Letting Go & The Lion’s Gate

Many of the channels from the Goddess are about releasing and clearing old energies; so is this one! What I found happened was that the channel of July 15, 2018, the Vibration of Trust really opened the energies for a lot of people. For many people the vibration associated with trust that comes from an intrinsic level or a soul level caused a stronger feeling of anger, disappointment, frustration with many talking about why things haven’t manifested and why should they trust when it does no good. Whew! This channel addresses all of that and takes you into the deep levels of emotions that people carry around.

I’m not sure if she said it like this, however trust at this level goes beyond the analytical and human reality to just the telepathic download of awareness and allowing.  That is a very powerful place to be.

The Goddess wanted these energies to continue to integrate so as that occurred, she spoke of the Lion’s Gate.  The Lion’s Gate is a portal of energy available to people during August.  It’s in alignment with Leo/ Lion energies and with August being the 8th Month, it’s about the symbolism of infinity and abundance.  All of the vibrations create the potential of huge abundance this month and it is yours to tap into whether it’s during the month of August or later.  The portal is always there and you always have access.

Open to this deep, deep, deep clearing and the fill the space with your divinity and the infinite flow of abundance.

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I welcome you to this time together; this time in which we as a group have created a space; a space that is within the All That Is; a space that moves through the levels of vibration of the Earth Plane.

You as humans have very powerful gifts available to you. Frequently when you find yourself in that space where your thoughts are just going around, and around, and around you may yourself becoming fixated upon something happening in your life, something that has not been working for you and this is what is focusing within your ego or your human experience.

The integration with the higher light vibration is about realizing how close your Divinity is to you as the Human. The integration of your Divinity within your life is not about trying to push aside your Ego, or that which is your personality that makes up you as the Human; it is about finding the balance. The balance so that the human experience that you are having becomes the reflection of your Divinity.

Your Divinity is available to you to support you in your everyday life. Your Divinity is the all-encompassing Soul from the many, many lifetimes that you have had. Your Divinity is the bridge between you and the human experience and you in the universal experience.

There is so much more available then what you realize; the availability to use telepathy, the availability of teleportation, the availability of oneness expressed as you the Human. The human consciousness frequently will attempt to simplify the perspective from the All That Is or from your soul. There are many times that this is the case, because it moves beyond what your consciousness can understand. However, there is still a huge amount of energy that is flowing in and around you in that unconscious manner. This is why so often people’s unconscious thoughts, or programming, or intention can have such an effect upon your life.

It makes me smile because as I said that immediately people were starting to think what am I unconscious of, what does that meaning mean to me, where am I going with that. So, in other words you immediately go through into that analytical perspective. What you are going to find is that the more you can learn how to turn off the analytical, thereby allowing for this unconscious flow to move through you, you will then interpret at a much deeper level that which is challenging to analyze or to put into words.

As you open up to the greater potential of working with telepathy one way that you can consider how you work with it is that telepathic communication that comes into your consciousness from your Soul. While that may not seem as if it’s telepathy it creates a channel or a pathway so that’s your own intuitive gifts and your own communication with source moves freely throughout your day. This is not anything new to you. However, I like that reminder that helps you to understand that there is more, and more, and more that is of ease with the new potentials that are coming in.

Breathe deeply, allowing that breath to move through your body sending the energy down into the earth. As you do so it spreads out in different directions anchoring you, grounding you in your environment. As you ground within this space you then clear that flow allowing more of your consciousness to flow upwards until you find yourself in the vibration or the presence of your Higher Self.

Look around at all that is here. It may seem as if this is a place where you see potentials that are playing out for you. It may just be filled with clutter. For some it may seem as if it is it just a blank slate and it is open and clear. What I would like for you to do is to take a deep breath in and then sending your focus through your higher self ~whew~ clear it out. Have a very clear intention that everything that is taking place tonight will also anchor here within your Higher Self so as to bring it down closer and deeper into your physical reality.

We then shift the vibration allowing it to flow further out into the higher dimension. There is a thread of energy that takes you straight into your Soul or straight into your Divinity. As you move through this vibration you see in front of you your I AM presence, or your Soul, your Divinity, your God Source; whatever name you would like to give it. This is you. Open to feel the love, the embrace, the alignment that is for you.

This is a very personal alignment, because it is you as all of who you are with you as the Human. Nobody else is moving into this space. Nobody else is pretending to be you. Nobody else is influencing you. This is only you and your perception. Allow your consciousness to absorb within this space. Let yourself become awash with the love, the compassion, the acceptance and everything else that is here for you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace you. I amplify and reflect back to you you as your Soul, you as your consciousness and as our energies blend there is a shift or a movement into the All That Is. Feel the expansion of what this place is for you. Allow yourself to create as much space as you may need. Nobody infringes on anybody else’s space. You are here and this is yours.

I do want to address some of the communication I have received from you after the last channel that we had together. I am always available to people and I love it when you reach out asking me to come and assist you, or when you reach out to communicate with me be it conscious or unconscious. I am available to you at all times.

In our last channel (The Vibration of Trust, July 15, 2018) I spoke to you of trust and a particular vibration that is associated with trust. My intention was to help you to integrate another form or vibration that will assist in being here in this space of the All That Is and within your divinity so that it is available with much greater ease.

As I spoke to you earlier this evening about the analytical mind that includes the Ego, or your personality, or that which is you in this lifetime; (your human self) is a vibration where people assign trust to particular experiences or reactions. This is another reason why if you are here in the All That Is in the vibration of trust you are moving beyond the analytical. And even though we speak words and there is an experience going on we are still vibrating at a level of consciousness that is higher than your everyday reality. Therefore, you integrate your trust and it comes down into you more easily.

Some of the comments that I received were saying that trust is very hard to integrate because in certain cases there are many, many years of disappointment that people were seeking to manifest sometimes one thing, sometimes two, sometimes three, sometimes multiple things and they worked with it again and again. They would clear it out. They would work with me to shift the vibration and then they would say okay I am still open to receive, perhaps a relationship, perhaps financial changes, perhaps a home; the list was quite extensive. Therefore, as I spoke about trust and I received the push back what was going on was creating a source of limitation to trust, because it was associated with past experiences when things did not happen.

It can be very, very frustrating when people do not manifest in their life upon the Earth. When someone asks for something that vibration of intention is immediately sent out in waves of vibrations through your earthly experience. It sends out waves of vibration here within the All That Is and other parts of the Universe so that your Angels, your support guides, so that all can work with you so that you can have what you seek to have.

As I say this I’m still feeling in people that sense of; no, it doesn’t work like that; no, it doesn’t happen so don’t tell me it does. Okay I’m not here to argue with anybody. I am here to love you unconditionally. I am here to give you options and I am here to do everything I can that will expand that vibration of trust so that it may integrate within you at multiple levels.

So, going back to the individuals whether this is something directly associated with you or not; if there is something within your life that has never manifested I wish for you to tap into that. I can feel it within you. Many people feel the emotion of sadness, frustration, disappointment. It’s like there’s a big lump as people maybe hold back the tears. So, let go the tears. You need not hold anything back, ~whew~ let it go.

In association with that I also hear people speaking about the choices that they made and are still living with the frustration that ‘if I had not made that choice I would be on a different pathway. If I had not made that choice I would be living over there. If I had not made that choice…’ We could go on and on and on. If there is any portion of you living with regret within you, conscious or unconscious in any form, ~whew~ let it go. Truly you have this now moment and while we say the past is done and you can no longer change it people still hold on to that energy of that frustration. So, pull up from within you anything that you wish you could have changed, ~whew~ let that go.

As you clear out what you wish to have changed allow in the flow, the compassion, the love, the balance, first and foremost of your own divinity, but also, I the Goddess. In some cases what you were seeking to manifest was not in your best interests or the situation would not allow you to manifest what you sought to have in a way that was supportive of you. In other words, it wasn’t the right timing. It wasn’t the right situation.

Another reason that people have a deep urge to have something in their life maybe something from a past life that is also having an effect on them. So, in this now moment, as we go deep within every one of you for those things that have never manifested for you past, present, future, in any life reality, in anything conscious or unconscious, ~whew~ let it go. ~whew~ let it go and again feel the love, feel the compassion, feel the energy of your own divinity flow within you anchoring within.

So often you are planning for the future and you seek to manifest something in the now moment, because it would be the foundation or the part of what would happen in the future. I would invite you to have that clear intention that yes I am creating my foundation now, or I’m adding to something that I know I will manifest in the future, however I do so with the clear intention that my focus is in the now moment.

So be aware of saving for your home, saving for retirement, finishing courses that will give you the job that you want to have. Recognize that they are things that you are planning for the future. As you set up what you need to do you’ve now put that energy also out into the Universe and into the physical reality. Let your focus be on the now moment. Don’t wait to live your life until that manifests. It is the now moment that is happening right now and we feel it as it moves through.

Sometimes your analytical mind becomes very stubborn. As you release the past or as you release the disappointment and the frustration, your analytical mind may come right back in and say, “no I want it because I want it and therefore it is”; true statement. You don’t need to explain yourself to us or even to yourself. If you desire something you desire it. Let that intention go outwards from you and then recognize how your vibration will either support it or push back against it.

I now ask you to once more to open up your heart to the vibration of trust. Trust is about allowing. Trust is a balanced energy. Trust is created here in the All That Is within your soul essence. It also balances or flows within you the Human. So, trust can be here in the All That Is and here in your physical reality. Any time that the word trust comes up with in your life immediately send love or an embrace vibration into your mental body. Therefore, if you begin to analyze why you trust, or don’t trust, or why this won’t work you can diffuse that vibration and instead integrate trust. Entrained within trust is also allowing, accepting, balancing. All of those vibrations move within you both at the soul level the higher self and the human perspective.

I’m going shift gears for moment. However, there is a lot of transitioning that is going along with this and a lot of integration and I want all of that to continue to work within you as I shift focus and speak of something different. For many of you this may all be together in its own alignment. For others it may be two completely separate things, but this is very important for people to integrate and I want to get vibration to continue to be actively working within each one of you.

This is the vibration that I would like, if you have not already cleared it, that I would like to now tap into and to clear your perception of what abundance is to you and any hold over, or any hanging over energies, of abundance that no longer serves you. So, bring it up from wherever that may be, conscious or unconscious, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ clear it out.

Prosperity is a vibration, just as poverty is a vibration, just as wealth is a vibration. What effects that vibration is your belief system around it, and if you are in one of those levels of consciousness you may have beliefs around actions that you may take because of the abundance or the lack there of, or the actions that you do not take. You may also tap into an intention or a clarity that will assist you with making changes within your life. So for you, take a moment and consider abundance and what that means to you. What does monetary abundance mean to you? Any old patterning from any time space reality that has held you back ~whew~, clear it out.

There is a great deal of clearing out taking place in this channel tonight so don’t be surprised if you really feel a little bit off balance for a day or so. Circling back around to the flow of the number 8 let this month of abundance and prosperity flow within you so that you may vibrate at the highest level possible that will bring that flow into your life. Release any analysis of how it will look. Recognize that abundance is more than just money. So, let abundance flow and if you want to have abundance and prosperity let abundance and prosperity flow. As you shift your vibration and your alignment let everything go in such a way that it supports you. Let it support you through your relationships, through your environment, through all parts of life, again conscious and unconscious.

I would invite you to clear out from a cellular level which is the biggest part of you that vibrates at that highest light vibration to assist you in this transformation.

There is an infinity symbol that I see wrapping all that we did at the very beginning with all of this Lions Gate energy. So that within you here within the All That Is, and all in your divinity, there is a flow that moves very consciously and unconsciously throughout you the Human and you the divine. Then very specifically in your life those things that brought limitation into your life, phew, clear it out. If there are ways you notice limitation within your life, ~whew~ clear it out.

As you clear out limitation you open to the much greater flow of abundance, prosperity, living your life to the fullest in every regard; accepting, loving, honoring yourself as the human, and knowing that you are directly related to God, to Source to your own Divinity. Let that shine through you in all that you do so that it may support you through your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions and your everyday reality. Take a moment and let all of it just move within you. It’s as if it’s a pulsation and as if it’s merging with every beat of your heart.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As we do so you may see one another from within this space. Reflect outwards the flow and balance of you having let go so much of the old disappointments and the old frustrations. Reflect to this group you as the balanced energy of the Lions Gate with the flow of abundance and prosperity. As you look at the rest of the people that have gathered here you can see the transformations taking place. You witness it for them as they witness it for you. You are in the flow. You are in the moment.

Coming up within the space you see the Hologram of the Earth. As it comes up within the group you can see the Matrix that creates that Hologram. As each of you blow your transformation into this Matrix so too are the Angels and the Light Beings also balancing and amplifying, not only what you did, but setting that potential for all of humanity.

You release the Hologram. As it flows down there is a part that moves out into the Universe. The rest of it goes down into the Earth. As it does so it moves through the Hologram of the Earth. It moves through the Matrix. It moves through the levels of consciousness going all the way down into the center of the Earth.

It anchors there within that space and then it comes back up and then expands outward. It comes through the layers of the earth; that place in which you anchored your own energies. Your own vibration is also coming up from within you anchoring you the human within this new reality. It comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers and as it does so it moves through all of Society. It consciously clears out those old paradigms and those old disappointments, and so much that is creating the issues today, ~whew~ we clear it out.

Love, light, balance will always supersede anything that is negative or holding back. So, we put forth intention that this light vibration is strengthening that new opportunity and that new potential available throughout Society in every Country, in every space, creating and balancing all that is here.

As you continue to breathe you breathe down into your own consciousness. You have a sense of letting go of the All That Is and the consciousness flows back into your Soul and your Divinity coming down through your Higher Self. Take a moment and look at how your Higher Self has created something that will support you in your everyday life and assist you as you make changes within your life. It then all comes down within your human reality. As you anchor it again that consciousness of the Figure 8 you flow your energy out through your Divinity. At the space of your Higher Self it shoots and comes down into your physical reality going all the way down into Gaia so that infinity symbol flows up and down strengthening, balancing, assisting you in this integration.

As we are here in this month of August open up the Lion’s Gate as it pertains to you. Manifest the vibration of abundance. Manifest financial abundance. Manifest that which is in alignment with having cleared out the many, many layers of this journey.

You as the Human are the reflection of your Divinity in this lifetime. You have many opportunities available to you. Be open to the flow and to realizing that it may come unexpectedly and then you also have that freewill to choose one way or another, or a third or a forth or a fifth way.

Beloved family, know that I am always with you. I love you. I support you.

An As you continue to breathe you breathe down into your own consciousness. You have a sense of letting go of the All That Is and the consciousness flows back into your Soul and your Divinity coming down through your Higher Self. Take a moment and look at how your Higher Self has created something that will support you in your everyday life and assist you as you make changes within your life. It then all comes down within your human reality. As you anchor it again that consciousness of the Figure 8 you flow your energy out through your Divinity. At the space of your Higher Self it shoots and comes down into your physical reality going all the way down into Gaia so that infinity symbol flows up and down strengthening, balancing, assisting you in this integration.




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