Transform Your Ego

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in all that you are in this now moment.

Life is about adventure, life is about the drama, life is about joy, love, pain, suffering, distractions; there are limitless adjectives that one can use when describing what life is about upon the earth. Some of these adjectives may indicate what can distract you from why you are here upon the earth.

Many of you have a similar reason for being here; many of you have completely different reasons for why you are upon the earth. There’s no one reason why people choose to come and live upon the earth plane. For some it’s that their soul wants a personal growth experience, for others there’s that sense of balancing in a karmic reaction. There are millions of you upon the earth right now so as to balance the energies of this Ascension process.

As I say that I hear so many people say, “Don’t remind me that I didn’t need to be here”!

I can say that I completely love, honor and respect each one of you for being here upon the earth. I can say without the diversity and the balance that is created by having so many Masters upon the earth, this time would be a lot more traumatic.

There is one overriding energy that is the reason for all of this; and that is love. I have always spoken of love, I represent love, I am love. Therefore, any time you allow yourself to feel my energy or my vibration by either listening to or watching as we channel in such a way, you too are opening to love.

How much is love a part of your life? Is it the focus as you get up every morning? Is it a random experience that you think about or is it a cellular reaction that has an influence on every single thing that happens in your life on a daily basis or perhaps monthly?

Throughout the history of the earth, humanity has experienced growth through the trauma of warfare, through the experience of living as a part of nature and earth, through living in conjunction with the star beings as they support the earth or sometimes as they bring into the earth the next wave of Ascension.

The 3D energies ensure the duality will remain a part of the earth experience. However, the fifth and sixth dimension as they become integrated within the earth has a foundation in love. It’s a foundation that is also blended with the crystalline vibration and the crystalline energy comes from just a pure balanced energy. When in that space you begin to look at your life as the experience that it is.

You still have time when you make what you consider mistakes. You still have time when you might hurt someone, most likely inadvertently. The difference is that as your vibration rises it’s no longer about doing it deliberately to someone, i.e. hurting them or controlling them; it’s now about creating life upon the earth through co-creation, through supporting one another and in that foundation of love.

I hear you. I hear all the people saying, “Well that’s not happening anytime soon. Look at the governments; look at the countries that continue to fight, look at the people on the street”. Indeed, do look at them. I invite you to look at them through the eyes of love and compassion because the only change it’s going to come through the eyes of love and compassion. You cannot create change when you are in the midst of the turmoil. You can only facilitate the change when you disconnect from those energies and integrate love and compassion.

Isn’t interesting how sometimes when we get together these messages just seem to flow out of me to share with you? I had no intention of speaking of that, therefore there must be a reason people needed to hear that and I hope that you know, I speak not from, what is that you call it; the soap box. I speak from my own heart through love and compassion.

I invite you to take a moment and once more ground yourself by breathing in and sending that breathe of energy and light all the way down into the earth. As you do so, allow it to spread out a little bit shifting in different directions so that you may feel that foundation of earth and you may feel the grounding effect of the earth.

You then allow that breathe of energy and light to come back up through you sending it upward through the top of your head. You allow yourself to connect with your higher self. This is that blend of you the human and you as your divinity.

As you feel this space or look around, if there’s anything that no longer serves you ~whew~ clear it out. Let it go.

As you create this direct relationship with your higher self you begin to feel that flow and alignment as it moves more easily down within your human experience. You then allow your consciousness to stream up further from your higher self; it moves out, it moves into the space that is within your I AM Presence.

As you allow your consciousness to move up within your divinity you immediately feel that embrace, the embrace from your soul, the embrace from your God source, the embrace from you in all of your entirety. It is unconditional love.

As that energy begins to flow through your consciousness you may feel it as a wave that moves down through you. As you feel this energy shifting and moving through, you begin to find yourself expanding as you recognize source energy.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you. I embrace you as your consciousness. I embrace you as the person you are in this lifetime. As our energies blend together, it moves you into the All That Is.

Look around. This is that space that was created by all of you. It is a part within the consciousness of the universe where you have that flow into the planets, into your galaxy, onto the earth. Here is your chance to look around to see all that is here.

When we arrive within this space I always appreciate that ability of being able to see everything from that bigger, broader perspective. Within here, you can move in so many different directions.

Take a look at your life.

When I invite you to do that, does it immediately pull you in from the thoughts of what’s happening in your day to day living or can you perhaps look at it as if you are looking down from a higher perspective, because this is what I invite you to do.

As you consider your life, what is happening right now that is in support of you? Is it something happening in your life that this is giving you a new perspective on how to look at it? Are there things taking place in your life that feel like, check, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, what I’ve been waiting for and here it is.

For humanity it seems as if you have those moments where you’re feeling everything is perfect in this moment; the sun arouse, the traffic was right, I’m communicating well, where it seems like everything just falls into place exactly as you wanted it to do. The very next thing your ego does is say, “It’s not going to last. Watch out. When’s the ax going to fall?  Something is going to happen; everything is going to get mess up”. Frequently those inner thoughts come from the fact that you’ve had that experience in the past, that when things are going well it’s not going to last.

I would like to take a moment this evening and see if we can work with your ego or your personality. It is that part of you that is the reflection of you in this lifetime. There’s a piece of it that’s your divinity, there’s a part of it that’s made up from your experiences that you’ve had. There’s a part of it that’s there to be the grounder of you in this lifetime. When I look at people lifetime to lifetime to lifetime, their personality can have a very similar trend, so sometimes your ego has actually a cellular memory that is brought forward.

As I mentioned, your ego is there to make you grounded into this human form, therefore its job is to also keep you in what you know instead of taking a risk or instead of stepping outside the box that it creates for you, because its job is to keep you safe from the perspective of your ego.

Sometimes the ego is associated with a visceral reaction, meaning it’s that knee-jerk reaction that has been entrained within you due to years of a particular experience.

In my perspective it’s important to understand that your ego is what your ego is. You can honor and respect yourself for those experiences that have led to where you are in this now moment. However, you need not stay in that pattern if it no longer suits you. Your ego can expand, it can change, it can move into a different experience in which it will then become comfortable. The ways that this can happen is through love, support and compassion for yourself.

When you hear that inner voice that pulls you down saying, “You’re not good enough. Who do you think you are to try that? Well, I told you, you would fail”, so of course you fail. We could go on and on and on. That is the voice of your ego or your personality, whatever word you want to use for it, and most often even though it doesn’t seem that way, these words spoken were intended to keep you safe or protected because if you didn’t try anything you didn’t get hurt; is the mindset.

Here is what I invite you to do. As if your ego is simply an aspect of you I invite you to have a sense of asking it to come out and sit beside you.

When you have self talk, sometimes there’re the conversation in your mind, sometimes they’re what you write in your journal, sometimes they’re spoken aloud. Howsoever it works for you; I invite you to have that intention of bringing up this part of you that represents you in this lifetime and that part frequently known as your ego.

It makes me smile because as I said this and as I look at people it’s like there’s that push and that pull ‘no you’re not bringing me out, no leave me alone’. It’s human nature to not want to stretch or to change the intrinsic parts that are inside of you. there are others of you have done this so very often it’s easy to find that part of you.

The first question I invite you to speak with your ego about; well actually it’s not even a question, it’s a statement to say ‘thank you for being here representing me in this lifetime’. Sometimes as you say those words they don’t mean anything to you. Sometimes as you say those words they mean a great deal.

Gratitude comes from love that comes from compassion. If you begin every single conversation with yourself from a place of gratitude you are beginning that conversation with love and compassion. 

The next step I invite you to consider is something within your life that has been a pattern that no longer serves you.   As you speak with your ego, you may ask why are we still stuck in this pattern after all the many, many times I’ve cleared that energy and you may hear, you may feel, you may sense a response.  Whatever that response may be you can acknowledge it take in that understanding and then make a choice. Is there something that is important for to maintain from what you just received as you look at that perspective and if so then take in that understanding.

However, if you recognize that it is a pattern that no longer serves you, then have a sense of reaching down into the core center of you in this lifetime and allow that part that is associated with our ego, that is associated with that experience to come up from wherever it may be and bring it up, bring it up, bring it up and ~whew~ clear it out.

The initial response of your ego may be what do I need to do now? You flow love, you flow compassion into that part of you that becomes startled or maybe steps into fear. In this way you give that piece of you that needs that security the security of love that comes from you as your divinity and it is for you as your human self.

As you continue this conversation with your ego you may decide to go through several steps; why are we still in this old pattern. You may go onto the next one and the next one and the next one.  Each time that you have that open communication you can take in the understanding for why you have done the things you have done, why you have stayed in the vibration in which you have stayed and then you can let it go, clear it out, disconnect.  ~whew~ There we go.

Each time that you do the release, you bring in more of your love and compassion surrounding this place inside of you so that it feels the support and the love of your own divinity.

When you become comfortable with that process the next step is ‘what have you been seeking to manifest that as yet has not manifested’?  As you ask that question you may get just a blank response because your ego and personality are used to things in the past and holding you in the past.  So if you speak of something that it is unfamiliar with, it may not have a response for you. This is one reason why as you seek to create change or move in a new direction, it comes through your divinity.

Another way to rephrase that is to say ‘I have tried to manifest ……… can insert whatever that is for you and I have felt frustrated because it’s not happening’. Frustration your ego knows and it can say ‘oh you’re talking about that’. So if you tap into your ego or your personality again and you are expressing frustration, disappointment, anger, resentment whatever the emotion is for why you haven’t manifested what you seek to have; it’s another way of working with your ego to clear it out. You bring that up once more. Bring it up into this moment, then bring it up from wherever it is within you – bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ clear it out.

As soon as you clear it out, let the flow of love and compassion move into your ego. You also have the intention of that which you seek to manifest flow into your ego in this now moment.  This is how you stretch the limits of your ego.

You may repeat this process as long as you feel is necessary. Then when you feel it is complete for this now moment, you have a sense of embracing your ego.  As you bring that part back within you so that you are blended as one within, you have a sense of your energies as your divinity, your energies as your consciousness merging with the energies of your ego. As you do so it just flows within you.

Sometimes your physical body is set in the pattern for your ego or your experiences that you are seeking to release. So it may be that you need to move your physical body as another part of the releasing process.

Take this moment and just breathe deeply down within yourself feeling the flow and the movement of the balanced you; you as your divinity, you as your ego in this lifetime.  Allow all of that to just flow in a smooth and balanced movement through you.

Having integrated a transition, consider your life.  Are there certain things that you can now look at your life and recognize it’s gone, it’s resolved. Are there certain other things as you look at your life that you now have a sense of feeling of let me go in that direction.  As you are in this now moment, what is the number one desire that you have for your life; that which preempts everything else. It may be something you already have or it may be something you are seeking.

Here within the All That Is you are in a place of creation, a place that spans the high vibration and your everyday reality.  Allow for all of this to move up and down with an ease. 

As you consider your life, what else would you like to see within your life?  Consider your life as a whole which means relationships, work, where do you live, your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts. Your life is made up of so many different things.  It is influenced by so many different things. It is experienced through all of these parts of your coming together.

As you live your life in a conscious manner, it means you are aware of the choices you make, the emotions you are experiencing. You are also aware of when you are moving into an ego based reaction or a soul based reaction. If it is something that is no longer serving you rather than feeling anger, frustration or pain; you say ‘ah, that’s right; I am transitioning this right now’.

You breathe in a deep breath, bringing in the flow of love into that moment.  This is how you consciously choose to change an old pattern.  There are certain things where you need to make that conscious decision minute after minute after minute after minute. However, it WILL change!

(Continue this new focus) until it gets o the point where you’ve just completely forgotten it from your reality. I hear some people saying no way possible!  Yes it is possible and it happens all the time. I invite you to embrace that reality.

As you feel these energies up and down through you, take a moment to be in the space of who you are, where you are, what you see and all that is happening.  

Begin to look around at everyone else who is also within this space. As you come together as a group there is such bright light emanating from within you. Allow for that transition or that experience to be at the forefront of everything as you look around. You may also recognize that when this is you as your balanced self acknowledging and in that flow of the love of your divinity that is the primary part that you see in others. In some ways this is giving them an option for how they may not see themselves, but you see it for them giving them an opportunity to step up or shift or move into that reality for themselves.

As this group is gathering you see that hologram of the earth come up within. As it moves within this group I invite each one of you to flow that expanded ego or expanded personality, that balance with your divinity; I invite you to flow all of that into this hologram as a means of creating a grounded balance.

The hologram becomes infused. You then release it from within this group and it goes down. There is a part of it that goes out within the universe, there’s a part of it that comes down within the earth. As it flows down into the earth, it goes into the core of the earth and expands outward. 

As this energy comes up through the earth, it comes up through you through that anchored portion of you. It comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers. And all of that is moving through and clearing out the collective consciousness. It cleared it out as it was moving down into the earth and it clears it out coming up from within the earth.

I invite each one of you take a few moments and breathe deeply just going within yourself.  As you do so, feel the energy that was just anchored within the earth coming up within you.  Take a moment to nudge those places inside of you that are founded in your ego or personality.  Nudge them out realizing that some of it has been cleared.  For some you have that self talk again saying this is no longer serving and I replace it with this balanced love and energy of we as our divinity.

 Feel your earthly vibration expand as you do this.  Feel how it moves through every cell within your body. It’s also moving through your emotions and your thoughts and your beliefs; that spiritual part of you so that flow moves up and down throughout every part of you but it also moves in and out.

As you take the time allowing for all of this to become a new reality for you, then bring back the rest of your consciousness that had remained in the All That Is. It flows back through your I AM presence, it moves through your higher self once again creating an adjustment. It then flows into you the human at this level in which you are.

Have an intention as you move forward that every breath in, you breathe in love, gratitude, compassion for yourself first and foremost and then reflected outward into the world.  Have very clear intention that old beliefs are released once and for all. Past experiences that no longer serve you have been cleared out once and for all.  You are replacing it with that expanded ego and new potentials and opportunism.

Take all that you just created in the All That Is, breathing it down within you and sending it out into the world around you so that you will find it as you are living your life.  From this now moment forward, you have that potential to consciously live your life.  So choose what supports you in all ways. 

For this time that you are here living your life, having your experiences; you do recognize that you will always have your ego or your personality as a part of you.  As you allow for this greater love and compassion and reality to be your first reflection looking out at the world you are intrinsically allowing it to come through supporting you whether you are conscious or unconscious of that experience. 

Put forth that intention that you are love! Put forth the intention that you are loved. Put forth the intention that all in the world is based on love and see how things will transform.

Beloved family I so appreciate you taking this time to share with me. Know that you are always with me and within me.





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