Releasing & Opening to Higher Potentials

The timing of this channel was perfect! It actually took place on the evening of New Year’s Day. At the beginning of the channel the Goddess spoke at length about the energies, some of the potentials and some of the beliefs that people have. One thing she said was that the Mayan Calendar is not really finishing, it’s just shifting into a higher dimension.

She also talked about the changes that are taking place as more people are fully conscious. The Goddess spoke of how the shifting of the energies into individual consciousness from group consciousness was creating changes that are less predictable. She also spoke of the increased crystalline energies.

Once she took us on the journey for the evening, it was an experience of standing on the cusp of the new year. Rather than just looking at the past year, she had everyone look at their lives to see if certain things stood out or perhaps there was a pattern. Once identified, there was a sense of releasing of these old energies and patterns.

She then spoke of the ‘now’ moment. This was an opportunity to allow people to focus on what’s around them right now; what goals they may have, what’s happening, where they are thinking about.

The Goddess then had everyone look towards this year. In doing this, people could look at what they are seeking to manifest. They had a chance to see if there were things to accomplish from where they are now until they manifest what they seek. In looking at this there was one perception. She then had everyone align with their lightbody energy and again look at the year. There were very specific differences in the outcome. In most cases, people had the opportunity to tap into much more than anticipated.

On the whole, this is going to be a year of manifesting what was created in 2011. There will still be disturbances, but people will be less affected by other’s energies. Everyone has the opportunity to ‘choose’ every day what they seek to have and how they will live that day. What will you choose?


Nama sika: venia benya                I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I send out my love; I send out my awareness to each one of you as you come together at this time of celebration, as you come together to share these energies.

This night that we are speaking on is actually the night of the New Year. It’s filled with powerful energies. It’s filled with the space of balancing your last year and your upcoming year.

This is an opportunity for you to put forth your intention for the coming year but also to work with the energies that may be hanging over you if there are any.

I wanted to take this opportunity to speak with you before we actually go out into the All That Is and work with the energies. I have been hearing so much from various people upon the Earth as they reach out to me, sometimes asking what to expect, sometimes reaching out for assistance, and in the energy of this there is a common thread.

People are seeking answers, people are seeking knowledge on how to live their lives, people are seeking a way in which to manifest and create that which they truly desire. For some people, the last year felt as if it was a glorious year and as if things got easier and easier throughout the year.

For other people it felt as if last year was a year of struggle as was the year before that and the year before that. Now I may hear some you say ‘indeed there was struggle but it wasn’t as bad as the previous year’ or ‘it was different than the previous year’.

So although people are finding that the energies are changing, they still find themselves in a pattern and it’s a pattern of struggle and a pattern that is a feeling of lack. Lack of abundance, lack of what they seek to have, perhaps relationships, perhaps jobs, perhaps a home.

So this is an opportunity to speak of these things. I wish to speak first of all about some of the intention that people have or some of the questions that people have coming up into this year.

Everybody knows that they consider 2012 to be the end of the Mayan calendar and indeed in many ways it is. What people are going to find out is that as the energy of the Earth shifts into a different dimension they will recognize that the Mayan calendar actually continues on in other dimensions.

Now people will say that it has been a guideline for you throughout the ages. The question I have is do you really need that? From my perspective the answer is no. Each one of you has the opportunity to manifest so much more consciousness within your everyday reality that you no longer need look for an outside source.

As you continue to allow yourself to open up, as you continue to seek change and transformation in your life, what you are doing is creating a reality that allows you to sit more comfortably within the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions.

Many people ask ‘What will happen this year? Will there be more natural occurrences that some may call disasters? Will there be more confrontations between people? Is the world going to come to an end?’ I might as well throw that out there because there are people that are thinking that, perhaps not on this call right now but there are people that are thinking that.

So here are some of the answers. No, the world is not going to end. Yes, there are going to be Earth-bound occurrences taking place. Are they going to be more or worse than in past years? No.

There has been a number of different experiences where there have been large numbers of people that transitioned through earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, we could go on and on. And much of this will continue on in the years to come because it is the Earth’s natural way to transition energies.

I’d like to take a moment to put out there that if there are things that occur, the soul essence that transitioned during those periods of times are in alignment with the occurrence. IT may not be something they were conscious of doing but it is the case all the same. The question you may have is what can you do in your everyday reality?

You can find the space that feels good to you. You can find the reality that resonates with you. You can learn how to listen to your heart’s desire and know that that is what’s in alignment with your divinity. As each individual creates this type of a balance and an opening within themselves it creates a resonance that goes out from them into everyone else.

The collective consciousness is changing. It is shifting, it is expanding into a higher vibration than what it was. Especially with the influx of energies from 11.11.11 it is more evident than ever the potential that’s available.

The more that people live from a heart-centered existence, the more love there is around them and you may say how does that reflect? It reflects with a certain compassion for your fellow man.

It reflects with a change in businesses that become more heart-centered so to speak as opposed to more cut throat. There will still be companies, there will still be governments, there will still be the wars, but the change that is taking place is going to have an effect.

And the way that you can become a part of this is by creating that space for yourself that allows you to feel good, that allows you to be in the flow of your own divinity. And while in that space, continue to hold the belief or flow the energy of this highest potential for all.

The collective consciousness in the past two years shifted through a space that has allowed changes to get to a point in which there is a significant movement forward. The crystalline energies are manifested upon the Earth in much greater amounts and this becomes a support for this heart-centered energy.

The lightbody energy is in alignment with the crystalline and every one of you has your own lightbody energy that works with you, that takes you to that next step, that allows you to have the energetic support so that you can expand your consciousness, so that you can receive your answers, so that you will know the ways in which you live your life and things manifest with ease.

As so many people focus upon this year it creates a vortex of energy that you may tap into at any point. Reach out and allow that energy to become a wave that you may ride upon and you allow it to assist you in your reality.

With so much that is changing and so much energy that is flowing not only through the Universe but into the Earth plane it creates more potentials than ever before and with these potentials it creates multiple different opportunities for you. So therefore when you seek to make a change it’s not just one opportunity it’s many.

And if you take a path that even more potentials open up for you. When they speak of energies as being limitless this is truly evident at this time. People will speak of the Extra Terrestrial energies. They too will flow into the Earth with greater ease. If you find yourself at any time stepping into fear, acknowledge that it’s a moment for you to transition. So you breathe deeply into that moment and then breathe out, letting it go.

I have spoken quite a bit longer than usual but I did want to take this opportunity to answer some of the questions and tap into some of the things that people have been sending up questions and requests about. I gather upon your energies and I seek to create the experience that will give you the answers that you are seeking.

Now take in a deep breath and as you breathe down within yourself, allow yourself to let your consciousness be focused within or perhaps send it down into the Earth; and then have a sense as you breathe out of expanding in such a way that you let go your physical body and your focused awareness moves into the magnetic grid.

As you move here within the grid, allow yourself to link with your higher self. Feel the energies, see what is here, experience all of what this is for you. It too is changing just as so much else has changed along the way. I then invite you to let go the magnetic pull of the Earth. As you do so have a sense of feeling the energy of the crystalline grid.

As you feel this space allow yourself to feel the flow, to feel the vibration and the various levels of consciousness that are within this space. From here you may have a sense of shifting into the soul plane. As you reach towards the soul plane, allow yourself to expand into this energy

Here is the space in which your divinity resides. Reach out to feel this alignment and allow yourself to open up to this energy of your divinity. It may feel as if you reach out to embrace who you are; it may feel as if it comes up from within you.

As you allow yourself to open, I the Goddess move in and amongst each of you. I reach out to embrace each one of you and as we do so you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

As you expand into this energy, look around to see what’s here. This is your place of creation. This is your place of awareness. Allow yourself to feel it in its greatest extent.

As I spoke at the beginning, we stand here tonight on this cusp of the two years. I wish for you to have a sense of looking back behind you. As if you look at the years of your life, I wish for you to take in a perception for all of your years. Do you see hills and valleys? Do you see twists and turns? Do you see specific instances that stand out to you?

As you look back over the last years of your life, consider all that this is. As you are taking in this energy, ask yourself, for these particular things that are coming up to your awareness at this time, is it possible that through the struggle, the challenges, the pain, whatever you want to give it that which you perceive as being a difficulty, is it possible that that actually pushed you or gave you an opportunity for growth and that is what’s led to where you are right now?

As you look back over this time of your life is there any of that that you would like to release and let go once and for all? If so, reach out as if to embrace be it the memory, the experience, any residual energy and as you reach out to whatever that is, bring it in close to you for this moment, bring it into you and really see it with these eyes of expanded awareness.

Acknowledge whatever it was that took place, whatever you may have gotten from it, and then with a conscious intention breathe down within you to feel that alignment and then allow it to come up, come up, come up, and let it go.

I flow my energy through to create an extra amplitude that will allow this to release even more fully from within you. At this moment I invite you to look back over this lifetime and this time specifically look for those times in which you were most happy. Those times in which your life felt its fullest. And as you take that in, look around you at what was there during that time.

As you look around let yourself realize that energy of potential and creation that you had in that moment. And then again I send this wave of energy and allow it to come through and amplify all that you wish to keep, that you wish to embrace, and breathe it down within you, breathing it and allowing it to flow through you.

And then again, any residual of anything at all that you would like to release, you release, you let it go and it flows away from you.

Let’s look at just this past year. I can see how for many of you by releasing these energies of this lifetime, you’ve also cleared out some of the energies of this past year. As you look at it, think back to a year ago what were you seeking to manifest? Did it occur over the year? If it did, did it come in the way that you anticipated? Was it more or was it less?

You allow all of that energy to flow through you. As you think of this last year and those unexpected things that took place let that all come up and take it in and if there was a reason for why things happened, allow that to flow through you at this time.

Whether you look at it day-by-day, month-by-month or year-by-year, every moment you have the ability to put forth what you seek to have and what you would like to manifest.

One may think those are one and the same; it’s perception. As you look at yourself in this moment I invite you to have a sense of letting go the past, releasing it, allowing it to just flow away, it’s over, it’s done, it’s complete.

And now have a sense of feeling yourself standing here in this moment. Take in a breath and as you do so, feel, see or sense who you truly are. Have a sense of taking in who you are in your lifetime upon the Earth. Have a sense of your alignment to your divinity. And then look at everything around you, your work, your relationships, your home.

Allow your perception to become enhanced with my energies as I flow them within and around you. Do you feel as if you stand in a balanced place right now? Or do you feel as if things are off kilter? Or as if there’s more struggle in your life than joy or happiness?

Again in allowing your focus to be in the moment, let go anything that is in resistance. Let go any hangover energies from the past. Release it all. Phew! And look towards this coming year and look towards the future.

Stand here in your space of strength. Stand here and have a sense of feeling your divinity as it flows through you giving you greater clarity, allowing all of your senses to open up even further and then I invite you to allow your consciousness to expand even more into your lightbody energies. For some of you it is automatic, it’s already here, it’s already open, it’s already in the flow.

If you feel a need to do so then reach out as if to consciously align with the lightbody and let that flow within you. Let it flow down, let it flow through you, and let it create greater clarity and balance within you.

As you stand here at the beginning of this New Year you stand with even greater potentials and opportunity than ever before. You have more tools available to you than you have in the past.

As you continue your expanded energy and integrating that within your everyday existence, everything will change within and around you. And I feel as if I’m chuckling because as soon as I said that, I could hear people say ‘Oh no, not change, I don’t want that, I want to stay as I am’ as if change is something that will bring you frustration and discomfort.

What I see for each one of you is that through the expanded awareness you have greater abilities in your life and these abilities allow you to become aware of more opportunities.

As you are looking towards this year to come, what are some of your intentions? Consider them in this moment. If you are seeking to let go of something then look at it in the form of the end result. In other words, if you are seeking abundance, then open to feel the flow of abundance within your life.

If you are seeking to lose weight, then open to feel the end result of what that is. If you are seeking a new job, what does that job look like? And let yourself feel those energies.

If you seek a relationship, how does that feel? What is it that you seek to bring into your life? Allow for all of this to be an expression of how you would like this year to go and I know there is so much more than what we have tapped into so let your imagination become even more creative. Stretch a little bit into even more potentials than what we have listed or what you have been creating.

As you put forth these intentions, here in the All That Is you are in a place of creation. So have a sense of taking in where you are right now and then as you see as if laid out in front of you what you seek to create, how does that pathway look? Is there anything that you need to accomplish before you seek this creation?

So have a sense of taking in where you are right now and then as you see as if laid out in front of you what you seek to create, how does that pathway look? Is there anything that you need to accomplish before you seek this creation? Is there anything that’s keeping you from being able to step into what you seek to have?

And then consider if you allow yourself to expand into even more potentials. Perhaps what you’ve been seeking to have is but a stepping stone to where you will end up being. Perhaps what you have always wanted is not as big or as good as what you truly wish to have. Open to release old expectations and bring in a new clarity or a new vision for your perception.

Look beyond this year into two years, three years or five. As you do so you have a sense of wanting to change what you were seeking? Do you have a sense of a short cut that will allow you greater ease? Where will you be in five years? And now consciously take a deep breath in and allow the lightbody energy to flow through you and as it does so, phew, ask again, where will you be in five years?

For most people it shifts your perception. I always encourage you to think big, to reach towards whatever it is that allows you to feel even more expanded in your everyday reality.

I always encourage you to seek a path that is filled with joy, filled with love, filled with greater ease. Absolutely you can create through trauma, through struggle and difficulty. And for some it may be a lesson that needs to be learned in just such that manner.

But do you want that to be the majority of how you live your life? Do you want that to be the foundation of your creation? You can choose, you can choose every day when you wake up that this is a day in which you feel the flow of your divinity move through you and therefore assist in everything that happens.

When you are working on something in particular and it feels as if you are stalled, you can choose to invite your divinity to come down within you and perhaps give you the answers that you have been seeking.

You are the creator of your life. You are the creator of your experiences. I invite you to create in a manner that amplifies all that is joyful, all that is love, and all that brings you greater and greater contentment.

If there are people around you that are caught up in energies that seem to be holding them back or are caught up in the energies of the collective consciousness that are based in fear, negativity, desperation, lack, I bring this up to you that you may have a sensor that will immediately go off as if a little beep, beep, beep in your mind so that you can in that moment breathe down within you a sense of balance, a sense of awareness, of choosing life in balance so that you may step aside or keep from becoming caught up in someone else’s negativity.

You may be seeking to make these choices for your own life and yet your family, your work, the people around you who you see on a regular basis, are on a seemingly different pathway.

You can choose to disconnect from the energy that is bringing you down and instead focus on creating a new alignment or a new balance with whatever that situation may be so that you can still feel good and you can still maintain the relationship if you so choose.

As you step into more potentials, it’s just that; more opportunities for the choices in how you are living your life. I invite you to gather together as a group. As you do so have a sense of that hologram as it comes up within the center or the group. As the hologram is coming up, look at it. See the various dimensions that are made available to you at this time.

There is more that you can see or discern than you have in the past. As this hologram rotates within the group have a sense of infusing your intentions into the hologram. Infuse the lightbody energy that is associated with you into that hologram. And as that happens you begin to see how the hologram itself transitions as it expands, shifting into a higher potential or a higher perspective.

You release the hologram and it moves down as it aligns with the crystalline grid, that aspect that moves out to the New Earth goes in that direction and the remainder shifts down until it aligns with the magnetic grid.

Look at the magnetic grid from this perspective. You can see how it is actually expanding. Some may call this the thinning of the veil, some may call this the rising of the dimensions of the Earth; some may call this the integration of the crystalline energy into the magnetics of the Earth.

You may notice a difference and that which is in the hologram that supports this merges with it and creates a flow that is moving around the Earth. The remainder of the hologram flows downward. It moves into the physical Earth. It moves down until it aligns with the core essence of the Earth.

There are immense crystals within the Earth that make up this core and as all that took place within the hologram merges with this it creates a direct alignment from the Universe into the core and this allows in some ways for stabilization. It allows in other ways for you to create an anchor for your own self in your everyday life.

So become aware of how that energy moves through the Earth itself. It comes up within you, within and around your physical being. As it does so put forth the intention that you have this alignment with the Earth.

Put forth the intention that all the elementals, all the crystals, the trees, the grass, everything that is upon the Earth can be there and you support it but it also supports you. And as this happens you become more anchored upon the Earth but you also have the ability then to draw down more energies from the Universe.

I invite you to consciously let go that focus and let yourself come back within the All That Is. As you do so allow yourself to take in the shift in your perception and then allow for all of that to come with you as you let your focus shift once more.

You move into the space of the soul plane. You can feel the energies that are here and you have a sense of a new relationship with your divinity. You allow and have the opportunity to integrate even more of your divinity as you let that flow with you as your consciousness returns as you move through the energies of the crystalline grid. You have a sense of aligning with the magnetic grid and then your focus comes once more back within your physical reality.

As you feel your consciousness coming back within let yourself open to receive the much greater potential that you have just created for yourself. As you allow your energies to integrate, open up and receive a space where your intention is to create through joy and ease.

Open up to receive that you have let go the past or anything within it that may have held you back so that you can stand more fully in the now moment, feeling happy, feeling expansive, and feeling your divinity as it’s here within you.

Breathe it all the way down as if you breathe it through your entire body down into the Earth. And you can feel yourself as the human you are in balance with your divine energy. Consciously align with your lightbody energy.

See how that amplifies even more of your divinity so that as you create this new beginning for you of this year you can create from a space of intention. You can create from a space of higher potential. Breathe that in and then send it out from you in waves upon waves of alignment.

And so with that we are going to bring this evening to a close. And we invite each one of you to make conscious choices on a day-to-day basis, on a moment-to-moment basis if need be, that allow you to truly feel your own energy, and your own expansion.

And I invite you to also reach towards the creation and the life that will allow you to find joy, to find peace, and to find the excitement that you seek to have. Life is good, life is filled with abundance, life is filled with limitless opportunity.

I invite you to reach out for that and allow it to flow within and around you right now.

I am ever with you and within you.



Traveler 12th January 2012 11:41 am

Shelly, Thank you so much for relaying this message. I feel strongly that the life changes I seek are happening, but at the same time it seems painfully slow. I ask for and receive affirmations, so the doubts I have are mostly impatience. Peace and love to you my friend!

Shelly Dressel 18th January 2012 11:26 pm

Hi There!

I gotta tell you impatience is one of the most challenging parts of life!! I took one of the Briggs Personality tests one time or one like that and impatience was my second strongest trait!! I actually have improved b/c once i realized how true this was, i began working with my own energies to shift it and create a change.

I can feel your awareness~~ May all flow to you with ease~~

Much love,


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