Your Divinity Empowers You

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The Goddess has been saying for a long time that ‘your answers are within’ or that ‘your divinity is your power’ or something along the line that lets you know you are more than the human in this life. 

This channel was really filled with amazing energy and the Goddess worked with us to assist in finding out what this means.  First of all, when we were in the All That Is, the Goddess invited everyone to think of what was the number 1 thing they wished to manifest in their lives.  It’s always so interesting to see that, because people always have more than one! She then invited people to have up to their top three.

From there, as we were looking at what we wanted, she then brought up the outside influences that are around us asking; do we want that because of something outside of ourselves?  She cleared out the energy of influence from others.  She then assisted everyone in opening to their greater alignment with their divinity.  In doing so, there was a very powerful shift around everyone’s manifestation!

The Goddess also mentioned that our mental bodies can be as strong as our bones!  Therefore if you have a distraction it may keep you from your joy. If you have an old belief, it can be very strong within you.  It's essential to clear it all out ~~  

When you are in alignment with your divinity and allow it to create a balance within your; what you seek to manifest changes.  You realize what is truly from your heart. You let go what you think you ‘should’ have or what others want and instead seek only to have your own power from within.  There is a huge shift that takes place during this channel.  


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I thank you for choosing to share this time with me. I thank you for allowing your energies to merge, not only with these channels but with all the other people who choose to come together within this process.

Although you may not think so in your daily life, as I look at each one of you upon the earth, and I look at the earth itself, it is a beautiful, glorious place in which to live. Indeed, I can hear people talking about, “But it’s so hard”, “When is it going to get easier?”, “Why does it always have to be the same challenge again and again and again?” There are times when humanity will have a tendency to make things harder than they need to be.

So the question for that that arises is how hard does it need to be? And that is of course very individualized, person by person by person.

As you are living this life upon the earth you do so with many intentions.  You have the intention to connect with the other people that are around you. You have the intention to experience life in its many, many different forms. You may also have the intention that this lifetime in which you now live will be one of expanded spiritual growth; howsoever that may play out for you. These are but a few of the intentions that people have when they come into this life.

We’ve spoken many times about the choices that you make within your life. There may be circumstances around you that have an effect upon you that seems as if they come from left field or from something totally beyond your control, but you do still have the choice of how you react to these situations.

I invite you to join me as we shift focus and consciousness. To do so, breathe deeply within yourself sending that energy down into the earth that you may anchor within the earth and then let that come back up within you, around your solar plexus, holding you in place and then let your consciousness shift as if you allow it to expand into the space of your higher self.

As you allow your consciousness to become aware of all that is within your higher self, you become aware that there are distractions even within your higher self. So clear them out ~ whew ~

Distractions take place within your life as a means of knocking you off kilter from that with which you choose to focus.

The distractions may keep you from accomplishing your purpose in life.

It may keep you from being able to fully look within to know who you are. So clear out the distractions again ~ whew ~ letting it all go.

Now, as you perceive your higher self you may perhaps have a much greater clarity, about all that is here for you.

Allow your focus to shift even further moving out as if you stream your consciousness up within the All That Is.

As you look around from within this space be open to understand all that is here within the soul plane. As you align within the soul plane, your I AM Presence, that which is you as your divinity, makes itself known to you.

Reach out and embrace all of who you are.

Have an intention that you consciousness merges even further out so that all the various nuances that have to do with your I Am Presence and you in this current life time can be made known.

Know that this beauty, this power, this awareness is you. It’s you as your God self. It’s you with all that conscious awareness flowing through with ease.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you who are here. As I do so, I reach out and embrace each one of you. As our energies merge together you’ll feel yourself shifting and moving into the space of the All That Is.

The All That Is continues to transform as a result of the many changes taking place upon the earth, so too out here within the universe there are a multitude of changes that are also taking place. Some of these are a response to what’s happening upon the earth. Some of what’s happening upon the earth are a response to what’s happening out in the universe. There is a balance that creates the effect of give-and-take, high and low, whatsoever it may be.

The All That Is is a creation that can assist you in anything that you are doing within your life. There are many of you who move through this space on an almost daily basis. Some of you, weekly, monthly, whatsoever it may be there are many that move through here in a very unconscious manner and if you so choose just for that perspective have a sense of opening up your consciousness and looking around and ask to see what is it like when people are here in an unconscious manner.

It looks the same as everyone who is here in a conscious manner; because in this place of creation whether you are conscious or unconscious it doesn’t matter. You are working with the energies. You are trying out alternatives. You are communicating with other people, with the Angels, with the beings of light and all takes place within the All That Is as an opportunity for you.

Because you are conscious of what’s happening within this space of creation, you are in a unique place of being able to work much more fully with all the opportunity that is here for you. Allow for that to flow through.

When you consider your life, are you doing that which you seek to be doing in your life? For most people there is a sense of a mix, “Yes, there are certain things I’m doing perhaps not as much as I would like to be doing”. I hear from many of you, “I’m not doing that which is my heart’s desire or my dream because I need to be doing this other task which supports me”.

We’ve spoken before about creating and manifesting in your life that which is truly your heart’s desire and that which truly supports you.

Consider the number one thing that you want to have within your life. I know that everybody has a list, but I’m saying, what is at the top of that list? What is that which is most important to you to manifest within your life?

Let’s take that and kind of spread it out around you. If it’s something that is not in your life in any way, shape or form, then set it out in this one area. If it’s something that you have in your life but it’s not working the way you would like it to be, it needs to be tweaked, let’s put that in another area.

So as you are looking at whatever this is that you desire to have in your life, you can see it in its various stages of manifestation; of course if there’s something different than those options you do that which is most important or most resonates with you.

So now consider the next thing upon your list and let that come to be a part of what you are seeking to create. Again, is it something that is within your life but simply not to the degree you would like? Is it something that has as yet come into your life and anything else in between?

Go on to the next, and I would say for this practice let’s keep it up at three, for some it may only be one or two but no more than three and as you bring whatever that is as if this is the top manifestations or desires that you have for your life they are laid out in front of you.

Now, what is the common denominator in all that you seek to have?

There are a few answers that I’m hearing from you; but that which is the most powerful common denominator is you, you the individual.

You see yourself participating in these different things you choose to have in your life. You see yourself as creating change and then receiving that change. For some of these things it’s been a long time coming.

So take this moment knowing that you, yourself are the common denominator and then doing so as if you open up that door to your heart, to your consciousness, to your awareness ask yourself; is there a part of you that feels you are not good enough to manifest what you seek to have?

And as you let those energies flow over you here in the All That Is listen to the answer that comes to you. You may also ask yourself, what fears do I have that keep this from coming into my life? Again, this is the All That Is; this is within your divinity, this is the place to receive the answers from your God source essence.

“If I truly received these top three manifestations that I seek to have what is going to be expected of me? What would I expect of myself and then am I willing to do that? “

Allow this greater clarity to flow through you. Allow it to move through the consciousness of all that is here within your space and let your response shift through those top three items and see if there’s a change that takes place.

As you consider these top three manifestations for your life, the foundation for all is within the center or the core essence of who you are as your divinity, your higher self and your physical reality. That is where all creation begins.

And then you have your friends and family or people you might not even know personally and as you talk about your dreams or what you seek to have you may suddenly hear them coming back with a negative response saying; “You’re not good enough”, “Do you really think you can succeed at that?” “Many others are doing the same thing. What makes you unique?”

You may also have those questions within your own self and then it may be mirrored back to you from those around you. So as you breathe in deeply, allow yourself to come back within the space of who you are and let go anyone else’s thoughts. ~ Whew ~

OK. As I did that clearing with you there were quite a number of you who were unable to let go of other people’s opinions and other people’s support. I do not desire for you to give up the support and the love of the people around you. I would like for each one of you to just become very conscious of whether or not the people around you truly do support you or if they are actually chipping away at your desires, your beliefs and what you seek to manifest.

So again, take in a deep breath and clear out ~ whew ~ anyone else’s desires or thoughts or beliefs about what you are doing within your life.

For so many of you with that last portion of release, you suddenly are very buoyant and you’ve got an even greater clarity about what you are seeking to do. In fact for some of you I see what you were seeking to manifest has fallen away;  so you begin to realize that there may be times within your life, that what you are seeking to manifest is actually what someone else wants for you to have and not what you even want for yourself.

So be clear within yourself. This is what I want, and this is how I would like for it to unfold. ~ Whoo ~ I could feel so many of you stepping into the power of who you are with that last statement.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Take a moment to look around you. Ask yourself the question once more. If you seek to create from within your heart, if you consider what you would like to manifest most within your life, how does that look to you? Does it bring you joy as you consider your manifestations? Does it expand your consciousness? Do you have a sense as you look at everything right now of the ways in which you can amplify that which you seek to have?

Indeed, the All That Is is your place for creation. So let yourself create with abandon! If you were to paint, if you were to create with energy, words, whatever it is that you like to do, have free reign letting loose.

I see some of you dancing. I see some of you bringing in the trees and the water and those earthly things that so assist you in expanding your energy. I see many of you reaching out to the light body and to the universal energies allowing that to flow within also. You have limitless access as you consider what you seek to manifest. So let it wash through ~ whew ~ clearing out and then you may enhance all that is within this space with you right now.

What empowers you within your life? Is it these things that you would like to manifest? Is it this place of creation, where you may play with the energies of the universe or the earth?

When you are here within this space as you peel away the layers, open and be very honest with yourself right now. This is who you are. Do you accept and allow for that truth to become your reality?

Allow it to flow through you in layer upon layer upon layer, so that it moves through every level, every dimension, every aspect for who you are within this lifetime.

Let’s clear out these energies. I see you running, dancing, playing, just being in the space of your own expanded energies. From the space of your divinity, what flows through your consciousness that is most supportive of you, be it physical or nonphysical dimensional reality? What flows through your consciousness within this space that most supports you with unconditional energy and unconditional love?

Let it permeate every single aspect of your consciousness; let it permeate all of who you are in this now moment and in this lifetime.

Consider what you would like most to manifest within your life and allow it to come up within you spread out. We’ll go with the top three things. What is it? Is it the same? Is it different or are you different?

Are you open to receive and to accept the unconditional love, the unconditional expression of who you are?

Can you create a life in which you know without any shadow of a doubt who you are and therefore other people’s opinions go by the wayside? You understand and you know who you are and you accept and you allow for all of that to be expressed as the person walking within your life.

When you consider what you seek to manifest and things do not always happen, sometimes they just don’t happen in a timely manner, sometimes they never come to fruition. This is a space for you to look at and open up to that truth and that reality within yourself.

Have a sense of opening up a wide corridor or opening up a wide expanse that allows what you seek to have to come flowing into you and if there is something that is out of alignment within your consciousness so that it goes past you and keeps you from receiving then let that adjustment take place. Perhaps that adjustment comes in the form of what you seek to have is no longer in your best interest.

So let it go. Perhaps that adjustment takes place as it allows you to be bigger, more expanded, more aware in your own life. Move on and step into allowing yourself to believe in who you are.

And then as you are looking around in your everyday life you’ll see the opportunities, you’ll see sometimes in very subtle nuances that will allow for your desires to come to fruition within your life.

Be open to receive.

The lightbody energies that are present within this space amplify all that you are doing and what used to take a certain length of time can now be much more efficiently achieved. Change that belief, that it takes months and days and years to create change in your life. It can happen in this now moment.

Be open to accept.

I’m noticing how everyone’s consciousness has these subtle waves and shifts of energy that are moving through as you make an adjustment that allows you to have that balance that you are seeking to have within your life; if you so choose seek only balance and everything else will fall into place.

I invite you to gather once again as this group energy allowing that hologram to come up from within the center of you.

The energies that I invite you to infuse into the hologram are those of having a greater clarity of knowing who you are in your daily life. It’s the energies in which you trust your own belief within yourself and in which you let go anyone else’s perspective or opinion so that you are empowered, so that your own light body energy infuses you more and more and more. Send it all into this hologram. And as you do so we have a sense of the hologram as it begins to rotate acclimating to these energies and this light. You then release it.

The hologram itself begins to shift moving down into the earth. As you have that sense of the crystalline grid there is an aspect of the hologram that moves out into the new earth and into the higher dimensions. There is another energy that flows down moving into the earth itself. And as this hologram goes down into the center of the earth, into that core space within the earth, it then anchors. Anchors amongst the crystals, it anchors amongst that which is the core of the earth itself and the energies flow upward from there.

The energies are moving through every dimension within and around the earth itself. As it comes up, have a sense of being open to receive as it moves up through you that core of light with which you anchored yourself at the beginning; immediately aligns with this energy and allows it to flow up within you and then it expands outward so that every layer of who you are finds the balance of this knowing intrinsically who you are and all that you are capable of doing and how that is going to be reflected out to the world around you.

You let go those opinions that no longer support you. You let go anything that keeps you distracted, so that you may focus growing and expanding within yourself. This energy also moves throughout the world, creating a sense of balance, creating a sense of peace, creating a sense of acknowledgment; defusing the energies that are outside of peace.

I then invite you to shift your focus once more here into the space of the All That Is.

Look around.

Is there anything else that is important for you to bring with you in your conscious awareness?

As you do so, let that flow through allowing yourself to shift into the center of the soul plane or the space of the soul plane. You let go that greater expansion or that greater awareness of your I AM Presence, and then you take as much as is possible to bring with you as you move into the space of your higher self.

Let this be that part of your divinity that supports you in a continuous basis so that you know that you have an ability to grow, expand and be the person that you want to become or be in this lifetime and you know that everything comes from within you. The trust, the knowledge, the support is here in your heart center; and it comes down streaming down into and around you in your physical reality.

As it does so, expand your energy field if you need to but feel it as it comes down through your head center, let it move through all your energy bodies and then let it expand outward so that as you are anchoring back within and around your physical body you are doing so with that inner wisdom, that inner knowledge, that inner trust and belief within yourself.

What does it feel like to be in your human form and know that you have that ability to believe in yourself that you can be as big and expanded as you so choose? Allow all of your senses to open up and then soak up this energy…there we go…that’s allowing you to integrate it even deeper within you.

We consciously send it through you so that it merges with your bloodstream, allowing the cells within your body to activate so that they may expand flowing through you in a continuous way that allows for that inner knowledge, that inner awareness that you accept, respect and honor who you are.

Alright, so as we bring this evening to a close I invite you to once more have that focused intention of who you are. Allow yourself to expand your consciousness receiving that direct vibration, that direct light of your divinity allowing it to fill you up in every space within you.

Know that you can let go other people’s opinions and anything that may detract from you. Know that no matter who you are and what your life has been like you are in direct alignment with your divinity and you have the potential to expand into as big or as powerful or as focused of an individual as you would like to be.

It is there, it is available to you. I invite you to be open to receive.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.



Eyewitness 8th August 2014 3:18 pm

It might interest you to know, that after decades of being empowered and moving energies, I have Never, Ever had even one tiny little intention manifest. Everything that ever happened to me happened because of cause and effect, Focused Hard Work... not magaic, not meditation, not prayer and not intention. Please help me understand how I can 'open to the energies that will allow for manifestion' because this all sounds like nonsense to me.
I just wonder how much longer people will listen to this stuff before we start demanding more from you than empty promises. WHERE are the HEALING ENERGIES I WAS Promised so very long ago?? I am NOT healing and I grow weary of words that mean nothing. I grow weary of metaphors and mysteries that do nothing to ease the suffering of millions. Please give humanity something we can USE otherwise Im starting to think some spiritual folks are just working their egos, trying to feel important and taking all the oxygen out of the room. Thanks. :)


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