Go Within

The riches are within. There is no other place that there is for you to seek for what you most desire. It is the greatest riddle for which the answer is ironically simple: go within. Consider the ridiculous efforts and screaming and deep pain and vast travels for which many have traversed only to realize it was right there all along. It would be laughable if the misguided journeys weren’t so arduous and painful. Like so many modern tales such as The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Rings, and The Polar Express, it is the journey that reminds us of this paradox. As we go looking for ourselves, we wind up back home having taken it with us from the start. But the real purpose is the journey to expand our experience, to go where no man has gone before.  And so knowing this from the start, we journey in a different way. We experience for the sake of it, we watch ourselves watching ourselves watch.

Remember this in every moment now – become this watcher of yourself watching – for this perspective will serve you well during the transition of these times. Then, no matter how rough the seas or foggy the visibility, you remain solid by your inner presence. As a pilot learns to trust the instruments without being able to see the horizon - the usual orientation signs are not present, but the plane remains right and the destination true. Do not be fooled by illusions created by the absence of the usual signs. You are entering new territory and the indicators are changing. But by your inner guidance, your course will be set and effortless. Keep breathing. Stay calm, do not panic, do not scream or trample others. Your own GPS system will ensure your safe landing. You are the captain of your own ship; trust in what is happening, expecting to come through into peaceful resolve. Expect that no matter what, all is well. All is always well.

Do whatever you can to remain strong and clear and centered. Just be that. Living from your heart ensures that you are always connected, always true and always strong. You know what to do. You have been perfectly trained for this, the time is now and the clarion call has sounded.

Charge on, beloveds, it is time. Godspeed.

We are stalwart in our presence within each of you,

The Council of Light


betsy. 26th May 2013 7:16 pm

I agree. I could laugh at the experiences on the journey if they didn't hurt so much. Yet, it's truly in the darkest times that I seem to grow the most. Isn't it interesting how you can only see that looking back? I can feel it during the isolated times and remind myself there is surely a purpose for it, but it's so wonderful to look back and SEE the purpose for it! Thank you so much for this message, Rebecca. Much love to you!!!


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