In Between

Nearing solstice, what is it about the dark and the light?

There is one so that you can know the other. Your experience of contrasts in the plane of free will is the primary set up in which you exist. It’s the game board. You experience a basic choice, a constant juxtaposition in your daily rhythm, a syncopation of these opposites so that you are immersed in their terms. You think that they are inharmonious, that one is greater than the other and you get caught in the ping between the two. But this is the great illusion of your history, for all is the same. But it is extremely challenging to conceive of this notion within the duality. Your mission is to soften those edges. To free yourselves from the definitions and sorting to experience the moment of twilight and dawn – that moment when the two are undefined and suspended. But it all appears in contrast, so that is the illusion, and beyond that all is freed of resistance. This is why a primary spiritual practice is that of non-resistance. You do not need to push against in order to experience yourselves, for your definitions are greater than that. You do not need to judge in order to know that which you are. You do not need to be attached in order to feel your presence.

Imagine what you are when you are not pushing against, pointing or holding on. You just are. And that’s okay. It is like screaming to be saved from drowning when all you have to do is stand up and be…you were only lying in a puddle of your own mystery. It’s okay. Really. You don’t need that much. Really!

In this land of contrasts you have two basic choices: you can push against and point and hold on and scream to be seen and heard or you can just be okay. Imagine that no matter what, you are okay. It’s all good, it’s all beautiful, it’s all okay. Even if on the outside it totally sucks and hurts and feels like doom. Even the schizophrenic idiosyncratic unexplainable ridiculously beautiful contrasts. Live in the twilight and dawn in between them and feel yourself at peace there. Consider that neutrality is the highest state.

There is nothing in the darkness that isn’t there in the light and the same is for the light. You focus on the light because it is dynamic, changing and creative. And so you are, and then you rest. You are on fire and then you rest. The experience of the contrasts are a beautiful thing; it is important to be non-resistant of both. Don’t let them bug you, dictate you, lessen you. Another primary choice is to become more or less. This is the sorting that is happening now: those who aspire and those who don’t. That’s all. You already know which side you are on and can do whatever you can to reach through the in between to inspire. Of course, you use the dynamism of the light to create your new world, the doorway to which is in between. The feeling of that place is an expanded presence in the neutrality of now.

And so this time of the annual cycle is to remind you of this, and for you to experience the Great Presence within you that you are okay no matter what. This is the peace that surpasses understanding that requires nothing - even amidst the craziness. You require nothing because you have everything…found in the expanded, undetermined, unknowable trust of the in between.

Meet you there on solstice!

In abiding love and gratitude for the mysteries of the season, we are

The Council of Twilight that is Within You


kay 20th December 2010 12:09 pm

Perfect message for today, and every day. Thank you.

josmoking 20th December 2010 1:08 pm

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]


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