An Inside Out Proposition

Fellow travelers,

It is always a pleasure to be with you. We know that this is a time of great imaginings as well as turmoil, but it is always that which you chose to focus upon that creates your experience, and consequently - what makes you, what breaks you and what becomes you. You are being asked to buckle down and get serious at a time when you are also being asked to lighten up. Not an easy task, but one that expands you, for sure! Centre deep into yourself. Breathe. Yoga is the physical and metaphysical support for this process…centre, breathe, focus, calm, connect and feel the expanded connectedness that you experience with the all. Focus on deep breathing everyday, as it will help you in this important process of feeding light to your cells and of staying calm in the midst of the illusion. Do not allow the illusion of lack and fear and chaos unsettle you, no matter what. That is not who you are, as who you are is so much more grand. Focus on that. These are the times you have been waiting for, training for, preparing for. These are the times of great accomplishment and what is takes to turn inside out is miraculous and it is you who are steering the ship! Like the eye of a storm or the centre of a vortex, stay in the centre while all about you spins and all you need do is breathe and know its purpose. Storms appear ominous, but they are transformative, magical, supercharged and nourishing! Remember the peace after a beautiful summer thunder storm…and the glow of all things cleansed and fed by the transition.

Focus on abundance. Be grateful for all that abounds and all the unseen bounty that emerges from creation. Know that you are divinely protected and guided at all times. Surround yourself with the light of the divine and persevere. Charge ahead knowing that you are part of this beautiful inside out transformation!

We would like to speak to you of coming events not like gypsy predictions, but in preparedness for what is to come. You know that the financial structures must reshuffle in order to be recreated by the light and for the light and of the light. You know that the resources of the planet must shift sources from depletion to support. You know that the air and waterways of Mother Earth must be cleansed and the hearts and minds of man must be purified in the same way. There are many about you that have come to support this transition, and there are many divine outcomes that you cannot even imagine at this time, but they are coming! This is exciting! This is the transformation for which you came. It is your purpose to consciously participate in this transformation and to experience the magical unfoldment of all that is great, all that is divine and all that is you.

And so how do you prepare for what is to come? It is an inside out proposition, so you begin in the opposite place from where you have previously focused, and that is inside. The Australian Aborigines know of it as the dreamtime, for it is important for you to consciously participate in the dream that is being created now…so enter the dream. Imagine the wildest most positive outcome you can and then watch it transpire. And so what would this be? What does peace on Earth look like, what does harmony of all beings feel like, what is the experience of interconnectedness, unity, oneness? What does Mother Earth look like when she is part of all that is of this harmony and peace? Imagine never having to work again. Imagine the free flow of goods and services based on love and not commodity. Imagine perfect harmony with nature and being able to communicate telepathically with the animals. Imagine beautiful weather and harmony between all peoples and unified purpose over the entire planet! Imagine that all you ever wanted is possible and it is present through the gift of interconnectedness with all people and it is shared and respected and free for all. Imagine experiencing all that you wish and learning all you want to and the absolute majesty of being creative all the time and communicating with beings from the higher realms for greater purpose. Imagine health and youthful vitality and endless abundance of all things good and beautiful. Imagine peace. Imagine integrity. Imagine that it is better than you can even imagine. And then awaken to your dream, for it will be true.

And so, imagine that to turn this whole thing inside out, that we must begin with the opposite, and pull it through, like reaching inside to the toe to pull a sock inside out! This is the process that has begun. Breathe! For a while it appears like not much is changing, although there are signs, rumblings of what is to come - and then in one swift gesture, the whole thing turns inside out. Breathe. It’s all perfect as planned! The best way to plan for this is through strengthening your deep inner connection to All That Is – your own personal and perfectly accurate for you GPS system. Breathe. You will know your own perfect solutions in your own perfect timing, and like GPS, you also have a built in recalibrating mechanism to adjust in every now moment and to correct your errs. “Turn around!” you will hear when you miss a turn. The coming times will appear chaotic; know that they are not. Focus on love and on your dream. Focus on the outcome of your desire for the highest good of all, and you will return to the Shire!

The powerful celestial events taking place this month are part of the change agents for these times and serve both to transform and unify, the purpose of the day. The more you connect to these events by intent with others, the more transformative and unifying your experience that affects the whole. Join in and know that you are God in action, for these are yours. Always uphold the vision for all those who cannot see, and always embrace that which appears dark, for all will be transformed by the light. The separation that occurs is vibratory, but all ends up at the same destination, this process separates in order to unify and unifies in order to separate…this is the turning inside out.

What else are you to know at this time? Go inside to become intimate with your own truth. The relationship that you have inside yourself is connected to the big relationship to All That Is, so come to live from there. Then when all about you turns inside out you will already be at the centre and, like the fulcrum, the pivot, the eye, the centre point rests when all else must shift. It is that simple. It is that profound. Nothing that you do to prepare on the outside is as important as what you do on the inside. All else follows.

We are with you on this grand adventure in these extraordinary times and we call upon each of you to answer your heart’s yearnings by going within…we guarantee it is there where you will find all that you are looking for and more!

Beloved you are and beloved you will always be, we are

The Council of Light that is Within



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