Simple is Best

Well, here we are in 2012. Is there anything that has not already been said that can assist you in preparation for this time? Honestly, there is not. We can only serve to summarize to help you know in every moment how to be - for as you know, it is not about doing, but about being.

Simple is best, for less words best describe the feeling of your beingness. Even that sounds silly unless you know that feeling! That is what you seek: the radiant, presence within that does not falter no matter what is going on outside of you. If you do not know what that is, then intend to know, and now! When you find that thing – that spark, that warmth - that presence that isn’t described with words, then keep growing it. Visit it, expand it, make it your entire being, for this is what feeds you; everything outside serves only to distract you from this place.

Let’s call it your radiant centre. Your God Self. Your still, small voice within. Your Presence. The Presence Within. Then, when you live from this ever-expanding radiance from this place, you live more in the now, for the heart knows none else. It loves now. It perceives now. It is released from the timeline and the restrictive definitions of the past and, in order to expand, has freed itself from the crusty deposit layers of past hurts and limitations. That is a natural outcome of the expanded heart.

Your presence within expanded from your heart to encompass everything is naturally unconditional, nonjudgmental, nonresistant and trusting. If you are experiencing anything less than that, you know what to do. The mind regurgitates the past; the heart lives now - so if you are caught in too much thinking, you know what to do.

Your physical body is experiencing deep pressure and radical change. Do whatever you can to support this transformation by nurturing it, moving it, and giving it high vibration thoughts, feelings and actions. Have more fun! Play, explore, lighten up, laugh, have childlike explorations of the woodpile, go out for a bike ride or play in the dirt and on the swings. Get out there and do what you did when you were a kid; things have gotten far too serious and heavy. Going there in your head is not enough, you must immerse yourself completely in the moment of the experience – then it transforms you and supports your mutating!

Feel, with deep humility, your true strength and power. You are stalwart, unwavering and intensely courageous. You are inextricably part of All That Is; so of course, there is nothing that you are not. Humility keeps you from arrogance, the folly of the ego.

With all of that, be here now. There is no past and there is no present except that which is paved by your presence now. Be aware, at all times, what you are sowing. Shine your light brightly, hold your lantern high that it may light the path of another that does not yet know what you know. Look upon them with the eyes and mind and heart of the Divine, for that is what you are.

If your heart tells you to act upon something that needs attention, then do it. Take responsibility and do it. Otherwise, you are not here to rescue another. You are not a victim’s victim. You are the radiant light of the Divine, and that is all-pervasive and unconditional. If you are directly asked, then your heart will know what you are to do. If you have an ounce of hesitation or questioning, then give only that which flows effortlessly from you. All else is not for the highest good.

Ask for help when you need it. From the higher realms and within first…then you will know where to receive it outside. You will know when the law of the circle has returned it to you, for as you know, all you need do is ask, and you will receive.  Seeking it outside first is control and not from the true direction. You know this.

Allow yourself to experience, to pursue bliss. It is possible to know in every moment, if you allow it, for there is perfection in everything and as you align to this within, it will only grow inside of you. If you think of this as lofty, then you aren’t there yet, so keep asking.

All of these attributes of being in greater presence are those of the expressed master, the human angel, in Earthly expression. This is who you are and this is the time for you to know this truth about yourself. If this sounds lofty, keep asking.

And with a grateful heart, expect the outcome to be just as you desire. For it is so, and so it is.

With deep respect and support for the continuing unfoldment of your truth, we are,

Your Council of Light Within


COBALT 10th January 2012 11:03 am



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