The Presents of Presence

Invisibility is an outcome of your spiritual development. As you no longer require the attachments of the outside world and begin to focus more on your internal life, you will feel at times as if you have no physical presence. In fact, it is decreasing all of the time. It is true, the path requires letting go, detachment, release, surrender, in order to experience the growth of Presence. The present becomes Presence. In a way, that should be completely expected…as you enlighten your true Presence, your need for connection in physical presence diminishes. This begins to happen when you are ready to experience it, as it is only for the light-hearted!

The true spiritual warrior requires nothing from the external world. This has been true for the paths of saints and gurus before you. If you are busying yourself with baths in the mud and fattening your desires and addiction to sensual stimulation, your inner world cannot be nourished. The most important focus, at all times, is your inner life.

This is where the true verdant garden grows, but only as your focus lies. There is nothing else for you now. And from this inner focus, the ‘peace that surpasses all understanding’ will arise. After all, that is what you have sought all along. There is no correcting the outer world chaos until the consciousness that created it is fixed…and there is only one path to this solution, and that is inward. When you have sat for a good long while, when you have stopped the mind’s addictive chatter and crazed pace, when you have stopped the preoccupation with external stimulation, when you have let go and let go and let go to lighten your load, when you have forgiven until you are free, until you no longer require protection and you have laid down your arms, until you have allowed the rich silence to settle in and let the light rise – then you will be clear.

From this clarity will come your inspiration, like a tiny seed that will grow inside you and blossom to produce fruit whose natural sugars will fuel you, impassion you, and show you the way. (Notice that ingesting processed sugar is a false path to enlightenment? Nor does any external stimulant – in fact, the opposite is fostered.) Not only will the fruit of these vines bless you, but they will provide the elixir of miraculous change and exponential blessings for all. When everyone does this, the external world changes, as the inspired solutions transform for the benefit and interconnection of all. The borderless, harmonized, peaceful, abundant, radiant Heaven-on-Mother-Earth (HOME) is born. You need not be concerned with the outcome of the whole, just keep focused on your own deep, inner, powerful world.

One of the early signs that you are accomplishing this is the experience of invisibility. It is like your physical body becomes secondary; your inner world eclipses it to remind you what is most important and where your true power lies. Your invisibility is sustained as long as you are in it for the purposes of love. Intention is everything, so be heartful that your old ego doesn’t rear at the time, for it will draw your density down to erase your cloak. Understand? The moment that you feel hurt or ignored or shunned or in any manner of less than, you become that. If you are within your cloak in order to radiate light or conduct a mission of love or to assist as an Earth Angel, you are in command of your Presence. This is the point: you are working on your angel doctorate, so the more you are acting like one, the easier and sooner will be your accomplishment. Of course, there are other chapters in your process of enlightenment, but for now, this should be your focus. Each one illuminates the next in your course, so get this and all else will be given to you.

So get it: There is nothing outside yourself except that which directs you within. Once within, you will relinquish external distractions to the point that you command them and not the other way around. Stay focused, and keep intending that the real world is within. Fake it until you make it. When you begin to make it, you will experience things differently.

Like: you will be able to hold peace no matter what. You will be in command of your breath, which means being in constant conscious alignment with the universal life force energy. You will know truth, no matter what comes up. You will live from your heart’s centre, which means you will always know what to do and say and how to be in every situation. You will know that your actions are aligned with the truth of your inner purpose, which contributes, by nature, to the betterment of the whole (even though that is not your concern). You will experience more neutrality than ever before. Objective witness, just like the angels. Existing for the purposes of service, just like the angels. You will find deep joy in everything that you do, no matter what that is. You will know simple grace. You will be spontaneously inspired to do things and will know this because you are watching them as an objective witness.

Contrasts are lessoned as the median world expands. It all just is and is is magnificent. Love matters and is the essence of all things and is the answer. It paves the path and cures the ills. Acceptance frees you and surrender feeds you. Your inner garden grows and expands and deepens and is fertile as you nurture your inner creator until you fully experience the Creator within. Get it?

And this is just the beginning. But, peace, be still. You know what to do.

As always, we are, the Council of Light Within. We await you.


COBALT 1st November 2013 11:10 am


fairygiggles 1st November 2013 11:23 am

this is so so perfect for me right now :)

kay 1st November 2013 11:41 am

I love this. Thank you, Rebecca.

Peter fox 1st November 2013 11:52 am

I love this too. Thank you,Rebecca!

shimmer 1st November 2013 1:25 pm

Outstanding message. This is as precise and direct a message as I've seen in a long time. Straight to the point with loads of clarity.

Thank you Rebecca and the Council of Light!


Radiant Love Energy 2nd November 2013 11:11 am

Thank you for the powerful message and I love the reminder at the end that this is just the beginning! These are such exciting times! :angel:

Tiff 2nd November 2013 11:12 am



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