It’s Not About the Stuff

There is so much happening around you. You know that if you do not stay in the eye of the storm, you will spin with it and become it. And then who knows where you will end up, Dorothy! Stay in your own back yard, stay with yourself, stay here and now. If it comes to you, then it is for you to ask why and deal with it. A wizard does not go looking for projects. A wizard calmly stands and awaits what the winds bring her, knowing that no matter what, she can handle it. Nothing that comes to you is outside of your ability to handle. Nothing. You can do it, take charge, be strong, call in help, use your gifts and let it rock. If you spend any more than a moment of “oh ho, now what do I do” you have spent energy outside of the solution. Emotional honesty and processing is vital to fuel your human experience, but your Divine GPS system only needs rocket fuel to reach and break through to it, but not to resolve it. Kind of like rocket boosters required to reach space, and then anti-gravity takes over. Know that your power lies in neutral, objective, wide-perspective, boundless space, for that is what you are made of. Life is one big evolution of stuff happening, growth occurring and lessons to be learned from each thing coming at you. It is not about the stuff. It is about how your Divine Human Being becomes the greatest expression of itself possible while it is dealing with the stuff. It is about who you are.

And so, if you don’t like how things are going, you must change yourself. It is not about the stuff. It is brilliantly easy to get caught in the stuff, how the stuff came to you, what the heck the stuff is, who the stuff might be and why they did it to you, how the stuff affects you, how to get rid of it, where the stuff is going and what the stuff is up. But it is not…about…the...stuff. Or the story. It is about how you – the only thing there really is – deals with it. Call in help. There is so much to learn about grace and humility and power and action…but one thing is for sure…the little you doesn’t handle the stuff. The Big You does. And you access the Big You by realizing that You are already that and that You have the power of pure potential just waiting to be tapped. There is no time to waste in figuring this out. So be be the real Big You right now. The world is ready for a whole bunch of Big Yous to show up and change the ridiculousness so stuff gets better. Get it?

You say you don’t know what to do. First of all, stop thinking about it from your little brain. Connect to the Big You and ask for help. Ask what to do in this moment. Ask what is for the highest good. Ask for your brain to stop interfering (talk about stuff!). Go to your heart and ask, what will You have me do? And then listen. And then act in accordance with Your Divine Self. It can never be lonely there.

We could speak of more lofty subjects, but there is really none greater than You learning to deal with Your stuff in the most beautiful, graceful, kind, generous, peaceful, healing, harmonious, fun, expanded, joyous and miraculous way. For this is how miracles occur, when You no longer identify with the stuff, but the magnificent You that handles it all so perfectly.

Beloved One, we are always with You. We are You. You know what to do.

With deep respect for all that You do, we are the Council of Light Within.


Atrest 9th December 2014 8:53 am

Ah, to just be me, that sounds so wonderful. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I have always been so awesome at creating but the last 4 months have been very different than the norm, so anything that might get me back into my awesome flow of goodness is truly appreciated. Again thank you for your words of wisdom and your time.


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