You Are a Beacon of Light

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So much happened during this channel that I feel as if I could write a book!! In part, the Goddess summarized some of the major things that she’s worked with over the past year. The two phrases that she said were most important for people to integrate were:

I AM that I AM – and it’s enough.

There is only love.

Both of these phrases are so powerful!! The first one offers you the experience of accepting where you are right now. You are wherever you are – so allow it to be enough. That’s not saying don’t want what you want; you still do. But when you create from a place of acceptance and allowing, more transition can take place more easily.

Then there is only love. This is root of all that happens in your life. This phrase and the energy within it create a shift in your energy that goes beyond conscious thought.  It’s truly very powerful. 

The Goddess then spoke of shifts in consciousness. She said that the earth is in the 5th dimension, but people will sometimes still think they are in the 3rd. She spoke of how the mental body and old beliefs can create a perception that change has not occurred; when it truth a great deal of change has occurred.

Lastly, she spoke of our alignment with the universe and how we can work with that to assist in our lives. She linked to the divine feminine through the full moon. Then we aligned with the divine masculine through the central sun. The crystalline energy was what created a flow for these energies to merge within. The balance of these three energies created what she called the beacon of light.  Everyone is their own beacon through their alignment with their divinity. This can then illuminate energies within your life for greater clarity plus you become a magnet drawing to you what you seek to have. 

This channel is truly amazing!! I hope you enjoy~~ 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out my energies from myself to each one of you. As you take the time to come and share this space with me I want to share with you how much I appreciate you.

As this channel is taking place there’s a great deal that’s happening. It always make me laugh because at least every other time if not every time we get together I have that same sense that  there is always so much that’s happening and the truth is this is always the case no matter where you are within your life.

There is movement that’s taking place. There are opportunities that are coming into you sometimes into the space around you, sometimes it’s a little bit distant but opportunities are flowing within and around you at any given moment.

This is a holiday season for many, many people upon the earth. There are many different beliefs and I the Goddess embrace all beliefs and I embrace all that each person chooses to recognize and honor for themselves. There are so many beliefs within the world. Sometimes they may be very vast open and expansive, other times they may have a set dogma that keeps one within a space that is easily defined.

There is no right or wrong, there is only that which resonates with you the individual. As you consider your life it may be that at one point or another you had a particular belief and that was what worked for you and then over time that shifted moving into something else, moving into another direction, allowing you the opportunity to experience your life in another way.  

I invite you at this time to open up, that you may feel my unconditional love, my unconditional support, my unconditional acceptance and awareness for all of who you are and all that you have done not only within the past year, but in your entire life.

I invite you to take a moment, breathing deeply, allowing that breath of life and energy to move down through you. Let it move through your physical body, moving down into the earth so that it aligns within the earth, anchoring you and then that flows back up within you.

As you allow your energies to be anchored within this space, you may then more fully release and let go your consciousness, allowing your consciousness to expand as you shift into the space of your higher self. As you look around this space have a sense of being very aware that this has the flow of your divinity, that it has the flow of you in this lifetime, your human experience. And as that flows within be aware that it is giving you access to all the energies available to you through your higher self.

I invite you to allow your consciousness to shift, moving out even further. Have a sense of shifting into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane, look around; open up your conscious awareness so that you may merge with your divinity.

We talk again and again about your divinity, about these energies, about how your divinity is available to you as your God source energy.  Consider as you are linking within this space how your perception has shifted over the last period of time, because the more that you as the human, you as the individual behind this conscious awareness becomes aware and allows your vibration to shift, expanding or moving within this space even more fully then you have a perception of the even greater depth of what you’re divinity is to you. 

I the Goddess move within and around each one of you. I reach out to embrace you as your divinity, you as the conscious energy that you are. As our energies merge you may feel yourself shifting even further moving out into the All That Is. As we arrive within the All That Is, I invite you to take a moment and look around.

During the time of this physical creation of this channel, it is very close to the Solstice that indicates one year from the completion of the ascension of the earth. This past year has been about integrating the energies more and more fully within your life. As this integration has taken place, for so many people it created transitions in their physical bodies, for some it created turmoil in their life, for others it created a greater ease in the flow within their lives and that is but to name a few of the more common reactions that people have experienced during the past year.

At often times I hear people asking me, “What will happen in the next year? What is the next thing coming up for us?”  And it gives me a bit of mixed feelings. One of the traits of humanity that I truly appreciate, it is what has created the amazing transformation that’s taking place upon the earth, is that as humans, you have a tendency to say, “What’s next?”, “Where do I go from here?”, “What is my next step?” and it is that drive and ambition that has created the amazing transition that is taking place.

But for this moment and for some, perhaps it will last into weeks, months, days, years, but for however long it may be, I invite each one of you to have a sense of closing your eyes opening to the flow of my light, my love, my energy; allowing yourself to have this moment of acceptance, this moment of appreciation, this moment of considering, “I’m done, I’m here, I have arrived”.

I hear you, many of you are saying, “but I haven’t arrived, but I’m not done, but I still want to do more”. Absolutely, that is the human trait! But sometimes as humanity, you need to stop and say, “This is it, this is where I am, this is where I have arrived within and it is what it is”. Thank you. Thank you. I can feel so many of you just taking that pressure off of yourself and allowing yourself to just relax into this moment.

As you consider your life, if you take that moment and accept, “I AM That I AM and this is what it looks like right now”, you may begin to find that your energies are actually expanding further and further. It’s almost as if the you that’s here in the forefront pauses for moment and then the you who’s been doing everything in the background, who’s been bringing in the energies, creating a transition and a flow is now able to fully merge supporting you in this moment.

As I spoke of that, I could see each one of you even more deeply integrating your own alignment with your divinity, with the universe and with the All That Is.

I have so much that I wanted to speak about this evening. Sometimes I need to stretch time in such a way that we can do all that I seek to do and yet it comes back into a period of time that is easier for all of you to work with. You do this in your own life. You stretch time, you shorten time, you create adjustments so that in a particular day you accomplish that which you seek to accomplish.

The universe is very expansive, it can be very intricate and if you allow yourself to follow patterns and pathways it can be very complex. So too the universe can be very simple if you seek to align with it in just one particular manner. At the time of this channel coming through, there is an immense moon. It is not quite full, but is very close to being full.

Each month as the moon is full it’s amplifying the energies of what’s taking place not only on the earth but out in the universe. At this time with the focus of so many humans upon the birth of Christ it’s creating that alignment that goes back into some of the things that took place at the time of his birth. There are those who will argue it wasn’t even at this time of the year. There are those who will argue that it wasn’t even at that time space reality that history has given to it.

But indeed, there has been more than one opportunity in which doorways have opened up that have allowed immense light to come into the earth plane creating a shift in the vibration. One such doorway is opening up again. It is around the energies of the Solstice.  It is around the energies that are focused upon Jeshua and the light. So too it is around the many different astrological changes that are taking place. Therefore, if you focus upon the moon I invite you to do this for a moment.

As you allow your consciousness to open up as if you open up that doorway and you are standing here in front of the moon allow yourself to feel the energies and the vibration that are moving through.

The moon, many, many times represents the energies of the divine feminine. Feel these energies wash through you. As you feel your vibration shifting to be in alignment with this you can then use it as a doorway to move out into the universe. Have a sense of stepping into the moon.

As you do so you may feel your consciousness expanding out even further. As you move through this doorway you may have a sense of a different dimension, for some there is a sense of a different galaxy. It creates an alignment from you as the human in your consciousness that moves through the feminine energies and to the many, many, things that may open up to you through this energy.

As you feel that which is the divine feminine within you, if you have a question or if there’s something that you’ve been working with, you’ve been seeking to find an answer to; allow that question to move through your consciousness now and then look out or open up your senses to receive whatever message that may be.

You may have a sense of moving through this energy of the moon out to where you align with other stars or planets or you may have a sense of disconnecting from the moon completely before you reach out opening to this alignment.

I invite you to now have a sense of moving to the space where you see that central spiritual sun and as you stand in front of this, the energy feels completely different than that of the moon. Allow yourself to open up. Feel the vibration of what this is. For some of you is a sense of warmth, of fire, of it clearing out or burning away any excess or residual that no longer works for you.

As you allow yourself to move through into the energy of this space, look around. In many cases you may have a different perception of the universe, the galaxy, the omniverse when you step through the central spiritual sun versus that of the moon. They are two different perspectives. They are aligning with the universe and with all that is happening right now, but you open up to that which is most in alignment with you or that which most fully supports you at this time.

As you consider all of these energies that are within and around this space, I invite you to take a moment as if you are looking at a timeline; look to that time howsoever many it was, in which there was a great light that was brought into the earth.

I feel some of you going towards the time of the birth of Christ. I feel others of you going towards a time in which Abraham brought his people into freedom, others about Buddha. So as we are all looking at this timeline or this time space reality you can recognize how you have the ability to align with whatever one of these events most resonates with you. Allow your focus and your consciousness to take you into that experience.

We have linked with past experiences upon the earth and always you could feel the heavy density that was taking place and that which called forth inviting the light to come within. If you recall, linking with a particular time at some point in the past you may recognize how even though you were going back to that same space, it’s different.

Everyone’s focus upon this transition has created a transformation that is amplifying and supporting the individuals in that life experience. Were you a part of that life?  Allow your consciousness to just stream down. Look around, see what it was. What can you with your current level of consciousness and awareness give to that situation? Indeed, it creates a transformation.

Just as the moon and the sun are so brilliant right now look at the stars in the galaxy. There is an amplifying taking place in all of the energy and this is coming through as the increase in the crystalline energy. Here, as you stand almost within the midst of the Milky Way or within the midst of whatever planet system or galaxy most resonates with you, look around and ask to know what part of this energy is the crystalline.

Your consciousness is the gateway that allows you to create these new pathways, to create these new opportunities that assist you on your own ascension process.

You may discern the transition that’s been taking place. You may discern that which was happening at a particular point within your own life. I invite you to look at that now is there is something within your life that you would like to shine the light upon? It makes me smile because I always have a group of you that open up your scrawl and it’s never one or two things, it’s always a list of things. You may send a light into everything all at the same time or go one by one by one.

For us right now though, I invite you to consider that which is at the forefront of what is happening in your life right now. And as you allow those energies to come up have a sense of bringing in the energies of the moon, bringing in the energies of the sun creating an alignment where you’ve already created the alignment to the universe and let all of that become a beacon of light that flows through you into any situation and as it does so ~whew~ it’s almost as if it’s a ball of light or a ball of energy that goes into any situation.

As you focus your awareness illuminating whatever that may be, let go what you believe needs to be done. Let go, whatever steps you think need to be taken. Let go, anything that is based in your human belief system and instead simply open and allow the flow of the light to move through you into whatever it is, so that it will illuminate all that is here.

You may use it to clear out the space. If you are looking for answers then consciously invite in new potentials or a new way for you to consider whatever the situation is. You are the Light. You are a beacon that radiates out to everyone around you, to every situation within your life. You draw down these energies of the universe and you send it out through you.

As you look as if at the history of the earth there have been many times of immense transformation and now as we are looking at that timeline, this time in which you live upon the earth is going to be one of the biggest.  It is the biggest and it is the focus for you in this now moment because this is where you are living.

This is also the transitioning of the energy from a place of unconsciousness into a place of consciousness. That is why you as humanity always ask, “what can I do?”, “where can I go?”, “how can I do this?”, “what’s next for me?” Again, especially as you allow yourself to transmit this light, to transmit this energy, simply allow it to unfold.

Now, I can really feel each one of you simply being in the space and the flow of that energy. Allow it to expand even further.

As you consider your life, many times you consider it from a place of limitation. “I would love to be able to do that______ you can fill in the blank, but I can’t because I don’t have this.” And on the surface this is absolutely the truth, it is absolutely your reality. But here, you are a beacon of light and if there’s anything at all that you feel cannot be shifted, created, altered, then illuminate it with a breath of light and a breath of energy that’s moving through you at this time.

With our journey you truly experienced the opening through the moon, you experienced the opening through that spiritual sun, you experienced your alignment to the crystalline energy and all of that is what wove together to create the beacon of light that was or rather to create the light that was moving through you allowing you to be the beacon that would direct whatever you would like that to be focused.

You’ve set this up, let’s program it right now. “I am the beacon of light. I ask for it to infuse this situation”.

Therefore you need not take the time to re-create this alignment, recreate that alignment and take the time to open it up. You now have programmed it into your consciousness that if for example at work you’re looking for an answer, “I am the beacon of light, and I infuse that energy into this situation” and see what might transpire.

Most every one of you have been going through physical transformation in your everyday life, “I am the beacon of light, and I infuse that light into every cell within my body so that it may create a change that fully supports me in my everyday life.”

You are seeking perhaps to find new relationships in your life, perhaps a new place to live, “I am the beacon of light, and I shine this light that it may illuminate potential pathways or that I magnetize those situations and they find me.”

I so dearly love the changes in dimension taking place that allow for humanity to have the opportunity to shift between dimensions. The earth has ascended into the fifth dimension. When you’re in your everyday life, I hear people say, “I’m in a third dimensional reality”, that may be your perception, because it feels as if you are moving slowly as if you hit the wall and then the next wall and the next wall. The perception that it is third dimensional is coming from within your mental body. Your beliefs, your human experience is saying, “this is what it’s been all these years, nothing has changed I’m therefore in that same time space reality” infuse the beacon of light into that old belief and let it go.

You are now within the fifth dimension and you therefore have the opportunity to flow your energies; sometimes the higher dimensions, sometimes a bit lower, but you are creating a new lifestyle and every time that things seem to fall into place for you it’s when you are in the flow of that which is your highest potential.

There is only love, and these vibrations that are in alignment with the crystalline energies are from that foundation of love. You, as your divinity are only love. You, as the human living your life are infused with the very many abstract experiences that allow you the opportunity to consider life with the perception of an absence of love, life with the perception of imperfection or judgment.

That shifts the energy into those lesser dimensions. You may bring it back into the space of awareness through reminding yourself, there is only love. And as I say that immediately each one of you illuminate, you become that beacon of light, you become that balance of energy, the feminine and the moon, the masculine and the sun, the crystalline, which as I said at the beginning can be very complex and confusing, but it is not.

When you align and you open to the knowledge and the awareness that it is a direct flow of energy within and around you all the time. It is there, it is flowing, it never, ever, ever is turned off! If ever you have that perception that is coming from you, the human, so that you may have that experience of being outside the flow of love.

I invite all of you to gather around. As we do so have a sense of coming together as a group and right now it’s like I’m seeing beings of light that are not only horizontal but like a light house, they shine the light out, and it goes in a circle 360° so that you may magnetize from every single direction; not only on this plane but every plane of consciousness.

This is creating an immense amount of light and energy as it’s flowing within the group and coming up within that we have the sense of the hologram. As the hologram becomes infused with all of the light that each one of you are emanating, it becomes bigger and bigger.

If you have a particular intention or more send it into the hologram; and it gets to that point of awareness and you have a sense of releasing it, stepping back and the hologram itself begins to shift. It moves down. It finds the alignment with the crystalline gridwork, with the crystalline energies and it follows that moving out into every dimension and time space reality and it also goes down within the center of the earth.

As it moves within the center of your physical earth it aligns with the core of the earth. It aligns with those crystals creating an activation, creating a new vibration that is in support of you and then that begins to emanate out. It comes out through the earth, it moves out and it comes up within the space in which you are.

Take a moment and allow your consciousness to link with whatever it was that you infused into the hologram so that you may bring up within you and then you can send it out in a very physical and conscious manner.

It also moves through the entire earth creating a shift or a vibration that is balanced with this energy. It moves through the earth doing whatever it is that needs to be done and those people that are open and seeking will find what they are seeking. And as that continues to integrate allow your focus to return once more to do All That Is.

Take a moment to look around and consider how much impact you can have. This is an impact that is affecting not only the entire earth, it’s affecting the physical reality, the consciousness, the alignment to the universe and everything finds its natural balance and yes, you are the creator of that. I say this not as a means to inflating one’s ego, I say this as a means of giving you the opportunity to recognize how amazing you are, just because you are.

You are not only that beacon of light; you receive that flow from your divinity. You send it out in many, many, different ways. Allow your consciousness to shift. You may pause for a moment in the energies of the soul plane and then allow your consciousness to begin to shift back so that you may come back within your physical reality.

You are still aligned with the universe; you are still that beacon of light. You let that all come down within you. It flows through you so that you may anchor it creating a new reality. Take time, be gentle with yourself, accept that in this now moment, “I’m here, I have arrived”. Yes, everything else is still going on behind you, but “I am here, I have arrived”.

As each one of you moves through your days upon the earth, remember that you are the beacon of light. Remember that as you allow the light to emanate from you that that is your source energy, your energy as your God self.

You amplified it with the moon. You amplified it with the sun and the crystalline energies, but it is you as your divine essence and it is you that you are sharing with the earth.

Beloved family I am ever within you.




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