Integrating Your Lightbody Into Your Physical

This is a channel to take you the next step upon your journey. We all have been working with the crystalline energies. We all have been integrating more of our divinity. So with this journey the Goddess took us to the next level. She created a space where we connect with our physical reality while still grounded. She then had us do the same while in the All That Is. This created a clear and conscious link between the two.

She also invited us to look out towards the universe from our space within the All That Is. In doing so, we could see all the shifting energies. We could also have the opportunity to experience a direct alignment with these energies as they flowed through the universe and the All That Is. As we began to create an alignment, the realization went through that this was actually the Lightbody energy. It felt different than the energies that have been out here for the eons. It felt like it was something that’s been created in response to what we’re seeking or what will take us the next step.

The Goddess then assisted each of us with integrating the lightbody energy into our cellular structure. By integrating the LB energies in this way, we were actually creating a shift in our physical bodies. This shift from a cellular structure outward created a change in many levels within people. You can change your physical issues. You can create the body you want.

She then focused upon the upcoming equinox. She assisted people with feeling a foot in both the past 6 months and the upcoming 6 months. By doing this, people would have the ability to create balance within their lives; first of all from the energetic perspective, but then integrating the reality into our physical cells.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you sending you my thoughts, my love, my awareness; reaching out to create and alignment that allows for us to come together and share this time. This is a time of transformation upon your earth. This is a time where everything is stepping forth into these new opportunities or these new experiences. Let yourself feel where you are right at this moment. Let yourself feel the energies around you.

As you open your perception let yourself simply feel who you are in this physical body that you have in this life time. You are a blend of physical and nonphysical energies. You seek to create a balance of all of these energies so that they enhance your everyday life. Potentials are available in many, many different forms. As you think about whatever potentials you may have around you it may be that a number of things come to mind with ease. As you think of what is happening within your life it may feel as if you are stepping into all of this or it may feel as if it is all elusive to you. It’s all the human experience.

And I wanted to just speak of this for a few minutes while you are here grounded in your physical body and with that I invite you to breathe deeply once more, breathing down within you and then as you breathe out have a sense of releasing your physical body as if you let your consciousness shift and you move into the space of the magnetic grid. As you arrive within this grid work you feel yourself expanding into your higher self. Have a sense of first of all linking within yourself and then looking out at the interwoven pathways that make up this grid. You may have a sense of impulses of light as they move through this space. You may have a sense of how everyone is inter-related with everybody else.

Let your energies flow and be at ease. From here I invite you to shift once more moving through the interlocking grid so that you may move into the crystalline grid. Within this space you let go the magnetic pull of the earth; you find yourself in a space of energy that is filled with the vibration of the crystals. There are many dimensions; there are very subtle nuances within the energy located here. It is becoming more and more prevalent and easy for each of you to find yourself within this space.

I now invite you to shift once more allowing your focus to move into the space of the soul plane. Here within the soul plane you can feel your own divinity. You may have a sense of immediate re-emerging with it or you may have a sense of seeing a light or an essence as it comes towards you. I invite you to reach out and embrace this energy. As you do so let yourself feel your essence. As you merge with your divinity, you can find yourself moving even deeper and deeper into who you truly are.

I the Goddess begin to move in and amongst each one of you. As I come into contact with your energies I reach out and embrace you. I embrace you and acknowledge who you are, as your divinity, and who you are as the individual living this life upon the earth. As our energies merge you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. This is our space of creation; this is a place where we have the ability to come and feel who we are in all of our divinity. It is also a place where you can practice different potentials. Allow yourself to flow easily within.

Now, when you were still grounded upon the earth, I asked you to consider you physical reality. Here within the All That Is, I invite you from this space of your divinity and your expanded consciousness to consider your physical reality. In just about every one of you, it is as if your perception of your physical reality expanded immensely. There were some that your perception shrunk down to much smaller than what you were but a moment ago. So, take a moment and consider if you feel that your energies got smaller, then I invite you to just take in a deep and easy breathe; then as you breathe out consciously expand as if you’re pushing out the energies that are around you; as if you allow yourself to move into this new perception.

I feel laughter bubbling up within because for a number of people I can hear them laughing and saying, “Ah, this is it what it can be.” You, as your divinity is immense. The intention with our journeys is to create ways in which you increase your perception of your divinity. A part of the human experience is that your perception of who you are, of what you are capable of and of the other energies that are surrounding you, comes through that human filter. When we look at you here or when you look at yourself here in this space, you have the ability to be in a much greater expansion. I invite you for this moment to have a sense of remaining here, specifically in the All That Is but let your focus and your awareness align with your physical reality.

As you consider your physical body, let’s begin with, how it feels? I hear lots of answers from you, everything from, “it’s just perfect” to “a lot of pain” to “it’s just not working for me”. So that is one part of your physical body. How does it feel to you? When you think about your physical body, what thoughts do you have? Is there perhaps a belief system that says your physical body will look or act a particular way because of perhaps a condition or perhaps a hereditary precedence? Your feelings about your body, your thoughts about your body all create a template for how your body works for you.

Here in the All That Is, I invite you to look at your physical body from the perception of your divinity. In most cases, you perception will change. Ask yourself the question; is there a reason that you chose this physical body for this lifetime? From this perception of your divinity as you look at your physical body, is it necessary or is it saving you in one form or another to have, and you can fill in the blank, whatever it is that you are having in your life?

I invite you to breathe in, breathing deeply within your divinity, and then breathe out. Let that wash all over and through your physical reality. When you look at your existence upon the earth from the perspective of your divinity it’s an opportunity to open up to new ideas or potentials. I invite you to shift your focus for a moment and allow it to all come here within the All That Is, as you once more connect within yourself. As you connect, have a sense of looking towards the universe. It is as if I open a window or a door or maybe you do that yourself. But I invite you to allow your focus to merge with the energies of the universe; they are the planets, the stars, the interaction within all of them to each other, but also to you.

As you take in your perception of these energies I invite you to open and allow the crystalline energies to flow within and around you and your I Am presence. You can see where this is an energy that is flowing throughout the universe and becoming more and more prevalent close to the earth. That is one reason why the crystalline grid has been created. Sometimes you may just go to the crystalline grid but here in this moment as you ask or invite these crystalline energies to come through you let yourself feel the wash of that essence. These energies enhance who you are as you divinity. They also provide you with the conduit that allows you to let these energies flow not only through you but from you to the people and places around you.

As you are taking in these energies that are the crystalline let yourself open into your Light body essence. It may be one and the same as the crystalline energies you were just working with. Your Light body energies are an energy field that is unique to you and is in direct alignment with you as the person that you are, with your physical body, your emotions, your mental; this is something that you have been creating and making it your own for the last several years. Even if this is the first time you had ever heard this word, you’ve been doing this because all humans upon the earth as they move into the higher light or vibrations, they move into a space that allows them to shift from one thing to another, allows them to expand and that is their Light body energy.

I invite you to shift your focus once more, coming back into that perception of your physical body. As you see your physical body, as you see the flow of energy that moves through you, consciously open up to link with your Light body energy. As the crystalline vibration is flowing through your consciousness it moves through you and into your physical reality. As this energy is moving through, take a perspective as if from a distance and ask yourself those same questions. Is it necessary for you to have the physical experience that you are having? Is there a better or an easier way for you to manifest within your physical reality? For a moment consider whatever ailment that you may have within your body. As you look at it or feel it from this perspective allow yourself to consciously let go the Light body energies as they move through your consciousness, and into this perception of your physical reality.

As you continue to create a flow that moves through your divinity, through your consciousness and into whatever it is that is going on within you. Have a sense of sending a clearing energy through that’s going to clear out any debris or clear out anything that no longer works for you and then allow that crystalline energy to flow even more freely. As these energies are moving through, you can feel it in your physical body. As you let go physical symptoms or physical experiences that you have had then also allow that Light body energy to merge with your emotions so that you can emotionally let go of whatever that may be.

If you want to work in just transforming aspects of your emotional body or your mental you may do so also, but for this moment, I would like to focus upon the physical. As those Light body energies continue to move through your physical body there are changes taking place within each cell within you. As those changes continue to take place your DNA is shifting. Certain energies within the DNA are expanding. This is giving you a greater support for who you are right now. Continue to allow this flow to move through you and as you do so, are there ways in which your thoughts or your beliefs may hold back this transformation? Indeed, allow that illumination from the crystals to show you any limitation that you may have within your beliefs.

As it comes to your awareness allow that Light body energy to move through letting go limitation, letting go old energy, letting go anything at all that keeps you from fully manifesting who you are. I’m going to send a wash of energy through here. It clears out everything that everyone has let go; it clears out these energies and then I invite you to once more take stock of your own energy. Every single one of you has expanded your physical reality. You have expanded all of the nonphysical energies within and around you. You are even more deeply integrating your physical reality.

I would like to completely shift gears now. Let us play with the energies of the equinox that are coming up within this next week. If you are experiencing your fall equinox, I invite you to consider the energies of the harvest. If you are experiencing your spring equinox, I invite you to consider what you are getting ready to saw or create. I quite like working with both sides of either the equinox of the solstice because it is as if you can put forth your intention of what you seek and then manifest it instantly as if one part of the world and the other is working in complete balance with one another as indeed it is.

As you come in to these energies, I invite you to have a sense of looking at your life from the big picture. I invite you to receive whatever gifts the earth has for you. I invite you to receive whatever gifts you may have for yourself because indeed you always have gifts available. I hear some of you creating a party atmosphere; I hear some people opening gifts celebrating in that manner. I see other people dancing, playing. This is your opportunity to stop for just a moment and take in what the last six months have been for you. Look at it from the perspective of your expanded energies, especially those associated with your Light body.

As you continue to look, take in whatever messages or lessons are there for you. But if some of those lessons or messages came in the form of pain or suffering, take this as an opportunity to shift that around so that you may be receive the benefit of your lesson but let go the pain, let go the sorrow. As you do so, you find yourself growing even stronger and expanding even more. As you look towards the next six months from equinox to equinox put forth the intention of what you seek. As you consider whatever this may be infuse it with the Light body energies. This will give you greater clarity. This will create an opportunity where perhaps you would like to shift what you seek expand into even greater potentials. Again, you allow your Light body energies to move through enhancing all that you seek to step into.

As we move towards the equinox, I invite you to have a sense of standing with one foot in what has been and the other foot in what is to come. Again, I invite you to allow yourself to open to the energies of the equinox, the energies of the universe; let them flow through you and into this state of balance. As you feel yourself within this balance let yourself expand, move, feel the flow, there is so much energy here and you are in alignment, you are in balance and you are in the flow. This is available to you at any time.

I am amplifying the energies by doing this close to the equinox and you can always draw on these energies; but this sense of balance is something that you can create, that you can work with greater clarity and that you can allow to enhance your Light body balance and energy. Let go that space allowing yourself to move and flow with whatever energies you would like to merge with at this time. Feel yourself as you have a sense of letting your focus come back inward and within the All That Is. Take in your physical body; consider all these energies as they flow through you.

I invite you to come back as a group. As you do so you can tell as always our groups are much, much larger than whatever physical number is present. Let yourself be fully aware of who you are on every level of your being. Let yourself feel how good that is and then as if you are looking around the group begin to send your energy out to the others who are here and as you are sending be open to receive any impulses or messages from the others who are here.

As you do so, you can feel how you are in alignment with these other people and how you can support one another. You have not only the other humans that are present but there are so many angels and guides that are also here and a part of this group. Have a sense of all of this. Have a sense of how everyone is linked to everyone else. Have a sense of feeling the wave of love, the wave of energy that just flows through everyone.

As this alignment is created look at the hologram of the earth that is coming up within the center of this group. As this hologram comes up within this space send forth the intention of linking with your own self on a cellular level and what it is to be integrated with your Light body energies. Send into this hologram anything else that you choose to send and the energies flow with ease.

The holograms themselves begin to shift; they move down towards the earth from this dimension or this space of the All That Is; it is as if they move through the crystalline grid, that aspect that goes out into the new earth, moves in that direction and the remainder of the hologram comes back down. It comes through the magnetic grid, and then continues on within the center of the earth. As it mixes with these immense crystals that are in the center this energy expands outward. It expands out coming up through the grass, the trees, the water and let it come up within you as the human you are.

Let yourself feel your physical body as all of these energies that you just infused become more and more deeply integrated within. Release that sense allowing your focus to come back once more within the All That Is and then I invite you to shift your focus so that you may bring your consciousness back down into your physical reality. You shift into the space of the soul plane. As you do so, take a moment and ask yourself, what your perception of your divinity is? Most likely you have a much greater awareness of who you are, and the many, many, many life experiences that you have had.

A large part of your divinity remains within this space but let go and allow as much of your divinity as you may take with you as you return your consciousness back within the earth. You feel yourself moving through the crystalline grid, then as you come into the magnetic grid you once more feel the pull of the earth. You are here in the space of your higher self and you pause as you become acclimated and then you shift once more as you let your energies and your essence come back within your physical body.

As you continue to integrate within your physical body take a moment and expand those energies so that you may comfortably feel that essence that is you and consciously bring your light body energy down in and around your physical body. Feel as if every cell within you has become illuminated. Feel your physical body respond to everything that you did while in the All That Is. Allow this new reality to become the norm for you.

And so with that beloved family then we will bring our evening to a close. I thank everyone for taking the opportunity to come and share this space with me. I invite you to truly experience your physical self, truly allow yourself from a cellular structure, moving outward to every organ in your body, let yourself incorporate the Light body energies and then through that feel the greater balance that is your life. You have the ability to create what you seek. You have the ability to manifest what you seek. Allow that all to wash over you as you breathe in and accept it within your life.

I am ever with you and within you.




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