Your Divinity & Your Personality

Ultimately, this channel was taking the one from the first of this month (July 2011) about manifesting a million dollars to the next level. During this channel, the Goddess assisted each person in creating a deeper connection within them. From that connection, she was able to help show how to accept more of who you are. This can manifest in different ways. Sometimes it’s about being able to accomplish things. Other times it’s an inner awareness that goes beyond specific words.

Much of this channel consisted of the Goddess assisting people with discerning what is their divinity and what is personality. As she refers to personality, it’s that whole of what makes you human. Some may refer to this as their ego. Her point in bringing up the difference is for people to find within themselves which is which. When you build a life based on desires from your personality, it may feel disconnected, empty and shallow. When you recognize what your divinity is and what evolves from that it will feel rich, fulfilled, content and expanded.

In most people, it’s a combination; the key for you to discern is where is the foundation for the majority of your life, your intention or your awareness. She also assisted you in creating an alignment from your stream of consciousness through your I AM presence so that you could know more of who you are and what you have to draw from in terms of past experiences.

Therefore, when it comes to manifesting anything within your life, the stronger, more centered you are on a foundation of divinity; the greater your potentials and more expanded your manifestation.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I send out my love to each one of you. I flow to you the essence of who I am, so that I may feel the alignment of who you are!

It is such a joy to be able to come and share this time with you. It feels as if there is so much happening, not only in the entire world, but within each one of you.

It feels as if everybody is shifting and moving at a much more accelerated pace than they have been in the past. This is in response to the ascension process, but it is also in response to the choices that you make within your life.

I invite everyone to take this moment and make a choice to feel relaxed, to let go whatever may be around you and allow yourself to think only of this moment. Think only of no breath, your consciousness and your intention to go where ever these energies may take you.

I always appreciate speaking a bit at the very beginning like this, because I can see you letting go the tension and the burdens that you carry around with you.

So now, as you are ready to do so, I invite you to take in one more deep breath breathing down within the center of your being and then as you breathe out; consciously let go your physical body. Allow your consciousness to release in such a way that it shifts into the space of the magnetic grid.

As it arrives here within this space let yourself feel what it is. This is the space where you connect with your higher self. This is the space where you allow an even greater amount of your divinity to link with you. Feel it and take it in for what it is to you. Some may have a perception of interlocking pathways; some may feel a space of pure consciousness.

As you are ready to do so, I invite you to let go the magnetic pull of the earth. I invite you to let your energies expand in such a way that you can feel the essence of the crystalline grid. As you allow yourself to merge within this space open to the feel the various shifts in consciousness and energy as they flow through here. Some may have a perception of the gradients and energy, others may just have a sense of it all, as one energy.

I invite you to shift once more; this time, allow yourself to shift into the space of the soul plane. Reach out for your divinity. As you have a sense of opening up the flow of your consciousness put forth the intention to link with your I AM presence.

As you feel this essence, as you feel this energy move within and around you, allow yourself to open to the perception of the many, many, many facets that make up who you are. As you allow your consciousness to shift in such a way you take in even more of the variances that have created who you are.

I the Goddess move in and amongst all of you. I reach out and embrace each one of you. As I do so, you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. As you arrive here within the All That Is, I invite you to let yourself fly as if you are flying free.

As you know this is a place of creation. This is a place where you can truly be who you are. You can practice various potentials. You can get to know the various aspects of not only this life but that make up your divinity.

As we are gathering within this space I’m listening to the various communications that you send to me.

There is much that I would like to speak with you about this evening. The last time that we work together, we worked on the steps that it would take to manifest $1 million. There was so much fun and excitement around that experience!

I gave you some steps that you can follow. I worked with your energy to assist in releasing whatever may be standing in the way and then by the end of the whole evening, I saw everybody in the space of collecting their million dollars up to 10 and 20 million. There were a number of people, who had decided to just think even bigger. This is by no means the only way to do this, it is but one.

So I wanted to come back and revisit this again with this journey this evening. I invite you to take in a deep breath, and as you do so reach out as if you are being handed --perhaps a check, perhaps a money order, perhaps the cash for $1 million, and as you take this into your hand let yourself feel, whatever it is, that goes through you.

Allow yourself to tap into even more deeply what this experience is for you. The vast majority of you are now very comfortable with this amount of money. So I would like to take this in a couple of different directions this evening.

One of the things that I would like to speak with you about is what might be divine thoughts or divine actions versus those that are based in your ego. Now, through Shelly we sometimes we refer to your ego as your personality. If I speak either one of those they are intended to be interchangeable, because when we speak of one’s personality everyone knows they get a feel for what that is about that individual. When we speak of one’s ego, it is sometimes associated in a negative connotation or as a limited connotation.

And so for the purpose of what we are doing we will call your personality or your ego that part of you that is your human existence.

As you take in a deep breath and you let your focus go within your heart center allow yourself to be here in the space of the All That Is and really truly know and feel your divinity.

Now for this next step, some of you may have a specific sense or idea and others may have just a very vague sense. But I would like you to have a sense of turning around and looking back at your divinity. As you do this I invite you to follow your energies as if through a stream of consciousness so that you may link with your I AM presence.

As you do so, ask to know what some of your lifetimes may have been. Again it may be a general sense of knowledge, it may be specific. If you are coming up blank then take in a deep breath with me, [Deep breath] and as I breathe through I’d clear out the energies and invite you to once more look towards this space and be open to truly feel the alignment with your divinity.

Many of you feel this as a wash of love. You feel it as a wash of strength. You may see or sense it in other manners. It is important for you to be open and acknowledge who you are at your core being.

As you consider things in your daily life, consider yourself as you are walking through your life. You are very conscious of the aspects of the elements that come in as your divinity. As you consider some of the accomplishments in your life, there may be a part of you that has a sense of feeling; “I did it, I accomplished my goal and I did it”.

I invite you to go to that place in your life when you’ve had that feeling. As you do so in this moment in time, as you are in that space of alignment, open up and for some it may feel as if you are peeling away a couple of layers but peel away until you get down to your core being and when you align with this accomplishment; let yourself have a sense of your foundation was it to your divinity or was it based in your personality. For many it’s a blend of the two and often times it’s difficult to discern one from the other.

So, I invite you to consider again; perhaps it’s an accomplishment, but consider a time in your life in which you succeeded. Perhaps you won at a game, perhaps you won an award. Who knows what it may be. But consider a time in which you were acknowledged for your accomplishment and it felt good but perhaps there was something lacking.

The question here is; did it feel like whatever you are seeking had its foundation in your personality or your ego aspect as opposed to your divinity? There is a difference. I know how much all of you have been very dedicated upon your personal journey. You have chosen what you seek to have. You have chosen to create a greater alignment with your divinity. You have chosen to move to the ascension process in whatever form that may mean to you.

Let us consider accomplishments that you may seek to have in your everyday life. Think of yourself in the life that you are living and think of some of the things. Let’s start with that you may already have. Are there perhaps many either materialistic or things outside of yourself that you surround yourself with?

Let me be very clear upfront that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having lots of material things around you. It’s a glorious way for you to experience life; and I believe that everybody should have as much of whatever it is that they seek to have. Now having said that let’s come back around to the things that you have within your life.

As you consider some of them, does it give you a sense of accomplishment or does it align with you within your heart center and within your divinity as it manifests in your physical being? Now you may say; “it all feels the same” and that’s fine.

Continue to go through your life, perhaps think of some of the accomplishments that you’ve had. Have their perhaps been things that you have accomplished or experienced and you did so because it would give you perhaps a certain status or perhaps it would give you the job you are seeking, the home you wish to have? My purpose here is for you to consider the things that you have manifested or that you have wanted and when you tap into these energies you can feel the difference.

This is an alignment with me when I am in my connection to divinity and then other things that you have done or accomplished, and it feels somewhat disconnected from you. It feels like something you did and you enjoyed it and it was just what you wanted, but it left you feeling empty or perhaps alone and lonely. Whenever you have accomplished something that you were seeking to have and it leads you with a sense of emptiness, loneliness or disconnect, then you have shifted away from your divinity and into your personality.

As you consider whatever it is that you seek to have, is it something that makes you joyous and happy from within your inner being or is it something that you feel is going to make you happy once you get there? It is sometimes very difficult to ascertain the differences.

I would therefore invite you to begin to practice asking yourself that question. Do I want this because it’s in alignment with my divinity and my soul choice? You may at first get the, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know answer. You may always get that answer. But my sense is that the more you ask that question of yourself with the pure intention of awareness you will begin to discern very easily: is this based in my divinity, or is based in my ego and personality?

You may find as you begin to create an even deeper alignment with your divinity through this exercise that you manifest even greater material things within your life.

Let’s come back around to that million dollars that we’ve been talking about for this month, of money, meaning July 2011. As you are here within your divinity and as you link with your human self upon the earth, I invite you to again step into that space of the money that I handed you just a bit go.

With this greater clarity, what is your sense of having this money within your money, within your money field, ha-ha within your energy field?

I am noticing that a number of you recognize that you have barriers in place because manifesting a large amount of money is not divine or manifesting this amount of money is materialistic and that’s a negative thing.

So even though you may want it in a part of you there is another part of you equally strongly putting on the brakes and throwing up barriers. So breathe down deeply within yourself and as you do so have a sense of clearing out any resistance, clear out belief that no longer work for you, clear out any obstructions that you may have.

If you seek to have a greater understanding of the alignment between this value or this amount of money then reach in to your I AM presence. I can guarantee that every single one of you at one point or another throughout this stream of your consciousness has had riches beyond what you could imagine.

So, you have already done this. You already have it set up and available to you as a support mechanism. Breathe deeply inviting the flow of that support and inviting the flow of that energy to come up within you creating a greater foundation within you.

I am going to shift gears and ask you another question. Has there ever been an occasion within your life in which you thought you were capable of amazing things? Perhaps it was a creativity within you, perhaps it’s your intelligence, perhaps it’s your ability to organize, who knows what it may be.

But is there anything within your life that you’ve considered and then perhaps it was when you were growing up and your parents said this or perhaps you yourself have said this, ”Oh, that’s okay, lots of people can do that.” In other words, you downplay your ability.

Perhaps another phrase that you may have used with yourself or someone have may have used with you is “you’re egotistical if you think that”. And again that time I use the word ego because you all know what it means.

Here within the space of the All That Is, I invite you to look within your heart and think about these things within your life, these times when you truly are magnificent, these times when you are immense in your energies. Think about it and I invite you to be completely honest with yourself and accept that; yes, that is you and yes, you have that ability.

As you move through your days and you ask yourself that question, ‘is this divinity or is this ego or personality’? In particular, when it comes to these things or maybe one thing, whatever it may be that is unique to you and that you know makes you special then I invite you to open an feel the flow, feel it as it washes through you, feel what it is to acknowledge this within.

I see in so many of you right now that it’s almost a relief to acknowledge it because it is as if there is something inside of you that has been wanting to make itself known, that has been wanting to get your attention, but because you are either being humble or you didn’t want to make more of yourself, you ignored it and you pushed it down.

This is your opportunity to let that come up, let it come out [Deep breath] and let it pour forth from you. Again, what a relief this is! As I look at you I see so many of you coming into your own. I see you acknowledging who you are and accepting your ability. This is not always something easy for you to do. Some of you may think it comes with responsibilities or it comes with attachments. What I believe can assist you in all aspects of your life is for you to open, recognize what this is and accept it as yourself.

As you accept this within, you are acknowledging something that you put forth as your divinity before you came into and you’ve lived this life. You need not tell another single person about this. It is yours, it is private, it is you, about you, for you, because it is you.

If you connect with something within you and it feels hollow, it doesn’t feel like it’s your own, I invite you to ask that question. Is this divinity or is it personality?

You may find that some of those things that you have taken on are based in personality as opposed to divinity and therefore you can let it go. If you have self-imposed responsibilities or actions and you can recognize that it’s really not here as a means of supporting your divinity, you can let it go.

As you consider actions that you may be taking or aspects of your life that you are perhaps living because someone else expects it of you, you can let it go. Now, if there’s something that someone else expects and you choose to have that and you recognize that it comes from your divinity, that’s a completely different story. But, if they are actions that you are taking perhaps the life you are living and it is based on someone else’s choice and desire, I invite you to let that go.

As you take ownership of who you are you grow in your divinity and you grow in your awareness. As you accept this person that you have always secretly thought you are and these abilities within yourself that you thought, “yes, that is something I can do” and you take it on, you blend it within you, you recognize that “this is being true to myself”, then feel how much you grow.

Sometimes it may be difficult to let go of someone else’s expectations of you, but you will find that the more that you are connected within your divinity, the more that you are living your life from that space of honoring who you are; then these other things will fall away from you and you will find that it will be without trauma and without difficulty.

I am especially excited about what is taking place tonight! I believe in all of you and I believe that as you step into your divinity so very completely, that the joy will emanate from you. You will be at peace. You will be content with all that is happening within your life. And as for the million dollars, it will easily expand into as much or as little as you would like.

As you are living your lives over the next several weeks, I invite you to do whatever it is you need to do so that you may be true to who you are. If you don’t know who you are then, begin by asking; “does this create joy within my heart as I take these steps or this action?” Another question you may ask yourself, “What is it that makes me feel happy when I contemplate doing it?”

The direction to help you find out what is soul driven is by following those things that assist you to feel happy, excited, content or expanded.

Right now, I invite you to look around. Look around, not only here in the space of the All That Is, but look around at your life on earth from the perspective of the All That Is. Are there things that you would like to shift? Do so now with the intention that it will be easier for you to do it in your daily life.

As you consider all that is happening ask yourself the question; “is this my divinity, or is this my personality?” I see many of you flying around, expanding, playing with energies, moving in many, many different directions.

I invite you all to come back as a group. If you seek to return here to play by all means do so but for now, as you come back as a group, look around at each other and as you do so, see them from the eyes of your divinity.

~~ Ansaluia ~~ As you consider that word, you are expanding your own divinity; you are acknowledging your divinity and you are looking at the others around you and seeing them as their divinity. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s what leads life or it’s what allows life to continue to grow.

So, coming up with in the midst of all of you is the hologram of both the earth and the new earth. As you consider who you are from your divinity, and who you are in your everyday life, I invite you to send that flow into the hologram. As this flow continues to move down, let yourself feel or sense the empowered movement of energy as it comes through you. The hologram itself begins to radiate light. Some of this light is filled with color; other is just a pure white light.

These holograms once they are filled up begin to shift. They move through space, that which is aligned with the new earth shifts to the crystalline grid out towards the new earth and the hologram of your earth moves down to the energy of your physical world. It moves into the center of the earth itself.

It links with the crystals that make up the center. It links with the other dimensions in energies and begins to emanate out from the center of the earth and as this is emanating outward it comes up through the earth.

It comes up in such a way that it assists in shifting the collective consciousness; it also comes up from the earth into your physical body. I invite you as you feel this energy, recognize that this is you! It is you as your divinity. It is you being filled up with the knowledge of who you are and the potential for who you are and where you can go.

Let it wash over you and then you send it out from you into your community, into the ethers, into the magnetic grid and that is another means of creating an energy field that will support you.

As you allow your consciousness to return once more to the All That Is, I invite you to consider how you are already feeling yourself become grounded. Know that you can come back here at any time and practice recognizing what is your divinity and what is personality.

Take with you all that you are and allow yourself to shift so that you may go back into the soul plane. As you come within this space, look at your divinity. There may be even more that you discern about who you are. Allow yourself to shift. Perhaps there is a greater amount of your divinity that will stay here within this space but as much as is in alignment with you, will come with you.

You move through the energies of the crystalline grid, you feel yourself in that crystalline vibration as if amplifying and creating an alignment that will help you in manifesting within your life.

You move through there into the magnetic grid. As you move through the magnetic grid you feel the magnetic pull of the earth. You feel yourself coming back down within your physical body.

Allow yourself to expand as much as you need to, so that you can flow your consciousness, so that you may flow your awareness within and around who you are right now at this moment. As you allow yourself to adjust, take a moment and ask yourself; “here I am back on earth, back in my physical reality, what about me is unique or perhaps special or perhaps the greatest reflection of my divinity?” Allow yourself to accept that this is you.

Allow yourself to accept the immensity of who you can be and as you create an alignment that becomes stronger and stronger within you, you find that so much manifests around you. Perhaps it manifests in a physical way, perhaps in relationships, perhaps it’s in finding satisfaction, peace or contentment. Be open and allow for everything to flow within and around you.

And we thank everybody. For those of you still in the queue, we apologize that we were unable to help you this evening or get to your question but know that if you go inside and as you continue to expand in this way that we’ve been speaking of that many of you will get the answers yourself and you do probably have some insights already, but trust in yourself, trust in your transformation, trust in this ever growing awareness.

Know that you are not alone, that you are always connected, not only to your own divinity but you are connected to the Angels, the guides, myself and the All That Is.

I am ever with you.



LordJesusChrist 5th August 2011 4:32 pm

Excellent message, Goddess of Creation and Shelly! Live forever and prosper!
:thumbs: :angel: :smitten:

Shelly Dressel 5th August 2011 11:41 pm

Thank you!! May the same be true for you~~~

Much love,


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