move through dimensions, even when on the earth plane, is to consciously create the shape of a diamond. You see yourself at one point of the diamond. You may bring in the God and Goddess in as two more points. Then the fourth can be one of your master teachers, a guide, or if there is anyone in particular you wish to communicate with: Lord Sananda, AA Michael, Metatron whichever energy you would like to make up the fourth corner, is completely up to your choosing. If you wish all three corners may be energies of your guides and teachers, whatever you so desire, are right and perfect. Allow yourself to connect with all these energies. You feel an energy of light that emanates from the center of your being. Allow this light to connect with the others who are within the group. You may sense it as it moves through the group in a circular fashion or you may see different lines connecting which are forming a pattern between the energies. You sense that crystal within you as it glows yet brighter and brighter. You feel how this amplifies all energies that are being directed towards you at this time. We set forth the intent to move into a dimension of greater clarity and vision. With that, have a sense of the four corners of this diamond drawing together as if all energies are meeting in the center.

As you do this, there is an expansion or a shift in which you find yourself transported into a new place. This is one way of opening the doorway between dimensions. Look about you…..are you in a place of pure energy? Or is there a landscape around you? As you begin to move and swirl and expand and play with this energy, you begin to generate more and more details within your consciousness. You may find yourself on what is termed the ‘New Earth’. There are areas of it which seem very familiar to you, for you indeed have been working on it in just such a way as this. You may find yourself as a star, a star within the universe. You may also find yourself at the gateway of the Omniverse. That which leads to every other universe and galaxy which is generated in it’s own respect.

If you so desire, this is a place of creation. Create what you wish to see. Create the space and the energies you wish to work with. At this time I ask you to infuse those energies which are yours and take in greater amounts (of the energy of this dimension) and transport all of them around you, using yourself to amplify and expand upon all energies that are coming through you. Alanuwishka ansa-eeya…..Alanuwishka ansa-eeya you are the source energy and as you connect with that phrase you feel yourself expanding and allowing even greater amounts of energy to move through. This is helping and more deeply connecting you to all within this dimension.

There is a feeling of acceptance within you ansa-eeya. As you accept what you are creating in this moment in time, you accept that you have the infinite potential within you. You continue in this space, to expand upon the energies. In turn, be open to receive that you may receive insights, if so desired. Take in these energies around you, the energies of these higher dimensions that you are able to move through at this time. Have a sense of stepping back through that door. Anytime that you create a door through which you move through, it is there and remains for you to be able to step back through it with ease. We so structure it in this way if that is how you desire it. (meaning the door remains open until you return through it) Feel you sense of excitement as you experience these new and different places. There’s always that sense of connection to know that you’ve been here in one form or another. Therefore there’s that sense of recognition. As you return back through that door or gate, however you may visualize it, allow yourself to become aware of the others who are around you in this plane. See each other as the radiant light they are, and you see yourself! You know that you reflect all that is around you and within you.

I ask you to come together in a group. We put forth your energies, that they may develop a hologram of the earth. We’ve worked with this frequently in the past; indeed this is a very conscious and visual way to allow for changes on the earth plane. As you see this hologram suspended in the midst of these energies, it’s turning as if on it’s axis. Allow yourself to take in and you can witness your perception of this earth. Now, allowing for that crystal that is within you to amplify the energies that you have been recently working with. Infuse these energies as if they are bolts of light which come from your <heart> center and infuse within this hologram of the earth. You may see it as spreading out around the outside of it (the hologram) or as moving directly into the inside, then it radiates out from there. Howsoever you may view it, you completely understand that the energy that is needed to be infused at this time is infused. Allow yourself to recognize how the earth is changing as it is taking in these new energies and it is adjusting to this new energy. It is as if there is a shimmer of light that is radiating out from this hologram. As the time is right, no further energy impulses are needed. This hologram of the earth becomes one ball of energy. It is a ball that is enhanced and filled with the energies that were just put into it by all that are here within this group. Again, this is all who are conscious of this and all who are unconscious of participating.

The ball of energy separates into three distinct balls, which are then rotating around each other. We <all of us upon this journey> will join consciousness and one of these balls will be taken within this consciousness and we will send the ball out with the intent to move through the Omniverse. So, we join consciousness. Manishka ishka eeya Insa la freya. <this phrase propels and enhances the energy. No direct translation> With that the energy is sent throughout the universe, the Omniverse beyond. You may see this as a streak of light or as a bold pattern. There are those energies who have been awaiting this communication from us. What this represents are the changes and shifts which are going on within our universe are being communicated out into the rest of the Omniverse. Those who are monitoring us, are anxiously awaiting this. Indeed, everyone within the Omniverse is learning through your experiences.

That second ball of light is now taken. You shift your consciousness in the reverse direction. You send your consciousness down towards the earth plane. You may see this in your mind’s eye, or you may just know that it is there. Again, as a group we send this out. We let it go~~~~~~~ you have a sense of how all who are upon the earth plane recognize this new energy and have been looking for it. A sense of how mother earth is thankful and rejoices in all these shifts and changes that are occurring. This energy is seeded within the center of the earth, then again, it reflects back out to all who are upon the earth plane.

With the last ball, I ask you all to join consciousness. This ball is then infused within every one of us. You take it within your heart and it spreads out throughout your energy field. You KNOW that you are a part of the whole. Allow your expansion to become comfortable and allow your I AM presence to integrate these shifts and changes which have occurred at this time.

As you do this, you recognize that you are still connected with that crystal. You still have it infused as a part of you. At this time, if you so desire, you may keep this essence within yourself as a way of amplifying energies, as a way of having greater clarity of vision; as a way of enhancing anything that you do upon the earth plane. If you so choose, you may also allow it to return to it’s source, knowing that you can return and re-connect with this crystal or any other at any time.

You begin to feel the way in which your consciousness is separating from the others and becoming your own unique self. You bring with you your sense of contentment, your sense of balance, the joy in all that you have experienced at this time. You begin to allow this to filter down and begin to go back to your place upon the crystalline grid, from which you started your journey this evening. Again, you may deposit your crystal in this place if you wish to, or you may allow it to remain integrated within you. However you do it, these essence that have been activated with this experience with the crystal tonight has indeed remained within you. You begin to bring more and more of your consciousness back into this space. You see more clearly the way the crystalline grid interlocks with the magnetic grid. As you step into or allow your consciousness to move into that space upon the magnetic grid, you again are bringing more and more of your I AM presence to live in this space. You allow for those adjustments to occur at this time. The more that you connect with this grid, the more that you are able to understand the ways in which everything is inner related between the earth plane, the universe, the Omniverse, the crystals, the magnetic forces, the pure energy as it moves.

Continue to bring more and more of your consciousness back. I ask you for your questions at this time. <pause> As you are feeling your expansion within the universe, again we call forth to bring that back towards the earth plane. <long pause as people are becoming grounded> Continue to bring your consciousness back into this space. You begin to feel yourself coming more fully back within the present. You begin to feel more of your physical body. You allow your consciousness to be very aware of everything that is around you at this moment. Take a deep breath in; as you breathe in, become centered and grounded. Allow this breath to move through you. Bring all of your consciousness back into your physical form.

Question: "Are there intra-terrestrial or inter-terrestrial aliens or beings who live inside the earth?"

Answer: Yes indeed there are energies that do live within the core of the earth plane. They are very subtle and different. It’s a matter of looking within the dimensions so to speak. As we went through he journey tonight, you had a sense of perhaps rising up and expanding outward. These dimensions are up higher than yourself, (your physical body) as opposed to going inner or looking with yourself. If you look within the dimensions of the earth plane, going in the opposite direction. There are etheric energies that live there, there are also those who have a form of a physical energy, but it is now what you would recognize as yourself. there have been many different experiences that have been written and talked about this, and there are many different perceptions. But, yes, there is truth to the fact that there are energies that live in other dimensions and these dimensions are included within the rock, granite, soil, and all that is made up of the earth plane. This is something which is very unique and different and it is not spoken of widely upon the earth plane, because it is something that has just not been discussed a great deal in the past. That does not mean it is not so. When it comes to something like this, you need go with whatever is right for you. There are some people who sense these energies and others who will not.

One or two of the things, that people have been most aware of, is the fact that when Lemuria sunk into the ocean or no longer became the island that it was. Those energies, many of them moved into the mountain rock of Mt. Shasta. They also moved into other energy ranges throughout the United States and in other parts of the world. So too, at the time of the sinking of Atlantis. Many of these moved and they infiltrated within the earth. But also there were those who remained upon the surface of the earth. So, these are ways in which that occurred. There are energies if you look within, through inner dimensional work as you continue to work with the door, which we created tonight. You will be able to go inside to within the earth plane if you so desire instead of simply always going out into the outer atmospheres. Does this make sense to you? You are welcome beloved. We can of course <explore> this further and perhaps in another journey we can journey to connect up with these energies. Perhaps we can visit them in their home place at one time or another.

With that, we will bring to a close this experience of the evening. Know that everything that you experienced is but that experience of that moment in time. You can reconnect through intent, and you will receive greater insights and go to a deeper depth. This is all entirely possible through your expanded consciousness, your living in the moment, and your abilities to open up to receive your information that is around you at all times and is within you at all times. You are each one beloved family of the light, the children of the light, so to speak, and I feel great joy as I am with you and as I watch you as you move through your days upon the earth plane.

With that I will say: I am with you! I am within you!




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