Working WIth The Weather

I live in the southeastern USA and recently there was a large storm that went up the coast causing heavy rain, flooding, damage, etc. They called this ‘Super Storm Sandy’. At one time it was a hurricane; it was also called a nor’easter and more.

As you know, I channel the Goddess of Creation and many different energies. They speak through me to give messages, we shift energy and sometimes it’s to shift a situation around me or somewhere in the world. I can’t even think of all the times I’ve done this, but I wanted to share with you a few of the occurrences. Now if you’re following me on Facebook (Goddess Light on Facebook) you may have participated in or experienced this most recent storm. I remember in particular working with Hurricane Katrina, a tornado that came through Atlanta and some of the other inclement weather.

I also realized in talking with a friend today that what came through to me during these experiences can also be applied to other situations in life.

Last Saturday I started paying attention to the news I was hearing about Hurricane Sandy. I’d attended a party where people were expressing their concern. Someone had also written me on FB expressing her fear because she was in the line of the storm. So on Sunday, I decided to see what I could do.

I shifted my consciousness and energy to a place where I could connect with the storm. WHEW! It was huge and even as big as I can get, it felt huge. Once I was in position, I called on the energies of Lady Gaia, the Dolphins and the elementals. They were surging up from the earth and into my energies, expanding my awareness. I then more consciously reached towards my divinity and my group. They too came in, filling in the energies. So now I was now also a huge energy!

As I sent a thread of energy into the storm, I could once more feel the power. It was filled with old stuck energies and old patterns. It was clearing out the old and bringing in a new beginning. That was only a part of it and I didn’t go into analyzing. Bottom line, here was this huge storm.

I then sent the intention to nudge it out away from the coast into the Atlantic Ocean. I expanded my energy all up the coast to create a barrier or diffuser; again, reached towards it, to nudge it out sea. As I nudged, it pushed back. I immediately realized that if I tried to use force against force; it would cause the energy of the storm to increase.

I therefore shifted my focus. I remained as ‘big’ as the storm but rather than nudging or pushing, I began to exude love, compassion and acceptance. I acknowledged whatever the reason for the storm; it had a job to do. I then set the intention that this gentleness and light would become a barrier to the coastline and infuse the storm to neutralize it as much as possible. Then I let it go.

Every so often through the day, I’d go back and again adjust the energy, adjust my intention and see how it felt. Each time I could feel a difference, a lessening in the intensity of the storm. I’d like to also say, after a while I began to notice that there were way more people than just me working with the energies!!

Did the storm still hit the US? Yes it did. Did it still take lives and cause damage? Yes it did. But I truly believe it could have been even worse than what it was. Did I try to control the storm and stop something from happening that needed to happen? No I did not.

I think this is something we can all pay attention to. Not just in a situation of a storm, but any part of our lives. If we’re up against a strong force – perhaps someone we’re arguing with – and we push back against them, many times things will escalate. But when we are in a situation where we reach out with compassion and love; it will always shift the energies.

Plus, any time we align with our higher self and divinity; we are immense. If there are times in which we feel weak or less than, it’s because we’re cutting ourselves off from source energy.

Anytime we try to control or manipulate a situation it immediately opens us to limitation. At first it may seem we are succeeding because we get what we want. But when using control a time comes when you have to let go or you burn out; which is a way of letting go!!

What can we take from working with the weather? That no matter how big a situation, you have the resources of earth and the universe to support you in creating a new balance.


queens4freedom 6th November 2012 10:29 am

it seems very arrogant of you to think you have wisdom or power greater than our GODSOURCE to even want to change a divinely orchestrated plan. learn to trust and increase your LOVE TO ALL!!!

eeliza 6th November 2012 3:42 pm

Dearest Shelly,
I appreciate the way you opened yourself up in LOVE to "assess" the situation..and of course you found other energies working there as well. In our efforts to try to assist GAIA and work cooperatively with Her in this re-birthing process, it is natural to want to show up and see if there's anything we can do to help our Mother and Humanity.Thank you for being clear enough to see the necessity of the Storm and lovingly re-direct your energies. That is called Clarity and Integrity..that is working from a place of Wisdom and Love, not Arrogance, as I see it. There will be more Storms..may we all learn to ride the waves of change and the necessary clearing out of the old energies with Ease and Grace while doing what we can to support each other and our fascinating Planet Earth.

queens4freedom 6th November 2012 4:13 pm

you are ass-u-ming that our gracious earth mother would need help from one human! yes, arrogant! each should mind to their own path and allow others to theirs. LOVE is required, so get into LOVE and expand it.

Shelly Dressel 6th November 2012 5:44 pm

Thank you very much E for your comments. It is exactly the place I was coming from. I do work only with high light vibrations.

There are always multiple ways in which to shift energy and that's what this is about. I didn't decide any thing. Plus I was in God/ Source energy and Lady Gaia with whom I worked. I have worked with source and Gaia for years and years, so we have an alignment of trust and awareness.

As for arrogance, each person has their own perception and it is just that, their perception.

I agree there will probably be many more storms, earthquakes and other occurrences world wide as we continue to move into the crystalline energy. Gaia is shifting, just as we are shifting. As always I flow love and compassion to all!


queens4freedom 6th November 2012 6:51 pm

so you feel a need to defend yourself. take a good look in the mirror. peace, love, and joy!!!

angelika 7th November 2012 7:35 am

Hi Shelley,
thank you for this post. I also believe that we can help to gentle these huge forces of low frequency energies as they are leaving our planet. Phew, what a relieve.

Life is difficult enough for all of us without losing our home, people/animals we love etc, so anything we can do to soften the blow, I'm all for it. Since we created all of these energies in the first place, surely we may also be involved in the uncreating of it.

I'm lucky to live in England were the wheather is more balanced but even so we get more 'freaky' wheather conditions lately, like tennis ball sized hail in the last week of June causing all sorts of damage. I linked into this afterwards and sensed it was releasing a lot of hatred.

It's not always easy to accept other's opionions on life and what is right and what is not. We all understand things from our own perspective. I'm in an environment were I have plenty of opportunity to learn about tolerance and to believe in myself :)
Love & Blessings for all the great work that you do,

Shelly Dressel 7th November 2012 9:49 am

Thank you Angelika! I appreciate you taking the time to write. Isn't is interesting how change is coming about? That must have been some hail!

We are all unique therefore there are always differences of opinions. No one right or wrong, just different!

I love greater balance, no matter how it comes about. May it always flow with ease~~

Much love,


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