Anger's Purpose

What is the purpose of anger, you ask? It is the crucible from which freedom can be born. It is the compounded welling up of trapped emotion about all things. We are emotional beings for a reason, so we can truly process our experiences – every colour and nuance of experience in this life. The buoyant feelings are processed at the time by their buoyancy and the heavier emotions that are cloaked with judgements of guilt and shame and inferiority get just that – cloaked. They stay trapped and continue to hold us down. There is no point in this except that it creates the possibility of an even greater desire for lightness and freedom from these illusory burdens. Life is challenging enough without carrying the baggage created by judgement. Who is to say something is good or bad except of what we make of it? We punish ourselves way more than any external punishment could compare. And so it is for us to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison. What does it matter what others think when what we think has the greatest power to uplift or degrade?

The purpose of life is to experience and to come to know the truth of who we are as sparks of the Divine. And so unresolved anger is just a result of repressed or unexpressed original emotions…they get dumped into a pain bucket and ferment…only to “off gas” at unexpected or disproportionate times. The trigger could be small, but it taps into a pocket of stuff that needs to be expressed in order to free ourselves. It is a great opportunity to experience the truth of who we really are, but the experience of the unnamed well of ooze can make us feel otherwise. The key is not to identify ourselves by the rising up of anger…this is not who we are. It isn’t even who we used to be or something that happened to us long ago. It is just old sludge, needing to be released. How it is released is up to the present us…the more advanced, loving, mature person we have become can manage this fuel in a productive, positive, life-changing, even life-enhancing way. Nothing fuels a run or a houseclean or a weekend away or the scaling of tall buildings like the fire of released emotion!

Do not let the fire burn you, or especially, anyone else. This is cause for repeat error, repeat sin against yourself and others and while it is “easy” it only makes things worse and taints the present with old fuel. What is the point of soiling now with old emotion…this is where the tremendous healing opportunity is often lost. Do not make this critical mistake! It is for us to come to know ourselves better, to create a deeper relationship with our Selves to know the Divine. Processing anger does not have to be compounded error; it can be a very powerful tool for awakening to Self. It can cause a great surge of need to go within. One of its great purposes is to call one inside, to know the true power within and to know the experiences that created (or tapped into) this power and to help us know ourselves more intimately. Nothing like a volcano bubbling up inside to help draw us there to understand. To heal ourselves. To love ourselves. To know ourselves. To take control of and responsibility for ourselves.

Stomach, solar plexus and digestive issues can point to the undigestibility of feelings inside. It’s okay. Cool them by paying attention. What is firing you up? What is stirring you up? What is making you afraid and what can’t you digest about the situation? Tell yourself all is well. Tell yourself you are listening and have the capability of using your own power correctly to represent yourself in the situation. You are not being overcome, you are being wakened up! The inner eruption is to get your attention and to remind you that your Divine Self knows what is best for you and will show up in the situation if you stop fighting and drowning and running and feeling helpless. You are powerful and will only use that Divine Power for good. Do not be afraid of your True Power. It is why the eruption is happening in the first place.

Breathe. Still the churning waters. Ask for Divine Presence to show itself lovingly inside of you that you can choose to use this powerful emotion positively, that it can be released to fuel positive change. To express it from your gut creates conflict but to express it from your heart transmutes it into higher expression. Ask for help for it to be lifted in higher expression. For your heart to process the energy and use it for good, not stinging retribution. Lower energies transmuted into higher energies is the work of the Alchemist, the Master. Be the Merlin of your old, subconscious low vibration emotions and use your Wizard Self to transform them into light. This is what will transform your life, and change the world. Imagine if everyone were busy transmuting old into higher? This is how we would change the world, one breath at a time! And so the contagion would spread, as each breath is caught from one to the other, and there would no longer be cause to hold the lower vibrations in our – or Mother Earth’s - energy field.

When all of the old sludge is cleared up, then anything that arises in our present moment, we can more clearly choose how to transmute it in the moment. It is instantaneous and powerful and doesn’t allow anything to stick again. We become more honest. We become more of the Master. We can hold a higher quotient of light because we are not carrying sludge. Good surrounds us and good emanates from us. We truly make a difference in every moment by Being the truth of who we are.

In the meantime, we need to do something positive to stir up the sludge and get things moving. Appreciate when it comes up to be addressed and see it as another shackle being broken. Up and out with positive intent. Up and out without hurting ourselves or anyone else. Up and out and build a sandcastle or cake or tree house or boat. And be sure to pay attention as we reap the benefits of living and loving lighter. Allow happiness to take hold and stay. Allow lightness into our being and way of life so that we can’t even imagine how heavy we were before we took charge and surrendered our weight.

“I love you anger, for you helped me find my true self. Thank you for showing yourself and thank you for allowing me to take charge of you. I felt the fuel of your fury and transmuted you into a lighter, more kind and loving way of being. Thank you for showing me the path to my true passion and love of life. Thank you for helping me feel deeply, so that I can know joy!”

No matter what the cause, no matter what the process, there is nothing like feeling more alive and coming to appreciate the subtle, profound nature of peace.

Loving kindness abides in you. We are,
Your Council of Light



Sandra Smyre 21st August 2012 7:56 am

If I ever wondered about the presence of SPIRIT--once again IT delivered. Am having huge issues with grown children and this post was my message. I'm so tired of hearing that my path is the work of the "devil"(not my words). Am using my anger for the greater good. Stomach issues to say the least--but, my answers right here. THANK YOU from the depth of my being. In Lovelight, Sandra :smitten:


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