Keep On Keeping On

Greetings Beloved Children of the Light,

We are always glad to communicate with you for you are the soldiers of light walking the Earth plane on behalf of all warriors at this time. We speak of warriors because that is what it must feel like for you most often! The bliss is bliss and the drudgery is such! It is for you to lift the drudgery into bliss, much like the monastery monks who find bliss in sweeping the floors. It is for you to do the same. Each aspect of heaviness that appears in your life is for you to lift unto the light. What is the opposite view? What is the best solution for the highest good of all? What is the best outcome that will bless the individual and then all humanity? What is the happy ending, that which makes you feel good? There is no question that there is that which causes sadness and heartache, but is this not required to open some hearts to allow more good to flow? You are kept "calibrated" at all times that you do not forget how goodness feels.

But it is time now to release yourselves from the bondage of duality and manifest only that which is good and true and joyful and resilient and expansive. If this is what you desire, then this is what you must become that there is no room for any other in your life. It does not matter how things appear in the "outside" world, for they are just "burning off" that which no longer works for them, learning as they witness what they have created until they become aware of their great power, and then can choose to create otherwise. Do not get caught up in the effluvia of others. Look only to your own world, your own experience to know where you are on the manifesting "scale". Only your own life is your telltale sign. What is it that you are experiencing? What is touching your heart and consciousness? What are your desires? What yearnings are you following? It is true; your own drum is your guide. Choose only bliss and prosperity and perfect health and resilience and wisdom and success and joy and exciting experience filled with adventure and learning and expansion and your life will be filled with this! Why would you choose otherwise?!

There is much about you that has the ability to distract you from this. It is yours to decide what you allow in your experience and what you do not. With sword and shield you are defending YOURSELF from the imperfect manifestations of what has come before now. It is like you are weaving a new garment from brand new threads, but must diligently ensure that you do not pick up old threads or get tangled in the mess they have created. Weave with only golden thread, carefully sliding through the past entanglements - or better yet - do not even direct your attention to the tangled threads. Focus on your golden thread and the extraordinary patterns that you create with effortless ease! The more you "train" yourself to weave this perfection, the more it will occupy your life and the stronger you will become in manifesting all that is good and true from your heart. And then, as the Earth continues her re-weaving, you will be so accomplished in your ability that nothing will shake your creating-from-the-heart state of being. There are more changes to come. You have seen changes in the weather and intensified expression of these patterns such as snow where it is not usual and drought and flooding and hurricanes and tornadoes and water spouts and earthquakes and volcanoes and forest fires, etc. Mother Earth is going through her own shifting and shedding of the old and weaving her own golden garment! Of course, this is a symbiotic relationship, and all that we do affects her and vice versa.

Stay in intimate touch with yourself. Learn to read the signs, listen to and follow your intuition, pay attention to what appears in your experience, protect yourself and your family first, clear up unfinished relationship business, set yourself free emotionally that you are clear to receive guidance unencumbered, sense at all times where you belong, witness the brilliant shuffle taking place, and above all else, have a happy, supportive relationship with yourself. If you are filled and feeling secure and expansive, then you will be able to extend your heart and hand to another who asks for your assistance. Like a time capsule, you are collecting all that you want to take with you and then, no matter where you are, you may open your treasure chest and have access to all that you are and all that you require at any time. Get to filling your treasure chest and be prepared for everything! This is the lesson of the power outage and other evacuations and such you have experienced recently: be prepared at any time to take stock of all that you are and all that you have become and know that you take this with you at all times. You have the tools and the ability to stand on your own and "walk among them and not be harmed". It is your light, your connection to your own God Self that is the greatest treasure of all and your heart is the nucleus of your power plant, transmitting the great fuel of Love at all times. Beacons of light always find their way through the fog and darkness ~ or better yet ~ they simply stand, stalwart and are found by those who are guided to your light!

You are the leaders of the New Age. You are the beacons that are being prepared to beam the light of the new consciousness to many others, no matter how you choose to do so, it is so. Gatherings such as this form a larger chalice by which the higher frequencies of light may be transmitted to the Earth plane. It is you who are creating the new way by your focused intent and open hearts. Congratulations for the work you have already accomplished and for the light that you continue to beam to the planet. It is you who are creating bubbles of protection for yourselves and those around you, for your consciousness blesses many. In time you will become more and more aware of the power of your light, but for now, just continue your work with urgent diligence, for the more that is accomplished, the less intense the transition time need be.

Keep on keeping on, light bearers of the New Age! We are with you, and support you, and encourage you, and believe in you. You are the pioneers exploring in the darkness, believing in your light before it is shown in its fullness to you.

We congratulate and honour you, and say ~ keep up the good work!

Signed, Your Beloved Peanut Gallery in Spirit.

The Council of Light



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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

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