Arrival Tips

Beloved ones – isn’t this the most amazing time to have your eyes and ears and all of your senses awake to all that is taking place? It is like being on a roller coaster ride, for sure, but while you are there - why not appreciate every twist and turn while being fully present in the moment? Just decide that you are okay and that you are willfully participating, and it will be so much more enjoyable.

Here are some basic tips for holding strong in becoming the great light that you are:

The first trick is objectivity – being the silent watcher inside yourself – being the eye of the storm, the observer, in it and not among it. You are more than the sum of all of the parts, so don’t get caught in the little cogs, for that’s just silly. Stay there, no matter what – in the strong, silent, column of light that you are.

Take the best care of your physical being. Even the space shuttle doesn’t take off when there is the slightest malfunction. Make sure you are well-fueled, well hydrated, well-exercised, well-rested, well-beinged in any way that keeps your vehicle in fine shape. This is a rudimentary truth, for your spirit needs a great container by which to express itself: radiant and youthful, supple and participatory. Keep it all moving, all flowing and all glowing!

Allow your emotions to be your own music and guard against absorbing stuff that is not yours. Know the difference. This is part of spirit-body management, for if each one merely managed their own stuff, there wouldn’t be cross-contamination that magnifies it all. Stay chilled and keep it your own. Be vigilant with this. Return all that is not yours transmuted with love.

Express your deep connection with nature. Dig in the dirt, watch the birds, feel the guardianship of the trees, witness the artful clouds. Listen to the music of the water. Pay attention to what the wind is saying. Remember that Mother Earth feels you upon her as you feel a tiny gnat brush your skin. Love her back.

Recognize that you are never alone, even if you wanted to be. It is an impossibility. You are becoming part of an ever-growing family of light that will bring you more joy and expansion than any former notion of family has ever meant to you. It is the opposite, filled with nothing less than freedom, joy and growth. Allow this concept to seed itself inside you that you may experience its beauty unfold in your life.

Remember how small fear is and how large love is, like an ant trying to boss around an elephant. Let the Great One love the little one quiet and keep this perspective always.

It is true that “to whom much is given, much is expected”, but it means that in order to dance with the angels, you must give up your muddy work boots. Lighten up! Release your burdens, forget your self-imposed rules and regulations and limited beliefs because that is where they keep you. Trust that once you unshackle yourselves, you will get to fly, but why would you try with so much tar on your wings? Lighten up in every way that you can conceive it and instead that will become true. Laugh. Breathe. Sing. Dance. Clean up. Clear out. Shut up. No worries. Play. Don’t think. Love. Be kind. Light in, light out.

Know that it is getting better. Heaven is here and you are opening to it. Bliss is yours. All is well. You are perfectly cared for and all is in divine order. Don’t believe otherwise, no matter how it appears. Magic is afoot. You are becoming more and more and more and more all the time. All that you desire is on its way to you and more, so much more. There is love and acceptance and presence like you dream of. There is so much more in the unseen world that will be shown to you. Expect it. Welcome it. Believe. Know. Aspire.

Stay in the doorway of the now, that in your expanded consciousness in the present moment, you will know, see, and experience more. You will find your peace here that it may radiate from you. This is where your truth shows itself and is the command post of your GPS system. This is the intersection to the higher realms, but you must show up there as we have described above. They are arrival tips - rights of passage - so that you have the right to pass where you truly reside, at HOME – Heaven on Mother Earth. Dorothy figured it out, now you must. For she learned that next time she went looking for her heart’s desire, she wouldn’t go any further than her own back yard. (Hint!)

Beloved ones, you are approaching a great doorway. All you need do is be present. Love does everything else.

And we are here to eagerly welcome you on the other side.


The Council of Light Within


k 20th June 2009 12:06 pm

I understand the Hint. :). I dislike the constraints of a physical body and I want to go "home", even still. If I am tied to this body, I am not free. So many places and so much knowledge to find in the astral zone. This body does not have anything to offer me, that I can see at this point. Dorothy woke up from her incredible dream to understanding, that what she wanted was in her own back yard, back to "reality", but what is real and what is the illusion? If I wake up, who will be around my bed. Will the world change or will my vision of the world change? The suffering I have seen, has it been an illusion, my dark perception of the world around me? Her dream was so real to her, she was confused also when she woke up. It was her belief in magic that she gained during her journey through Oz that enabled her to go back home by tapping the heels of the red slippers. I know I have to believe too in magic during this time, almost like a child again, but I am still confused about a lot of things. The answers will come when I am ready, but I still have to ask and wonder.

k 20th June 2009 2:46 pm

There are questions that keep flowing through my mind, so I will throw them out. With Heaven on Earth, will the influence of darkness on the souls of humans end, or are the people I see with darkness in their eyes part of my illusion and if I become enlightened those people will not be a part of my experience anymore? Or, I will not see the darkness anymore? The gnostic information is fairly consistant in warning us of the Brothers of Darkness that influence the lives of humans. Will the "devil" really be thrown into the pit of fire for a thousand years as Revelation perdicts and the darkness will lose its influence on the world? If this is an illusion or a dream is the purpose to teach lessons so we can be more responsible creators, or what is the purpose? Do we each have a different dream? The more I think I know, the more questions. Maybe I have too much time on my hands.

spiritlightbody 20th June 2009 10:23 pm

Wow. Thank you!

Rhiannon 21st June 2009 5:08 pm

Dear k, The knowledge you seek will find you. Your wanting to go home is a huge clue, as the only home that is real, is within you. Trust and love your body; it is the temple of your soul. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose"- from Janis Joplin. Value your physical existance; it is rare. Trust your higher-self to lead you through the eye of the needle, if you want it Biblicly. The freedom we are able to experience in the physical body; the freedom of thought creation- Co-creation with our divine source is beyond words, discription and our loved images of last century. Words and expectations can get in the way of experience. The child in you will show you the value of play. You already have the answers; trust in this. Relax and seek out the joy. From a fellow traveler.


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