Surrender & Allow

This channel is a little shorter than most of them, but it’s packed with some amazing energies!! I had borderline laryngitis so my talking was not up to par. I think having the energies of the Goddess flow through helped a lot, but you’ll see reflected in both the content and Q&A a shorter length due to my physical condition.

During this channel, as soon as we entered the All That Is, you could see the star that was created from Sananda during the last channel of May 14, 2011. Sananda had created a portal from all the energy we worked with on earth into a fountain of energy that we could use in the All That Is. These energies were filled with love and balance.

The Goddess also had each of us create a template of what we are seeking in our lives. We could then work with it, change it, try it on, see if it’s what we truly want. It really empowers one with their ability to create. She then created a space of limbo. When we are in ‘limbo’ we often times are unable to create changes or shift. She showed us how shift those energies and how to manifest balance when in limbo. She spoke of how to balance our energies and from there create a shift.

Lastly, there was surrender. When we are seeking change or seeking to create what we want, it often times is about movement to get something done. When we speak of surrender, it’s a type of letting go. We still want what we want. But we let go the struggle and let go what creates resistance. In doing this, we surrender. But from there, it’s essential to allow for what you seek in your life. Allow it come in whatever form it may. Allow yourself to relax. Allow for the flow of your lightbody energies and all the others to assist in transformation.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you; I extend my hand and my love and my awareness to each one of you.

There is so much happening upon your Earth in this month in which you are living. There are eclipses, there is the solstice, there is also the continued integration from the Wesak energies.

All of that coming together creates varying experiences for people. Sometimes people feel things in a more intense manner. Sometimes people find that things manifest and happen with greater ease. Sometimes you have an opportunity to truly explore who you are and where you are going in this lifetime.

As you gather your energies and bring them together for this community of souls, this community of communication, let yourself truly feel who you are. You are always more than what you think you may be.

As you feel your energies swirling within and around you I invite you to breathe deeply so as to anchor yourself and then as if your consciousness is streaming up, feel it as if it releases from your physical body, reach upwards to the space of your higher self.

As you reach out you may feel it as the magnetic grid or you may feel it as that space between your divinity and your Earth-bound human self. Feel this flow and feel this essence within you.

Have a sense of allowing your consciousness and your focus to shift again. As you do so you let go the magnetic pull of the Earth. You then allow yourself to find an alignment within the crystalline grid.

The space of the crystalline grid is completely different than that which has a gravitational pull. These are very slight and subtle variations in dimension. You can if you so choose request an alignment with a particular vibration or crystalline energy. You may also simply have a sense of a flow that moves from one to another.

It is as if we hear in the background sounds of music that are also in alignment with this. I invite you to come back here to play with this space and to utilize it as a means of assisting your own energies as they flow through the universe and the Earth.

I invite you to shift your focus once more; reach towards the soul plane. As you arrive here within the soul plane allow yourself to reach out to your divinity. Your ‘I Am’ presence is here in its entirety. It is available to you. It is who you are throughout many, many life experiences.

It is therefore a resource to you. Reach out to embrace this energy. As you feel yourself blending once more with your divinity, allow yourself to feel soothed. Allow yourself to feel the oneness of all.

Let this energy stream down into your physical reality. Let it flow through your physical body. This is you. This is unconditional love available to you.

From here I the Goddess reach out to each one of you. Here you may see me in my entirety. I allow myself to expand and I show you all of who I am as I see and acknowledge all of who you are.

I feel such love. I feel such awareness. I feel such joy. As we merge with one another you’ll find yourself shifting into the All That Is. As you arrive within this space you see before you once more the energies of Sananda together in the space of a five pointed star.

As you take in this perception, let your energy flow through. You may find yourself moving from point to point to point, embracing and aligning with each one who is here. You see rising up from within the center of the star and drawing the balance of all points this fountain of energy.

During the last teleconference (May 15, 2011 Sananda & Star Energy Healing)  you experienced this on your Earth plane. It created an alignment here within the All That Is and that alignment will always be present.

There may be times it’s subdued; there may be times you do not notice it. But anytime that you so choose you are welcome to come into this space and call forth this star energy of Sananda.

There is a reason they brought this forward to show you at this time. As I spoke when you were still on the Earth plane, there is a lot taking place which shifts in energy, with each person’s personal growth, with all that is going on.

If you find yourself out of synch with your life or perhaps you find that everything is a struggle then I invite you to make use of this fountain of energy that is here; so if you so choose, step forward and allow yourself to merge with this energy.

Now you may think that it will get crowded because everybody will be there at once. Here within the All That Is you have the ability to create the perfect space that’s in perfect balance and yet it is your own if that is what you choose.

These energies flow powerfully through you and through this space. As you consider your life, is there anything that you might consider out of balance? If so let that come up to your awareness and feel these energies as they create a subtle change within you.

As you allow these energies to flow through you with ease, let them clear out your cellular structure. As each cell within your physical body is cleared out it allows the very natural rhythm that is intrinsic within you to kick in and create what you seek to have.

As you allow yourself the experience of being who you are and of tapping into these energies, become aware that you may take this wherever you would like to go. Feel it and know what it is for you.

I invite you to then allow yourself to shift into a space that is your own and as you do so really take stock of who you are and what you feel like in this moment. I’m asking you a question; do you allow yourself to have everything that you would like to have in your life?

As I ask that question I could hear different answers. Some were saying ‘yes, but it’s just not here’ others were saying ‘I’m not really ready for it’ still others were saying that they didn’t really know what they wanted.

Have you ever had that experience where you think you know exactly what you want to have in your life, you are therefore planning for it, setting things up to have it and then you gloriously await with anticipation for everything to be there, to manifest.

Sometimes you then wait and wait and wait. I heard someone in the background saying ‘yes like maybe 10 years’. That is quite a long wait. So what I would like you to do while you are here in the All That Is, especially as you have these Sananda star energies as I’ll call it, I invite you to practice.

Allow yourself to get in touch with where you are in your life. For some it may be listing things, for others it may be feelings things, still others may have a sense of just an imprint of what their life is like.

And then you consider whatever it is that you would like to change, whatever it is that you would like to bring into your life. Bring that in. As you try it on, allow yourself to see what that means to you. How has your life changed by having this?

I hear from you ‘It’ll be easier, it’ll be richer, it’ll be fuller, I’ll be free of pain, I’ll be healthy, I’ll be skinny.’ We could go on and on. So here within this space allow yourself to shift directions as if you are turning slightly and then look down or open up and feel what it is to have accomplished whatever it is you seek to have.

As you feel what it is to have that end result, you may then invite this star energy in and just feel it as it flows through you and what that’s doing is creating a template of the end result of what you seek to have.

You are still the creator; you are still determining what you seek to have within your life. Allow for all of this to flow through you at this time.

All right. Here within the All That Is it’s very easy to let go in any direction so let’s let go everything that we’ve been talking about. Let go what you seek to have, let go what it feels like, let go everything. As you do so look around you and open to receive what it is to be in a space of limbo.

I have shifted the All That Is in such a way that you may each have that sense of feeling as if you are drifting or suspended in limbo. How often is this how you feel during your days upon the Earth?

When you add the very Earth-bound emotions and energies of desire, intention, awareness, it is as if this state of limbo becomes enhanced or expanded or filled with even more.

How much of your life is stuck? How difficult is it for you to feel like you could bring into this space of limbo that template or that end result of what you seek to have in your life? For those who feel as if they’re in an endless waiting game you’re probably very well versed with limbo.

And some it may feel as if your template no longer even is available to you. I invite you to have a sense of consciously opening up your heart, your thoughts, your awareness, consciously open everything within you, with the intention of receiving the energies of the Universe; perhaps your lightbody energies, perhaps the Sananda star energies, or perhaps something completely different.

Each of you have the ability to do this in your everyday life. You can practice it out here in the All That Is; you can practice it and see how you can tweak and change whatever it is that you would to have.

And then as everything shifts back down onto the Earth plane and you have the energies of the collective consciousness, you have the gravity, you have your family members, your neighbors, your co-workers, you have all these different things that come into play and you suddenly feel heavy, and you suddenly feel stuck and you suddenly think what was it I even thought I was doing?

It’s as if everything from the All That Is or that space of limbo is completely disconnected. So here within this space as you consciously feel that flow of the Universe and all that’s around here moving through here, open up, open up and let go of control.

That’s very hard for some people. So perhaps another way to say that is I invite you to surrender to these energies. As you surrender you allow yourself to relax. You allow yourself to let go the tension within you.

You allow yourself to be supported, loved and nurtured by the Universe. You feel this as it flows through you. You feel this as you allow yourself to experience yourself within this space. Again, allow this stream of consciousness flow downward once more linking with you on the Earth.

As it links with you let yourself feel who you are first of all in this moment and let yourself also open up and surrender to that flow from the Universe. Let yourself really feel wherever you are right now in your life. And surrender to the flow of these Universal energies.

As you surrender and they swirl within and around you, you are allowing the Universe to set up or do the hard work and then you accept and allow it to flow deep within you. For how many of you is life a struggle?

Open up and allow this flow to swirl down within and around you. How many people feel frustrated? Again, open up and allow this flow to move through you. As all of this moves from the All That Is into your physical reality and back, you create a corridor of light or space that gives you endless access.

As you breathe deeply within yourself feel the opportunity and the potential of what it is to completely surrender, to completely let go and then open for that template that you’ve created to come down and fill up these spaces within your life.

I believe in each one of you. I know that you have the ability to do all of this and more. I invite you to allow for that trust in your own abilities to move through you. You breathe in gently and easily, you breathe out gently and easily.

Allow your focus to shift so that you are once more back within the All That Is. As you take in your energies, really open to take stock of yourself. You are here; this is what it’s like to have everything completely perfuse through you. As you look around I invite you to take stock. Perhaps ask yourself, within this conscious awareness what is my physical body?

And then in relationship to that, ask what is my emotional body? Is there a blend between the two of them or a flow? Ask yourself what happens when you add your mental body into this mix? What is your perception?

You then have your spiritual body which may be a little out of proportion because you are here in the All That Is and you are here in the midst of your divinity, but still you have that sense of your spiritual body as it relates to your mental, emotional and physical.

I then ask you to add your lightbody to this mixture. Is this different than how you perceive yourself in your everyday life? This is who you are as your core essence in this lifetime. If there is anything out of balance you can easily expand with the intention of balancing, and then as it contracts everything is in perfect balance.

You have the ability to experience this for yourself. All you need to do is take in one or two deep breaths and you expand, creating an alignment with everything, and then you contract and everything falls into place.

Experience yourself in as many ways as possible. Surrender to the potentials and opportunities that are within and around you. Accept and allow for it to come into your life.

And with that I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. Once more I see that star energy and the group itself has formed around the outside of the star and coming up from within the center of that fountain of energy is the hologram of the Earth.

Can you imagine the effect of all this balanced energy coming up from within this fountain as it infuses the hologram. And then as each one of you puts your conscious intention into and accentuates that, it creates even more.

The hologram is different to what it used to be. Allow yourself to take in what those differences are. You have an even greater ability to influence with whatever it is is going on with you through utilizing this hologram.

As it has expanded and taken on all that was here, we see the hologram as it shifts. It moves down, it shifts through the crystalline grid, splitting off, going to the New Earth, and then your Earth.

There is an aspect of it that moves through the magnetic grid creating the balance and alignment within the space where your higher selves reside.

It then moves downward until this hologram goes into the center of your physical Earth. As it does so it then anchors and comes upwards, expanding out, coming out through the many different layers of the Earth, coming out through the crust, out through the grass, the flowers, the energy, it moves through the collective consciousness of the Earth creating a balance and an expansion of alignment.

You allow yourself to come back within this space of the All That Is, let your focus be here upon who you are and what you feel in this moment.

You feel yourselves shifting, you merge once more with your divinity in the soul plane. You let yourself reaffirm and feel that essence of who you are. It’s always there.

And then you shift once more. You feel your own consciousness as it flows downward. You flow through the gridworks and at the magnetic grid you have a sense of feeling the alignment with your higher self.

You experience that for the moment and then feel your energies as you once more come back within your human self. As you arrive back within this space let your physical body adjust to those energies.

You may feel that you are expanding and you also may find that your physical body shifts, letting go of something, expanding in another way, until your whole essence, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and lightbody energies of you the person find that complete balance of what you were in the All That Is. You can have it here on the Earth plane.

Breathe deeply and easily, filling up with those energies. As you allow yourself to come more fully back into the room or coming back within your physical self, I invite you to come back within the room.

So for all of you who were here, and for all of you who may be listening or reading later, I send forth my love and my embrace to you. I encourage you to find that flow and that ease in shifting from the All That Is down into your everyday life. I encourage you to surrender to all that is here as potential for you.

I encourage you to allow it to then come within your life and allow it to fill you up and allow it to bring whatever bountiful energy may come with it.

Know that I am ever with you.



COBALT 17th June 2011 9:16 am

Perfect! Be well. :smitten:

Shelly Dressel 18th June 2011 8:12 am

Thank you Cobalt, for sharing your thoughts with me! This channel is one of those where I can feel some easing by just starting to read it or reading sections of it....: ) Have a lovely day!


COBALT 19th June 2011 1:25 pm

Yes, when I read again, the essence enveloped me. I can especially relate to the limbo and letting go. These are challenges for a sensitive, but the lesson is again revealed. Thanks again!

Leann 20th June 2011 3:41 pm

Thank you. I had been having a difficult day and reminding me to surrender and just let go helped tremendously. This limbo feeling has been difficult for a "type A" personality. I just don't know what to do with it. I find myself vacillating between a "blah" feeling and then kicking myself for not pulling myself out of it. A reminder to just "let go" is helpful.

Shelly Dressel 21st June 2011 5:46 pm

You're welcome! I need this reminder too from time to time. I have been a type A personality most of my life! Once I shifted into who I am now, I'm able to have a much greater balance. But I still become 'intense and focused'! lol I appreciate you sharing. Flowing some extra love and energy that you may be able to relax even more!


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