Working with the Universal Collective Consciousness

Nama Sika Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family!! Welcome to our time together. Welcome to all who choose to come together in communication and connection with one another. Feel the energy that flows around you in the space in which you are physically located. Let yourself become very aware of all the various levels of energy that are within you and around you. I invite you to be open to the nuances of each of these levels of energy as you move through the experience of this journey.

As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to release your physical body. It is anchored in the space in which it is located, so let your consciousness shift, moving up into the space of the magnetic grid work. Feel yourself as you link with the energy of this space. Feel and understand all the information that is moving around you, the energy that is moving through you; there is so much which is located within the space of the magnetic grid. There is all that you are conscious of within this moment, and there are also many different dimensions within the magnetic grid into which you may link.

Find the space which is yours, the space where your higher self resides. Feel what this is, look around you, be aware of what perceptions you have within the magnetic grid. As we look at this from without as if observing the magnetic grid, there are many ways in which it has shifted over the last one to two years. All that you are doing as you incorporate more and more of the high vibrational energy is a part of what is creating the shift in the magnetic grid. Let yourself be aware.

As you are ready to do so, move through the interlocking grid so that you may arrive within the crystalline grid. The crystalline grid as you are well aware has a different vibration. you are without the magnetic pull of the earth. You vibrate at a higher level of energy and the crystals within this space assist in aligning your energies in such a way that you will more easily align with the energies of the higher vibration. Let yourself float. Let yourself bathe in the crystalline energies.

I now invite you to call forth a column of light. Be aware of the many different perceptions available to you within this column. Let it assist you in shifting your consciousness. Allow your consciousness to move through the column until you emerge into the space of the soul plane.

Leaving behind the column of light, you find yourself expanding in many different ways. Take this moment to become fully aware of how you feel. There is a flow to this energy. It is almost elastic in the way that it shifts and moves. It is lighter, finer, than the vibration that you are used to in your daily experience. For many, this is the feeling of home. For many it is the feeling of pure love, of pure support. Allow yourself to accept the love and support that is here for you.

I invite you to call forth your I AM presence. For some, you automatically connect with it when you come into this space; if you have not (connected) open to perceive this greater amount of your soul essence, your divinity. Feel what this is to you feel how much further you are able to expand. Allow yourself to know who you truly are within all aspects of your divinity.

I now come into this space and make my presence known to each of you. Feel my energy as I move between you. You may feel a shift and a flow as it resonates throughout this space. As I connect with each one of you, I blend my energies fully with yours. As I do you so, you may find yourself expanding even further.

This will shift you into the All That Is. I am here to amplify and enhance your own energies. There is an aspect of me that is a part of each and every one of you. You could say you are truly a reflection of me, if you seek to incorporate the energies; you could BE me as represented by you upon earth.

Each of you is filled with the divine essence of the Goddess. Open your awareness and feel who or what I am within you. For some it is as if I am illuminating aspects of who you are. For others, there is no difference, there is only one energy. Of course, there is also everything in between.

There are many aspects of the human which is a common denominator. There are many aspects within each of the various groups of angels or energies which also have a common denominator. You may call it the collective consciousness. You may call it a minimal vibration. There are many different ways of expressing what this is. Allow yourself to tap in the collective consciousness of the universe in which you are located. Within each vibration, there are various nuances of the collective consciousness. Therefore as each of you are connecting with this energy you may get a completely separate or different experience of what the collective consciousness is.

Allow yourself to open feeling first of all to who you are as an individual. Become very clear and understand who you are as your soul essence or your divinity. This is also incorporated into or shall we say incorporated into the whole of your essence as the aspect of yourself which is linked to your current human experience. Allow yourself to truly feel the various expressions of who you truly are.

Through your intention, I invite you to now link with the collective consciousness of this space, the space of the All That Is. As you link, you may find yourself merging until you no longer feel separate. There is but one pure energy. As you link with this energy, allow yourself to hear, see, and feel all that is around you. As you blend with this energy, you may blend so deeply that you are no longer aware of yourself as an individual. You may realize that the more you are blending with this energy of the collective whole, the more you recognize your uniqueness.

There is a direct reflection of all that is occurring within this space being recognized upon this earth. You have all spoken of the various shifts and changes that taken place over the past four to five months. There is a direct link between what you are feeling and this collective consciousness.

Let yourself open to what you perhaps feel has been the most prominent energy or change within your life. If you are feeling loneliness, separation from the other people around you, or perhaps feeling as if you different without anything in common with others; allow yourself to connect within this collective consciousness with others who are of a like mind.

Perhaps you have been having a great deal of physical change in your life. Perhaps you are having physical symptoms; your body is physically changing, shifting. Allow yourself to link with the others having a similar experience.

There have been a great many others who throughout the last few months have been feeling a great deal of disorientation; as if they are having trouble with remaining in one dimension or they blend back and forth. Again link with others in that same situation.

I know there are still more that I have not specifically mentioned, but let yourself move within your consciousness so that you may link with or align with the energies that are in the same place in which you are in your personal journey upon the earth.

You may feel as if there are many different levels of energy swirling around you. You may feel as if you are standing in a group talking with other individuals. You may feel as if perhaps you are in the center of a wheel with spokes go out in every direction. Connected to end of each spoke is a different energy. Howsoever you perceive this, recognize that you are not alone. Feel the full love, the support, the energy that is all right here around you.

If there is any residual of your transition that remains, allow it to transform at this time. Allow yourself to completely shift into this new space in which you are moving. This is your space. This is the space of the All That Is, the space of the collective consciousness. Let yourself truly expand. Even if you are not fully aware of what will happen or where you will go, simply allow for this expansion.

Now then, shift your focus or your consciousness to become aware of all the other energy that is around you. Allow your perceptions to recognize that this energy blends easily back into one flowing, moving expression.

There is the collective consciousness of the earth as you are well aware. So much of that remains in the third dimension, but there is more and more which is shifting into the fourth and fifth dimensions. From within this space, allow yourself to link with who you are upon the earth. Again, there is a collective energy that surrounds the earth and permeates the earth itself. For many of you, this may also be jarring because the vibration is different form where you are at this moment.

Take this opportunity to look at yourself as you are moving through your days. Are you being drawn into the aspect of the collective consciousness which is aligned with the third dimension? Are you being drawn into experiences of the duality, the judgment, the fighting? Everyone upon the earth is aware of it and can feel it around them but are you allowing it to permeate your life? This may come in the form of the people with whom you live, the job you have or it can be more of a nationwide or world wide feeling.

You are choosing you are creating your life every single day as you move through it. So let yourself be conscious of which aspect of the collective consciousness you are linking with. You may be aware of this vibration, but you need not let it incorporate with who you are. Consider the fourth dimension around the earth. Consider the collective consciousness within the fourth dimension. There is still oftentimes the pull of duality, the feeling of judgment, the feeling of stress, pain, suffering, etcetera but there is a difference to it within this space. You now have more of a detachment from that energy. Yes it is there, yes you acknowledge it, but you are most likely not as affected by it in your daily life.

Feeling these two aspects as you are moving between these places at this time, gives you the opportunity to choose; well you have the opportunity to choose no matter what, but when you are conscious of what these various levels are, you may be more aware of what you are consciously choosing.

Again, the fifth dimension is becoming much more readily present upon the earth. It too is a part of the collective consciousness. Within the fifth dimension, you are even more detached from those energies of duality, judgment, fear, and anger. They may still be there, you may feel them within yourself, but it no longer has the impact upon you that you felt in the other dimension.

Therefore, as you are moving through your days, I invite you to consciously make choices. Perhaps as you wake up in the morning, make a choice of where you would like your alignment to be for the day and you put that forth as your intention. If you find yourself within an argument with another individual, again bring to your conscious mind the choice to remain within that space or shift your energy.

If you take an opportunity to truly feel these various energy levels, you become much more aware of where you are at any given moment. There is no need to let this over-rule your life or anything, it is but a tool that you can use so as to allow yourself to create the life you are seeking.

Release your link to who you are upon the earth. Allow your vibration or consciousness to be fully present once more within the space of the All That Is. Let yourself feel the joy of being here. Let yourself feel the love. Within this space of the All That Is, you can be all you seek to be. Within this space you already ARE all that you seek to be.

Whenever you are creating upon the earth, you have already created and lived the experience to a degree within this space. Therefore as you continue to create upon the earth, let yourself trust and understand that it is already done. You can be what you are seeking to be. You can have within your life all that you are seeking to have. It is here you have just joined with it. You come to this space to create all the time. Many times this is within your dream state, but it is also within your consciousness.

I give you this moment to simply let yourself soar free. Allow yourself to fly, float, or move in any and every direction. You are completely free. You are the essence of bliss. Feel and know what that is for you.

I invite you to come back as a group. Come back into the space of the All That Is from wherever you might have gone. Let each of you the individual make themselves known again as you come back within this group. You may feel as if you are friends connecting with friends.

This group creates an energy space in which we invite the hologram of the earth to come up and be within. As the hologram emerges from within the center of you, it is already sparkling with light. The way in which you linked with it earlier allowed you to begin the flow of energy. Therefore as the earth is emerging at this time, there is already a radiance and an alignment which has taken place.

You see Lady Gaia coming forth and she wishes tonight to speak with you. I therefore step aside that she may begin to speak.

Lady Gaia Speaks:

Greetings beloved family!

I wanted to have this opportunity to be able to speak with you because of all that is occurring upon the earth at this time. There has been a great influx of energy primarily for the past three to four yeas of earth time. This influx of energy is becoming gradually more and more intense as the higher vibrational energies are being brought into the earth. The past six months have shown that to you. Let me say from my aspect that I appreciate all that is being done for the earth at this time.

I Gaia have been the soul essence of the earth from the time in which it was created. I too as a soul essence have evolved and shifted throughout the millennium just as each of you have through your soul essence. You may think she is so much bigger because she is the earth. But indeed each one of you are equal to who I am and what I am as the essence of earth. Some of you come from other planets within the solar system and beyond; and you are the soul essence of that planet.

This time upon the earth is pivotal for the transformation taking place. All upon the earth as humans recognize that something is happening; not all fully understand exactly what is happening. Those of you who are here and a part of this journey understand far more exactly what is happening. The earth is in the final process of shifting into the fourth dimension. All that each of you are doing as a part of the collective consciousness of the universe and bringing this higher vibration of this crystalline energy into the earth are a part of this shift which is occurring.

The earth itself continues to have many pockets of dense energy. It will always have pockets of dense energy. The earth will always be a space of duality and magnetism, it is simply what the earth is; well, it is one small aspect of it! So as the earth is moving into a higher vibration, just as was shown to you in this journey tonight, all who are upon the earth will begin to become much more conscious of their choices. More and more people will be choosing the vibration in alignment with love, with cooperation, and with acceptance.

I am ever present and available to each one of you! Feel me as you walk upon the earth. Feel me throughout your days because I am here for you.

I love you each and I embrace you!


(The channel goes back to the Goddess of Creation.)

I too send my embrace into Lady Gaia as she returns into the earth, into the hologram of the earth. That hologram begins to shift, moving through the energies, it moves down until it is connecting with the magnetic grid. As always an aspect blends with this grid and the remainder of the hologram moves into the physical earth. It moves into the center then permeates out throughout all the levels and aspects of the earth itself and all the energies around it.

Allow yourself to shift your focus back within this group. Let yourself communicate with any you may seek to communicate with. You are all family within this space.

It is time for you to return to the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within this space, feel how it expands to better accommodate you. Has your soul grown or is it different from when you arrived here? No, but your perception if it is. Each of these journeys are about assisting you to perceive a greater and greater amount of who you are. When you look at your soul growth as a whole, indeed it is growing and evolving. During the space of these journeys the shift that occurs is your perception; your perception opening, expanding, accepting greater and greater amounts of who you are.

That consciousness then comes with you as you begin to shift, releasing the soul plane, allowing yourself to move into the energies of the crystalline grid. We stop in these various levels because it assists you to adjust. It assists you in your expansion as you are moving up. It assists you in balancing as you bring greater and greater amounts back into your earthly experience. Feel the energies of the crystals. Feel how they vibrate within.

As you are ready, shift your consciousness yet further so that you may yet blend with the energy of the magnetic grid. Again, there is a shift that takes place. This shift is an expansion in the awareness. This shift assists in raising the vibration. But all of this is a reflection of you and your own personal journey; you have shifted, you have expanded. Each of these perceptions that you bring with you back into the earth plane are reflecting that.

Allow yourself to continue to move down. Allow yourself to come back within your physical body within your location. Let yourself expand the energy fields around you so that you may better accommodate your expanded divinity or consciousness. Take this moment and bring back to yourself what it felt like to be fully linked with the collective consciousness of the universe. Being fully seated, back within your physical body; bring that awareness back to mind and let if flow into you in the space where you are. This is a means of expanding your energy fields. This is a means of creating greator space for your divinity to be within you as you walk through your days.

Alright, let yourself fully ground, let yourself come back into this room of this conference. If you have a question for me, you may press the 4 on your phone and I am here and available for you.

Question: (paraphrased) I have been trying to find a place to live and I’m wondering if you can help me with this?

Answer: As we shift gears from being a part of the collective whole and cone down into one individual, it sometimes takes more time for perceiving and shifting these energies. If you will open your heart and feel as if you are drawing us in that will help! Ah, much better. The sense that is coming through is that you are still in a place of limbo. We are getting a sense that there are a number of different potentials around you but you have not made up your mind. Is there something to do with your work process? There is something else going on in your life that is also affecting where you are going to live. It feels as if that may need to be resolved before your living situation can be resolved. Although the sense coming to us is that you feel you need to resolve where you are going to live first. Are we linking in with the correct thing? Is this what you were speaking of?

(She spoke more stating she wanted to figure out where she was living first.)

Well, it’s just the energy coming to us about this, is that there is not only one thing occurring here. There are a number of things happening in your life between works, where you are living; we sense that everything taking place is within the general vicinity of where you are currently living. We do have a sense of a choice to possibly move further away perhaps to a different town. So, what we are seeing around you is that there are many potentials and several things that need to fall into alignment before everything can come together for you. So, as for your actual living situation, we have a sense of seeing you will move from your current location into perhaps another temporary location, short term, several weeks a month or more. Then by the time of autumn, we see the leaves are turning colors, you will find a more permanent location. It may be that you will continue, in this transition that you are in right now and these others will come into alignment.

You are standing on a crossroads and trying to choose what do you really want in your life. There is a part of you that feels tied to the past or bogged down in what you think are the only things available to you. It’s as if there is a limitation that is placed around you but we see more options or more opportunities. So what we would like you to do is invite you to breathe gently and easily, expand your horizons, feel as if you are pushing out the energy fields around you and ask to know; what are your potentials. The sense coming to us is that you may be driving around or walking around; there is something that shows movement, and through the movement you will see a location or sign, something that will assist you in moving into your next direction. We do have a feeling that you will remain in this space of transition for as little as 2 weeks or perhaps as long as 6-9 weeks. But you are actually setting up and creating a new foundation for yourself and you have not yet chosen which direction you fully want to move into. As you are making these decisions within yourself, be aware of what is around you and that will assist you in making your decisions. Does that make sense to you?

(She spoke more of the move.)

Now when you mention the word Barton Creek there is a lot of energy around it. It’s almost as if there is a white light that gets turned on; there is a lot of energy around it, so we do think it is a good location to look within. This is what we sense in terms of the long term place and that you are not there yet but that there needs to be a temporary location. We do see a lot of light around that location. We unfortunately cannot give you more answers than that. You do have answers within yourself, you are creating this, just as we showed you the various levels of the collective consciousness, it was another way to show you levels of your own consciousness. If perhaps there is an aspect of you caught up in limitations, yet there’s an aspect of you of what you desire to move into, these are not in alignment with one another. So, seek to create an alignment between what you have and what you seek to have and see if that doesn’t assist you.

(She said thank you)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I have been working with a Native American to link with and try to control the weather. Is there anything that you can say about this?

Answer: There are many many individuals who are upon the earth who have fun with and seek to create changes upon the earth by linking with aspects of or energies of various parts of the weather. Now as was spoken before the channel, there was an individual with fires around her, there was another individual with rain, there was another individual having draughts where she lived. There are always going to be many extremes in the weather upon the earth. The weather is but one way that it can release toxins, its one way the earth thinks to balance itself. We would always discourage anyone from trying to control or manipulate the weather because that is a lower vibration. What we would encourage anyone to do is seek an alignment that will create a greater balance. Now when you spoke of linking with the Native American, it was almost as if you came in at one level and he came in at another. The sense is that you are not fully connecting with them. You are perhaps connecting with an aspect of them, but it is not the full ability of what you are seeking to have. If you release a particular outcome and just seek balance, the balance may be that at times there’s draught, at times there are fires, at times there are floods or even earth quakes or volcanic eruptions; whatever that may be it is the way of the earth balancing itself. So if your intention is to have fewer people traumatized or disrupted by it, then you can seek to have the balance of those in alignment with the earth changes and in the weather taking place. Does that make sense to you?

(She spoke at great length.)

For something like this we simply encourage you to be in a place of joy. What brings you joy? What is fun? If you take it too seriously, too intently, or too intensely, you are getting to be too mental and analyzing it. You need do nothing at all, the earth is fine. If you want to seek to do something because as with you the Native Americans came into your awareness, that is more so creating a link with an aspect of people or as were saying earlier an aspect of the collective consciousness of the earth because time is non linear and all is related to one anther. You are seeking to connect with an aspect perhaps of yourself or the collective consciousness. This is creating a way to bond for yourself.

Question: (paraphrased) I wanted to ask you about the person I saw during the journey tonight. She was so radiant! She was so loving! I’m wondering if you could tell me who she is.

Answer: We see her; she is actually an aspect of yourself beloved. We see her almost as if she was transforming through various levels and perspectives as if she was showing you various experiences of who you have been; perhaps in different life experiences or perhaps in this life. The reason she showed herself as separate from you is so that you could look at her and say “wow, isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she magnificent? Isn’t she expanded?” because was that not your perception when you saw her?

(The person said yes it was she felt all those things.)

So you are really getting there beloved, you have come so far, you just are not quite there inside of yourself. You are ready to say “Look at me, I’m beautiful, I’m expanded, etc” so it was easier for you to see her as outside of yourself. But she was indeed YOU. She was indeed an aspect or various aspects of you but composed in a way that you could look at her, recognized her as this glorious individual. So if you can bring her to mind either now or in the days to come, let yourself truly trust and understand that that is who you are. You are beautiful! You are magnificent! You are expanded! Let that be your reality in your daily life. You will find yourself being more balanced, more comfortable, and this is what you are moving into.

(She spoke some saying it scares her to be that amazing or put together.)

Well if you are afraid of fear, don’t ignore it; breathe fear into your heart. Let it blend with you knowing that you are consciously bringing it into you so as to transmute it and let it go. Let yourself see that that individual or that energy as expressed in the vision you had, let yourself see it as standing right in front of you as if you are having a conversation with her, then see yourselves as sitting side by side, then see yourself as taking her inside of you and blend fully with who you are. If you do have fear or distrust of any part of this process, you will keep her at arms length, but if you realize you are going into fear then ask yourself, why what is this fear? Then acknowledge whatever comes to you so that you can let it can let it go. You can acknowledge it by taking a deep breathe in, acknowledge the thought or fear, then as you release, you let go of the thought or fear and you will feel fine. You will then be much more conscious of this aspect of yourself. You are welcome, as are you beloved.

Question (paraphrased): I had a channel with Shelly earlier in the week and we worked on my root center and 2nd chakra, you said there were problems there. Can you give me any insights if it’s cleared further or what may be going on?

Answer: Allow me to connect with you and see what comes through. You went through a great deal of shifting and evolving during the time we communicated with you but also in the days that have come since then. You chose this time to consciously move into something new then let it evolve throughout the week. So you have been working on this on various levels throughout the week. Therefore we want to say that the energy of you from Tuesday and the energy of you today; there is a distinct shift that has taken place. We sense your root and second chakra are more open and balanced and that there is even more energy you are in the process of evolving, but we do not sense any blockage or anything as being shut down. We have a sense that what was put into place is coming about. While you may not have fully integrated the change coming on you are definitely in the process and you definitely moved through a great deal. Does that resonate with you?

(She spoke more asking about a relationship with a man coming into her life.)

Correct, we sense that there is still something else within you that needs to be released; perhaps a past experience of lifetime of some sort. You have been working with it, you have touched on it, and you have released aspects of it. But we can sense if you take a few more days and focus on the first and second chakra’s; focus on the flow of energy through these areas and the thoughts that come to you at that time you will release and let you then you will be more comfortable within yourself as you invite this new relationship in. We don’t sense it as something that is holding you back or creating a barrier. But we sense it keeps you in a place of caution; as if you are not quite as open as you could be. It is as if we see a book that is 3/4 of the way open, yet not open completely and laying flat. This is the image coming to us. You have done a great deal of work, it is working, and we sense you know what we are talking about. So if you focus on that over the next day or so, however long it takes; consciously release and let it go. You have truly done a great deal of work on yourself. You have evolved in many different ways. So accept that as your reality. Let yourself shift to create and move forward with each day. You can let your radiance exude from you and all will be in reception.

Question: (paraphrased) I have had a remodeling project going on in my house for a really long time now and I’m just wondering when it’s going to be done. I do my best to see it all as evolving into a beautiful, tranquil space; but I’m so frustrated with all the mess and delays. Do you have any insights?

Answer: We actually are getting two messages about this. The first and strongest message is that there is no need to look into why the remodeling is taking as long as it is. It is just the human reality. So in terms of the frustration and the desire to have the whole thing over and done with this is giving you an opportunity to live your life in your daily experience with choices. You can choose to become frustrated today or you can choose to let it go. It’s completely human, it’s completely normal that you would have days of frustration, but we sense that that is the bigger message to you. You can choose how you are going to see the project and choose how you are going to react on a daily basis. When you say this is what you are trying to do, you are trying to release a specific expectation, you are doing that, it is working; it is shifting the energies around you. Let yourself know that when you feel that flow, you feel that frustration building again, then okay, I’m going to choose to remain in frustration and vent or I’m going to shift my energies into another space and release it. We have a sense that it will still be another 2-3 weeks and will consider slow on your earth times. But recognize that you are creating many different shifts in your house with this, that it will all evolve and that it will end into a space that makes you feel much more comfortable.

(She spoke further saying it was hard to choose colors and wondered how that was coming out.)

Well beloved, that just makes me laugh! Of course you will make choices that will be harmonious and beautiful, how can it be anything else? Release the second guessing, release the questioning. Take a step back and don’t overanalyze everything. Let yourself look at it, if you are too bogged down, then walk away and come back again and look at the colors and samples. You will just know. If you don’t, then take a breath in, invite in your higher self, then go with what comes to you.

Question: (paraphrased) I have been having a great deal of pain recently. I’ve been to the doctors and they are not sure what is going on, but I have severe headaches, neck aches, backaches. Do you have any insights for me?

Answer: Now what you have described is what many many other people upon the earth are feeling at this time of transformation. They are feeling strong physical symptoms and sometimes those symptoms will show up as illness when they go to the doctor, other times they will not show up as anything. What you are doing is integrating a higher vibration into your physical body and this is how your body is reacting to that. It is somewhat linked to your third eye. As you know, with that being in the center of your forehead, people will often times have headaches, blurred vision, or even hearing disturbances as their third eye is opening up. That is what a part of this is. The 3rd eye opening allowing direct beams of light into this aspect of your physical reality. Your third eye is also on different levels in the energy fields around you. It is not only in the physical but also in the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels around you. So what we sense is occurring within you is that you are shifting from one vibration into a higher vibration and your body is trying to incorporate this. What we sense is that when you have your MRI it will not necessarily show anything either because this is not a physical manifestation. I mean it is a physical manifestation in the fact that you feeling discomfort and you are having a physical problem. The issue here is more about finding balance within yourself and feeling the balance with the higher vibration. When we spoke earlier of bringing greater amounts of the collective consciousness of the universe; when you first came back into your physical presence and brought that down, more of the crystalline energy, down into you. Our sense is that if you consciously will do this and then align within yourself to this vibration, and then you will have less of the symptoms. Does that make sense to you?

(She spoke of concerns.)

It’s a combination of things. Yes your third eye is open, but your consciousness, your ego personality doesn’t trust or believe in that as yet. This is therefore keeping it closed down. BUT since your third eye is open, there is a greater intensity of energy coming through but it’s like it comes up against a wall. You could also say it’s like a beam of light being put through a pin hole. That is an extreme comparison, but it gives you an idea. This is what is causing headaches and other problems in your body. So what we would recommend that you do is work not only on your third eye but all of your energy centers and all of the energy centers around you so that you may actually consciously flow the energy through you this will create a balance and you will feel less of the symptoms. Our sense is that it has mostly worked itself out and that it will not be with you much longer; especially if you release worrying about it and what it might be. If you shift your focus away from pain, discomfort, and a possible problem, and into blending, balancing, that too will assist you in releasing.

(How do I do this?)

You allow your consciousness; you allow your human personality to be a part of the blending and flowing of these energies around you. That is what will assist in opening it more consciously for you.

With that we will bring this evening to a close. We want to take this opportunity say thank you to all of you coming and being a part of this, for feeling the love and support of each other. I invite each one of you to be fully aware and conscious of the shifting and changing that is always present around you. You are each connected within yourself; you are each connected to higher aspects of yourself. So let your human reality be a part of that. Allow yourself to create and accept all of this within yourself.

We are ever present with you and within you!




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